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Floating Life Experience Sailing the high seas, in itself, produces such incredible feelings, that at times it seems that there could never be enough words to describe them. Immagine being able to fully live an even more intense experience, when every wish comes true. Floating Life has prepared this brochure, calling on its more than 10 years' experience, in order to present you with a collection of different yachts, each carefully selected for different tastes and different needs. Over the last few months, a dedicated team inspected hundreds of vessels, searching for yachts which could “live up to” the standards our prestigious clientele has come to expect from us. Only the most elegant and exclusive yachts were taken into consideration, each staffed with excellent crews and refined chefs, ready to fully satisfy any request you may have. With so many proposals on the table, it may be difficult to choose the yacht “perfect for you”.

No worries, Floating Life is perfectly able to help you in choosing the right yacht to meet your expectations for any occasion. Vacations with your family, with breathtaking views combined with pure relax; a pampered break with moments of absolute fun for both the young and the young-at-heart; or a company event, when perfection is a must: Floating Life has the right solution for you. It will always be your's to decide how to spend your day; Floating Life's Concierge will become your personal assistant, taking care of all the details, simply so you won't have to. Your Floating Life Concierge will always be available to propose special itineraries, to reserve a table at the most exclusive restaurants, or to organize a private jet so you can go wherever you wish: a personal, exclusive service, just for you, provided by people who have made it their profession to transform your wishes into reality. Floating Life is your tailor, ready to create an unforgettable experience just for you.

Sara Ballista Charter & Sales Broker

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From Dubrovnik to Split

Croatia is one of the most attractive destinations for the yachts,

city walls. The city has a rich nautical tradition and during the

as it offers the ideal sailing conditions, a lovely warm climate, secluded islands and beaches with crystal waters,

Venice. Exploring the old town is a must, and the main

excellent food, entertainment, and last – but definitely not

sights to be visited are the City Bell Tower, the Assumption

least – the possibility to discover the extraordinary history

Cathedral, Pile Gate, Onofrio’s Fountain, the Franciscan

of Dalmatia, located in Croatia’s southern region: home to 3

Monastery, the Sponza Palace and the Church of St. Blaise,

Unesco World Heritage sites – Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar.

the city’s patron Saint.

A delightful cruise could surely start from Dubrovnik,

Sailing north, guests will admire the Elaphite Archipelago,

considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the

particularly its largest island, called Šipan, with its

entire Mediterranean area, logistically an ideal

well-protected harbour and architectural monuments from

location thanks to its International Airport and to a

the Middle Ages. A stop in Ston, a small, fortified town

great Marina to berth. Faithfully restored after the

well-known for its Medieval 6 km-walls and Towers will be the best choice to enjoy a fabulous lunch of fresh oysters

historical center within its

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and mussels.


Floating Life Concierge would then suggest a visit to Korcula, Vis Island, Komiza, Bisevo, Hvar and Brac. Korcula’s startling blue waters, quiet coves, and secluded bays will entice you for an unforgettable swim while the welcoming town, located on a small hilly peninsula, will enchant you with its narrow stone streets and defensive towers. On Vis Island you will find Nature in a fantastic display with numerous bays and beaches, vineyards, limestone crest hills and valleys, offering peace and tranquillity, with the opportunity to have lunch one of the many small local restaurants with home-made food: lamb, octopus, fresh fish, sheep, goat cheese, along with a glass of local wine and bitters. Do not miss an excursion at the remarkable Blue Cave of Modra špilja, very similar to the more famous Capri Grotta. Hvar is the perfect place to spend an amazing night out in its many disco-clubs and pubs. The island’s flora is a special place, thanks to its fragrant lavender fields, peaceful

villages, and pine-covered hills; its varied activities include diving, underwater fishing in the many nearby smaller islands, and water sports. If you are a windsurfer or a water sports lover, you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the wonderful Zlatni Rat Beach, located in Brac Island! Here you will also find an excellent nightlife (in Milna or Supetar, for example), peaceful and quiet authentic stone villages as Bobovišće, pebble and rocky beaches surrounded with pine forests, and typical local restaurants. Your cruise could conclude in the beautiful Split. Its remarkable Diocletian’s Palace makes the visit absolutely memorable, together with its old town, the majestic cathedral of St. Duje, charming marble streets full of restaurants, wine cellars, cafés and shops, and museums. This is only a tip-of-the-iceberg sample of a tour in Croatia: many more locations, beaches and landscapes are waiting for you, starting from Split and heading towards Slovenia and Italy. See you in the next issue for more information! w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m




Based in the city of Zug, Edelberg was founded in 2009 and is a luxury pen and accessory manufacturer with the heart and soul of a small family business. A life-long collector of writing instruments, Carlo Naldi launched Edelberg with a desire to create singularly beautiful writing instruments and accessories for the world. He has been joined in this mission by his son Samuel and together they are working to make the world a more tasteful place. For some things in life, ordinary is not enough. Edelberg is anything but ordinary. With a unique way of looking at things, Edelberg is for those wanting something fresh, something different; for individuals who appreciate design that is unique and who delight in owning beautiful objects that are striking and original. Edelberg understands the power of individuality, and this is reflected in our captivating range of Swiss made high-tech writing instruments and Italian accessories. Combining passion, design and innovation, the pieces are as unique as those who own them.

