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Jaime Schaefer

Jaime Schaefer's academic journey at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she majored in Communication, laid a solid foundation for her impressive career. Active involvement in the Chi Omega Sorority honed her advocacy skills, especially for the underdog, shaping her into a fearless and outspoken leader. These formative years were crucial in developing the robust and compassionate character she is known for today. Professionally, she brings over 14 years of experience in Neuroscience Pharmaceutical Sales. Her career path includes significant roles at leading organizations such as PDI Pfizer, Nautilus Neurosciences, Allergan, Abbvie, Biohaven, and Takeda. Her recent work in Biotech Neuroscience, focusing on rare diseases, highlights her dedication to significantly impacting healthcare. Her professional acumen has been recognized through numerous awards, including the President's Club and Circle of Excellence. In 2020, she earned the CEO award, marking her as a top performer in her company. These accolades testify to her relentless hard work, ethical integrity, and commitment to her field. Beyond her professional achievements, she is deeply involved in philanthropy and activism. She passionately advocates for Jewish rights and robustly supports Israel, using her influence through various initiatives and fundraisers. Her active participation in temple and sisterhood events and her contributions to multiple charities demonstrate her generous spirit. Despite her demanding career, she finds time for hobbies such as traveling, crafting, and playing Mah Jong. Her ability to maintain a balanced and enriching life, coupled with her steadfast dedication to her family, showcases her as a woman who manages both her professional and personal worlds with grace and efficiency. Jaime Schaefer's story is not just one of success but a narrative of a life lived with passion, resilience, and integrity.