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WE BUILD BRANDS... and our clients love ’em.




Preface This submission is representative of our contribution to a selection of key clients during the CIM awards entry period 1 January 2009 to 7 October 2010. The first six case studies launched between Q2 2009 and Q3 2010. For clarification, the case study for Jersey Enterprise reflects only work completed within the entry period.


The Beach Communication The Beach Communication is a progressive, independent brand strategy and design consultancy established in 2001, owned and managed by designers who actively promote the direct relationship with the client. Over the past nine years, we have fused our extensive experience in new media and the traditional design and marketing disciplines and emerged as one of the leading and most formidable brand agencies in the Channel Islands with a portfolio of clients and successful outcomes that attributes to this. Our approach is ideas-driven and highly collaborative, grounded in the science of brand development. This approach we apply with considerable passion and contagious energy for clients, with the aim of igniting their brands and subsequent business success. Our approach to brand build is both intelligent and practical. We work closely with clients to generate ideas, solve problems and share knowledge. Our core skills lie in developing effective brand strategies and applying a creative response to the unique needs of our clients.


Why our business model is so important We are proud of what our business model stands for. Our clients see the dayto-day benefit of it. We have no account handlers, no middle men – we actually dare to place designers in front of client. We are the account handler, the first point of contact, the person you turn to if you have an issue. No smoke and mirrors, just straight forward personal accountability. We have an incredibly competent team of intelligent creative thinkers that provide the business confidence to deploy our business model. Working directly with the client, means we are significantly more efficient than our competitors. For the client, this time effectiveness translates into cost effectiveness, which means extending the value of the budget – a significant factor in today’s challenging economic environment. Time Efficient. Cost Effective. Accountable. Intelligent thinkers. Highest standards of execution = Tangible client benefits as you will see.


How we build brands Our aim for clients is to establish a cohesive branding strategy which reinforces the organisational values and presents a powerful proposition to all stakeholders and the target audience. This strategy is delivered through a variety of vehicles to not only define a client’s position in the market place; but also, to facilitate in releasing their business vision. The Beach aims to deliver brand identity that will: 1 Symbolise and focus the vision and values of an organisation 2 Achieve relevant, distinctive and memorable differentiation 3 Create positive awareness, recognition and reputation 4 Build and maintain trusted relationships between an organisation and its key audiences, both internally and externally 5 Build brand equity and future asset value Our challenge is always to make the brand identity work hard to drive recognition. Recognition comes from awareness, driven by consistent communication of three clear, simple messages: 1 Who we are 2 What we do 3 What we stand for Without this consistency, there is no recognition. Without recognition, there is no identity and no reputation. Branding is communication: internal, external; passive, active.






Key Attribute: Brand ‘expert’ Experience: 4 years Nickname: Flo

Key Attribute: Brand Expert Experience: 20 years Nickname: Haynesy

Key Attribute: Web Expert Experience: 12 years Nickname: Web-M

* Scott was actually standing on a box for this photo. No, really!




e Justin Thorneting Manager ark Executive M

The Beach manage to balance creative flair with strategic thinking perfectly and perform more like an extension of the marketing department than an autonomous third-party agency. They provide much more than simply pretty pictures for design’s sake, they help shape the strategy and turn marketing spend into marketing investment.

Creating a brand with personality: Building the me:mo brand The Beach Communication were appointed by Jersey Post to build the brand for a new mobile phone service to launch by the end of 2009 into a extremely competitive marketplace. With a wide-ranging remit, we actively researched and analysed the current mobile phone market, domestically and abroad, to evaluate how we should best position the new brand. Using our 5 points of successful brand identity, The Beach provided the board with a cohesive branding strategy and creative execution. We launched me:mo into the marketplace, confident of a successful brand launch through its distinctive and memorable differentiation. Measurement demonstrates me:mo is well received, exposure is high, and importantly the customer base is steadily growing with 1,100 activations in the first 9 months since the launch.

Top-up cards were introduced in dominations of £5, £10 and £20.



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£5 m





TEXT and TALK Tariffs were core to the brand proposition, allowing free texts or calls to me:mo mobiles every day for life.





PAYG was designed to capture customers who just wanted a simple pay-as-you-go service.

WGirl NukeJersey

me:mo Website

Full Page Teaser Campaign in local media: Prompting the question, who or what is me:mo? Subsequent adverts revealed the me:mo core proposition.

Peecol Associated Website

Competition Website:

Design a me:mo Character Schools Competition Campaign to engage with key target segment

Thank you for all your great designs...

ew Design a n r and te c ra me:mo cha


This year, local students aged 11-16 were invited to participate in a competition to create a new me:mo character. It was a great success, with over 400 designs from five different schools. We would like to thank all who entered and congratulate the winners, runners-up and the shortlisted entries for their creations, which will be on display at the Airport in the Departures lounge and at Grass Roots Eco Music Festival on Saturday 31 July.

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new to design a lenging you us its story... ll We are chal acter and te ? me:mo char like? what does it do it u wish. yo what does m iu ed e any m You can us meet the to . Visit www. rs te ac ar current ch


Created by Josh Sco tt War of Victoria ren College

Competition Website: There were three stages to the website: the launch of the competition; the judges update and the announcement of the short-listed entries and competition winners. Engagement was high with over 400 entries from 5 senior schools.

We love Music too... See you at this year’s Grass Roots Eco Music Festival where me:mo will be keeping you up-to-date on festival day with SMS alerts, including special offers, artist updates and great promotions. Register your mobile number at

Gallery Magazine Thank you Advert

Limited Edition

Closing date

Thank you... We were delighted with the high level of entries for our ‘Design a me:mo Character School Competition’. Thank you for your entry. To say thank you, me:mo would like to offer you the limited edition Peecol character WGirl for £3.50, normally £6.99 with this voucher. Pop into the me:mo store at the main Post Office, Broad Street to take advantage of this offer.

28 May 2010

To download an application form and to view the terms and conditions visit our website:

collect and swap Thank You Voucher

Campaign Poster

Competition Results Display Stand: Promoted at the Airport, Grassroots Eco-Festival and Post Office

Autumn Campaign















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Voice Calls <H;;YWbbije c[0ceceX_b[i

Voice Calls



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Launched October with strong promotional offer to drive-up sales, support client retention and drive-up customer acquisition.

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10% OF F

Direct Mail


Wobbler for Sub Post Offices

Visit for full Terms and Conditions.

Autumn Campaign Creative


I love mu c



*Terms and Conditions apply and are available at Credit purchased online at is in multiples of ÂŁ5, ÂŁ10, ÂŁ15 and ÂŁ20. Offer runs until at least end of December 2010.