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m

Each concept is brought to life by a team of highly creative minds and then lovingly crafted by skilled artisans at our factory in Geneva, Switzerland. Only the finest and most modern materials are used, including carbon fiber, precious resin and even photo luminescent components from SuperLumiNovaŽ that magically light up after dark – the first time it has ever been used in a writing instrument - as well as more traditional ones such as gold, steel and rhodium. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and traditional craftsmanship are employed at every stage to produce the coveted writing instruments with each piece undergoing rigorous quality and durability testing. Edelberg's name was born from two inspirations Edel is in honor of Edelweiss, the white alpine flower that for many is a living symbol of Switzerland. Berg recognizes perhaps one of the first pioneers in "social media", Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press.


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Le Due Querce

Le Due Querce "Le Due Querce Franciacorta " was astablished in 1978. Le Due Querce is a family-run business, following one man's dream. During the 1970's, Luigi Mensi bought three hectacres of a vineyard and 1 hectacre of an olive grove, his only objective being to create his own wine for his family and friends. During the first years some additional hectacres were re-converted into vineyards, thus realizing his first cellar in 1986. With the first cellar they began to think of the possibility of doing more than making wine only for the family and a few close friends. The turning point came at the end of the 1990's, when Luigi, along with his son Paolo, started thinking about the possibility of marketing their product. On April 1, 2001, Paolo established Le Due Querce and, in 2002, bottled the first year of sparkling wine. Sadly, in 2005 Luigi died prematurely. Paolo dedicated the name of the Franciacorta wines to his his father, as their founder. Today, the entire family lives and works to keep Luigi Mensi's dream alive. Paolo takes the lead personally in taking care of the vineyards and the cellar, always keeping in mind two fundamental principles: genuininess and respect. The first because it captures the principle that distinguished his father Luigi and his wines; the second for the land, which must always be cared for with love and devotion. The company continues to grow with the support of excellent wine experts, as well as Adriano Marchina, a visionary sales and marketing director who knew how to enhance the value of the Le Due Querce brand, presenting it to the world as a high-class product without forgetting for a moment the primary objective: that the geniuinity that distingushed the founder of Le Due Querce, Luigi Mensi, be maintained within the wine itself. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


“One man and his dream...” Luigi Mensi

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M/Y RM Elegant M/Y RM Elegant

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 72,40m Beam: 12m Year built: 2005 Builder: Lamda Nafs Accommodation: 30 guests in 15 cabins Cruising speed: 14,5 knots Watersports: 3x6m Rib tenders with Yamaha 150hp engines; 3x2 waverunners Yamaha 120hp; 4 rings; 3x3 seaters bananas; kneeboard; snorkeling gear; 2 kayaks; double; mono; trick skis; beach club & bbq equipment

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 455,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 420,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Sherakhan M/Y Sherakhan

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 70m Beam: 12m Year built: 2005 (refit 2012) Builder: Vuyk en Zonen Accommodation: 26 guests in 13 cabins Cruising speed: 11 knots Watersports: 2 24ft (7.3m) Joker Clubman inflatable tenders type 24 EFB with 260hp Yamaha inboard; 2 Yahama jet skis superjet 700; 2 FX1400 Yamaha waverunner; laser sailboat; 2 windsurf boards; surfboard; floating trampoline; kayak; classic runnerboat; water sports equipment & towable toys; extensive collection of towable toys; fishing rods, tackle and watersports equipment

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 385,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 385,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Force Blue M/Y Force Blue

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 63,30m Beam: 11,38m Year built: 2002 (refit 2009) Builder: Royal Denship Accommodation: 12 guests in 6 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: 11.30m Tender Bat with 2 Honda engines; 8,20m Taka Limousine in mahogany wood; 9m Pascoe with 2 BMW engines; snorkeling gear; 2 Seadoo 2-seat waverunners - Rotax 1503 97kw; 1 Yamaha jet ski; super jet race performance 8hp; Force Blue is now recognised as a qualified training centre for waverunner licences issued on behalf of the RYA; 2 Seadoo seabobs; waterskis; wakeboard; donut; banana; inflatable toys; 2 single kayaks; beach games

