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Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012

Indonesia’s Largest Expatriate Readership | 62nd Edition | 1st Feb – 14th Feb 2012 |



Could this be the future of the Bajaj?

The Bufalino by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns is a small camper which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person and looks just like a futuristic version of our beloved Bajajs!


Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

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62nd Edition | 1 Feb – 14 Feb 2012 Editor in Chief Angela Richardson Assistant Editor Cecilia Forsman Management Edo Frese Sales Dian Mardianingsih Hi-tech computer rental by Isaac.

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 4 Hot Apps ´ Mark's Top Apps for 2012  5 Get Online ´ Indonesia is Just Starting on the Internet  6 Technophobia Top 10 Technological Woes in Jakarta  7 Inspire ´ Rafi the Dreamer  8 Meet the Expats ´ Vincent Wolfard & Yon Santos  9 Photography ´ Which Camera?  10 GPS ´ Get your Kicks on Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management  11 Jakarta Expat Properties  12 Personal Tech & Apps - The New Age of Television  13 Theatre ´ Happily Ever After, or is it?  14 Light Entertainment - The Unnecessary Fire  15 Social Media - Social Media Madness  16 Events  18 & 19 Classifieds

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Dear Readers,


n case you didn’t know, some of us at JE are based at an antiques shop in Kemang and the other week, we were visited by Bebop and Rocksteady, two rather large men who look like carpet salesman and enjoy committing petty crime at dusk. After casing the joint, the men stood by my desk and Rocksteady asked Cecilia to go upstairs to look for maps of Egypt and refused to follow her to see the stock for himself. “Strange,” Cecilia thought, but then again some of the clientele we get at our cartography shop fall under that exact heading.

No parts of this publication can be reproduced in whole or in part, in print or electronically without permission of the publisher. All trademarks, logos, brands and designs are copyright and fully reserved by PT. Koleksi Klasik Indonesia.

Bebop, who was clearly the leader of this two-man pack, spoke to me in what I can only describe as jibberish with a few words of English thrown in. I began getting extremely confused, and although irritated by all his random questions and requests for change of Rp.100,000 for a taxi, obliged as I still thought he was a genuine customer.

Published by PT. KOLEKSI KLASIK INDONESIA Jl. Kemang Raya No. 29A Kemang, Jakarta - Indonesia Tel: 021 7179 4550 Fax: 021 719 0087 Office hours: 9.00–17.00 Monday–Friday

With the petty cash bag in my hand, Bebop distracted me by pointing like a Neanderthal at some items behind my desk, and bravely walked through the swinging doors and into my desk area, hovering right beside me! Bebop kept muttering incoherently at me as I stood there and watched him stick his hand into the petty cash bag that I was holding!

I saw no money being taken out of the petty cash bag when he handled the notes and the only explanation for why I was stood there dumbfounded as Bebop took what he wanted is that I was hypnotized. Luckily we have CCTV, which brings us to our theme for this edition, which is technology. With the footage from our CCTV cameras, we were able to expose these guys to the police and they will think twice before trying anything similar in this area again. As frustrating as technology can sometimes be here, it can really better our lives and save us a lot of hassle. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, love having the latest apps on your phone or tablet, are crazy about the latest smart televisions or are a social media butterfly, this edition has something for you. Read on and enjoy. And the moral of my story?

*15,000 copies bi-weekly *30,000+ English-speaking readers *Our rates are cheaper than the others!

Watch out for strange men and install CCTV at work if you haven’t already! 

t: (021) 7179 4550 e: Angela Richardson

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012

Enter The Dragon



Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

Hot Apps

Mark’s Top Apps for 2012 By Mark Hanusz

I’ve been an active user of smartphones since I got my first Treo 180 in 2002. All the devices I have owned had the basic functions like email and calendar and contacts, but 10 years later I find myself using my phone and tablet for things I would never have imagined just a few years ago. Here’s my list of what’s keeping me occupied these days:

1. Carcassonne Believe it or not, I don’t spend time playing games on my iPad. Well, almost no time because there is one exception: Carcassonne. This is one of the most interesting and beautiful games on the App Store and its networking options are the best I’ve ever seen. It was originally a board game like Monopoly but last year some extremely talented developers ported it to iOS devices. It has a really neat chat feature too and you can play against up to four other people. I regularly play with my buddies in Singapore and once in a while I even win.

2. Glympse This is a really neat app I find myself using more and more. It answers the simple question: where are you? In this town when people get stuck in traffic on an hourly basis, it’s so useful to be able to watch their movements. Also works great for people who aren’t so familiar with the city – you can quickly troubleshoot their route and get them back on the right path. It’s super easy to use and works on most mobile devices. And it’s free.

3. Spotify My friend James told me about Spotify a year ago or so but it was only available in Europe at that time. It launched in the US a few months ago so I was able to grab an account and give it a try. This app has completely replaced the iPod functionality on my iPhone and it’s the only thing I use to listen to music. I have discovered tonnes of new music, and rediscovered tonnes of old music (anyone remember Alphaville?). It costs USD10 a month for the ability to stream 18 million songs, and it’s definitely worth it.

4. Airbnb This is a really lovely app as well that shows some amazing places to rent all over the world. You rent directly from the owners, but it isn’t as sleazy as CraigsList or other services. It’s really user friendly and I found a really cool shophouse to stay in when we go to Penang next month. There are many places in Jakarta as well for those who are looking for something a bit more than a kos but less than a full hotel room. Everything is geocoded so it’s a snap to find a place to stay near you or around a specific area. It’s free to use but you pay a small fee when you make a booking.

Mark Hanusz Mark Hanusz is a longtime Jakarta resident and the founder of Equinox Publishing (www.

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012


Online Singapore’s population crossed the 5 million mark sometime in early 2010, with a 1.8% growth rate. 67% Internet adoption rate means there are 3.5 million online Singaporeans in 2011, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to how many Indonesians are online. Unfortunately Singapore’s population growth rate is far too erratic to make a meaningful growth projection. In 2005 the rate was 2.4% but three years later it shot up to 5.3 before dropping to 1.8 in 2010. However, Singapore is hardly an appropriate country to compare Indonesia to. In terms of economics and welfare, Singapore is much more advanced and the online behaviours and priorities between residents of the two countries are vastly different.

Consumer Behaviour Getting back to Indonesia, the Nielsen report says that 43% of Indonesians say mobile devices are their main window to the Internet but 100% of Indonesia’s online individuals are on mobile and nearly 100% are on Facebook. There’s a massive opportunity for anyone to take advantage of this fact if they know how.

Indonesia is N Just Getting Started on the Internet

ielsen’s Southeast Asian Digital Consumer claims that Indonesia’s Internet penetration rate is at 21%, growing at 20% annually. Rama compared this to Singapore’s 67% which makes Indonesia’s adoption rate look very low, but consider the population numbers between the two countries, not to mention geographical differences.

By Aulia Masna

Indonesia had 237.6 million people in 2010 with an annual growth rate of 1%. By 2015 this would put the population at more or less 249 million. Keep in mind that since 1970, Indonesia’s population growth rate had been on a steady decline from 2.5% to 1%. Since 2005, the rate of growth slowed by 0.2%. That 21% adoption rate in 2011, which means there are more than 50 million Internet connected individuals in Indonesia. Of course, this number depends on whose population data you derive your numbers from. I’m using Google’s public data for this analysis. A simple calculation tells you that with a 20% annual growth rate in Internet adoption, in five years it will reach 40% of the population. By 2015, Indonesia could have over 100 million people online. Think about that. If the adoption rate rises, we can reach that number much sooner.

Population Growth Rate

Google for example fully recognises this as both an opportunity and a threat. This is evident by its recent series of Chrome ads on television and other media. The campaign is pushing the Chrome browser and showing all the different activities that can be done using a browser and of course the slew of Google’s online services such as Gmail, Blogger, and Google Maps. Google is trying to tell Indonesians that there’s more to the Internet than just Facebook. The top four online activities of Indonesians according to Nielsen’s survey relate directly to social networking, the fifth is email. It’s going to be a tough battle for Google as well as other online companies to wrest attention of Indonesians from Facebook. Singaporeans on the other hand, show a variety of online activities. While email dominates, news reading, search, and instant messaging also top the list. Geographically, if I’m not mistaken, 80% of Internet activities are happening in Java with 60% of the country’s population occupying the island. Indonesia has six major islands and thousands of smaller ones and the majority of the central and eastern parts of the country have yet to see 24/7 electricity connection, let alone Internet. That’s some massive oversight, barrier, and opportunity right there.

So what? Well, for starters, it shows that Indonesians are just discovering the Internet. While the nation has really been online for a decade and a half, it’s only been in the last few years that Internet adoption really took off. All this is happening thanks to a combination of factors including Facebook, BlackBerry, Opera mini, and more importantly affordable data packages from mobile telcos. Where do we go from here? Indonesia is still only at the beginning of a digital revolution. A lot of people are seeing so many opportunities and possibilities and a select group have been trying to make those dreams happen. It’s going to take at least a couple of years before the rest of the digital citizens to catch up, and perhaps even longer before the government realises that change may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Indonesia’s Internet Growth

Any kind of revolution begins with a need. The digital revolution begins with a need to communicate across geographical barriers. Once that has been achieved, people will see possibilities opening up and when those possibilities are being held by bureaucratic restrictions, there will be a demand to remove those barriers. Those who maintain those barriers will have to be prepared either to reduce them, remove them or be overrun by them. 

