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“The impact is dramatic and will have a long-term impact on the community.” —Beneta Burt, director of the Mississippi Roadmap to Health Equity, on effects of food-stamp cuts.

“They are led by people who have said, ‘We would rather have 30 pure conservative senators than the majority.’ Well, I’d rather have the majority.” —former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on the Tea Party to The Clarion-Ledger.

Jackson Talks Crime Solutions by R.L. Nave

by Amber Helsel


f you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ve most likely heard of Beaujolais Nouveau Day. In France at 12:01 a.m. on the third Thursday in November, Beaujolais Nouveau is released to the French masses. The country celebrates this wine with parties, fireworks, music and festivals. The wine, generally a cherry red vintage, is made from handpicked Gamay grapes, and its quick fermentation process—about six to eight weeks long—lend to its crisp, clean flavor. The cheap and cheerful drink originated over a century ago to celebrate the harvest season. The French aren’t the only ones who can celebrate the first harvest of this year’s European wines. Wineries ship Beaujolais Nouveau around the world in time for bottles to land at liquor stores and wine cellars on the same day—the third Thursday. Check with your local wine seller to see if they will have Beaujolais or other Nouveau-style this week. It also makes a great addition to your Thanksgiving celebration, as it is a mid-range wine that can work with both light and heavy foods. Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! city version of a stimulus program and is participating in Alignment Jackson, a consortium of government agencies and nonprofit groups working on education in the capital city. Ingrid Cloy, another audience member, framed Lumumba and Robinson’s points a different way. “Stop talking about crime,” Cloy implored. “Crime is not the problem—crime is a symptom of the problem.” Email R.L. Nave at or call him at 601-362-6121 ext. 12. Comment at



Leaf Rules

R.L. Nave

t a forum in Jackson last week, and killed outside his home after feuding positive stories in Jackson. “I know you more than 100 people descended with a man the previous night. The previ- have to keep ratings up, but the most on the Mississippi Capitol to ous month, the teenagers Jason Murphy important thing is human life,” Robincombat what organizson said at the meeting. ers called the “recent onslaught To be sure, violent crime of crime in Jackson.” has dominated news cover Among the innovative age in recent weeks. State Sen. crime-fighting solutions audiJohn Horhn, who organized ence members proposed were the meeting, said that a “tipping having church leaders meet peripoint” for him was the murder odically, building more commuof 7-year-old Jaidon Hill. Hill, nity centers, locking up crimialong with his mother and stepnals for longer periods of time father, were killed earlier this and praying harder. month. The family, who lived Jimmie Robinson, the in Brandon, had been missing president of the Virden Adfor about a week before investidition Community Assogators discovered their bodies in ciation, offered perhaps the Copiah County. Police arrested most radical ideas. and charged two Jackson men “Put your arms around a in connection with the deaths. young black man, and let them “I don’t know what was Robinson, president of the Virden Addition Community know you love them. Treat them Jimmie going on with the adults in Association, has a radical solution to crime: love. nice, and show them you care,” that family, but that child did Robinson said. not deserve to die,” Horhn said He could be dismissed as naïve, but and A.J. Barber were also murdered in the at the Capitol, eliciting nods of approval Robinson is a septuagenarian Army veteran neighborhood. and applause. who lives in a neighborhood that has seen Robinson recognizes the tragedy In a twist of irony, Horhn himself five homicides in recent months; many of those murders, but is also frustrated became a criminal statistic when Jackson of those victims were young and black. at the local news media for being so Police arrested him on suspicion of DUI. In September, William Brown was shot quick to report killings while ignoring Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that of the 1,210 traffic deaths among children through the age of 14 years in 2010, approximately 17 perby Amber Helsel cent involved an alcohol-impaired driver. Overall in 2010, about 10,228 people he one drawback to DO place the bags at the died in alcohol-related car crashes, reprefall is the plethora of street by 7 a.m. on garbagesenting nearly one-third of all the nation’s leaves that gather in our collection day. They will be traffic-related deaths. yards, which brings on the collected with the rest of At Horhn’s forum, there was little inevitably not-fun task of your trash. discussion of crimes such as DUIs. Most Help your community by raking the piles. The city of DON’T be discouraged if following city guidelines of the conversation centered on property Jackson has some do’s and you find only a couple of on the disposal of leaves. crimes that young people commit for fast don’ts for exposing of your your bags gone. It may take cash. Of the more than 100 people who leaves. collectors up to two days attended, many had stories about being to get them depending on charge (anything in the victims of smashed car windows, stolen DO place leaves in garbage how many there are. municipal separate storm cars, home and business burglaries, and bags (preferably composta- DON’T leave bags loose sewer system that is not home invasions. ble), trash cans or any type or open. composed entirely of storm Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumof lawn or garden bag. DON’T leave bags on the water) and is subject to ba, whose eldest son, Kambon, was shot DON’T rake leaves and curb that weigh more than fines. If the storm sewers in the head years ago but survived (he other debris on the curb. 60 pounds. have an illicit discharge, the remains paralyzed), stressed the imporOr into your neighbor’s DON’T mix trash with contaminated wastewater tance of maintaining the proper peryard. That’s just mean. the leaves. enters into storm drains or spective on crime. DO make sure inlets and directly into the local water “Anywhere you go in the world drain pipes are clear of REMEMBER that put- supply before getting treatwhere you have bad economics and bad leaves to avoid damage or ting leaves in storm drains ed at a wastewater plant. education, you have crime,” Lumumba flooding issues. is considered an illicit dissaid. He noted that his office is growing the city’s public-works department as the



Nov. 21: Beaujolais Nouveau Day


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v12n11 - Fewer Meals This Season? Plus Holiday Food  

City Crime: It's Complicated p 8 - 9 Hitched: All That Sparkles p 25 Cardinal Sons Win Big p 35