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cover PHOTOGRAPHY…………..Madeline Hay MODEL…………………….Katherine Chong STYLIST…………………………..Nicole Pires


Nicole Pire Madeline Hay

Autumn in Brisbane is about as non-existent as a happy song on an Adele record. It’s an inbetween season where the weather gets slightly colder but can’t be defined as anything out of the ordinary. University and school are in full swing and the ethereal charm of next year’s summer is far away. At IZE, we think Autumn should be a time to do something different. Go and sell your stuff at Suitcase Rummage, as you’ve never dared to before. Eat at that little hipster café that you’ve been too intimidated to enter. Read that fat Penguins Classic whose English proves to be a totally different language. There’s no other season that has so little expectations, so live it dangerously. Nicole and Madeline

PHOTO Anabelle von Frankenberg


es (Editor) (Art Director)


In this issue…. 06

The Trees are Balding


Style Hunter


Cracking the Egg


WORST… Things about Public Transport


Guide to Procrastinating


Graffiti Art


Dark Horse


Bow Ties By Talia


Lana Del Rey


Odd Future: BDO and the Hype


The Hunger Games



Contributors CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Freya Bliss, Caitlin Low, Matt Meintjies

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Alexander Barnard, Ingela Furustig, Anabelle von Frankenberg

OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Sarah Bailey (Illustrator), Bow Ties by Talia (Fashion Label), The Bunker Boutique (Business), Kaitlin De Souza (Illustrator), Alice Nyong (Illustrator)

summer has come and passed ILLUSTRATION Kaitlin De Souza


The trees are balding WORDS Caitlin Low

If the seasons were characters in a 90’s teen movie, autumn would be the socially inept, braces-clad, trumpet-playing outcast. While Bambi revels in spring’s floral scenery, winter has its ethereal charm and summer unites shirtless men aplenty, autumn is left (moderately) cold and alone.

Russian cutie Anton Yelchin stars alongside stylish newcomer Felicity Jones, in this heartbreaking drama about a crumbling long-distance relationship. I’d advise smuggling pockets-worth of Kleenex into the theatre because this one’s set to be a weeper.

The truth is, autumn thrives best in places like Canada, where one can frolic through the russet red maple leaves, like lovestruck teenagers in the films of yesteryear. Are you a squirrel? Go scurry through the crunchy foliage like in a Snickers ad.

On March 3, a multitude of world-famous musos will swagger into Doomben Racecourse for Future Music Festival, catering for the most diverse of auditory tastes. House music fans will be pleased by—you guessed it—Swedish House Mafia, while those who enjoy the mating calls of Transformers will love Skrillex’s presence. More of a pop fan? Jessie J will be there to make the world dance (and forget about the price tag). Then, of course, there’ll be everybody’s favourite British marsupial trio, The Wombats.

However, there’s not much to look forward to in Brisbane’s fall. Most of us just tolerate the moody weather, with a barely-used bikini at one corner of our closet and a shaggy winter coat at the other. Then we’re forced to clean the fallen leaves out of our clogged pool filters, which probably won’t be functioning until summer comes around again. That is, until now. I don’t think I’ve ever lived to see an autumn this promising. The best things in life are seeping joy into our big screens, iTunes library and Riverstage. If you missed Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy at last year’s Brisbane International Film Festival (it nabbed the Grand Jury Prize), you’ll be overjoyed when it’s finally released in most cinemas on March 1.

PHOTO Ingela Furustig

March 23 will see the much-anticipated release of The Hunger Games. Whilst it has been dubbed as ‘The Next Twilight’ by clueless critics who generalise all adolescents as crazed fan girls, do not let such an insulting term be a deterrence from what should be the vampire-less franchise of autumn. Set in a dystopian future where children are forced into an arena to fight to the death, the film more than makes up for the blood and gore with its brilliant cast. Jennifer Lawrence is flanked by Jawbone of the Year, Josh

Hutc wou cred Mon Alex

Com seei the god tatto a fe nece bare and Brisb early

Yes, kids

To chec


cherson and Liam Hemsworth (who uld probably have more thespian dibility were he not dating Hannah ntana). Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci and xander Ludwig all join in the bloodshed.

me May 26, and the only red you’ll be ing will be the flame-hair of Florence + Machine’s Flo Welch—the soulful ddess of burgundy shawls and birdcage oos. One can only listen to Ceremonials ew hundred times before it becomes essity to see the legend in person. If her efooted performances at Glastonbury Oxegen are anything to go by, her bane gig will be more than worth that y morning logged into Ticketmaster.

