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Sailor’s Solutions

Innovative and Excellent Marine Products Order online 24/7 • LED TriAnchor and Bi-Color Bow Light, LED Spreader and Running Lights Waterproof, energy efficient and USCG approved. See pages 3 & 4

Waterproof Wire Connectors

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The Brightest LED Light Bulb Replacement NOW 35% Brighter! See page 3

New triple layer technogy! See page 9

SCAD™ Tank Monitors with External Tank Sensors

Sensor installs easily on the outside of your plastic or fiberglass tank. Don’t be surprised by a full holding tank!! See page 7

SHHH! Quiet your noisy diesel with SPM™ Engine Compartment Sound-Proofing Peel & Stick Tiles Up to 90% diesel noise reduction. You’re going to love the quiet motoring! See page 5

Hookknife™ Be Free Again!

Slices through fouled lines like butter! See page 10 • (631) 754-1945 Toll Free (888) 884-7245

Sensibulb™ LED Classic Style Fixtures Feature Built-in Dimmers!!



Set the level of light as you wish. From full brightness down to a romantic glow. Just tune the little control knob on the fixture! Now that’s luxury!

Classic 5-1/2” Navigation Station Dome Light with one Red and one Soft White Sensibulb™

Adjustable brightness with built in mini-dimmer controls both Red and White Sensibulbs™.

SBNAVTT Titantuff™ Gold SBNAVSS Stainless Steel Your choice: $139.00

Classic 5-1/2” Navigation Station Dome Light with Soft White Sensibulbs SBDBLW01 Titantuff™ Gold SBDBLW02 Stainless Steel Your choice: $109.95

YOur Choice $189.00 senwp01 Wall Lamp 10 1/2 “ tall

senwp02 Pantry Lamp SENWP03 Trawler Lamp

Flexible Neck Sensibulb™ Berth/Chart Light

SBFB01 • $129.00

Sensibulb™ Swivel Berth/ Reading Light

Same features as Chart light above. Overall Height 5” Base Diameter 3 5/8”. Shade Diameter 3”.

SBSB01 • $109.00

Sensibulb™ Opal Swivel Berth Light

This is an excellent berth lamp made of high impact polymer. On/Off Switch; No Dimmer; Shade Diameter 2.5” with Frosted Lens Overall Height 4”. Made in Sweden. Available in Chrome, Gold or White.


They look great and eliminate the hassle and safety issues of using oil. Dim them down for ambiance!

10 1/2 “ tall

Features a 9” brass neck and white reflective coating inside the shade. Unit comes with your choice of Soft White or Red Sensibulb™. Adjustable brightness with built in mini-controller dims and remembers your last brightness setting. Length approx. 15”, Base Diameter 3 5/8” Shade Diameter 3”

SBSB02 • $59.95

Weems and Plath Oil Lamps Retrofited Trawler with a Sensibulb LED and Dimmer!

12 1/2 “ tall

Coming Soon! Spring ’10

Made in USA

NEW! Doubloon™ Compact Low Profile Overhead Cabin Light.

Sensibulb™ the highest output LED cabin light bulb technology is now available in a new compact overhead fixture, the Doubloon ™! Equivalent to 25 Watts of soft white halogen light, the new Doubloon™ is feature packed with more lumens than ever before in a broad focus overhead light! • Built in non-mechanical touch switch • Red / White in same compact unit •T  ouch dimmer – just rub your finger on the fixture to dim or brighten. works in both Red or White mode • Internal logic links on/off/dim/Red/White functions to any or all Doubloons onboard. You set the changeable program •U  ses 20% of the energy of a halogen without the heat Available in Gold, Silver or White.

Call or check our website for pricing and details SDB01

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The Brightest LED Marine Cabin Light Bulb Replacement Technology • Now brighter than a halogen bulb – without the heat! • Uses only 20% the battery power of a standard light bulb • No radio interference • Comfortable Soft White hue • Broad 120˚ focus for overhead, dome and reading lights • Low glare, no UV, perfect for reading • 50,000-hour life expectancy • Works with most 12V dimmers or install our mini-dimmer • 12VDC & 24VDC operation

Thermal Design Assisted by


Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program Made in USA

If you are dissatisfied with the quality and brightness of LED cabin lighting you owe it to yourself to try a Sensibulb™. This accolade-winning design is now brighter than ever for 2010. It’s a full 35% brighter, This puts the Sensibulb in a class by itself. The Sensibulb uses the latest LED Technology from the USA and Japan to produce a light output and energy efficiency unparalleled by any other product on the market. Manufactured in the USA by SCADtech™ (using domestic and foreign parts) the Sensibulb is a simple plug-in unit that when installed will bring your boat into the wonderful world of environmentally efficient lighting without compromise. In fact, evenings on board will be a lot more comfortable with the brightness and warm hue of the Sensibulb. Sensibulbs fit into your existing fixtures and mount inside overhead lights and reading lights as easily as changing a light bulb. The broad focus of this warm white light will be a pleasure for years to come.

