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[ Shop ] 4500 Interstate 55 N. Suite 235, 601-981-2838 Best of Health is tucked on the top floor of Highland Village back near Bravo! Restaurant. It has many of the staples that one looks for in a health-food store and an excellent vitamin section.

Healthy Body Health Food Center

1495 W. Northside Drive, 601-713-3818 In central north Jackson, the health food store has a great list of health foods and items. It’s an easy spot to find and has a very helpful staff.


Multiple Locations McDade’s Grocery, 601-366-8486 McDade’s is a local mom-and-pop grocery store company dedicated to the city. Shop there. That’s all.

Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative

2807 Old Canton Road, 601-366-1602 Fifty local families participating in two distinct buying clubs established Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative in 1980. Rainbow’s mission is to provide the purest, highest quality food at the lowest possible price.

Accessories Alex and Lele

1481 Canton Mart Square, Suite C, 601-2067720, The jewelry designs at Alex and Lele have a vintage quality coupled with a trendy and modern feel that shimmers with style and elegance. They can also design custom bridal jewelry for your big day.

Amy Head Cosmetics

120 W. Jackson St, Ridgeland, 601-853-3098 With unique color choices and creative makeup application techniques, the artists at Amy Head Studio will teach you how to apply makeup confidently for everyday or special occasions.

Carter Jewelers


s manager of Rainbow Green Services in Fondren, Katherine West knows a thing or two about living green. Green Services offers a variety of ways to help you live more environmentally aware, from fun and useful green products to organic garden consulting and permaculture landscaping. It also provides home and business energy audits and workshops on reducing your carbon footprint. West says she likes living green because it’s fun, it feels good, but mostly it makes her feel less afraid and more grounded to know what’s going on around her. Here are her 10 tips for living green: • Support the local economy. If you know the business owners, you can suggest to them ways to be greener, like using fewer plastic bags and offering reusable bags. West says farmer’s markets are a great example of local green economies; the products are affordable and delicious, and the atmosphere is fun. • Enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of parks, nature trails, lakes and rivers are accessible in or near Jackson. If you don’t want to do it alone, check out groups to connect with, she says, like the Mississippi Outdoor Club, the Jackson Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and the Jackson Bike Advocates. • Get your “green brain” on. Read up on being green and get informed. Green Services has a great selection of books, West says, or you can visit the local library. • Reuse and buy recycled. Visit any of the great thrift stores in Jackson, West says. She also suggests having “swap parties” with your friends where you swap clothing or other items that you may be tired of, but will be re-energized by a new owner.

Each month they feature a different artist and a musician. As always, refreshments are provided.

Pink Lamborghini

Craftmens Guild of Mississippi

310 Mitchell Ave., 601-850-9613 This little boutique recently opened, featuring lingerie, accessories and upscale consignments.

Earth Walk Shoes


2475 Lakeland Drive, Flowood, 601-933-0074 Glamorous, romantic and a little exotic, the boutique is filled with women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories. Offers salon services, including eyebrow threading.

Lamia’s Boutique’s Formals & Accessories

109 E. Capitol St., 601-354-0256 Lamia’s has all the latest fashions and accessories in formal wear for prom, pageants or any formal occasion.

Lipstick Lounge

304 Mitchell Ave., 601-366-400 Yolanda Minniefield recently opened Lipstick Lounge, a boutique offering women’s shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Pampered Sole

307-C Clinton Blvd., Clinton, 601-218-6213 The boutique is only the second minority womanowned business in Clinton. The owners recently

• Know the world around you. Keep up with the moon cycles, tour the local dump and watertreatment facility, visit the Katherine West mouth of the Pearl River. It helps you get to know how the surrounding land supports you and how other things affect it, West says. • Grow something. There’s no reason that you can’t grow something in Jackson, whether it’s in a window box or a full garden that’s going to sustain you. • Visit local farms and farmers to get a better perspective on how your food goes from a seed to your plate. • Imagine your community as an eco-system. Look at how energy and products move throughout a community, and you’ll see where its strengths and weaknesses are. • Give yourself credit for the small things, otherwise it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Feel good about whatever you do in a day, whether it’s bringing your own bag to a store or reusing a cup, West says. • Believe there are other green-minded people around. West says it is important to not feel isolated. “It’s not always obvious, but there’s a ton of people who are doing some really fascinating things,” West says. “It is such a rich environment for starting anything up that anyone wants to do.”

opened the shop with hopes to provide a more relaxed, social shopping experience for women.

