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Week of September 5, 2011


Green up, Clean

Vol. 84, Issue #2

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the distance

up RIC’s

RIC Student raises over $800

green initiative

for mentoring programs

By Alexander J. Hoffman

By Cathleen Williams

News Editor

News StafffWriter

On Saturday, Sept. 17 Rhode Island College will host its second annual campus-wide clean up day to include faculty, student and community volunteers. The event named “Green Up-Clean Up,” is part of President Carriuolo’s green initiative program. Since her installment as President of RIC in 2008, Carriuolo has been working to lower the footprint of the college on the environment. Since implementing the program RIC has significantly reduced the amount of garbage disposed of on campus and installed new trash receptacles near academic buildings and the residence halls. The college has also saved money and reduced the amount of paper recycled on campus by almost 13,000 pounds in the last year. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to use email to communicate, rather than using paper for letters. The college has also lowered the amount of blue recycling bins over the last year as a direct response to President Carriuolo’s urge to

Rhode Island College senior Arthur Parise, Jr., an elementary special education major, ran in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Providence this past August, raising over $800 for the Henry Barnard School Mentors. “15 minutes into the race I was drenched with my shirt sticking to my body,” said Parise. Parise crossed the finish line 3,557 out of 7,281, and affirmed that despite being exhausted and wet from the rain, he felt like he “was on top of the world.” Parise, a graduate of Pilgrim High School, was drawn to the Henry Barnard School (HBS) Mentors and joined his freshman year. While the HBS Mentors has not been a hallmark of RIC, mentors like Parise have grown the program substantially since its origin nearly seven years ago. He and his fellow mentors’ dedication, coupled with the support of faculty advisor and Henry Barnard School librarian Laurie Parkerson, served the club well. Last year it became an official student organization with Parise as its treasurer, and has grown significantly

Courtesy of

Responders raise flag at World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks.

A day to remember 9/11 memorial to open on 10th anniversary

By Alexander J. Hoffman News Editor

On Sunday, Sept. 11 the World Trade Center Memorial will open to the families of victims and on Monday will open to the general public.

President Barak Obama, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are among the officials that will speak at the dedication. The ceremony will feature six moments of silence to represent the two planes that crashed into the

towers, the towers falling, the flight that hit the Pentagon and Flight 93. The memorial consists of two reflection pools set in the former foundations of the Twin See MEMORIAL Center

See GREEN Page 5

See MENTOR Page 5


Week of September 5, 2011

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News Bring in the Funk Student Community Government Inc. approves the creation of the Student Entertainment Commission slated to bring a big name artist to RIC in the Spring.


Lifestyles Passport to Success RIC introduces a workshop for new or interested students to show what the campus has to offer in programs towards students’ future careers and interests.


A&E Big Laughs for Small Crowd The popular NYC improv group the Upright Citizens Brigade performs before a dismal gathering of students in Sapinsley Hall following campus power failure.


Sports Women’s soccer shuts out Wheelock and Thomas

Anchorwomen soccer starts on a high note as the team goes undefeated for the first time since 1999 winning the first two season opening games.


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Week of September 5, 2011

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Student Government goes online By Hayden James Anchor Editor

Student Community Government Inc., (SCG) finished redesigning its website; a summer-long project which began July 20 and completed Aug. 21. The new website aims at making SCG more transparent and accessible to Rhode Island College students, and manageable. The previous version of the website was developed in the 2009-2010 year but was difficult to update because of trouble working with the designer, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate. “Unfortunately we had to let her go to find either a company or a private web designer that would work with

a solid contract,” said Jordan Day, vice president of SCG. “I searched for weeks to find the right web design firm that would fit Student Community Government.” According to Day, Povilas Mecys, RIC ’08, a member of Rhody Arts, worked to make the site easily updateable so information is streamlined and to date. After three weeks of gathering information, SCG had “nearly everything accessible online, with a few exceptions.” “Our web designer developed a content management system so we could easily update our site, making it easier to post things that need immediate attention,” said Day.

“He also designed our logo, which is why we decided to go with him and his company… He knew what we wanted and knew our style right away.” The specific qualities that SCG were looking for in the final product of the website were that there should be more pages for more documents and an up-to-date list of all the student organizations underneath the SCG umbrella. The site cost $3,000 in total, a price determined by the costs for other sites made to similar specifications. According to Day, they have a few kinks to work out still, but they’re considering it completed. Other features of the site include: all student organiza-

tions, Greek orgs, club sports, performing and fine arts committee groups and honor societies; the contact information for the members of the SCG officers and a suggestion box. There are a lot of benefits to the website, said Day, the site is a 24/7 tool for students to contact their student body and a useful tool for students interested in learning about the structure of student government or in starting a club of their own. The new layout and tools implemented on the website puts information previously gained by an in-person meeting, right at a student’s fingertips. “As an executive council

member, I’m extremely happy with what we have now,” said Day. “I know our entire executive council is so happy that this burden is off our shoulders. There were people that said there were a few things they’d personally change, but that’s based off of preference. I think in comparison to our previous site, this is definitely an upgrade. Overall, it’s more functional and is definitely a better representation of SCG.” Day said that the website is still very new and that SCG will work out any issues that occur as they come up. For more information regarding the SCG website visit

North Providence police chief accused of stealing money By Alexander J. Hoffman News Editor

North Providence Police Chief John Whiting allegedly stole $714 from a car in Pawtucket Sunday, Aug. 28, at the site of crash in an unmarked police car. The police chief was ar-

rested Thursday at the State Police Public Safety Complex. He faces charges of larceny and conspiracy after he tried to convince a Pawtucket police officer dispatched to the crash site to cover up the theft. Justina Cardoso was leaving the Comfort Inn in Pawtucket early Sunday morning when she

allegedly threw something at the police chief’s car. Whiting pursued her through Pawtucket until she crashed her car and fled the scene. Whiting then searched her car and stole the money from her purse. Cardosa works as a stripper at The Satin Doll and was with a client at the hotel Saturday

evening. According to the Providence Journal, Cardosa fled the scene of the crash because of outstanding warrants. Pawtucket police arrested her Monday and she awaits trial for charges of extortion, black mail and drug possession. Police Chief Whiting will be arraigned in District Court Sept.

9. North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi suspended Whiting without pay pending trial. Whiting was released from custody on $10,000 bail and personal recognizance, reported the Providence Journal.


