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PORTFOLIO Choi Jae Won 2008-2014 Master of Architecture, Ajou University, Suwon, Korea +82 10 7169 3392

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Education 2013. 03 - Present

Master of Architecture

Dept. of Architecture in Ajou University Graduated Scool

2008. 03 - 2013. 02 2004. 03 - 2007. 02

Bachelor of Architecture

Dept. of Architecture in Ajou University

Salesio High School

Awards and Honors 2013 Posco Steel Design Competition

3rd Prize, Special Prize

2013 Sustainable Building Design Competition 2013 Koica Architecture Design Competition

4th Prize Winner Prize

2012 Ajou Univ. Graduate Architecture Exhibition

3rd Prize

2011 Ajou Univ. Graduate Architecture Exhibition

Best Student Award (Grade 4)

2010 Daegu Architectural Cultural Biennale International Competition 2010 Competition Association of University 2009 Posco Steel Design Competition

Grand Prize Participation Prize Winner Prize

2009 Competition Association of University

Winner Prize

2009 Jarasum Jazz City, JAM Festa Wall Painting Competition

Winner Prize

Experience of Professional works 2008. 06 - 2008. 08 DA Architects Internship: Gwanggyo Edu Town Design 2013.01 - 2013. 03 Suwon specialized project Street development 2014.01 - 2014. 03 Ajou University Cafeteria Design

Exhibition 2013 Posco Steel Design Exhibition at POSCO Gallery 2013 Dnomad National Student Graduation Exhibition 2012 24th graduate Exhibition at Ajou University 2010 Daegu Biennale Exhibition at Doosan We’ve the Zenith Gallery 2010 Exhinition Association of University 2009 Posco Steel Design Exhibition at World Cup stadiums 2009 Exhinition Association of University

Personal Activities 2014 Leader of Architectural student Steering Committee in AJOU UNIV. 2014 Leader of Graduate School in AJOU UNIV. 2011 Leader of UF Association(Work Association) in AJOU UNIV. 2010 Leader of SangSang Association(Sustainable Architecture Study Association) in AJOU UNIV. 2009 Leader of SangSang Association(Sustainable Architecture Study Association) in AJOU UNIV.



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AJOU UNIV. Graduate competition. 2012.3 - 2012.6 3rd Prize Personal Work

AJOU UNIV. 4th Grade 2nd Term 2011.9 - 2011.12 Personal Work

AJOU UNIV. 3th Grade 2nd Term 2010.10 - 2010.12 Personal Work

Yeondong traditional market Revitalization plan

To Architecture Through Movie

Comunity through Accidental Meeting


Competition Works





Human Tech Plate with Cultural Information Tech


[Modular + Mobile}


Daegu Architectural Biennale International Competition 2010.8 - 2010.11 Grand Prize Exhibited at 2010 Daegu Biennale Team Work

Posco Steel Design Festa 2013 2013.7 - 2013.7 3rd Prize, Special Prize Team Work

Junglim Architecture awards for Student 2012 2011.8 - 2011.9 Prize None Team Work

Boutique Hotel for Professional Wonam


Extra Works







2013.03 - 2013.06 Personal Work

2011.07 - 2011.08 Team Work

2010.07 - 2010.08 Team Work

Advanced Digital Design

Wood Pavillion

Wood Pavillion




DIFFERENCE & INTERVAL (RELATIONSHIP BUILDING) Yeondong traditional market Revitalization plan AJOU UNIV. Graduate competition. 2012.3 - 2012.6 3rd Prize Personal Work Location: Young dong, Pal-dal gu, Suwon, Korea Site area: 6,669m2 Building area: 5834m2 Scale: basement floor area 2F, ground floor 4F Parking lots: basement 178 lots Program: traditional market Paldal Gate market having 200-year-old history with Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is being slim due to various problems. The collision of visual, urban and spatial relationship the site has makes the site have many relationship. Now, the site not using these many relationship is losing its identity and is in confusion. I want to make architectural offer co-existing by concerning about the collision of various gaps.


Site Analysis Site History

1. A variety of facilities with traditional markets and hundreds of stores neighbor to this site and young people throughout the Suwon gathered and started making a huge floating population and Suwon became the best center. 2. Due to the growth of Suwon Station, Ingye-dong commercial supremacy, Paldal Gate commercial supremacy now is pushed by competition leading to the decreasing of the flaoting population. 3. Paldal Gate must co-exist with the emerging center not compete. The commercial supremacy of Paldal Gate must strive to specialize the business by using various elements Paldal Gate has.

Site Research 1 1. Paldal Mountain and Suwon Stream has various possibilities that can be used as resting place for citizens and tourists as green and water resources of Suwon-si. I considered the direct and indirect connection of these green elements of the site. 2. Various culture inheritance exists historically because there is Suwon Hwaseong Fortress which is surrounded by Young Dong Market. 3. The site has important meaning of the place because the commercial street as starting point is connected from Paldal Gate commercial supremacy to Wuxi marketplace inside Hwaseong Fortress.


Site Research 2 1. As the time goes, conventional market inside becomes more slum due to more stronger commercial supremacy by big roadside, and it can lead to the death of commercial supremacy of alley. There must be a solution makng people come deeply. 2. The place facing Suwon Stream responds architecturally, the relationship with Suwon Hwaseong Fortress responds with programs. 3. The approach to site from the bus stop is possible by market street and riverside. Not only for the action of the passage but also for the action of staying must be placed architecturally.

Site Research 3 1. The environment facing the site is not well matched to arrange more shops. This causes passive relationship with surrounding context because of the same response. This makes the market more isolated which will cause the shops to deactivate. 2. There is no hierarchy but there are so many pruning which is not really needed so the tourist cannot concentrate on it and spread out which cause the shops not to revitalize. 3. There is a problem that tourist cannot come into the building because of unnatural building on the street.


1st Floor Plan 1/600 01.Market 02.Cultural Square 03.Traditional Cafe






Derived Program

The site has its own identity and this will make have competitiveness. As a result, the market is activated. Also, it would be on the market that can not be seen elsewhere.

Design Process

Not only the void but also the deducted programs make vertical relationship so that all floors can be connected to revitalize.

Cultural Square

The entry of the square is induced to make direct connection with Suwon Stream by the square. The square moves to the flea market. Placing the core on the square can make the entry to the top floor.

