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Holme Valley Parish Council

ANNUAL REPORT 2008/2009 A look at the past year in the Holme Valley The Chairman’s report—Cllr Trevor Bellamy information regarding areas of responsibility and actions taken. We have continued to look at how we work and have made such changes regarding the duration of meetings and the frequency of some of our meetings. In addition to this, public surgeries are held at regular intervals and at various locations within our area. Councillors also attend as representatives on outside bodies. Well above twenty such bodies exist with one or more Councillors attending on our behalf. The councillors undertake the work of councillors freely and willingly and do not receive payment for their time and efforts. The end of the civic year – one of the Chairman’s last official duties is to prepare this report to be presented to our electorate with further details of Parish Council activities. Your council of 23 Councillors, representing 12 wards, means each Councillor representing on average 870 electors. We have a committee structure to work on the many and diverse areas of responsibility within our localities. Reports from each of these Committees are in this Annual Report and provide detailed

The Council is governed by Standing Orders relating to all areas of our work. On occasion changes do have to be made to these Orders in response to local, regional and national requirements or guidelines. Recently we have updated the list of information available from Holme Valley Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme 2009, which can be viewed on our website or obtained as a hard copy on request. An area of pride to us all is the fact that

The Chairman’s Charities Chairman Cllr Trevor Bellamy, Mrs Kath Bellamy and guests from Kirklees, and from other Parish and Town Councils at the Charity Civic Lunch. Photography — Peter Webb

Some 84 persons attended the Charity Civic Lunch, the final civic event of my year as Chairman of Holme Valley Parish Council. Entertainment was provided by a young local cornet player Tom Brown. On guitar and vocals another local entertainer Ian Evans. We also had a visit from the Holme Valley Beagles. Many thanks to all the above for making the afternoon a success and thanks to staff at the Huntsman Hotel for professional and welcoming service. Thanks to the generosity of local individuals and businesses who made donations of money and items, for an auction and a raffle, we were able to raise a good amount on the day for my chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, and a cheque for £1,105 has been presented to this charity. In addition, nominated local charities and organisations will receive donations from my charitable fund. Community groups which specialise in working with the young people of the Valley will receive monies from this fund.

we have the status of a Quality Parish Council. Not easily gained, not easily retained; we are due to apply for reaccreditation in the near future. Much work has gone into this; we approach the process with confidence. We are committed to working hard in support of our local communities and to giving quality and a good value for money service. We are very proud of our local Holme Valley minibus service, one of the many strengths in our Parish. Our committees have continued their work on children’s play areas, services for teenagers, community projects such as bus shelters, clocks and war memorials all of which are detailed in the committee reports.

We work with other local authorities, such as Kirklees Council, on wider issues and this year have been consulted on Localities Working, Community Governance Review and the Local Development Framework – all key areas of work in progress. Some local issues affect us all - there have been changes to bus services and possibly more to come. Public meetings were organised to allow individuals and

organisations to put forward their views and to collect evidence on why local post offices should not be closed. Large planning developments, such as a proposed supermarket, continue to create a wealth of strong feeling, passion and debate and the Parish Council, as always, seeks a wide range of views on these developments. On behalf of the Parish Council I would like to give many thanks to the organisations and individuals who have shown us such good support over the past year. My own special thanks go to Chairs of Committee and fellow Councillors for expertise, commitment and loyalty over a busy period. For working hard as always – many thanks to our Clerk, Mrs. Marjory Bewick, and our Administrative Support Officer, Mrs. Sally Barber. Finally a look at next year with its challenges and opportunities, I would like to wish our new Chairman, Cllr. Judith Roberts, best wishes for her year in office. Cllr. Trevor Bellamy Chairman, 2008 /2009 Chairman Strategy & Policy Committee

Councillor contacts — 2008/2009 Ward





D. M. Firth

01484 683735 34 Penistone Road, New Mill, HD9 7JP




01484 686488 45 Sude Hill, New Mill, HD9 7BL




01484 685928 Wood Nook, South View, Jackson Bridge, HD9 7HT

Holmfirth Central



01484 682721 10 Oak Tree Avenue, Scholes, HD9 1SD

Holmfirth Central



01484 689622 1 Greenhill Bank Road, Holmfirth, HD9 1LU

Honley Central & East M.


