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Our RV division is based out of Elkhart, Indiana—the RV capital of the world. As a trusted leader in durable RV product solutions for over 40 years, we seek to develop inspiring products that both enhance the RV experience and are engineered to excel in harsh environments. Our unique designs respect what’s come before without being afraid to explore new horizons.

With our own manufacturing and assembly operations, we have complete control over quality and lead times, plus the versatility across industries to offer a wide variety of products. We also specialize in custom projects and proudly hold over 60 patents. We value service and collaboration above all else— let's work together!

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New Product

New products released within the last 12-18 months

Exterior Grade

Engineered and tested for durability and performance in harsh environments


Two color options within a single fixture

Dual Color Addressable

Allows for individual control of each LED in the strip or fixture


RGB(W) LEDs for virtually limitless color options

Color Selection Technology

Warm and cool white color options within a single fixture


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Versatile, dynamic, bright.

With benefits that include easy installation, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, LED flex light has become the standard across industries that require durability and customization. With single-color, RGB(W) and addressable flex light options, our line offers the most dynamic lighting solution with the most versatility for any unit.

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∙ Available in bulk rolls or custom cut

∙ Optional plastic mounting channel

∙ Broad versatility with a flexible, low-profile design and easy installation


Single: 75LM/FT



Addressable: 90LM/FT

IP Rating IP64

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.315" W × 0.1" H

Tape Option 3M 9495LE

Available in bulk rolls or custom cut

Co-extruded silicone housing built to withstand harsh environments

Ideal for highlighting unique front cap design detail

Lumens/Foot 80LM/FT

IP Rating IP64


Dimensions 0.315" W × 0.1" H

Tape Option 3M 9495LE

Perfect for installation where forward-facing light isn’t applicable

∙ Quick and durable installation

Side-emit LEDs provide edge lighting, allowing installation in spaces less than 1/4"



UL 0.315" W × 0.1" H 3M 9495LE

JanusTM Side Emitting Flex Light
IllustraTM Flex Light

∙ Available with multiple mounting channel styles

∙ Roll Includes 96" wire lead

∙ Watertight for external RV application


Single: 90LM/FT

RGB: Stnd- 46LM/FT, High- 82LM/FT


Addressable: 105LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.4" W × 0.2" H

Tape Option No

∙ Robust exterior housing to protect light from road damage

∙ Mounting track and clips hold light securely in place when traveling

∙ Available in standard or high-output

Lumens/Foot Single: 74LM/FT

RGB: Stnd- 74LM/FT, High- 120LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.5" W × 0.2" H

Tape Option No

VersiColor ® RGB Ground Effects Flex Light

SKU : RBLL12, RBLL1206, RBLL1208

∙ Perfect for installation where forward-facing light isn’t applicable

∙ Plastic mounting channel designed to mount with screws

∙ Side-firing LEDs allow horizontal bend, ideal for curves and ceiling details

Lumens/Foot 90LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.4" W × 0.2" H

Tape Option No

LEDATM Watertight Side Emitting Flex Light

Luna™ Eclipse Diffused Flex Light

∙ Tinted grey silicone jacket for seamless integration with dark finishes

Available in single color, dual, or RGB color temperatures

IP66 rated for interior or exterior applications


Single: 60LM/FT, RGB: 20LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL


0.41" W × 0.43" H

Tape Option No

∙ Neon-like illumination with soft diffused glow

∙ White version ideal for spot-free illumination, clear version ideal for utility applications

Decorative caps available for a clean finish

RGB(W) and addressable options provide endless color control, allowing simultaneous multi-color display

Available with multiple mounting channel styles


Single: 161LM/FT, Clr- 390LM/FT RGB: 107LM/FT, 60LM/FT RGBW: 120LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.41" W × 0.43" H

Tape Option No


Perfect for application in compact spaces ILLUMINATION

Luna™ Diffused Flex Light

∙ Bottom wire exit provides clean, seamless installation with no visible wires

∙ Designed for even, high-lumen output from beginning to end of the strip

∙ Horizontal bend radius allows for installation around curved applications

Lumens/Foot Single: 92LM/FT @ 4000K


IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.4" W × 0.72" H

Tape Option No

∙ Two-color amber/white light

WanderTM Diffused

∙ Customizable to an individual vehicle’s headlight or taillight assembly

∙ Features either Luna™ (IP66) or Astra™ (IP64)