If you can change a light bulb you can install a Sensibulb™! So, take the Sensibulb Challenge. Try one; if you are not totally pleased with its brightness, color and energy efficiency, return it for a full refund including shipping charges!

$39.95 each SEN10W Soft White Sensibulb™ SEN10R Red Sensibulb™

For installation details visit

Sensibulb™ Options: Mini dimmer SENCK • $22.95 Bayonet socket adapters SENBA • $2.59 each Specify one or two contact

NEW! LED Waterproof Mini Courtesy Light

Great for cockpit and other outdoor locations Easy to install in cockpit or other weather locations.

NEW! LED Warm White Florescent Fixture Replacement

Replace your florescent fixtures with this trim and bright LED system. Very nicely made. Attractive aluminum base with light spreading polymer lens. Great for under cabinet or other narrow locations. Lots of warm white light! Specs: Dimensions: L x W x H: 18.219” x 1” x 0.765” Output: 400 Lumens Voltage: 12 – 16 VDC Current Draw: 1 Amp Note: does not include switch

LEDFR01 • $94.95 each

Sealed unit designed to fit in the smallest spaces. Rugged design for marine applications Easy to install, just drill a ¾” hole 3 SMD LEDs enclosed in a sealed acrylic housing with rubber mounting grommet 12 – 16 V DC Current Draw 0.05 Amps Diameter: 0.66” Surface depth: 0.23” Internal Depth: 0.72”

LEDC01 • $12.99

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LED Tri/Anchor Navigation and Anchor Lights Energy efficient and USCG approved for boats up to 65’!!

• Extremely bright Luxeon LED technology means only three high-power LED’s are used in either mode. • Built in logic circuit switches from Tri-color to Anchor mode using your existing Anchor light wiring. • Low battery drain - 0.5 Amp power draw at 12 VDC! • Patent pending controller keeps Luxeon LED’s maximum brightness down to 8 VDC. • 50,000 hour LED life expectancy • Compact Size: 2 5/8” high x 2 5/8” diameter. Includes mounting bracket • Rugged construction: Waterproof sealed black anodized Aluminum housing with polycarbonate lenses designed to last for many years • Stainless Steel mounting inserts eliminates mounting screw electrolysis Made in USA • Five-Year Warranty!

LEDNAV01 without daylight sensor • $341.00 LEDNAV02 with daylight sensor • $341.00 LEDNAV04 with daylight sensor & strobe • $351.00 LEDNAV05 A nchor light only with daylight sensor • $179.95 2-Wire Switch for LED Masthead TriColor Navigation / Anchor Light

Allows you to switch between TriColor and Anchor functions without having to rewire the mast. Note: Masts wired with three lead wires do not need this switch.

LEDNAVSW1 • $22.95

3-wire Optional Selector Switch for TriAnchor Light with Strobe


The ultra bright pocket light! The Crew-Light™ is Made in USA the only flashlight designed specifically as a personal high quality lighting system for the serious sailor. Patented tri-LED system stays lit for 150 hours! Hands-Free • It’s a floodlight, not a spotlight • Easily fits in your pocket •W  aterproof to 500 feet • Rugged ABS construction

Headband CLO2 • $5.95

CLO1 • $19.95 each

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape 2 inch wide with marine-grade adhesive SOLD BY THE FOOT

RT001 • $1.79 / foot

Glow Tape! 3M™ Luminous Film 6900 When finding your way is essential!

The ideal solution for directional indicators. Pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Superior initial and retained luminosity. Three times brighter and twice the retained luminosity of typical luminous films. 1-inch wide. Meets and exceeds ASTM 2072 and IMO A.752. SOLD BY THE FOOT

GLW01 • $1.49 / foot

For use with LEDNAV04 TriAnchor lights. Function switch rotates between “Tri-color”, “Anchor”, “Strobe” and “off” functions

LEDNAVSW2 • $29.95

LED Port, Starboard and Stern Running Lights Low power, long life, waterproof & USCG approved!

• 50,000 hour lifetime • Rugged waterproof housing • Meets USCG regulation • Wide operating voltage range 6 -24V • Immune to shock, vibration and harsh marine environment • Measures 3.3 x 2.75 x 0.75”

$149.00 each LEDNAV06 Port (Red) LEDNAV07 Starboard (Green) LEDNAV08 Stern (White)


SmartLock Outboard Motor Lock “A good lock is cheap insurance” Practical Sailor recommended

Keep your engine safe from thieves! Fits outboard engines up to 35/40 HP (with clamp screws) Completely made of solid thick walled stainless steel. Includes Key Code Card should you lose your keys. 5 year warranty on the mechanism of the cylinder. Easy installation - no tools required.

LOCK01 • $79.95

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SPM Engine Compartment Sound-Proofing Peel & Stick Tiles Sailor’s Solutions Exclusive! Don’t put up with that noise any longer! Easy to install too!

