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JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

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Neelakshi Chaturvedi Nidhi Runthala Aayush Dube Manpreet Kaur Sakshi Chauhan Shubham Sharma Chaitanaya Sethi Ritika Dhoot Rajat Agrawal Ayushi Garg Varsha Parihar Rajat Raj Tushar Sharma Jagriti Arora Kartikeya Bahuguna Mukul Mathur Akshay Kumar Tak Vishal Acharya Shailendra Paliwal Varunika Yadav Pulkit Agarwal Rohan Malhotra

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Ganpati Bappa Moriya! It is believed that Lord Ganesh be-

stows his presence on earth for all his devotees during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is the day when Ganesha was born. Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture or at the start of travel. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most colorful and widely celebrated festivals in India and of course students are no less in celebrating it with full enthusiasm. Students of JECRC Foundation organized the festival at a grand level and the celebration commenced by Ganpati Sthapana on Ganesh Chaturthi day. For duration

of 9 days, evening prayers from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM were offered to Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings. The arrangements for the festival were made by students from Boys Hostel 1 & 3 and Director Sir, Vice President sir and college management

Students from JECRC University presenting a dance 3

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

sponsored the whole festival and made it a huge success. We thank you all. Hostlers participated actively and did their best to make the celebrations of this fest a huge success. The celebrations were also remarkable at the JECRC University where Maha Aarti of Lord Ganesha with 108 lamps was conducted and in a Chhappan Bhog programme Lord Ganesha was offered 56 food items. The festival finally came to an end by Ganpati Visarjana taking place in a lake near Sheetla Mata Mandir on the 9th day i.e. final day. On the day of visarjana everyone’s heart is filled with mixed emotions as they feel sad to say goodbye to their beloved Lord Ganpati and then wait for the next year to welcome Ganpati ji and celebrate festival with full energy and excitement once more.

Schools Flock to Pradarshini



One of the numerous school contigents which attended Pradarshini

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

An initiative of JECRC Foundation "Pradarshini-2013"

was held from 14th to 20th November'13 at JECRC University Campus, wherein various working models of the futuristic models were displayed and there working and utility were explained by the students, Mr Amit Agrawal riding the Solar Powered Bike who came from variety of engineering backgrounds. The inventive work of various students was wit- Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Embedded Technologies, Biotechnology, Green Energy, Green Chemistry, Bio-engineering, PLCC Automation Scada Automation, Aeronauical Engineering, Product Design, Automobile Engineering, Network Development, Android App Development, JAVA, iOS App Development. First Day of Pradarshini was graced by the presence of Dr. Amita Gill, Director DST, Jaipur, accompanied by Dr. Anuj Saxena OSD, DST and by hundreds of students from schools all across Jaipur, students who vowed to be on the other side of the table at Pradarshini in a few years. With a footfall of more than a 1000 school students, the whole camPresenter explaining the exhibit to students pus buzzed with activities. Pradarshini paved a way for the opportuninessed during the four days and their capacity and ties and various methods and ideas which could be capability which came forth during this exhibition adopted for safeguarding our planet which is facing left many awestruck. innumerous problems, be those manmade or natu The various topics and different future tech- ral. nologies on which the projects were displayed were


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Joy of Giving Week

dents and the staff members. Team Zarurat placed Joy of Giving Week Wish Tree around the campus and the main canteen with

The Joy of Giving Week is India’s Thanksgiving celebrated every year, in the week including Gandhi Jayanti, i.e., October 2-8. It brings together Indians from all walks of life, to celebrate the spirit of giving. People from every part of society including auto drivers

Wish Cards. Wish Tree is literally a wish-fulfilling-tree that gives people the opportunity to fulfil the needs and wishes of someone else. The concept behind the Wish Tree was to en-

Celebrating Innocence to CEOs, school children to celebrities, homemakers to opinion makers, millions of people give their time, money, resources or skills back to society by sharing the joy of giving. Apart from imparting quality technical education to the students, JECRC Foundation has also ventured for celebrating the ‘Spirit of Giving’. There was an active paticipation from the JECRCians in the ‘Festival of Giving’. The festival was celebrated as ‘Joy of Giving Week’ wherein the complete college

