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You know it’s winter when the mornings become crisp and getting out of your warm bed becomes a chore. Night comes quickly and the days are shorter. In Brisbane, winter is the most beautiful season of the year. Whilst you have to wear an extra layer, the sun still comes out to play and basking in the midday sunlight is a pleasure. Not to mention that summer clothes can finally be put to rest and you get to work with new clothes and styles. This winter don’t sit at home on Tumblr, wrapped up indoors and safe from the (mildly) cold weather. Instead, dress warm and go and explore Brisbane and the beautiful hidden wonders it has to offer. Remember all the things you used to do in winter when you were younger and relive those memories. Drink hot chocolate, roast some chestnuts and snuggle up. Nicole and Madeline xx




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Pannikin is a Brisbane-based designer that makes beautiful jewellery and accessories. IZE speaks to Holly Leonardson about her unique and kitschy pieces. How did you start to design jewellery? The realisation that I loved to create jewellery started when I was 15 and landed my first job in a local bead store. I quickly moved on from creating component based jewellery to pieces made from found objects, such as plastic children’s toys and material offcuts. Soon after I started working with my illustrations to create an array of accessories such as tote bags, badges and now the wooden engraved jewellery that is currently available from my store.

What’s the story behind your latest collection? Entitled Keeping Young, the latest Pannikin collection is my own attempt to bring back the childlike joy in discovery and sense of naïve fearlessness to the everyday. The engraved images are actually those of drawings I made when I was a two-and-ahalf year old girl.

What are your favourite things from your own childhood? I think my number one favourite childhood “thing” and muse would have to be my cat, who after 19 years is still as silly as ever, yet a little slower in her old age. As a kid I loved to draw for hours on end, and being ‘cat-mad’ as my Nanna called it, I simply loved to draw pictures of cats. It’s a habit that I’ve never quite grown out of!

What do you do to differentiate yourself from other jewellery brands? I work with my own illustrations and making collections around a theme or story is especially important to me. I paint each wooden piece by hand, which means

I have to be especially patient for all the teeny-tiny fiddly bits!

What do you hope to do in the future for the brand? I’d love to see Pannikin stocked in a few special stores overseas, that would be rather nice!

Where can one buy Pannikin? QLD stockists include Nook in West End, Cultiver in Ipswich, Bleeding Heart in Brisbane City and Canvas on the Gold Coast. You can also shop online at or Interstate stockists are on my webpage.

Wendy Ma is one of the coolest bloggers on the Brisbane scene. With rad style and a great eye for fashion, it’s hard not to get lost in her blog Panache Halloween Town.

How did you get into the blogging sphere?

How would you describe your style in three words?

I had the internet! It’s all you need! Initially it started out as a diary type thing with my best friend before long it sort of naturally became what it is today.

A Fictional Character.

Where are your favourite places to shop? Definitely online when I’m not travelling! If I could pick a city it would be Hong Kong only because it’s cheaper than Tokyo… It’s also scary how much time I spend on Etsy.

What’s your favourite childhood memory? Dressing up as the power rangers and running through my neighbourhood hyped up on hubba bubba, nerds and fads. Everything’s so much better as a kid! What does Winter mean to you? Being a hermit, playing video games, watching movies and baking lots of treats.

What will be your Winter staple? A denim jacket I found—I’m about to sew all these random patches on it!

See Wendy’s blog at

Hair by Julie @ Tonsure Hair Design

PHOTOGRAPHY Ingrid Wang HAIR Tonsure Hair Design MAKEUP Ton!mae & Cassie Rose

Hair by Julie @ Tonsure Hair Design

Hair by Julie @ Hair by Julie @ Tonsure Hair Tonsure Hair Design Design

Hair by Abbie @ Tonsure Hair Design

Hair by Jayne @ Tonsure Hair Design

Hair by Julie @ Tonsure Hair Design


ROCK OUT AT TOO POOR FOR SPLENDOUR So it’s Splendour time again, when those lucky enough to have a ticket head to Byron Bay for arguably the most majestic (and pricey) festival in Australia. But, if you missed out like the majority of the population, head on down to Too Poor For Splendour, Brisbane’s poorest festival. For just a smidgeon of the price, rock out at the South Leagues Club to an amazing lineup of Brisbane bands. It’s an all ages event with a licensed bar so be sure to bring your ID. Don’t sit at home this Splendour weekend, sobbing in your bathroom whilst listening to everything you’re missing out on. Instead head over to Too Poor, there’s a reason why people come back year after year. This will take place at South Leagues Club—Davies Park on Saturday 28 July from 2pm to midnight. More information can be found on the event page.

LISTEN & SEE JERSEY BOYS Musical Jersey Boys has been taking the world by storm since its 2005 Broadway origins. It tells the story of rock n rollers, Frankie Valli & The Four Season. Featuring all of the group’s hits, the musical explores their rise to fame as young musicians. A must see for any fan of Frankie Valli and lover of enigmatic musicals. Tickets are available now for the QPAC shows running from 13 July.