Main Street

Make people notice the top floor from the center street of the first floor and arrange the culture programs and facilities to induce the building to revitalize naturally. Also, respond differently to the place facing Suwon Stream with the market. 11

1st Basement Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

01. Parking Lot 02. Storage 03. Meeting Room 04. Machine Room

01. Market 02. Atelier 03. Traditional Cafe 04. Gallery 05. Performance Hall








02 04


Riverside of Street

The market facing the Suwon Stream is made to use as outdoor theater and the upper floor is planned to see the riverside. Also, core is planned nearby the riverside to enter the upper floor directly. This can make people to use the building naturally.

Case Study Ssamzigil brought the chacter of the street vertically. However, there is a problem that it has a chacter of just passing, not staying. However, space omposition centered by square can make spatial communication for many people. Western Dom and La Festa have typical formation of street type shopping mall. However, they are actually isolated and independent from the urban point of view. From these case studies, I tried to find the method of vitalization of new space composition of the market.




3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor Plan

01. Atelier 02. Office 03. Gallery 04. Village Hall 05. Convenience Facility

01. Hanok 02. Hanok Experience Center 03. Kitchen Garden 04. Convenience Facility

02 02






04 02


03 05




Hanok Village

I planned the hanok village that people can tour and accommodate not only for the residential facilities just like the existing building on the top roof to revive the identity of the site which is located nearby Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. This makes the unique hanok village that the site has. In this way, the market can be revitalized as well as sightseeing item.

Study Model 1. Divide the block by two and the blocks have a center space and arrange the shops and programs. However, this approach was not appropriate because there were not enough shops and its courtyard was unefficient comparing to the size of the site. 2. Setting up the main street connected by the existing street and important point and arranging the shops to face these streets. However, the hierarchy of the street was not appropriate an stuffy space was kept on repeated. 3. Setting up the hierarchy of the streets and arrange the shops accordingly. However, the arrangement of the shops makes unefficient space.


Riverside View

Arranged the outdoor cafe and restaurant at the 1st floor facing the riverside for people going Suwon Stream to attract into the building. The vertical circulation makes the entrance at once to make the accessibility increase.

East Elevation Plan 1/400


Final Model Image 1

This is the stair connected with the Suwon Stream. It plays a role as stair and stand as well and provides the resting space in square.


Main Street Market View

There is stair for climbing 2nd floor at the end of the main street and arrange te outdoor theater at te 2nd floor to attract people from main street.

Section Plan A-A` 1/400

Final Section Model Image

The stair is placed at the end of the main street to make natural flow people coming in. The exposure of vertical circulation for people is very important.


Street Market View

The 1st floor of elevation facing the market responds to the market so to arrange the same shops. This makes the natural formation of the market making harmony with the existing market and this helps maintain the street and revitalize.

South Elevation Plan 1/400


Final Model Image 2

There was not enough green so planned the green as well as hanok village so to provide various space.

Section Plan B-B` 1/400

Section Detail Elevation Concept

Sunblind Fabric System

Planned the elecation getting the idea from the hanbok which is the special product of the market. Controlled the light using the character of the twisting of the weaved thread. This makes no block between inside and outside and it projects the silhouette inside.

The elevation can control the light diffracted inside depending on the level of twisted thread. Control the light by the situation of the various shops, inside and outside.

Inside Elevation Image

Detail Model Image





Section Detail Plan 1/30

What I focused on the detail is not to show the frame and I wanted the elevation surface to be read as one surface. By doing this, I wanted the change of the glasses which is seen back by fabric to be seen more clearly on the elevation of the building. Also, I did not use expensive detail due to the character of the market.


DIFFERENCE & INTERVAL (RELATIONSHIP BUILDING) Yeondong traditional market Revitalization plan RESURT

AJOU UNIV. Graduate competition. 3rd Prize


Personal Work

WORK TIME 4th months

USED TOOL LIST Autocad 2007 Sketch up ver. 8 Atlantis ver. 3 Photoshop CS3



DIFFERENCE & INTERVAL (RELATIONSHIP BUILDING) Yeondong traditional market Revitalization plan


PROJECT REVIEW ‘전통시장 활성화에 있어 건축가가 할 수 있는 영역은 어디까지 일까?’ 라는 고민를 가지 고 진행하였던 프로젝트이다. 현재 우리나라는 전통시장을 활성화하기 위한 많은 시도들이 사회적으로 진행되고 있다. 하지만 대부분 대형마트의 물리적 상황을 쫗아가는 방식의 개선 사업들이 많이 진행되었고 이는 오히려 전통시장도 아니고 대형마트도 아닌 정체성 없는 공 간을 만들어놓았다. 시장들을 분석하고 돌아보면서 전통시장은 생각보다 건축가가 건드릴 수 있는 영역이 많지 않아 보였다. 시장활성화를 가로막는 문제는 지금까지 개선해왔던 물리적인 요소가 아닌 시 장에서 일어나는 다양한 문화적 요소에서 찾는 것이 맞다 느꼇기 때문이다. 그래서 나는 건 축가가 하는 물리적 제안의 시발점이 시장이 가지는 문화적 요소에서 출발하여야 전통시장이 장기적인 경쟁력을 가질 것이라고 생각한다. 일반적인 프로젝트들은 대부분 건축가가 이야기와 문화를 건축적 제안을 통해 설정한다. 물 리적인 것이 먼저 존재하기도 하고 그것에 맞춰 비물리적인 요소들이 담아지기도 한다. 하지 만 전통시장 프로젝트는 자신들이 가지고 있는 각각 다양한 이야기와 문화들이 먼저 존재한 다. 건축가는 그런 이야기들을 담아내는 틀을 만들어 줄 뿐이다.(물론 모든 프로젝트에서 적 용 가능한 이야기일 수 있다.)졸업설계를 하면서 이점이 기존에 내가 경험했던 프로젝트에서 놓첬던 많은 부분들을 고민하게 하였다. 이 프로젝트는 건축적 형태를 통해 나의 생각을 표현할 수 없는 프로젝트였고 그렇게 해서 도 안되는 프로젝트다. 그래서 프로젝트를 진행하는 것에 있어 어려움이 많았지만 졸업설계 로서 나 자신에게 많은 배움을 준 가치있는 작업이었다 생각된다.