Mr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari distributing goodies campus was decorated with posters to imbue the feeling of sharing and giving amongst all the stu5

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Neelakshi Ma’am with the Wish Tree courage students & teachers to pick one card and participate in the ‘Festival of Giving’. The more cards got picked, the more they got replaced by JGW Smiley’s, henceforth referred to as Wish Fruit. Fruitier the tree looked, it showed the people who were committed to the cause. The Thought of togetherness was instilled in everyone by motivating them to contribute generously with the purpose that the contribution made from a donor will be half shared by the team Zarurat. On the last day, the collected goodies were distibuted among the children. The smile which stretched across their faces indeed provided the ‘Joy of Giving’ to everyone!

Meeting a Rocket Scientist The auditorium is packed with students. There is a banner on stage which reads "sky being the limit. Learn from my mistakes." On the other side there is a table displaying a book "why me?" written by the speaker. Anxiety is something which makes people talk more, and you could have inferred that from the murmurs coming from every corner of the room.

Dr. Krishen shared his deepest insights about life and the universe


occasion was the seminar large audience. A small silver lining leaving the auditorium, students conducted by NASA senior sci- in the panic situation was to see and teachers alike were awestruck entist Kumar Krishen working bright faces of students in front of what they had experienced; a Advanced Planning Office, NASA of him ready to hear with great genius at work, explaining ardently the mysteries of space. fervour. Johnson Space Center (JSC), From the big bang theory Houston, Texas, responsible face your fear to origin of universe, from for developing strategies for existing space technologies joint research and technolto challenges faced by engiogy projects. After a short while a don’t get attached to the neers in this field. The ending ceremony of the semiman probably middle aged enfruit of your labour nar was further graced by tered the auditorium. He was presence of Mr Arpit Agarintroduced to the audience as wal, Director JECRC. much awaited guest, followed think differently by a list of his achievements; What followed was an ina very long list indeed! teraction round. He then took over the “When I think, what I should learn He began the seminar with mic, body language not appropriate for a professional speaker. Un- a power point presentation about from today’s session, it was not sure of how to begin, he humbly space science. With every passing the Rocket Science I was most imaccepted the fact that he was slide and with the way he was ex- pressed by, but something more having sweaty palms as he had plaining, one could have seen the important than that… insight for never spoken in front of such a zeal he had for his work. By the my conscience”. end of the seminar, everybody 6 JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Cover Story

Sports Fiesta Mike Singletary, an American Football coach, once said, ‘Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.’

A collective initiative was taken by the

students and the management to make this happen. The outcome was ‘JECRC Sports Meet’, and was kick-started on October 10, 2013. The month long bonanza witnessed 735 students participate. A basketball court and a volleyball court were specially constructed. A total of about 15 indoor and outdoor events were covered. Juniors and seniors came together to play; showcasing their team spirit, enthusiasm, perseverance and sportsmanship. All of them had their eyes set on the trophy, but only a few teams and individuals managed to achieve the number one spot. 7

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Football Quarterfinals going on between college teams

Rajesh Sharma, Sports Officer

While talking about sports, one can’t forget the amazing performance by the JECRC team in the BITS Pilani inter-college sports meet. Sitesh Khatri even brought back the Best player trophy, thus making the JECRC dominance felt in the field of sports as well. The entire event was coordinated and choreographed by Aman Suwalka, Arpit Mishra and Priyansh Sharma. For the smooth functioning of the events and to keep the competitiveness in check, DR. Rajesh Sharma was given the responsibility of the Sports Officer. The enthusiastic crowd, the talented players, the satisfaction of winning, the contentment even after losing; all made it a huge and a successful event. Trying to make a dunk shot!


