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c o n t a c t i n g LOVE MAGAZINE Jonny Lu STUDIO 8, 96 DE BEAUVOIR ROAD, LONDON N1 4EN, UK EMAIL: JSZL@ME.COM TEL: 07894 274 134 IG DESIGN Ignacio Acosta TEL: 07809 154373 USEFUL 69 – 85 Tabernacle Street London, EC2A 4BD TEL: 0207 553 7337 EMAIL: CHATELAINE Louis Fishauf EMAIL:

TEL: 905 726 1597 WEB: VOGUE Jaime Perlman TWITTER: @perlmanator LINKEDIN: GQ Rachel Gogel WEB: FB: gogel SUBURBIA WEB: EMAIL: TEL: 020 7750 2999

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...concentrate on e-magazines. As much as I hate to admit it, ink-on-paper magazine publishing is not an industry I would bet my career on it. Of course there are still opportunities in traditional publishing today, but in ten or fifteen years there may not be. -Louis Fishauf

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