GET CULTURAL EKKA 2012 Yes it’s that time again, Brisbane gets back to its agricultural roots when the Ekka rolls into town. Running on 9-18 August, the weather is sure to be cold and you’re more than likely to get sick after going. But hey, the Showbags, free food at the Woolworths Food Pavilion and overpriced rides make it all worth it.

GET MUMMIFIED AT MUMMY: SECRETS OF THE TOMB Straight from the British Museum’s exhibition comes this spectacular Egyptian showcase featuring four human mummies and more than 100 objects. Exclusive to Brisbane, the exhibition is running from 19 April to 19 August at the Queensland Museum South Bank. Pre-booking is essential, so get in quick to ensure that you don’t miss you on this once-inAustralia opportunity.

Only half of 2012 has gone by but there a gone, crashed and burned. These are the

Words by N

YOLO Whilst it was The Strokes that made the term famous with their song You Only Live Once, when it appeared in Drake’s song The Motto, kids have started screaming YOLO everywhere. Since it looks like this annoying catch phrase is here to stay, it’s important that you know when to say it. So whenever you’re about to do something slightly risky, say YOLO like you mean it. Cutting my hair off #YOLO! Crashed a car #YOLO!

KONY At first, Kony 2012 seemed like an awesome cause. A viral video about the

terrible war lord Kony made everyone aware of this conflict in Uganda and jump on the bandwagon to raise awareness and make him infamous. However, controversy struck when the coordinator had a mental breakdown and interest waned before the “Cover the Night” campaign took to the streets. Whilst it was nice to see everyone become a humanitarian overnight, it seemed that attention spans didn’t keep interest for long.

FRAPING Fraping i.e. Facebook raping, was once a very funny thing to witness. However, frapes have now become unoriginal

are already some fads that have come and e worst things to happen so far this year.

Nicole Pires and boring. You’re sure to find a whole bunch on a Friday/Saturday night saying “im gay” and “I like men.”

DRAW SOMETHING So Draw Something seemed cute at first, a kind of Pictionary for the iPhone. Then it just got annoying when people started posting their “masterpieces” on Facebook for everyone to admire. Then interest was lost once again when the game became time consuming and boring.

THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE The Cinnamon Challenge is probably the stupidest thing to catch on since

the “Sneaky Hat” of 2011. The challenge is to eat a tablespoon of dried cinnamon in less than 60 seconds and swallow which is hard because cinnamon quickly dries out your mouth. Chocking and vomiting is a definite possibility, sweet fad.

INSTAGRAM During a fun moment in any girl’s life, you’re likely to hear the phrase “wait a minute, let me Instagram this.” Instagram lets you take photos and edit them with filters so that the high quality pictures that your iPhone can produce are turned into photos more apt of disposable cameras.

Words by Nicole Pires Imagine having a house party that tops all others, destroying your house and losing your parent’s trust forever. That’s the kind of party that goes down in Hollywood’s latest teen rebel flick, Project X. Subtitled “The party you’ve only dreamed about”, the party in the film makes you feel sick but overwhelmingly excited. At the same time it is also a complete nightmare and why anyone would want to replicate it is beyond me. But of course, like any movie involving teenagers, the media is going to pin any related actions back to the film. However, there is something to be said about the spiralling effect Project X had on youth. The party is thrown a la Cory Worthington— cast your mind back to the yellow sunglasses clad Australian teenager who threw a massive house party when his unassuming parents were away in 2008. After the film’s release, there were a number of parties thrown in the US cited as “Project X Parties”. Police managed to intervene on many of these parties before they could be thrown due to the viral nature of how they were spread via social media. One party that turned dangerous before the

police could stop it was thrown in Houston. A teen was killed by a fellow party goer when the police arrived to close it down. Whilst there has been no distinct affiliation with the Project X film, private investigator Mark Stephens believes that it does, “When you look at the movie, and you look at what happened here, the parallels are the uncanny. It was a copycat. They did everything that I saw in the movie.” Should the movie really be blamed? I’m not a psychologist, but to me if a movie were going to be triggering of this reaction, then the child influenced by it would already be susceptible to this behaviour. The media is sensationalising the fact Project X is having a massive impact when they are failing to look at the individuals at hand. It’s like how Marilyn Manson was blamed as being the influence for the teenage boys responsible for the Columbine Massacre. Do you believe that it’s the media who are escalating the impact of the Project X film? Or are today’s youth really being that inspired by it like every other controversial teen flick out there? 



In the last issue we provided a Guide to Procrastination. So once you’ve exhausted all of our handy tips, read this guide to help you study well. 1.



Stay off your Facebook. Better yet, deactivate your Facebook. This means that you won’t lose any of your friends and you can reactivate at any time. Warning, if you keep deactivating and reactivating, you Facebook will shut you out for 24 hours. Then again, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Bribe yourself. Lay out in front of you your ultimate weakness, whether it’s peanut butter M&Ms or Sour Warheads. Whenever you master a concept or learn a definition treat yourself to one. Incentives work. Listen to classical music. It’s true, classical music really does help when studying. Since it doesn’t have any words you

won’t start singing along and there is some scientific studies that show it helps with concentration. Where do you find classical music you ask? Tune in to 106.1 Classic FM or stream online. 4.