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

JEC RC Fou ndat i on

Samar - 2013 at JECRC UDML They say all humans are born equal, but the same

Starting with basketball, SAMAR covered all is not applicable to the group of humans specializing the famous sports and games; Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball, Lawn Tennis, Squash and Shot-put are in sports. Some get cheers and some get booed by only a few to be named. As many as 21 teams and the same crowd but ahead of this fine line of suc- over 25 individual participants celebrated the event. cess and failure, some are caught up in the dream Besides these events, various races, cross-college of achieving and achieving without accepting failure. marathon and other events were also witnessed. An array of winning and learning streaks of the parHowever all that really matters for a sportticipants kept the audience spell bound. The sperson is 'living the game' crowd to which responded with loud cheers Similar scenario was observed at this and roars. year's SAMAR-2013,which was organised by At the end of the second day, the prize dis“UD-Tritons” at JECRC UDML College of Engitribution ceremony was organized. neering. Pleasant evenings marked the end of days The two day eminent sports event was orwith the promise of more thrill, more excitement, ganized on 27th and 28th September and was bolstered by the presence of JECRC Foundation direc- more events and a lot more fun for the next year. The event was another step taken by JECRC tor, Mr. Arpit Agarwal and executive director JECRC foundation towards its goal of nurturing talent, this UDML, Mr. S.L Agarwal, who delivered the inaugural address which emphasized on the importance of time in Sports. sports in building the society by teaching team work which was followed by National Anthem.

Workshop on Embedded and Mobile Software JECRC UDML College of Engineering provides high- Director (JECRC UDML). ly qualified and experienced faculty in order to cultivate and nurture the essence of growth in education. JECRC UDML organized an International Faculty Leadership Workshop on EMBEDDED AND MOBILE SOFTWARE in association with IUCEE for the first time in Rajasthan, from 30th September 2013, till 4th October 2013. The workshop was aimed at rendering the best in the faculty and students from around the globe and provided an opportunity to enhance their skills related to embedded systems and mobile software. The International Faculty Leadership Workshop was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Santosh Pande, Professor at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA. The inauguration of the workshop was done in the prodigious presence of Mr. Amit Agarwal, MD (JECRC Foundation), Mr. Arpit Agarwal, Director (JECRC Foundation), Mrs. Sonil Agarwal, Dr. Ram Rattan, Principal (JECRC UDML), Mr. S.L Agarwal, Executive


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

The main objective of the workshop was to avail expert guidance in Computer Architecture, Embedded Processor Taxonomy, Code Optimization, Viruses and Vulnerability Detection and Code Mobility. Thereafter, a closing ceremony was conducted where the organising team of the workshop including Prof. Vijeta Kumawat, head of department CSE (JECRC UDML) and Ms. Komal Joshi, IUCEE Secretary were felicitated.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” -Bill Gates

An Ode to Teachers ON 5TH SEPTEMBER, Teacher’s Day: one of the most awaited occasions of the year was celebrated with full enthusiasm inside the college auditorium. With the organization in novice hands of the freshers, none could have presumed the extravaganza on charts. The function took off with Saraswati Vandana which was followed by the pious diya lightening ceremony. An introductory speech was given by Mrinalini Sharma, followed by cake cutting. The faculty members showed active participation in the function: A.B.L. Mathur Sir and R.A.V. Sir delivered an enlightening speech and appreciated the students for their initiative. Mount Mullick Sir added to the

function by singing a melodious song on special demand of the students. The students performed a special comic enactment that was liked and applauded alike by the students and faculty. A solo dance was performed by Sachin Tailor, which became the main highlight of the function and left the masses awestruck .The group song and group dance by the students only added stars to the function. The ceremony proved to be more than just a couple of hours of fun because it was celebrated for the first time in last 10 years of the history of the college.

Ranbir Kapoor visits JECRC

September 12, 2013 is sure to be written in tinsel words in the book called, “History of JECRC”. Charge for standing, and the event was a sell-out! Crowd’s reaction to his presence was not cheerful but ecstatic. He is the youth heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, who flew to Jaipur only to promote his upcoming film. Ranbeer was welcomed to JECRC by Mr Arpit Agarwal, Director, JECRC Foundation. The crowd were in throes of frenzy by the time the music rose and the youth icon danced to some of the trendy numbers. Visiting only one other college in the city, he distributed film’s audio CDs among the crowd, addressed students and motivated them to stay determined in whatever they do, and wished them luck. Though the event was not just a New York minute affair, girls couldn’t help but expect more from the star. And when he finally left, he had created an everlasting memoir within the minds. 10