10% of f

any ha when yondset your nu u port m to me: ber mo

Free SIM and ÂŁ5 credit when you port your number to me:mo

credit if you port Get a free SIM Pack and ÂŁ5 free take this voucher to your number to me:mo. Simply Office, Broad Street Post main the me:mo store in the r also entitles you to along with photo ID. This vouche you port. if able collect Peecol collect a free


Promotional Voucher

Skate Park Sponsorship

Grass Roots 2010 Sponsorship




e Grant Twin ector ir D g anagin M

The Basel Group were so pleased with the new branding and material for our e-business arm that we are now consulting with The Beach with regard to the rest of the Basel Group branding to include our Jersey, Mauritius and Swiss offerings. I have no hesitation is recommending them.

Offshore Solutions for Online Businesses Basel Group are leading the way in providing offshore corporate structuring for online businesses. The Beach were brought in to provide consultancy on marketing these services and briefed to create a subbrand to Basel Group that enabled the directors to maximise growth in this area. Having established the three key motivators for the target audience (see promotional banner opposite), The Beach utilised the testimonies of Basel’s existing clients to demonstrate, across all marketing collateral, the tangible business benefits of Basel E-Business solutions.

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?ZghZn/ ))%&*()*%%.%% <ZcZkV/ )&%''(&--&&- :bV^a/\gVci#il^cZ$WVhZa\adWVa#Xdb

Stationery @[hi[oGZ\^hiZgZYD[ÒXZ;^ghi;addg!>ciZgcVi^dcVa=djhZ!)&I]ZEVgVYZ!Hi=Za^Zg!?ZghZn?:'(FF IZaZe]dcZ ))%&*()*%%.%%:bV^a^c[d$WVhZaZWjh^cZhh#Xdb;Vm ))%&*()*%%.%&


Im_jp[hbWdZ')GdjiZYZh6XVX^Vh!&'',AZh6XVX^Vh!<ZcZkV!Hl^ioZgaVcY IZaZe]dcZ )&%''(&--&&-:bV^a^c[d$WVhZaZWjh^cZhh#Xdb;Vm )&%''(&--&&. EVgid[i]Z7VhZa<gdjeÄGZ\jaViZYWni]Z?ZghZn;^cVcX^VaHZgk^XZh8dbb^hh^dc

Promotional Banners

Basel eBusiness Website


MORE CLIENT LOVE From the first day The Beach took an enlightened approach to developing our new brand, website and material. It was not simply a question of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;what do you wantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; but rather â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;who are your customers and what is it they want?â&#x20AC;&#x2122; We were branding and marketing something different, a step away from the traditional offshore private client environment, we were targeting the e-business world. They sat, listened, asked questions, developed a strategy, we agreed it and they presented their proposals. The proposals were delivered in line with the earlier discussions and it could clearly be seen that they had really been listening. Not just listening but involving us by obtaining feedback at each stage of the branding process. Feedback from new and existing clients has been great. Our marketing material has a heavy emphasis on clients experiences, case studies and testimonials. Now a potential new customer can relate to these real life experiences and see how our services can also benefit them. Our clients were happy to provide testimonials and case studies and equally as proud to see their business shown as a success story. Grant Twine, Managing Director, Basel E-Business

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The Beach have been our primary creative agency for over five years. Whilst we have reviewed other agencies, we have maintained our loyalty as a result of their consistent and impressive delivery of high quality work. Cornu Howard Le , Port of Jersey cutive Chief Exe

The Beach succeeded in bringing clarity to the challenges posed by our recent branding exercise, working closely with us to align the new brand to our redefined business strategy. The outcome will help us redefine the business for our people and clients alike.



Transforming an institution



Jersey Harbours was an undervalued ‘brand’ – very much government – yet as a States of Jersey designated trading operation, a commercial entity with unrealised potential.



In 2008, with a new management team in place, restructuring of the organisation began and The Beach were appointed as consultants to work alongside the team to reposition Jersey Harbours both domestically and internationally. The top level outcome was the redefinition of Jersey Harbours to form the Port of Jersey, representing the commercial and passenger port, Jersey Marinas representing marine leisure and a modified Jersey Coastguard with a revised mandate. This project has had a staggered launch beginning March 2010 with the launch of the website in April being the key platform for future communication delivery.

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The Beach: Laying the foundation:

ÒSnadhmsdqm`shnm`kkx   qdbnfmhrdc`r`kd`chmf  l`qhmdkdhrtqdcdrshm`shnmÓ

• Working with the Management Team to redefine the role of the organisation • Identifying stakeholders (both internal and external) • Clarifying future business structure, vision and business objectives: • Identifying audiences Maritime House, IdqrdxBn`rsft`qc+ Jersey JE1 1HB Elizabeth, St Helier, La Route du Port E +44 (0) 1534 449989 (0) 1534 447705  01.888 S +44 0 D admin@jerseyco

• Focus groups amongst senior and middle management across all areas of business

Our ref: HLC/CR

• Defining the brands and positioning it creatively

30 January 2009


CLIENT LOVE The Beach have successfully provided a content rich but easy to navigate website that appeals to boat owners and the public alike. Throughout the consultation and building processes, they have never lost sight of our corporate vision and are continuing to provide innovative design and support going forward online and in print.

Marine Leisure Centre, 3ND IdqrdxL`qhm`r+ St Helier, Jersey JE2 New North Quay, 447793 0 E +44 (0) 1534 S +44 (0) 1534 44773 m D mlc@jersey-ma

Helen Le Marquand St Helier Yacht Club South Pier St Helier JE2 3NB

The Beach: Creating the Visual Brand

Chartroom and Our ref: HLC/CR for setting up the thank you very much January 2009. this opportunity to e on Thursday 29 ry 2009 welcom Janua I would like to take 30 so my team Paul Routier and s Association, making Senator lves, the Boat Owner overlooking+ Maritime House, yourse Paul, e with to be OnqsneIdqrdx Helier, Jersey JE11HB it was very useful unity to start dialogu , was and and Port Elizabeth, St Marqu It was a great opport Helen Legreat always for you. La Route du Team. Lunch, as d some Club extra work E +44 (0) 1534 447768 Yacht it create and the Harbours St Helier I realise S +44 (0) 1534 447788 the chartroom, but www.po the Harbour from South Pier D admin@portofje on, it was very much occasi this on us out St Helier helping you once again for 3NB Therefore thank JE2 appreciated.

Dear Helen

Yours sincerely

Mr Howard Le Cornu ur Master / Harbo Chief Executive ) 447700 Direct dial: (01534 Email: h.lecornu@go cc.

