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Introducing the biggest and most powerful PathďŹ nder ever made. You can choose either the 4.0L V6 petrol engine, which delivers 198kW and 356Nm of torque, or the high performance diesel engine which outputs 128kW and a grunty 403Nm of torque at just 2,000rpm. Also, both engines * Towing capacity ratings are for braked trailer.



offer a huge 3,000kg towing capacity*. Unsurprisingly, both engines are the most powerful in their class. All this, and seven seats as standard. More space. More power. Better stories. For more information, call your local Nissan dealer on 0800 4NISSAN or visit




THERMO ALARM Michael Owen, International Football Player


than a watch Founded in 1853, Tissot is proud to display the Swiss flag at the heart of its logo. The Tissot , representing Tradition, Technology, and Trend, combines with the Swiss flag and its central sign to reflect the Tissot philosophy of giving its customers MORE: the best materials– 316L stainless steel, titanium or 18K gold, scratchproof sapphire crystal, Swiss ETA manufacture movement and minimum water resistance to 30m / 100ft - in a watch that offers careful attention to details and “Gold value at silver price”. The Tissot T-Touch was created as a worldwide exclusivity in 2000. Once the tactile sapphire crystal is activated, a light touch on the glass will select the function - compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer alarm, or chrono - and provide the information in the digital window. MORE THAN A WATCH, T-Touch combines an innovative timepiece with a precision instrument.

Tissot, Innovators by Tradition. Available at selected jewellers throughout New Zealand. Call 0508 566 300 for your nearest stockist. promotus 3357m

Tissot T-Touch T33.7.888.92


February 2011 Issue 120 



What really caused the Pike River tragedy? We uncover vital new evidence

20 THE CHESHIRE KEY He's threatened to quit if he loses, but that's an easy threat to make when you're as far ahead in the polls as John Key


The German con-artist and porn king Kim Schmitz takes over the Chrisco mansion in Auckland


Everything you need for the complete mobile office (see GADGETS)


28 OSAMA’S PACIFIC LAIR Matt Thompson’s there as gunships open fire on a Pacific island terror base

32 NIC CAGE: INTERVIEW Cage opens up on his politics and Oliver Stone’s 9/11 movie

HIS/contents 6  opinion

6  /BRIEFING From the Editor's desk 8  /COMMUNIQUES Your say 10  /EYES RIGHT Richard Prosser 12  /STEYNPOST Mark Steyn 14  /HOTZONE Climate nuttery


35  money

36  How to cut your tax bill, legally 38  The Bear – Peter Hensley's advice

39  action


40  /SPORT Rally of NZ – anatomy of a car crash 41  /SPORT World Cup buildup 42  /MARINE Eye of the Tiger 44  /DRIVE The hot new Italian in town

47  gadgets

48  The complete mobile office kit 49  Tech products to watch for in 2011 50  The Mall 52  Online with Chillisoft

55  mindfuel

56  /ONSCREEN Russell Crowe pushes the envelope 58  /BOOKCASE Michael Morrissey's summer picks 60  /NOTPC Amy Brooke blasts the bureaucrats 62  /THEQUESTION Matt Flannagan on the meaning of life


00  over in HERS 10  /MIRANDA DEVINE on Wikileaks 18  /SUNTANS ARE GOOD? FEATURE 28  /MUGGED FEATURE 64  /MUSIC with Chris Philpott


Give in. You’re surrounded.

Danish Design since 1925

Surrendering has never been so enjoyable. Because, when faced with 40" of overwhelmingly life-like television and the world’s most powerful, all-digital loudspeakers ever developed for the home, your living room makes for a wonderful locale to give in. Find your nearest Bang & Olufsen store at or call 09 524 2411.

The all-powerful BeoVision 7 & BeoLab 5

Bang & Olufsen Auckland 35 Teed Street, Newmarket 09 524 2411




So what is HIS? A magazine you want to read. Story-driven, well-written, tight and evocative articles, and big photos. The strong narrative is what will draw men in

A great idea... H  

IS changes everything. For eleven years Investigate magazine has delivered cutting edge journalism trapped in a 1990s shell, and straddling that difficult no-man’s land of trying to appeal to both women and men. We are bored with the old way of doing things. We wanted to deliver quality journalism in a way that's more user-friendly to both sexes without compromise. We know guys are closet readers of women’s magazines. We also know men don’t like purchasing things that are overtly feminine. Solution? We’ve back-to-backed a men’s magazine with a women’s magazine. Women will buy HERS because it’s a great title in its own right. But they’ll also feel comfortable bringing HIS into their home for the guy in their life to read. Because each magazine is complete in itself, there’s no sacrifice in content or design. But because each magazine is joined to the other, men and women will also enjoy articles in the other’s section. nnovation is said to be the mother of progress. In publishing terms, HIS magazine represents a major step forward in reaching men. Existing business models are either too downmarket to hit anyone but 18 year olds who haven’t yet met a real live woman, or too niche to resonate with most kiwi guys. Then there’s the problem of actually motivating men to buy a copy – hence the Trojan horse. o what is HIS? A magazine you want to read. Story-driven: well-written, tight and evocative articles, and big photos. The strong narrative is what will draw men in. Once they’re in, they’ll be far more receptive to the lifestyle content and advertising. Content, as they say, is king. By providing strong narrative, we give men a reason to read it each month. dvertisers will find HIS ideal for reaching NZ males. Not just is the content attractive, but the format lends itself to added value editorial through the profiling of new and interesting products in various sections of the magazine. The “inside covers” that head each major section of the title also provide premium adspace opportunities, as well as making navigation easier. rawing on the extensive resources already available to INVESTIGATE magazine, HIS has New Zealanders on the ground in world troublespots for flyon-the-wall front line journalism. HIS has access to leading writers in New Zealand for articles on issues relevant to men. And the magazine has access to major international feature and photo agencies for the best coverage on a whole range of topics.