Drink green tea. Although nothing is proven about green tea being a study aid, it has so many nutritional benefits that will keep your health steady when immune systems are normally down.

STUDY MYTHS DISPELLED Sleeping with a textbook under your pillow will not achieve anything. Tried and tested. Red Bull/V and energy drinks of that variety may help you stay awake, but will make you hyper and mess with your mind.

WORDS by Nicole Pires


A Short Story by Samantha Illustration by Lali Sherwell

IT STARTED WITH NUMBERS At first it was just little things: three meals and one special treat per day; one day per week that take-away was allowed; no eating past eight o’clock on school nights. As the number of years and of kilograms rose, so did her tendency to count. She began to notice variables like X serves per package and X% fat free. How many grams of fat there were, and how many of them were saturated. The same went for carbohydrates and how many of them were sugars. She didn’t totally understand these figures and what was really good and bad, but she felt she was clever enough to make assumptions based on her comparisons.

♡ Erika sat at a hard, wooden bench; staring at the apple and banana sitting neatly atop her notebook. She’d prefer the banana, but it had double the amount of calories and probably five or so grams more sugar. Maybe she could have half of each – about 75 calories really, but she’d round it up to 100 for counting’s sake. She should probably eat both, but… “Hellooooo? Erika? Earth to Erika, do you copy?” Erika looked up suddenly to face the toned, blonde girl sitting across from her. She looked back, frowning, cleaning her upper gums with her tongue. She swallowed, and her brows narrowed some more. “Have you even heard a bloody word I’ve said?” “I’m sorry Jen, I’m just so distracted coming up to the end of semester. I’m really sorry. Umm, Chris? McDonalds drive-thru? “ “Forget it.” Jen scrunched her face up at Erika and began to dig around in the bottom of her bag. “Aw poops. You don’t happen to have a spare twenty cents do you? I think I need a chocolate hit to keep me going through next lecture.” “Oh, I think I might actually!”

“Sweet! Thanks heaps babe, I’ll share!” Jen plucked the coin from Erika’s fingertips and began a beeline towards the vending machines. Erika watched as Jen walked away, noticing the way her calves tightened and her thighs never touched. Jen had ordered wedges for lunch; about 300 calories of deep-fried carbs, with an extra 100 or so of salt, sour cream and sauce. She’d come back with a Snickers bar, no doubt, which would be almost another 300. Erika peeled her banana carefully, and pulled the soft fruit out. She checked to see if anyone was looking, and flung it into the garden. She placed the peel on the table and mimed chewing as Jen sat down again. Erika peeled her banana carefully, and pulled the soft fruit out. She checked to see if anyone was looking, and flung it into the garden. She placed the peel on the table and mimed chewing as Jen sat down again. “See, I knew you were hungry!” Erika smiled through her imaginary mouthful and swallowed as Jen ripped open her Snickers. “Want some?” she asked, holding it out in offer. Erika shook her head politely, to Jen’s delight, and watched as her skinny friend took a generous bite. “You should eat your apple.” It was only fifty calories, it couldn’t hurt to eat. She should eat.

♡ “Hey babe!” Matt pulled Erika into a tight embrace as she stepped through his front door. “Mmm, you’re so tiny. How has your day been so far?” “Oh, it’s been so-so. It felt like that last class just wasn’t going to end. I’m so happy to see you now though. How about yours, baby?” She swung lightly up onto her tiptoes and planted a quick kiss on the tip of his nose. Matt kissed Erika’s forehead, held her hand, and led her down the hall.

“I only woke up a couple of hours ago actually. I’ve got to start getting to bed earlier, my body clock’s fucked. I haven’t even eaten yet.” “Aw Matt, it’s like, four o’clock! You should eat.” “Yeah, I know, I’m starving. I was thinking of making myself some toasted sandwiches, have you eaten? Would you like one?” Erika paused for a moment. One could be about 400 calories, depending on how much butter and cheese he used. She knew she should eat, but 400 seemed a lot. This girl she’d seen on the Internet swore by limiting herself to 400 per day, and her body was beautiful. “Oh, thanks. I basically ate a mountain of wedges for lunch though. Plus I had a Snickers bar after that, so I’m completely stuffed! Thank you though.” “All right, if you’re sure babe. Just let me know if you change your mind and I can get you one, no problems.” “Thanks babe. Do you mind if I make myself a coffee?” Erika’s head was spinning. Each movement felt delayed, as though she was underwater. Caffeine should help to perk her up. “Sure. I’ll have one too if you don’t mind.” Matt slipped his arms around Erika’s waist as she filled the kettle. He pulled her close. She nuzzled back, enjoying how delicate she felt to be held by a body so strong.