Our ref: HLC/CR Chartroom and for setting up the thank you very much January 2009. this opportunity to e on Thursday 29 ry 2009 welcom Janua 30 so I would like to take my team Paul Routier and s Association, making Senator lves, the Boat Owner overlooking with Paul, yourse very useful to be to start dialogue was it unity and and opport Marqu Legreat , was Helen It was a great always for you. Team. Lunch, as Club extra work d some Yacht it create St Helier and the Harbours I realise the chartroom, but much South Pier the Harbour from very was it on, us out on this occasi St Helier helping you once again for JE2 3NB Therefore thank appreciated.

Dear Helen


Christopher Fairba

Myra Shacklady, Commercial Director

Yours sincerely

Mr Howard Le Cornu ur Master / Harbo Chief Executive ) 447700 Direct dial: (01534 Email: h.lecornu@go antqL` BghdeDwdbtshud`mcG`q

Christopher cc. Le Cornu

rsdq9Captain Howard rsdq9

Chartroom and for setting up the thank you very much January 2009. this opportunity to e on Thursday 29 I would like to take my team so welcom Paul Routier and s Association, making Senator lves, the Boat Owner overlooking e with Paul, yourse to be dialogu useful start very to unity and it was It was a great opport always, was great for you. Team. Lunch, as some extra work and the Harbours realise it created chartroom, but I the from ur the Harbo very much this occasion, it was helping us out on you once again for Therefore thank appreciated.

Dear Helen


Yours sincerely

Mr Howard Le Cornu ur Master / Harbo Chief Executive


Stationery for each business unit


Christopher Fairba

rsdq9Captain Howard

antqL` BghdeDwdbtshud`mcG`q

• Sub-Identity for Jersey Boat Show • Website (Launched April 2010) • Literature for business areas • Signage across the Ports and Marinas The success milestones of this important project will be reviewed at the close of 2010.

) 447700 Direct dial: (01534 Email: h.lecornu@go ptain Howard Le Cornu

rsdq9Ca antqL`rsdq9 BghdeDwdbtshud`mcG`q

• Brand Identities for the three businesses: Port of Jersey, Jersey Marinas and a modified Jersey Coastguard

Le Cornu

Port of Jersey Website

Where they were...

Existing Jersey Coastguard Identity was updated to align with the Port of Jersey and Jersey Marinas brands.

Jersey Boat Show 2010

The creative was adjusted in year 2 & 3 to promote the increasingly festival nature of the Boat Show – “not just big boats...” A Sub-identity of Jersey Marinas

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A Gala Concert brought to you by Condor Ferries

An Evening with SgdA`mcne GdqL`idrsxÓrQnx`kL`qhmdr Jersey Boat Show Event Website: Content managed system drives value by allowing exhibitors to populate and manage their own marketing.

Featuring JerseyÔs Young Musician of the Year and members of JerseyÔs Youth Wind Band Sunday 2 May 2010 Jersey Opera House 8.00pm prompt Shbjdsreqnl¢05-// AnwNeÜbdnm400004 OqnbddcreqnlsghrBnmbdqs hm`hcneSgdQnx`kM`ux %Qnx`kL`qhmdrBg`qhsx `mcGnkhc`xrenqGdqndr

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The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Promotional Activity

Providing modern Port, Marina and Coastguard services with guaranteed long-term viability




2009 has seen major activity within Jersey Harbours with almost 99% of goods arriving in the Island entering through the Port of Jersey. The viability and the 24/7 availability of the Port is of benefit to every person on the Island. Jersey Harbours is a dynamic organisation with a very strong future. By applying our wealth of expertise both customers and the Island benefit. 2009 saw the introduction of new branding to clearly define these separate areas of the business, which you will see featured throughout this Annual Report. The changing economic climate with rising operational costs for ferry companies contributed to the sudden unwelcome news that HD Ferries were suspending their services. Despite this, passenger numbers in 2009 have remained buoyant.

Quarterly Publication: Until the new website, Harbour News was the main contact with both business and leisure customers.




Û Your Lifeline Port

ÐNtqkhedkhmdonqshrmnnudq, rs`sdldms-88$nefnncr `qqhuhmfhmsnsgdHrk`mcdmsdq Providing modern Port, Marina and Coastguard sgqntfgsgdOnqsneIdqrdx-Ñ services with guaranteed long-term viability Lxq`Rg`bjk`cx Bnlldqbh`kChqdbsnq

Û Our Employees

Green initiatives are important aspects of port development. In 2009, the port continued its efficiencies in all respects, including converting all of our refuse collection in Jersey Marinas and the outlying harbours over to recycling centres. The Jersey Boat Show once again exceeded all expectations and delivered a showcase maritime event. At a time of worldwide recession I was especially delighted at how so many local businesses derived measurable benefits from the event, which I am pleased to confirm is now considered Óa must haveÔ event. Marketing the Show further afield is of significant importance to its success. We aim to see more event-led off-island visitors and intend to strengthen our presence at the Southampton, London and Paris Boat Shows to market the Jersey Boat Show, our growing marine leisure industry and, of course, the Island of Jersey.

Jersey Harbours employed 67 direct employees as of the 31st December 2009 and incurred staff costs of £3,798,000 which includes pensions, social security payments, temporary staff and seasonal cover.

Overall, I am intent on ensuring that Jersey Harbours guarantees long-term viability. I am pleased that our 2009 results clearly position us to do so. We operate separate P&L accounts for our three business divisions, and in-line with States of Jersey objectives, we are pleased to be able to publish these now in GAAP format for 2009.


Rdm`snqO`tkQntshdq Rdm`snqO`tkQntshdq Assistant Minister for Economic Development




Eleonora is coming to the Island for her Ýrst visit at the invitation of Jersey Harbours. Chief Executive and Harbourmaster Capt Howard Le Cornu, who like so many Jerseymen was brought up on tales of Westward and Davis, is thrilled that her stunning replica will soon be arriving at St Helier Harbour.

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Vdrsv`qc+IdqrdxÓrlnrs e`lntrx`bgs+hrsnqdstqmsn IdqrdxsghrrtlldqÎnqq`sgdq `e`hsgetkqdokhb`b`kkdcDkdnmnq`Owned by multi-millionaire philanthropist T B Davis, the 160-ft Westward was one of the most beautiful examples of the naval architectÔs craft ever to grace local waters.

... whether you’re buying, selling or simply enjoying your boat, we are who you need to know.

Man and yacht, both larger than life, combined to create a most extraordinary partnership Ï one that is still close to the heart of a great many Islanders, including generations born long after WestwardÔs elegant hull slipped beneath the waters of

Offshore Nautical Group will be representing Fairline, Arvor, Glastron and the Guernsey range of boats at the London Boat Show.

study of HerreshoffÔs plans and original Beken of Cowes photos of Westward, he has made alterations to the sailplan, including installing a new jackyards topsail, some new foresails and a spinnaker pole based on WestwardÔs (now the Þagpole at the entrance to the Howard Davis Park).


