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robb report

editorial/art direction + layout

Men’s footwear typically isn’t the most colorful or eye-catching subject for a fashion shoot. So when art directing this project, I worked with a stylist to create a vibrant and dynamic theme that would introduce color to the pages as well as complement the shoes. At the same time, I didn’t want to create sets that would give an effeminate feeling. The India theme fit the bill perfectly, creating a decisively masculine look for the eye-popping showcases I had hoped for.

robb report

editorial/art direction + layout

This men’s accessories feature was full of pieces made from textured, luxe materials. I chose to integrate the intricate details of such pieces with the concept of nooks in a man’s bedroom. Through the use of equally tactile props, we created a series of wide and detail photos that highlight the unique aspects of the pieces in a very casual, masculine setting.


web design/identity

Lioninoil, a design and photography firm, needed a dynamic blog/web site and identity to display its myriad talents. Working in graphic design, web design, real estate photography and general photography, the idea of creating a logo that represented a multi-faceted whole was a must. Thus sprang a logo concept of tiny dots comprising an ordered unit—multiple areas of focus creating one unique company. Lioninoil’s name, a palindrome, heightened the aesthetic quality of this idea. The creation of the business card took the concept yet another step further through the use of a laser-cut design, enabling the card to be read from both the front and the back.

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We photographed “Hollywood’s original brow maven” Valerie Sarnelle’s home for Luxury Home magazine back in September. Her bathroom was the focus of the spa issue for the magazine’s March issue. The lighting was so amazing in this bathroom, one can only imagine the stray hairs one could find on one’s brow. The final image ran with the story as well as on the cover. more» posted by jackie in: real estate, photography || Comments(0)




promotional material/photography mailer

In order to promote lioninoil photography, I created a foldable mailer for past and prospective clients. With panels featuring individual photographs, the piece unfolds like an accordian, with some images spanning two panels for a more dramatic effect. The back panel includes contact information and an insert for a removable business card.

luxury travel magazines editorial/magazine creation + launch

I was asked to head the creation of two annual magazines that would essentially take on the role of a guide/coffee-table book of the best hotels and resorts in the world. The main goal was to create a guide that would be easy for the reader to navigate. We decided to divide the properties into regions, which are denoted by colored tabs stating each property’s name and location.

As a school project, I created and executed a web site for CSS Zen Garden. The concept of the site is to acclimate oneself with the concepts and uses of CSS in coordination with XHTML. While all HTML is provided for the user, the layout and overall aesthetic of the page are created entirely in CSS.

css zen garden submission school project/web design

lcd soundsystem album cover

personal project/promotional materials/album design

A photograph I took with a Holga camera became the inspiration for a possible album cover. LCD Soundsystem’s first album featured a sketch of a chipped disco ball and this shot seemed a new take on the original. For the inside cover, I decided to cut out the disco ball and use it for the 33 rpm album label on which songs would be listed (far right).

luxury home magazine editorial/magazine creation + launch

As the contributing art director, I assisted the art director in launching the first issue of Luxury Home magazine from initial concept to final execution. This involved creating an overall cohesive look for the book as well as designing dynamic individual pages. web design

Robb Report magazine wanted to update its web site in 2007 with a more modern look, easier navigation and cleaner format. In these comps, I chose to create a home page that would be fluid, constantly changing month-to-month to reflect the present newsstand issue. I also opted to simplify the archival process with a consistent 1/3 right-hand column devoted to past issues. Articles would also be easier to peruse with a secondary page for each issue that provided a thumbnail image accompanied by a short article description.

As an art director for a financial magazine, creating dynamic layouts that illustrated complex, often highly conceptual topics was a challenge. For this layout about investing in crude diamond mines in Canada, photographs of miners weren’t likely to strike the reader as attractive, and beauty shots of diamond-encrusted jewelry weren’t particularly pertinent. As a solution, I created a highly graphic, yet simple way to illustrate the central focus of the story. A maple leaf signifying Canada, paired with a single-cut diamond, created an eye-catching opening spread.

canadian diamonds

editorial/opening spread layout

john vanderslice

personal project/poster

When creating this poster for a local concert, my concept was born from “424,” a fan-favorite among the artist’s songs. Admittedly a “love song to a four track,” I chose to follow the artist’s lead in paying homage to the classic recording equipment. I designed a grid of simple repetition to symbolize the ability to add and subtract individual tracks on the machine. web design/identity

I host two sister sites for my two portfolios: design and photography. The sites are completely independent of each other in regards to design, but are joined by a single home page whereby the visitor views the two clickable logos for their respective pages. jackiecaradonio | design was created using CSS, HTML and Wordpress. The employment of Wordpress, a common blogging program from which I created my own unique template, allows me to easily update the site with new work. jackiecaradonio | photo utilizes a horizontal scroll, allowing for quick navigation of all photos as well as a unique viewing experience for the visitor.

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