Aulia MAsna

Aulia Masna writes about the digital industry for DailySocial, a news site focusing on Indonesian technology startups, innovation, and telecommunication. Previously he has written for a number of publications including The Jakarta Globe, Macworld magazine, and Macworld Indonesia magazine.


Jakarta Expat­­ · 1­ February - 14 January 2012


5. I can’t view your Flash website on my BlackBerry... Many websites in Indonesia are built in Flash which looks nice but isn’t practical. Firstly, most internet connections outside of the capital are slower than a speeding snail and some people still use dial-up. Secondly, Flash isn’t visible on BlackBerry (which is most of the population’s chosen brand) and you can’t view Flash on the iPad either! If Toshiba was able to make this happen on their tablet, why did Mac cop out? Or are they going to make it happen for the iPad3 and leave the rest of us impatient mugs in the dark?

6. I was in the shower and the lights cut out! Age old problem here and there can be two kinds; a blackout from the electricity company or that damn switch in the fuse box has flipped down again because it can’t handle the hair dryer that your flatmate has just put on. Scream, fumble around in the dark waiting for eyes to adjust, grab towel, and slowly stomp through the house with arms outstretched like a scene out of MJ’s ‘Thriller’ video towards the fuse box or just merely sit dripping like a wet dog while you wait for PLN to fix the problem at the source.

3. The phone died. I’m sorry, what were you saying? By Angela Richardson

1. The Internet has stopped working. This shouldn’t even surprise me anymore. I arrive at the office in the morning, switch my computer on and can’t get online. To my horror the modem is doing the flashing lights of doom dance. As usual, after a loud fit of hysteria, I call my service provider and they tell me, “Maaf Bu, ada gangguan jaliran,” (there’s a problem with the network). I could’ve told myself that. So emails are answered on the BlackBerry and a few cups of coffee are had. The internet comes back on and off throughout the day and I just grin and bear it.

2. I can’t get on my own website because my service provider thinks I’m a hacker. This is a great one. You spend months preparing your nifty website that you can’t even access (the rest of the world can, mind you) because you once upon a time inserted the wrong password more than three times. Why it takes the service provider more than three days to fix the problem is beyond me.

How many times have you been in the middle of an important business call or an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and the phone just dies? You then have to restart the phone, wait, type in your password, wait, approve the date and time, wait, then call the client back and deal with the formalities of apologising or call your loved one back and answer to, “You hung up on me?!”

4. Your website looks nice, but I can’t find any info on it! It seems people misunderstand the point of a website – it should provide the user with information about the company, not take you on a tour of ‘How cool our pictures look and if you roll over this image, this will pop up. Oooooh... Aaaaaaah!’ (Standing ovation from the crowd).

7. iTunes Indonesia sucks. What is this all about? Why is it if I create a UK account I can download music, apps, movies, TV programmes and more, but if I create an Indonesian account all I get is apps and music? Surely the same should be available no matter where your account is registered? Jobs, could you kindly haunt me with the answer?

9. I downloaded a free app but now I have to pay for it? So you browse for ages looking for cool apps and spot an awesome guitar tab app that reads, “Free! Access thousands of tabs!” After downloading, it turns out it should have read, “Nothing is free! This is a scam, don’t download me!” What a waste of time.

10. The phone number listed on the Internet is incorrect. Last but definitely not least, the reason why my work phone has dents all over it. You browse the web in search of a company’s phone number and after ponsing around on the site, you eventually find it. You ring the number and it rings... and it rings... and it rings. You hang up and try the other listed number and it rings... and it rings... and it rings. You try the first number again and just when you’re about to give up, someone answers the phone with a loud and unprofessional, “YA?” At this point you’re holding back the frustration and ask as nicely as you can, “Ini toko kabinet?” (Is this the cabinet shop?). “Apa??” “Pak, ini toko kabinet bukan?” (Is this the cabinet shop or not?)

8. My iPad isn’t working because the WiFi is too slow! I bought my boyfriend an iPad2 (WiFi only but at least I got the 32GB and not the 16GB!) for Christmas and after the initial excitement, I was faced with anxiety and distress when it turned out none of the apps that he downloaded would work. You should’ve seen his face, he was mortified. It was a complete anticlimax. We tried all kinds of things and as soon as we managed to connect to a high speed wireless connection, bam, like magic everything worked.

“Hah? Oh, sebentar,” proceeded by, “TUTI! ADA YANG TELFON!” which he has kindly screamed away from the mouthpiece for your sake, thank you very much. Tuti comes to the phone and sounds like she’s just awoken from a month-long slumber. “Iya..?” Anyway, you get the picture. In the end you realise that the toko kabinet was relocated a year ago and you’ve just spent 15 minutes talking to Tweedledee and Tweedledum in an almost incoherent dialect of Bahasa. You hang up and start the whole process over again.

Let me know if you’ve experienced the same or other technology-related frustrations in Indonesia. One extra point I have to make is no matter how much the above may drive you crazy, we can’t live without it, it does make you laugh and they say that laughter is the best medicine! 

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012




afi Abdurrahman Ridwan is a nine-year old hearing impaired boy from Jakarta with a vivid imagination and big dreams for the future. He has already managed to accomplish what many could only ever dream of and has become Indonesia’s youngest fashion designer. By Tasha May

I first learnt of Rafi at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 which was held in Jakarta in November 2011. I was in the photographer’s pit for the duration of the week and I was loving the garments and contrasting fabrics of the show by ‘Par’ whom I had never heard of before. When the designer came out on the catwalk at the end of the show, I was in awe to see Rafi up on stage, smiling and waving to all his friends in the audience and knowing that I had just witnessed his beautiful creations. It was here that Rafi presented 24 ready-to-wear outfits all of which he had designed in a single day. I emailed Rafi to congratulate him and to send him some of my photos of his show and he was thrilled to receive my message and he and his parents invited me to meet with them at Plaza Indonesia so they could share Rafi’s story with me. As his parents talked, Rafi sat engrossed in his sketch pad drawing a picture of me, filled with amazing details and colour and I noticed that everything in his picture had to match exactly from hair accessories, the bag, fabric and shoes. There were no rough sketches made, he drew directly in black felt tip pen being careful to make no mistakes along the way. His mother explained that people have been skeptical believing that they were involved in the drawings, but as they explained they have no creative ability and nor do their two younger children. Rafi’s mother, Shinta Ayu Handayani, was diagnosed with rubella in the first trimester of her pregnancy and her doctor advised her that her child could be born with health issues and birth defects. Shinta and her husband, Mohammad Ridwan, decided to continue with the pregnancy as they believed they didn’t have the right to choose life or death for another human being and they believed that the child God had given them was a blessing. Rafi was born in July 2002 with a healthy heart but had no reactions or sensitivity to light until he was three months old and he remains hearing impaired. He also suffered from respiratory tract infections and so he has spent much of his life in and out of hospital and still endures weekly trips to the hospital to this day. Rafi’s parents enrolled him in the Santi Rama school for the deaf from the age of 2 and it was here that Rafi began his

obsession with drawing fish which he loved to watch in the aquarium at home. After watching Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, Rafi became enamoured by Ariel the mermaid princess, but was confused as to why she only wore underwear and so he began to design garments to cover her upper torso, and later seeing her as a human on TV, he started designing dresses and full outfits for her to wear. Around this time Rafi asked his mother, “What does sound sound like?” which almost broke Shinta’s heart as she looked for a way to abstractly explain sound to her son. Shinta decided to explain to Rafi that sound is made up of many colours like yellow, pink, blue, etc. and from that day onwards Rafi’s pictures became detailed artworks filled with many vibrant colours. At the age of five, Rafi watched his first fashion show by Indonesian designer, Auguste Soesastro, and this show inspired him to become a fashion designer. After becoming quite ill and bed ridden, he became obsessed with fashion magazines and fashion TV to improve his sketches and he practically dragged his mother to the Jakarta Food and Festival Fashion Festival after learning it was being held. It was at this Festival that Rafi met with Indonesian designer, Barli Asmara, and he showed Barli some of his detailed and colourful sketches. Barli recognised the huge potential infront of him and invited Rafi and Shinta to his workshop where they could view some of his own drawings and creations. Rafi was spellbound at the workshop having never realised that all garments are first created from sketches and not just bought readymade in a shop. Rafi has a book titled “Letters to God” where he writes all his dreams and wishes and it was in this book that Barli saw Rafi’s dream to be able to hear and to hold a fashion show for his 9th birthday. Having the time and means to assist Rafi with his dream for his own show, Barli worked with him to create a small collection which was shown at Canteen in Plaza Indonesia on July 20, 2011. It was here that seven of Rafi’s designs were shown on the catwalk, all of which were designed by Rafi including the fabric used for all the garments. After the show, Lia Candrasari,

the founder of the LC Foundation, approached Rafi to congratulate him on his outstanding talents and suggested he meet with writer and textile designer Nonita Respati of Purana Batik, and accessories designer Ariani Pradjasaputra, who is behind the Aarti brand. The three decided to collaborate together and established Purana-Aarti-Rafi, or PAR, and they presented their debut collection at Jakarta Fashion Week in November 2011, which received standing ovations. Not only have Rafi’s fashion dreams become a reality but also through the help of Lia and the LC Foundation, he received a cochlear implant in his right ear at Singapore General Hospital in August. This has enabled Rafi to hear voices and noises for the first time in his life, and through weekly therapy sessions he has been learning to recognise sounds and is beginning to learn to make sound through speaking which is a very exciting progress for Rafi. There is no sign language for communication within the family, with Shinta having taught Rafi to lip read instead, so slowly he is learning to make sounds as he moves his mouth to speak to his parents. If all goes well with this first implant he may be able to receive another to his left ear in a few years.