, it’s official. Autumn’s one of the cool s now. 

see more of Caitlin Low’s writing, ck out her blog, DUDE: The Trivial

sings of a Teenage Pessimist.

Style hunter






Wears… Eumundi Markets dress, Sportsgirl shoes, Mink pink bag

Wears… Cream shirt, Cream shorts, Suitcase Rummage shoes

Wears… General Pants dress

Wears… Verge dress

Wears… Second hand shirt, Windsor Smith shoes

Uncovering Brisbane’s stylish at the 5 February Suitcase Rummage

PENELOPE B. JENNY C. Wears… Handmade dress, Hopscotch shoes

Wears… Everything vintage.



Wears… Thrift top, skirt Wears… Thrift top, and headscarf, Red Zoo Urban Outfitters shoes shorts and hat

HANNAH D. Wears… American Apparel shirt and skirt, Doc Martin shoes, Mombassa necklace

Style hunter





Wears… Bardot top, Valleygirl skirt, Marc Jacobs bag

Wears… Vintage top, Headhunter skirt, Opening Ceremony shoes

Wears… Friend’s dress, Target top

Wears… Oshkosh overalls


Cracking the egg WORDS Freya Bliss

I eat to live. That might seem a bit obvious to you, seeing as humans would kind of die without eating. But for me, food is less about the automatic human need for sustenance than the inherent desire for the plethora of adventures food and cooking can take one on. The act of kneading dough or whisking an egg uses motor skills that you just don’t get to flex in your day to day life of studying, working, hanging with your best buds, or being glued to a computer. Many cultures place great importance on an evening meal shared by a family unit because it provides a sense of ritualistic stability by having a relaxed, welcoming environment for a group to spend time together. Preparing and consuming a meal gives a distraction from the crap that went down in your day and connects the soul with a higher kind of heaven. To borrow (steal* hehe) from the Snickers ad, “you’re just not you when you’re hungry.” So without further ado, here is a toast I have to some of the top eateries in the fine city of Brisvegas. I tried to keep them on the cheaper side of things (because I know the definition of a school/uni budget of a student who is paid $8 an hour and given one shift a week. Sigh). As the Spanish would say, EAT UP, AMIGOS!



that sushi place on Adelaide street in the city near starbucks Just found out from a quick Google search that this place is called Love Roll. You’re never actually in this place long enough to find out what its name is because the service is so fast. And it has to be that speedy, because the queues go on for what seems longer than a normal game of cricket. Don’t be put off though, because once you get to the front, you will have a little implosion of childish delight at the range of sushi that is available. The average price per roll is about $2, which on my Sushiometer, is quite good for the quality and quantity of the sushi presented. I highly recommend the chicken, cream cheese and peach roll if you want to splash out and pay $2.80 because it is a lovely and light lunch option if you’re just hanging out or shopping in the city with your BFFLs one day. AND THE GRAND TOTAL IS 32/40 WOW LOOK AT THAT.

three monkeys, west end A friend recommended this place to me a few months ago and said that the set up was awesome and that I should check it out. YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN (cue standing on table). I really liked this place because of its chilled jungle-ish atmosphere. It has lots and lots of seating. Everywhere. Out the front, inside, out the back and outside. So, if a serial killer were hunting you down and you needed a soy chai latte and a good hiding spot, this is the place to go. The Chocolate Diane cake could drown you in your own happiness if you’d had a bad day at school/work/uni and the passionfruit cheesecake is very refreshing without being overpowering. The mango juice displays signs of being mediocre magical, but next time I think I’ll get a fruit combo smoothie or juice. The coffee proves tastier than uni coffee but the tea was better, even if they could have a larger variety. But hey, we can’t all be T2. FOR THE GRAND TOTAL OF 34.5/40.

mei li, sandgate And one for the part of Brisbane I’m from! Complete with air-conditioning and gently lighting, this teeny little café on the main street of Sandgate is not only good for gifts because it sells unique jewellery and cards, but it also sells a mean coffee and is in the vicinity of lots of little boutiques with one off pieces. The cranberry and orange cake is delicimondo and served with love and white chocolate sauce. The relaxed environment is complimented by the simple yet elegant décor that makes visiting a positive experience. Mei Li is a perfect place to go to on a rainy day (or even a sunny one) if you’re exploring the bayside of Brisbane for a quiet cuppa with your bestie for a well overdue catch up. GRAND TOTAL OF 31/40.