It was about seven o’clock when Erika got home. “Hi mum,” she called out from the front door as she removed her shoes. She walked into the kitchen where her mother was stacking the dishwasher. “Want a hand?” “Thanks Erika.” Erika stood by the sink, rinsing dishes under a heavy stream and passing them to her mother. “There’s some leftover spaghetti in the fridge that we had tonight, or casserole from yesterday. Have you eaten?” “Oh yes, I’ve eaten loads today. And Matt and I had toasted sandwiches not long ago.” A prickling, uncomfortable feeling washed over her. “Hmm,” her mother frowned, examining her wrists and collarbones. “You haven’t lost any more weight, have you?” “Of course not! Not for months.” She wondered if lying about that sort of thing might be a bad sign. She supposed she just didn’t want her mum to worry; especially seeing as there was nothing to worry about.

♡ Erika laid in bed, counting her day as she drifted to sleep. Coffee in the morning, an apple for lunch, and another coffee for supper: about 150 calories. That’s 350 less than yesterday. But she was fine. 

Words by Samantha ( This story was written for a university assignment. Research went into the story and assumptions on the author’s eating habits based on this story would be ill-informed.

Photography by Lost in Wishful Thinking Modelling by Shelby Bourke @ Busy Models Hair and Makeup by Cassie Rose Makeup Artist Clothing provided by Soot.

Fountain Flare Sleeve Top & The Julep Skirt

The Tink Jacket & Bobbidi Peplum Skirt

Fountain Flare Sleeve Top & Toon Spin Pants

The Jedy Jacket & The Julep Skirt

Photo by Lost in Wishful Thinking

When you are moving out into a student apartment complex you expect things to be all Melrose Place mixed with the delightful antics of Friends. Like most things in life the reality is ever so slightly less glamorous.

Words by Thea Halpin

DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET This seems sort of obvious but the Internet has a way of lulling you slowly into a false sense of security. If you believe everything that is written on the Internet you may find yourself in the grips of a pyramid scheme or, like myself, using a teacup to pour water over your flaming toaster. As it turns out, laying a toaster on its side is not a replacement for buying an actual sandwich maker and is in fact somewhat of a fire hazard. That’s right; despite the information I received from wraps (and presumably Naan, pita and all other flat bread) are not toaster safe. In minor incidents such as these, the important thing is not to panic and fall apart straight away. Once the fire was extinguished I spend about twenty minutes crying uncontrollably while using a tea towel to fan the smoke away from the fire alarm. Situation handled perfectly!

Top Tip: Treat plastic burns with Aloe Vera. And yes, the effected area will smell like someone set a Barbie Doll on fire for at least two days.

LAUNDRY: SORT THAT SHIT OUT Washing machines are perennially confusing devices to operate. In all honestly, I still have no idea how to use mine and basically just fiddle with the knobs until it starts making a noise. Turning on your washing machine will not be the only mountain you climb in the quest for clean clothes. How long does a washing machine cycle go for? I have no idea. It could last anywhere from half an hour to a day and a half for all I know. I usually just leave it for a couple days and come back when I’m desperate. In a world where denim shorts can seemingly be worn for weeks without needing a wash, it is easy to forget about your laundry and the fact that it needs doing occasionally. No one wants to be stuck in the situation when the bus is leaving in four minutes and you are still at home using a hair dryer on your underwear. But unfortunately, a few too many of us will be. If you are like me and don’t have any clothes expensive enough to matter if they are ruined, feel free to continue this tactic. However you might want to invest in some laundry knowledge so ask your mum; mums love those questions! Not only do they get to feel like they are contributing, but they get to laugh at you and your ignorance will all of their friends at book club.

Top Tip: Just because you can fit it in the machine doesn’t mean the machine can take that many clothes. I have found that a supermarket size plastic bag is about how much you can fit in a washing machine so don’t bother buying a basket, spend the money on underwear panic shopping!

Photo by Lauren Michelle Pires

BE PREPARED TO SPEND MONEY ON THINGS YOU DIDN’T REALISE EXISTED/ COST MONEY If you are a person like myself who doesn’t like to spend money, get ready for a world of pain. Being poor is crap and emotional. Maybe it is my lack of hugs recently but spending money has brought out a dark, irrational side of me. This has included, but not been limited to, refusing to buy an umbrella and simply staying home whenever it rains, hiding my debit card from myself and giving the greeter at Kmart the silent treatment for no apparent reason. I also may or may not have started crying when I tried to put more money on my Go Card and was declined due to lack of funds in my spending account. I still had to transfer the money from my savings regardless but my momentary breakdown did grant me a hug from the Irish backpackers behind me in the line. Pre-moving out I was fairly consistent with my spending habits. I have now become quite bi-polar shifting from one day deciding I no longer care and buying three frappes in two hours, to the next day deciding I am too poor to buy food and eating out of date pesto.

Top Tip: Embrace all things that are free. Libraries have free wifi, free magazines and free movies! They know me there now.


Mark Zuckerberg made a pretty bold decision when he made the decision to change Facebook profiles to “Timeline.” People began saying, “what is this Cover Photo shit, this isn’t Myspace.” The day has been looming when all profiles will get automatically changed to Timeline, whether you want it or not. However, there is much scepticism as to when this will happen, the death note indicated by: Coming Soon: Timeline, a new kind of profile. Is Timeline really such a bad thing? Madeline Hay and Nicole Pires battle it out in a list of pros and cons.