New deck Ýttings and a classic tender have been added, and the dimensions of new spars have been adjusted. Mr Zak has also installed replicas of WestwardÔs last binnacle and bell (the originals are in the collection of JerseyÔs Maritime Museum).

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the Hurd Deep in July 1947. Now, some 63 years later, those generations who never witnessed the glorious sight of Westward berthed in St Helier Harbour will, to all intents and purposes, be able to see that very sight as Eleonora eases alongside the Albert Pier on 21 July.


Eleonora has exactly the same lines as Westward and was constructed using the same materials. The passion of EleonoraÔs current owner, Swiss resident Zybnek Zak, is to perpetuate the spirit of Westward and to bring to 21st-century admirers the amazing experience of seeing, sailing, and racing on this exquisite schooner.

Painstakingly planned and executed, this stunning replica was the vision of a Dutch entrepreneur and connoisseur of classic

Since purchasing her, his ongoing mission has been to make Eleonora even more faithful to Westward. Through careful

Coastguard services operating a 365 day, 24hr ÓbluelightÔ service. They also provide pilotage and vessels conservancy. Port operations staff oversee the safe running of the port, which includes the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) which is manned by Jersey Coastguard. Other services such as engineering, property management, human resources, corporate support, finance, compliance and marketing make up the remaining employees within the Port.


ÓShe is a beautiful yacht and it will be superb to see her gracing our waters again,Ô he said.

JulyÔs visit is possible because Eleonora Ï normally competing in classic regattas in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Ï will be coming to the Solent to take part in the Westward Cup, a week-long regatta initiated by Mr Zak to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WestwardÔs launch.

Island boat-owners are being encouraged to gather off Noirmont to welcome Eleonora on the late afternoon of 21 July when she arrives to take on a pilot and make her way into St Helier Harbour. The States ofÝcial vessels will be out to greet her, as will the restored Howard D, JerseyÔs Ýrst motorised lifeboat that was presented to the Island by T B Davis in memory of his son killed in the First World War.

The regatta Ï which may become a regular event Ï is being organised by three of the worldÔs most prestigious yacht clubs, the Royal Yacht Squadron, the New York Yacht Club and the Yacht Club de Monaco, and the sight of a Þeet of magniÝcent yachts sailing off Cowes will undoubtedly bring back the style, class and atmosphere of Big Class classic yacht racing as it was known in the 1910s-1930s.

It is an invitational event, focusing on the


largest and most prestigious classic sailing yachts. The list of invited yachts includes the gaff schooners Altair, Mariette and Elena (the replica of WestwardÔs sister ship), the large gaff cutters Lulworth,

@OOQDMSHBDRGHO@MC B@CDSRGHOOQNFQ@LLDR During 2009, Port of Jersey launched its land based apprenticeship and Merchant Navy cadetship programmes. This aims to recruit two apprentices and two cadets annually. The apprentices will join a four year programme rotating through the various sections of the Port including, Marine Leisure Centre, Commercial Port Operations, Coastguard and Marine Services. The cadetship programme, kindly supported by Trinity House, follows a two year foundation degree programme at a residential nautical college in the UK providing practical competence both at college and sea.





Total Full Time Employees*

yachts Astra, Cambria and Candida, the four 15-metre-class gaff cutters Tuiga,

Staff are encouraged to study for relevant professional qualifications and are also offered places on courses supplied by the States of Jersey Learning and Development Department.


Mariquita, Britannia (replica of Britannia) and Moonbeam IV, the classic J-class


In 2009 there were five new starters, six leavers and nineteen seasonal staff which includes the Beach Lifeguards who are managed by Jersey Coastguard and funded by Economic Development.

We recognise the importance of good communication with our staff and with that in mind we hold fortnightly ÓHave Our SayÔ lunches hosted by the CEO or a member of

vessels. With the assistance of the Hart Nautical Collections of MIT Museum, EleonoraÔs designers and builders were able to pay close attention to the original Herreshoff drawings every step of the way.

Built at the Van der Graaf Shipyard in the Netherlands, Eleonora was launched on 31 March 2000, exactly 90 years to the day after Westward was launched at the famous Herreshoff yard at Rhode Island.

Marine leisure services, which administer and maintain approximately 1,000 marina berths plus all outlying harbours moorings and over 21,000 visiting yachtsmen and 5,000 yachts each year. They also manage boat park and hoisting operations.

the Executive Team. We hold quarterly staff briefings and distribute e-port letters to all staff.









Staff Costs (£,000)



Training Spend/staff Costs




Mariska, Hispania and Lady Anne and the classic ketch Thendara. The threemast schooners Atlantic (currently under construction as the replica of the famous schooner Atlantic) and Adix have also


been invited.


The Royal Yacht Squadron will be hosting an exhibition about Westward during the regatta and Jersey Heritage has lent a number of items to the world-famous yacht club for this display. Although it will not be possible for Islanders to go on board Eleonora during her visit they will be able to view her at close quarters from the quayside on the Albert Pier on Thursday 22 July, when her elegant lines and massive spars will not only dominate the harbour landscape but also bring back memories of a golden age of yacht racing and a famous Jerseyman who left an enormous impact on his native Island.


Please contact our office for stand/berth numbers. Look forward to seeing you there. G@QANTQMDVRROQHMF1/0/

Squadron 41 coming soon.




It’s not just what you know ...

Annual Report


Fairline Channel Islands La Collette, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NX Tel: +44 (0)1534 514 415 Fax: +44 (0)1534 514 416

E-mail: ... whether you’re buying, selling or Offshore simply enjoying Nautical (CI) Ltd trading as Fairline Channel Islands your boat, we are who you need to know.


Squadron 41 coming soon.


Visit us at the Guernsey Boat show 22nd - 24th April. Jersey Boat show 1st - 3rd May Fairline Channel Islands - La Collette, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NX Tel: +44 (0)1534 514 415 Fax: +44 (0)1534 514 416 E-mail: Offshore Nautical (CI) Ltd trading as Fairline Channel Islands


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procedures over the last eight years and we have made them much more relevant to operational requirements. In the past a great deal of knowledge was required, particularly to identify rocks using visual markers on the shore. This method hadnÔt really changed since the 19th century and there was a lot of reciting of facts and learning parrot fashion.

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CondorÔs Captain Steve Crowe (who has previously held command with other companies) and Mark Thompson, and Huelin-RenoufÔs Adriaan Snoodijk, undertook a three-week training course under the supervision of Port of Jersey Marine Operations OfÝcer and lead instructor Ron du Feu.