∙ Length can be custom-ordered for specific assembly needs

Lumens/Foot White: 225LM/FT Amber: 38LM/FT

IP Rating

Astra Two-Color: IP64

Luna Two-Color: IP66

Listing UL


Astra: 0.315" W × 0.1" H

Luna: 0.41" W × 0.43" H

Tape Option No

Blinker Light

SKU : TPB1202, RNLL1202


Side firing LEDs and diffused silicone jacket eliminate harsh hot spots and shadowing

Available in custom lengths and several standard colors to complement any unit VERSATILE

∙ Horizontal bend radius allows for installation around curved ceilings and signage

∙ Ideal for tight spaces where spot-free illumination is preferred

∙ Available in a variety of colors and color temperatures

∙ Highly protective durable housing

∙ Left and right end caps hide wires for a clean finish

∙ Fits securely at carpet edge with no trip hazard

∙ Can be taped to the wall or floor with a curved profile for unique placements

Lumens/Foot Single: 65LM/FT @ 3000K, 90LM/FT @ Blue RGB: 20LM/FT

IP Rating IP66

Listing UL

Dimensions 0.4" W × 0.6" H

Tape Option 3M 9495LE



Intuitive, versatile, powerful.

Let customers easily curate the lighting in their environment with RGB(W) lighting control. With options for single, dual, and four-zone systems, our VersiControl™ line ensures consistent, user-friendly control in any interior or exterior application. Explore our digital dimmer selection for functional and aesthetic dimming control designed specifically for RVs.


SKU: 2300 Page 14


The app's color palette easily adjusts color temperature and light color CONTROL

VersiControl TM RGB(W)

RV-C Smart System

SKU: 2300

∙ RV-C compliant controller

∙ Independently controls up to four zones via app

∙ Can be used alone or integrated via CAN bus system

∙ Intuitive operation and user-friendly visuals for easy control

∙ App provides additional control and customization

∙ Bluetooth and CAN bus controlled

∙ Smart FET protection and fusing on return lines

∙ Master and individual zone microcontrollers ensure consistent output across zones

∙ Simple dip switch controllers for additional customization:

∙ Auto power-up in on or off state

∙ Password reset backup


RGB: 20A Max/10A per zone

RGBW: 20A Max/12A per zone

IP Rating IP66

Bluetooth Version 4.0 BLE

Dimensions 7.5" L × 5" W × 1.5" H

∙ Control color, fading, and brightness of all or single zones

∙ Additional features include camera color selection, custom color effects, and more

Operating System IOS 10.0/Android 5.0 or greater

App Availability Available on Google Play and App Store

Control Module

Phone App

VersiControl TM RGB(W)

Bluetooth Controller

SKU: 22105



Reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection

∙ Stand-alone module without external integration into OEM's MFD

∙ Uses ITC app to control color, dimming, and fading

∙ Competitive price for RGB(W) incorporation into entry level units

∙ Simple wiring instructions included for easy installation



Easy, in-app control of color, fade, speed, and more

∙ Smart FET protection on module prevents damage in the event of a power surge or installation error

∙ Single-knob allows control of up to four zones when using OEM-supplied switches

∙ Knob LED indicator displays current light color

∙ Three control settings include color selection, dimming, and fade speed

Current 20A Max, 8A Max per zone

IP Rating IP55


Controller: 4.8" L × 2.9" W × 1.2" H

Knob: 1.6" L × 1.2" W × 2" H

VersiControl TM RGB Knob Controller

SKU: 21090

VersiControl TM RGB(W) Signal Amplifier

VersiControl TM Simplified RGB(W) Controller

SKU: 22805

PIR Motion Sensor Power Switch

SKU: 690030

∙ Provides additional power input to maintain RGB(W) signal over long runs

∙ Ideal for use with flexible lighting 20' or more with 14 gauge wire

∙ Lights can be run in parallel (not daisy chained) if amperage is not exceeded

∙ Controller technology enables value-oriented RGB(W) lighting installation

∙ Single-zone control with basic color-control functionality

∙ Control via SPST toggle or SPST momentary rocker switch (OEM supplied)

∙ Daisy chain multiple lights to a single PIR sensor SKU: 21081

∙ Passive Infrared (PIR) sensing technology detects movement from heat-emitting bodies

∙ Automatic on/off operation: lights turn on when motion is detected and off when no motion is detected for three minutes

∙ 12V DC 100 watt dimmer handles up to 80 watt draw

∙ Recess mount with several bezel finishes

∙ Dimming range: 15-100% with steady, gradual transitions

Digital Dimmer Switch

SKU: 21005, 21006


Effortless illumination for every space.

