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Incarnate Word Academy offers the following technology and resources to innovate instruction and enhance academic achievement.

Angel eBRARY – A virtual library Angel eBRARY is a virtual library with direct access from anywhere with internet access to multi-media and research resources.

• Unlimited research for elementary to high school students using over 600 academic databases and the World Book Encyclopedia

• Electronic submission and citation resources via Turn It In • Audio, video, and eBooks are easily downloadable information to multiple devices including

smartphones, iPods, mp3 players, and e-readers

Accelerated Reader Home Connect Destiny Online Library Catalog Discovery Education Ebsco Student Research Center Gale Student Resource Center Gale Testing & Education Reference Center Turn It In World Book Online For detailed resource descriptions visit:

ParentsWeb ParentsWeb is a fully integrated communications management system available 24/7 from work, home, school, or on the road. This program enhances communication to parents, strengthens parental involvement, improves student participation and reduces surprises at report card time. Parents love being connected with the school and informed of their children’s progress. It provides access to:

Daily Grades Progress Reports Report Cards Lesson Plans Homework Assignments

Attendance Missing Assignments Staff & School Directory Syllabi Online Homework Submission

Naviance Naviance is a comprehensive college and career planning solution that inspires and empowers students to strategically map out the path to achieve their college and career goals. Naviance

helps students: • Organize and simplify the college and admissions process • Explore options, set goals, and establish academic plans to meet those goals • Research and compare colleges, universities, and scholarships • Build resumes, complete online surveys, and manage timelines for making decisions about colleges • • Review local, state, and national student profiles for college acceptance • Streamline the online application process to include: standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, transcripts, résumés, and more.

College and Career Guidance Center The primary mission of the College and Career Guidance Center (CCGC) is to provide Incarnate Word Academy students and parents with tools and resources necessary to implement appropriate college planning strategies for each student as an individual. Additionally, our goal is to develop positive relationships with college admission counselors and staff to be sure that your Incarnate Word Academy graduate has the opportunity to achieve admission to the college or university of their choice. The College and Career Guidance Center uses the latest in technology resources to broaden the horizons of Incarnate Word Academy graduates. IWA provides your child with an academic counselor to choose a college that suits their interests and assists them in completing college and scholarship applications. Additionally, your counselor offers guidance toward college majors that fit their interests and college preparatory coursework.

Campus Wide Resources • SMART Boards • Digital imaging cameras • Digital imaging microscopes • Computer technology and resource labs • Mobile computer lab • Technology training and continued education for staff development

Incarnate Word Academy is committed to

providing our students the curriculum, technology, and

achieve their goals.

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Technology + Purpose = Success  

Incarnate Word Academy offers technology and resources to innovate instruction and enhance academic achievement.