ÓThe new training and examination method ensures pilots have a portfolio of evidence based on practical work to show that they have passed every point of the syllabus. Their pilotage skills are continually assessed and the Ýnal test is based on what they do practically aboard the Duke of Normandy.Ô

ÓPilotage is one of the oldest, least-known professions and yet it is one of the most important in maritime safety,Ô explained Ron. ÓPilots use techniques relying on nearby visual reference points and local knowledge of tides, swells, currents, depths and shoals that might not be easily identiÝable on nautical charts without Ýrsthand experience of the waters in question. ÓJersey has modernised its pilot training

Jersey came into line with other ports last year, which means that Chief OfÝcers (second in command on ships) can now pilot their own ships into ports without having to be the captain of the ship. This means that they can keep their pilotage licences current, until the time when they get command of their own ship. The Master of the Huelin Endeavour, Mr Snoodijk will now be able to pilot his own vessel within coastal waters and into

St Helier Harbour, Ï previously he had to take a Jersey Pilot on board to assist. He recently qualiÝed for his Southampton Pilotage and is also due to take his Guernsey pilotage course and exam, making him fully qualiÝed for all the ports served by Huelin-Renouf. Captain Crowe and Mr Thompson Ï who completed their pilotage training in Guernsey with Guernsey Harbours in December Ï are currently both second in command on board Condor ships, but their local pilotage training will now ensure that they can bring the fast ferries Condor Express, Condor Vitesse and Condor 10 into St Helier without the need for a Jersey Pilot.

The cyclists will be taking part in the 2010 Tour de Bretagne and the Condor Clipper is making a special trip to St Malo to bring the 22 race teams to Jersey together with all their entourages and supporters. This is the Ýrst time in 44 years that the race proper has left the boundaries of

Brittany and follows a successful ÓprologueÔ to the event held in Jersey in 2007. The Condor Clipper will arrive at St Helier on Saturday 24 April and Jersey will then host the Ýrst two days of the week-long race that will conclude on 1 May in Dinan. A race over a 150km route be held on the Sunday on the east of the Island, starting and Ýnishing at Gorey Village, followed by a 10km time trial along the Five Mile Road on the Monday. There will be 22 teams taking part, mainly

from France but including Team Sky GB, Team Rapha Condor Sharp, Rabobank and locally-backed Team Sprocket ProCycling. Such is the prestige of the race that permission had to be sought from the President of Brittany, Jean Yves Le Drian, to bring it to the Island. President Le Drian sanctioned the Óleaving of the race from French shoresÔ and expressed a desire that the race facilitate an opening of communications between Brittany and Jersey. HN

CondorÔs Marine and Safety Superintendent, Capt Stan Richard-ditLeschery, said: ÓPilots need to be familiar with all the hazards in an area and the particular local harbour procedures. In many ways for a safe passage it is more important for them to know where the rocks arenÔt. The new training method ensures that the pilots have demonstrated the skills theyÔll be using practically.Ô HN


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Guernsey,Ô explained Matt, Óbut Jersey has the facilities and St Helier Marina is good for us.

Tickled Pink, Ýrst unveiled in January last year at the London Boat Show where she was the largest boat on display, has secured a 12-month contract with Jersey Marinas, making her one of the largest private vessels ever to be based in the Island.

Matt paid tribute to the support he has received from Jersey Marinas, the Jersey Shipping Register, local marine traders and other suppliers.

The Jersey registered Ósuper-yachtÔ has a crew of Ýve under the command of skipper Matt Antoniou (39), a former Royal Marine who has worked for Tickled PinkÔs owner for the past ten years. Previously the businessman has kept his boats (the last was a 100-ft Sunseeker) in the Med but a young family and a desire for easy access to and from his boat called for a move northwards. ÓIt was really a choice between Jersey and

ÓI came down here six weeks before we moved in and was pleased to Ýnd that Jersey offers the total package, providing us with all the services we require.Ô

ÓWe have been able to sort out everything here far more easily than at any other port we have berthed in,Ô said Matt, whose family live in Spain.

her Ýve luxury en-suite cabins provide enough space to sleep ten guests and the crew. Her features include an elegant dining room, a bar on the top deck, pop-up television screens, an outside entertainment area and a state-of-theart sound system. Her twin 2,570hp MTU engines provide her with a range of 2,500 miles at 12 kts. This sort of power requires a lot of fuel Ï 800 litres an hour Ï as Premier ServicesÔ Steve Huelin found out when he pumped 25,000 litres into her tanks.

Weighing 220 tonnes and with her three decks nearly 70 foot high, Tickled Pink is now dominating St Helier Marina, providing the port with a new focal point that can be seen from many locations around the town.

The crew are dedicated to keeping the superyacht seaworthy and looking immaculate inside and out. Their responsibilities include ensuring that the owner, his family and friends have a Ýrst-class experience aÞoat, whether that means mixing a perfect cocktail or ensuring that stair gates are in place to keep younger visitors safe.

Beautifully Ýtted out in muted browns, top fabrics and immaculate woodwork,

The professional catering kitchen is a mass of gleaming stainless steel and



chef Rob Hibbert (32), from Kent, is looking forward to experimenting with fresh Jersey produce during their stay in Jersey. Within days of their arrival he had stocked the freezer with ice-cream made with fresh Jersey cream, eggs and milk, and had been pleased to discover an excellent Ýsh supplier, with the promise of red snapper, crab and scallops for future menus. He cooks for the owner and his family, together with guests, catering for a maximum of twelve people for a sitdown dinner in the saloon but the upper deck allows for more casual dining and drinks parties. ÓLast year for the Monaco Grand Prix we had twenty people for a barbeque buffet,Ô said Rob. He has been the chef on board Tickled Pink for two years, and before that ran a restaurant in Spain, but likes the life aÞoat. ÓItÔs brilliant,Ô he said. ÓThe ownerÔs great and the captainÔs great.Ô

Proving that big can be beautiful, her elegant lines graced the No 5 berth for several days while the crew, under the command of Capt John Gilgrist, completed her Jersey registration. Understood to be owned by a Jersey resident, she is likely to stay in Northern European waters and, hopefully, be an occasional visitor to St Helier. One hundred and thirty feet long (the IslandÔs most famous yacht, Westward, was 135ft), Antares has a beam of

28.8ft (Westward was just over 27ft), a draft of 14ft (Westward was 16.75ft) and a displacement of 220 tonnes (Westward was 323 tonnes). Built in 2005, at the Royal Huisman Shipyard at Vollenhove in the Netherlands, Antares was originally called Antares of Grand Cayman and registered in the Cayman Islands. Designed in the UK by Dixon Yacht Design, her aluminium hull houses the master cabin, two double guest cabins and one twin, in addition to three further cabins for the Ýve crew. Her 750hp diesel engine provides an impressive top speed of 14.5 knots while her 16,900-litre fuel tank gives her an extensive range Ï and also put a smile on the face of Premier ServicesÔ Steve Huelin when he was asked to ÓFill her up!Ô.