flamingo café, fortitude valley I stumbled across this place once upon a time with another friend when we had a look in vintage clothing store Sunday Social, which is a little gem tucked away around the back of The Beat/ Dragonberry/ Universal in an alleyway called Winn Street. In my opinion, this street should be called Win Street because it has that much to offer in terms of hangouts. The mood there is so utterly unpretentious that I couldn’t help but feel I was sitting there and part of the cool crowd for once in my life. Alas, I was sitting in the café by myself. Sigh. The menu consists of simple, fulfilling food which displays a proud sense of achievement in appreciating the simple things in life, like a good sammich, or a non-deep fried meal. The highlight of the menu for me was the juices that they offered, such as the Fruit Cup, which is the orange, pineapple, apple, mango and strawberry miraculously combined to create a full blown mouth-gasm. This joint has hard working staff who march to the beat of their own drum without being intimidating or impolite. GRAND TOTAL OF 35/40 WEEEEOOOWW

jakarta indonesian restaurant, new farm This place has lots of good memories for my mum and I as we go here sometimes before we see a show at the Brisbane Powerhouse. So if you’re seeing a bit of live music there or are having a frolic in New Farm Park, it’s pretty close and top notch quality. It plays traditional Indonesian music that somehow blocks the ugly noise of traffic that comes from outside. This place is like Satay Land, complete with chicken, beef, lamb, prawn or mixed satays for around the $15 mark. Served on a hot plate with a bowl of satay sauce that allows you to dip and eat or just pour it all over (like I would). A traditional meal like Nasi Goreng (a casual $10.90) is not only a massive portion and fulfilling but probably the most delicious thing you’ve eaten in a while, unless you eat here often. If you’re a first timer, I highly recommend the coconut milk for a yummier and more ethically responsible alternative to a glass of Coke. THIS GRAND TOTAL SHALL BE 33/40! :) :)

where not to go for an iced coffee Donut King. Nothing more than a glorified cup of milk. Rage. 



Things about public transport WORDS Nicole Pires 1.

Noisy school kids, although I can only say this now I’m not one myself, ha. There’s nothing worse than a long train trip being spent with school children running between train carriages and causing a ruckus. Oh to be old and senile.


People who basically sit on your lap racing to get the seat you are leaving. Seriously, standing up is not that bad a thing! When you’ve probably been sitting down at work all day I don’t see the big issue with giving those calf muscles a work out.


Obnoxiously loud iPods that everyone can hear through headphones. There are two things I don’t understand about this: (a)

Do you not notice that everyone is death staring you?


How come it always seems to be techno music that’s baring?


People who talk on their mobile phone. Do they not understand that everyone in the train goes silent and can hear the whole conversation?


When people fall asleep on your shoulder. Just no.


Douchey bus drivers who won’t accept your expired student ID so you have to pay full fare. Some people just don’t get what it’s like to be a poor student.


When everyone looks and silently smirks when you realise a bit late that you’re at your station so you rush for the doors just when they close. I bet if it happened to them it wouldn’t be as funny…


When you’re standing comfortably in the train at Central station ready to leave when someone runs on and makes everyone shift down. It’s the worst.


When people sit next to you on the bus when there are obviously free double seats. 

PHOTO Anabelle von Frankenberg

Guide to procrastinating Now that school/university year is now upon us, it’s time to hone in our most valuable skill, procrastination. In fact, it’s a skill I’ve mastered SO well, it’s safe to call it an art form. Here are my top procrastination skills. WATCHING TV ONLINE After the illustrious Megavideo got shutdown (R.I.P), the “72 minute study plan” is no longer an option. However, watching TV online hasn’t completely died and it remains a great form of procrastination. If you want to be really tricky, you can make half your computer screen an online lecture and the other half a TV show and watch both at once! Now that’s what I call multitasking. Disclaimer: this method minimises anything that could be retained from the lecture. TEACH YOURSELF GUITAR Each time exam week rolls around, I conveniently decide to pick up my Dad’s guitar and teach myself via YouTube. I usually don’t get very far and always seem to end up watching the Hey There Delilah intro tutorial. I’ve also been known to take YouTube singing lessons to improve my vocal range. And no, I am not a singer. THE LOVE CALCULATOR Anyone who denies utilizing the Love Calculator for their own personal means is a LIAR! As embarrassing as it is, everyone ends up on it checking their compatibility with that special someone(s). So many possibilities and such a great time killer. GOOGLE Google provides a ridiculous amount of procrastination opportunities. There are the specials on the Google logo, like when it transformed into Pacman (conveniently during exam week) and an interactive design. Also just as entertaining is typing in the first few words of a sentence and seeing the completed most popular things searched. I suggest: “do boys” and “is it strange.” 