High-quality overhead lights are an essential part of any lighting plan. We use long-lasting LEDs that are MacAdam Ellipse sorted to guarantee color differences between fixtures are undetectable to the human eye. Our overhead lighting collection offers a variety of products designed for all styles and illumination needs.


SKU: SML Page 22

AuraTM Linear Light


∙ Modern alternative to traditional puck lights, providing a streamlined aesthetic

∙ Available with surface and recessed mounting styles

∙ Quick installation ideal for ceiling, cove, or undercabinet applications


White: 340LM/FT, Black: 240LM/FT, Anodized: 305LM/FT

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6300K

Finish Clear Anodized, Black Anodized, Powder Coat White

Listing CSA


Lengths: 8", 20", 26", 38", 50", 62", 73" × 1.5" W × 0.8" H

Mounting Method Surface Mount



High-output lighting means fewer fixtures while maintaining desired lighting

∙ LED linear lights provide a more evenly lit environment

∙ Clear anodized, black anodized, and white finish options

∙ Clips included for clean finish free of visible fasteners


36": 272LM/FT, 48": 236LM/FT, 60": 262LM/FT

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGBW

Finish Clear Anodized, Black Anodized, Powder Coat White

Listing CSA


Lengths: 24.5", 36.4", 48", 60", 72" × 1.17" W × 0.89" H

Mounting Method Recessed Mount

∙ Saw-tooth LED arrangement increases light spread in all directions, eliminating shadows

∙ Flat silicone lens eliminates banding issues typically associated with curved lenses

∙ Ideal for under-cabinet, toy hauler, storage compartment, and outdoor kitchen appliance applications

∙ IP66 rated for wet location installations

Lumens 335LM/FT @ 5000K

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K

Finish Aluminum Housing, Clear Lens

Listing UL

Dimensions Lengths: 15", 21", 30", 36", 42", 48" × 0.6" W × 0.5" H

Mounting Method Surface Mount

∙ Slim profile and decorative trim ideal for modern applications

∙ IP66 rated for protection from water and dust ingress

∙ High-intensity output with dimmable fixture option

∙ Bubble-optic lens provides even, diffused illumination without hotspots or shadowing

Lumens 1100LM @ 6500K

Color Temperature 4000K, 6500K, Red

Finish Black, White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel

Dimensions 14.52" L × 5.57" W × 1" H

Mounting Method Surface Mount

∙ Ultra-slim design ideal for undercabinet illumination

∙ Pillow optic lens provides even light distribution across surface

∙ Bezel hides mounting screws for a sleek finish

Lumens 185LM @ 3000K, 180LM @ 6500K

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6500K

Finish Black, White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel

Listing CSA

Dimensions 2.87" Diam. × 0.29" H

Mounting Method Screw Mount

Compel TM Linear Light

SKU : 690471

HuxTM Utility Light

SKU : 69260

SheenTM Low Profile Light

SKU : 7003

EminenceTM Overhead Light

SKU : 69242

RefreshTM Shower Light

SKU: 69870

3″ RadianceTM Overhead Light

SKU: 69231, 69453

∙ Decorative trim ring ideal for high-end residential styling

∙ Wing spring clip or screw mount options without visible fasteners

∙ Inset diffused lens for uniform wash of light

Lumens 230LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K, 6000K

Finish Black, White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel

Listing CSA

Dimensions 4.5" Diam. × 0.9" H

Mounting Methods Screw Mount or Spring Mount

∙ Diffused lens for soft, even glow

∙ Low-profile and lightweight for seamless surfacemounting without creating large installation holes

