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TABLE OF CONTENTS CV ABOUT ACEDEMIC WORKS Bachelor thesis.............................................. Sport center for traditional martial arts and

culture of the far east "Contemporary Dojo"

Small-size facility in open landscape......... Canoe Marina in Spała Multi-Family housing...................................... Usypiskowa Apartments School............................................................. Primary School in Warsaw Interior Design................................................ Wedel’s chocolate bar Urban design and planning......................... Settlements and Local plan in Warsaw Multifunctional public facility....................... Hotel with „Warsaw park of technology“ SELECTED WORKS

WORK EXPERIENCE -CAD Technician in E Budowa Sp.z.o.o. From November 2016 - To May 2017 eI have made drawings of livestock housing and family residentials. I have designed solutions for communication issues, functional schemes and prepared high quality visualizations for customers.

JACEK JAN NOWAK Architectural Graduate Civil Engineer

-Architectural Assistant in STUDIO PROJEKT Summer 2014 Student Internship. I created replacement designs, visualisations and provided accurate project documentation of new built object, extensions and conversions. -Assistant Civil Enginner in UNIMARK SP.Z.O.O. Summer 2012 I worked as a construction site manager’s assistant and assisted him in performing duties. -Assistant Civil Enginner in KARMAR Summer 2010v First professional internship. I observed construction site and was supervised by experienced civil engineers. I also got familiar with professional documentation and practical aspects of work at construc tion site. -Freelance photographer From 2012 - Today I was involved in events such as weddings and took photos of various subjects including portraits, architecture and photographical documentation. -Tutor of Structural Mechanics From 2010 - August 2017 I helped countless students learn about statistics, structural mechan during their studies. -Graphic Designer From 2009- Today As a member of Student Council, in addition to my membership duties, I designed a graphical part of every project and created all the informa tional materials. CONTACT ME

Address 38 Rochester Avenue Feltham TW13 4EJ Phone +44 0 7746 473220 Linkedin in/jacek-jan-nowak/ E-mail

EDUCATION WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY 2016 Major: Architecture and Urban planning Degree: Bachelor of science in architecture WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY 2013 Major: Civil engineering Degree: Bachelor of science in engineering

CONTACT ME Address ul. Platnerska 2a/15 Warsaw, Poland 04-473 Phone +44 0 7746 473220 Linkedin in/jacek-jan-nowak/ E-mail

XIX HIGH SCHOOL 2007 Extended curriculim: Mathematics and Physics

PROFILE Enthusiastic and ambitious graduate of two faculties: Architecture and Civil Engineering. Vast spectre of knowledge in both fields, used in creating architectural designs. Exceptional knowledge of Archicad environment. Extensive professional experience, gained during internships. Ability to work under time and deadlines pressure. Self-disciplined and hardworking. Available for work immediately.

ACHIEVEMENTS Graduation from two faculties in order to gain better understanding of architectural design. Active membership in Student Council and Indepen dent Students’ Union (NZS) Coordination of several major student projects of national range. Numerous architectural and civil engineering intern ship resulting in vast professional experience.

PERSONAL SKILLS Analytical Creativity


HOBBIES Painting and drawing Photography

Detail oriented

Civil Enginnering

Logical thinking


Problem solving


Team Player


Quick learner







Sketch Up


MS Office


Project Pro

Mac OS X

English - IELTS 7.0 Polish - Native German - Basics

Bachelor thesis Sport center for traditional martial arts and culture of the far east "Contemporary Dojo"

My graduation project was my biggest challenge during my studies. My aim was to design an object close to my passions and experiences – a martial arts centre with functions community center promoting Japanese culture and art. Japanese culture and architecture had the biggest influence on my design – I wanted to create a building simple and pure, join ing different materials, enhanced by appropriate lights. It was also a major issue to find the approach in which eastern architec ture could fit in European city in a way that wouldn't diminish its unique features and to adjust the shape of the building to the nearby freeway. During the design process I tried to analyze these flaws and obstacles and convert them into the biggest ad vantages of the object. The designed object includes two green patios encircled by training halls and the main Dojo as the training and display area along with an exhibition corridor. Furthermore, in order to promote eastern culture by organizing meetings, lectures or workshops the building contains eight differ ent classrooms. The training rooms were complemented with full supply network, consisting of locker rooms, bathrooms, equipment magazines, a gym, coaches' rooms and a doctor's office. In the southern part of a building a teahouse with a bistro and the administration offices were placed. The object includes a func tional roof with space for exterior trainings and one level of an un derground parking with technical rooms.

