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Visual Funk- Short Presentation

Who we are‌‌ Visual funk is an organization that has a craving for enabling individuals to decipher the creative potential for attaining personal, group and organizational evolvement. We do this by means of corporate disciplining programs, facilitation, creative team building skill, business facsimile, conference events, keynotes. Our company was brought in to the scenario by director Simon Banks in England in 2003. In late 2007, Simon established Visual Frank in Australia.

Our Programs include:

Creative Team building Art team building Indoor team building Outdoor Team building Evening team building Creativity and innovation Interactive conferences Ice breakers Creative facilitation Graphic facilitation Team development

Reasons for choosing us..

We have 10 years of experience in team building in both Europe and Australia.We create a ‘negativity-free’ ambience to gain fruitful team outcomes.We provide comprehensive pre and post program conference.We try to locate what you want to attain and the reason of not achieving it so far.We offer a program that outpace all expectations and that can judge ROI.Furnishing a road graph for continued success.

Special Features

We are the compelling and creative facilitators with knowledge in both the corporate and creative spheres.We have the knowledge of the art of creativity as we practice it and can communicate with and involve your individuals.We are steadily working with customers to design new team building and team development activities that are outside of the pattern.

Contact us‌

Email id:-


1300 227 215614 , 15643182

Team Building Activities That Can Build Confidence  
Team Building Activities That Can Build Confidence  

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