The iron wind is an unpleasant necessity for most sailors. Aside from the fact that you are not actually sailing, you are accosted by the shear brutality of that noisy monster below. That loved and hated device that is driving you forward needs to quiet down for everyone’s sake. After all, some of us need our rest! Think of how pleasant cruising would be if you didn’t have to listen to your diesel hammering away in your engine compartment. Why put up with it? That was our thought when we first took on this project. We searched for the best sound dampening foam currently being used in engine compartments in the trucking industry. A modern truck’s cab is quiet and comfortable. That’s kind of amazing considering there is a 500+ horsepower monster on the other side of the bulkhead. Basic acoustical engineering and good polymer chemistry solved the problems. Why not solve the noise problem in my beloved sailboat? Here’s what we came up with. You won’t believe your ears! Sailor’s Solutions took this high tech acoustical product from “under the hood” and added a rugged easy to clean surface on one side and a very aggressive “peel and stick” adhesive on the other side. We then die cut it into one-foot squares for ease of installation in tight spaces.

Made in USA SPECIFICATIONS: • Up to 90% diesel engine noise reduction • One-foot by one-foot tiles • 1 1/8” thick sound dampening foam with hard polymer sound disrupting surface • Peel & Stick System • Flexible around curves down to a 3” radius • Hard, durable, high temperature silver surface Don’t just take our word for what a great product this is. Here’s what some of our customers have to say: The tiles have been installed, they are great! Thank you for such a great product!! Sincere regards, B. C., WI P.S. So easy to install!! My friends said that it sounds like the engine is on another boat! I love it! What a nice improvement. I’m going to recommend SPM to all my cruising friends. - PC., DE Wow, that’s quiet!! - and I only did the part inside the cabin.- JT., FL This is my second order, Great Product!-D.M., PA

SPM01 Sample tile sent to you by Priority Mail • $11.99 Great product. It sounds like a new boat! -R. T., FL SPM06 6-Pack, Panel blocker kit • $54.99 SPM12 12-Pack, Small engine compartment • $104.99 SPM18 18-Pack, Small - Medium engine compartment • $149.99 SPM24 24-pack, Medium - Large engine compartment • $179.99 SPM40 40-pack, Large engine compartment • $299.99 SPM48 48-pack, Extra Large engine compartment • $349.99 Note: Each tile is exactly one square foot. Calculate your needs based on the nearest size kit. You can always add an odd number of tiles later for the same per tile cost. Just email us or give us a call and tell us how many more you need.

Tri-Lens™ Radar Reflector.

Made in USA

Rated #1 by Practical Sailor! Introductory Offer - Free Crew Light™ with each Tri-Lens™!

Now defense industry technology has been brought affordably to the pleasure boating industry to provide you with consistent coverage. Luneberg lenses have been used by the Navy, Army and Air Force for years as radar reflectors. The Tri-Lens Reflector uses this technology to bring a far superior reflector to the market. The Tri-Lens Reflector is technically the most advanced passive system available. Practical Sailor Magazine August 15, 2001 issue states “The Tri-Lens easily out performs other radar reflectors” and says, “If you are in the market for a radar reflector we recommend buying the Tri-Lens Radar Reflector”.

Your Choice: RR01 • 8” x 8” x 4” - 2.2 lbs. For smaller boats • $134.95 RR02 • 12” x 12” x 6” - 5.5 lbs. For Cruisers 30’+ • $194.95 RR03 • 16” x 16” x 8” - 12 lbs. For yachts, power boats fishing vessels 45’+ • $489.95

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BatteryMINDer OnBoard Desulphators With Battery and Charging System Indicator 12-V & 24-V Keep your batteries plates clean & fresh. Works automatically each time you charge!

The BatteryMinder is a easy-to install device that connects directly to your battery or battery bank. One BatteryMinder can handle all the batteries onboard. It automatically sends out high frequency spikes at random frequencies up to 35 Amps in amplitude which effectively knocks the sufanation off of your batteries’ plates and dissolves it back into the electrolyte. A clean battery holds more amp hours and charges deeper. BatteryMINDer utilizes a patented technology to produce a wide range of high frequency pulses known as RFP ™ (Random Frequency Pulsation) designed to dissolve both old long-established, and newly formed sulphate*.

DSUL01 • $69.95 *Sulphate is considered to be the single most important cause of shortened battery life and performance. – Battery Council International, January ’98

12 Volt DC Battery Monitoring System for 2 Banks

In-line monitoring of your boat’s 12V energy system!

Very accurate 2-battery bank voltage measurements independent charge and discharge current measurements with optional dual 200 AMP accessory kit. (see SWK-225) This is a feature unique to the Microlog!

BatteryMINDer Solar Charger Controller and Desulphator All in one!

Cleans your battery plates while you’re solar charging. Don’t just charge your batteries… Condition them! 12 Volt 15 Amp - Charger-Maintainer-Conditioner (Desulphator) The BatteryMinder Solar Controller can be used with any make, model, or size solar panels rated up to 180 watts output. Note: Panel not included

DSUL02 • $99.95

BatteryMINDer Solar Charger Controller and Desulphator All-in-One for 12-Volt systems Complete with 15 Watt Solar Panel!

Everything you need for keeping your batteries fresh and charged during Winter storage or out at the mooring. This complete kit includes 15 Watt solar panel and solar Batteryminder® desulfator-controller.