• When Tyra heard that she was Rafi’s idol, she sent us this letter to pass on to “the fiercest fashion designer in the world”.

Shinta believes there is no rush for Rafi to hold his next fashion show and he should concentrate on his schooling, but Rafi’s dreams are big and know no bounds and he is now keen to show- case his talents on the catwalks in Australia, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo, and he is also dreaming to meet his biggest idol, Tyra Banks. I am incredibly keen to help Rafi show his exceptional talents around the world in whatever way I can, and as his father, Mohammad, said, “Most of us are afraid to dream. We’re limited by our own complicated logics and fears. But Rafi’s a child and he simply believes in his dreams. And slowly but surely, his dreams are coming true.” 

• Rafi drawing Tasha, accessories and all.

Tasha may Tasha May grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and once bitten by the travel bug has never looked back! Freelance fashion graphic designer, blogger and lover of all things colourful, she has been documenting the great adventure of daily life in Jakarta at www.


Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

Meet the Expats

Meet Vincent Wolfard. A webmaster from Groningen whose playground is the internet.

Can you please describe to us the nature of your work? My daily work consists of making websites or, more precisely, making sure others make websites for customers. Our team of web/interaction designers, programmers and editors are the technical specialists. I talk to customers about their business and their ideas and advise them about what kind of website they need. A website is no goal by itself. It’s just a marketing tool. For most businesses it’s an important part of their marketing instruments, but there are also businesses that don’t need a website. What I do varies from advising, making documents, planning, online marketing/SEO, quality control and developing new ideas for websites we exploit by ourselves. How would you describe a web designer’s job in one sentence? Translating ideas into businesses with Internet as the playground. Where are your offices based and do you travel a lot? Our offices are based in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and in Bandung, Indonesia. At the moment I don’t travel that much. Twice a year I go back to the Netherlands and sometimes we take a detour with a short stopover. Do you find any frustrations working with technology in Indonesia? Not really. We have learnt to deal with it I guess. The internet is quite fast here. We use one fixed internet connection and have back-up mobile internet. When there is a power cut, our generator starts spinning. The stabiliser makes sure the electricity is stable, so the computers don’t break down. We have servers in Indonesia, the USA and the Netherlands and an online project management system with all project data and issue tracking. Of course, we learned how to deal with it the hard way. That reminds me, I do have one frustration: Why do electricity extension cords always have sockets that don’t fit plugs? There always is at least one socket that refused

to take the plug! What mobile phone do you have and do you ever feel like throwing it against a wall? I just ordered a Blackberry after meeting another client who asked for my PIN, I decided it is impossible not to have a BB in Indonesia. At the moment I use a very simple LG phone that can call and SMS and has a battery life of a week. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to have a website in Indonesia? Think about why you want to have a website. What is the goal? What should the website do for you? Who are your customers? What do your customers expect from your website? Equip your website with functionality that fulfils your customers’ needs. Keep it simple. Don’t build the most complex website you can think of, but start small. It’s always possible to expand in the future. Think about usability and conversion and always think from the user’s point of view. Nobody cares about your vision and mission statement! If you could invent anything at all to make work life easier in Indonesia, what would it be? I would develop a new travel service. A weekend filled with trail bike riding, fishing, cutting trees, barbeques and drinking beer in the jungle. The thing every man needs after sitting behind a computer for too long. And if you could invent anything at all for fun, what would it be? In Bandung the streets are filled with Angkot, minivans used for public transport. People step in and when they want to stop, they say, “Kiri, kiri.” Triggered by the Kiri Kiri sound, the Angkot stops and moves to the left side of the road, blocking everything else on the road. Being a motor driver, I hate these Angkot so for fun, I would invent little devices that can be placed on motorcycles that say, “Kiri, Kiri,” when you press a button. Press the button while driving on the right side of the Angkot and the Angkot will stop, leaving a confused driver without a clue who said, “Kiri, kiri.” Mischievous! Which do you think is better – the iPad2 or the Toshiba Tablet? Ipad. Unbeatable usability. And finally, what’s your favourite app at the moment? Skype. Nothing beats calling friends and family on the other side of the world for almost nothing. Thanks Vincent. To get in touch, email him at 

Meet Yon Santos.

The Software Consultant and Developer from Rioja country.

I’m guessing you’re Spanish. Where in Spain are you from? I’m from Vitoria, the European Green Capital of 2012, located in Basque Country, North of Spain. You have to visit it, great food, better Rioja wine and amazing people. Are you a Real Madrid fan and if so, how long have you been one and what constitutes a real football fan? Of course I’m a Real Madrid supporter. I was born in a city where almost everyone is an Athletic Bilbao fan and hates Real Madrid. No one can change my mind about football. Since I’ve been living in Indonesia, I wake up early in the morning at around 2.00 am or 4.00 am) to watch them playing. Win or lose I will always be proud of my team. How tech savvy would you say you are on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being unable to operate an electric toothbrush to 10, being able to hack into your best friend’s Facebook and Twitter accounts? Honestly I’m not really freaky with technology, so I’ll say 6. I try to avoid it after work and enjoy my life with other things. But of course I don’t hack any accounts, and also don’t let anyone hack mine! What do you do for a living? Actually, I’m working as a Software Consultant and Developer, which means spending most of my time in front a laptop thinking about what the end-user needs for their systems. Sounds fancy! Please elaborate and are you working on any exciting projects in Indonesia at the moment? I’ve been in Indonesia for five years already

where I’ve always worked on projects for the Indonesian Government, like Badan Pertanahan National, Badan Kepegawaian Negara and right now for Lemhannas. As far as I know, all of them are happy using our new systems, but I can’t go into detail about the projects! What do you feel the future of the internet will be in Indonesia? I hope there will be cheaper and better internet connections. Mobile devices will take over computers (Blackberry, IPhone, Android). There will be many web shops for small businesses. The government will still be trying to censor the web. And of course, very crowded social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Are you a Mac or PC man and why? I’m a PC man because if I had been a PC man for all my life, for sure it would’ve cost me an arm and a leg! What’s your favourite app at the moment? I don’t have a favourite app, but actually I used to play GT Racer. This is based on cars and you can drive different cars, make online competitions with other people, etc. At the moment this is the most interesting app I have on my Android Tab. What’s the coolest gadget you own? A few months ago I got the Galaxy Samsung Tab, which was a great present, but I prefer to waste my free time doing other things, such as playing football, meeting my friends and travelling. And what will be the next cool tech toy you buy? Mmmm....let me think. Would you like my Galaxy Tab for Rp.4,000,000? Just kidding… If I have to choose one, I will buy the new Galaxy Nexus. Thanks Yon! To get in touch, email him at 

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012



Which Camera?

compact Cameras By Ahram Lee


uying a new digital camera today can be overwhelming. New models are released every few weeks, boasting higher megapixels and showcasing a new feature that guarantees providing you with the best image capturing experience. With so many cameras in the market today which one should you buy? My answer would be the one that doesn’t break your bank account and the one you’ll have fun using, after all, taking pictures is about capturing the moments with yours friends, families, and your life. Covered today are six cameras in total, three DSLRs and three point and shoot cameras. DSLRs are regarded as one of the most popular camera choices in the market today, with their image quality and flexibility of being able to use various lenses (today’s new interchangeable cameras are able to do this, but we will cover that next time.) Point and shoot cameras also called compact cameras, are consumer favourites because of their size, portability, and ease of use. Whether you are looking to buy a camera for your next trip or looking to invest seriously in a professional DSLR, I hope this review helps you in making that decision.

DSLR Cameras

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W650 - $140. Available February 2012

With its 360 Degree Sweep Panorama Mode, you can now capture great panorama pictures as the camera will arrange and stitch the photos. The new SoftSkin Mode will help in reducing facial blemishes and smooth out skin tones and wrinkles while still capturing a great picture. • 16.1MP Resolution • Wide 5x Zoom Lens 25-125mm Equiv • 3.0” LCD Monitor • 720p HD Video • Sweep Panorama Mode Up to 360 Degrees

Canon 7D

(Body Only - $1,445) Available Now

Released in 2009, the Canon 7D is still one of the popular models among video enthusiasts and photographers alike and is Canon’s top of the line APS-C DSLR. With its ergonomically designed body and a rugged build made of magnesium alloy, it is dust and weather resistant and able to perform under any condition. • 18.0 Megapixels • 3.0” LCD Display • Max Resolution – 5184 x 3456 • 1080p Full HD Video • 19 Point AF System (AutoFocus) • 8fps Burst Mode

Sony Alpha SLT-A77

(Body Only - $1,399) Available Now

The Sony Apha SLT-A77 is one of the newest released DSLRs. With its ability to capture an incredible 12 frames per second, and a high resolution of 24.3 Megapixels, the Sony Apha SLT-A77 is a newcomer favourite in the DSLR market. Providing a full manual control over your HD video recordings, you have total control over the various shooting modes. • 24.3 Megapixels • Swivel/Tilt 3.0” LCD Screen • Max Resolution – 6000 x 4000 • 1080p Full HD Video • 19 Point AF System (AutoFocus) • 12fps Burst Mode

Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS (IXUS 125 HS) - $249. Coming Soon 2012

Available in pink, red, silver, green and blue, the new Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS will be available soon in the market. This compact will be a favourite when released with its fun features such as the Super Slow Motion movie capture and its ability to capture 1080p Full HD Video. • 16.1MP CMOS Sensor • 5x Optical Zoom 24mm Wide Angle Lens • 3.0” High Resolution PureColor LCD • Full 1080p HD Video with Stereo Sound • Super Slow Motion Movie Records 240fps

Nikon D7000

(Body Only - $1,299) Available Now

Also released in 2009, the Nikon D7000’s 39 Point AF System allows you to never lose focus on the important moments. With an ISO setting that can be expandable up to 25,600, it can provide great images with low noise under very low light conditions. With 100% viewfinder coverage, what you see is exactly what you get. • 16.2 Megapixels • 3.0” LCD Display • Max Resolution – 4928 x 3264 • 1080p Full HD Video • 39 Point AF System (AutoFocus) • 6fps Burst Mode

Nikon Coolpix S6200 - $229 Available Now

The Nikon Cooplix S6200 has a Four-way Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilisation technology, which prevents blurred pictures caused by camera shake. Its Subject Tracking Autofocus tracks your subject as they move and keeps them in focus. • 16 Mp CCD Sensor • 10x 25-250mm (35mm Equiv.) Zoom Lens • Bright 2.7” LCD with Clear Color Display • 1280x720 HD Video with Stereo Sound • Subject Tracking Autofocus

Ahram Lee Chase Jarvis, an American photographer/director who is regarded as one of the top 30 most influential photographers of the past decade, with numerous awards under his belt, said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you. Whether it may be your mobile phone, a point and shoot, or a high end DSLR, cameras are about capturing the image you want to remember and document, so go out and start shooting!” 

Ahram is a graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the founder of NISCOMM (Nissindo Communications) Design Studio, an independent graphic design boutique. After years of working in the creative industry in Chicago and Los Angeles, Ahram is currently residing in Surabaya where he is working out of his design studio.www., www.facebook. com/niscomm


Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012


Get your Kicks on Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management I work for PT Lavinta Buana Sakti, which is a company that uses one of the newest technologies in vehicle tracking and fleet management called Ctrack. We decided to launch Ctrack in the Indonesian market because we believe there is an increasing demand for vehicle tracking and fleet management here. Currently, the system is successfully in use in more than 33 countries. Last year we expanded the business with tracking systems for the consumer market and we now represent Finish brand Tramigo for Indonesia. Corporate solutions Fleet Management is the management of a company’s vehicle fleet such as cars, vans, buses, trucks, excavators, but also fixed assets like generators. Ctrack consists of two components: a base station with the fleet management application and map, and the hardware and a tracking device with optional sensors. The system utilises the GPS for positioning and GPRS/SMS or satellite for the data communication. The dedicated and permanent online communication results in a quick response time. Tracking of location is only one of the features of Ctrack. Other benefits include: • Be informed when the vehicle arrives at the destination. • Trip distance and duration, and amount of trips per period. • Security Vehicle Recovery: locate and immobilise your vehicle when it has been stolen, or in case the user has been hijacked. • Control speed limit adherence. • Cargo theft prevention. • Be alerted when the vehicle is not obeying the predefined route. • Driver Fatigue Monitoring: detect driver fatigue that causes accidents and serious injury. • Enforce seatbelt, handbrake and headlamp usage. • Monitor if drivers are obeying the company’s vehicle safety policy. • Driver management: working hours, costs and driving attitude. • Detect unauthorised stops or stops beyond allowable duration. • Fuel management: fuel consumption, theft and contamination. • Cold Chain Management: temperature level monitoring. • Manage transport of cement, detect illegal deliveries. • Follow containers and be warned when the cargo door is unsealed at unauthorised locations. • Mobile Resource Management and dispatching. Our target customers are those concerned with operational costs, fuel costs, vehicle efficiency, security and safety: transport and logistics, mining, oil and gas, agriculture and palm oil, security services, airliners, SME and consumers.

In rural areas with no or very limited GSM reception we do provide tracking systems that communicate via satellite. An example is the Osprey (below), which is a unique device as it has two way messaging. We have sold many of them to the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). For new users we always recommend a trial period, including a few days of on site guidance so the company is able to practise the system before using it in their businesses. After the trial we evaluate the results and fine tune the system to satisfy their specific business needs. It takes approximately one to two hours to install the tracking system in the vehicle, including software configuration. We give training after the implementation so the operator has the capability to use the system. As many as 150 business reports can be made with the Ctrack fleet management application. The data can be exported to your own business administration. Management can use the reports to make key operational decisions in order to increase the fleet efficiency, productivity or safety, or to cater other needs.

the whereabouts of their children anytime they wish to know, which means less worrying about their children. Here’s an example: get a message when your child arrives safely as school or get an alert when your kid leaves the pre-defined playing area. For car owners, inform your insurance provider that your car is equipped with a tracking system. You may end up paying a lower insurance rate since the company will likely compensate you less for loss or damage to your car. The Tramigo comes in four different kits; Car, Motorcycles, Boat and Personal and is a device that communicates with any mobile phone over the GSM network. Its processor matches the GPS coordinates to the closest local landmark and sends the unit location in relation to a landmark to the user even without maps or internet connection. The Tramigo system works everywhere, even when you are travelling abroad and want to keep an eye on your vehicle or loved ones. Tramigo has map apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry as well for Android based tablets. The Tramigo kits are available at selected Hypermart stores. 

PT Lavinta Buana Sakti Bart van Dongen Tel: 021-58356114 Mobile: 08-11923608 Website: Twitter: @ctrack + @mytramigo

Consumer solutions Tracking systems do not just end in giving benefits to companies. Car owners can locate and immobilise their vehicle in case of theft using the Tramigo tracking system. Another concern for some of us is how do we know the driver is doing the right job? Parents can also easily locate

Bart van dongen Bart van Dongen (43) is managing director of Ctrack Indonesia. He was born in The Netherlands and lives in Indonesia since 2003. Prior to his current position he has worked five years for a major IT company in The Netherlands after spending several years in the Dutch Caribbean, working for an engineering company. He is married with an Indonesian and lives in West-Jakarta.

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012

Available immediately!

Townhouse for rent - only $2500 per month Region: Cilandak, Jakarta Description: Private Swimming Pool • 3+1 bedrooms • 3 luxury bathrooms in every bedroom + 1 guest toilet • Spacious Living Room + dining room • Kitchen set • Built in Wardrobe • Semi Furnished • 3 level house Size: 335 sqm Facilities: Swimming pool, spacious green surroundings, kids playground available Highly desirable location: Conveniently located 5 minutes from Cilandak Townsquare (Citos), 7 minutes from High Scope International School, 10 minutes from Jakarta International School, Very close by to Business District at TB Simatupang street, 5 minutes from Jakarta Outer Ring Road entrance Cipete. For more information, please email: or call 081317722271.

In the Heart of Kuningan! Penthouse for rent - only $2,100 per month

Region: Puri Casablanca Apartment, Kuningan, Jakarta Description: • penthouse with balcony • fully furnished • 3+1 bedrooms • cable TV, two TV sets • refrigerator, stove, water dispenser & washing machine Size: 148 sqm Facilities: Tennis courts, swimming pool, children playgrounds, jacuzzi, fitness centre, jogging track, mini market & restaurant

Great Investment! Region: Kuningan City/Denpasar Residence (Next to Ambassador Mall), Jakarta Description: • 2 bedroom apartment • 2 bathrooms • kitchen • living room • view of Sudirman • fully furnished. • excellent location & access • inclusive of CLASS A furniture • ready to deliver August 2012! Size: 81.13 sqm Price: IDR

Price: USD 2.100/month

Prime location, close to many embassies, offices & malls. ready to move in mid 2012, all units from developer have been sold.

For more information, please email: or call 081317722271

For more information, please email: or call 081317722271

Interested? Email: // Phone: 081317722271



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Personal Tech & Apps

So do we actually need those smart phones, iPads and Galaxy Tabs? Is the introduction of new technology moving faster than we can grab, understand and/or find a useful place for in our lives? According to my kids it is still going too slow as they are waiting for things like holographic TV. Me, I am still struggling with flatscreen or LCD. And now they have LED-TV! Aaarrgggghhhhhh! What to buy? According to my kids –NONE- of the above. “Dad,” they say,” buy a smart TV!” Oh my God, what is a Smart TV?

A walk down memory lane New technology entering our world is at warp speed. I guess younger people than me adopt and embrace new gadgets without further thought, while I silently wonder: do we even need these? I am of the generation that did not have a colour TV set at home, so let’s not even start talking about a TV remote control. One of the first nice things I bought was an electronic calculator. In those days you bought a Casio for simple calculations at school, or a Texas Instrument for more difficult or scientific calculations, which I must say was great.

Smart TVs are also known as Connected TV, and simply are television sets that can be hooked up to the internet, giving you many of the features found on your computer or mobile phone. Smart TVs come in all shapes and sizes, from Plasma to LCD and LED. Most will also have built-in Freeview, HD capabilities and some at the top end of the range will also include 3D. Pricing can be up to $4,800 USD. Which one to buy I don’t know, but take a look at the comparison to make up your own mind and impress your kids. So there you have it. The new age of Television is here: From the Black and white TV without remote to the Smart TV. 