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 245,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 235,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Baraka M/Y Baraka

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 58,20m Beam: 9,6m Year built: 2010 Builder: Proteksan Turquoise Accommodation: 12 guests in 6 cabins Cruising speed: 15 knots Watersports: 9.5m Lomac Adrenalina with 2 x 275hp outboard Suzuki; 4.5m Nautica with 115hp inboard engine; 2 wakeboards; 1 single waterski; 1 double waterski; 1 knee board; 6 double kayak inflatable; 2 single kayak; 2 full set scuba dive; snorkelling sets; fishing equipment; 1 double donut; 1 single donut; 1 banana. BARAKA does not carry waverunners or jetskis.

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 350,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 322,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Fluertje S/Y Fluertje

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 57m Beam: 8,56m Year built: 1960 (refit 2005) Builder: De Vries Lentsch, Holland Accommodation: 12 guests in 6 cabins Cruising speed: 11 knots Watersports: Nautica 5.80m with Hamilton jet and diesel Yanmar 200hp; Ribeye 4.50m with outboard diesel Yanmar 37hp; tubes (donuts); inflatable kayak; waterskis (4 adult pairs); scuba diving compressor & diving equipment for 6; 5 adult swiss mountain bikes; snorkeling gear; many board games

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 70,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 60,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Insignia M/Y Insignia

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 55,60m Beam: 8,80m Year built: 1979 (refit 2004) Builder: Elsflether Werft AG Accommodation: 12 guests in 7 cabins Cruising speed: 12 knots Watersports: 2 x 18,5ft Novurania 140hp; 13,9ft SOLAS; 2 jet skis Seadoo 130hp 2010 model; waterskis; snorkeling gear; donuts; bananas; tubes

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 195,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 175,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Perini S/Y Perini

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 45,30m Beam: 9,73m Year built: 2006 Builder: Perini Navi Accommodation: 10 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 11,5 knots Watersports: Castoldi jet tender 16ft; 5m with Yanmar 115hp; Bombard tender 4m with 15hp Yamaha; 2 Seadoo GTX; hot dog for 6 people; 3 inflatable kayak; 2 Monster tubes for 2 people; 1 wakeboard; 1 pair of waterskis; snorkeling gear On demand, booking well in advance, an eventual jetski con provided

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 125,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 100,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage

M/Y Ocean Emerald M/Y Ocean Emerald 28

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 41m Beam: 8,40m Year built: 2009 Builder: Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Accommodation: 12 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: 5m Bsc tender with outboard Yamaha engine F70; 1 tender Arimar 3,51m; jet ski Yamaha GP 1300R; 1 inflatable toy 1 seater; assorted masks; snorkeling gear; 2 fishing rods and tackle box; 2 inflatable kayaks 2 seaters; 1 inflatable banana; 1 combo ski; wakeboard; 1 matrix banana 3 seaters

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 130,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 115,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Ocean Pearl M/Y Ocean Pearl

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 41m Beam: 8,40m Year built: 2010 Builder: Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Accommodation: 12 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: 5m Bsc tender with outboard Yamaha engine F70; 1 tender Arimar 3,51m; jet ski Yamaha GP 1300R; 1 inflatable banana 3 seaters; 1 flying fish 3 seaters; 2 Inflatable kayaks 2 seaters; 1 inflatable donut; waterskis; 2 monoskis; 1 kneeboard; 2 wakeboard; 1 boogie board; 14 sets of assorted masks; snorkeling gear

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 130,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 115,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/YM/Y Ocean Sapphire Ocean Sapphire

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 41m Beam: 8,40m Year built: 2010 Builder: Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Accommodation: 12 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: 5m Bsc tender with outboard Yamaha engine F70; 1 tender Arimar 3,51m 1 wakeboard for adults; 1 wakeboard for children; 2 waterski sets; 1 kneeboard; 1 Inflatable couch 4 seaters; 1 inflatable banana 3 seaters; 1 inflatable donut; 1 inflatable kayaks 2 seaters; 2 fishing rods and tackle box; seabob Cayago F7; 1 rigid kayak; 4 folding bikes

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 130,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 115,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