Week of September 5, 2011

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Bring in the funk

Student Entertainment Commission ushers in new era in campus sound at RIC By Kyle Grant A&E Editor

Last semester, Student Community Government Inc., (SCG) approved a Student Entertainment Commission (SEC) charged with bringing a large scale event on campus for May, similar to the T-Pain concert at the end of the spring 2011 semester which was met with mixed reviews by students. The concert will be occurring in the new Recreation Center, which is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of the Spring Semester. “I have great expectations for this committee and I expect the largest entertainment event in RIC history to happen under SEC this year” said Travis Escobar, President of SCG. To many students, having a favorite musician perform at their school would be one of their wildest dreams. With the creation of the Student Entertainment Commission, RIC students will now have an opportunity to see this pipedream come true. SEC has been allocated $70,000 by SCG, which will

GREEN from page


use reusable containers instead of disposable plastic bottles. The only area on campus that seems to be lacking in green initiatives is Donovan Dining Center, which still uses Styrofoam plates, cups and plastic utensils; only the plastic trays are reused. In an effort to reduce the amount of pollution from commuters, the college recom-

Anchor File Photo

Student Organizations helped to bring T-Pain to perform on campus last spring likely fund a full scale concert. for WXIN, Programming, and Student Organizations such as RSA, one seat for Parliament, WXIN and Programming are three seats for non-Parliament also able to financially sponsor students and one seat for the the event. There are nine seats Dean of Students. The SCG available for SEC; One seat executive board looks to ap-

mends that students who live nearby should bike to campus. To help encourage the effort, the college installed several bike racks in convenient locations around campus. In addition, the administration and Board of Governors in collaboration with Student Community Government, Inc. instituted a Safety and Transportation Fee on the student body this academic year to pay for 50 percent off RIPTA pass. For more information about RIC’s green program check out

point these seats by the end of September. Once the Commission is assembled, it will decide on what sort of event will be brought to the new Recreation Center. The performance must be within the allotted budget and there has to be a mutual agreement that the act would be popular among the RIC community. The SEC will also create a student survey to see what the general students want to see and gauge their interest in the event. SCG will receive regular updates from the commission to make sure it stays on track. “I am very happy Parliament approved of this commission,” said Aaron Buckley, speaker of parliament and Anchor editor. “I am very excited that RIC can be a destination in our capital city not just for students but for the outlying community. We as a campus have suffered by not having a dedicated concert and community venue, and I am very excited to see what the SEC has in store. Oh, and I hope they are bringing Brand New.”

MENTOR from page


since. HBS Mentors boasts a multitude of conscientious, caring mentors who support Henry Barnard students. It became clear that the HBS mentors had gained a reputation when, last semester, the Rhode Island Mentoring Program contacted the organization to see if one the mentors would participate in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Parise had never ran a race before but volunteered without hesitation and spent the summer training. The race was held on Aug. 7 in Providence, and aside from physical exhaustion the day brought almost torrential rains. “I got my medal and was greeted by my mom and Ms. Parkerson who hugged me and expressed how proud they were of me,” Parise recounts. He does not doubt that his work paid off: “I did it all for RIC, HBS, the mentors and the children that I mentored. I am proud to have run in representation of RIC’s HBS mentoring program, and I will be doing it again next summer.”


Week of September 5, 2011

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The Anchor Newspaper

A reason for optimism in President Escobar’s second term in office What is Student Community Government Inc.? Why should Rhode Island College students care? It is an age old question that college students have pondered since institutions for higher learning were created. The answer is simple, because you the students pay for it. SCG President Travis Escobar’s welcome message on the corporation’s newly redesigned website, states that it is SCG’s mission to facilitate the growth and continuity of student organizations on this campus, as well as act as the central forum for students to bring forth and address the various issues affecting students at RIC. What that basically means is that all student organizations, activities and clubs on campus are governed and funded by SCG, a semi-autonomous organization financed by the college’s student activ-

ity fee. The student activity fee is a $60 fee that every student who attends the college pays per semester. With over 9,000 students currently enrolled at RIC, over $540,000 will be collected this semester alone. SCG will collect over a $1,000,000 from the student activity fee this year. Escobar, who is entering his second term as student body president, along with the rest of SCG’s executive board and student parliament will decide how the money will be distributed this semester. The Escobar administration faces a number of significant challenges this semester, the greatest of which may prove to be solving the club sports policy dilemma, an issue that has been left unattended to by SCG for the last three years. The “Books for Community Involvement” program, a central piece of legislation last year, failed to meet expec-

tations and despite its failure will be brought back for a second time this semester. While there were some positives including an initiative that extended library hours during finals weeks, the Escobar administration failed to make a major impact last year. There is reason to believe that SCG will have a more significant impact this semester due to Escobar’s administration’s commitment to solve the greatest challenge that RIC faces as a student body: improving campus life and increasing student involvement on campus. This is where you come in. The first student parliament meeting of the semester will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 7 in the Student Union. This is your opportunity to get involved, to have a voice, to positively impact the RIC

community and leave it a better place than when you arrived. There is some truth in the humorous Tom Petty quote Escobar referenced in his welcome back address “… Go out on a Tuesday night with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. The work never ends, but college does…” In short have fun, but you better make sure you show for Parliament on Wednesday nights.

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Week of September 5, 2011

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By: Sydney Katic

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Letters to the Editor

Week of September 5, 2011

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Week of September 5, 2011

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Upcoming Student Activities Bingo! Held Every Second friday of the month Student Union room 307 7 p.m. Go enjoy a few games and maybe even win a few prizes.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Fri. Sept. 30 4 p.m. Roberts Hall $15 in advance, $25 at the door. Tickets on sale at the Roberts Hall box office (456-8144)

Trip to Provincetown Sat. Sept. 24 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. $3 RIC students, $5 nonstudents. $15 for the first 10 RIC students, $20 regular price for RIC students, $40 non-RIC

Canoe/ Kayak Trip Sat. Oct. 8 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. $15 for the first 10 RIC students, $20 regular price for RIC students, $40 non-RIC

Fighting the freshmen 15 Avoiding the dreaded college beer gut By Eddie Taylor managing editor

You loved high school. Pounding back sugary soda and getting the twenty piece chicken tenders at the nearest fast food joint without batting an eyelash was almost a daily occurrence for you. You were young, your body was still growing, and you loved to goof off with your buddies on your bikes or just hang around the neighborhood. You never gained weight, you had the metabolism of a god and it would never slow down, right? Wrong. Welcome to college, where chapters of reading, mountains of papers, tests to study for, and your irritating friends having you chug a can of cheap beer every other minute will be the end to your flawless abs. If you are not careful you will gain weight during your

Courtesy of

first year in college. Hell you’ll gain it every year, but the average college freshman gains 15 pounds while adjusting to their new higher education lifestyle. Here are a few ways to avoid that stomach of yours from getting any larger. Fast Food is not Your Friend. This may seem like a no brainer since everyone knows that fast food chain restaurants spell disaster for your

waistline, but going to a commuter college, the temptation of its convenience can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Fast food joints do offer healthy alternatives such as chicken sandwiches and salads for when you have no choice but to go to a Wendy’s, but you really should stay clear of these restaurants entirely. Your best bet would be to pack a lunch from home, it may feel nerdy but you’ll cut

calories and your budget in the process. Donovan does offer Healthy Alternatives. While Donovan has a hit or miss reputation with most of the student body it does try to fit every student’s lifestyle. Donovan does offer healthy alternatives from its popular grill line that serves mainly burgers and fries. The dining center offers a full salad line as well as deli sandwiches and pasta. You can always find something healthy in Donovan. Hit the Gym. Another no brainer of course but it can be hard to fit in time to work out between classes and work. RIC has a Recreation Center located in East Campus with everything you need to stay fit between classes. While the center is currently under renovation it is still open to students, and will be See Fitness Page 10

Passport to success By Alexandra Weston Lifestyles Editor

If you’re a new student at Rhode Island College (RIC), whether you’re a freshman or a transfer, the Passport to Success program is especially designed to aid you in navigating campus so you can find out more about a variety of departmental services and programs. The series includes 14 single-session workshops, offered throughout the fall semester, with topics ranging from choosing a major, scholarships, and the National Student Exchange Program. Students who participate will receive passport stamps at each session to submit at the Student Union Welcome and Information Center for a raffle to win $100 in Campus Points. The more meetings you attend,

the more chances you have to win. The many workshops offered include, “So you think you want to be a teacher?” where you can learn about the many teaching programs that RIC offers; “Studying abroad at RIC: What you need to know!” which provides students with the basics about the study abroad process and the options open to them as students at RIC; or even “Recreating your way to academic success!” where you can get an idea of what opportunities there are for working out, playing a quick game of basketball, taking a few laps or joining a class or intramural team. This session will outline a variety of options available to you, keeping in mind that a fit body supports a fit mind and academic success.