Then things went very fast from the first home computers (Personal Computers) like Atari 400/800, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum/Sony HitBit/Sinclair, and a host of others which headed towards the first real PC which was the Apple, a trendsetter and it still is to this day. This machine was amazing. You had a monitor, a floppy disk, a keyboard and, you guessed it, a mouse. On top of that, it came with a GUI, or Graphical User Interface, which was at the time a definite first as well as an immediate hit: simply point and click, rather than learning about BASIC and typing long lines of code, often copied from computer magazines that, over time, had become torn, thumbed, and smudged with coffee. Nowadays we don’t even remember the old days where we used to struggle with so-called Personal/Home computers; hooking them up to our television set and plugging in the floppy disks.

Juan G. Leysner Juan G. Leysner lives and works in Jakarta for over 10 years and founder of 2

Yes, we’ve come a long way from Home computers to the super fast, super thin laptops we are using today. And it seems that even those are going to be replaced, or not, by the tap screen technology as found on the Galaxy Tab (Samsung) and the Apple iPad.

Indonesia’s No. 1 Computer Webstore. is the online Total IT solution, specialising in Computer Hardware and Software distribution. They have an extensive product list with categories ranging from photography, computer, gadgets, office and home electrics available at very affordable prices. With various store locations in the Greater Jakarta area (nine stores in total), as an alternative to home delivery, there is also the option to buy items online and pick it up from the nearest store.

V3technology’s online shop offers mainly photography products and accessories. They stock everything from Compact Digital Cameras, DSLR, lenses, photo lighting, camera supports, dry cabinets and photography books. The website also has a links and downloads section that includes a list of relevant software, firmware and driver downloads. Whether you’re an enthusiast or professional, V3technology most likely has what you’re looking for. is also an HP authorised exchange point, offering One to One Replacement Warranty for HP Consumer Printers. Other services include consultation, design, on site installation, configuration, hardware service/repairs, and even IT service and maintenance contracts. For more information, visit their website or call 021-4229555.

Apart from photography they also have a comparably limited stock of camcorders, computers, mobile phones, binoculars, scopes and even a used equipment section.

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012


Happily Ever After, or is it? By Angela Richardson


he Jakarta Players are a group of people, young and old, from working mums and dads to students, from teachers to ladies who lunch, both expat and Indonesian with one thing in common; the passion for theatre. Come rain or shine, they gather for evening rehearsals during the week as well as rehearsals over the weekend to put on three productions a year and always with the heart and soul of a professional West End or Broadway performance. Last year we saw the likes of Snoopy and the gang in the musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, a murder mystery in The Real Inspector Hound, and a Russian government gone mad in The Government Inspector. The first show of this year will be (drum roll please...) Into the Woods (applause, thank you…) which tells the comedic story of Cindarella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, the Baker’s Wife and Rapunzel after their so called happy endings. As it turns out, there’s no such thing! Cinderella hates her philandering husband, the Giant’s wife has come down from the beanstalk seeking revenge on Jack and everyone else is

basically miserable. This comedy musical fairy tale is suitable for all ages and shows everyone coming together to save one another in the end. Rehearsals started in December last year and the show is set to be staged over the weekend of the 17th to the 19th of February for five shows

when he moved to Jakarta in 2003. “I see work as work. This is play,” Keith tells me. “The key is to be able to balance your family and work life as well as Jakarta Players.” Producing this play is Keith’s partner in crime, Harmony le Riche who is a working mum. “I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t Keith directing. He’s efficient, he’s got rules and he sticks to them.”

at the Music Republicain Theatre in South Jakarta. Directed by Keith Allerton, a teacher at Jakarta International School, Keith has directed over 50 shows and been in 75 himself. Keith is a self-confessed ‘drama queen’ who found Jakarta Players to be his saving grace

The cast are made up of nine JIS teachers, three high school students and one alumni, and nine Indonesians who are part of the Jakarta Broadway Singers and Jakarta International Community Choir. Keith will also be playing a supporting role as Cinderella’s Prince due to unforeseen circumstances. I joined the gang at one of their rehearsals and had goose bumps. These guys are seriously talented. All proceeds from this show will go to Habitat for Humanity, Indonesia so hurry up and book your tickets and don’t miss out on what’s set to be a wonderful journey into fairytale land. 

Into the Woods Friday 17 Feb: 8pm Saturday 18 Feb: 3.30pm & 8pm Sunday 19 Feb: 2pm & 6pm Rp. 150,000,- for Adults & Rp. 75,000,- for Students For tickets: or sms 0817147371



Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

Light Entertainment

The Unnecessary Fire W by Eamonn Sadler

e call the magical device we have in our pockets a “phone”, but it really should be called a “communicator”. Amazing advances in technology in the last few years have turned the simple “phone” (which was amazing enough in its day) into a multi-platform multimedia communications device that gives us the ability to communicate in myriad ways with anyone anywhere in the world and, if all else fails, actually speak to them (although that can thankfully be avoided most of the time). The word phone is an abbreviation of the word “telephone” and the word “telephone” is made up of two Greek words, tēle, meaning “far”, and phōnē meaning “voice”. (No sonny, “phone” is not short for “smartphone” - at least it

wasn’t originally.) So a telephone is a “farvoice”. “Darling, there’s a man on the farvoice who wants to know what time your flying machine lands.” Sounds much less impressive and a lot more oldfashioned when you say it in plain English, doesn’t it? It wasn’t so long ago that we were complaining about people talking on their mobile phones in public places. We even used to give people a dirty look if their phone rang in a restaurant. Now when you look around most restaurants you will see people busily communicating via their phones with anyone who happens to demand their attention anyone except the people they are physically with of course. Do you remember when if you left your house or place of work it meant

Last Edition’s Winner…

you were totally out of touch with EVERYONE? If you wanted to stay in touch you had to tell people where you were going and how long you would be there and actually stick to the plan, because if you didn’t your house could catch fire and you wouldn’t find out about it until you got home. All new forms of technology are resisted by the people who grew up with the previous forms. I often imagine 60 year-old cavemen sitting round a new-fangled “fire”, looking at it cautiously and talking about how dangerous and unnecessary this new form of heat was. They got by without it for generations so why did they need it now? The young cavemen were thinking, “Hmmm... what else can we do with this?” When the first young caveman started

developing “writing” to record ideas, events and stories, the old folk no doubt wanted to know why he couldn’t just remember things like everyone else. And when the automobile was first invented, I’m sure it was looked upon with scorn by the senior citizens of the day because horses were already fast enough and noisy enough. I remember wondering how a fax machine could work. I remember when a wireless phone with an answering machine built in was amazing. I remember saying I would never have a mobile phone because I don’t need one. I remember saying I don’t need a computer. I remember saying I will never get a smart phone because I don’t need to receive my emails real time. I also remember black and white TVs without

Magazines eh? Who needs ‘em?  To find out more about live stand-up comedy in Indonesia please e-mail text or call 0821 1194 3084 or register at

This Edition’s Competition…

Caption Competition

Honey, can you check in the garage and see if I left my red helmet there?

remote controls. Time rolls on and technology advances and there is nothing we can do about it. We don’t need these new gadgets until we have them, and once we have them we can’t live without them. The only possible issue I see is the decline of social skills. People don’t talk to each other any more. So put down this magazine right now and strike up a conversation with the nearest stranger.

Thanks to everyone for some great entries for the competition last issue, but the winner is Jean Francois from Jakarta. Please contact us Jean.



0811 999603 is made possible by 1


1 Following - trailing - supporting (6) 4 Beast of burden (5) 7 Big gun (6) 8 Inn (6) 9 Hurtful witticism - on wire (4) 10 Extremely happy (8) 12 Passing of bills (11) 17 Small distance - steal! (8) 19 Skin - throw things at (4) 20 Royal Engineer (6) 21 Scandinavian (6) 22 Piece of paper or bedding (5) 23 Secondary action, often humorous (2,4)






1 Tool for making holes in wood (7) 2 Purse (in America) (7) 3 Celebrity now in obscurity (3,6) 4 Type of group singing (5) 5 Expert musician (7) 6 Madness (6) 11 Sailors’ song (3,6) 13 Regular oval (7) 14 Endanger (7) 15 Make of no effect (7) 16 Academic essay (6) 18 Not active or reactive (5) { Answers in the next edition! }








12 13




16 17


16 18


Last Edition’s Quiz:

How much do you really know about Chinese New Year?

19 20


The winner is Bertha S. 22

Congratulations you won a Duck King restaurant voucher worth Rp.300,000!



*Answers for Edition 61 Across:

courtesy of RoomService.

1. Abnormal 5. Offa 9. Muggy 10. Lounger 11. Paving stones 13. Indigo 14. Effete 17. Smallest room 20. Rotunda 21. Oxide 22. Port 23. Newsreel


1. Army 2. Niggard 3. Rhyming slang 4. Allege 6. Fagan 7. Arrested 8. Multifarious 12. Airstrip 15. Ebonite 16. Escape 18. Alter 19. Seal

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012


Social Media

Social Media Madness By Popy Tobing

When porn sites are no longer the most visited sites on the Internet...


he first time I knew about Facebook and Twitter I felt like my life was complete. I got reconnected with old friends and getting personal with friends I had just met. Instantly, like how fast food treats you.