The Aeolian Islands The “7 Pearls of the Mediterranean Sea” await you and your guests: beautiful scenarios, active volcanoes, castles, thermal resorts, water sports, and amazing, pristine beaches. Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi… magical words for magical places with astonishing, incredible landscapes. During your cruise, Floating Life and its Concierge Service is always ready to book an exquisite dinner ashore or to organize an unforgettable excursion. We would like to whet your appetite with just a few words dedicated to beautiful Sicily and the natural wonders of the islands surrounding her. Lipari is the largest and by many considered the most interesting island of the Aeolian Archipelago, as it boasts a charming town with a beautiful baroque Cathedral, an ancient acropolis, walls and fortifications, a necropolis, as well as an archaeological museum. You surely cannot miss a relaxing stroll through the paved shopping ways, savouring fragrant coffee or a pistachio “granita” with a Sicilian brioche. Just south of Lipari, Vulcano will welcome you and your guests with therapeutic hot springs and sulphur mud baths which attract thousands of visitors every year. Vulcano also boasts its famous “Spiaggia Sabbia Nera” (Black-Sand Beach) and trekking excursions around the island’s dormant volcanoes. Salina, included in the World Heritage List and famous for its two inactive volcanoes and its Natural Reserves, is the only Aeolian island covered with blooming vegetation, both in its natural state as well as cultivated for agriculture. In particular, the island’s viticulture has become famous as the only producer of its Malvasia wine, an exquisite white wine with an intense, sweet aromatic bouquet, excellent with desserts. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


Panarea is the second smallest island of the Archipelago,

exclusively on the northeast side of the island, it is

but its beauty is without a doubt unique in the world. San

inhabited, although its landscape remains untamed, with

Pietro is the main village, known as the most famous “chic

very few streetlights. A romantic starlit night in Stromboli,

saloon” in the Mediterranean, where you will have the

dominated by Nature herself, is truly unforgettable.

opportunity to sample local foods and fresh fish prepared by Panarea’s renowned restaurants, relax in coffee bars, and

The Western islands of the archipelago are Filicudi and

explore small shops where you can buy silk batiks, statues,

Alicudi. Filicudi is small, characterized by steep slopes and

handcrafted home articles, sarongs, swimsuits, hats and

rocky coasts and by the presence of a group of craters,

bags. In the southern part of the island, Cala Junco Beach

amongst which the tallest one is Fossa delle Felci. The island

both soothes and excites with its natural pool of green and

boasts wild, Mediterranean plant life with flourishing

blue transparent water.

brooms, oleanders, prickly pears and lemon trees. Alicudi is a very particular island, with very few inhabitants and a

Sailing east, Stromboli will impress you even from a

typical Sicilian natural landscape. There are no roads in

distance, dominated as it is by an immense volcano which

Alicudi; local people use donkeys over century-old paths to

erupts from its three active craters, one of nature’s most

carry the tourists’ luggage. You will be astonished by the blue

spectacular events. As the volcanic materials flow

of the waters and the utter tranquillity you will find there.

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


ITech Yacht

ITech Yacht

ITech Yacht is a new company offering a fresh, new, client-oriented approach towards computer consultancy services traditionally used. Just imagine being nestled in the soft embrace of a warm blanket wrapped around you. This is ITech Yacht; its mission is to handle any problem a client may have, thus preventing

the tiresome downtime caused by any one - or a combination - of myriads of causes. From the Wan and Lan networks to the Web, from EDP Manager to System Supervisor, we take care of all your needs. Our motto is Anytime and Anywhere.

NAUTICAL & RESIDENTIAL DIVISION ITY Nautical and Residential division is specialized in the realization and use of Domotics and Home Entertainment systems, taking advantage of remote access via Satellite and WiFi, freeing our client from the office, making it possible to manage work efficiently.

SERVICES Domotics Home Entertainment Internet Connection Video Surveillance Teleassistance Satellite Systems

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIVISION The IT division is our heart and soul. All solutions are drawn up following market searches and tests in order to improve maximum quality and usefulness for our clients. Systems are tailor-made for each client, responding to his or her specific needs, using the most efficient, user-friendly technology available.

SERVICES Hardware and Software Assistance Overall Assistance Connectivity Retail Hardware e Software Hosting e Housing Intelligence Teleassistance w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m



ITG Security

ITG Streaming

ITG Broadcast

ITG Promotion

ITech Yacht Italy Srl

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


M/Y Aqua M/Y Aqua

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 39,62m Beam: 7,92m Year built: 2010 Builder: Admiral Accommodation: 11 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 27 knots Watersports: 1 jet ski Seadoo RPX 2 seater; 1 tender Dariel 5,5m diesel jet ; 1 tender William 3,5m turbo jet; 1 seabob; 1 air compressor + 3 diving bottles; 1 tube waterskis; snorkeling gear; 1 ecobike (electric bicycle)

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 130,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 110,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Magix M/Y Magix