Students who are interested in participating in the Passport to Success program can visit the Student Union Welcome

and Info Center, or go to the website,, to register or find out more information.


Week of September 5, 2011

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Your answers in 30 words or less: Back to school advice

By Arielle Rogers Ask Ari

Dear Ari, How do I overcome test anxiety? I have withdrawn from many classes because of this and want to continue into graduate school, but I can’t with this anxiety. Any suggestions? – Rebecca, RIC Freshman Dear Rebecca, I have test anxiety also. It sucks. There are different solutions for all types of anxiety. I

make my survival essentials key on test day. Healthy food, water and sleep help keep anxiety down. Dear Ari, School has started up again (as you know) and I also just scored a job at a local market. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to balance school, homework and a job. Any suggestions on how I can manage and still have a social life? – Yolanda RIC Freshma Dear Yolanda, People have managed school, work, and social lives

for YEARS! DON’T STRESS OUT! It also helps to keep a schedule of some sort and jot down the priorities, then free time = social time. Dear Ari, My friends and I need 3 things: A cool place to chill, a place that costs little to nothing, and something laidback. Anything? – Tired of Clubs, RIC Freshman Dear Tired, I’ve got the perfect spot. It’s called The Spot on Thayer Street. Wed nights, $5 charge,

Improv Comedy starting at 9p.m. It’s like “Who’s Line is it Anyway.” Plain Fun. Dear Ari, I am a Secondary Ed. Major with a Minor in Music. I heard that you are a Music Major and I want to know if there are tools that can help me with my Music Theory. Suggestions? – Rob RIC Freshman Dear Rob, is amazing! It has all kinds of tools to help you master the art of theory. Also there are music theory tutors that can

help through OASIS (located in Craig-Lee Hall). Dear Ari, Which do you feel is worse: Failing or Never trying? – Peter RIC Freshman Dear Peter, NEVER TRYING. If you don’t try you don’t have the chance to succeed or fail. Failing is also a learning opportunity, so fail some and grow as a person.

Special Question of the Week Dear Ari, My girlfriend wants to go “Facebook official” with our relationship. I don’t see the need considering how everyone already knows and we’ve been together long enough to know it’s already official. What should I do? – Luc, RIC Freshman Dear Luc, Oh God. Facebook. The tool that brings people together yet still manages to separate everyone and keep us from our natural human activities towards and with one another. The thing about Facebook relationship statuses is that they instantly become an advertisement to reassure those few friends (who do nothing but Facebook stalk) that you possibly have a life outside of the soul consuming online friend community. We have all done it. Went on ‘Bobby Jo’s’ profile to see if he is still in a relationship with ‘Suzie Q’, but in all honesty is it any of our business? Wouldn’t you rather be told in person by these people how they are doing, both solely and relationship-wise? In your case, I agree with you. I think that if your relationship is already a good one, why tell the online community if your actual friends already know how happy you two are? On the other side, I can see where she is coming from. It could possibly be a showcase of pride. She could be very happy and proud to be with you, which is really sweet. BUT, something else that is really sweet is privacy in a relationship. I have seen relationships falter via Facebook. Someone saw that ‘Suzie Q’ was dating ‘Bobby Jo’ and didn’t approve, posted something and now the whole online community knows. Whatever you both decide just be sure to play it safe online. A good friend of mine once said that Facebook relationship statuses give 2 things . . . a beginning, signifying that you have started a relationship AND an end, because to every beginning there is an end and with all good relationship intentions brought forth in the beginning, would an end be wanted so soon? Food for thought.


Week of September 5, 2011

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How to survive the semester with the right tech tools: Android Market apps that will teach you more than your textbook

NOOK for Android by Barnes & Noble

Wapedia Cost: Free

It may not be the best reference for your bibliography, but wikis are an incredibly helpful resource and starting point for quick research or fact checking while you’re working on that big paper. The Wapedia app offers fast access to wikis for up-to-date articles on nearly every topic imaginable. Taking mobile device capabilities into account, the app breaks down large entries into smaller chunks and reduces image resolution so that you can spend more time learning and less time downloading.

Cost: Free Barnes & Noble created the NOOK application for Android to provide access to more than two million NOOK Books, magazines and newspapers, right from your Motorola smartphone or tablet. Save money and time with a quick download instead of traditional textbooks.


Cost: Free The Mint for Android application helps college students track, budget and manage their money from their phones. The app monitors savings and checking accounts, creates budgets and tracks spending -- all for free.

Courtesy of


Cost: Free The move to college often involves a move to a new city. Which begs the question... where am I? The HopStop Android app provides detailed public transit and walking directions in dozens of cities throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Whether you’re traveling by bus, subway, train, trolley, ferry, taxi, limo or walking, this is the app that will get you there.


Wolfram Alpha Cost: $1.99 How much vitamin C is in ice cream? Where is the lowest point in Australia (.92 milligrams and Lake Eyre, respectively)? Gain instant access to expert knowledge with the WolframAlpha app. Students can look up calculus formulas, fact-check research papers and navigate complicated theories, with time left over to settle a bet on which was the largest dinosaur.

Fitness from page


fully completed in spring with even more options for students’ workouts. You pay a fee to go there as part of your tuition, so drop the expensive gym you never go to anyway and start

working out on campus. Stay Organized. College can be stressful. Ask any senior who is most likely on their fifth year and is still looking at 12 classes before they get their hands on a degree. Stress can ravage the body leaving you prone to weight gain, exhaustion, and irritation. Keeping on top of your classes, homework,

and tests will not only help your GPA but also your health, keeping you from losing sleep or stress eating while cramming for last minute papers. Alcohol: the Diet Killer. Everyone knows the sauce may not be the best thing for you for many reasons, but most don’t know that even one unit of alcohol shuts down your

Cost: Free to $9.99/month Whether it’s helping you study or helping kick off an impromptu dorm dance party, music is a necessity outside of the classroom. Already popular all over Europe, Spotify is an on-demand music streaming service that just made its debut in the U.S. last month. Take your Spotify playlists with you on your phone or tablet in order to listen to music at home, on campus and anywhere in between.

metabolism for several hours. Your body struggles to flush it from your system leaving it focused on the alcohol rather than the double cheeseburger you consumed earlier. Have a drink now and again but having a beer everyday could lead you to the dreaded beer gut. College is meant to be fun, so don’t stress too much about

trying to cut calories. You have your entire life to shrug off the weight from the fun years of college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the damage in the process. Just try to stick to a few of these easy rules. Good luck to everyone this fall, you’ll probably catch me in the gym.


Week of September 5, 2011

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Week of September 5, 2011

Page 12

Performing Arts Series

Arts & Entertainment

Big laughs for small crowd By Kyle Grant A&E Editor

River North Dance Chicago Wed. Oct. 5 Roberts Hall Auditorium Door: 7:30 p.m.

Tap Kids Wed. Oct. 19 Roberts Hall Auditorium Door: 7:30 p.m.