Hlodqh`kOqhmbdrrcqnorax The Imperial Princess Ï a brand new Princess 95 motoryacht Ï called in to the Elizabeth Marina recently to complete Jersey registration and fuel up with 10,000 litres at FreeportÔs fuelling pontoon by the marina entrance. Owned by a British resident, the £5m vessel is now on her way to her new base in Turkey, via Majorca. The largest Princess motoryacht to come to the Island, she is the second 95 to be registered here, according to FreeportÔs Nick Rice.



Average Headcount



 @  HĂ&#x201C;L

E@M x Eric Le Rou tor irec Managing D

The Beach delivered a website of excellent quality, together with the required training for us to edit and update the site. Since the siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s launch in May 2010, over 140,000 people have visited the site, and we have received very positive feedback from passengers about the range and ease of access of the information.

Public bus service made more public Connex provide the island’s bus service on behalf of the States of Jersey. An efficient and reliable service, their communications were not reflective of their service or desire to communicate more effectively with their customers and they sought assistance. After due consideration and discussion with the client, Connex accepted our view that there was little to exhume from their current ‘brand identity’ other than the ‘my bus’ name and the Connex association. Clearly segmented across the business’ three key markets, The Beach created a family of identities, service focussed, yet retaining links with the parent company; fresh and friendly, yet retaining the authority of Connex through the arrow icon. Visual continuity and recall was maintained through varients on the existing myBus colours. This segmentation formed the foundation of their new website, a robust content managed site designed to work for the business as much as the customer, reducing internal administration, improving business processes and providing customers with greater access to timetables and real-time bus information. The Beach also demonstrated to Connex the unrealised opportunity within Liberation Station to maximise exposure of the myBus brand to customers – a simple exercise of populating the environment with the identities from windows to reception desks; timetables to concourse screens.

Business Cards


Liberation Station Consistent application of the brand

MORE CLIENT LOVE Connex commissioned The Beach to rebrand My Bus, Island Explorer and school bus services to a create a universally recognisable identity which also clearly defined each network. Following our initial consultation, The Beach undertook considerable research to understand the products offered, the public perception and the objectives that we wanted to achieve. They then created a brand which met all the criteria, launching the myBus, myExplorer and mySchoolbus ‘family’. Following the brand’s conception, The Beach helped us to roll this out across all our products to ensure a high consistency and level of promotion across the buses, Liberation Station and our literature. Simultaneously, The Beach designed our new website – – using the new branding to create a user-friendly interactive site providing easily accessible information in a clear format. Again, they delivered a website of excellent quality, together with the required training for us to edit and update the site. Since the site’s launch in May 2010, over 140,000 people have visited the site, and we have received very positive feedback from passengers about the range and ease of access of the information. Eric Le Roux, Managing Director

Targeted On-Bus Advertising Improving offline communication with client base


EQUIPE  @  L HĂ&#x201C;


on Paul Harris Director

The Beach took on the brand build with intelligent thinking and flair. Their work captured the essence of our service and delivered a brand that was right for us and more importantly our customers.

Fund Administration software for SMEs Aztec Group, a long time client and advocate of The Beach, asked us to bring to market their internally customised software for the fund administration industry. Bringing any new software product to market is a challenge, normally involving vast spend to gain the necessary exposure. With a limited advertising budget our challenge was increased, so it was necessary to exploit Equipeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s USP which was that it was powered by eFront, one of the market leaders in fund administration software. Customisable for smaller and medium sized businesses without the large capital investment of eFrontâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s software, Equipe is effectively promoted as eFront lite. From the fresh new Brand Identity, to the striking UK magazine advertising, the stylish yet informative website to the impact of a simple business card, the Equipe visual brand is in place and with investment and focussed marketing should grow quickly in the marketplace to be the leading brand for SMEs.

F E HJ < E B ? E    < K D :  7:C ? D ? IJ H 7J ? E D  IE < J M7 H ;  : ; L ; BE F ; :  < E H  = Fi   B Fi

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= K ; H D I ; O  r  @ ; H I ; O  r  B K N ; C 8 E K H=  r  K D ? J ; :  A ? D = : EC

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UK Magazine Advertising - Targeted Industry Publications

Equipe Website

Online Banner Advertising on industry specific websites





esnel Howard Bu ector perations Dir O

We approached The Beach for a complete rebrand and redevelopment of our Mercury website. Not only did they deliver an imaginative and easy-to-use website, but they solved some of the more technical IT issues which arose during the project. Over the three month period since launch, orders have risen by 20% and the customer base has increased by 26%.

Online shopping delivered Mercury were frustrated. Their e-commerce website was static, uninspiring and functionally far from their needs. The business had plateaued and they urgently required renewed impetus. Based on recommendation and a subsequent presentation, The Beach were appointed and briefed to provide a ground-up build of a new website. A number of business challenges presented themselves: Challenge 1: Utilising The Beachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s content management system, put the e-commerce website at the heart of the business and its management processes, not treat it as a bolt-on tool as it had been in the original site. Challenge 2: To provide an efficient and robust integration into the business accountancy and stock systems with a timed switchover from the existing systems. Challenge 3: To re-evaluate the brand and the existing approach to communications. The original site delivered a weak client experience and for the business little retail marketing focus and therefore a poor proposition for driving up customer sales. Also the business name was obscure, so we brought clarity with and a strong introduction offer (client acquisition) which we communicated through a tightly budgeted, tactical approach on the vehicle fleet, through online advertising and at trade shows. has been well received, with positive response from existing customers, new customer growth (up 26%) and a client benefiting from a significant improvement in business process and measurement, and importantly, in just three months a 20% increase in orders.

Promotional Card

Online Banner Advertising on local, high traffic websites

Delivery Fleet: High-visibility, low cost advertising

Promotional Banner with strong client acquisition promotional offer




Wayne Gallichan

ment Director of Inward Invest

Commenting on Jersey Enterprise’s Inward Investment Brochure: I have been receiving many very positive comments from within Government and from the business community. The Chief Minister has sent a letter of congratulations and support for “a very well presented document.”