Everything in life now happens in an instant. What took days, now only takes seconds. Everything is getting faster and faster. These paradigms make up what we call social media. Social media is a community, which is about contributing, sharing, people and it is most definitely the future. A few years ago, porn sites were the number one sites most visited on the Internet. Now, it’s social media sites. The statistics show that one in five couples met online and one in five divorces are blamed on Facebook. Another interesting fact is that eReaders have surpassed traditional book sales. And if Wikipedia were made into a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long, and would take you over 123 years to read. Did you know it took radio 38 years to get 50 million users, it took television 13 years to get 50 million users and it took the Internet four years to get 50 million users, but it only took Facebook 9 months to get 100 million users? Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US. If Facebook were a country, it’d be the world’s 3rd largest. After Facebook came Twitter, and the development of Twitter users in Indonesia is pretty amazing. Up to now it has seven million users in Indonesia and counting. Twitter itself started in 2006 and has delivered over five billion Tweets in the whole world and Indonesian people are tweeting about 1.6 million tweets per day. For celebrities or famous people, Twitter has become a good media for promotion. They can be really close with their fans, sharing how their day has been, giving information on their new songs, new releases or even new relationships. Did you know that Lady Gaga, Justin

PopularTweet @tempodulu

“Some years ago, leading economists said

systematic corruption in Indonesia was a major obstacle to growth. Can we now say they were wrong?” Bieber and Britney Spears have more followers than the entire populations of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea and Australia? That’s how immense social media is. There’s another social media platform that is huge in Indonesia. is a chat and entertainment mobile platform, hosting a fast-growing virtual economy, which has 33 millions users in Indonesia itself. This number is unbelievable. In addition mig33 has sold 70,819,496 virtual gifts in Indonesia in 2011 alone. The funny thing is, the use of Twitter in Indonesia has lost its meaning. Twitter was born as a mini blog with links, but Twitter has now become a media for people to communicate with each other. Yes, Indonesia is one of the chattiest regions on earth. Maybe because Twitter and Facebook are not welcome in China, but China is also creating their own social media called Sina’s Weibo and the users are also give magnificent number. Indonesian people may be the chattiest on earth, but there are a lot of socially beneficial movements on Twitter. You could take an example from @jalinmerapi which gave people up to date info and news when Mount Merapi erupted and also @blood4life which helps people who are in need of blood transfusions all over Indonesia. Internet users in Indonesia are now hitting the number of 110.722.000 and expected to grow even more. Let’s see what comes after for social media. 

Popy Tobing Popy is a social media enthusiast and currently working as the Public Relation Manager for Follow her on Twitter: @popytobing


Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

Business & Networking


Java Jazz Festival 2012

AmCham Indonesia Networking Cocktail Thu, 09 Feb 2012 Please RSVP via e-mail to: Location: TBA on RSVP Web Site: Email: From 6:00 to 8:30 PM

Delectable dishes, beer, wine and soft drinks for the evening are provided by our generous sponsors. Cost: * Rp. 150,000 for member * Rp. 250,000 for non-member


Bellydance Classes in KEMANG!

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 - Sun, 04 Mar 2012 Ticket Info: Phone: +62 21 72783601-02 Fax: +62 21 7204030 Location: Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Jl. Kawasan PRJ Kemayoran Kemayoran, Jakarta 10620 Web Site: Featuring : Artists Final Confirmation : Barry White Show & The Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra Bobby McFerrin Carl Allen Chris Standring Dave Koz David Sanborn Depapepe Duwende Joey De Francesco Juilliard Jazz Quartet Laura Fygi Mamas Gun Medeski Martin & Wood Pat Metheny Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band Quincy Jones Present : Alfredo Rodriguez Trio Robert Randolph Ron Carter Ron King Big Band Sheila E. Soil and Pimp Session Swing Out Sister Taylor McFerrin The Manhattan Transfer


Location: Sanggar Nari Nari - Jl. Taman Kemang I kav. 11(behind Tamani Cafe) Web Site: Email: For information about classes and fees please call Sanggar Nari Nari at (021) 719 2437 or 719 8024

Bali’s Texas Chili Cookoff 2012 Season Kicks Off Next Month

After months of waiting, we are finally going to start classes in Kemang. Starting in Feb 2011, we will be teaching Beginner Bellydance classes at: Sanggar Nari Nari - Jl. Taman Kemang I kav. 11(behind Tamani Cafe) NEW Beginner Classes @ Permata Hijau * Saturday 10.00am * Tuesday 7.00pm * Thursday 10.30am

Mentari Travel service reaches 15 Years! Mentari Travel Service celebrated their 15th anniversary on Saturday 28th January. They first opened their doors in 1997 & we wish them continued success in the future! e: p: 0818 7756 26

UBUD - Mark your calendars for next month’s first qualifying event in the 2012 Texas Chili Cookoff season at the Melting Pot Gameroom Pub in Ubud. For those of you who missed out on las year’s inaugural experience, Sunday 19th February brings another golden opportunity to join in the festivities and bring out your best down-home chili recipe for some friendly competition to discover the best chili of the day. Contact Sherri at or call 0812 364 0490.

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­­1 February - 14 January 2012

Meredyth CTA While living in Jakarta take the opportunity to participate in personal growth to feel alive and build a deeper understanding of your emotional experiences. Meredyth is a Certified Transactional Analyst, trained in Australia, providing psychological services in a safe and confidential environment. Meredyth offers counselling for Individuals, Couples, Teens, Families and Workplace Supervision. With twenty years of experience living in Jakarta Meredyth understands the importance of maximising your time. Meredyth is available to meet you for a session in the comfort of your home, office or other private venue. Book a session with Meredyth to take the next step in your Journey with professional help. Meredyth Blackwell-Bell, CTA


HP: +62 818 863 124


Classifieds 18

Jakarta Expat­­ · ­1 February - 14 January 2012

Village, Kemang area, Cilandak, Blok M & Pasar Minggu. Rent Price : IDR 63 Mio /Year (nego)


Have something to sell? Looking for something to buy? Looking for staff? Selling property? Or need a place to live? Why not place your classified ad with Jakarta Expat ! Your classified will be placed once for 2 weeks online and once in our printed version which has a circulation of 15.000 copies bi weekly. Conditions: Personal classifieds: free of charge | 50 words max. Commercial classifieds : RP. 100,000 | 0 - 50 words : RP. 200,000 | 50 - 100 words For adding an image / company logo in our printed issue another RP. 150,000 needs to be charged. Send in your classifieds to


drive to Cilandak Commercial Estate. Owners 0816834710 & 08161873891

For rent: gading pelangi indah a1 no. 42 , kelapa gading near al azhar school ,land area 134 sqm, building area 94 sqm, unfurnished, 2 floor, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Located in a safe neighbourhooda area, quite area, free from flood. contact: (nova / sg) 0818830381 or 08999908691 or maria, 0817120168, 08998109451, price 40 million/month

APT KUNINGAN PLACE, For Rent/ Sale, New, 60m2. (2BR-2Toilet1FR), Mid-up Facility, Strategic, Furnish, HP/SMS 0816 786811 Small Convenient Healthy Environment

For rent For Rent; Pakubuwono Residence 184 M2, Call; 0816783345 For rent newly, beautifully renovated 2 bedroom apartment (95sqm converted from a 3 bedroom unit) in Taman Rasuna Apartment (full facilities and private parking lot) next to Episentrum / Bakrie Tower, Jalan HR Rasuna Said. Fully furnished with fully equipped Kitchen. Rental per month 10 million Rupiahs. Please contact: Tary : 0813 88 300 339 or Lina : 0815 8765 938 Apartment Gandaria City for Rent, Full Furnish/Semi Furnish, High Floor, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath room + 1Maid Room, New Kitchen, Good Location, Next to Shopping Mall, Swimming Pool, Minimum rent for 12 Month, Rental Price USD 1.600/1.500. Call Owner 0811-836045

Location: Jl BEK MURAD (right in the back road of WTC -HSBC Building in Sudirman) 28.8 sqm, 1 BR, AC, fully furnished, furniture as seen in pictures. Rp. 48,000,000 / year (Rp. 4,000,000/month), plus 1 month deposit, so total UPFRONT PAYMENT IS Rp. 52,000,000. Excluding Service charge (Rp. 300,000 / month), electricity, water, cable TV, internet. FREE: HOT AND COLD WATER DISPENSER. Facilities: Mini market, affordable laundry services, and some canteens / small restaurants in the ground floor. Good quality eating places can be found within walking distance in the WTC-Metropolitan I and II building complex. This apartment is just across the backside entrance of WTC Building Complex. Contact me at:, mobile : 021-903 86339, 0811843541 CILANDAK TIMUR, Jl. Bakti Kav. 22, KKO. Superb tropical & quiet house, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, full basement with 3 servants rooms+baths, large luxurious garden and big pool + gazebo & bbq. 5min