Compania Flamenco Jose Porcel

Anchor Photo/Kyle Grant

The Upright Citizens Brigade

Tues. Nov. 1 Roberts Hall Auditorum Door: 7:30 p.m. National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China Wed. Nov. 9 Roberts Hall Auditorum Door: 7:30 p.m.

The Muir Quartet


Mon. Nov. 14 Sapinsley Hall Door: 7:30 p.m.

A Leahy Family Christmas Sun. Dec. 1 Roberts Hall Auditorium Door: 2:30 p.m.

ended their performance on a high note after a shakey start.

You Mad Bro?

Internet memes and what they mean By Kyle Grant A&E Editor

Do you suck at anything involving the Internet? The nineties fad known as the World Wide Web has lasted a little longer than anybody expected, and has sprouted into quite the phenomenon. You tried to fit into the internet scene, getting yourself a Hotmail account and asking Jeeves on how to use Internet Explorer properly, but you still can’t seem to catch up with those darn kids and their fancy i…things. All the guys at work, your cousins, hell even your mom are all up-to-date on the biggest trends on the web, using their Gmail accounts to email dumb pictures

of cats and asking if ‘they can has cheezburger?’ like they were dropped on your head or something. And of course, at least once a month your punk nephew sends you an email titled “awesome video of ZZ Top live”, and you click it all excited only to see the lousy Rick Astley playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” as your co-workers howl with laughter asking “You Mad Bro?” Well, my internet deprived friend, what you have found yourself victim of is being a n00b. Millions of n00bs wander the Internet aimlessly, just waiting to fall victim to the lurking trolls. What you have here in your hand is a guide to become internet savvy by learning the culture of the internet generation through

the Internet Meme. An Internet meme is the description of an idea that spreads through the internet. The world of Internet memes is virtually endless and constantly growing, but there are a few Internet memes that stand out above the rest. LOLCats: This Internet meme was started in 2006 by a Hawaiian couple who were allegedly very high and into cats. The meme features a picture of a cat doing something silly and cat-like, with goofy captions written in broken English on the bottom such as “I can has Cheezburger?” and “Where is mah Bucket?” This meme originally started on Internet forums such as 4chan and Something Awful, but soon See MEME Page 17

In between the wrath of Irene, the lack of power, and the chaos of move-in at Rhode Island College, things have not exactly been tranquil to say the least. In the frenzy to make sure the campus should operate and the mania that comes to a college moving in freshmen with dorms running on generators, many things found themselves on the backburner of student and faculty minds alike. Sadly, it seems improvisational comedy was one concept thrown to the wayside, which is a shame when you think of it. When the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company came to Sapinsley Hall from their homeland of New York, they came to a building run on generators, shelled with debris, and littered with a meager supply of students. Despite the disadvantages, however, the four performers still put on one hell of a show. Unlike routine comedy shows which has planned and rehearsed skits, the Upright Citizens Brigade came to Sapinsley with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. All the material for their performance came from their interactions and questions to the audience, and while the audience was small it still provided enough interesting material to keep the improv brigade going. If there were any problems with the Upright Citizens Brigade show, it would be how long it took for them to actually start anything funny. Improvisational comedy often draws the inspiration for their skits from the crowd, but it took Upright Citizens Brigade over a half-hour of asking simple questions to audience members, making See UPRIGHT Page 18

Page 13 Arts & Entertainment Young the Giant Circus Ole!

Week of September 5, 2011

the Jolly

Green Giant’s

younger brother By Eddie Taylor Music Spotlight

T h o s e first few days off were great, weren’t they? Despite the hurricane, fallen trees on nearly every street in my neighborhood, no power, and still no Internet or cable…oh the humanity! Ok so I guess being in class is better than staring at my darkened living room wall like a zombie from boredom. The honeymoon is over and classes have begun and so has the crippling debt of text books and in my case $300 in supplies for TV Production courses. Anyway this is a music column, why don’t we get to the actual music part shall we? So the Young the Giant…this band is good, and here’s why (poetic, I know right?) Young the Giant is an alternative rock group who has just recently broke into the national scene getting airtime on some of the area’s biggest true to rock stations such as 95.5 WBRU. The band’s breakout single, “My Body,” received an abundant amount of airtime and was even used in several commercials, but most recently the band’s single, “Cough Syrup,” both off their debut album Young the Giant, has brought the band back onto the airwaves. The band has gone to most recently headline the Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest music festival and tour with acts such as New Politics, Neon Trees, and Incubus. Young the Giant is slated to play as Incubus’ opener in their Sept. 9 concert at the Comcast Center. The band’s sound can be described as nothing short of spectacular. The band walks the line between a mellow

more laid back sound such as Death Cab for Cutie and a more upbeat tone such as Irish rockers Two Door Cinema Club. Young the Giant doesn’t break any new ground, but their relaxing melodies will leave you upbeat and wanting more. The band at times goes for a more energetic sound that leaves you wishing you could dance while listening to your ear buds walking down the quad, but I don’t recommend that of course. The group’s more laid back music would be great for a bike ride or just relaxing on your sofa or lying in the grass between classes. The band makes a great blending between energetic and more melodic, so even listening to an album at length won’t leave you feeling that the band is jumping around the cover all the bases. I had the opportunity to see these guys over the summer when they played Waterplace Park in Providence as part of WBRU’s free summer concert series. I went with a friend but when we saw that it was a total, “tween fest,” we decided to take off. Later, I gave the band a listen. I was kicking myself wishing I decided to put up with the annoying spectators, since this band is one of the better alternative acts to make it big in the past year. So there you have it, Young the Giant is a great listen, plain and simple. The band has a clean sound that is appealing to anyone who considers themselves a fan of alternative rock, and definitely worth a few clicks to check out online. The band even puts out a decent cover of Adele’s, “Rolling in the Deep,” which can be found on YouTube. I just heard we have another hurricane eyeing the East coast, that’s it I’m buying a generator.

The one man circus to Rhode Island College

ByTimothy Horden A&E Staff Writer

With the start of the new semester, the stress of schoolwork seems to pile on top of you with an everincreasing speed. Some may wonder how to cope with the stress and well the answer lies no further than an event in the RIC Programming Welcome Week, Wed. Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. If you’re not busy, get yourself to the Gaige Hall Auditorium for an aweinspiring performance by Michael DuBois. For years, DuBois traveled the country stopping in at over 300 colleges to perform his one-man-circus act. The

act includes but is not limited to magic, juggling, comedy, and other circus shenanigans. What makes this such an interesting experience would be that each show is tailored to the specific venue, and the crowd, so the shows are unique. The shows boast to touch upon everyone’s fancy with such a vast amount of talents. RIC Programming will once again out-do themselves and put on a great night out to kick off Fall 2011. The event is free for all to attend so there really is no excuse not to go. As college students, we are also looking to acquire free things and well RIC Programming covered that

too! For those who attend the event, you’ll receive a free light up champagne glass. If you do get thirsty, there will be plenty of free sparkling cider to drink. What could be better than watching a free show with free cider? If you have any questions about the show or any event coming up in the near future, contact RIC Programming at (401) 456-8045 or email them at ricprogramming@ So if you are free on Sept. 7, come on down to Gaige for a unique experience and some free stuff. Until next time, good luck with classes and welcome back to RIC.

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Michael DuBois, the one man circus.

QandAnchor Name: Nancy Carriuolo President of Rhode Island College

We ask,

you answer

Name: Justin Supplee Major: Nursing Year: Freshman

Name: David Thurber Major: Nursing Year: Junior

“Reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen in years, studying, learning new skills and meeting new people.”