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 37,80m Beam: 7,60m Year built: 1992 (refit 2012) Builder: Heesen Accommodation: 10 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: tender Zodiac 5.40m DL rib, 100hp Yamaha; Avon 3.20m jetrib 104hp; 2-seater Yamaha FX Cruiser waverunner 160hp; 2 tubes; 1 banana; 2 waterskis; 1 wakeboard; snorkeling gears for kids and adults (fins + masks + breathing tubes); 2 Bladefish 1000 underwater sea scooter

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 72,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 56,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Moonbird S/Y Moonbird

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 37,08m Beam: 8,38m Year built: 2003 (refit 2013) Builder: Fitzroy Yachts Accommodation: 6 guests in 3 cabins Cruising speed: 11,5 knots Watersports: 10m Revenger twin engine chase boat (available to charter at an additional cost); Novurania Equator 500 tender with 160hp inboard diesel & stern leg; waterskis & wakeboards; donuts; banana; 2 kayaks; 2 sups; Extensive range of audio visual equipment throughout the vessel, including surround sound

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 75,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 75,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Dragon M/Y Dragon

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 36,88m Beam: 7m Year built: 2010 Builder: Guy Couach Accommodation: 12 guests in 6 cabins Cruising speed: 26 knots Watersports: 1 Novurania 5,4m with 190hp engine; 1 Avon 4,30m with 100hp engine; 1 jet ski Seadoo Cdx with 210hp engine; waterskis; tubes; banana; kneeboard; wakeboard; snorkeling gear

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 100,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 85,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Viriella S/Y Viriella

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 36m Beam: 8,05m Year built: 2001 (refit 2010) Builder: Maxi Dolphin Accommodation: 9 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 14 knots Watersports: 1 4,5m Novamarine Rh451 tender waterskis & wakeboards

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 56,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 50,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Paris A M/Y Paris A

Length: 35m Beam: 7,32m Year built: 2009 Builder: Maiora Accommodation: 12 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 23 knots Watersports: Waverunner Yamaha (3 seater) 1000 cc; Tender Novurania 5.50m with 115 hp Yamaha O/B; Tender Selva 3.10m with 8 cc Yamaha O/B (upon request); Tender Arimar with glassbottom 2.20m with 4 cc Yamaha O/B (upon request); Waterskis; Kneeboard; Banana; Tube; Canoe (2-seats); Fishing & snorkeling equipment

Weekly rate:

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage

High season â‚Ź 73,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 63,000.00


from the mid-day Sun and refreshed by a gentle sea breeze. In the afternoon, having taken full advantage of the ourdoor sundeck and onboard beverage service, we decide to stop at Nonsuch Bay for a barbeque on the beach, perfectly arranged for by the amazing crew. After dinner, lulled by the sound and the gentle movement of the sea, we let Morpheus take over, as each of us retired to our cabins. Upon awakening, the boat is already on its way to the rugged Barbuda, with pristine beaches and a very low human presence. Thanks to the yacht's crew, we managed to reach the beach: white sand, swallowed up what seemed to be an impenetrable mangrove forest ‌ inviting waters teeming with fish. I accepted the invitation at Snapper Arm Hole, where I did my best to do my morning snorkeling. When lunchtime comes around, it's back onboard where the chef has prepared seafood delights which would be the envy of any 5-star restaurant! Once we have finished, we move on to St. Marteen, a well-equipped island for yachts: Simpson Bay Lagoon has 7 dedicated areas for docking. We spend the night here; in the meantime, the crew will take care of buying supplies and fuel for the rest of our cruise. The island is half Dutch and half French, with several casinos, hotels, and shops. Particularly fun are the bars where they prepare drinks using

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


unusual and colourful Caribbean fruit juices. To give the crew some breathing room, we decide to dine at the Resort's restaurant, La Samanna, one of the new 5-star restaurants with exclusive cuisine and service, and a very rich wine cellar! After dinner we went back onboard and, in the morning, left the Lagoon and headed towards St. Barths, the “Portofino” of the Caribbean. Christmas is coming, and the Commander suggested that we confirm the berth our Broker reserved for us in the port of Gustavia. The island has an incredibly high concentration of prestigious boutiques that invite shopping. We made it in time to witness a spectacular sunset over Shell Beach, where the beach is made up of small pink shells that seem to light up at sunset. We dine at Nikki Beach, the Caribbean version of the more well-known Club Tropezienne and, the next morning, we greet Christmas in the Caribbean. The night before, as we slept, the crew prepared terrific decorations for us, truly creating a festive atmosphere under the warm sun. Today we decided to go out with the tender to kite-surf and play water games in Pointe Milou, the perfect spot for water sports. No restaurant could ever compete with what the chef and crew prepared for us for our Christmas dinner onboard: along with the culinary delights, the crew