As a design student, I love anything that can add a bit of difference to your profile. So of course, the cover photo is the perfect way to add customisation. Absolutely love One Direction, well now everyone knows that too as soon as they go onto your profile.

If not getting likes on your Profile Picture wasn’t dismal enough, Facebook have provided a wonderful opportunity to put another picture at the top of your page. So what purpose does it serve? To have a photo of your top-notch car in your Cover Picture, as people have pointed out it’s not really you if you make it your profile picture. Maybe one of Boss Hunting’s sick as pictures to rake in the likes. Or perhaps a photo of some beautiful scenery or flowers to show your indieness. Either way, it’s ridiculously unnecessary. I thought the reason we joined FB was to escape the customisation of MySpace.

SNEAKY UNLIKES You can now like when someone was born. Or if you are feeling particularly nasty, and wish someone was never born, you can like their birth and then unlike it! Simple! STALKING Since Timeline c a t e g or is e s everything in years, you can look back on embarrassing statuses that people made years ago. You can then like those statuses now so they turn up on everyone’s newsfeeds! Instant embarrassment.

TWO COLUMNS What is the point of splitting up Facebook profiles into two columns? I thought that endless scrolling was invented for the reason that there’s infinite space. Also it’s all a bit too much on the eyes, so many things going on at one time. Who knows where to look! CHANGE After struggling to come up with solid reasons why Timeline sucks, I’ve come to the decision that the prospect of change is the worst part. Timeline has just made some aesthetic changes to the original profile, all of which are going to be rejected at first. I guess it’s not such a bad thing, but change is hard on everyone.

Words & Photography by Aislinn McEniery

For those of you lucky enough to be escaping the Brisbane cold for a European summer of baguettes and ‘Bonjours’ - here is a petite expose into some of my favourite Parisian ‘must do’s,’ as the city starts heating up and the Parisians take to the Seine… I know we all say that we love winter by the time it comes around in May—as we pull out the jeans and cardies. But by the third week of ugg boots and that horrible dart from the shower to the towel.. Who are we kidding, its time for summer again. So, what do you do? Paris. As the leaves start falling in Brisbane and the school blazers come out—the Parisians ditch the duffel coats and take to the Seine for sunbaking and sipping on wine, as the days grow longer. So for all those making the getaway to Paris for the summer time, here’s a few things I know I’ll be doing!



As soon as the sun comes out, everyone in Paris whether on lunch breaks from work or for a sneaky sunbake, head to the parks! And for the new arrivals, seeking a cure for the jetlag after the heinous 27-hour trip, I suggest you start with the picnic spot with the most iconic view in Paris, a la Champ de Mars.

Here’s a little fun fact I love about France, you eat dessert after every meal, so after your picnic I suggest you enjoy it in the best French way possible… with macaroons. Don’t go for the 1 Euro option at McCafe, head to the Champs Elysees, to La Duree. Walking into the shop, there are tiered castles of desserts everywhere but head to the counter and ask for a box of six (it will cost you 15 euros), choosing whatever flavour you fancy whether it be the likes of citron and Brazilian chocolate or rose petal and pistachio (my favourite). Try to avoid gutsing them down, it will take great self discipline, but you’ll want to savour them for as long as possible.


Find your spot on the grass with the best view of the Eiffel Tower—to remind yourself if you just happen to forget, that yes, you are indeed in Paris!


Ensure you have the correct French picnic treats: red wine or champagne, at least two cheeses, fresh baguettes and croissants from the local boulangerie and some saucisson (like French salami).


Finally, after enjoying every last morsel, sleep it off in the shade of La Tour Eiffel or just lounge back and take in the numerous French beau’s strolling through the park… et voila, bienvenue a Paris.



By law, on the night of June 21st anywhere in France, you can blast your beats as loud as you want, for as long as you want! This music festival, in its 31st year, is way better than any Big Day Out or Future, as the entire of Paris is shutdown as every garage band, ensemble and amateur artist pulls out their extension cords, drum sets and subwoofers to hit the streets and play all night long. On Boulevard St Germain, you’ll find Nirvana tribute bands or in the big archways of the Parlais Louvre, taking advantage of the acoustics will be opera singers hitting incredible notes then by Le Grand Palais you may hear the echoes of Steel Drums from across the Seine. All you need is your map, a crepe or two and be ready to get your groove on at every street corner. The city also runs free concerts with big artists throughout the city, which you can check out at

No matter what you have been up to in Paris: this little American owned café nestled in the 5th at the top of Rue Mouffetard (another great street packed with bars, cafes and markets) is the perfect place for a sneaky break in between sites. This little café, with its couches filled constantly by foreigners and frenchies alike, offers every sort of iced goodie you can imagine. Though its famous combination is the incredibly iced, three tiered carrot cake and homemade lemonade served in little jars. But beware; it’s worth foregoing lunch in order to avoid having to undo that top button!