The object’s funtional program was determined after a thorough analysis of the location. The planned route from the East restrained the shape of the parcel to a trapezoid shape 90 m long, 30 m wide on the northern side and 15 m wide on the southern side. Its specific shape determined the form of the building. It was also influenced by the planned route, that forced its western orientation.

The main inspiration was architecture of both modern Japan and contemporary sports objects. The principal aim of the project was to answer the question how oriental architecture may fit into a typical European city such as Warsaw. It was crucial for me to design an object evoking Japanese architecture, quite transparent about its function, but only using its motifs, without literal copying the form.

Planned express route




The choice of the parcel was based on its appealing qualities – barren land with single trees and bushes. Surrounding facilities make it an attractive location for a building with sports and recreation function. The plot is adjacent to primary school, with a swimming pool from the east with two other 400m further and a music school nearby. The biggest park in the area with facilities such as tennis field is located only a few minutes’ walk away. From the south, the parcel borders Grochowska road, the biggest communication route in the district. On the eastern side the area is dominated by single-family residential buildings. From the north there is a newly-constructed residential estate was established, south to a rail track and a forest.

Detail of wooden grid joint

Ground Floor

1 Floor

2 Floor

Small-size facility in open landscape Canoe Marina in Spała


Functional program: -Utility room -Bathrooms -Storage room -Equipment rental -Guest rooms -Group rooms -Kitchen -Cold room -Garbage -Washing room -Administration -Office -Dining room -Hall -Entrance -Boatyard

The building’s form was shaped as a variation on modern barn with motifs of local wooden architecture. The main objective was to provide function for sleeping, catering, boatyard, warehouses and water sports equip ment rental. It was also an important goal to create an opening on a picturesque view on Pilica river.

Multi-Family Housing Usypiskowa Apartments During classes I designed terraced houses with small apartaments. I decided to put emphasis on parcel’s location – near a park with a lake. My design focused on preserving the view and providing as much greenery as possible. I also decided to provide my apartments with spacious terraces in order to ensure their inhabitants have personal space outdoors. Building’s facades were inspired with traditional English brickwork. The designed flats are based on a module of a square in order to provide the best possible use of space. East-West orientation of the building allows it to provide the right amount of light for every apartment. The building includes 3-, 2- and 1-bedroom flats as an attempt to diversify the environment and create well-functioning neighborhood. An exemplary orthographic visualization was created in order to present how designed spaces would be perceived by its locators.

3 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

1 Bedroom

School Primary School in Warsaw

Design of primary school is one of the most difficult subjects, due to its importance in children’s education. In my design I wanted to achieve a friendly atmosphere by creating vast, open spaces. The classrooms are provided with a proper amount of light that is necessary in learning pro cess and for healthy life. I also tried to decrease the negative perception of school as an in stitution by creating a subtle yet dynamic shape of a building.

Canteen and kitchen Communication Classrooms Administration Sports facility Library

Interior Design Wedel’s chocolate bar

During my Interior Design classes I decided to design Wedel’s chocolate House. The main goal was to combine Wedel’s spirit of tradition with a hint of fresh design. My first inspiration was a wafle with chocolat. I was inspired by its shape and decided to create a parametric structure on the ceiling, a modern accent to traditional interior. It was my first contact with Grasshoper and Rhinoceros software that provided me with countless posibilities of parametric design. Wedel is a brand well-known for its high quality chocolate products. My prime inspiration was chocolate – to be precise melted chocolate on a waffle. It became a perfect opportunity to design a parametric structure hanging from the ceiling. It is a main theme for the interior design, yet my aim was not to let it dominate the room and balance it with appropriate furniture and strong colours. It is characteristic for Wedel to use luxurious interiors, thus I tried to evoke the feeling of a classic Wedel interior with a modern hint. I also used Wedel’s logo colour in order to underline the brand’s identity.

Urban design and planning Settlements and local plan in Warsaw

My Urban Planning classes included two subsequents semesters of projects on the same parcel. My first task was to design residential housing witch application of rules of urban planning. The big asset of the parcel was its location next to Vistula river and the possibility to use the cutoffs of the river. The task in the second semester was to provide a parcel with appropriate Local Spatial Managment Plan that complied with Polish law in a form of graphical and written document.