“I can’t wait to see the new Rec open with the new equipment, and go swimming.”

Name: Theresa Simmons Major: Accounting Year: Junior

Name: Kaleigh Lubera Major: Nursing Year: Sophomore

Name: Danielle Sheets Major: Communications Year: Senior

“Personally I’m hoping for a great year with Greek Life! I’m looking forward to a great turn out. I can’t wait for classes and meeting new people.”

“Broadening my education even more here at RIC which will allow me to become even closer to the future I hope to have. I also look forward to meeting many new people and forming great memories.”

“I’m excited for Greek Life on campus to grow. We have a Greek BBQ and Info. Night on the 13th and 14th and I’m excited to meet more girls who are possibly interested.”

“I am looking forward to the completion of all the renovation projects since they are making our campus more functional and attractive. ”

“What are you looking forward to the most this year?”

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Aerial view of the 16-acre 9/11 memorial . Reflection pools fill the original towers’ foundations

MEMORIAL from page


Towers. Surrounding the pools, four waterfalls and bronze plates with the names of every 9/11 victim and the victims of the Feb. 26, 1993 terrorist attack on the garages under the Twin Towers. The names of the victims of each flight and the Pentagon, are engraved as well. The pools each take up an acre of the 16-acre complex. Half of the complex has been devoted to the memorial and museum slated to open next year. The entrance to the memorial museum, a glass atrium, displays two gigantic tridents from the remnants of the façade of the North Tower. The memorial was also planted with trees harvested from a 500-mile radius of the World Trade Center, according to the memorial’s website. Trees were also selected from around the Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania area to represent the other victims of the attack. The memorial also hosts a pear tree named the “Survivor Tree.” The tree was rescued from the original complex after the attack and nursed back to life. Construction of four new towers to replace those destroyed will begin shortly at the site. Visitors of the memorial will be able to view the progress of the construction process right from the site. Also slated to begin is the construction of the WTC Transportation Hub. The dedication of the memorial has not been without major controversy. Fundamentalist Christian groups have been in an uproar since any religious demonstrations and clergy have been banned at the dedication ceremony, out of respect for the diversity of religious backgrounds among the victims and their families.

In an email to the Huffinton Post, spokeswoman for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Evelyn Erskine said, “The ceremony was designed in coordination with 9/11 families with a mixture of readings that are spiritual, historical and personal in nature. It has been widely supported for the past 10 years and rather than have disagreements over which religious leaders participate we would like to keep the focus of our commemoration ceremony on the family members of those who died. This year’s six moments of silence allow every individual a time for personal and religious

introspection.” The dedication of the memorial is a closed event open only to the families of the victims and a few select government officials from the past and the present. As Mayor Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show, politics should not overshadow the ceremony. The ceremony is slated to begin shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11. Family members can reserve tickets for the dedication of the memorial online at http://www.911memorial. org.

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The reflection pools’ bronze parapets are engraved with names of 9/11 victims.

Week of September 5, 2011

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Arts & Entertainment My love/hate

relationship with anime By Christian De Cataldo Anchor Contributor

I’m not entirely sure where I fall in the many categories of Anime fans because I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with it. I will admit that I do greatly enjoy most of the art styles used in Anime and Manga. More often than not, I give a passing mark to the way a story is presented. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that means I’ll go easy on you Anime; there is still the hate factor of our relationship after all. You have to understand that regardless of how an Anime may look and how well it presents itself, if its story doesn’t hold up to my standards I am quite likely to shoot its parents in a dark alleyway in the hopes of developing it a bit. It worked pretty well with Batman, after all. I’ll give you an instance of what I mean. There is a rather obscure anime out there, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s called Naruto. It has an interesting drawing style which somehow makes all the women

look fat, a great deal of cool action sequences and even a lot of quirky (and sometimes annoyingly stupid) comedy. The thing is Naruto faces the same problem as the war on terror which is there’s no end goal. The story follows the life of a yellow haired, orange-jumpsuit wearing, and particularly dim ninja by the name, which I bet you would never guess, Naruto (and yes, it does sound like some kind of foot disease). Because the poor dolt is a ninja by trade he has, essentially, an infinite amount of enemies and because the only real plot is to follow him around as he kills people or makes friends, which is really all the little blighter does, there is no end goal. We can’t get all the terrorists and Naruto can’t… well… kill everyone or make friends with everyone, though I feel as though I said that already. Yes I’m sure some of you will say “well you’re a stupid prick! Of course Naruto has an end goal, he wants to become Hokage!” to which I reply “true, but that wouldn’t end the series now would it?” The fact is Naruto

will never end, he’ll just keep going on endlessly repetitive missions until all of our brains have been eaten by Nazi zombies on the surface of Mars, because where else would Nazi zombies come from? I believe the best Anime series are the ones that have a beginning middle and, most importantly, end because there is nothing more painful than watching a good series go sour and leave a bad taste in your mouth the way banana yogurt does. Yes, I understand that things like revenge plots, or rescuing a damsel are common and cliché but at least once the bad guy is dead and the princes has given you that cake she said she made for you it’s over. Now you get to go and do something new and fun, like, oh I don’t know, do your homework so you don’t flunk out of RIC and have to go to a college where you can get your bachelors in only four years instead of six… hmm, that was oddly specific. Oh, and Naruto has a demon fox inside of him.

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Arts & Entertainment

Album Quick Picks Bush “The Sea of Memories” Release Date: Sept 13 The first original album released by the post-grunge British band in over a decade, “The Sea of Memories” has been in production for well over a year. Bush’s lineup has changed considerably since their heyday in the nineties, but will nonetheless have iconic front man Gavin Rossdale playing guitar and lead vocals. This is the bands fifth original album since “Sixteen Stone” was released in Courtesy 1994, and only the second in this millennium. One of the songs, “All My Life”, is featured on the video game NHL 12 and is available for download on the games website. Songs to listen to: “All My Life,” “The Sound of Winter”

Lady Antebellum “Own the Night” Release Date: Sept 13 Country music sensation Lady Antebellum is ready to bombard the airwaves once again with the debut of third album “Own the Night” September 13. The Nashville band led by singer Hillary Scott has had astounding success with their last Grammy-winning album “Need You Now”, and the success is expected to continue with “Own the Night”. The first single off the album, “Just A Kiss”, reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, and a second single was released on August 15th.

Courtesy of

Songs to listen to: “We Own the Night,” “Just a Kiss”

Dream Theater “A Dramatic Turn of Events” Release Date: Sept 13

Courtesy of

MEME from page


exploded with the creation of the website Today, the website gets millions of views per day and is worth millions of dollars. Viewers post their own material on the website, and other viewers can vote on these silly cat pictures. So, if you are curious as to why your tech savvy relatives giggle at cats sitting on keyboards and keep insisting a walrus is searching for a bucket, check out and get in the loop! Rickrolling: This is a internet prank that uses the 1987 music video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” This meme is a classic bait and switch. The link to the music video is disguised as something else and the prankster claims the link is something appealing to the victim. The victim eagerly clicks the link, expecting a lost episode of their favorite show or an important document, only to watch the awkward Astley sing his 80’s hit. The art of pranking people with the eighties single is known as Rickrolling, which has steamrolled as one of the most popular memes today. What started as a simple email prank has grown to a giant scale, from Nationwide Scientology protests to NY Met games to the Macy’s Day Parade. Want to get your lousy co-workers

Week of September 5, 2011

Page 17 back? Disguise a Rickroll as that important report and assure those jerks you are no stranger to meme love. Trolling: Everyone has a villain, and for the internet that villain are trolls. Sure, in real life these are the loser kids who have neither friends nor social lives, wasting away in the confines of their parent’s basement. However, provide them with an internet connection and they become as aggressive and ferocious as a Grizzly Bear with a jetpack. A troll is essentially somebody who wreaks havoc and mayhem across the internet, often lurking in online communities, forums, and blogs. For as long as there has been an internet, there have been trolls making people miserable. Often, the internet troll will make inflammatory, off-topic, and aggravating comments in a social outlet, meant to provoke an emotional response from the readers. Trolling has been iconized by the infamous “Trollface”, which is seen as the face a troll makes while trolling. Often, trolling is meant to be humorous and at the most annoying, but over the past few years some trolls have crossed the line into cyber-bullying, which a serious and wretched act. There you have it, just a few of the internet memes that have proved to stand out. If you still want to learn some of the other popular memes out in cyberspace, make sure to check in next week!