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Fixing what’s wrong with Education Research

has shown that less than 10% of MBA graduates are employable and 83% of engineering graduates are unfit for employment. About 50% of the universities have infrastructure deficiencies and nearly 40% of University faculty positions remain vacant. In such an era there is a need for a system in place that focuses on bringing innovation, and technology to the traditional higher educational institutions. SmartOn Learning is an initiative in that direction that has developed unique digital commerce learning program in a hybrid (e-learning & classroom) format. It is collaboration with the industrial partners, targeting to enable college graduates in becoming career ready for the sector. SmartOn has also tied up with reputed educational institutions to launch its online college initiative. Starting with the Indian market, on September 21, 2014 a seminar regarding the same was held at JECRC conducted by Mr. Rakshit Kejriwal, Co-founder of ‘SMARTON’. Mr Kejriwal conducted the seminar

for the MBA students to enhance their academic and intellectual environment and even to provide quality information on how to develop or inculcate skills for personal growth by providing information & some tips to the students on the Do’s and Don’ts of interviews. Mr. Rakshit Kejriwal concluded the seminar by saying “In SmartOn we have a great team of global professionals with world-class backgrounds & experiences. We are bringing some of the best educational and technological companies from across the globe to collaborate with us, so that our students acquire a competitive edge. Finally, we are very excited to offer quality international education at the Indian cost.” SmartOn Learning is an amazing implementation of an elaborately drawn out idea targeting careers where there is a significant real-time demand, thus enabling the students to learn in an interactive way to acquire effective and relevant knowledge.

The Tranquil of Classical Music Hallowed and pure, the sound of a flute resonates like a temple bell timeless as if traversing through space, serene as infinite bliss...

It was a journey through the magical lanes of soulful

music as one of the living legends of Indian classical music; Pt. Ronu Majumdar enthralled the students of JECRC with his performance. A Grammy Award Nominee and recipient of Sahara Lifetime Achievement Award, Pt. Majumdar has performed with the likes of Zakir Hussain, Pt. Ravi Shankar and George Harrison from the Beatles, and after taking the world by storm, on September 4, 2014 left the students of JECRC speechless with his captivating performance. Born in Varanasi on July 28, 1965, Ranendranath Majumdar, popularly known as Ronu was trained under his father, Dr. Bhanu Majumdar, and later learned vocal music with the late Pt. Laxman Prasad Jaipurwale at whose behest he reverted to the flute. Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao, a music scholar, groomed Ronu into a concert flautist. The bansuri flute was brought into the fold of Hindustani Classical music barely half a century


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

ago by Pt Pannalal Ghosh, before which it was considered as a folk instrument. Ronu's speciality is the Shankh Bansuri, a 3-foot-long flute (0.91 m) of his own design, which adds an extra dimension at the lower scales. His Bansuri keeps juggling between eras. At one moment, it reminds you of the mythical Ras Leela of Lord Krishna and his Gopis; the next instance could be a jam session with ace guitarist Ry Cooder and Lary Coryell. Today, Ronu Majumdar is among the most popular musicians of this instrument, and is especially popular with the younger generation for his creative improvisations. While legendary guitarist Ry Cooder called him- “Dr. Feelgood of Indian Flute”, his Guru Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao remarked “ Ronu is mightier than most of the musicians in the country today”. Pt. Ronu Majumdar is world renowned and us JECRCian were fortunate enough to witness the legend perform live on stage!

printf(“Youth Hackathon!\n”); Yappon, India's largest youth hackathon was organized by Edukinect in collabartion with Microroft on 23rd and 24th October 2013. The event, MIC was inaugrated by Mr. Meetul Patel, Country head Of Microsoft, India and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Director Sales, Cloud Computing, Microsoft, India. The strength of the participants went up to a whooping figure of 300. Participants formed their own teams and were assigned a task of app. development,overnight. On the final day, 30 apps were submitted for judgement and six, out of them were selected by the esteemed jury of Microsoft, India.

Target Achievers Heena Khanwani Arpit Saxena Arpit Agrawal Himanshu Gupta Anshul Gadia

Gunfire Pulkit Agrawal Tanay Shrivastava

These students are the shinning stars of the JECRC institute and have made us all proud. We wish them all the very best for future.