UNISOLATED ISOLATION To Architecture Through Movie AJOU UNIV. 4th Grade 2nd Term 2011.9 - 2011.12 Personal Work Location: Bojung Dong, Giheung Gu, Yongin Si, Korea Site area: 8200m2 Building area: 3800m2 Scale: basement floor 1F, ground floor 3F Parking lots: basement 84 lots Program: gallery, park


Site & Movie Prologue

In the past, many architects tried experiments architecturalize the building by movies and musics. They made the architecturalizing processes by the connection of similar elements from various other major. In fourth grade second semester, the goal of this project is to be against the process of general architecture and to architecturalize it with my style connecting the architecture and non-architecture. I selected the movie through the first impression of the site and analyzed the elements movie has and found the elements that are possible to architecturalize and tried to make my own process.

Site Keyword: Isolation The level of the site is lower than the level of the ground so it was difficult to recognize the site. Also, there was stream flowing around it so the approach was difficult. I saw this environment as isolated island, castle and basin. From this, I made the movie and the story of the site through the first impression I felt and tried to make new architecturalization process.


Movie Synopsis Title: CUBE Release Date:1997 Director: Vincenzo Natalie Running time: 90 minutes Screening Level: No one under 18 Sequel: Cube2, Cube zero Movie Story: Six people woke up and they were in the cube. They didn’t even know each other and had no idea how and why they are in the cube. They soon notice that they are in the prison consists of a few same rooms like color guessing puzzle of the cube. There are six people: police, young mathematician, tender autistic child, ex-convict and a man who doesn’t want to talk about the labyrinthine space to the last. The rooms of this cube each become critical traps. They must be more cleverer than the system to get out of the prison room. There are many apartments and major supermarkets without urban context due to the sudden development of the new town development the city placed. From seeing this site, you can see that each building doesn’t have effect on the dependent formation but on the independent formation like unique cube. This formation makes it look like isolated island, set the site as isolated island derived from this formation and tried to organize the architectural formation happening in the cube from the movie ‘Cube’.

Character Introduction Police: He fancies himself as the leader in the cube. Center of conflict Disabled: He is an autistic child living in his own little world. he is considered as a burden escaping cube due to the difficulty of communication. Student: He plays a important role for escaping cube because he is clever. Doctor: He has conflict with police but has amicable relationship with others. Architect: He looks like he has no will to live. He shows defensive response escaping cube.


Character Relationship Sequence

To the architectural using a character relationship diagram Relationship Diagram.1 Beginning

Relationship Diagram.2

Relationship Diagram.3

Escaped prisoner started to escape the cube. Police soothed the student and doctor treated hurted architect. Escape prisoner get killed by cube.

Police become the leader to know each other. Architect displayed pessimism. Student who is good at mathematic agonized getting out of cube.

Disabled come on the scene and this makes a conflict. However, doctor took care of him and has only positive relationship with him.

Relationship Diagram.4

Relationship Diagram.5 Unfold

Relationship Diagram.6

People move and police and doctor expose painful past and show the conflict.

People finally got to know that architect planned the cube and run him to earth. People got into confusion after knowing the secret of the cube.

Police who had conflict with doctor kill doctor in the process of escaping and he got crazy.

Movie Scene Sequences (1-6)


Relationship Diagram.7 Crisis

Relationship Diagram.8

Relationship Diagram.9 Peak

While sleeping, police tried to rape the student so police made a conflict with the others.

They luckily found the principle of the cube by the disabled and they could get out of it and people get interested in him.

People left police out while moving and architect beat the police for escaping and ran away with the others.

Relationship Diagram.10

Relationship Diagram.11

Relationship Diagram.12 End

At the last cube, the police appeared and attacked the student and killed him and fought with the architect.

The architect who was kissed the canvas holded the police escaping and killed him but couldn’t make himself out.

Finally, the disabled who only watched the conflict of the people survived and got out of the cube naturally.

Movie Scene Sequences (7-12)


Architecturalization Method Divide the site by 12 sections and re-arrange it by the flow of the movie and the relationship of people. Make the site and the building through the movie and after it, set the cube covering the site and the building. Cube is divided with the section by time function and also planned it as deck. Also, the role of the simple deck will make the space. and I thought it as very important design elements forming the atmosphere of the space.

Relationship Diagram.12

Relationship Diagram.11

Relationship Diagram.10

Relationship Diagram.9

Relationship Diagram.8

Relationship Diagram.7

Relationship Diagram.6

Relationship Diagram.5

Relationship Diagram.4

Relationship Diagram.3

Relationship Diagram.2

Relationship Diagram.1


Study Model 1. Section & Program Arrangement

Study Model 2. Cube Transformation Study

Study Model 3. Cube Transformation Decision & Arrangement

3D Modeling Image. Final Modeling Image


Site Plan & Design Process

1. There is no communication hap site.

2. This site is reinterpreted through the movie ‘Cube’ and has progress of architecturalization.

3. The site which is reinterpreted by ‘Cube’ is composed by the urban context of cafe street.

4. The space closed by cube is emptied by arrangement of programs and the formation of spaces.

5. The cube is divided more and it becomes the veil which plays a role as connector of surrounding context.

6. Finally, the space which looks like it is closed by veil can have communication with surroundings and emptied space fulfills as inner programs. 34


1st Floor Plan 1/900 Planned the meditation space where people can take rest and meditation even they are in the confusing city and gallery and garden. 01. Meditation Gallery 02. Waterside Garden 03. Cafe






Rendering Image 1. Waterside Garden


2nd Floor Plan 1/900 Planned to attract more people in it naturally by arranging gallery on the Bo Jeong Dong cafe street. 01. Experience Meditation 02. Cafe 03. Link Garden