organized a beautifully themed party … A perfect home-away-from-home Christmas. The next morning, we move on to Anguilla, an island famous for its stunning beaches, including Shoal Bay – deservedly considered one of the Top Five beaches in the world. If you want to spend some time ashore, here you can find a golf club, beach restaurants, or totally free and wild areas. To the north of the island we discover Sandy Island. (I'd like to think we “discovered” it, but in all honesty I have to say that it was all arranged!) Sandy Island is small, so small there is only one restaurant – but what a restaurant! Freshly-caught prawns and lobsters, and utterly exclusive, since the only way to get to the island is with the tender. After two days spent playing on the beaches and diving and snorkeling in their waters, our vacation is coming to and end. We head back to St. Maarten, where there is a direct flight to Paris. On the plane, I lean back, close my eyes, and can feel a smile forming as I think back to the salt flavour and the heat of the Sun reaching into my bones. And I promise myself that, next year, I will come back, ready for a new experience. Next year … next year … Perhaps this time in a sailing boat, through the thousand bays and islands still unexplored. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


Art Events Mazzoleni

Art Events Mazzoleni

Mario Mazzoleni and Simona Occioni promote contemporary artists offering their professionalism to prestigious customers. Art Events Mazzoleni creates ad hoc events in special venues in Italy and abroad and manages art projects with the aim of giving value and promoting the artists with whom it collaborates, in order to satisfy its customers’ needs. Resort and luxury hotel like Forte Village - Sardinia, Castel Monastero, near Siena – Tuscany, the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA in the garden of Villa Borghese, in Rome, and Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano, are some of the prestigious places where Mario Mazzoleni,

Art Events

Mazzoleni’s art director, proposes paintings and sculptures in beautiful rooms amongst wonderful landscapes. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m

Art Events Mazzoleni Via. G. Mazzini 62 24022 Alzano Lombardo (Bg) – Italy Mario Mazzoleni - mob. +39 334.9912110


w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


M/Y Mabruk III M/Y Mabruk III

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 35m Beam: 7,80m Year built: 2003 Builder: Notika Accommodation: 10 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 18,5 knots Watersports: Zodiac 470 DL with 80hp outboard; waverunner; wakeboard; waterskis; donuts; snorkeling gear

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 57,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 57,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Che S/Y Che

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 34,72m Beam: 12,8m Year built: 2010 Builder: Sunreef Yachts Accommodation: 8 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 12 knots Watersports: Zodiac Yachtline Deluxe 530 Yamaha 115hp; Zodiac Cadet 310S; waterskis; diving gear; snorkeling gear; Seabob jets 4.12; 2 kayak; selection of inflatable toys

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 64,500.00 Low season â‚Ź 64,500.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Marhaba M/Y Marhaba

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 32,79m Beam: 6,80m Year built: 2007 Builder: Ocea Accommodation: 10 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 12 knots Watersports: 1 5.50m Zodiac Medline tender; jet ski Seadoo 3 seater GRT 150hp; Seabob; canoe; donut; banana; waterski; snorkeling gear

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 48,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 46,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Mizar M/Y Mizar

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: Beam: Year built: Builder: Accomodation: Cruising speed: Watersports:


Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 43.000 Low season â‚Ź 40.000

6,22m 1973 (refit 2000) Cantieri Navali Fratelli Benetti 11 guests in 4 cabins 10 knots

Novurania Mx460 DL Yamaha engine F80; jet ski Yamaha SuperJet; jet ski Seadoo RXP 190kw; 3 canoes; Snorkeling equipment; BWA 34ft tender with Volkswagen marine engine TDI 265-6 is available at the additional charter rate of 5.000 Euro/week

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Semaya M/Y Semaya

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 31m Beam: 6,2m Year built: 1968 (refit 2009) Builder: Custom Made Accommodation: 11 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 10 knots Watersports: 1 jet tender Avon 4,2m 160hp; waverunner Yamaha 160hp; ocean pool; banana; wakeboard waterskis; 2 paddle surf; kayak; snorkeling gear Optional Seabob at a daily rate

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 54,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 49,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


S/Y Allures S/Y Allures

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 30,48m Beam: 13,11m Year built: 2006 Builder: Compositeworks Accommodation: 8 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 20 knots Watersports: 1 Tender 5,70m 115hp; Waverunner Kawasaki 3 seaters; 2 Kayaks; 2 Windsurfs; Wakeboard; Waterskis; Snorkeling gear; Fishing gear

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 57,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 55,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Inspiration B M/Y Inspiration B