Two teams out of the six winning teams from JECRC University are:

I LEAD INDIA ‘I LEAD INDIA’, a Times Of India initiative is an alternative that goes beyond armchair criticism and aims at picking out the leaders from youth that would bring some positive reforms in the society. It urges you to stop pointing out fingers and blaming others and rather pushes you to stand up and be counted. It wants you ‘to be the change you want to see around’. It seeks to drive changes at the grass root level of the society by operating in 27 cities of country, presently. The Youth Brigade segment of the ‘I Lead India’ initiative is primarily a youth activist programme which seeks to mobilize the youth at the basic level to make them agents of the change. It will identify a few courageous young men and women who have the convic12

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

tion to be the change they seek around them. Selection of this

Akriti Agrawal

youth brigade of 5 members undergoes a rigorous and a competitive process. Various tasks were performed by the youth brigade in our city• It performed a Nukadh Naatak (Street Play) in Bapu Bazar premises. It aimed at the frontal assault on problem of increasing differences between shopkeepers and customers. • It conducted a drawing competition at the Subodh Public

School. • It conducted various meetings and events to solve ‘encroachment’ problems. JECRC also participated in various events of youth brigade and traversed the walled streets of Jaipur to perform the tasks of the organization. We feel immense pleasure to announce that one of our college students, Ms. Akriti Agrawal from final year got selected in the final brigade team from our city and has brought laurels to our college. JECRC family is proud of you. It won’t be wrong to conclude that youth is the most powerful section of any nation and can bring remarkable reforms by which the society can tend to a better future.

M e e t the A lu m nu s

Chetan Jain - Batch ‘03-’07 JMAG got in touch with a truly inspiring alumnus of the college. This time, Chetan Jain, Electronics and Communications Engineer from JECRC batch of 2007. Chetan currently works as Derivative and Technical Analyst at Anand Rathi Financial services. We had a little chat with him where he opened up to talk about his life, JECRC and the series of events that made him realize his true passion. Trivia: Batch of 2007 was a witness and a key contributer in the first Renaissance ever, Renaissance 2005. Sir, you are currently working as a Derivative & Technical analyst. How the skills you acquired during your education in JECRC helped you in your career? Many people ask me one general question that “Why from Engineering to MBA-Finance?” Here comes the passion, I always love to play with data, maths, graphs, puzzles and during my 3rd year I realized that IT or Electronics was not my cup of tea although I had good command over the subject. At JECRC I was always supported by the director, faculty and my friends who always used to appreciate me for my analytical skills. Eventually I met one Stalwart from the Stock market at JECRC which brought Chetan Jain lot of interest into this field as here research means playing with data, charts and quantitative analysis. Then I decided to do MBA finance which was the No doubt the world is evolving at a fast pace and so core requirement to enter into Financial markets as are the education levels. The best part is that to get all the insights in terms of latest happening, technolresearch analyst. ogy and industry development which I feel all JECRWhere do you find JECRCians presently in this Cians are getting most of it. Here students do not modern and competitive world? What could be hesitate in coming up with any sort of creative idea as management and faculties are always open for it. done to improve it? One thing I like most is that management especially Arpit sir has created such an excellent environment at JECRC that students are nurturing their talent in every field along with studies. More interaction with industry and companies may give further boosts for future prospects. Tell us more about yourself. Education, background, career, life etc. I belong to a small town named Bhawani mandi, Dist.Jhalawar and being good in academics my family sent me to Kota for further studies. From there I 13

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

did 12th, and then graduated (E&C-Engg) from JE- news channels, eating exotic food and hanging CRC-Jaipur -2007 & finally completed post gradua- around with friends/family. tion MBA-2009 from Amity Business School, Noida. Presently I am working as Derivative & Technical Analyst at Anand Rathi Financial Services, Mumbai. As Everyone is made for some an analyst I am representing my company on various specific work and trust this is the prints and live media Business channels like- NDTV biggest truth which will give you Profit, Zee Business, CNBC-TV18, Bloomberg UTV. I also write article for Economic times on Derivatives an extra-ordinary confidence for F&O section & also doing chat show on Markets while doing any work which you with Business standard. Some of the links are as follike from your heart. lows: http://is.gd/jmaginterview1 http://is.gd/jmaginterview2 What should a student do according to you to improve or groom his/her personality during these four years for a successful professional career? Be what you are and do that which makes you happy both in personal as well as professional life. Never think that what people will think about you and you have to believe that student sitting near to you is also thinking the same. Everyone is made for some specific work and trust this is the biggest truth which will give you an extra ordinary confidence while doing any work which you like from your heart.