DSUL03 • $ 199.95

NEW! Engine Checkup Diagnostic Test Kit

A simple and quick way to test your engine’s health.

DMM1B • $269.95 If you want the simplicity of Volts and Amps only, and low cost, then the Microlog is the choice - Practical Sailor 4/15/04

A drop of oil from your dip stick gives you four important parameters: Sediment, Oil condition, Water in oil, Fuel in oil. Kit contains six test patches and instructions and laminated diagnostic comparison chart

Includes Dual-200 Amp Shunts, 25’ marine grade wiring and connectors.

Digital Multimeter

“The Dual shunts were unique in the group tested to measure Amps in two separate batteries or banks. This is a very attractive feature” - Practical Sailor

EC01 • $19.95

Handy and rugged!

This is the best small multimeter we’ve ever seen. Includes all the basics, Volts, Ohms, Amps, Continuity, etc. with an easy to read screen.

MTR01 • $14.95 6

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Solo Holding Tank Level Monitor with Fill Gauge Panel and Tank Sensor. Don’t be surprised by a full holding tank!! Sensor installs easily on the outside of your tank.

The Profile Solo tank monitor atMade in USA taches its sensor to the outside of your plastic or composite holding tank. It’s a foil tape that connects to the neat looking 2”x 3.5” Solo display panel. Locate this nice looking little display panel anywhere. (Over the toilet in the head is our suggestion) You will now know at a glance your holding tank’s level of fill. Now that you’re installed, this unit automatically checks the tank level every couple of hours and alerts you with it’s red “Full” LED or just press the “Read” button to see the level of fill. Uses .001 Amps when your batteries are switched on and 0.00 Amps when your batteries are off. We also have a sensor that fits inside a metal tank. This is a clog-proof floatless sensor that is simply cut to length to adapt to various size tanks. Our tank monitor is also compatible with nearly all sensor types available on the market today making it easy to retrofit into an existing tank system or to install new. This display panel also features an optional tank full light which can serve as a “Do Not Flush” light when installed in your bathroom.

Vacuum Gauge with Drag Pointer

Remembers your maximum vacuum reading

A vacuum gauge is an important engine instrument for monitoring the health of your Racor® or other in-line fuel filter. Unfortunately, you have to stick your head into the engine compartment to get a true reading while underway. Since most of us don’t enjoy that particular exercise, fuel filters are not typically monitored. This Drag Pointer works the same way an anemometer drag pointer does, showing the highest reading and staying there until it is reset manually. The next time you check your engine you can easily see the maximum vacuum value reached during your last run. This high-quality, fluid filled gauge will last for many years and pay for itself in peace of mind. Fits standard NPT fittings found on fuel filter housings.

VG01 Drag Pointer Gauge • $69.95 VG01KT Includes Gauge and VG02 Adapter • $89.95 Specify bottom mount or back mount

Vacuum gauge adapter for Racor® Turbine Series filters with “T” handles

Used in place of the “T” handle.

VG02 • $27.49

Vacuum Alarm Switch

For Diesel Fuel System Monitoring - it’s adjustable! Simple to install fuel system alarm sensor tells you when your filter needs changing.

TM01 • $149.95

Profile 1-8-Tank Monitor Panel

Monitor up to eight tanks – water, waste or fuel!

Profile 1-8-Tank Monitor Panel Monitors your choice of water, waste and fuel tanks The Profile 1-8 tank monitor is the big sister to the Solo single tank monitor. It uses the same sensors as the Solo and allows you to install sensors on all of your onboard tanks. Start off with just the panel and your holding tank then add your water tanks once you see how easy it is to do. Made in USA

TM02 • $289.95

Sensors sold separately:

TM03 external, or TM04 internal are $35.95 each. Fuel sensors are measured to your tank, call us.

Ready to install on existing spare output female NPT connection on your primary fuel filter. Connect the electrical wires to your engine alarm or separate buzzer or indicator light. If you don’t have an additional output female 1/4” NPT this unit will install inline with a “T” plumbing adapter. It’s simple!

VS01 • $49.95

LVA Programmable Low Voltage Monitor with Alert and Relay

When your house bank runs low a mutable alarm sounds and a relay will shut off your fridge or other device. A great feature if your dock power cuts out. Compact and easy to install! LVA01 • $79.95 Made in USA

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New! SensiStat™ Energy-Saving Refrigerator Thermostat AC Distribution Panel with 60 Amp main breaker

Durable, good looking and easy to install! Now you can run your fridge and charger at the same time!

 mall physical format installs easily. Ideal for boats S adding AC for the first time or refitting their AC power system. LED Indicators for Power and Reverse Polarity. Main breaker is two 30 Amp breakers linked together. Three output breakers with label kit including two 15 Amp and an additional third breaker 15 Amp or 30 Amp, your choice.

ACP01 • $159.95

Onboard 12V Shut-off Timer

Automatically shuts off your propane switch for safety sake, resets automatically the next time you use the stove.