Q4 2010 Promotional Activity Collateral supporting international trade and inward investment promotion in France

Idqrdx9Ntudqsd`tw@ee`hqdr Jersey est une ”le tournŽe vers les affaires, idŽalement positionnŽe pour favoriser vos investissements, votre croissance et votre prospŽritŽ. SituŽe ˆ 20km de la France et ˆ moins dÔune heure dÔavion de Londres et bŽnŽÝciant de liaisons frŽquentes avec toutes les places Ýnancires dÔEurope, y compris Paris, Dublin et Genve. Avec une excellente couverture en tŽlŽcommunications et en connectivitŽ grand dŽbit, elle se targue dÔune infrastructure informatique de classe mondiale servant dÔappui ˆ un secteur du commerce Žlectronique en plein essor. A Jersey, on est ˆ un clic du reste du monde. Les entreprises qui exposent au stand Ç Jersey È vous apporterent les solutions qui conviendront pour assurer lÔessor de votre E-commerce au sein de lԔle. IDQRDXONRSFQNTO( Le groupe Jersey Post offre des services de publipostage aux entreprises engagŽes dans le domaine de lÔE-commerce et E-retail. Avec lÔenvoi annuel de plus de 65 millions dÔarticles ˆ travers le monde, Jersey Post est une rŽfŽrence pour la distribution dans le milieu du E-retail et E-commerce. Plus dÔune centaine de E-commerants ont choisi de sԎtablir ˆ Jersey et font conÝance ˆ Jersey Post, bŽnŽÝciant dÔun service de livraison international qui allie rapiditŽ, efÝcacitŽ et offrant un trs bon rapport qualitŽ-prix. @MCHTLSQTRSBNLO@MXKHLHSDC( Andium Trust Company est un fournisseur privŽ de services de gestion et de conseils en capacitŽ Ýnancire. Nous administrons des entreprises ÑoffshoreÒ en assurant la gestion, ainsi que les fonctions de contr™le nŽcessaires aux entreprises online pour travailler avec le Royaume-Uni et lÔEurope continentale. Nous fournissons des services aux sites de vente par internet et dÔe-commerce et travaillons en proche collaboration avec des partenaires spŽcialisŽs dans la gestion des commandes aÝn de fournir une gamme de solutions complte. A@RDKD,ATRHMDRRRNKTSHNMR( Basel dispose de plus de huit ans dÔexpŽrience dans le domaine de lÔe-Commerce et a participŽ au dŽveloppement de plus de 50 sites internet commerciaux dans des domaines aussi variŽs que la vente par internet, lÔe-gaming ou la protection IP. Nos projets nous ont permis de nouer des liens avec des organismes spŽcialisŽs dans le domaine de la TVA, de la vente et des systmes de paiement en ligne, des services postaux europŽens, et avec les plateformes de vente internet les plus importantes comme eBay, Amazon, Playtrade et Pixmania. ENQDRGNQD( Foreshore est une compagnie de communication adaptŽe aux besoins de lÔentreprise, fournissant notamment des solutions dÔhŽbergement, dÔarchivage des Ýchiers, dÔemail, de sauvegarde des donnŽes ˆ destination des sociŽtŽs dÔe-commerce internationales et de services Ýnanciers. Foreshore offre des contrats de niveaux de service complets aÝn de fournir une disponibilitŽ, une ŽvolutivitŽ et une sŽcuritŽ optimales nŽcessaires au dŽveloppement Žconomique de votre entreprise dans un environnement extrmement concurrentiel. Foreshore compte des clients de 30 pays diffŽrents, parmi lesquels certaines des plus grandes banques internationales et des cabinets dÔavocats de premier plan.

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Promotional Leaflet for eCommerce Trade Show in Lille Jersey Enterprise Website Built within the context of our States of Jersey web strategy contract with our partners C5 Alliance, the website, a 3 month structured implementation, defines Enterprise’s proposition.

Idqrdx9NodmenqAtrhmdrr Idqrdxhr`oqn,atrhmdrr Atsvgxqdknb`sdsnIdqrdx> Hrk`mc+hcd`kkxonrhshnmdc NJersey has an accessible, business-focussed, independent enqxntsnhmudrs+fqnv government offering some of the `mcoqnrodq:oqnuhchmfsgd lowest direct tax rates in Europe NJersey is an international centre of odqedbsknb`shnmenqetstqd excellence for professional services allowing you direct access to globallyDtqnod`mnodq`shnmr- renowned experts in international IdqrdxDmsdqoqhrdoqnuhcdr Ýnance and business NJersey offers an unparalleled quality rnktshnmrsndm`akdxnt of life in a beautiful, safe, island setting sncdudknoxntqatrhmdrr NJersey can be reached within an hour from over thirty UK and European cities vhsghmsgdHrk`mcSnÜmcntslnqd`antsatrhmdrr`mchmudrsldms noonqstmhshdrhmIdqrdx+bnms`bsV`xmdF`kkhbg`m+ v-f`kkhbg`m?fnu-id+nquhrhsvvv-idqrdxdmsdqoqhrd-bnl

EuroStar Advert

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Promotional Banner

Jersey: Ideally positioned Jersey is a pro-business Island, ideally positioned for you to invest, grow and prosper; providing the perfect location for your future European operations. Jersey Enterprise provides solutions to enable you to develop your business within the Island.

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Jersey has an accessible, business-focussed, independent government offering some of the lowest direct tax rates in Europe


is an international centre of excellence for professional services allowing you direct access to globally-renowned experts in international Ýnance and business

N Jersey

can be reached within an hour from over thirty UK and European cities

N Jersey

offers an unparalleled quality of life in a beautiful, safe, island setting

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Bringing government and people together through effective branding


Icecap When one of the worldÔs Ýrst carbon trading businesses wanted to establish a headquarters within a more tax efÝcient jurisdiction, ICECAP directors Alick McIntosh and Dave Allen decided that Jersey was the place that met both their corporate needs and lifestyle aspirations. Native Zimbabwean, Alick McIntosh explains, ÑEstablished in London in 2003, ICECAPÔs principal business activities are buying and selling carbon credits around the world and across a wide range of industrial sectors. By 2006, our ground breaking business was growing from strength to strength, with ofÝces in London, Beijing and Calgary. My fellow directors and I felt at this point, that it would make sound commercial sense to base ourselves in a location with a low tax regime. We looked at various options, but Jersey seemed to offer us the best all-round package. We were pointed in the direction of Jersey Enterprise and the team there was extremely proactive in helping us to establish our headquarters.

ÑWe chose Jersey as a base for our operations due to its proximity to London and its strong local professional services industry.Ò @ K H B J  L BH M SN R G   H  CH Q DB SN Q

ÑIn just three or four meetings, face-to-face with the relevant government ministers and ofÝcials, our licence to operate was approved and our permissions to set up home on-Island were granted. It was an incredibly smooth process that was facilitated by the Inward Investment team at Jersey Enterprise, which was quick to recognise that our business was one which was environmentally robust, with a low physical footprint, yet yielding high returns for us and the Island. Vdvdqdhloqdrrdcvhsg sgdvdkbnldvdqdbdhudc`mcsgdd`rdvhsg vghbghsv`ronrrhakdsnfdsntqrdkudrto `mcqtmmhmf-

Jersey Enterprise was launched by the Economic Development Department to support the diversification of the Jersey economy and to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed and to encourage new investment into Jersey.