Rendering Image 2. lawn areas in Garden


Section Plan A-A` 1/400

Section Plan B-B` 1/400




Personal Work

WORK TIME 4th months

USED TOOL LIST Autocad 2007 Sketch up ver. 7 Atlantis ver. 3 Photoshop CS3



UNISOLATED ISOLATION TO Architecture Through Movie


PROJECT REVIEW 4학년 2학기 프로젝트는 ‘건축이 아닌 것을 통해 나만의 프로세스를 만들어 건축화 하라’라 는 스튜디오의 주제를 가지고 진행되었던 프로젝트이다. 이 프로젝트를 진행하면서 주요 이슈는 상관관계가 없어 보이는 건축과 영화를 가지고 연결 고리를 만들어내는 작업이었다. 건축과 영화가 가지는 다양한 요소들 속에서 이들을 연결할 요소들을 찾아가는 과정이 프로젝트를 진행하면서 어려웠던 부분이다. 서로다른 요소들의 연 결고리를 찾는 방법에 있어 주관적일 수 있지만 논리적이어야 했다. 또한 이런 요소들을 통해 최종적으로는 건축이라는 물리적인 구조물로 치환이 가능해야 한다. 치환하는 과정 또한 납득 이 갈만한 논리적 프로세스를 통해 진행되어야 하였기에 쉬운 작업이 아니었다. 프로젝트를 진행함에 있어 이런 과정들은 한번도 경험하지 못한 접근방식이었다. 하지만 연 관없어 보이는 것들을 연결짓는 한학기동안의 훈련은 설계를 진행하는데 있어 다양한 프로세 스에 대한 식견을 넓히는데 도움이 되었다고 생각한다. 그리고 하나의 프로세스를 고집하는 것이 아닌 다양한 방법들을 통해 건축적 접근을 시도할 수 있게 하였다.




THE AERIAL ALLEY HOUSING Comunity through Accidental Meeting AJOU UNIV. 3th Grade 2nd Term 2010.10 - 2010.12 Personal Work Location: Mactan Dong, Yungtong Gu, Suwon, Korea Site area: 20,180m2 Building area: 16,560m2 Scale: basement floor 1F, ground floor 5F Parking lots: basement 262 lots Program: Multiple Dwelling House


Site Analysis

1. There are residential complex in the north centering around the site and there are commercial area in the south.

2. There are green and park close to the site so its natural requirement is enough.

3. The site is facing the street all the sides so it looks like it is disconnected with surroundings.

4. The hierarchy of the street facing complex and commercial area is different so the corresponding of the site also must be different.

1.Yard Image

2.Maru Image

3.Alley Image


Making continuous accidental meeting from outside to make form community of the residents.


Design Process

The site is facing commerce and housing.

Bring the flow of the commerce and housing.

Exterior space is made by the flow and the housing and neighborhood living and welfare facilities are placed due to it.

Community and culture facilities are placed by the bridge having relationship with the exterior space and housing.

Program 1. Residents live centering around the sharing courtyard and the comminity forms through meeting each other. 2. Planned the housing of 115.7m² for 3~4 people and 147.7m² for 4~5 people. 3. Planned community facilities such as farming garden kitchen, senior citizens’ center and kindergarten and neighborhood living facilities such as wine bar, party room, bakery and cafe.


Site Plan 1st Floor Plan


Roof Plan

1st Basement Floor Plan


Unit & Section Plan Unit Plan


Corridor Beds





Unit Type 1 - 115.7 m²



Unit Type 2 - 148.7 m²

All the units have courtyards as exterior space and the exterior space not facing the corridor forms small garden. Residents enter the house through courtyard and also get out through courtyard. This makes natural accidental meeting and forms natural community. Also, there are pocket garden besides the rooms facing the corridor so to protect the privacy of the residents.

Section Plan A - A`


Study Model

What I focused on when I was on studying process is to make clear of the character of the exterior space. Also, the concern about connecting method of living street and alley was needed. Each character must be respected as well as there needed natural connection.


Space & Elevation Plan

Rendering Image 1. Commercial facilities View Planned the low commercial facilities of first floor and additional facilities due to the level of the site. Also, brought the flow of the commercial facilities which are placed outside so for residents to use it separately with the housing.

Rendering Image 3. Walkway View Planned the roof plan for the residents to walk by using the level of the commercial and additional facilities. Induce to vitalize the boardwalk and commercial faclities together.

Section Plan B - B`


Rendering Image 2. Aerial alley View Each house meets each other centering around the corridor and placed the stairs and elevator outside to expose all the circulation. This makes more accidental meeting for the residents and induced the alley culture of the past.

Rendering Image 4. Piloti View The low piloti space of the building and the living street are connected for the resting space for residents. Induced the people to use easily by making bright piloti space.


THE AERIAL ALLEY HOUSING Comunity through Accidental Meeting MEMBER

Personal Work

WORK TIME 3th months

USED TOOL LIST Autocad 2007 Sketch up ver. 7 Atlantis ver. 3 Photoshop CS3



THE AERIAL ALLEY HOUSING Comunity through Accidental Meeting


PROJECT REVIEW 주거단지 프로젝트를 시작하면서 내가 주목한 가장 큰 이슈는 우연적 만남을 통한 커뮤니티 다.경제가 발전하고 변화하면서 현대사회 속 개인의 프라이버시는 가장 중요한 부분으로 자리 잡게 되었다. 이런 사회적 변화로 인해 점점 이웃간의 커뮤니티를 사라지고 주거단지는 주변 의 환경과 단절되는 모습들을 볼 수 있었다. 개인의 프라이버시를 지키기 위한 단절들이 오히 려 주거민들의 삶을 삭막하게 만들고 다양한 삶을 수용하는 것에 있어 많은 부작용을 만들고 있다 생각된다. 또한 이러한 현상은 주거단지를 고립시켰고 단지내의 다양한 사건사고에 대 한 감시자가 없는 상황을 만들었다. 이는 오히려 사건사고에 대해 취약한 부작용을 보여준다. 나는 이런 문제를 과거 우리나라의 주거문화에서 해결법을 찾고 그것들이 반영된 주거단 지를 계획하고자 하였다. 그래서 우리나라가 기존에 가지고 있던 커뮤니티공간(골목길, 마 당 등)을 주목했고 주거단지에서 골목길, 마당 등에서 커뮤니티가 일어나게 하는 다양한 물 리적 특성들을 분석하여 반영하였다. 이런 방법은 의도적인 우연적 만남들이 발생하게 하고 자연스럽게 커뮤니티가 형성되도록 한다고 생각한다. 또한 다양한 외부공간을 조성이 가능 하게 하게 만들었다 주거단지 계획에서 다른 프로젝트와의 차이는 외부공간의 많은 부분에서 중요하게 작용 한다는 것이다. 처음으로 단계적인 외부공간의 계획(세대,클러스터,단지 등)과 그것들의 성 격 및 관계에 대한 고민이 필요했다. 서로 다른 외부공간들 사이에서의 관계 또한 중요했다.