 A D  

See our media details on page 24 and book for our next issue 10 HISMAGAZINE.TV


s ’ A C M I F I A S PAC R


, o g a ks d e e w w islan , e f A n an away o t far no no Z jour N ATT N M PSO M this: O THound f eet m l wil nsumeer k c pa ey co o ord . k o spo nt. Thabout tts edgy S U aura e’re l ge t A . s st nd w fficia y ou he e e A r m t L I call co istric eer, a assy o’s a gu us,” g in N MAally thed-lighst dand bthe em.bThearetchinagn starin Fine at a reatball wheng casedho’s w ds a m m ly me round bein one w towar on other we’re ell ph stein an think his c s beer >>> “I ere on ing hi road. th s, tilt ss the say acro from 12 HISMAGAZINE.TV





Nicolas Cage flicks me a grimace, those cold eyes seeking the soul in mine, trying to sense my purpose in the question. Lord of war? I struggle to remind myself there is no Uzi in the satchel beside him. And then the moment passes as the enigmatic actor shrugs. "Yeah," he sighs, "making that movie hurt"... 14 HISMAGAZINE.TV


Q: There was a sense of art imitating life when you did Weather Man... A: At the time I agreed to do The Weather Man I was going through a divorce and I was trying to figure out how I could take a negative and turn it into a positive. And when I received the script for The Weather Man, I thought, ‘Oh well, here’s a parallel.’ Sometimes I choose movies that help me, like a therapy, help me do something positive with a negative emotion. And The Weather Man was an opportunity to take this well of feeling that I had and just funnel it into Dave Spritz. It was my producing partner who brought it to me and I said, ‘This is really right for me at this time because I have a lot of stuff I want to get out.’ Dave and I were going through similar experiences and so it became an overlay, if you will, of my life and David Spritz’s.

Q: How many times have things been thrown at you?

A: I wish I could be more colourful and say all the time but I’ve never had anything thrown at me; at least not food. There have been times in the past when girls have thrown glasses at me.

Q: How much cash do you normally carry in your wallet?

A: Do you want to come and look? You know, I don’t even have my wallet or any cash on me. But I do go to the supermarket. I just went to the market and bought about 20 packages of Gillette shavers. I buy in bulk. And I used one this morning.

Q: How difficult was it to play someone fumbling through fatherhood?

A: I think no matter what walk of life we’re in or who we are, we all have that connection with our father because we are small in the beginning and they’re big so there’s this awesome regard for dad. And on top of that, my dad is a professor of literature so he’s very, very smart. So I was always thinking how I can aspire to be him? There was this intimidating aura growing up with a university professor, but yes, I did use my own feelings about my own father.

Q: There’s a scene where you’re recognized standing in a queue at the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] and you’re not very pleasant to the person who recognizes you. Can you relate to that? HISMAGAZINE.TV 15

May not be available in all stores

• 2-disc collectors sets of all 20 films presented in a spectacular, exclusive, collectible 007 Brief or Hard Case • Ultimate Picture – completely restored using frame-by-frame digital restoration • Superior Sound – All new DTS 5.1 Audio • Never before seen new footage: bonus materials and interviews • One of a kind collector’s booklets • Custom menus and new interactive elements tailored for each film


007 Gun Symbol Logo © 1962 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation. JAMES BOND, 007, 007 Gun Symbol Logo and all other James Bond related trademarks TM Danjaq, LLC. All Rights Reserved. © 2006 Layout and Design Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

HIS action /SPORT 64 All Blacks’ Build-up

They've cruised to victory so far, but can the AB’s hold their edge?

/MARINE 66 Eye Of The Tiger

A shark’s eye has an eerie ability to pin you from any angle, but diving an 18th century brigantine in the corals off North Australia is perhaps the last place you want to catch a tiger shark’s orb just as you drift around a corner in the current...

/DRIVE 70 Alfa’s New Brera See below, without the tree

‘before’ shot: >> “It  was a mind-blowing, fly-by-the-seatof-your-pants, take no prisoners kind of ride – right up to the point where we hit the tree...”