∙ IP66 rated and CSA listed for installation in wet locations

Lumens 345LM @ 6500K, 340LM @ 3000K

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6500K

Finish White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel

Listing CSA

Dimensions 6" Diam. × 0.63" H

Mounting Method Surface Mount

∙ Output and color guaranteed to match across each light

∙ Even light with no shadowing or visible LEDs

∙ Integral air-flow vents dissipate heat for longer fixture life

∙ Polycarbonate lens provides appearance of frosted glass with maximum light output


Surface - Stnd: 150LM / High: 224LM, Recessed: 160LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGBW

Finish Frosted Polycarbonate Lens

Listing CSA


Surface: 3" Diam. × 0.68" H Recessed: 3" Diam. × 1" H

Mounting Methods Surface Mount or Recessed Mount



Surface or recessed mounting options with center wire exit


True versatility with unlimited color selection WITH RGBW

3.5″ RadianceTM Overhead


SKU: 69353, 69343


Available with or without integral power switch FUNCTION

∙ Timeless aesthetic in a slightly larger size than the classic 3"

∙ Even light with no shadowing or visible LEDs

∙ Integral air-flow vents dissipate heat for longer fixture life

∙ Polycarbonate lens provides appearance of frosted glass with maximum light output



Surface: 205LM / High: 280LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGBW

Finish Frosted Polycarbonate Lens

Listing CSA

Dimensions Surface: 3.5" Diam. × 0.68" H

Recessed: 3.5" Diam. × 1" H

Mounting Methods Spring Mount, Leaf Spring Mount, Screw Mount, Recessed Mount

4.5″ RadianceTM Overhead Light

SKU : 69240, 69243


∙ Larger diameter with more LEDs, making it a brighter alternative to the 3" and 3.5" options

∙ Even light with no shadowing or visible LEDs

∙ Integral air-flow vents dissipate heat for longer fixture life

∙ Polycarbonate lens provides appearance of frosted glass with maximum light output


Surface - Stnd: 255LM / High: 335LM, Recessed: 250LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGBW

Finish Frosted Polycarbonate Lens

Listing CSA


Surface: 4.5" Diam. × 0.68" H Recessed: 4.5" Diam. × 1" H

Mounting Methods Surface Mount or Recessed Mount

3″ & 4.5″ Glass RadianceTM Light

SKU : 69231, 69240

∙ Standard leaf spring clip, spring, or screw mount options

∙ High-end glass for a luxe finish

∙ Warm or cool white color options


3" - Stnd: 110LM/High: 160LM 4.5" - Stnd: 260LM/High: 340LM

Color Temperature 3000K

Finish Frosted Glass



Dimensions 3" - 3.15" Diam. × 0.91" H 4.5" - 4.5" Diam. × 1.3" H

Mounting Methods Screw Mount, Spring Mount, or Leaf Spring Mount

∙ Fresh, clean lines and slim profile ideal for diverse applications

∙ Innovative plastic lens with appearance of frosted glass

∙ Cuts down on fixture quantity with double the illumination

Lumens 600LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K, 6000K

Finish Frosted Polycarbonate Lens

Listing CSA

Dimensions 8" L × 3.5" W × 1" H

Mounting Method Surface Mount

∙ Center swivels 240° for flexible directed light

∙ Available with or without integral push-lens switch

∙ Compact, space-saving design

∙ Cool-to-touch operation

Lumens 75LM

Color Temperature 3000K ± 175K

Finish Nickel

Listing CSA

Dimensions 2.6" Diam. × 1" H

Mounting Methods Spring Mount or Screw Mount

Radiance X2 TM Overhead Light

SKU: 69252


CompassTM Swivel Overhead Light

SKU: 69400, 69410

DécorTM Color Selection

Overhead Light

SKU : 69553, 69554

∙ Fully dimmable warm and cool white lights in the same fixture allow color temperature selection for specific needs

∙ Provides more control without additional SKUs

∙ Three-wire system requires a double-pole dimming switch

Lumens 120LM

Color Temperature

3000K/6500K Combo

Finish Nickel, Chrome, Truffle

Listing CSA

Dimensions Without Bezel: 2.75" Diam. x 0.75" Deep With Bezel: 3.5" Diam. x 1" Deep