LE MARAIS And to walk off all that French cuisine, head to my absolute favourite place in Paris, le marais. Take the metro to Hotel de Ville or wander across the famous Lovers Bridge past Notre Dame and discover this historical section of Paris. It is known as many things to the Parisians: the Jewish quarter or the hub of the Paris gay scene—but whatever the name, it’s a haven filled with tiny streets, chic independent galleries, alternative cafes and vintage stores. For those of us, just scraping along after the airfare over, hit up Free P Star. This vintage store is filled with loads of hidden goodies, the best being it’s 1 Euro box, acting quite similar to Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, it never fails to unveil some great little number. With your new Parisian purchases in hand, next stop is on Rue des Rosiers for one of Paris’ reputed falafels, don’t be fooled by the many ‘Best Falafel in Paris’ stores, head straight to L’as du Fallafel—even if you don’t eat the whole thing, its worth watching the servers work their magic as they flip through one immense falafel in under a minute! And for dessert (once again) head to the little creperie on the corner for a real French crepe, my recommendation is the chocolate and banana. And after that hit up the Le Petit Fer au Cheval for a café au lait and do what Parisians do best, people watch!

CANAL ST MARTIN Just a short metro trip away is this renowned spot, parfait for your last afternoon in Paris—where you can relax and enjoy your last French pastries before the long trip home! This stretch of canal lined by parks and decorated with lovers’ bridges was once the haunt of Matisse, Hemingway and Oscar Wilde but is now the new youth hub. Sunday Brunch draws out those worse for wear after a big Saturday Night, to enjoy the bagels and pastries whilst watching the couples hand in hand or the model boats playing in the canal. And to make it even better, every summer it is transformed into the perfect outdoor cinema spot, so pack your baguette instead of popcorn, macaroons in place of starburst chews and red wine over a coke slushie—and settle amongst the Parisians under the big oaks whilst listening to the canal putter away alongside you.

And after all that, you will be whispering in your sleep forevermore, Paris, je t’aime.

By Ivy Nine Designs

Photography by Bekha and Jess Lafrankie @ Ivy Nine Designs Modelling by Parisse Toldedo and Bridget McMahon @ Viviens Hair and Makeup by Alicia Patterson Headbands by Crown of Eden

Well the winter chill is here again, so grab a doona, some hot chocolate, it’s time to lock yourself away and hibernate. Here are 5 albums to see you through Winter.

Words by Oliver Mengel JACKSON BROWNE ‘Saturate Before Using’ 1972 First up, Jackson Browne’s debut album, ‘Saturate Before Using.’ Here’s a tip, want to stay warm this winter? This album’s eclectic mix of 70’s lovin’ is sure to melt your insides until there’s nothing but warm, sweet goo. From the first track, ‘Jamaica Say You Will’ the tone is set. It’s amazing how one record can bring so many thoughts and feelings to your door; you simply can’t help but picture yourself in a warm country barn, enjoying the sweet summer grass and home cooked meals. You can attribute that sunny disposition down to Jackson’s infinitely smooth vocals and production of the album, there is richness in the pre-Madonna music world that you would be hard pressed to find today. It’s that richness that ensures this album will melt the iciest of hearts. NADA SURF ‘The Weight Is A Gift’’ 2005 Now I have to admit, this one is a bit of a selfish choice, but I’m the one writing here, so screw you. This album came out when I was

but a mere ten year old, and I have never stopped listening. It’s reached an unreasonable amount of plays on my ITunes and for good reason. It might not be the record I show to girls to prove how deep I am, but it’s just simply world class song writing, it’s indie-rock at its finest. Front man Matthew Caws’s background with a philosophy major ensures his lyrics always deliver something original and thought provoking. The steady beat always keeps the album moving and with hooks sharp enough to keep you entranced for the full burst I have no doubt it will keep your mind off that cold. I listen to it now whenever I need reminding that there is good music out there. RED HOUSE PAINTERS ‘Song for Blue Guitar’’ 1996 Sometimes you just can’t resist the winter, you just have to succumb to the depressing, soul shattering weather that ungirths you. Sometimes it’s just relaxing to put on the gloomiest, most melancholic song in your iTunes playlist, it has a cleansing feel to it.

Well, before you go and do just that, I implore you; please check out Red House Painters effort, ‘Songs For A Blue Guitar.’ Singer/ songwriter Mark Kozelek is a master of everything slow and sad. There’s no letup in this hour long assault on your tear ducts, from, ‘Have You Forgotten,’ a slow lament on childhood and the inevitability of our own maturity (so deep) to the ghostly feedback solo on ‘Trailways,’ which seems to say things that lyrics just can’t. All the plays are covered in beginners guide to misery, so take your pick, if you’re recovering from a tough break up, or only now recuperating from a late onset emo phase. I can guarantee you there is something waiting for you in the album. VAN MORRISON ‘Astral Weeks’ 1968 Now this is the album I show to girls when I want to show them how cool I am. Recorded in the most spectacular of fashion, Van Morrison’s second solo album really captures that inbetween period between adolescents and adulthood that I’m sure most of the readers here are enjoying right now. There are few vocalists in the world that will make you stop whatever you are doing and listen when they decide to open up, there are fewer that do it in the manner in which Van Morrison does. Recorded impromptu in 8 hours with a score of local jazz musicians who do their best to keep up with Van the man, the album takes on the tension of those whom are making up their