Metonymical Basin

Human Tech Plate with Cultural Information Tech Daegu Architectural Biennale International Competition 2010.8 - 2010.11 Grand Prize Exhibited at 2010 Daegu Biennale Team Work Jury: , Studio Daniel Libeskind (SDL) We hope to create a new vision and plan for Daegu that can be implemented within the next 10 years. the purpose of this international competition is to bring together the best minds to present detailed plans that will specifically lay out a dynamic and sustainable future for Daegu’s city structure.


Paramount to the approach of our proposal for Daegu after 10 years are the following: 1. Used CT and IT actively for activating the future of Daegu City where has insisted the conservative countermeasure. (It obviously has a different culture industrial city with distinction because of the participation of the citizens) 2. Newly interpreted the basin which has a special place as the cultural basin. 3. Therefore, our building of this site will stretch to not only main cultural city in the world but also future city of information by the participation of 250 million citizens of Daegu City.

Strategy of Site and Masterplan

This site has different grids from all around (This site is concertrated by the city context) In other words, it is easy for the citizens to approach the site.


When each grid is pulled in this site, the intersection occurs

The existing buildings were placed by avoiding the intersection. ( Intersection areas have been used open spaces )

Therefore, we also planned this idea avoiding the intersection which will be used open spaces like the existing buildings. (It shows that we carefully considered the surrounding contexts )

Masterplan Location: 2139 Daemyung 3-dong, Namgu, Daegu, Korea. CT and IT will grow like fertile crops by putting CT and IT into new 4 basins which we planned in Daegu


Concept Basin, the symbol of Daegu, has both advantages and disadvantages.



1) + 2) Making a new basin area

First, it enables crops to grow fertile and is easy to protect invasion from outsiders. (We thought that these facts will enable using different levels to maximize application of programs)

Growing crops in basin

Growing CT & IT in basin


Thus, CT and IT will grow like fertile crops by putting CT and IT into basins which we planned. Also, program zoning will be reinterpreted by using different levels.


3) + 4) Making a new mounding area


Topographical characteristics of the basin are over 4 degrees hotter than the other cities and limit movement of the citizens living in the basin. (It looks like closed city)


How about thinking reverse way? Mounding which is opposite to basin can make the citizens move easily with cool wind from hills. (It looks like open city)

Protect area in basin


1) + 2) + 3) + 4) Making a new plate


Conclusion) Therefore the existing advantages and the new advantages by thinking reverse way which could have been interpreted as disadvantage will co-exist in these new basins


Protect CT & IT in basin

Hot in basin

Cool on mounding

Closed in basin

Open on mounding


Strategy of Architectural Design

Developing area is located under 16M compared with conservation area.

Extended intersection enables the citizens(Including the students in Keimyung University) to move into the developing area naturally.

Inserted programs avoiding intersection.

Put programs into the basins by avoiding intersections and formed smooth mounding on the intersection zones.


Bar codes (Units made up of information) can make space with the acknowledgement of text which has important meanings. Also, it will be reinterpreted as the connection between existing basins in Daegu and new basins which have the vision of Daegu’s future.


1) Multi-Purpose Opera Hall Complex (Culture + Exchange) 2) The Civic theater (Media + Education + Participation) 3) Cultural exchange patio (Culture + Exchange + Participation)

Knowledge Cultural Center

4) CT, IT Professional Educational Institution (Culture + Knowledge + Education) 5) CT, IT R&D center (Culture + Knowledge + Research) 6) Information Business Center (Research + Management)

Culture Content Center

7) Digital Lab (Research + Planning) 8) Advanced Multi-Media Space (IT + Exchange) 9) Design Content Planning Office (CT + Planning)

IT, CT Complex Space

10) CT, IT Complex Hall (CT + IT + Exchange) 11) S / W Support Center (Education + IT) 12) Cultural Center (Exchange + CT)


1st Floor Plan

Circulation & Section Through 4 large gates, People can get into the building (1st Floor Entry) f people wnat to go into the basin directly, they can use the water front gate (B2 Floor Entry) Existing main building and the Fashion Department in Keimyung University from B1, 2nd floor can be entered directly (2nd Floor Entry) After entering the arcade (Both sides of the building), they can experience every CT, IT programs (B1 Floor Entry)


2nd Floor Plan


Rendering Image 1. Culture Plaza

Rendering Image 3. 2nd Floor 68

Rendering Image 2. Digital Lap

Rendering Image 4. Cultural Exchange Patio 69


Mytonymical Basin

will stretch to not only main Cultural city in the world but also future city of information by the Participation of 250 million citizen of Daegu City


Grand Prize

MEMBER Team Work

WORK TIME 3rd months


Autocad 2007 Rhino ver.3 Grasshopper Atlantis ver. 3


Floor Plan Design Section Design Cad Diagram Video Editing Render


Video Capture Image


You can watch the full video of this project by QR code 73


Human Tech Plate with Cultural Information Tech


PROJECT REVIEW 처음 Daniel Libeskind 심사위원을 보고 시작했던 공모전이다. 대구라는 땅에서 나올 수 있는 이야기를 통해 건축적 아이디어를 얻어 이런 아이디어들을 대지가 가지는 특성을 통 해 구체화하고자 하였던 작업이다. 대구라는 도시에 대한 이미지와 대구안에서 대상지가 가 지는 의미를 찾는 과정이 중요했고 거기서부터 프로젝트가 시작되었다. 작업에서 어려웠던 것은 10년 후에 지어진다고 가정하고 디자인을 제시하라는 공모요강 이다. 미래를 표현하기 위한 방법들로 전체적인 색감,사람이 존재 하지 않는 이미지 등을 통 해 현재에서 미래를 바라보는 시선을 표현하고자 했다. 2차심사에 있어 동영상 제작은 재밌는 경험이자 힘든 경험이었다. 배경음악의 선택에서 부 터 특수효과까지 영상을 편집하고 짧은 시간안에 작품에 대한 고민과 아이디어들을 담아낸다 는 것은 쉽지 않았다. 하지만 판넬이 아닌 영상이라는 매체를 통해 생각을 구성하는 작업을 해 볼 수 있었던 작업이라 의미가 있었다고 생각한다. 마지막으로 공모전을 하면서 이 프로젝트에서는 팀작업에서 중요한 부분들을 배울 수 있는 작업이었다. 작업을 하면서 진행되는 아이디어에 대한 조율은 함께 결정하였고 거기에 따른 작업들은 개개인에 대한 믿음을 바탕으로 진행되었다. 처음 정한 팀간의 룰을 실천하면서 재 미있게 진행할 수 있었던 작업이었다.