Mounting Methods

Surface Mount, Spring Mount, or Leaf Spring Mount

Clean design with no visible fasteners APPLICATION SET THE Customize light to match the task with warm white or cool white MOOD MODERN

Solid brass housing plated in brushed nickel FINISH

∙ High-end glass lens and solid brass housing for a luxe finish

∙ Frosted lens ensures even, soft glow

∙ Spring or surface mounting options

∙ Warm or cool white color options

Lumens 120LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 6000K

Finish Nickel, Chrome

Listing CSA

Dimensions Spring: 3.5" Diam. × 1" H Surface: 3.5" Diam. × 1" H Leaf Spring: 2.75" Diam. × 0.75" H

Mounting Methods Surface Mount, Spring Mount, or Leaf Spring Mount

DécorTM Cluster Overhead Light

SKU : 69926, 69927, 69929



∙ Stylish trim ring and reflector provide luminous overall glow

∙ Sleek contemporary design for a high-end finish

∙ Surface and recessed mounting options

Lumens 150LM

Color Temperature 3000K, 6000K, RGBW

Finish Nickel, Chrome, Black

Listing CSA

Dimensions Recessed: 2.875" Diam. × 0.5" H Surface: 2.875" Diam. × 0.75" H

Semi-Surface: 2.875" Diam. × 0.25" H

Mounting Methods Recessed Mount, Surface Mount, Semi-Surface Mount

SKU : 69290, 69292, 69294, 69295





lighting, better living.

Lighting with low-heat emission is essential for compact areas. Our line of courtesy and reading lights is engineered for ambiance, safety, and task lighting, providing energy-efficient light exactly where it’s needed.


SKU: 69923S Page 40


TM Step Light

SKU: 696T

∙ Uses downward and forward-facing directional light

∙ Provides wide field of illumination for visibility and safety

∙ Universal design allows mounting on the left, right, or center of the door

Seamlessly integrates into any unit

IP67 rated for complete protection against water and dust

∙ Ideal courtesy and step lighting for interior or exterior applications

∙ Front screw mount or back nut mount options

∙ Clear or blue top window reveal for accent lighting feature

Lumens White: 6LM, RGB: 3LM

Finish Black, Stainless Steel

Color Temperature Cool White, Amber, Blue, RGB

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 1.94" L × 1.13" W × 0.7" H

∙ Soft, even wall wash or front-emitting illumination

∙ No visible LED spots

∙ Ideal courtesy and step lighting for interior or exterior applications

Lumens 10LM

Finish Black, Stainless Steel

Color Temperature 3000K, Blue, RGBW

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 2.5" L × 0.5" W × 0.6" H

Oval Courtesy Light

SKU: 69307

Bullet TM Courtesy Light

SKU : 69311, 69312



IP66 rated for complete protection against water and dust PROTECTION

AceTM Courtesy Light

SKU : 696AD, 696AF


High-polish stainless steel bezel PROFILE

∙ Modern design and clean aesthetic for units that need progressive styling

∙ Small, diffused windows offer sleek detailing and an even wash of light

∙ Watertight design ideal for interior and exterior environments

Color Temperature


IP Rating


6500K, Blue, RGB, RGBW

Stainless Steel

Dimensions 2" Diam. × 0.3" H

∙ 5/8 " depth surface mount

∙ IP66 rated watertight fixture with 316 stainless steel trim ring

∙ Frosted lens ensures a soft, pleasing glow

Lumens 10LM

Finish Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel

Color Temperature 6300K

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 3" L × 0.625" W × 1.31" H

∙ Acrylic lens for maximum light output with a small footprint

∙ True surface mount includes wire channel

∙ IP66 rated watertight fixture

Lumens White: 3.5LM, RGB: 5.7LM

Finish Black, 304 Stainless Steel

Color Temperature 3000K, RGB

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 1.56" L × 0.57" W × 0.81" H