parts as they go along. Ultimately, it all builds to that feeling of uncertainty that we have in that time of life; not quite sure what is going to happen next; I know I am making my part up as I go along too, and I feel I’m not the only one. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ‘Bonus Album’ 2006 You know, I really wrestled with this, of all the nostalgic music there was to pick from; and there are some greats; Vanessa Carlton’s ‘One Thousand Miles’, Crazy Town’s beautiful love ballad, ‘Come My Lady.’ Who is not simply overcome by feelings of passion and romance by the words, ‘Be my butterfly, sugar, baby,’ I ask you? I feel there is a butterfly inside all of us. If you don’t remember them now, don’t fret; give them a YouTube and all the delicious memories of AquaDucks in swimming pools, Bear and the Big Blue House and Yowie Powers will surely come flooding back. In spite of this, I have elected instead High School Musical, perhaps not on its musical merit, but I think you’ll find as time runs on; we will be sitting in our hovering rocking chairs in the year 2060 remembering fondly on 2006. So everyday the teacher wanted to put a video on, High School Musical was the choice, even if we already had watched it every week for the past year. At the time, I would have preferred the DVD of Cool Runnin’s, but alas alack, the girl to boy ratio in my class was rather disproportional. Praise be to Efron. 

Live Gig Review by Lucia Stein The words phenomenal, awe inspiring and kooky come to mind when describing the Florence + The Machine performance at Brisbane Riverstage on 26 May. Of course, the same can’t be said for the sub-zero weather condition s that audience memb er s commented must have been “brought by Welch from her home country (England).” The freezing weather didn’t seem to dissuade her fans however, who came by the dozens. Supporters were certainly of varying ages with a few elderly couples, who safely steered clear of the mosh and younger kids who weren’t so concerned about their safety. Of course, there was a large indie-pop crowd as well—me included. Some were even armed with foam fingers. Not something you would expect at a Flo concert but hey, maybe they were headed for a football game after? The stage itself was rather simplistic and understated which seemed to be in keeping with the band’s image. Of course, this changed throughout the performance when the seemingly boring transparent background transformed into different settings according to Flo’s songs. The best was definitely the garden images used for Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). In sticking true to her fashion, Flo’s concert was as much about her voice as it was about creating an energized atmosphere. We were

all asked to dance and participate in songs as she sprinted, leaped and performed all matter of crazy movies on stage. Of course, other band member Isabella Summers (The ‘Machine’) did take some of the attention when Flo offered her up to an audience member to kiss for craziest move. As a major fan of her first album, Lungs, I had hoped that she would perform some of those songs, especially Cosmic Love and Dog Days are Over. Luckily for all long-time fans she did sing them as well as previously mentioned Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) and Drumming. The concert however, was mainly centred upon her new album, Ceremonials, which has become a bigger hit than her first with almost four singles from the album making its way into the charts. These songs, including massive hit Shake It Out were among some of the songs she sung off the new album. Concertgoers were warned of an impending ending and abruptly she finished leaving us all hanging. We didn’t even get to hear Florence favourite, Never Let Me Go. Of course, most of the audience felt the same way as I did and due to popular demand—in the form of dramatic drum rolling, clapping and screaming—she reappeared on stage. Finally, she performed my favourite Never Let Me Go and finished with No Light, No Light. And just like that, after months of waiting, the concert was finished. Sigh. 

Photos by Hannah Tilling


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Words by Oliver Mengel

THE MIDDLE EAST ‘I Want That You Are Always Happy’ I know this is a bit late, but it’s my first time writing here, and as soon as someone says recent Australian releases, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to review The Middle East’s awkwardly named, ‘I Want That You Are Always Happy.’ For me at least, it’s the standout Australian release last year. The record has still got those catchy singles like ‘Blood,’ from their original EP release but the whole record is more cohesively put together. The album has undergone 3 or 4 attempts, “we scrapped it and then tried it again and scrapped that and tried it again and scrapped that, so we’ve really pieced it together over time,” said songwriter Rohin Jones. The band disappointedly split late last year, citing the reasons came down to difficulty keeping the band organised. Understandable considering the band line-up revolves around ten different folk musicians from Townsville. Stand Out Tracks: ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday’ and ‘Months’.

OH MERCY ‘Great Barrier Grief’ Oh Mercy struck a cord immediately. Sturdy and clean-cut early singles like ‘Lay Everything On Me’ and ‘Seemed Like A Good Idea’ propelled the Melbourne band to the front lines of Australia’s latest generation of songwriters. The most recent release, ‘Great Barrier Grief’ uses minimalistic usage of instrumentation to generate a sleepy but clean-cut and sturdy sound. Most useful when coming down from a big night and you want to enter a peaceful and quiet state. Stand Out Track: ‘Stay, Please Stay’

BIG STRONG BRUTE ‘Avalanche of Truth’ Paul Donoughue’s performances as BigStrongBrute have become the stuff of mini-legend amongst Brisbane’s live music community. I was lucky enough to witness a raw set by the band at the Powerhouse, and I’m happy to list amongst some of my favourite shows, which includes Roger Waters playing through Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ and The Who. His new album ‘Avalanche of Truth’ showcases some of the best song writing Brisbane has got to offer. The record features heavy use of trumpet, which really gives it an edge, especially when placed among the back drop of the jingly guitar. So if you spot them on a bill somewhere in this city, or anywhere else, make sure to check them out.