Connect timer to your propane power switch as shown in our diagram. Pre-set your average cooking time (up to one hour). No Made in USA additional buttons, switches or changes on the outside of the panel are needed. Many more onboard uses!. Leave the lights on when you leave or build your own burglar alarm. Wiring diagrams included.

EK01 • $24.95

LPG Safe Store for Propane Don’t run out of cooking gas!

Holds two 16.4 ounce spare propane canisters for barbeque & galley. Keep a spare or two safely on deck.

LPG01 • $59.95 Made in USA


Go Green! Upgrade your refrigerator with a SensiStat. It’s an easy upgrade that will take you from the old days of wasted fuel and energy to dramatically tweaking the efficiency of your refrigerator. SensiStat™ digitally displays and monitors the temperature of your box and plates separately and knows when to run the fridge. SensiStat will automatically freeze down your plates when you run your engine and shut itself off when the batteries are low. Don’t waste valuable fuel and energy. Go green with the SensiStat™. Specifications: Made in USA • 12/24 V DC •D  ual temperature sensors; holding plate temp; box temp • Display accurate within 1/10 deg. F • Automatic Features: Charging sensor (programmable), over voltage protection, compressor protection, manual override, enable/disable, and more!

SSTAT01 • $298.95

Before-dark & dangerous

AFTEROne touch lights up the night!

Wireless 12 Volt DC Remote Switch

Use the same technology that unlocks your car door to turn your deck lights on before you board from up to 75 yards away — Makes boarding easier and safer!

• Connects directly to the panel switch of the device that you wish to operate. Easy Installation! • Does not interfere with normal use of panel switch • Comes with its own in-line fuse (15 Amp) • Installs in minutes! • Two wireless keychain units with batteries included • Will switch 12 V DC devices that draw up to 15 Amps • Input 12 VDC Output 12 VDC • Digital ID insures no interference with neighbors or other functions • Receiver does not require batteries. It powers directly from ships bank • Receiver draws 0.005 Amps in standby and 0.050 Amps “on” • Two-year warranty.

WRS01 • $44.95

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Waterproof triple layer technology forms the best watertight seal!

Sailors Solutions Waterproof Wire Crimp Connectors

This waterproof wire terminal is designed to perform in the harshest environments. A triple layer of protection around a 99.9% copper connector provides the industry’s most rugged and environmentally secure design: color coded nylon insulation provides excellent puncture resistance; the adhesive lining blocks out water and adds superior tensile strength and strain relief, while the outer layer of clear polyolefin shrinks down around the wire sheathing to allow a complete environmental and abrasion resistant seal.

T hree Protective Insulating Layers: Made in USA 1. Nylon inner layer adds mechanical strength and impact resistance. 2. Aggressive proprietary adhesive seals out moisture and provides strain relief. 3. Outer layer of clear polyolefin shrink tubing offers excellent abrasion resistance with high visibility for inspection of the connection Sold in Packs of 12 12-10 Gauge • $10.95 WP005.... Butt Splice WP006.... Female Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP007.... Male Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP008.... Fork #6 Stud WP009.... Fork #8 Stud WP010.... Fork #10 Stud WP011.... Ring #6 Stud WP012.... Ring #8 Stud WP013.... Ring #10 Stud WP014.... Ring 1/4” Stud WP015.... Ring 5/16” Stud WP016.... Ring 3/8” Stud WP017.... Ring 1/2” Stud

16-14 Gauge • $9.95 WP018.... Butt Splice WP019.... Female Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP020.... Male Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP021.... Fork #6 Stud WP022.... Fork #8 Stud WP023.... Fork #10 Stud WP024.... Ring #6 Stud WP025.... Ring #8 Stud WP026.... Ring #10 Stud WP027.... Ring 1/4” Stud WP028.... Ring 5/16” Stud WP029.... Ring 3/8” Stud

Full -size adjustable jaws. A professional tool that will save you lots of time!

Full Size Professional Cutter/ Stripper

22-18 Gauge • $9.95 WP030.... Butt Splice WP031.... Female Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP032.... Male Quick Disc. .250” Tab WP033.... Fork #6 Stud WP034.... Fork #8 Stud WP035.... Fork #10 Stud WP036.... Ring #6 Stud WP037.... Ring #8 Stud WP038.... Ring #10 Stud WP039.... Ring 1/4” Stud WP040.... Ring 5/16” Stud WP041.... Ring 3/8” Stud

Berkshire Marine-grade cable sold by the foot at our Boat Builders prices! Made by one of New England’s finest wire manufacturers

Made in USA

Marine-Grade Primary Wire (1-conductor) W10-1 .10 Gauge.....$0.89 foot This is a partial list - Call or visit W12-1 .12 Gauge.....$0.79 foot website for more wire products W14-1 .14 Gauge.....$0.49 foot and pricing W16-1 .16 Gauge.....$0.29 foot

Self adjusting wire stripper for all your electrical jobs.

This is a professional quality tool for a great price. If you would like to work as fast as a professional this is your tool. • Strips wire from 10 – 26 AGW • Cuts wire from 10 – 22 AGW

TCS02 • $19.95

Turbo Lite Mini Torch

Perfect small heat source for heat shrink connectors. Butane refillable, Waterproof / Windproof Ignition System, adjustable flame.