∙ Timeless design compliments any unit

∙ Compact lighting solution with a variety of LED color and temperature options

∙ IP66 rated for water protection in harsh environments

Lumens 2LM

Finish 316 Stainless Steel

Color Temperature 5000K, Blue & Blue/5000K, RGB & RGBW

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 1.87" Diam. × 0.79" H

Surface Mount Courtesy Light

SKU : 69360

Oblong Surface Mount

Courtesy Light

SKU: 69365

Small Courtesy Light

SKU: 69320

GuideTM PIR Courtesy Light

SKU : 690030.055, 690030.056



SKU : 69667

Push Lens Courtesy Light

SKU : 69503

∙ PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion detection

∙ Auto shut-off after six minutes

∙ Daisy chain up to 20 units

Lumens 17LM


Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, Blue, Red

Dimensions 2.5" Diam. × 0.75" H

∙ Bright, even backup lighting for safety and convenience

∙ Simple hidden screw mount

∙ Bee eye acrylic lens for maximum light output

Lumens 60LM


White, Brushed Stainless

Color Temperature 6300K ± 700K

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 3" Diam. × 0.55" H

∙ Functional and low-profile integrated light and switch

∙ Quick installation with simple friction fit

∙ Designed for interior or exterior application

Lumens 29LM


Chrome, Brushed Nickel (optional)

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, Blue

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 0.99" Diam. × 0.90" H

∙ Sturdy mechanical push-lens switch

∙ Small footprint surface-mount design

∙ Bright output ideal for compartment lighting

Lumens 140LM

Finish High Polished, Brushed Nickel, Black

Color Temperature 6500K

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 2.9" L × 0.5" W × 1.8" H

∙ Snap-on bezel provides clean, nearly flush installation

∙ Push-lens switch eliminates the need for more toggle switches on the dash

∙ Prismatic lens for soft glow

Lumens 80LM @ 3000K

Finish Black, 304 Stainless Steel, White

Color Temperature 3000K, 6500K, Blue

IP Rating IP65

Dimensions 5" L × 1.22" W × 1" H

∙ Unique bee eye lens provides direct LED visibility while evenly dispersing light for spot-free illumination

∙ Multiple LED color options for a variety of courtesy light applications

∙ Flush mount for seamless integration

Lumens 18LM @ 6500K

Finish Polycarbonate Lens

Color Temperature 3000K, 6500K, RGB

IP Rating IP67

Dimensions 1" Diam. × 1.2" H

AnyaTM Rectangular Courtesy Light

SKU : 696R1

Rectangular Push Lens

Courtesy Light

SKU: 693RS

Bee Eye Courtesy Light

SKU : 69301

Button Courtesy Light

SKU : 69502

Pin Light

SKU : 69515, 69516

Closet Light



∙ Versatile light for a variety of applications

∙ Low profile, watertight, no fasteners required

∙ Aesthetic collar available (Part # 69501 sold separately)



2.5LM @ 6300K

Matte Black, Chrome, Brushed Nickel, White (optional)

Color Temperature 3000K, 6300K, Amber, Blue, Green, RGB

IP Rating


Dimensions 1.25" Diam. × 0.5" H

∙ 60° beam angle for desired light direction

∙ Compact size and optional decorative bezel make this a versatile solution ideal for small spaces

∙ Decorative bezel available for some models

Lumens 3.5LM

Finish White, Black, Brushed Nickel (optional)

Color Temperature 6300K, 3000K, Blue, Amber, Red, RGB, RGBW

IP Rating



Standard: 0.5" Diam. × 0.54" H

VersiColor: 0.6" Diam. × 0.7" H

∙ Durable mechanical components, built to last

∙ Plunger switch illuminates when door is open and turns off when door is closed

∙ Downward directed light for excellent illumination

∙ Can accommodate door gaps up to 0.4"

Lumens 28LM

Finish Black

Color Temperature 3500K ± 300K

Dimensions 1.90" L × 2.31" W × 1.90" H


∙ Plastic channel can be screwed or stapled in place

∙ Dual flange allows channel mounting on ceiling or wall above door, ensuring adequate light coverage

∙ Linear lighting provides more even illumination than traditional puck lights

Lumens 70LM/FT

Finish Black, White


IP Rating IP54

∙ Projects image in a directed beam for safety or branding

∙ Customizable with your logo or graphic

∙ Light must be mounted approximately 10–12 " from ground, pointed straight down to maintain logo detail