ÑWe are also enjoying the proximity of Jersey to France. At half-term this year we discovered just how easy and straightforward it is to drive to Switzerland for a skiing holiday! We are looking forward to loading up the car and taking the short ferry crossing to Brittany in the summer, from where we can drive deep into the French countryside and enjoy exploring this vast and diverse country.Ò

ÑMy fellow Jersey director, Dave Allen and I both have families and it was a big decision to uproot them from their schools and friends to move to the Island. However, as it turns out, our families couldnÔt be happier! ItÔs lovely to feel that the biggest threats to our childrenÔs well-being are not gangs on street corners or the menace of drugs, but the size of the waves they are surÝng and the height of the fences their horses are jumping!



After a rigorous pitching process, The Beach with local PR agency Direct Input, were appointed to a two year contract tasked with developing a brand that would sit within the Jersey PLC brand yet has its own recognisable voice. Jersey Enterprise were also keen to distinguish themselves from ‘Government’. Formally launched in February 2008, by the end of 2009, Jersey Enterprise’s confidential business service supported 1823 new and established businesses resulting in 677 new start-ups, 1706 jobs, and the contribution of £14.1 million to Jersey’s economy and all this during one of the most challenging times faced by the global economy.

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Inward Investment Brochure: How do you encourage inward investment into Jersey? Use those who have as your advocates.

This spread is evidence of our contribution to this success.

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Growing in Business?

Starting in Business?



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PR Advice

S@ H KN Q , L @ C D  R T O O N Q S  E N Q  X N T  @ M C  X N T Q  M D V  A T R H M D R R

Q D F T K @S N Q X  @ R R H R S@ M B D




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➜ Ehya`f

When Emma Newton went to register her bar and restaurant business, the team at the Regulation of Undertakings department told her that she might benefit from talking to Jersey Enterprise. Even though Emma had already worked on her business plan, there was one area in which she felt she needed more support.

ÑJersey Enterprise has been brilliant!Ò says Amanda Overland, owner of Fizbag, the fashionable, durable alternatives to plastic carrier bags (found in all the best handbags in Jersey, across the UK and soon to be around the world!). ÑThe team has assisted my business at every turn, with a positive attitude, enthusiasm and practical support.Ò

ÑWe wanted to let people in Jersey know that the Le Hocq business had changed hands and that weÔd be offering a different and exciting bar and restaurant for both existing and new customers,Ò explained Emma. ÑWe didnÔt want to spend a great deal of money on a full-on advertising campaign and so our Jersey Enterprise adviser provided us with some specialist public relations advice.


ÑThe PR team gave us all sorts of terrific promotional ideas that weÔd never have come up with on our own. ItÔs been great to have the support of the guys at Jersey Enterprise, who deal with new businesses day in, day out and have the experience to think about the things that we might otherwise have overlooked.Ò

Q D F T K @S N Q X  @ R R H R S@ M B D



Business Planning Financial Planning Marketing Advice

➜ StqeCnbsnq Having worked hard to scientifically formulate bespoke lawn-nutrition products and follow-up maintenance services, Mick Loughlin and his partner at Turf Doctor visited Jersey Enterprise to seek help with launching their niche business. ÑWe wanted to tell potential clients about our services, but we werenÔt sure where to start,Ò explained Mick. ÑWe met with our adviser at Jersey Enterprise and he was able to help us pull together our business plan, so we were clear about where we were going with our ideas. He then helped us to tap into a team of marketing specialists who were superb! ÑWe had been considering embarking on an advertising campaign, which would have been expensive. But, based on the advice we received, we were able to channel our limited resources into a brilliant direct

marketing initiative instead, which helped us to make personal contact with the people most likely to be interested in our services. ÑMy colleague and I had been thinking about setting-up Turf Doctor for over fifteen years, but our visit to Jersey Enterprise was what really kick-started the whole thing. Their specialist advisers have been incredibly supportive and creative and were instrumental in bringing us to the market (and helping us to do it in the most costeffective way). We are looking forward to continuing a successful relationship with them as our venture grows!Ò

JEDI: Jersey Export Development Initiative

Jersey Enterprise encouraged Amanda to apply for a Jersey Export Development Initiative grant, which enabled her to attend a trade show in London. ÑThis venture proved very successful and led to the opening of new Fizbag distributor accounts Ï I even made contact with distributors in the USA. It also provided me with an opportunity to check out my competitors at close range, something that is often quite difficult to do from the isolation of Jersey.

ÑI canÔt believe how incredibly Fizbag has taken off. In the space of eighteen months we have gone from a simple idea, to having 17 agents and over 1,200 distributors in a market place that is growing in volume and geographically every day! The team at Jersey Enterprise has been, and continues to be, a tremendous support for my everchanging business needs.Ò

Brochures: Two brochures aimed at the domestic audience were produced to encourage and provide valuable support for would-be entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand.

MORE CLIENT LOVE You may have seen the front page of the Sunday Times article much of which it would appear was prompted by the recent release of the Inward Investment Brochure. I have been receiving many very positive comments from within Government and from the business community. The Chief Minister has sent a letter of congratulations and support for “a very well presented document” and Julie Coward of Jersey Finance Limited and Basel Group was very impressed saying “an excellent piece of work - the artwork, the content, the simple yet strong messages”. We are very pleased that it has been so well received and appears to be meeting its objective. Wayne Gallichan, Director, Inward Investment & International Trade, Jersey Enterprise

THE BEACH WE BUILD BRANDS We confirm that all testimonials for the respective clients are their own words and have not been created or adapted by The Beach. Feel free to contact any of our advocates. CASE STUDY 1


Justin Thorne Executive Marketing Manager Jersey Post Group T +44 (0) 1534 616571

Paul Harrison Director, Equipe T +44 (0) 1534 833033

CASE STUDY 2 Grant Twine Managing Director Basel E-Business T +44 (0) 1534 500900 CASE STUDY 3 Howard Le Cornu Chief Executive & Harbour Master Jersey Harbours T +44 (0) 1534 447706 CASE STUDY 4 Eric Le Roux Managing Director MyBus T +44 (0) 877722

CASE STUDY 6 Howard Buesnel Operations Director T +44 (0) 1534 762211 CASE STUDY 7 Wayne Gallichan Director of Inward Investment and International Trade Jersey Enterprise T +44 (0) 1534 448934

> Contact

Scott Haynes, Director The Beach Communication 10 -12 Commercial Buildings Saint Helier, Jersey JE1 3UD T 01534 722022 E

The Beach CIM Entry Best Agency Contribution 2010  

The Beach, Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards 2010, Best Agency Contribution, submission document

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