WP043 • $14.95

22-10 Gauge Crimping Tool

Make a perfect crimp everytime. Specifically designed and manufactured for waterpoof heat shrink terminals and splices.

WP042 • $39.95

2-in-1 Wire Cutter/Stripper

Use wherever a compact tool is needed.

This compact unit is fast and accurate. Perfect for the ditty bag! Cutting capacity 16 AWG Copper Wire, strips 26 to 16 AWG.

TCS01 • $9.95

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The Hooknife

Easily snags entangled lines and slices them like butter. You’re free again with a quick pull or two.

Autoloader Automatic Loading Multi-bit Screw Driver

The world’s best automatic loading multi-bit screwdriver!

Works like a pump gun! Loads and chambers a bit from its magazine/ handle. You never touch the bit! Compact narrow profile & professional quality.

FT01 • $19.95

The HOOKNIFE is a specially designed tool that enables the user to reach under the boat with a one-handed motion. In most cases, there is NO NEED TO GO UNDER THE BOAT and endanger yourself. You may not even have to get in the water if your dingy is handy. This tool may save your life!! The Hooknife comes with a standard 13” interchangeable snap-on SS handle, lanyard and storage case.

CH01• $69.95

Select-a-Bit 4-in-1 Multi Socket The 4 most common US sizes; 1/4”, 5/16”; 3/8”; 7/16”. Perfect for hose clamps and quick repairs.

TSB01 • $9.95

Perfect Pole Telescopic Handle for Hooknife

Rated #1 by Powerboat Report!

Perfect Pole Telescopic Handle for Hooknife Rated #1 by Powerboat Reports! Extends 3’ to 6’ with two stops in between. Made of aircraft-grade heat-treated anodized aluminum. Patented no-look tracking system for foolproof adjustments. Teardrop design makes Perfect Pole up to 67% stronger than other telescoping handles.

SBT01 • $29.95

KeyWiz Universal Deck Key

Opens fuel & water deck caps effortlessly and it floats!

Stainless Steel Screwdriver set From the #1 German hand tool manufacturer.

The six common sizes of Phillips and slotted screw driver in a handy rack. These are the best screwdrivers you will ever own!

SS01 • $47.90 10

KeyWiz™ is a patented tool made of space age polymer and stainless steel pins to prevent corrosion. Adjusts to all common sizes of deck caps with a push of the thumb. KeyWiz™ has a great ergonomic grip but when the deck cap just won’t budge you can snap your standard 3/8 drive ratchet into it’s socket and break free the most stubborn of Deck caps.

KEYWZ • $19.95

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Boye Cobalt Crystal Knifes The best damn boating knife we’ve ever seen! Handmade by legendary knifemaker Made in USA David Boye.

Keep the amazing cutting power of Cobalt clipped to your pocket! This knife is a thing of beauty, individually handmade and expertly ground to an edge thickness of 0.010” – it’s graceful and powerful. • Cobalt Crystal blade – Revolutionary blade metallurgy: Extreme cutting and edge-holding capability - it stays sharp longer and sharpens easily with just a few swipes. • Ergonomically designed: Boye Knives has been handcrafting knives for 30 years. - They are so well balanced and quick to deploy. What a pleasure! • Feather light: At 2.2 ounces you won’t feel it in your pocket. Reach and click! • No rust: Unlike stainless steel this unique cobalt chrome alloy will never rust at sea and is non-magnetic. • Titanium marlin spike • Titanium pocket clip • Available in Black or Safety Yellow • Handmade in USA

BK02 – Pointed Rescue blade - $149.95 BK03 – Sheepsfoot Safety Blade – $149.95

Made in USA

One-Touch Winch Handles by Dax

Once you use one of these you’ll never go back to a standard handle again. It’s amazing! The handle of your old “square-plate” locking style is prone to jamming, usually at the most inopportune times. One-touch handles have removed the square plate and works effortlessly every time! So, treat yourself and improve your sailing experience with this excellent piece of equipment.

Available in two models: Item WH02 • Palm Grip handle • $84.95

Large Orange Palm Grip. Designed for fast trimming with two hands or on boat with higher sail loads. –

Item WH03 • Standard Grip handle • $74.95

Same great OneTouch handle, but without large orange Palm top. This is a great handle for general cruising, and racing

Color Heat Shrink Tubing Kit 154 Pieces in tough plastic case

Have the right piece of heat shrinkable tubing when you need it. Unbreakable clear plastic box with dividers contains 4 inch lengths of 6 different diameters: 1/16” - 56 pcs 3/32” - 35 pcs 1/8” - 28 pcs 3/16” - 18 pcs 1/4” - 9 pcs 3/8” - 8 pcs ASSORTED COLORS: black, red, clear, yellow, green, blue, white.

HS01 • $11.95

Winch Handle Holder Keep your winch handles where you can find them!

Made of nicely polished 316 stainless steel designed to work with all major brands of winch handles. They will lock into place securely.

