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Kanye legacy with an awkward R Kelly chorus and a ‘Disney channel themed I’m really nervous for prom night’ kind of texture. The sonics and production on the album are immaculate and diverse with grimy, beautiful, futuristic and old school sounds throughout the soundscape of the album. There are superb performances by Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and by featured performers such as The Dream, 2 Chainz and Raekwon. However, Cruel Summer really has too many mistakes for a 12 track album with Sin City, Creepers and The One as some examples. If an album is short then it has to be incredible because there is less room for error for instance ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson, ‘Illmatic’ by Nas and ‘Be’ by Common. Standouts: Mercy ft 2 Chainz , Higher ft The Dream, Cocaine 80s and Ma$e, New God Flow ft Ghostface Killah , Clique ft Jay Z, The Morning ft Raekwon and 2 Chainz, I Don’t Like (Remix).

Artiste: G.O.O.D Music Title: Cruel Summer Theme: High End Hip Hop / Experimental Hip Hop/Other Label: G.O.O.D Music/Def Jam Creativity: Originality: Beats: OVERALL: (Too many mistakes) Comments: Cruel Autumn is finally here! Well to make a long story short it’s a brilliantly packaged disappointment. It’s probably the first Kanye West driven project that didn’t consistently uphold the highly praised standard of excellence that he is known and respected for. There are in fact some tracks on the album that are worthy of endearment but the stains on the carpet are way too large to merely shrug off. The first track is below the standards of the


NOVEMBER 2012 | JAE Magazine

Artiste: Five Steez Title: War for Peace Theme: Political Hip Hop/Yard Hop Label: Self-Released Creativity: Originality: Beats: OVERALL:

JAE Magazine - Issue #12 (Nov 2012)  

The 12th issue of JAE Magazine Just About Everyone, Just About Everything

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