Graffiti art WORDS Nicole Pires

For our art piece this issue, it was decided to do a photography feature on some of the amazing graffiti art in Brisbane. However, we encountered a major problem. There is none. It’s not to say that graffiti doesn’t exist in Brisbane at all, but there is a definite lack of what is considered an art form in many other cities. Not too far from us in the culturally exuberant city that is Melbourne, graffiti covers the streets and is admired. The root of the problem is that in Brisbane graffiti is still considered a form of vandalism. Instead of being celebrated and encouraged, its covered up and painted over. We scoured for inspirational graffiti art in Brisbane city, Fortitude Valley and New Farm, all areas that are meant to be hubs for creativity. In fact, there is a tunnel in the Valley that used to be known for having remarkable graffiti line its walls. Now it’s all been painted over and it is shut off at night to avoid any more. Those in charge of Brisbane need to understand that graffiti is art in the most purest form, it’s not done for money or recognition. In many places, talented graffiti artists are being commissioned to decorate walls and add to the vivacity of the city. The question is, why won’t Brisbane do the same? In the time old debate between art or vandalism, it is clear where the Brisbane City Council resides. 

PHOTO Alexander Barnard

Dark horse Clothes from The Bunker Boutique

Katherine wears... Salasai Old World Dress

Katherine wears... Two Weeks crop leather top, Black Luxe shorts, Zoe Twitt necklace, Hunt sunglasses.

Katherine wears... Salasai Civilised Shirt Dress, Two Weeks Dance Leggings and Zoe Twitt Arwen necklace. Daniel wears‌ The XII Letter beige double black shirt and The Injury heal shorts. Katherine wears (previous page)... Salasai Unity Dress

PHOTOGRAPHER Madeline Hay MODELS Katherine Chong and Daniel Hatch STYLING Nicole Pires



Bow ties by talia Who says that bow ties are a thing of the past and since when can only boys wear them? With fresh patterns and a cool design, Bow Ties by Talia are the coolest fashion accessories to add to any button down shirt.

for sewing and crafting, she created her boyfriend a unique bow ties for his formal. She then began her line, Bow Ties by Talia, with a range of hand-crafted bow ties in various patterns and colours.

“Bow ties are fun, unique and stylish. I see bow ties as a creative accessory to your outfit. They can be as imaginative as you desire, however are still stylish when worn basic,” Natalia Pereira.

Natalia creates custom bow ties for school formalities, but also believes that anyone can wear them as a great accessory. She displays and sells her bow ties on her Facebook page but is always seeking opportunities to expand her project. “For me, designing bow ties is an enjoyable and satisfying hobby, which fills me with a great sense of accomplishment every time I finish one,” Natalia.

Natalia Pereira started creating her beautiful bow ties after a decision to do something out of the ordinary. With the realisation that bow ties in stores are unreasonably priced, she was motivated to begin designing them herself. Already having a love

You can visit her online store here.

PHOTOGRAPHER……………………………Madeline Hay MODELS…………….Connor McKee & Micaela Pereira BOW TIES…………………………………..Bow Ties By Talia STYLING……………………………………………Model’s Own



Born to die ARTIST Lana Del Rey

GENRE Hollywood Sadcore

This rare beauty has the voice to match her Goddesslike name and will send chills down your spine in a mere whisper. Whether you love or hate her, there’s no denying that beneath those big doe eyes and unforgettable lips, she has real talent. Beautiful and haunting, she’s Lana Del Rey. Her much awaited debut album as persona Lana Del Rey is highly scrutinized. Some believe it hasn’t lived up to the hype that surrounded her hit single Video Games. No matter what one’s opinion, it’s undeniable that it’s charmingly melodramatic, hopelessly nostalgic and completely real. Reviewed below are my four favourite songs of Born to Die.