Inventory and analysis of current state - from the South the parcel is dominated by Siekierki Powerplants, height dominants in form of chimneys - from Southern-East side single-family housing, resem bling rural architecture (2 floors, gable roofs) - Siekierkowska Rout in the North as a spatial domi nant, highly influencing urban planning. A barrier for development in North-Western direction. - attractive areas of high and low greenery, presence of natural monuments - close to Vistula river from North-East and East, old basins and reservoirs such as Wilanówka and Au JXVWyZNDULYHUVRQWKHVRXWKDQGRQWKH1RUWKâDFKD and Siekierkowska river. On the West there is a Czer niakowskie Lake Reserve. Reservoirs are mostly unex ploited and undeveloped. Additionally, an old river bed of Vistula river located on the area of the de signed parcel is a vital asset. - communication system mostly consists of dirt roads. Tracts are mostly in bad condition, the area lacks side walks of appropriate widths. The whole system trends to a central one. The project includes communication routes described in Local Development Plan, espe cially for Czerniakowska Bis and Augustówka streets, which restrain the parcel’s borders.

Area of coverage Existing roads Reservoirs and rivers Forests Orchards Single family housing Allotments Area of Siekierki Powerplant Industrial areas Planned roads (from Local Development Plan) Urban inventory 1:2000

Conclusions for design: - Integration and communication of the estate with Siekierkowska Route - Re-directing of traffic on planned roads - If possible, separation from Siekierki Powerplant - Exploitation and revalorization of the old riverbed located on the plot - Keeping the character of old part of Augustówka district: low-intensity in South-Eastern part

I. Graphic symbols for obligatory Local Development Plan establishments 1. General symbols Border of the planned area Borderlines of areas for different uses Build up line Building foundation 3. Indicators for shaping buildings/terrain development Services on ground floor Height dominant Proposed entrances Proposed entrances for parkings Water canals Planned espaliers of trees

2. Terrain use Multi-family housing Services Administration Trade Office Culture Education Sports and recreation Trade (over area of 2000 m2) Cultivated greenery Surface waters Pedestrian communication Local roads Local distributor road

II. Graphic symbols for informational Local Development Plan establishments Areas with specific floor design included in local investment schemes Pedestrian communication Bus stops On-street parkings Underground parkings Ground floor parkings Vehicle communication Benchmarks Library Primary/secondary school

Multifunctional public facility Hotel „Warsaw Park of Technology”

Designing the hotel was a challenging task due to its well-developed functional programme. I split the building on two separated parts by glass-covered lobby that takes a part of a compositional axis. In the southern side I located hotel rooms while in the northern its additional function – Warsaw Park of Technology, including offices, conference rooms and exhibition spaces. The design of hotel’s façade and its black and gold, transparent elements were inspired by video game “Deus Ex”. By adding see-through geometrical panels I meant to recreate atmosphere and character of games interiors that merged high-tech themes witch art deco. An additional function for the hotel was planned – creation of „Warsaw Technology Centre”. Combined with function of the hotel, Warsaw Technology Centre would become a venue for fairs dedicated for new technologies, EXPOs and convents. First two floors are entirely dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions, des ignated for hotel guests and organised tours. Third and fourth floors are allocated to conference, training rooms and auditoriums en abling to create a base for science conferences or seminars. Fifth and sixth floors are occupied by computer rooms created as a data-processing centre as well as a rental space or a base for events in the object. Last two floors are designated to professional server room creating „computing power for rent” as well as servicing all the automated processes in the hotel and support for other Warsaw Technology Centre functions. Another asset is an opportunity to re-use the heat from the server room in order to heat the rest of the hotel via eco-friendly heat recovery installation system.

In order to highlight additional function of the hotel, on the place from Jerozolimskie Alley, an interactive light installation was designed. The installation is based on square grid, allowing to change light colour and configuration through a mobile application.

7. Server/utility room

6. Server room

5. Computing/Data procession room 4. Computing/Data procession room

3. Conference/training centre 2. Conference/training centre

1. Permanent exhibitions

0. Temporary exhibitions

Designed object is a 4* hotel located by Jerozolimskie Alleys, in the very centre of Warsaw. Building features two restaurants, a cafeteria, hairdresser’s, beautician’s and a solarium. The hotel offers a gift shop, press stand, florist’s and a fashion bou tique. There are 154 double ensuite rooms with area of 28 m2 each. In addition, there are 14 single rooms and 35 apartments.

Selected Works Drawings, paintings, photographs and graphic works

In this part of my portfolio I present my works connected with my extracurricular activities and passions that I consider important for my professional development: - selected commissioned photographs and pictures from student events - drawings I made during preparations for entry exams on architecture and my later works - my graphic works such as posters and leaflets that promote various student activities, made during my work ad Student Council

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you enjoyed my portfolio. I also hope you will give me opportunity to use my knowledge and skills. If you wanted to contact me or clarify anything feel free to do so. tel. 7746 473 220 email.

Academic portfolio  
Academic portfolio