Progressive metal band Dream Theater will be releasing their eleventh studio album and the first since the departure of drummer Mike Portnoy. The Berklee-educated band replaced Portnoy with Mike Mangini, a legend among drummers. Dream Theater will continue with their reputation of marathon songs, with almost all the songs on the nine-track album peaking over six minutes, and many going over ten minutes. So far, one single has been released on YouTube.

. Songs to listen to: “On the Backs of Angels ” “Bridges in the Sky”

Courtesy of

Week of September 5, 2011

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UPRIGHT from page


the event feel like a talk show, not a comedy. During this half hour many of the already small crowd left, and although they missed a funny show they can’t be blamed, for the Upright Citizens Brigade did not do much to alleviate the awkwardness felt by the rest of the audience as the asking and telling dragged on. Honestly, I seriously thought of leaving myself, but I stuck it out to the end. This would pull for my favor however, for the Upright Citizens rewarded my patience with a quite the hilarious comedy routine. For the first part of the show, the Upright Citizens based their skits on the questions they asked a RIC Nursing Major named Kendra. The audience member provided the improv brigade with stories of creepy college tour guides, wild old ladies at nursing homes, ridiculous rules of a KFC chain, and sibling rivalry, and the Upright Citizens brought these stories to life in wonderful hilarity. Skits includ-

Arts & Entertainment ing crazy gun juggling teens in 1926 (what a year!), random syringes filled with heroin floating around dismal nursing homes, disturbed tour guides obsessed with “moist campuses” and no personal space, and the belligerent Colonel Sanders who despised food being eaten after nine, are just a few of the skits that filled Sapinsley with laughter for the first half of the show. For the second half of the show, the Improv Group asked the audience some of the stranger experiences they have had at college. This time, the Upright Citizens Brigade was much more efficient at getting steam for their show, and once again provided the audience with laughter. Skits about hobos raiding garbage and the legendary “hobo catnip”, a roommate who dressed up as an ape and made YouTube videos all day, an ambulance driver who decides to piggyback victims to the hospital, and an awkward strip club called cufflinks that specializes in “grinding in the face” filled the hall with more glee than the first part. If a comedy troupe puts on a show and no one is around to

see it, does it still get a laugh? Well, this Anchor editor and the three other people who saw the Upright Citizens Brigade

at Sapinsley can answer this with a convincing yes. Despite a petite crowd and a slow start, the Upright Citizens Brigade

nonetheless put on a strong show that kicked off the year at RIC with a bang.

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in the fall. Members of the Ads Team will recieve 20% commission off all ads that they sell. If interested email with a resume and cover letter.

The Rice Cakes’ Monster Man By Rob Duguay Rob’s Album of the Week

They say that great partnerships only get better with time. It couldn’t be any more evident than with one of the best bands Providence has to offer, the power trio perfecto known simply as The Rice Cakes. The combination of Roz Raskin’s smooth as silk but at the same time powerful voice, an infectious display of drumming from Casey Belisle and the multiinstrumental genius of Justin Foster creates a sound that can’t be duplicated and will never be equaled. Since the band’s debut album in 2009 with, “The Friend

Ship,” and the release of their three song EP, “Feel Like Human,” last year, The Rice Cakes have toured all over the country and Roz even played a few solo shows in Los Angeles earlier this year. The band’s new six song EP, “Monster Man,” was released on the band’s website at and also at Firehouse 13 in Providence on Aug. 26th. The EP’s release party at Firehouse 13, located at 41 Central St., Providence, also featured the worldwide screening of The Rice Cakes’ brand new music video for “Magma”, one of the band’s songs from, “Monster Man.” Directed by RIC grad Adam DePalma and Roz’s significant other Paul Medieros, the music video is flawless and impeccable but I won’t spoil it for you so check it out on Vimeo or YouTube.

Recorded, mixed and produced in a homemade studio built by Foster in Central Falls, “Monster Man,” is the musical epitome of the do-it- yourself mindset that has taken over the way things are created in Rhode Island’s burgeoning music and art scene. “Monster Man,” is a completely self-released, selfproduced, self-made record that shows the hard work and dedication The Rice Cakes put into everything they do. It makes their music extremely genuine, which is a quality that you hardly see in music these days. Even the artwork of the EP is self-drawn by each member of the band, who in music even does that anymore? When it comes down to it, The Rice Cakes are quite possibly the hardest working band in Rhode Island, New England,

The Rice Cakes “Monster Man” The RIce Cakes Inc.

Courtesy of

and maybe even beyond. Their latest release is surely a treasure to behold with songs such as “Hate”, “Gore”, “Everyone”, “With A Monster Man” and “Magma”, each being experimental and awesome in their own way. The Rice Cakes are embarking on a 18 date tour of the east coast starting at TT The Bear’s in Boston on Sept. 1 and ending at The Starving Artist

in Keene, New Hampshire on Sept. 22, but be sure that they’ll be playing another amazing show in Rhode Island sometime in the near future. If you want to listen to a band that’s going to blow your mind with that first drumbeat, riff and bass line, hit up The Rice Cakes’ website and download a copy of “Monster Man,” it’s definitely a purchase you don’t want to pass up.

Arts & Entertainment

Week of September 5, 2011

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Games for Cheapsakes:

Star Wars the Force Unleased II By Eddie Taylor Maganging Editor

So you’re a college student now, which means those glory days of high school when you had cash to burn has been left behind. You used to be a gamer, with the newest release always in your Xbox, but those days have passed and now you have to invest your money in boring things like food and textbooks. But don’t fret collegiate gamer! There are still plenty of games out there within your narrow budget. All high-budget games eventually become outdated, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still worth playing. One example of a cheap game worth playing is Star Wars the Force Unleashed II, the sequel to the

critically acclaimed original. It has been on the shelves for some time now, and the once expensive game now averages around 30 bucks. While the game has its flaws, it does pack a lot of bang for its buck at the reduced price and is worth the trek to your local GameStop to check out. The game takes place after the events of the original game that saw you nearly defeat the Emperor as Darth Vader’s apprentice Starkiller while trying to save the remaining rebel leaders in the uncompleted Death Star between episodes III and IV. Starkiller, who was thought to have died during the original game’s conclusion, is cloned by Darth Vader to continue his mission to assassinate

