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JACKY BEN ZAKEN:LEGISLATION WILL PREVENT A CRISIS In their attempt to understand the extent to which the sport in Israel has been affected by the crisis, the Calcalist convened a conference of businessmen, sponsors of sport teams and organizational professionals. Amongst the businessmen present were Izzy Sheratzky and Moni Harel, Chairman and owner of Hapoel Tel Aviv, of Matis Capital and Silon Sport, and Jacky Ben Zaken, owner of the Ashdod Sports Club, real estate company Manofim Finance and the Filgar Group. Sports professionals were represented by Uri Shilo, GM of the Federation, and Avner Kopel, Chairman .of the Basketball Premier League Board Published on 24/11/2008 in Calcalist ”THERE IS ALWAYS A STAR WHOM EVERYONE FOLLOWS“

Jacky Ben Zaken

Explains Jacky Ben Zaken: “Personally, I have yet to be affected by the recession, but obviously we are preparing. This season is already set up, and I am therefore already thinking about the next one, and how I can make more thoughtful and balanced decisions. For most of us, businessmen who own soccer teams, soccer is not a business, it .”is hobby, all be it an expensive, even highly expensive hobby

We spend more on our hobbies in times of prosperity, but in times of recession“ everyone will cut back on expenses for their hobbies. Undoubtedly, the level of investment in soccer by owners has been reduced. Instead of bringing in 5 foreign players for $3 million, they will choose to bring in 3 foreign players for $500,000”, .continuedJacky Ben Zaken Each and every time some star appears that changes the face of Israeli soccer and“ everybody chases after him”, noted Jacky Ben Zaken, ”but at the end of the day everyone will realize that when it comes to the budget of an Israeli soccer team, it should be between 15 to 18 million NIS. Any amount above 18 million NIS is a waste of money. There is no difference between 18 and 100 million NIS, because at the end of the day, .”it’s the same players who are getting paid more Regarding the state of soccer in general, he stated: “Until legislation is passed for the sport to be managed by sports experts and financial professionals alone, it is impossible .”to bring about any changes


Jacky Ben-Zaken is an Israeli businessman and Entrepreneur from Ashdod, Israel. Ben-Zaken focuses in yielding real estate. He is also known...

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