WH01 • $24.95

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X16™ Plastic Window Polish

Inspired by the F16 fighter jet canopy polish.

Birds-off™ Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent

Great for mastheads, radar domes & other trouble spots too!

The Birds-off has been designed to protect the masthead, radar dome or other trouble spots from our feathered friends. There’s simply no place to land safely with these stainless steel quills in the way. Installs in minutes, all hardware is provided. Made in USA

Don’t use ineffective coarse cleaners or waxes on your valuable clear plastic surfaces. Clean, polish and protect your hatches, ports, and flexible transparent windows with the right stuff! New fast dry formula has non-stick (PTFE) and UV blockers that protect and make your windows clean up fast and stay clear longer. Don’t forget the instrument panels, Nav.& Helm Instruments too! They’ll clean up fast and look great! Also contains a special fine abrasive for removal of minor scratches in plastics. 16 oz. bottle.

CHM01 • $11.95 Made in USA

MHS01 $19.95

Made in USA

Little Monster™ Neodymium Retrieval Magnet

The strongest compact magnet we’ve ever seen! Made in USA

It’s the size of a quarter (1 1/8” x 0.045”) and has a handy ring attached to a chrome-plated backing. The Little Monster™ picks up an amazing 30 pounds on a direct pull. Pull up those vise grips, monkey wrench, car keys, etc. from the briny deep or bilge.

LM01 $9.95 + S&H

Snap Tool for Canvas Snaps Save your fingers!

Gives you the grip and leverage you need to make the job a snap, so stop using foul language!!! The long blade is used to lever open a snap or close a snap from a difficult angle. Instead of pulling down with your finger tips, the short blade give you the grip you need to stretch that shrunken cover and snap the snap.

SNP02 • $19.95 12

Ultra Tef-Gel Anti-Seize Lubricant

For fastening stainless screws to aluminum

Non-lanolin 100% synthetic formula US Navy spec.

TG01 • $12.95 “This stuff works, I’ve got whisker pole mount, radar mount, deck light, and light shroud all screwed or riveted to the mast with this stuff in the threads or between the steel rivets and the aluminum mast and after 4 years, there is no sign of galvanic corrosion in threads or otherwise. It is good stuff.” – Cap’n Bruce

Enviro-Bond Oil-Absorbing Bilge Sock

Made in USA

Absorbs and solidifies oil, gas and diesel without absorbing water. No special handling or disposal needed. Throw out with regular trash. Reduce smells from bilge oil, gas and diesel by 80% in 5 minutes. Chosen by state agencies from New England to Florida for use in Clean Marina and Clean Boater Programs. Separates bilge oil from water. Be kind, don’t pump oil into our waterways!

ENVB • $15.95

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Self-Fusing Rigger’s Tape

This amazing tape stretches to 3-times its length and melts to itself without adhesives. Lasts for years. Best rigging tape we’ve ever seen! Your choice of White, Red, Green or Black.

RT02 • $7.99 per roll Buy 4 rolls for only $26.97

Made in USA

AutotetherTM Wireless Man-Overboard System

Instantly activates a piercing alarm should you or your crew fall overboard.

Velcro® Brand Marine Grade Hook and Loop

Solve onboard mounting problems fast!

A little goes a long way! Waterproof adhesive back. Sold by the foot in either black or white.

VLC01 1-inch-wide • $2.99 / foot VLC02 2-inch-wide • $4.99 / foot Specify white or black

Block™ Multipurpose

The Autotether™ is a wireless lanyard MOB system that requires no tools or wiring. Simply wear your Sensor and a loud (105 Db alarm will sound should you go overboard. The Autotether works on a radio signal principal that is not effected by rain, splashes or partial submersion. It sounds the MOB alarm when a sensor moves out of range. Yes, this is an effective dingy alarm and a pet alarm as well. AUTET1 • $295.00 A  utotether master unit complete with two sensors AUTET2 • $ 69.00 A  dditional sensor including belt clip and Velcro mounting strap

Thread Sealant seals better than Teflon® tape!

All-purpose, tough, pliable seal for joints, valves, flanges, and gaskets - puts joints into service in minutes. Sets up quickly and dries to form a very tough yet flexible seal which will not harden, crack, crumble or shrink. Seals tight on all new and old or worn fittings. 4 fl.oz.

BB01 • $5.95

Fall Preventer Poly-Brush® by Jen Combo Pack 4 1-inch, 3 2-inch and 2 3-inch)

Recommended by BoatWorks Magazine for brightwork & Ultimate Sole Products The best disposable foam brush on the market. Visit our website or call us for other sizes and prices.

BRSH07 • $3.99

Made in USA Life is precious! Don’t go aloft without a Fall Preventer

When attached to a fixed halyard (up to 1/2” diameter) with the screw-lock carabiner fastened to the D Rings of a harness and Bosun’s chair, Fall Preventer provides a complete and continuous safeguard against falling throughout the ascent and descent of a sailboat’s mast. Features: • NO SECOND PERSON is needed to belay a safety line. • In use, Fall Preventer slides easily upwards, but, with even the slightest downward pressure, WILL NOT MOVE unless deliberately released by raising the cam. • Can be used equally well with mast steps or with a Bosun’s chair.