Room for rent in sophisticated house in Pondok Indah 4,5mio/month all inclusive. Contact 08158000570 for info. For Rent: Permata Hijau Residence. 3 Bedrooms + 1 Maids Room. Newly fully furnished, with all appliances. Available Immediately, Competitive rent for quick rental. Contact owner: 0812 8122 2806 or +65 8124 7086 if Jakarta Number is not active. Houses for rent at Kemang, Cipete, Cilandak Pejaten Barat. Pondok Indah. Big garden, S’pool, Complex, with 4/5 Bar. Ph. 0816859551 - 081287488717 / Sunday open. ARYADUTA SUITES / SUDIRMAN TOWER CONDOMINIUM. Jl. Garnisun Dalam 8, very close to Plaza Semanggi. There are 3 units for rent, Fully furnished, min 6 months upfront, @ 85 square meters, 1 living room, 1 dining room - in open space , 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 maid room/laundry room.. 2 AC in each bedroom. Price @USD1,100/ mo. Free access to swimming pool. Lots of restaurants nearby. Further detailed and pics for each unit will be emailed to you by email. Contact: Mieke J at, 0811843541. FOR RENT: 2 bedroom + 1 bath apartment at Essence Darmawangsa. Fully furnished. Equipped with AC, water heater, and washing machine. Unit is located on the 9th floor tower A. Rent cost: Rp 10 million/month (includes maintenance fee). Call 0813 802 333 99 (Mahmuda - owner) For Rent: Senayan Residence, 3 bedrooms + 1 maid’s room. Contact 0813 1101 4567

One of the world’s leading garment retailers is looking for fitting models. We need female models for our fitting session that is done oncethree times in a week. Payment will be done twice per month. The product includes Underwear, Swimwear & Outerwear. The face will not be captured in the fitting session. Requirement : - Size B75 and 80C.- Minimum height 160 cm. - Body weight is normal and proportional. Send your data and body pictures to

Apartment for rent fully furnished, microwave, stove, TV @ Rp. 6,000,000 per month. The price is not included maintenance service charge Rp.515,000 only, plus electricity and water bill. Parking is Rp. 150,000 per month. Attached are the pictures. For further info please contact me @ my cell 08129054627 - see image in your e-mail.

For Sale House for rent; real bargain! Middleaged expat, female, an artist and animal lover, seeks like-minded person to share cozy house. Property, which has lovely garden, is in quiet part of Jakarta (Pondok Labu). Rent for one year is USD 1,250 (50% share of total of USD 2,500). Contact

Looking for an extraordinarily gifted and creative writer / translator / editor / resume writer for scientific texts, novels, poetry etc. (German/ English/Indonesian)? You have found the right person here! Contact me via email: sabrina. or call/text: 081237011701.

profit). Seeking for a permanent job / suitable position in fields of Finance / Accounting / Administration and other related areas. Fluency in English and computer skills. Please contact e-mail :

Unique bed and breakfast in the green foothills of Mount Merapi. A beautiful 100-year old Javanese joglo, fully restored to a high standard with original antiques. 3 double bedrooms, big lounge and garden with barbeque. Clean air and natural well water. For further details please go to or call 08123563626. Convenient and spacious 4 bedroom apartment (199 sqm) in Puri Casablanca available for rent. Mostly furnished but still leaves room for your special favourite items. Recently refurbished to high standard throughout with 3 new bathrooms and luxurious kitchen. Facilities include cable, broadband internet access, swimming pool, tennis courts with instructors, jogging track, kindergarten and children’s playground, first class mini market, laundromat, and excellent gym. Rent $2,250 per month for one year in advance. Longer lease qualifies for discount. Regret no animals. Phone Renee on 08128 5454 62. Beautiful Bali apartment recently refurbished for rent in spacious 2 bedroom upper floor duplex, overlooking twelfth tee at Nirwana (Tanah Lot) with breathtaking Indian Ocean views. Refitting includes a new 42 inch TV, cable, and broadband internet access. A range of concessions at Nirwana club and Pan Pacific hotel is available just by asking. Wayan -charming and welcoming in that unique Balinese style - will shop, cook, wash clothes, iron, clean house and make beds. Secure your booking for an idyllic stay. $150 per night (low season), rising to $200 at peak. Phone Renee on 08128 5454 62. No animals, sorry. Looking for a Villa in Bali? Book our newly built villa in Sanur (near Batu Jimbar Cafe). Price: 360 USD/day. A single bedroom only is 100 USD/day. For more info, email wybe.

Irfan is a friendly, trustworthy, reliable and a very punctual driver. His sense of direction is amazing, enabling us to skip through traffic through tiny lanes. This alone, I highly recommend him. Available from April. Call directly, 085214668989 or gettme@hotmail. com for further queries. Speaks little English but understands. Yeni is a trustworthy “key-holding” maid coming in twice a week. Currently working for another family, also twice a week for more than 10 years. Found money and returned. Converse only in BHS. If you only need a PT maid, call her, 081288824786 or for further queries. Excellent nanny / cook / pembantu available for immediate start. Ibu Suwarti has been working for expat families in Singapore for the last 8 years. She recently came back to Indonesia to be closer to her family. She would like a full time, live in, position. She can work on her own but is equally comfortable working as part of a team. Excellent references from former employer. Very good English. If possible Kemang, Cilandak, Pondok Indah area. Interested families can call her directly: 0857 41295357 Looking for a job as maid. I am Yuni 34 years old. Looking a job for full time / part time. i can do general cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, and general shopping. I have 3 references letter from my experiences. My English is excellent (speaking-reading-writing). Pls contact me at 0817763990 Hi friends. We have temporary maids available, for 2-3 months only, they have been trained and waiting to be departed to Taiwan as domestic workers there. Admin Fee Rp500,000, salary min. Rp 600,000/ month. Kindly inform me asap if you are interested, to : mieke.juwono@, ph : 02190386339, +6287888630997

jobs House for rent: JATIPADANG BARU KOMPLEKS. Land: 300 m2 | Building: 250 m2. 3 Bedrooms | 1 study room | 2 bathrooms 1 Maid on 2nd floor | Car park (2 cars). Fully Furnished Condition. Location : situated at South Jakarta with quiet environment & convenient. Near to Pejaten

looking for work Female, Bachelor Degree in Economics / Management, having 12 years experience in Finance / Accounting / Administration in international organization (non-

Native English speaker in Jakarta looking for a job as English teaching or a job where English is primarily used. To start working immediately. BA Journalism, Microsoft and internet. 8 years working experience. Worked in retail, distribution and midway entertainment. Managerial

positions. Worked in 2 countries, 2 provinces (South Africa) and 3 states (USA). Organized, reliable, self motivated, confident, creative, enthusiastic and hard working. E: or phone +62 856 9189 4828.

services Learn how to trade the stock market. Buy and sell shares. We offer Full Stockbroking Services. Call David 081 2813 08298

Well trained and experienced live in maids and drivers available. For maid, it’s guaranteed for 3 months and I will get her replaced if she doesnt fit in. We will send her/him to your place by appointment. SMS Mieke at 0811843541

vacancies Central Jakarta based training provider is looking for experienced, enthusiastic English teachers to work on a full time or part time basis. Available immediately, the role involves teaching adults in a corporate environment as part of their in-house training. Send your CV to We are looking for Finance position (Fresh Graduate) in our Company. Interested? Send CV to Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program is looking for a Development Director, based in Ketapang (Kalimantan Barat). The ideal candidate will have experience in fundraising, conservation, capacity building, native English and strong Indonesian language skills. See or contact for more information. Chef needed to manage Mediterranean / Italian restaurant in Jakarta. Expat preferred. Must have experience. Please email inquiries / CV to Expanding company seeking native English speaker to fill a full-time editing role. Hukumonline (en.hukumonline. com) is the premier provider of Indonesian news and analysis to prestigious law firms and corporations both here and aboard. Experience in journalism and legal practice are valuable assets but not necessary. The team’s working language is English. Please email your CV to Editor-in-Chief Davidson Looking for Account Executive. Interest? send CV to

Need somewhere interesting to visit at weekends? Entertaining visitors from overseas? Come to Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia (ASTI) near Bogor to see rehabilitation of endangered animal species in action. Check www. for details, and contact Annette (annette.; 08161834057) to make your booking. We offer skilled and reliable handymen for Jabotabek area to do: Network cabling for data center, or Internet computer purpose. Electricity installation for housing, apartments. CCTV installation, with or without Internet connection. Civil engineering work, including: carpentering job, construction work, masonry, partition, gypsum installation. Telephone installation: VOIP, PABX etc. Painting job etc. Contact me if you need one, at, HP: 0811843541 Traveling? Let us help you! As your partner in business, we aspire to provide service standards that are faster, more accurate and more reliable. Contact us now to assist you for all your travel needs. PT. Amazing World Explorer T&T. Kemang Square, 3rd floor unit III-12. Jl. Kemang Raya no. 5. Phone: 7179 4722 - awe. An Indonesian needs a partner to improve English and I will help you to improve your Bahasa Indonesia. Please contact me at ima_kind@ or call 08561168019 Jakarta Home Tutoring Service 12th Years Experienced in All Int?l School Curriculum. Primary ? Middle ? High School Level Available. MATH, PHY, BIO, CHEM, ECO, Languages, Computer (In English Instruction). Tutors Come to House (Pls Call 08111988887/ 08161939330)