the Emperor to gain ultimate power. Starkiller’s clone, who believes he is the original host, escapes from Vader on the planet of Kamino to seek out the rebel alliance and his love interest Juno Eclipse. Saving a Jedi general from execution he is reunited with the rebel fleet aboard the alliance’s flagship The Salvation, but Eclipse is captured by bounty hunter Boba Fett under the direction of Vader. Starkiller returns to Kamino with the rebel fleet to save Juno being held captive on the planet’s surface. The game’s narrative may sound lengthy and well developed, but compared to the first game in the series this sequel let downs audiences with its lack of storytelling. The game’s plot

seems to have been thrown together haphazardly and it was apparent that developers were not planning on a second game when creating the original. The whole clone aspect confused fans, especially when it was never fully answered by Vader whether the protagonist was the original Starkiller or not, something that writers should have took the time to fully explain. The sequel obviously left the door open for a follow up game in an attempt to make more money and seems to have intentionally left loose ends. The biggest sin this game commits has to be its length, meaning that it really has none. The game seems to end just as the story beings to pick up speed, to the point that final

fight with Darth Vader felt as though it was just a chance encounter until the villain runs away to allow the plot to continue. The game continues what the original did best with effective hack and slash gameplay and over powered Force attacks making the player feel like a Jedi on steroids. The controls are well balanced and the over-the-top mechanics and fight scenes are satisfying. While Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was not worth its original price tag the game’s current reduced price makes it a steal, perfect for relieving stress of classes as you cut down legions of baddies.

Courtesy of

Week of September 5, 2011

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Arts & Entertainment

Under the Radar The Subways Warner Bros. Records

Local Events Improv Jones Every Thursday and Saturday night at 10 p.m. $5.00

Since 1992 Improv Jones has brought together the finest improv performers of Rhode Island and Southern New England to create fantastic improvised worlds of delight. Improv Jones is perfect for a getaway from that boring dorm room of yours when you need a few good laughs from a handful of talented performers.

Perishable Theatre, 95 Empire St. Providence RI

Waterfire Sept. 10 At Dusk Free

Enjoy the Providence cultural tradition for one of the last full lightings in the season. Downtown Providence comes alive with crowds, performances and vendors. The event is perfect for college students strapped for cash after text books who want to get away with a few friends or that special someone.

There are a lot of harder acts out there, but few can compare to the U.K. based post grunge rockers that are The Subways. The band probably can’t be completely considered under the radar due to their popularity in their home country since their formation in 2003 playing major festivals that the U.K. is known for. However The Subways haven’t achieved much commercial success here in the states other than their music getting play time in several well-known films such as RocknRolla. The Subways can be a sort of a hit or miss band with many musical pallets. The band can easily be considered at their finest during their more energetic numbers such as their hit single, “Rock n’ Roll Queen.” Their singles, “Shake, Shake,” and “Oh Yeah,” get your blood pumping and the three piece bands sounds as though they should have five members. However the band can at times fall flat when they attempt to pull in their energy and take to a calmer style, and while singer/ guitarist Billy Lunn has a great voice it can at times be grating at a slower pace. Stick to this band’s harder music and you’ll have a solid playlist. The Subways’ third studio album, “Money and Celebrity,” hits stores Sept. 19. -Eddie Taylor

Waterplace Park, Providence, RI

Upcoming Concerts Thursday, Sept. 8

Friday,Sept. 9

Sunday, Sept.25

Two door Cinema Club


Mac Miller

Royale 279 Tremont St., Boston MA

The Comcast Center 855 South Main St, Mansfield, Ma.

Tickets $20

Tickets $62

Show at 7 p.m.

Show at 7 p.m.

With Bombay Bicycle Club and the Lonely Forest

With Young the Giant

With Casey Veggies and The Come Up

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel 79 Washington St., Providence Tickets $20 in advance, $23 day of Doors 8 p.m., show 9 p.m.

Arts & Entertainment News Sports Arts & Entertainment

T.I. Released from Prison

Clifford Harris, otherwise known as hip-hop star T.I, was released one month early from an Arkansas Prison this week. Harris was arrested for violating his probation when he was found with ecstasy pills. Harris was originally arrested in 2009 after attempting to buy unregistered weapons from federal agents. Upon his release, T.I allegedly has a book deal in the works, as well as a continuation of the VH1 television show “T.I’s Road to Redemption”, which catalogues the hip-hop star as he attempts to help others avoid bad choices. Week of September 5, 2011

Page 21

Lil Wayne sports women’s jeggings at the VMA’s The iconic rapper turned heads at most recent MTV Video Music Awards when Wayne took to the stage wearing leopard print women’s skin tight jeggings that he had hanging well below his waist exposing his boxers. Designer Tripp NYC quickly took its Facebook page to claim credit for the design of Wayne’s off kilter style choice. The incident has even sparked its own twitter feed Waynes_Jeggings. Wayne’s fashion choice has sparked mixed reactions from fans.

Man sues Warner Bros After ‘The Hangover 2’ Causes Brain Damage Scott McLean, a stunt actor from Sidney, Australia, is suing Warner Bros after suffering brain damage on the set of ‘Hangover 2’. McLean, who was the stunt double for Ed Helms (who plays Dr. Stu Price in the Hangover series), suffered severe brain damage after a head on collision while filming a chase scene. McLean was in a coma for two months after the accident, and is currently in a rehabilitation facility in Sydney. According to McLean, stunt coordinator Russell Solberg change the timing sequence of the stunt in the middle of the stunt, leading to the crash.

Courtesy of

Lenny Kravitz admits to drug abuse The well-known rocker known for hit singles such as, “American Woman,” and, “Let Love Rule,” has been reported to have abused controlled substances and partying during the height of his career, according “I had surround myself with energy and chaos and excitement and conflict. For a bit I was high all the time, just medicating…I suppose that was so I didn’t have to feel certain things.” Kravitz told Men’s Journal Magazine. Kravitz has since cleaned up claiming his 11 year old daughter Zoe moving in full time as his inspiration. “If it hadn’t of happened, I don’t know where I’d be now.” Kravitz goes on to state.

Courtesy of

Insane Clown Posse and Jack White collaborate to cover Mozart

Oh yeah, that’s really happening. According to a White Stripes press release, indie rock legend Jack White and Juggalo clown-rappers Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J are combining their forces to play their own rendition of a melody by 18th century icon Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The song, called “Leck Mich Im Arsch”, is being produced by White, and is scheduled to come out September 13th. And yes, this is NOT a joke.

George Lucas makes changes in Blu-ray edition of Phantom Menace

The infamous writer and director of the Star Wars films has been reported to have made slight changes to the prequel trilogy’s original film Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace. Lucas has become known for modifications to his films when they are re-released onto different platforms, especially with the saga’s original trilogy Episodes IV-VI. Yoda who was originally portrayed in puppet form by Frank Oz has been replaced with a CGI character in The Phantom Menace Blu-ray, according to, garnering outrage from fans. Lucas has also recently come under attack from the dialogue to one of Darth Vader’s final scenes in The Return of the Jedi.