Words by Matt Meintjies If you’re a film junkie, the first half of 2012 was alright. Though if you weren’t a fan of The Hunger Games, captured by The Avengers or embraced nostalgia and saw the 3D release of Titanic, then the start of 2012 has been relatively quiet. Don’t worry if that’s the case, the second half of the year should promise some form of satisfaction. Superheros have had quite a representation in 2012. At the time of writing The Avengers had just broken into the US$1 Billion worldwide barrier and lead the way

as the most successful film of 2012. The reboot of the Spiderman franchise looks promising in The Amazing Spiderman— but regardless of taste in lycra-clad men and women you can’t walk past The Dark Knight Rises—the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy following Christian Bale as Batman. Taking place eight years after the events of The Dark Knight featuring the late Heath Ledger as The Joker, Batman comes to face a new formidable foe in Bane—played by Tom Harvey. Bane is much more than simply a crime-lord whose physical presence has been altered

by genetic means—he is also Bruce Wayne’s most psychologically dangerous villain. As usual Nolan brings with him a visual style that is so clean yet so powerful and along with an ever-recognisable soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Rises is probably the film of 2012 to see. It’s been a while since a good crime flick made its way across the screen and it’s been even longer since one set in the 50’s and 60’s made an impact. Ruben Fleischer is the director of Gangster Squad, a title that conjures images of a band of patriotic American police officers sworn to uphold the morals of the LAPD in their fight against the country’s toughest criminals— an image that is altogether not very indicative of the nature of the film. Starring Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (the latter who reprise their roles as lovers as they did in Crazy Stupid Love), Gangster Squad revolves around a secret police group that flies under the radar to prevent the spread of crime-lord Mickey Cohen’s web through Los Angeles and the rest of the Western Coast. “No Badges, No Names, No Mercy” as the trailer says and it certainly seems to back this statement with high intensity action and a compelling storyline based on a true story in the streets of a young LA.

Les Miserables, a movie adapted from the 1862 French novel of the same name (widely regarded as one of the best pieces of writing in existence), appears to be a clear favourite for the best musical film of 2012. With an all-star cast lead by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe it follows Jean Valjean, a French man who spends his life on the run after being imprisoned for stealing bread and eventually becomes

mayor of a small town in France. With a story that has already won appraise both on the page and on stage as a musical, Les Miserables may be a surprise Christmas hit as it releases on the 26th December. For those with a taste for serious films that blur the line between fiction and reality, you may find yourself interested in a piece entitled Life of Pi. Based on the Man Booker Prize for Fiction winner from 2002 of the same name, Life of Pi follows an Indian boy who is shipwrecked while travelling from his home country to Canada aboard a ship full of his family’s zoo animals. Strangely enough he is not alone on his lifeboat—he is joined by a Bengal tiger, a Zebra, Hyena and Orang-utan. What follows is an intriguing journey covering Pi’s twohundred and twenty seven days aboard the lifeboat with his company. It’s never certain that a successful novel can translate perfectly to the screen but it earns marks for a unique and deeply driven storyline directed by Ang Lee. Whilst these are only very few of the numerous releases in the second half of the year, and are by no means the only films worth seeing for the rest of 2012, they are some that have the potential to score big at the box-office or rate highly amongst critics. Other significant films to consider seeing include the Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Skyfall; the third James Bond film to star Daniel Craig, the newest adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary novel The Great Gatsby and for the female readers who would like the sight of Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey topless, then the malestripper story of Magic Mike might be worth a view. 

If the not so extreme winter weather in Brisbane isn’t convincing enough, snuggle up with one of these classic winter films that appear in childhood memories.

SNOW DAY The closest Brisbane gets to a snow day is the rare ice storms that have turned the city into an icy wonderland. There is no distinct possibility that schools will get shut down as a result of snow. However, one can dream and Nickelodeon film Snow Day brings to life all childhood snow fantasies. The film follows the shutting down of a school from snow and how the kids roam the streets wild for a day. Starring a young Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) and a cameo from Iggy Pop.

HOME ALONE Possibly the best winter (and Christmas) movie ever, Macaulay Culkin stars as an 8-year-old boy forgotten by his family when they leave on holiday to Paris. At a young age, having the house to oneself seems like the coolest thing ever. However, trouble strikes when thieves plan on robbing his house. The movie also features the best line re-enacted in any film, “keep the change, you filthy animal.”

GROUNDHOG DAY Imagine one of those cold and miserable days where you hate the holiday that is being celebrated (a bit like Valentines Day) and to make it worse, you step in a massive puddle of icy dirty water. Now imagine reliving this day over and over again. Stuck in a boring city because of a blizzard, Groundhog Day is the perfect movie about winter weather blues.

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