01484 661354 17 Woodroyd Avenue, Honley, HD9 6LG

Honley Central & East P.D.


01484 661980 10 Townhead, Honley, HD9 6BW

Honley Central & East B.


01484 689961 Southfield, Holmfirth Road, New Mill, HD9 7LX

Honley South



01484 666424 Springfield House, 7 Field End , Honley, HD9 6NE

Honley West




Honley West



07769 905957 6 Lea Rise, Honley, HD9 6EZ




01484 686034 Ashgrove Barn, Broad Lane, Upperthong, HD9 3JS




01484 684930 30 Wolfstones Road, Netherthong, HD9 3UU


R. P.


01484 685928 Wood Nook, South View, Jackson Bridge, HD9 7HT




01484 684927 43 Scholes Moor Road, Scholes, HD9 1SJ

Upper Holme Valley



01484 683147 146 Woodhead Road, Hinchliffe Mill, HD9 2NL

Upper Holme Valley

J. M.


01484 685068 Greengates Farm, Greengates Road, Austonly, HD9 3RG




07703 314313 Midgley Farm, Wickens Lane , Upperthong HD9 3RE


A. R.


01484 685437 1 Holme View Park, Upperthong, HD9 3HS




01484 689122 5 Millfold, Holmbridge, HD9 2TQ



Greenwood 01484 222462 32 Bourn View Road, Netherton, HD4 7JZ




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Telephone Bailey


01484 662398 4 Oakes Lane, Brockholes, HD9 7AR

March 2009

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Holme Valley Parish Council Annual Report 2008/2009

Report from the Chairman of the General Purposes Committee - Cllr Joan Osborn Vice Chairman - Cllr Donald Firth

Report from the Chairman of the Finance & Management Committee - Cllr Paul Dixon Vice Chairman - Cllr Beryl Smith

As Chairman of Holme Valley Parish Council General Purposes Committee, I am reporting on the support that this Committee has given to various projects in the last civic year. Firstly, the minibus has been running for many years with our support, and I hope, with the help of people using this service frequently, it will continue serving the Valley for many years to come.

It is with great pleasure that I give you my second report as Chairman of the Finance & Management Committee in this term of office. We have been able, as planned, to reduce the precept in 2009/10 by 10%, moving towards our target to reduce by 25% in the three years, 2007-2010. We are keen to attract funding for projects which will benefit the residents of the Holme Valley. This year we received funding for work on the War memorials after a successful grant bid organised through the General Purposes Committee and funding for our publications organised through the Publications and Communications Committee. Both committees are to be congratulated on achieving these additional financial benefits for the parish.

War Memorials are also well looked after and refurbished. The new War Memorial Lychgates at St. John’s Church, Upperthong were completed in time for last year’s Remembrance Service. There is more

The Parish Council is also supporting the Holme Valley Patient Transport Scheme which helps patients who cannot easily use public transport, reach their Doctors for appointments. Bus shelters and seats are maintained and cleaned at regular intervals and replaced when necessary. Christmas trees are provided each year at various sites throughout the Holme Valley, together with one provided by Kirklees Council in Holmfirth.

Last year I reported that the Parish Council had concluded the process of land registration of the awarded quarries held in trust by the Parish Council. This year I am pleased to report that the Charity Commission has agreed to a charitable scheme for the disposal and use of these assets. The work of dealing with the quarries now passes from the Finance and Management Committee to the newly established Land Charity.

refurbishment planned for our other War Memorials. Over the years the Parish Council has been instrumental in providing, in partnership with Kirklees Council, many of the play areas in the Valley; the latest project being the refurbishment of the play area at Booth House.