There is a sense of mystery – a ‘Master and Commander’ aura, even – to the idea of diving ancient Spanish, Portuguese and British shipwrecks off the northern coast of Australia. But the Barrier Reef is a treacherous place for seacraft even today, and in waters teeming with sharks and the occasional salt-water croc it does occur to me that I should have added ‘madness’ to the aforementioned ‘mystery’ and ‘aura’...



Words by BRIAN CANTWELL Photography by IAN SCOTT Appearance of shark: DEUS EX MACHINA hrough the fog inside my dive mask, which is suctioned to my face so hard that my nose feels like a bulldog’s, I wink stinging salt out of one eye and peer down through the water at a wrinkled brain the size of a foot stool. Nearby is a handful – so to speak – of Dead Man’s Fingers. Not far from that is a healthy patch of Creamsicle-colored fire coral that I suddenly realize, due to the downward swing of a Pacific Ocean swell, is only a few perilous centimetres from my belly. In a frenzy of kicking flippers, I shoot away to safety, just missing the fire coral’s nasty sting. Clutching tote board and pencil, counting coral like a salty census official, I’m having a remarkably good time. Really. The brain and the descriptively named purple “fingers” are types of coral, by the way. But it is the sight of old timbers – the skeleton of a British brigantine, Persephone, which grounded here back in 1803 – that really has my focus. HISMAGAZINE.TV 19

DS PODIUM Ref# 536-7029-42-69

promotus 3729

Shock-resistant Sapphire crystal Water-resistant 100m

Orewa: Diamond Jewellers 09 426 4238. Auckland: Diamond & Time - Takapuna 09 486 6377, Botany Downs 09 271 1199, St Lukes 09 846 3324. Mark Beckett Diamonds - Newmarket 09 529 9356. Hamilton: Diamond & Time 07 834 2555. Tauranga: Diamond Design 07 578 5905. Palmerston North: The Watch Shop 06 357 4489. Napier: McClurgs Jewellers 06 835 8564. Wellington: 04 384 3577, Capital Watches 04 472 9171. Christchurch: Curtis Jewellers 03 366 0108. Wanaka: Marc Martinovich MFG Jewellers 03 443 7037.


HIS/drive The cles re is a – as clench mome n inve your r , the t t, for u a e s all. ting i bber eth g ll driv j n r e bef Mercif those ettison it, fing rs at ore ully som e s e rs its l-c , I ha p e ve t oweri as I sp heapo alrea clutch poin ti d o re ng d in A a i y acq own lfa mport flims t the w n thei Ro r y uain e t m those meo's d tyre hold o heel o lives, whe s r fu yse a lf w ching new B last y n the m b tarm le f n the ly b rera ear ith. sto or wa ac The eaut t guy iful s hrough s real – you the ge mach m ly a n w foll owi ow-ba the De such onde rstick usa r a ng beh nked s sert R barg whet nd ain oad her trai ind a 's h me, ghts airp fter , o i t n th i ALF e o isn't a n bend AT t m her s OB han omen RE t d…







IN 6







ero nD t's t oug h las e rec gro o w per il tha l from t s are on in pins y a qua ad b rtet a w our c t kW he Bre k in th arf-to back t of ch r and of thru ra as a e perf ssing c o the omed sea orm om bso st p pro t l tailp pe a rb bab o ly i ured o it th nce bu tition ike a V ipes, a s in ro , s n e u Cal t in a ugh e iness. that i lcro-c d the n ifor v o Y nia vehicl ery ne ou do forms vered pistol. >> ew l n hich rve en 't so m you th little ike > e din , fr u ank g in ch le Italia n a ly, sho your b rn ab s out uld ody : be ille 191 gal


HIS mindfuel /ONSCREEN  56 The Next Three Days Film review

/BOOKCASE  58 The Origins of Zero

This and more as Michael Morrissey reviews the latest titles

/NOTPC  60 Man or Mouse?

Amy Brooke blasts the bureaucrats

/THEQUESTION  92 If the answer is not "42"...

Matt Flannagan debates the meaning of Life

three days: >> Roger Moore casts his eye across Russell Crowe's new movie, The Next Three Days


BOOKIINGS: We're taking placements from Q1 (Feb cover date) onwards. This is a monthly magazine

HIS/HERS Aishwarya Rai | Coffee Millionaire | Big Love | 09/2006

! IN W


m ste e Sy sid tre s in ea ail Th det me s, Ho rab 00 r G $8 p Fo U


The blending of feminine and masculine into one magazine, while retaining the individuality of each, mirrors the secret of a successful relationship...

current affairs and lifestyle for the discerning woman

DAUGHTER OF AN ALL BLACK, VOICE OF AN ANGEL Brooke Fraser What drives her?

GUILT-FREE SUNTAN New medical studies push benefits of sunbathing

THE ONLY CHILD ON EARTH The world’s rarest illness, and the little boy fighting it

TARGET MARKET: 25-54 year old women and men who take a wider view of the world and value the things that make us different, while recognising the interests we share...

Is this a good time to cash in your jewellery?




While Top Cop Turned His Back: An Auckland Woman’s Ordeal


February 2011 $8.60





David Beckham | Tax Breaks | Team NZ | 09/2006

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