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OMEN STEPPING OUT! CONTD. Dr Carol Tomlin Pastor, University Lecturer and Chaplain

EW: How can they be dealt with? CT: The challenges can be dealt with through building strong family units. The church can help families spiritually by first equipping couples with the necessary tools for developing godly and healthy relationships; this can be undertaken through facilitating various programmes and initiatives. To find out more about Pastor Carol Tomlin and her work or to invite her to speak, please email her at or contact her via her website


omen Stepping Out!

Every month we look forward to bringing to your attention a woman of strength, courage, influence and wisdom an empowered woman; one who has been able to make use of her resources to positively influence her nation. Such women even though may experience daily challenges that so many face, however, have not allowed it to create a barrier in their lives. They have against the odds stepped out to operate in purpose because their community needs it. We would like to wish every empowered woman who is making a difference in her world a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We at Empowered Woman Ltd celebrate your work and your achievements. We celebrate you.

Empowering women with spiritual etiquette to live a fulfilled life in Christ 6

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