[Modular + Mobile] Posco Steel Design Festa 2013 2013.7 - 2013.7 3rd Prize, Special Prize Team Work Program: Housing Location: Anywhere Focus: Steel, Collective Community Every droplet has its own space, and influences on other droplets. They exist alone or together in harmony in form of a big droplet by gathering. If a droplet is considered as one Modular, it could form various residences type through combination and separation. In addition, the space between Modulars will be considered open space.


My Story 1. Change of Society & Life Style Nowadays the number of 1~2person households is rising quickly. Aging population is getting increased as well. According to this, small housing market is growing rapidly.

2. Cities got the flu... Although society & lifestyle are being changed fast, now cities can’t satisfy peoples’s needs.There is a difficulty to supply houses efficiently according to a changing population with reinforced concrete. In addition, concrete buildings cause a lot of construction wastes when its dismantling or remodeling. They can’t be reused.

3. Steel is -

Contrary to concrete, it is possible for steel to be recycled. It has many useful properties.


4. Modular System

The system is efficient to solve various problems in a modern city. It is constructed quickly and simply with low cost through assembling. Being reused is also one of the biggest advantages for environmental problem.

5. Present limitation of Modular system However, due to lack of technique and experience on modular construction system, it is impossible to construct over a four-story building now.

How can we construct high rise building with Modular?

6. Application of mobile principle How about applying principle of ‘Mobile structure’ for high rise modular building?


Modular Type 1.Permanent Modular The upper part of this building is for permanent resident. Since Modular can be installed and dismantled freely, this space can be filled or vacated with population change. Facade shape is standardized in the form of a panel type, and residents can design their Modular facade.

2.Portable Modular for nomadic life style The lower part of this building is for people having nomadic life style. They just rent a space in this building for installing their own modular. Resident could select their favorite faรงade shape based on their life style or preference, and then the facade is installed to basic modular.

Floor system of Modular B:Bed room, L:Living room, S:Studio, H:Hobby room, K:Kitchen, ST:Stair, E:Entrance + Toilet, T:Terrace, Y:Yard, G:Garden.......














Residents require different floor plan based on their lifestyle or member. In response to the requirements, the floor plan in Modular is planned by dividing it into three spaces and standardizing them. The each space standardized has its own program such as bedroom, kitchen and so on. When these are assembled, we could have various types of floor plans for providing proper floors which residents require.


Rendering Image 1. Permanent Modular View

Final Model 1. Mass Model Image

Final Model 2. Modular Detail Model Image


Floor system of Modular 1.Mega Truss Mega Truss designed in the top of the building supports loads of ‘Group A’ by pulling the modulars, and then transfer the loads to the cores.

2.Steel Frame Cores Steel Frame cores, which are located on both sides of the building support Mega Truss and Modular as well as resist lateral forces such as wind and seismic load. They transfer the total loads to the foundation.

3.Steel Rhamen Frame General steel frame structure that consists of beams and columns supports portable modulars in Group B.

Rendering Image 1. Portable Modular for nomadic life style View


Construction Process 1.Factory


Necessary materials for Modulars are supplied to factory.

Steel Rhamen Frame structure is built for portable Modulars.

Steel cores are constructed for Mega Truss at edge of the building.

Modulars are assembled by workers in factory.

Mega Truss is built on the top of the building for supporting Modulars by pulling.

Modulars are transported from factory to construction site.

Corridor is installed by cable or steel tube.

Modulars transported from a factory are installed from top of the building by tower crane.

Final Model 3. Main Model Image




[Modular + Mobile] RESURT

3rd Prize, Special Prize

MEMBER Team Work

WORK TIME 2nd weeks


Autocad 2012 Sketch up ver. 8 Atlantis ver. 4


Base Design 3D Modeling Render Panel layout Diagram Final Model layout Schedule & Works Management



[Modular + Mobile]


PROJECT REVIEW 예전부터 지속적으로 아이디어로 나왔던 모듈러 건축에 대한 아이디어를 구체화하는 것에 목적을 두고 시작되었던 공모전이다. 또한 대학원에 들어와 설계를 전공하고 있는 나는 공 학쪽 연구생과 함께 작업을 해본다는 재밌는 경험 또한 공모전을 하게 된 이유였다. 이런 경 험이 모듈러 건축물이 실제로 구축되어지는 프로세스에 대한 스터디 또한 가능하게 하였다. 우리나라의 모듈러 시장은 아직 크지 않다.(철골 보다는 콘크리트가 싼 이유가 크다고 한 다.) 또한 기술력의 부족으로 고층으로 쌓아 올리는 방식의 모듈러 주택은 불가능한 상황이 다. 이런 문제들을 해결할 수 있는 방법을 찾는 것에서 시작해 아이디어를 구체화하였다. 이 프로젝트에서 가장 중요한 이슈는 모듈러 건축 활성화 된다면 건축의 개념은 어떻게 바 뀔수 있을까?이다. 라이프스타일에 따라 모듈러를 이용한 주거는 다양하게 적용될수 있다고 생각했다.하나의 모듈안에 또 다른 모듈로 구성되고 이들의 조합방식에 따라 주거형태는 변 화하게 되고 선택할 수 있게 된다. 또한 부동산의 개념도 바뀔것이다. 모듈러로 만들어진 건축물은 고정되지 않은 구조물이 기 때문에 기존의 건축물과 대지에 대한 소유의 개념과는 다를 것이다. 예를 들면 모듈러 건 축물을 구매하고 이를 설치할 수 있는 구조물을 임대하는 방식이 생길 수 있다. 전세계가 같 은 모듈로 만들어진 건축물과 구조물은 모듈러이용자가 세계를 돌아다니면서 어디든 원하 는 구조물을 임대하여 생활하는 새로운 라이프스타일의 삶이 가능하게 할 것이다. 프로젝트 를 진행하면서 이런 가정들은 작업을 하는 것에 있어 좀더 풍부하고 재미있게 진행 할 수 있 도록 해주었다. 이 프로젝트에서 아쉬웠던 부분은 비워진 공간 또한 모듈러로 바라보는 것에 대한 고민이 다. 거기에 대한 아이디어는 생각했으나 구체적인 설명이 있었다면 공모전 주제에 좀 더 맞 는 결과물이 되지 나오지 않았을까 생각한다.




