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Opposite page, from left to right:

common ground, forming not only a ‘C’ but a human

Poster designed by Andre Poppovic. The idea is based

eye representing vision.

on Coca Cola’s strong image. Using only a few elements of its identity still makes the brand recognizable.

Nedbank Flash mailers designed by Johan van Wyk, is an Introduction title sequence and on-air identity.

Fraser Valley Regional Library logo designed by Kevin Broome, represents the library’s role in the community.

This page, from left to right: X-games ad designed by Cross Colours. Given the

The Perpetua Calender designed by Leila Mariani, gives

extreme, almost aggressive nature of the X-Games as

you the every day date of past, present and future years.

well the ad shows a close-up of an injury in the shape of an X1.

Pepperjack Cabernet Sauvignion designed by Chris Perks and Alan Morrisson. The design reflect the

Fully Loadedtea brand identity designed by Matthew

characteristics of the wine as being genuine, confident

Clark, Steph Gibsona and Roy White is is the bold, full-

and unpretentious.

flavor, big attitude line of whole leaf and all-fruit teas in a world of the “watered-down” and “wishy-washy”.

Cube3 logo designed by Gary Domoney. The logo expresses the companies architectural approach.

Poster designed by Lana Cavar, Ira Baletic and Ivan Krizan. The solitude that is shown in the play, is also

C31 logo designed by Gary Domoney. The 31 dots

presented on the poster. The whole concept was based

are representative of individuals coming together on

on an esotheric atmosphere that prevails in the play.


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