Group Picture from a college trip ‘Failure is the stepping stone to success.’ Have you ever faced it in your life? How one could cope with it and rejections in life? The motivated truth of my life which become the stepping stone for my success, here I would like to share that I also prepared for IIT-JEE where every science graduate dream to go but unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I got All India Mains rank 6147(those time around 4000 seats were allocated) after my second attempt post 12th. But I dint lose any hope as this preparation gave me lot of learning like time management, statistical analysis, hard work, motivation and last but not least the great confidence which is helping me in every phase of my life. How do you spend your leisure time? What are your hobbies and interests? My most of the time goes into the market (Stock Market) as my hobby is to play with data, charts so even in free time I keep on analyzing charts. However my other hobbies include watching TV specially 14

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Is there anything else that you would like to talk about or share with us? I would like to contribute my sincere thanks to Arpit Sir who always treated me as younger brother and always motivated with his kind behavior. Also thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my feelings for JECRC. Proud to be a JECRCian, which gave me a strong base for my professional career and lots of Friends for my personal life. I wish every member of JECRC family a lot of success for their future endeavors and I would be very happy if I can help anyone from this family if possible, in any way.  Chetan Jain Derivative Analyst at Anand Rathi  chetanc.jain@gmail.com

Exam Corner

iTEP iTEP(International Test of English Proficiency) is an innovative, internet-based international level English training & assessment tool accredited by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

For the skeptic minds who hadn’t been aware of the same until now, it was also awarded with the title of The Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI). Also Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) has recognized iTEP as an effective tool to validate intensive English programs.

It has two test series under itself, one being iTEP core that tests reading grammar and learning and iTEP plus that tests writing and reading which is evaluated by Native English-speaking ESL trained professionals. Detailed results by iTEP, closely reflect the user's English level and register small improvements on repeated tests. The results are presented immediately on a clear, and informative Official Score Report; that gives points on the vocabulary, sequencing, catching capability, sentence structuring etc. It has many sub-products which includes Certification & Training for:  iTEP Corporate -Colleges, Universities and B- Schools  iTEP Academic -English Learners, Teachers and Overseas admission.  iTEP Business -Private Companies , MNCs, Gov ernment sector, BPOs etc.  SLATE - High Schools With the motto- ‘Ready when you are’, it sets a new standard for scheduling flexibility and is also the most efficient and cost effective exam compared to both TOEFL and IELTS. The test is available in more than 30 countries; including Colombia and Saudi Arabia where it is the chosen required English proficiency test. A dozen MNC’s have also selected its Business subgroup as their assessment tool used in training, recruitment, hiring, and promotion. It is also affiliated with the National Postdoctoral Association, NAFSA, and TABS. 15

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

iTEP  JECRC iTEP  JECRCU, Jaipur, Rajasthan iTEP was welcomed to Jaipur with JECRCU. The team conducted iTEP Certification test for 53 students for two days starting from October 7,2013 ,and were supported by Brig Dr. PS Siwach (Director, School of Vocational Programmes) & Dr. Vijayalakshmi (Asst. Professor, English Dept). iTEP  JECRC UDML iTEP ended the tour of Rajasthan with iTEP Certification tests for 100 students at the JECRC UDML Campus on October 10, 2013.The zeal and enthusiasm shown by the organising team headed by Dr. Jyoti Pahwa was appreciated by iTEP. Though there were a few hiccups in the 1st batch, the rest of the two batches went smoothly.

Fac ulty Int e rv i e w

Professor speaks What should a student do according to you to improve or groom up his/her personality during these four years? During these 4 years of education, the student should take active part in extra curricular activities in order for personality development. The student should also converse in English among his peers, take part in group discussions and should develop soft-skills.