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• Condition: No delivery. STOCK CLEARANCE SALE Jan 25th – Feb 18th @ Chic Mart jl. Kemang Raya no. 55, Jakarta Selatan. Lamps, cutlery sets, cushion covers HORSE FOR SALE. I have to sell my horse, as we soon will be leaving Indonesia. He is a six year old bay gelding, height 160 cm, local breed. I have mainly been training him for dressage, but he also has talent for jumping. Interested? Contact me on or on hp 081510364453 pressure and saving on electricity consumption, absorbs ammonia and reducing chlorine demand. Please contact us at Tel. +62 31 5026554 or Fax. +62 31 5020595 or email:, see more products at Relax we carry the load. Your peace of mind is our highest priority. One company Allied to Allied, over 800 locations worldwide. Your specialist in household goods moving services. Jakarta (021) 780 7851, Surabaya (031) 749 8377, Email: Website: LEARN INDONESIAN LANGUAGE FOR EXPATRIATE. PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS COME TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. CONTACT: Jl. Albezia VI. Blok B No. 22 Cipinang Kabembem Jakarta Timur 13240. 0219602950 2/08979332879/087885296161/0 85781173576 - PIN BB : 300A2424. Bandung - Jl. Banjarnegara No. 13 Antapani Bandung. (022) 7203042 +6281394624172 - Pekalongan (0285) 9104091 - Learn Hatha Yoga at home, flexible schedule. Certified teacher from the Yoga Institute Santacruz, Mumbai. Call 081218121304

Medical evacuation health & life insurance. Let us diagnose your needs. Contact paul beale, mobile: +62 816 137 0663, office: 021-5220990 E: Special Education Needs (SEN) Support. If anyone needs SpEd/SEN Support at Home for your child or if you have questions related to Special Education and related supportservices in Jakarta, Singapore, Shanghai and Manila, please feel free to contact me at teacher.specialeducation@gmail. com. and I will be happy to be of help.

others For SALE: YAMAHA Piano (9 Months). Very good price. If you are interested please call me or send me a SMS: 082125922917 FOR SALE - 3 nights stay in Royal Club Junior Suite - LE ROYAL MERIDIEN SHANGHAI. Valid until 15th December 2012 (worth 380USD/ night) For Sale at 6juta rupiah. Contact: deisywill@ Four Season Hotel Jakarta discount vouchers for sale for Rp100,000/ each. Use this voucher for 50 % off Rack Room Rate Privilege. Available for 5 vouchers and will expiry on 15 April 2012. Sold individually or the whole lot. Please call Aris 0816910567 or email arhadi2007@ Jade—small burial jades, jade stones for Jewelry, jade jewelry and other non-Indonesian gemstones all -50%. And the most complete collection of Indonesian gemstones in Indonesia as well as the madly creative Jewels by Irwan. For further information: 0811824302 Moving Sale. Large jati TV cabinet 1,000,000, coffee table 400,000 and outdoor carved bench 300,000. Two pine wardrobes 500,000 each. Assorted potted palms and outdoor plants. All furniture in good condition. South Jakarta. Please phone (021) 7820812

Baby bed for sale. Large size, suitable for child up to 25kg. As new condition. Large storage drawer. Adjustable height. On wheels. Mattress included. High railings, no sharp edges (very safe). Rp500k. Contact I am looking for a PLAYPEN (for small childeren). If you have one for sale please text me on my Hp - 082122043106 or mail to marijke_ Thank you all!

ABC Acai Berry Soft Gel (Double Effects) is a 100% natural product, which helps on fast fat reducing and also beautifying your skin. ABC Acai Berry Soft Gel with its Unique formula on Pure Acai Berry and many other carefully selected Chinese herbs will benefit you like never before. 1 bottle containing 30 capsules for Rp. 250.000 to be delivered for free in Jakarta. Info: 081317722271

For sale: NEW Dining Table set with 10 chairs available for sale. Only 2 sets available. Luxury of Natural art Angsana wood (teak wood family) with dimension 100cmx250cmx75cm for your home / office. Rp. 35 million per set. Contact: Abednego +62816603107 FOR SALE.. Sofa set: one sofa (290x83) + 2 chairs (113x83) custom made by AEDI, color: cream/off white Price: RP 7.500.000. Xmas tree (2.30) Ace, Price: 400.000 (new 1.2 juta). books (Patterson, Grisham etc) set 5: RP 100.000.Pls text message to Anna, Kemang area. For pictures or for appointment: 08111663535

Simmons Back Care 4 Pocketed Coil King Size Mattress - US $ 1800.00. If interested please call 081511120485 or 576-3745 Large size (36x24x26) Petmate brand Pet Porter. Airline approved. Separates easily into two nesting halves for easy storage. Rp 450,000 - 08121115071 Body Solid brand multi-station total body weightlifting/fitness machine. Like-new condition. Great for family, club, group, small office. Originally paid Rp 24 million; will sell for a bargain price of Rp 5 million; moving. Contact : 08121115071 For sale Matoa golf membership Rp.23 juta and subject to transfer fee“ contact: Mr.roh (081519010575) -

Learn Mandarin. With Native Chinese Teacher. Please Call : 0897-8143-855 ZELBRITE High Perfomance Pool Filter Media - 15 Kg / bag. Keeps your pool sparkling clear; manufactured in NSW, Australia. Zelbrite porous structure provides a huge surface area capable of filtering particles down to 1 micron. Use Zelbrite for the finest filtration, removes ammonia from your pool, reduces odour, enhances chlorine performance, no more burning eyes and extends plate life of salt water chlorinators. Reducing back washing and saving water, reducing pump

Moving Out Sale. Teak dining set W/glass top + 8 chairs/7 Mil. Teak 4 drawers chest 110cmX90cm/ 2 Mil. Serving Teak Troly/ 1 Mil. Framed Mirror 110cmX85cm/ RP 500,000. Framed Mirror 150cmX100cm/ RP 600,000. Treadmill w/ warranty/ 6 Mil. Elliptical cross trainer/ 4 Mil. 20 Kg Chrome Dumbbel set/ RP 600,000. LG Microwave,27L high power/ 1.9 Mil. Kenwood Smoothy Pro/ 1 Mil. All items are in excellent condition as NEW ( 2-4 yrs use ). more info :

Love Jakarta Expat? Guarantee a copy every fortnight and become a subscriber! 6 months only Rp. 260.000 1 year only Rp. 500.000 Includes delivery to your door!

CALL US NOW! t: (021) 7179 4550 e:

Nexian Journey A890. Perfect condition (hardly used). Full set in box and upgraded to Android v2.1 Eclair. Includes 1GB micro SD and 5MP camera for only Rp 1.7 juta or best offer. Requires pickup in Kuningan. Email

Tribal Sculptures, huge collection— wood and stone, from all parts of Indonesia. All pre-WW II and older. Many important pieces. We are selling these at half price. Dayak, Batak, Java, Bali, Sumba. Flores etc. Info 081298861232. I would like to sell my domain, www., for Rp. 5,000,000. I planned to prepare it for my business then cancel it as I find no time to do so. You can have the hosting and C panel, design etc. Contact me at, HP: 0811 843541

For Sale: Davinci Furniture – Used – Good Condition. Set 1: IDR 50,000,000. • Bed and mattress (Thomasville Imperial) size 200x200 • Dresser + Chair · 4 doors cabinet • 2 bed side tables (without table lamps) Set 2: IDR 50,000,000. • Dining table + 6 chairs • Credenza + Mirror • Cupboard

Exclusive expatriate Personal Training by Billy Simmonds. Gym, nutrition and fitness coaching by a Professional Bodybuilder, Champion Weightlifter and Mr. Universe. Centrally located, outstanding value and proven results. Contact me at: 081246775224.

Jakarta Memory Game by Werkgroep ‘72. Charity Organization.Price IDR 100.000. 40 colorful pictures of Jakarta. For sale: JICC or contact For sale: Hand-made designer batik bedspreads King, queen and single at 450,000. 350,000, 250,0000. We also make handbags, cushion covers and shirts all made by hand from vibrant and original batik. Contact Desi 08128295914. Trampoline for sale. Rp 2 million. Please email Annoek at annoek@ for more details Looking for a second-hand clothes dryer. Does anyone have a dryer they want to get rid of? Rainy season and new baby on the way

is not looking good for laundry these days! Any leads, please email or call 08111253838. Thanks! FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC.Professional health-care with experienced practitioners. Careful assessment and individually designed treatment plans. Excellent results with low back and neck pain, shoulder problems, sciatica, disk herniations, headaches and migraine and other musculoskeletal disorders and wellness care. Don’t suffer another day call us today. HOTEL KRISTAL (021) 7507090 Second hand sonny tv 32 inch , in good condition price rp.500.000 , phone 0818830381,08999908691 WANTED. 1 double bed (with good and clean mattress) - king or queen size, 2 single bed and/or mattress. 1 electric treadmill (for me and the dogs), 4-6 nice table lamps, 1-2 freestanding floor lamps, 23 inch or larger LCD for a PC (eg Samsung, LG), 42” - 46” plasma TV ((eg Samsung, LG), E: Looking for a set of left handed gold clubs (second hand) please contact: Baby toys and accessories for sale.

Some hardly used. Fisher price toys, playpen, high chair, play mats and lots more. email jason.hue@gmail. com for details

Jakarta viking welcomes players from all over the globe. As well being a football clup, we offer a social base for our player, most of who come from outside indonesia and we find that our differences in background give us a strong sense of unity. For the coming season 2011/12 we have a team for 11 a-side playing in jakarta international football league (jifl). The club´s home pitch is in south jakarta (cibutat area). We will practice there every saturday at 15:00 hours unless we play matches in jakarta area. For more information, please contact our head coach jan gramm; or peter teglbjerg; See you at the pitch

FOR SALE: Tempered glass shopfront, 12 mm thick, 420 cm wide, 280 cm high incl 2 door panels. Rp. 10,000,000,Call 081317058000

For sale infra red camera EOS 1000D, good condition. Call 08111 88 1214


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