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IW:LEARN TDA/SAP Training Course

Day 1

DAY 1 SCHEDULE Time 9:00

SCHEDULE Welcome and Introduction

STEPS Project Manager to set scene (15)


Group Introductions



Introduction from trainer (10) Go-round of the participants (20) • Name • Organisation • Interesting question* Overview of TDA/SAP workshop (15) • Agenda • Outcomes Outline guidelines & Ground rules


Group Exercise: Why is the TDA and SAP important?

Introduction (5)


11 Slides See Overview Slide Schedule for details – see Slide Schedule 1 for details See Group Exercise 1 Outline for details

In pairs (15): • Why is the TDA/SAP important to this project? Share with whole group (20)


FACILITATORS NOTES Include: • Why are we here? • Information about the project • The TDA/SAP process • Introduce the trainer * Do not focus on expertise, status, research etc. Pick an interesting and light question that is culturally acceptable – favourite food, something no one in the room knows about the person etc.

More time may be needed for sharing. The discussion may bring up issues that participants will want to debate. However, ensure the discussion does not go on too long.

IW:LEARN TDA/SAP Training Course


Module 1: Introduction to the TDA/SAP Process – Scene Setting

Day 1

PowerPoint Presentations Section 1: GEF and International Waters (15) Section 2: Introduction to the TDA?SAP process (30)

22 Slides See Module 1 Section 1 Slide Schedule for details See Module 1 Section 2 Slide Schedule for details The time set here (45 minutes) allows for plenty of discussion time if needed. It is important that the TDA/SAP approach is well understood before moving on. There are an optional set of 36 slides available that present the Principles of the TDA/SAP Process).


Group Exercise: Regional and Global Importance of Water System



In groups of 5 (25): • Why is your water system regionally and globally important? List the key points Share key points with whole group (20)

Be aware: more time will be needed for these slides. See Group Exercise 2 Outline for details

IW:LEARN TDA/SAP Training Course

Time 13:45

SCHEDULE Module 2: Developing the TDA

Day 1

STEPS PowerPoint Presentations Section 1: Introduction to the TDA Section 2: System Boundaries

FACILITATORS NOTES 28 Slides See Module 2 Section 1 Slide Schedule for details See Module 2 Section 2 Slide Schedule for details See Module 2 Section 3 Slide Schedule for details

Section 3: Data and information Collection 14:15


Group Exercise: Brainstorming Data and Information Sources Module 2: Developing the TDA

Total time (30) In groups of 5 (15): • What are the key data and information sources? Share key points with whole group (15) PowerPoint Presentation Section 4: Transboundary Problems (45)

See Group Exercise 3 Outline for details

21 Slides See Module 2 Section 4 Slide Schedule for details This presentation is critical. Ensure there is enough time to fully discuss transboundary problems. Participants often find this a difficult concept – particularly what is and what isn’t a transboundary problem.

15:30 16:00

Break Group Exercise: Identification of Transboundary Problems

Whole group exercise (55): • What are the transboundary problems facing the water system? • Prioritise



Final remarks and tomorrows schedule (5)



See Group Exercise 4 Outline for details Trainer will need to take information from participants scoring sheets, complete spreadsheet and analyse data for Day 2.

Day 1 Schedule for TDA/SAP Training Course