Amit Sir from CS Department Sir, tell us about your experience in JECRC till now. I have been a member of the JECRC foundation family since the past 9 years. During these years, I have seen tremendous growth, both of the institution and the students. I have also learned a lot, professionally. Sir, tell us about the teaching methods you adopt and what changes you would like to implement in future? The concept of MOOC i.e Massive Open Online Courseware is very popular these days and I also use it in my teaching. In the coming semester, I am planning to utilize the concept of virtual labs which is an initiative under the National Mission on Education through ICT. Additionally, I would also be availing the online live courses under NPTEL, which is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. 16

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Sir, there has been a large decrement in placements this time. What is the reason for this according to you? As far as placements are concerned, there is a downward trend in the market since the past 2 years. However, there is and will never be any dearth of jobs for the skilled professionals. There is a huge shortage of skilled manpower in the industries and the industry people also want to fill the gap by recruiting technically good students. So, if a student possesses good technical knowledge, in addition to the required soft skills one should acquire. One will never ever have to worry about the placements and they will definitely still get placed in good companies. What changes you have observed in past few years in college with regards to the standard of teaching? Technology is advancing at an exponential rate and the teaching methodologies also take full advantage of the same. Students are now getting their assignments right into their smartphones. There is also less use of paper as assignments are now submitted electronically. What is your vision for JECRC students in forthcoming years? Our vision is to produce professionals who are rich in technical knowledge and soft-skills so that they can give their contribution for the growth of themselves, their family and the country.

Sizzle r s

Heaven on Earth Kshitij Gupta

Those days of college we'll never forget, nasty actions and no regret! Teamwork in assignments and GDs in tests, thus we were the toppers of all the rest! Those proxies of attendance and bunks for movies, had our ears pulled next days in laboratories! Exam days were our terror times, studies and studies came to our minds! Results made our hearts to pray, O God! Please handle everything and make our day! Those college hours were like a free run, minutes of studies and hours of fun! We've not seen a Heaven on Earth! but these things made our college, 'Our Heaven on Earth'!


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Sunshine is like happiness...it can be covered but cannot be removed forever

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JECRC: college where dreams are given heights


JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

Two Months in College How I learned to stop worrying and love my college When I came to JECRC, like most kids I was preoccupied with thoughts about how I didn't get into some IIT or cursed my luck and thought that maybe Gods are too angry with me. I was too reluctant to socialize or even be part of any kind of fun. Plus, the transition from school to college fills some kids with a kind of fear and anxiety anyway. I would lament everyday, talk to my family and friends about how things are so wrong with my life and the fact that almost all of my friends made it to different highly reputed Institutions and I didn't, made it all more miserable. I had lost interest in studies and would just attend classes and go back home as

that whatever happens… happens for good, even though I wasn't adhering to the advice myself. I started spending more time with her. We planned to cover up for the loss done to studies. I gradually started interacting with more people, spending time with my newly formed friends, thus, spending time thinking things are wrong, less frequently. With Teacher’s day approaching, the first year students planned an event. My former friend was asked to prepare the introductory speech. While I sat beside her, she asked for my suggestions and hence, I ended up involving myself in the event. With the speech being praised, I gained a little bit of confidence and finally decided to include myself in more activities and clubs. When the recruitment began, I was pretty psyched and chose to join the clubs I could, being a day scholar. So, here I’m now. The thought of not being somewhere else has disappeared, I've made some really good friends and feel that somehow, I've ended up being at a better place than what I wished for.

Spiraling into College soon as I can. The people I already knew soon got tired of my lack of interest in interaction with them and various activities they planned. One day, I found a girl I knew crying. I went to her and asked what was wrong. When she shared her problem I realized it was entirely like mine. We began discussing how bad it feels and just to cheer her up, I told her that maybe we should accept 19

JMag | Issue 7 | 2014

We need to keep our arms wide open and embrace every opportunity that comes our way… opportunity to learn, to grow, to find joy, to discover ourselves, to be responsible and to turn better each day. In every aspect now, I’m a part of this college and it has become an irrevocable part of me.

-Ritu Daryani

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