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Income Tax Return

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AUSTRALIAN TAX OFFICE REQUIREMENTS • The tax laws require you to have receipts relating to claims made in your return, otherwise they will not be deductible. • The number one tip for maximising your deductions is to keep your receipts and records. • Almost every available deduction from your income needs to be substantiated with written evidence. • Tax agents are bound by strict legislative provisions as to what they can claim for you including the requirement for documentary evidence of your expenses – either work-related (travel, uniforms, tools etc), donations, medical or business expenses. • It is equally important to keep your records of major capital purchases (eg cars, computers or other long-term assets) so that the correct depreciation can be calculated.

What we offer

• Personal income tax returns (residents and non residents of Australia) • Tax returns for Sole Trader, Partnership and Company. • Advice on Capital Gains Tax (CGT). • BAS for Individuals.


To assist us in completing your tax return as quickly as possible, we request you have the following items: • • • • • • • •

Income earned statements Employment income deductions Investment related deductions Investment property details Other deductions Previous year’s income tax assessment Credit card statement Dependant details

The Income Tax Professionals

The Income Tax Professionals have been providing taxation services in Australia for over 35 years with a unique, quick, reliable and an affordably priced service to assist you in all your personal and business taxation needs. ITP offers fast refunds from your tax return, and delivers personal and attentive service – you can discuss your tax return and tax related affairs with ITP throughout the year, without charge. In Queensland you will find more than 37 permanent locations open for business throughout the entire year. Between July and October you will find us at many additional sites, mainly in major shopping centres.

The Income Tax Professionals

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If you are unsure of your nearest ITP Store, call 1300 555 773, or see our list of locations.

ITP Qld Tax Return Professionals  
ITP Qld Tax Return Professionals  

ITP Qld specialises in income tax returns Australia. We understand that you and your business are facing a highly regulated and ever changin...