Week of September 5, 2011

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Week of September 5, 2011

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Anchorwomen fall at the feet of the colonels

By Jack Adamo Sports Editor

Junior stand out Doris Belanger’s win at three singles wasn’t nearly enough as the Rhode Island College women’s tennis team fell to Curry College 8-1 in their season opener earlier this week. The rout continued in their second match of the season at Roger Williams where the Hawks flew away on the Anchorwomen by a familiar score of 8-1. The 0-2 start for Rhode Island College is all too familiar following last seasons winless mark. Belanger, the lone bright spot for the team during the season opener, really took the opportunity to shine. After

taking the first set 6-3, she dropped the second set 3-6. Belanger entered the third set knowing the team was almost mathematically eliminated from the contest. After twelve long games Belanger and her opponent were unable to determine a winner. Belanger went on to take the set and the match in a tie break 10-4 powered by two early forehand winners. In the home opener, RIC’s woes continued against Roger Williams. However they found the team’s first doubles victory of the year when the duo of senior Gaby Batek and freshman Chelsea Brown took an 8-3 victory at the number one doubles slot. Batek is a solid proven player for the Anchor-

women but new comer Brown is in the begining of what hopes to be a promising career as an Anchorwoman. Brown, the Wallingford, Connecticut native, is one of the most experienced players on the team even as a freshman. With Brown grabbing her first college win, look for her confidence to begin to build and start making some noise in the singles brackets. In upcoming action the Anchorwomen will face off against Emmanuel College, Salve Regina University, and also Nichols College all this week starting Tuesday at home. Courtesy of

Senior Gaby Batek played a key role in a doubles victory.


fall in season opener By AJ Clark Sports Writer

Despite dominating the Norwich Cadets in virtually every category, the RIC men’s soccer team lost their season opener by a score of 1-0 in the Roger Williams Invitational. The Cadets were outshot 26-2 by the Anchormen and were held without a shot in the second half. Their lone goal came from sophomore defender Ryan Campbell off of a throw-in. The goal came with under one minute left to go in the first half. It capped off a half that saw the Cadets Courtesy of

Senior Bruno Costa failed to find the net in the opening game.

get outshot 12-3. Cadets’ freshman goalkeeper Christian Hallstrom anchored down RIC’s offense and finished the game with eight saves. Hallstrom got quite the first start for a freshman as he saw an outstanding effort from the Anchormen. Freshman forward Emmanuel Asiedu had the best scoring opportunity for the Anchormen, but his beautiful header was saved by Cadet freshman defender Chris Bristol, inside the six yard box. Hallstrom continued to dominate late in the second half, as RIC put together a flurry of shots

that were turned away by the rookie goalkeeper. Leading the way for RIC in shots were sophomore midfielder Ryan Rasielski who had five and junior defender Donald Dane who finished the game with four. Taking the loss was Anchormen senior goalkeeper Nick Clark who finished the game with one save. The Anchormen will be back in action at home on Thurs. Sept. 8 at 6:00 against in-state rivals Roger Williams University in their home opener.


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teams 23 helpers on the day. On the defensive side of the

ball the Anchorwomen played a little loose at first allowing 40 Lyon points in the first two sets before locking it in and only giving up 27 points in the second two sets. Harley Mitchell and Stoermer led the way on

defense with nine and eight digs respectfully. Cabral and Boyer led the way with three solo blocks each. The win starts the career of new coach Elysce Tackmann off on the right foot. The team

will look to improve on its record as they will head up to the Brandeis Invitational with matches against Eastern Connecticut State, Trinity, Tufts, and hosts Brandeis this up coming weekend.

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opener. Wheelock’s keeper Alexandra Chiesa did a commendable job turning back 19 of them. On the other hand, RIC’s goalkeeper position is also in transition by  losing RIC saves leader Maddie Pirri.  Sophomore Abygayle Fisher, who can also  lace them up at  midfield, played the first 76 minutes in goal, making three saves, before handing the duty over to a duo of freshman in Audrey Maia and Ashlyn Cleary for the remainder of the contest. Not even a full day later, the Anchorwomen were back on the pitch to play host to Thomas College.  With RIC hunting for the game’s initial goal, RIC midfielder Melanie Goes got fouled about 25 yards from the opponent’s net. Maisano lined up and bent  the ball  over the head of Thomas’s keeper Kate Thibodeau.   30s minutes later it was 1-0 RIC.  In the second half, Saucier made a cheeky through ball pass that eluded the Terrier defense.  The ball found Peloquin eight yards from the target.  She made it 2-0 RIC, 52 minutes in.  That was enough to seal the game for the Anchorwomen, the first  time since  1999 that the girls program opened up the year with back-to-back shutout victories.    The week ahead will present a steady view on what we can expect the Anchorwomen to show us for the upcoming season.  On Wednesday the team will be back on the road, paying the returning champions of the NEWMAC, the  Springfield Pride, a visit. That is prior to facing the defending NECC champs, Mitchell College, on Saturday.


Week of September 5, 2011

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Women’s soccer shuts out Wheelock and Thomas By Dan Charest Sports Writer

Courtesy of

Senior sweeper Jenna Childs spearheaded the Anchorwomen’s defense.

Two shut out wins in less the 24 hours leaves the Rhode Island College women’s soccer team undefeated to start the 2011 campain. Friday night the squad headed up to Boston to square off with the Wheelock Wildcats for the first contest of the season and came out with a commanding 6-0 win. The Anchorwomen followed that up the very next day with a 2-0 defeat of the Thomas College Terriers in the home opener.   In Beantown on Friday, RIC pulled ahead early and never looked back.  Junior captain Sarah Fagan lined up for a penalty kick in the 14th minute and buried it to give RIC an early advantage.  The Anchorwomen continued to chase the game’s second goal by playing smart, mistake free soccer and unloading strikes onto the opposing net. 

Patience paid off in 40th minute when Johnna Magiera broke away from the Wildcats defense and assisted Lauren Maisano on her first tally of the season.  Not even three minutes later sophomore Megan Saucier  crossed the ball to the back of the left side of the box and set up Magiera for a goal before the halftime whistle halted play.  Freshman Danielle Peloquin buried one  in the 68th minute and Maisano tacked on another a few minutes later off another Saucier assist.  Then Saucier hopped in on the fun herself and capped off an outstanding first collegiate game in the 72nd minute, beating the keeper far side, ending the game with the 6-0 win.   It was an eye-opening offensive start for RIC, whose roster is without 2011’s recordbreaking striker tandem.  The Anchorwomen piled on 24 shots on goal in the season See SHUTS

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Anchorwomen volleyball hunts down Lyons By Jack Adamo Sports Editor

The Rhode Island College women’s volleyball team started things out on the right foot with a huge win over the Wheaton College Lyons in their home opener. The dominant score of 3-1 only can say so much about the Anchorwomen’s performance in the first team effort of the year. There was very little early season rust on the wheels of the team as they played great together from start to finish. Courtesy of Offence proved to be of no isFreshman Katie McGovney on defense. sue for RIC as they spread out the

attack dropping 37 kills on the Lyons. Freshman Marina Stoermer led the way with twelve kills on her own. Stoermer took matters in her own hand in the third set with six of her team high twelve kills, two blocks, and three digs to help the team crush the Lyons 25-12 in the third set. Sophomore Amanda Cabral jumped in on the offensive charge as well with seven kills of her own. Junior captain Breanna Boyer and senior Rachel Perry each notched six kills as well. Jessica Ho provided most of the teams assist efforts as she logged 22 of the See HUNTS Page 26

Athlete of the week

Megan Saucier Sophomore Women’s Soccer

Saucier led the offensive charge for the Anchorwomen in their opening weekend. In her first collegiate game she scored a goal and added two assists on the way to a 6-0 RIC win. The following day she contributed a clutch assist on the game-winning goal to lift RIC over Thomas College 2-0. She also posted a team leading six shots on net in each game.

It felt great to get back on the field after a year off and helping the team win just made it that much better. It was very exciting all around.”


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