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The brisk flash of light known to speed around

T Central City has been enjoyed by many generations H of comic book lovers, and superhero fans alike. The E Flash differs from many other Netflix TV shows in

its ability to truly engage its audience. This is due to F its wonderful character development, as well as an ability to address some of the difficulties that comes L with being a hero. A The Flash follows Barry Allen, a CSI, who at the S fragile age of 11, witnessed the killing of his mother H and the arrest of his father for her alleged murder. Barry later acquired his speed when the Star Labs particle accelerator explodes, releasing unknown amounts of dark matter and energy into Central City. Once exposed to dark matter, he was hit with lightning that further enabled him to move at the speed of sound. Throughout its five seasons, The Flash has kept it interesting, infusing every episode with the three H’s: heart, humor, and heroics.


A When Anne, a 13 years old orphan, is mistakN enly adopted by two siblings, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, the lives of all the three of them take a N whole new path no one was expecting. The show E takes place during the late 19th century in the small

community of Avonlea in Canada. It shows the lives W of the residents of Avonlea, but mostly focuses on I Anne, Marilla and Matthew. The plot is so simple, but at the same time so capT tivating and realistic, that it grabs the attention of H the watcher. They don’t even see the time pass by while watching the story of these ordinaries families A during the 19th century. N The show is great for those who love to watch movies or shows from a different period of time, and the show really makes you feel you are in that E period of time with barely any technology, and living a very simple, pleasurable life.


Do you love football and documentaries? Then the three season Netflix Original Last Chance U is the show for you, even if you don’t enjoy sports in any way. This show is rightfully named Last Chance U because it is based around football players who find themselves at community colleges. Then for a miraculous reason, they are given second chances although previously making some “bad choices” at their former Division 1 colleges. You get too look inside the players’ heads at East Mississippi Community College, as they try to capitalize on their second chances so they could gain their opportunity back to play at the D1 level or even the professional level. This show is fantastic because viewers start to feel a personal connection to the players. Viewers start to feel all of the hardships that these players have to go through. It’s a good show for everyone for its engaging documentary plot and fast-paced sports show.

Students’ Take BY: J. GINSBERG-MARGO Opinions Editor


E Evil Genius is a four-episode docu-series that follows several possible suspects after an attempted V bank robbery in Erie, PA in 2003. This attempted I bank robbery turned into a public murder of pizza L man Brian Wells, who was attempting to rob a PNC

Bank with a bomb strapped around his neck. This is G where the famous case gets its name: The Pizza Man Bombing. E Evil Genius is an uncommonly known Netflix seN ries that kept me intrigued and guessing until the I very end. I was shocked and disturbed by the story’s U graphic videos and images that played throughout S the episodes, but something about the bone chilling feeling that this show presented me with kept me watching. It was almost hard to believe that this story is true and the footage included was real. Because of its eerie presentation, Evil Genius invigorating story and crazy twists and turns makes the 3 hours and 12 minutes worth it.



The concept of a digital humanity is nothing new. Popular stories like the Matrix, and Ready Player One, have already tackled consciousness in the virtual age. What is new is Altered Carbon’s take on this miracle of science fiction. When Takashi Kovacs wakes up after over 200 years in virtual prison, he is put into a new body played by Joel Kinnaman. With the help of police officer Kirstin Ortega (Martha Higareda), ex-marine Vernon Elliot, (Ato Essandoh) and an AI with the persona of the great late poet Edgar Allan Poe (Chris Conner), aim to solve the murder of an extremely rich billionaire. Being apart of an old rebellion group named “Envoys,” Kovacs narrates the entire show with insights and his impressive investigating skills based on a super power dubbed “envoy intuition.” The actors, writing, and special effects perfectly capture the essence of a gritty science fiction mystery. The action is impeccable, swift movements and energy blasts weave through the air creating an intense atmosphere leaving you wanting more.

Freshman Mason Miller

I like the total drama series that cartoon network had. It’s very funny and its sense of humor is close to mine” 9th Grader Mason Miller.

“I like the Total Drama series that cartoon network had. It’s very funny and its sense of humor is close to mine.”

Junior Wesley Krivit “The Umbrella Academy’s story is unique, good action sequences and visual representation.”

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Brawl Stars



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Billie Eilish

Top Songs: When the party’s over

What Is It: From the creators of Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell brings us the new game of Brawl Stars. The fast-paced multiplayer battle game that combines skill and strategy. Thus game rose to the number 1 spot in the app store after just 24 hours of release. With the ability to upgrade characters and battle your friends, Brawl Stars keeps bringing players back for more endless fun.


Asphalt 9



lovely ft(khalid) Bury a friend

About the Artist:

At the age of 17, Eilish has reached the Billboard top 100 charts multiple times in the past year, with songs including: When the party’s over, copycat, and most recently, Bury a friend. Eilish’s new album drops on March 29th. Concert Appearance: Eilish will be performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 5th for her “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO” tour.

2 Chainz

Top Songs: Whip ft(Travis Scott)

What Is It: Gameloft’s Asphalt racing series has maintained their success over the past years with new racing games coming out each year. The game includes supercars from companies such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. The ability to drive realistic supercars and customize them to your liking has brought gamers back for endless fun, year after year.

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The Ross Bolen Podcast The Ross Bolen Podcast is a group of two college graduates named Ross Bolen and Micah Weiner. Ross is the main speaker of the podcast, but director Micah Weiner speaks a fair share to the audience as well. They talk about anything that pertains to millenials with a humorous yet serious attitude. You can even call in and have Ross answer a question! The Ross Bolen podcast not only entertains for hours upon hours, but it may even give you a new way of seeing current events in our world.

I’m Different It’s A Vibe

About the Artist:

2 Chainz has not released an album since June 16th, 2017. 2 Chainz has made a name for himself in the hip hop industry with two platinum albums and twelve top 100 Billboard songs since the start of his career. His new album features many top singers from today. Young Thug, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Lil Wayne all feature on the new album.

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Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz Page Count: 359 Summary: Two young men with an indestructible friendship hunt for an understanding of life and the meaning behind hope and hardship.

RadioLab Podcast Author: If you enjoy a good story and a plot that really brings you into the story, then you have to listen to Radiolab. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab is a storytelling podcast that has been entertaining listeners since 2005. You get a description of the story as well as commentary from the person who experienced the story, which adds an effect of realism that makes you feel connected to the story being told. You can find and listen to these stories on most podcast services, or on the RadioLab app.

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Patrick Ness

Page Count: 214 Summary: Connor thinks his mother’s cancer is

the biggest problem he will face but is proven wrong when a monster shows up at his window demanding something Connor is unwilling to release.


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Altered Carbon  

I think with the spacing restraint I was able to deliver on a good review and, successfully describe a show I really enjoy.

Altered Carbon  

I think with the spacing restraint I was able to deliver on a good review and, successfully describe a show I really enjoy.