SB01 • $84.95

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FenderStep™ Combination Fender and Step Makes getting on board easy and safe!

Boarding a boat with high topsides from a dingy, launch or dock can be difficult and even dangerous. The FenderStep™ makes it safe and easy to get on the boat! Simply tie two lines from your FenderStep™ to the bottoms of two stanchions and you’re rigged and ready to go! Leave the FenderStep™ in place for next time. Just flip it up on deck when not in use and swing it down when you approach with the dink. Getting on board has never been easier or safer!! FenderStep™ is rugged like a fender and is made of inflated PVC construction with a rigid step. Its 16” step is solid and wide enough for everyone to climb onboard without a fuss. Features: • Will not damage topsides and can be used as a traditional fender • Can be used as one or with multiple units to create a short “ladder” • Available in White or Blue.

STP01 • $59.95


Keep your power cords and hoses neat & tangle free. Great for cruising and extremely handy for boatyard work!

Take that tangled mess of power cord or drinking water hose and load it into a Cordpro®. Now you’ve got a compact easy to deploy system! The unit we are selling here is the XL larger model which comes with a rugged carry handle. It is designed to easily fit: • Up to a 50-foot; 30 Amp Power cord • 100-foot; 16 gauge extension cord • 50-foot; 1/2” drinking water hose

CPR01 • $29.95 14

The Sailboat Hammock Makes A Perfect Gift!

Coolnet Sailboat Hammock Unique 3-point design sets up fast and stores easily.

If you want a really nice place to lounge or sit, you need this hammock! Easy to rig in a few minutes. Cool and airy, beautiful classic design can be used on the bow or abeam (as shown). Ash wood stretchers keep their shape. Coolnets are individually braided and woven with UV, mildew, and rot-resistant soft-spun polyester rope in traditional white. Stores in compact fabric sack. Made in USA. Two Year Warranty (free repair or replacement for defect). Dimensions: Head stretcher width - 44 inches, Foot stretcher width - 22 inches Overall length - 8 feet. Weight capacity 350 lbs, – strong enough for two love birds! Made in USA

HMK01 • 129.95

Ambiance Large Safety Candle

Perfect on-board ambiance! No wax, no smoke, no heat, no mess and they don’t blow out!

Safety Candle uses intelligent electronics and LED’s to generate a long-lasting, random, flickering light that perfectly simulates a wax candle flame. 1.75” X 3.75” tall. Includes two AA batteries for 200 Hours of ambiance.

SC02 Large• $14.95

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Press

Make a great cup of Joe every time! Stays hot for hours!

Do the French Press onboard! It’s the best way to make coffee period. Here’s how: 1. Scoop coffee directly into the pot; 2. Add boiling water and mix;, 3. Press the plunger down ... and you’re done! Pour a perfect cup! Place the attractive French press right on the table. It’s a stainless steel vacuum bottle- hot inside, cold outside. Coffee stays hot for more than an hour without reheating.

FP04 One-Liter / Four Mug• $29.95

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High Output Port Fan

Really moves the air and it’s quiet! Makes a huge difference in a stuffy cabin

Port Fan, high output air flow complete with easy mounts for portholes, bulkhead and hatch mounting


Super comfortable Sunbrella seat goes anywhere onboard

FAN01 • $54.95

Don’t confuse these beautiful seats with the Knock-off products sold by the big retailers. The Sport-a-Seat is made in the USA. The cover of the Sport-a-Seat is made with Sunbrella fabric, which will not fade, and a very sturdy zipper.The Sport a Seat resembles a cushion that is 18” W, 40” L, and 3.25” H with a carrying handle. Heavy-duty with 6-position ratcheting hinges. The hinges are offset by two inches, which provides a long and short side. With the longer side down and the back adjusted to any of the 6 positions, the Sport a Seat is great for lounging. With the shorter side down and the back in the full upright position, the Sport a Seat offers independent back support while sitting on elevated surfaces. Your own weight on the bottom supports the back in all 6 positions.

SASA01 • $95.99 Available in the following colors:

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Sews a lock stitch like a machine

If you don’t have one of these handy tools already, you need one! The Speedy Stitcher makes a tight durable stitch like a sailmaker in thick and thin materials. Our expanded kit comes with 200 yards of heavy duty waxed #150 yarn and includes four needles.

Made in USA

STCH01 • $17.99

Motion Ease Motion Sickness Treatment

Works fast even after queasiness begins!

Made in USA

MotionEaze is the most effective motion sickness treatment on the market today. Whether you want to prevent occasional motion sickness or eliminate the symptoms, after the fact, MotionEaze is a fast acting herbal topical treatment that smells great and brings relief for hours. A must to keep onboard to comfort your guests. Made in USA

MOEZ • $14.95

Stainless Steel Stove Top Toaster

Take control of your toast !

We consider this little toaster to be an essential onboard galley item.

TOAST • $19.95

Order Today! (631) 754-1945 Toll Free (888) 884-7245

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