The Shoe Bar at Pieces


August 12 - 18, 2010

by LeeAnna Callon

711 High St., 601-354-3549 Family owned and operated since 1849, Carter Jewelers has one of the largest selections of fine jewelry in the South. Carter’s provides you with a large selection of semi-precious jewelry, gifts, and watches. Highland Village 4500 Interstate 55 N. Suite 144, 601-981-1975, Since 1998, has provided Mississippi with quality comfort footwear, featuring world-class brands: Dansko, Birkenstock, Mephisto, Ecco, Merrel, Fit Flop, Alegria, Finn Comfort, Think!, Naot and Rockport.


Living Green in Jackson

425 Mitchell Ave., 601-939-5203 This place is packed with style, and not just shoes. There are also accessories, purses, and clothing to keep you stylish whether you are lounging or out with the girls. 4500 Interstate 55 N. Suite 123, 601- 981-4000 The shelves at Turkoyz in Highland Village are filled from top to bottom with one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Anything from high fashion metal to semiprecious stone pieces can be found in the unique and distinct items in this store’s collection.

Artsy Annelle Primos and Associates

4500 Interstate 55 N., Suite 126, 601-362-6154 Annelle Primos and Associates is located in Highland Village and offers interior design services, antique and contemporary furniture, accessories, and art.

Blaylock Fine Art Photography Studio

3017 N. State St. 601-506-6624 The gallery features the photography work of Ron Blaylock and shows work from other contemporary southern photographers. The studio also hosts photography classes and workshops, and is a working portrait and commercial studio.

Brown’s Fine Art and Framing

630 Fondren Place, 601-982-4844 Voted Best Place to Buy Art in 2007. The first Thursday of every month is happy hour at Brown’s, 5-8 p.m.

950 Rice Road, 601-856-7546 Featuring handcrafted artwork by guild members, Glasswork, jewelry, ceramics and more. Additionally, space is available for holding special events that can be rented to the public.

Deville Camera and Video

5058 Interstate 55 N., 601-956-9283 Deville Camera can develop your film, print from your digital camera and enlarge your pictures. They also have basic photography supplies, and they can sell you a camera or a video a camera with all the accessories you might need.

Just Joy Art-Joy McAllister

622 Duling Ave. Suite 205A, 601-368-9568 The gang at Just Joy Art believes life is way too short not to enjoy each and every day. Therefore, their mission is to produce hand-painted creations that make everyday living a little bit more fun!

The Museum Store at MMA

380 S. Lamar St., 601-965-9939 Located right inside of the Mississippi Museum of Art, the sleek design of the shop reflects much of the contents within it. Many items highlight the works seen throughout the museum, but there’s also a wide variety of gifts and books that simply relate to art and creativity in general including unique ceramics, gifts, children’s toys and jewelry.


2906 N. State St., Suite 102, 601-713-2595 At Mosaic, you can find an eclectic mix of furniture, art, handmade pottery and beautiful home decor. Be sure to pick up some orignial pottery by shopkeeper/ artist Courtney Peters in this delightful shop.

Hair Salons Barnette’s Salon and Aqua the Day Spa

4465 Interstate 55 N., 601-362-9550 1000 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland 601898-9123 Barnette’s Salon has been selected as one of the “100 Best Salons” in the country by Elle Magazine and has placed in the “Best Salon” category of our “Best of Jackson” issue for years. Husband and wife Susan and Ralph Barnette keep this salon relaxing, chic, and stocked with some of the best products and best hairstylists in town.


733 Lake Harbour Drive, Ridgeland, 601-8988640 Gloss boasts a fabulous new location and a staff of hairstylists, a few of whom have placed on the “Best of Jackson- hairstylist” lists.

Lacey’s Salon

1935 Lakeland Drive, 601-906-2253 For a good time and a great hairstyle, Lacey’s Salon is a local favorite. Winner of the “Best Hairstylist” award from our “Best of Jackson” issue three years in a row, owner and Canton native Lacey Norris obviously knows what she’s doing.


4058 Beasley Road, 601-982-9762 Facials, shaves, cuts and more.

SMoak Salon

622 Duling Ave., 601-982-5313 SMoak has been featured in many publications and is one of Fondren’s favorites, offering services from Men’s and Women’s haircuts to nail services and waxing .

Social Agenda

2945 Old Canton Road, 601-982-5575 This hybrid full-service salon-boutique offers everything from nail care, hair-styling, waxing and casual clothing with a staff that’ll make your salon experience fun, interesting and unique.

courtesy Katherine West

Grocers & Health stores Best of Health

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