RE-FORMATION THE RELATIONSHIP Boutique Hotel for Professional Woman Junglim Architecture awards for Student 2012 2011.8 - 2011.9 Team Work Program: Boutique Hotel Location: Garosu gil, Sinsam dong, Gangnam gu, Seoul, Korea Site Area:10200m2 Focus: Unit Compunding, Landmark Jury: Ken Min


Site & Concept Site Selection

Not only these shaped blocks show the settled rules between structures, but also offer an easy route to Garosugil to new visitors. Garosugil became famous with fashion street since about 3 years ago. Before that, galleries were main business in Garosugil, but when IMF stroke the Republic of Korea, it was a origin of whole changes. And it brings Garosugil to this point. So those changes makes us to assume the possibility of how Garosugil will be popular in 5 years after all.

Character Selection

Thir-ties Profassional woman who travels alone

In the numerous occupational cluster, the one who has professional job must be more sensitive at trend and always be awaken at the flow of transition than the freewheeling freelancer. And also women are a capable gender with managing two things - own business and trend - at once then men. Addtionally if we pretend women as a thir-ties gold misses, they will do anything actively not to be overwhelmed at the one who married. In this state, professional thir-ties woman is a main consumer. Altough it is hard to make story clearly with inclusive professional jobs. So we chose three types of jobs to put away fogs from story board by summing up as Creator, Buyer and Seller who can frequent business and fashion easily.

Character Selection

There are several main landscapes in Garosugil, but distance between them is too far. Eventough they have high elevation, there is a limitation with comunicate long distance.


Neverthless challenging endlessly with using waves, interaction can not be activated. there are no changes between using a additional system to comunicate or not.

To solve this problem, we put a additional mass middle of the Garosugil which can be the bridge between them. It will help out to have a conversation easily.

After placing mass, generating waves will help to comunicate the whole street at once. With this formula, whole Garosugil structures can comunicate esier than before.

Time Table(Guest)

Our visitor can be devided to three types. Seller, Buyer and Creator. These three different cases of clients will make a various activity in inner side of hotel and outer also. Three different types of guests will make space more dynamic and fresh then normal type of guests. By the various activity between them, it will cause a straight communication. Furthermore it will presents the possibility of being a extension to enjoying vacation together, business and more.

Time Table(Worker)

In the hotel, there are various jobs to service guests. Between them most important three jobs -that we choseare Chef, Grand Manager and Hotel room Manager. To serve a high quality food, we need a expert chef. To give a comfortable space to rest, we need a careful Hotel room manager. Finally we need a respectable Grand Manager who can make whole staffs in control. By giving them enough break time and making a shift time, we can use labor force efficiently.


Mass Axono & Compound Method Mass Axonometric

Compounding Method Method Type 1.

Method Type 2.

Method Type 3.

External facade is being at frame.

Pocket garden is organized.

Open view is inflow straight in to building.


Rendering Image 1. Perspective View

Rendering Image 1. Birdeye View



Basically vehicle and human circulation are put together in hotel circulation. But by selecting a men’s circulation as main circulation between car and men’s circulation, we avoid mixing of circulation. And also maximize the inflow of humen circulation. In humen circulation, there are guest and staff circulation. To prevent collision between them, we divided circulation from the beginning.


The light garden is placed in third floor plan. The lights from private spa room lightened third floor open space. So it gives a special experience during the period of staying in hotel. And also Three types of guest room is ready for recieve our consumers.



On the second floor, we planned special program. Private spa room and theraphy are main in this floor. Nowadays, by the environment pollution, lots of people are interested in their own health. So we tried to draw in wellbeing program in our hotel. Not only staying guests but also outsider can use this system to care their health well.

4th Floor Plan


Section A - A` Section


B - B` Section


RE-FORMATION THE RELATIONSHIP Boutique Hotel for Professional Woman MEMBER Team Work

WORK TIME 2nd weeks

USED TOOL LIST Autocad 2007 Sketch up ver. 8 Atlantis ver. 3


Retouch Render Presentations layout Diagram Schedule & Works Management



RE-FORMATION THE RELATIONSHIP Boutique Hotel for Professional Woman


PROJECT REVIEW 다양한 사람들이 자신에 맞는 라이프스타일을 추구하기 시작하면서 다양한 라이프 스타일 들을 대상으로 한 호텔이 생겨나는 등 호텔은 거기에 걸맞게 진화되어지고 있다. 부띠끄 호 텔은 이런 변화에 대한 하나의 모습이라 생각된다. 이 프로젝트의 시작은 이런 변화의 흐름 속에서 자신의 라이프 스타일을 추구하는 뷰띠끄 호텔 이용객들에게서 건축적 아이디어를 도 출하여 제안을 해본다는 것이다. 그래서 생각한 방법은 호텔이라는 프로그램과 호텔을 이용하는 대상들이 어떤 행위를 할 것인가에 대한 고민을 통해 타임그래프을 구성하는 것이었다. 타임그래프를 통해 프로그램을 도출하고 이를 건축적 형태로 조합하여 담아내고자 하였다. 이 아이디어는 3개의 다른 의미 의 매스들이 엮이는 방법이나 그것들을 통해 만들어지는 공간을 계획으로 표현하고자 했다. 이 프로젝트에서 아쉬웠던 점은 대상 공모전에 대한 많은 리서치가 부족하여 공모전의 성 격을 제대로 파악하지 못했다는 점이었다. 이런 이유 때문에 처음 프로젝트를 진행하는 것 에 있어 아이디어적인 접근이 중요한지 아니면 현실적인 계획을 할 것인지에 대한 방향을 잡 지 못해 어려움을 겪었다. 하지만 복잡한 조형적 형태를 실제로 요구되는 프로그램들을 담아내기 위해 구체화하는 작 업들이 잘 이루어진 프로젝트라 생각된다. 구체화 과정들에서 코어에 대한 해결, 방의 타입 대한 구체화, 필요한 프로그램의 배치등 많은 고민들의 해결이 필요했다.




ORIGAMI OF DIGITAL CUBE DESIGN Advanced Digital Design 2013.03 - 2013.06 Personal Work Keyword Orgami Analysis Modeling Vocabulary Study making method


Digital Cube Design 1.Basic Module

Made One Module 1 through facing sides of regular dodecahedron having same center. The dots composing the side have its own numbers. When the dot of the standard sides meet the dots of other small side, it is connected with the shift dots not the same number but one point or two point. The dots made the sides produce the folded sides. Connecting point: (1-2,3), (2-3,4), (3-4,5), (4-5,1), (5-1,2) Front View

Top View

Organizing Principle Of Basic Module Basic Module : Regular Created Dodecahedron - Extraction of Points on the Surface - Point Shift - Point Connection - Loft

2.Midium Module

One basic module made by the intersection of the dots are combined according to standards of Regular Dodecahedron 1. Six basic module forms one medium module.