Track One—Born to Die Lana Del Rey doesn’t hold back on her first track. Her voice sounds almost indifferent to the loaded emotions she sings about, making it more heart wrenching. You

like your girls insane. Track Two—Off to the Races

Off to the Races draws upon some hip hop influences which differentiates the track to her other songs. The way her voice flicks in the chorus can only by described as delicious. Track Three—Video Games

Video Games is unforgettable. It’s a standout song that would make any artist jealous and anyone listening weak at the knees. It paints such a strong aesthetic that it’s hard not to imagine Lana serenading them in private. Track Eleven—Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness is a song that anyone feeling this season’s lows can relate to. Whilst you normally hear upbeat songs about summer, Lana Del Rey’s take is fresh and realistic. 


live music

Odd future: BDO and the HYpe WORDS Nicole Pires Rapper collective, Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), are defined by their controversy and power to shock. The least one expects at a live show is near death and utter chaos. And boy, did they deliver at BDO on the Gold Coast January 22. It is a well-known fact that front man Tyler the Creator has generated a massive following with the release of his single Yonkers in 2011. However, the crowd still showed respect to the lesser-known members of the group, shouting along with Rolling Papers, 64 and F*ck the Police. Of course, Tyler’s song Yonkers went off, but it was Tron Cat and French that had the rapper demonstrating the most of his insane energy. If you were so lucky to catch a glimpse of the stage through the thriving crowd, it was apparent that they were all having a hell of a time performing.

Radicals finished the show, having the whole audience scream its famous taunt like it was their national anthem, “Kill people, burn shit, f*ck school.” It’s these very words answers the whole myth surrounding the Odd Future phenomenon. The mosh pit was a screaming frenzy of die hard fans, mostly young adults attracted by the shock value Odd Future provides. Feeling restricted by uniformity, authority and political correctness, OF gives its fans something to yell and believe in. Their following has become almost cult-like and has given birth to a new kind of hip hop. They push the boundaries and create strife wherever they go, but no one can deny that their talent is taking over the world. OFWGKTA. 


The Hunger Games WORDS Nicole Pires

Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games series is not for the faint hearted. With all the hype surrounding the trilogy, it has been dubbed the “new twilight.” However, the ferocity of the book puts to shame sparkly vampires and ripped werewolves. The novel’s concept is complex without being too far fetched, which makes Hunger Games unforgettable.

Mellark, and their fight for survival in the remorseless arena. Whilst their fate seems doomed, Katniss and Peeta have something none of the others have had in the years before, skill and strategy. Ultimately on a ploy to kill each other in the arena, allies are formed, friendships established and an unlikely romance emerges.

Set in the future, Katniss Everdeen lives in a world where twelve districts are ruled by the domineering Capitol city. The districts provide the wealthy Capitol citizens with all their resources, although they have always been exploited. Following a failed overthrow of the Capitol by a district rebellion called “The Uprising,” the Capitol created the unforgiving Hunger Games to punish them for their actions.

Hunger Games is a rare fiction novel

The story follows the District 12 delegates, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta

amid what we’re seeing on the market now that glamorise, sexualise and sensationalise. The decisions that the characters make in the novel cause one to cringe at their choices, but reside in the knowledge that they are realistic. The Hunger Games film is being released this March with a stellar cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. So before you see it, read it. 


CHronicle WORDS Matt Meintjes


First time feature film director Josh Trank’s film Chronicle takes the age old premise of “What if I had super powers?” and thrusts it upon three unsuspecting teenagers. While most films of this genre often fall in t o c l ic h éd n ic h es a b ou t t h e “consequences of abusing power,” Chronicle still touches the topic whilst remaining thoroughly realistic and entertaining. Screenplay writer Max Landis has constructed a band of main characters that easily lend themselves to such a genre: the central character Andrew who struggles at home with an abusive father and a sick mother whilst remaining inept in social situations, his cousin Matt—a representation of your everyday American high schooler—and popular classpresident favourite Steve. One night at a school party the three boys discover what appears to be some sort of asteroid buried beneath the ground and it’s radiation affects each of them, giving them a form of telekinesis. What follows is a series of mischievous scenes as the boys test out their newfound powers. The entirety of the film is shot in a “found

footage” style, i.e. everything on screen appears as if it has been filmed on a handycam held by a character. The desired effect is reached in providing the audience with an almost ‘private’ documentary of the antics of the boys whilst avoiding the pitfalls of similar styled films (Cloverfield being the first example to come to mind). Tension builds between the group when Andrew uses his powers to push a moving car off the road, hospitalising its driver. Dane Dehaan’s (Andrew) acting strength lies in his ability to show the inner feelings and threatening desires of a troubled teenage boy, which lends itself to the aforementioned “consequences of abusing power.” Whilst the special effects are not astounding and often you may find yourself wondering why it took so long for the group of boys manipulate their powers to benefit themselves, Chronicle is a film that delivers more than you expect it to offer. Offering an entertaining range of ‘boys will be boys’ moments whilst holding to a strong plot that builds to a very intense climax at its end, Chronicle will not disappoint.  SOURCE

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