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“Anywhere you go in the world where you have bad economics and bad education, you have crime.” —Jackson Mayor Lumumba on the idea that crime in the capital city is worse than in other cities.

John Donald Cody, a defendant in a $100 million, cross-country Navy veterans charity fraud case, is found guilty of racketeering, theft, money laundering and other charges. … The U.N.’s World Food Program distributes rice and other items to nearly 50,000 people in the Tacloban area of the Philippines. Thursday, Nov. 14 Officials announce that President Barack Obama intends to permit continued sale of individual insurance plans that have been canceled because they failed to meet coverage standards under the health care law. … Former Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger is sentenced to life in prison. Friday, Nov. 15 Republicans push toward House passage of a measure to let insurers keep offering health coverage that falls short of the Affordable Care Act’s standards. … China loosens family planning rules that limit many couples to a single child and abolishes the country’s labor-camp system. Saturday, Nov. 16 Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, erupts for the first time since 1992, lighting up the sky over much of eastern Sicily.

November 20 - 26, 2013

Sunday, Nov. 17 Dozens of tornadoes and intense thunderstorms sweep across the Midwest, leaving at least six people dead and flattening entire neighborhoods. … Residents of the Libyan capital launch a general strike and hold protests, demanding the city’s myriad of powerful militias be disbanded after violence in which nearly 50 people were killed over the weekend.


Monday, Nov. 18 George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood-watch volunteer who was acquitted of any charges in the 2012 fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, is charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief after his 27-year-old girlfriend called 911. Tuesday, Nov. 19 Civil War historian James McPherson and U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell speak to mark the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Comment at

Departing Brazilians Detail JSU Thefts by R.L. Nave


ackson State boasts that more than 90 countries are represented among students and faculty members. Make it 89. Last weekend, 27 students from Brazil withdrew from Jackson State University following three incidents dating back to the summer in which the students were victims of theft. The most recent incident happened the evening of Nov. 9, when a male student says he was robbed at gunpoint as he was leaving the campus cafeteria. The student, who asked that his name not be printed, said two male assail- Diversity at Jackson State University took a hit recently when the school lost 27 Brazilian ants, each brandishing a handgun, students, whose consulate withdrew them after a series of thefts. demanded money, but the student didn’t have any. he reported the theft to campus police, but cials are trying to get to the bottom of what “I (didn’t) feel comfortable walking he never got his stuff back; he also contacted happened. Stringfellow also aid he doubts alone,” the student told the Jackson Free the consulate. that thieves targeted the international stuPress at a going away function in Jackson. Even though it was the only time he dents. He and his fellow Brazilian students had ever had anything stolen while attending Julio Del Castillo, president of the Latin were attending Jackson State as part of a the school, Joao Pedro said his confidence American Business Association, said the inciscience, technology, engineering and math was shattered. dents are a black eye to JSU and to Jackson development program sponsored by Brazil’s “It became clear that we couldn’t walk but that he also doesn’t believes the robberies government. Apparently, the attempted the university alone,” he said. are part of a pattern. armed robbery was the final straw, and the The first incident happened over the Del Castillo said he still considers consulate decided late last week to pull the summer, when a student named Brenda “Jackson a nice place to live even we have students out of JSU and move them to an- said she was leaving the cafeteria after some issues.” other school in the southeast. breakfast and a man snatched her iPhone “Latinos, African Americans, Indians Another student said that on Nov. 8 his and ran away. and whites, in my experience get along rebackpack bag that contained his cell phone, “It’s really emotional,” Brenda said. ally well. … Hopefully, this incident will not dorm keys and a favorite sweater disappeared Eric Stringfellow, executive director for affect the city as narrative,” Del Castillo told while he played volleyball at the recreation JSU communications, said Monday that he the Jackson Free Press this week. center. The student, who asked to be identi- did not have enough information about the Email R.L. Nave at rlnave@jacksonfreefied only by his first name, Joao Pedro, said incidents to comment, but that school offi- Comment at TRIP BURNS

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Hank Bounds, the state higherlearning said the state’s colleges and universities are among the nation’s most affordable. p 10

Memorable Mayors By admitting to smoking crack cocaine, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has entered the pantheon of most controversial mayors. Here are a few others that shouldn’t be forgotten.

attacked him for saying, “When I see a cat in the street, I accelerate. Stray cats have no business on the street. So, bang! I accelerate,” in a radio interview.

by write-in. “His biggest political rivals would be other local businesses that would hate that he comes over and takes a nap and leaves fur everywhere,” one resident told CNN.

Luigi Bobbio of Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, banned miniskirts and other clothing he considered too revealing, as well as swearing in public, sunbathing and playing football in public areas, according to the BBC, to keep up public decorum.

Arturas Zuokas of Vilnius, Lithuania, once got into a tank and ran over an illegally-parked Mercedez Benz to prove a point about illegal parking in the Baltic city with a population just north of 500,000. There is video evidence of this, and that is awesome.

Stephane Gendron of Huntingdon, Quebec, had to apologize after animal-advocacy groups

Stubbs the Cat of Talkeetna, Alaska, has served as mayor since winning a 1997 election

Frank Melton of Jackson, Miss., led the illegal demolition of a duplex with sledgehammers, claiming the residents were drug dealers, and conducted a public feud with an alleged drug dealer who went by the moniker “Batman.”

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City Crime: It's Complicated p 8 - 9 Hitched: All That Sparkles p 25 Cardinal Sons Win Big p 35

v12n11 - Fewer Meals This Season? Plus Holiday Food  

City Crime: It's Complicated p 8 - 9 Hitched: All That Sparkles p 25 Cardinal Sons Win Big p 35