Front View

Organizing Principle Of Midium Module Midium Module : Basic Module * 6 - [Rotate on the Basis of the Regular Dodecahedron1]


Top View

3.Final Module

Final Module is made by 12 medium Module and it is possible according to standards of regular dodecahedron. Beacause Regular Dodecahedron 2 has the character of the surface, Final Module is made according to standards of forms of regular dodecahedron. Front View

Top View

Organizing Principle Of Final Module Final module : Midium Module * 12 [Rotate on the Basis of the Regular Dodecahedron2]

4.Module Combination

The elements composing Final Module is produced through Regular Dodecahedron of all the same size. So, Final Module which is finally made can be combined infinitely by using the formation of Regular Dodecahedron 2.

Front View

Organizing Principle Of Module Combination Organizing Principle : Rotate on the Basis of the regular dodecahedron2 - Final module Combination


Final Model Image




Personer Work

WORK TIME 3rd Months


Autocad 2012 Sketch up ver. 8 Rhino ver. 3_Grasshopper Atlantis ver. 3

Final Module


Basic Module Midium Module




HAN-RIVER W-PAVILLION 2 Wood Pavillion 2011.07 - 2011.08 Team Work Keyword Pixeling Analysis Construction System Modularization Project Schedule Management


Design Process

Coding Phase1

Producing Unvisible surface / manipulating space between faced surface

Coding Phase2

Set hierachy using achromatic colors bright

absolute value


rebuld surface - selected one / convert to datacloud / rescale data point (range 1 to 20)


Encoding Surface

Construction Sequence

Fabricate procedure (standarzation of component)


Construction Diary





HAN-RIVER W-PAVILLION Wood Pavillion 2010.07 - 2010.08 Team Work Keyword Sectioning Analysis Modeling Vocabulary Study Construction System Project Schedule Management


Concept & Publicity

Concept With the object Identity, in other words, the individuation of single materials and showing visual stimulation effect in its surface and shape through the changes of these can be made rather than difectly conveying the characteristics of the properties of the material objects. New sensory experience is possible through the experience of the properties of matter and the effect of the surface by the principle of serialism (seriality)


Publicity and Bodyscape Design logic is needed based on the user’s physical condition, and movement as interaction. The requirements of various perceptions, feelings, emotions, and psychology and the program offering about induced activities are needed.


Model Process


depth and size of point make volume

Design Summary



each plane have prgram. degree and lentgh of plane is parametric elements, so development figure is important

intersected two spaces make new space

Project Strategy

Material Digital design technology Public space


throught horizontal or vertical contour of surface, curves of contour tool are stacked

Final Study Model


- making form (slab. bench. column. canopy)


- making tectonic and form (one side cantilever is different and side makes the wall)


- making structure and realizing state


- connecting part


Construction Process

Phase 1.

supplied material_dimension lumber 2” x 4” (1,800mm, 2,400mm) ACQ _ 2” x 6” (2,800mm)

Phase 3.

Phase 5.

It has assembled enough to carry at least 4 people

Phase 7.

Fragment and Reassemble _ On site

Phase 2.

Remove overloped part, Set layer part - double layer, 15pieces per 1 group

Phase 4.

Cut and assembly

Phase 6.

Maximum transportable set 11 (11/22)

Construction [optimize strategy] 123

Construction Diary






Sang Sang Association Architectural student Steering Committee UF Work Association I Favorite -


SangSang Association 2009 Jarasum Jazz City, JAM Festa Wall Painting Competition


Sang Sang Study Workshop 2010.06


SangSang Association & GongGan Association Collaboration The Romantic Rain Pavillion 2009.06 - 2009.09


Architectural student Steering Committee 2014 Talk Concert First Planning


UF Work Association

U.F Members


I Favorite My Pet_Leopard Tortoise



Interesting Experience

566th School Paper 2013. 09.16 Interview by Journalist Sin Ju Yeon


Architecture Works Schedule 2008 - 2014 2008_Kiosk

2008 One room

2009_ House

2009_ Pavillion1

1st Grade Design Studio Project Team Work

1st Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

2nd Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

Sangsang Association Workshop Team Work

2009_ Posco Competition

2009_ Commercial Building

2009_ Exhibition

2010_ Library

Competition (Winning Prize) Team Work

2nd Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

2nd Grade Design Studio Work Personal Work

3rd Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

2010_ Elementary School

2010_ Pavillion2

2010_Sustainable Building

2010_ Extend a building

3rd Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

Paviilon Summer Workshop Team Work

Competition (Prize None) Team Work

3rd Grade Design Studio Work Personal Work

2010_ Housing Complex

2010_Daegu Biennale



3rd Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

Competition (Grand Prize) Team Work

4th Grade Design Studio Project Personal Work

Paviilon Summer Workshop Team Work


2011_Boutique Hotel

2011_Architecture & Movie

2012_ Graduation Work

2013_ Improvement of Street

Competition (Prize None) Team Work

4th Grade Design Studio Work Personal Work

Graduation Work (3rd Prize) Personal Work

Suwon city Research Project Personal Work

2013_Cube Design

2013_ Koica Competition

2013_ Sustainable Building

2013_ Posco Competition

Advanced Design Studio-1 Personal Work

Competition (Winning Prize) Preiod: 2 day Team Work

Competiton Work (4th Prize) Team Work

Competiton Work (3rd Prize, Special prize) Team Work

2013_ Flagship Store

2013_ Urban Design

2014_ Ajou University Cafeteria

Total 28 Works Personal 15 Works Team 13Works

Advanced Design Studio-2 Personal Work

Urban Design Studio Project Team Work

K-lab Design Project Team Work

Commercial & Office 7 Works Residence 4 Works Cultural Facilities 8 Works Educational Facilities 2 Works Resort & Hotel 1 Work Urban Design 2 Works Pavillion 3 Works Etc. 1 Work

Please look forward to future projects -Choi Jae Won-



If you didn’t live as you thought, you would think pretty much as you do. Thank you


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