During the year, grants have been awarded to community and voluntary organisations: Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society Support for volunteer work in Mongolia Agbrigg Girl Guiding Support for attendance at Guide Event Brockholes Methodist Church Provision of handrail Holmfirth Festival of Folk Children’s Street Theatre Hepworth Brass Band Promoting 'Championship Brass in the Holme Valley'. Holme Valley Brass Band Contest Prizes and general donation Financial Report from the Responsible Financial Officer - Marjory Bewick

The Committee also works with Kirklees Council to support the Tidy Trader competition, providing a special trophy each year. It is hoped to extend the scheme to Honley in future years. Last, but not least, dog waste bags can be obtained free of charge from the Council offices, Tourist Information Centre or any Councillor will be happy to supply them. Report from the Chairman of the Planning Committee - Cllr Judith Roberts Vice Chairman - Cllr Di Hall

Once again the Parish planning team has had a concern, and with the downturn of the economy very busy year, with over 400 plans to consider it is crucial that we look into this. and make comment on to Kirklees Council. Consultations on the new Local Development Framework provide an opportunity for the I am also pleased to report that some long Council to highlight these concerns. It is vital awaited developments for the centre of that the Planning Committee makes this point Holmfirth have now been completed, in the early stages of developing this new Plan improving the appearance of the town centre. as it will determine land use for the next decade and more. Although we have had several plans dealing with environmental issues, Members have to This forthcoming year may bring many changes balance site with performance. Some to the Holme Valley; a planning application for applications have worked well with a new supermarket is expected and further surrounding areas; others need adjustments. discussions on the Kirklees Local Development Framework will have an impact in future years. As yet, our lack of developments which will Such issues will feature in next year’s planning allow affordable housing within the Valley is of discussions.

RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS TO 31 MARCH 2009 2007-2008 £ 76,780.61 Opening Balances Receipts Precept 165,000.00 Income 11,885.25 Total Receipts 176,885.25 Refund of VAT 2,447.00 TOTALS: 256,112.86

Payments Charities Civic Governance 2008/2009 has been a year of change for the with a further CILCA qualification planned for Consultation and Communications Officers, with Sally Barber taking on the new Sally next year. As part of the changed roles in Corporate Governance Environment, Highways and Transport role of Administrative Support Officer (ASO) the Council, job grading reviews were Arts and Recreation and supporting the Clerk, Marjory Bewick with completed for the Assistant Clerk and ASO the HVPC workload. Given the additional load roles, with the Clerk and Deputy Clerk gradings Planning and Economic Development caused by the Community Governance Review, to be completed next year. Revised job Total payments the Post Office Closures and the new Land specifications and profiles have also been VAT during year Charity Committee, Marjory and Sally have completed. Closing Balances had a busy year, with Sally also taking on TOTALS: Report from the Chairman of the Staffing Committee - Cllr Charles Kaye

training to achieve the ‘Working With Your Council’ qualification, and also learning from Marjory with her experience. Staff Development Reviews were completed satisfactorily, supported by the Councillors,

Together with the revised Job Structure for the Council, the Committee is reviewing contracted hours for the next 2 to 3 years to manage the additional workload created by the Land Charity.

2,264.98 16,630.82 5,708.38 74,812.12 32,706.21 8,490.99 54.80 140,668.30 2,327.63 113,116.93 256,112.86

Holme Valley Parish Council Council Offices, 49/51 Huddersfield Road, Clerk: Marjory Bewick E-mail Website

2008-2009 £ 113,116.93 148,500.00 15,132.01 163,632.01 2,412.07 279,161.01

1,271.25 9,160.06 7,245.10 67,350.07 35,109.19 35,466.52 88.60 155,690.79 2,458.25 121,011.97 279,161.01

The accounts are subject to audit. Fuller details of the accounts are available on the parish council website and will be updated after the accounts are returned from the auditor. The website also has financial information from previous years.

Telephone & Fax: 01484 222462 Holmfirth, HD9 3JP Admin Support Officer: Sally Barber

Report from the Chairman of the Publications and Communications Committee - Cllr James Greenwood; Vice Chairman - Cllr Tom Dixon

How quickly time goes, it seems not long ago when I was asked to write my first annual report as Chairman for the Publications and Communications Committee. Since then a lot has happened, and our team have had the pleasure in writing the quarterly newsletter.

I must stress that the publication team has again worked hard throughout the year in making the newsletter available to all residents within the parish, and we will continue to do so as we believe that informing our parish of events and developments which

are of concern, is important.

Use of online Polls have helped us gauge opinion on issues such as funding of the Holmfirth Christmas lights.

An increase in the number of visitors to the Parish website provides a strong indication that people in our area are active in keeping In between the quarterly newsletters, please involved with developments within the Parish. do visit the Parish website and get involved.

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Annual Report 2008 09  

Parish Council annual report for 2008-09