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 30m Beam: 7,10m Year built: 2006/2011 Builder: Ferretti Custom Line Accommodation: 12 guests in 5 cabins Cruising speed: 20 knots Watersports: 1 6m Nautica tender with 115hp envinrude E-tec outboard; 1 Seadoo RXI jet ski (sports two seaters); 1 2.60m Zodiac rescue boat; inflatable donuts; banana; kayak; waterskis; snorkeling gear; wakeboard; 2 windsurfs; jacuzzi

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 65,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 60,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Kanga M/Y Kanga

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 26,23m Beam: 7,75m Year built: 2012 Builder: Wally Yachts Accommodation: 10 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 11 knots Watersports: 1 6m tender custom made; professional wakeboard; combo skis + single ski; inflatable donut; assorted masks and flippers; 2 Seabob; fishing equipment; tackle box; assorted gear; 2 long boards + 2 carbon paddles; 1 kite surfboard; 1 sail and equipment for woman and man

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 50,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 45,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage



Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio e Ajaccio

Over the years, Corsica continues to be one of the most sailed cruising routes: delightful coasts, ancient villages boasting port towns, excellent weather, and some of the world’s finest beaches and spectacular mountain scenery. Guests could embark in the beautiful Bonifacio, the ideal port of call with an incredibly

picturesque setting.

Bonifacio is a lovely medieval town, the oldest in Corsica, located on the cliffs of a limestone peninsula above a natural harbour. Not to be missed is a walk on the narrow cobbled roads, absorbing the atmosphere offered by medieval buildings, squares, restaurants and cafés. From the yacht you will appreciate the dramatic coastal scenery of beaches separated by cliffs and caves, including the famous Sant’Amanza and Rondinara beaches. Only about 25 km from Bonifacio is Porto Vecchio, a delicious must. Within its two areas, the citadel – old town and the marina - you and your guests will enjoy discovering ancient buildings, bastions and ramparts, narrow streets, Place de la Republique. Cafés and nightlife offer a perfect summer evening. In the morning you could enjoy a refreshing bath in turquoise waters and relax on the sandy beaches of Palombaggia or Cala Rossa , located in the bays of the nearby coast. Floating Life, through its dedicated Concierge Service, will be happy to book a table for you in one of the gourmet restuarants in the Porto Vecchio area, such as Cala Rossa, Casa del Mar, or Le Belvedere. Sailing back towards Bonifacio and then heading north, Campomoro Beach will astonish you with its crystal waters and soft, yellow sand. We would also suggest a 30 minute walk to reach Corsica's greatest, perfectly maintained, Genoese tower, where you will be delighted by a breathtaking view. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


Our brief itinerary can not exclude the famous town that

Corsica. Ajaccio has a very warm and pleasant climate; it is an

was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio. In the

elegant city, rich with history, waiting to be discovered.

“old town”, you will find narrow, winding, charming streets,

Places to visit nearby include the botanical gardens and

surrounded by typical, picturesque Mediterranean houses.

olive groves surrounding the Bonaparte country house,

Relaxing in one of the numerous cafés in Place Marchel Foch,

wonderful beaches, the prehistoric site of Filitosa and the

you can absorb the atmosphere of what is considered the most

Iles Sanguinaires, a paradise of sea birds and dolphins, and

French of Corsica's cities, the cultural capital of Southern

stunning sunsets. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m




ScoobyArt is an advertising agency which, although “newborn” in Switzerland, has 18 years of experience in Italy.

It is this experience that puts ScoobyArt in a unique position in satisfying any kind of request, from the simple business card ... to photo shots and videos of a yacht … to the careful ad hoc planning of a strategy for a client, based on specific studies analyzing the current, ever-changing market. Extremely attentive to new technologies, ScoobyArt constantly seeks new ways to live the future in the present, working with tomorrow's technology to reach the highest levels in defining images. ScoobyArt is made up of a close-knit group of internal professionals who combine their passion and experience, working in several fields of communication such as Graphics, Multimedia, Web, Exhibits & Stands, and Merchandising. GRAPHICS ScoobyArt prepares complete graphic studies by carefully defining the elements on behalf of each client, such as the company's logo, business cards, company forms, letterhead, catalogs and brochures, and - of course adverting pages. MULTIMEDIA ScoobyArt is very active in the world of expert, pro-active, and innovative production. We work with film directors and directors of photography of the caliber of Agostino Castiglioni. Our 18 years of experience on the web enables us to offer a viral-quality of the films or videos produced, using the most widespread social network channels. EXHIBITS AND STANDS ScoobyArt designs and prepares panels, banners, stickers, totem poles and backdrops. We organize and set-up events, conventions and hospitality areas. We provide services for the planning of external publicity campaigns and the realization of billboards of any kind, as well as maximum-sized publicity on scaffolds. w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m

WEB The experience that we have acquired and the attention that we have devoted to the evolution of online technology has enabled ScoobyArt to propose advanced solutions for e-commerce, websites with exceptional communicative impact, advertising banners ... and the extensive planning for the placement of each in the portal circuits. At the same time, the insertion and the monitoring of the research engines represent an indispensable phase in order to have a clear picture of the browser's feedback: ScoobyArt analyzes the progress of the direction taken, utilizing specific tools dedicated, for example, to checking website statistics, as well as managing the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. MERCHANDISING A showcase has been dedicated to a special selection of the high quality of imaginative creations reflecting either the realization of the specifications requested by the client or which had been conceived directly by the creative minds at ScoobyArt. Flexibility is the key word for this market, and ScoobyArt satisfies requests both for small quantities as well as for thousands of pieces. Items can be personalized in print, embroidery, and tampography on products purchased from catalogs or, in case of high-quantity print runs, personalized gift items are packaged, utilizing markets abroad for the actual printing.

Via Gen. Guisan, 1 - Piazza San. Simone CH-6833 Vacallo - Switzerland +41 (0) 91 2280369 -

73 w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


M/Y Trilly M/Y Trilly

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 22,62m Beam: 5,81m Year built: 2007 Builder: Dalla Pietà Yachts Accommodation: 11 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 25 knots Watersports: 1 tender Zodiac; jet ski Seadoo; waterskis; inflatable donut

Weekly rate:

High season € 35,000.00 Low season € 30,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Dolce Vita M/Y Dolce Vita

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: Beam: Year built: Builder: Accomodation: Cruising speed: Watersports:


Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 24.000 Low season â‚Ź 21.000

5,45m 2001 Astondoa 8 guests in 4 cabins 25 knots

tender with outboard engine; wakeboard; water skis; donut; snorkeling gear; optional Seabob at a daily rate

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Gaby M/Y Gaby

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 21,47m Beam: 5,43m Year built: 2009 Builder: Abacus Marine Accommodation: 8 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 28 knots Watersports: tender; jet ski Seadoo Rotax; waterskis; wakeboard; fishing gear; snorkeling gear; diving equipment

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 35,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 30,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Abuelo M/Y Abuelo

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 21,34m Beam: 9,1m Year built: 2009 Builder: Sunreef Yachts Accommodation: 8 guests in 4 cabins Cruising speed: 16 knots Watersports: Williams turbojet 450; Magic Swim (floating pool); Smartkat inflatable 14ft catamaran; Iboat system; 2 Seabob 4.12; waterskis; snorkeling gear; inflatable toys; skateboard

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 40,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 40,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Estelada M/Y Estelada

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Length: 18,6m Beam: 5m Year built: 2006 Builder: Abacus Marine Accommodation: 6 guests in 3 cabins Cruising speed: 23 knots Watersports: 1 jet tender Avon 320 80hp; waterskis; donut; fishing gear; snorkeling gear; Optional Seabob at a daily rate

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 24,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 21,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


M/Y Druma IV M/Y Druma IV

Length: 19,50m Beam: 5m Year built: 2011 Builder: Cayman Yacht Accommodation: 6 guests in 3 cabins Cruising speed: 29 knots Watersports: tender Calligara with Yamaha engine; snorkeling gear

Weekly rate:

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage

High season â‚Ź 20,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 18,000.00


M/Y Guru M/Y Guru

Length: 17,86m Beam: 5,25m Year built: 2006 Builder: Ferretti Accommodation: 6 guests in 3 cabins Cruising speed: 20 knots Watersports: Yamaha tender with outboard 30hp; bimini-top

Weekly rate:

High season â‚Ź 16,000.00 Low season â‚Ź 14,000.00

Floating Life - Charter & Brokerage


Floating Life Style

Floating Life Style Floating Life is a style choice, a style that takes centre stage right down to the tiniest detail. Inspired by the great tradition of Italian fashion, "Floating Life Style" has defined a new dress code for the sailing world with the creation of an exclusive line of crew uniforms. A high-end, perfectly cut, collection with a tailored look, made with fabrics of the utmost quality that places emphasis on the comfort and wearability that are essential

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e s t y l e . c o m

for workwear, all whilst highlighting the accuracy of its design. We have made the most of the experience of our personnel working on the yachts under our management to fine-tune the technical details that make the items of clothing suitable for everyday use, but without denying staff the pleasure of wearing an elegant look. Floating Life Style. A mood borne of tradition, pleasure borne of elegance.


Luigi Mensi

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e s t y l e . c o m


FloatingLife Charter & Brokerage Catalogue 2014  
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