Lumens 1.4LM

Finish Black

Color Temperature 6000K

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 1" Diam. × 1.8" H

SKU : 69810


BellaTM Reading Light

SKU: 69921

ViewTM Reading Light

SKU: 69925

CompassTM Adjustable Reading Light

SKU: 69923S, 69924S

∙ Sleek and functional formed acrylic lens

∙ Backlit switch option for easy low-light visibility

∙ Rotating head for adjusting light direction

Lumens 95LM


Chrome, Nickel, Black

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K

Dimensions 4.05" L × 3.11" H (head) × 2.3" H (backer)

∙ Rotating head for adjusting light direction

∙ Backlit switch option for easy low-light visibility

∙ USB-A charging option with 2A at 5V DC capacity

Lumens 200LM


Chrome, Nickel, Black

Color Temperature 3000K, 4000K

Dimensions 3.5" L × 2" H (head) × 2.4" H (backer)

∙ Flexible arm for adjusting light direction

∙ Integral push-lens switch

∙ 4" and 12 " adjustable arm options

Lumens 75LM


Chrome, Nickel

Color Temperature 3000K, 6000K

Dimensions 1.46" Diam. × 2" L (head) × 4" or 12" L (neck) × 1.77" H (backer)

∙ Compact light with swivel head and rotary switch

∙ High-end white alabaster glass

∙ LED night light feature emits from fixture bottom for low-light visibility

Lumens 10LM

Finish Chrome, Brushed Nickel Color Temperature 6300K

Dimensions 2.4" H × 3.1" Diam. (glass) 3.86" L × 3.15" H (backer)

∙ Solid brass housing, plated in nickel or chrome

∙ Timeless design

∙ Simple toggle switch

Lumens 150LM

Finish Chrome, Brushed Nickel Color Temperature 3000K

Dimensions 2.25" Diam. (head) × 4.75" L × 3.5" H (backer)

Directional Glass-Shaded Reading & Night Light

SKU : 69704B

Classic Reading Light

SKU: 69922B


Powerful illumination, built to last.

Our trusted line of distinctive porch, flood, backup, and utility lighting is designed and engineered to excel in harsh environments. With diverse mounting, finish, and switch options, we have a lighting solution for every application. Explore corrosion-resistant fixtures with powerful LED illumination that will last for years to come.


SKU: 69389 Page 45

Vivid TM Flood Light

SKU: 69383

∙ 1" depth for easy installation

∙ Robust machined housing and stainless-steel trim ring engineered to withstand harsh environments

∙ Powerful spot lens projects 75' of focused light for total control

Finish Polished Stainless Steel, Black Powder Coated

Color Temperature 6500K

Cutout 1.6" Diam.

Lumens 315LM

IP Rating IP67

Dimensions 2.6" Diam. × 1.6" Depth


Ability to pinpoint bright, white light VISIBILITY

∙ Eye-catching accent with side-reveal feature

∙ Compact surface mount design for diverse applications

∙ Sold as a pair for left and right installation

Side Mount Back-up Light

SKU: 69389

∙ Small diameter for versatile, stand-alone installation or incorporation into custom assemblies

∙ Corrosion-resistant, high-polish 304 stainless steel housing

∙ Available in cool white for bright, powerful illumination

Modular High-Output Flood Light

SKU: 69394


Available in black, white, nickel, or chrome FINISH


High output of 2,300 lumens ILLUMINATION



Constant-current design with reverse-polarity protection

NovaTM Scene Light

SKU: 69770

∙ Projects 2300 lumens of high-output light both out and down for wide angle coverage

∙ Durable design built for rugged environments

∙ Center wire exit for easy installation

Dimensions 13.7" L × 1.5" W × 2.26" H

∙ Vacuum metalized chrome reflector elevates light output

∙ Downward directed light for efficiency

∙ UV-stable acrylic or frosted lens

∙ Ideal for RV porches and toy hauler ramps

Finish Black, White, Chrome

Color Temperature 3000K, 6500K, Amber

Lumens Clear Lens: 385LM, Frosted Lens: 180LM

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 8.06" L × 1.47" W × 1.55" H

∙ Provides high-output, even wash of light

∙ Surface-mount design for easy installation

∙ Basic white reflector for modern aesthetic

∙ Cost-effective exterior flood light option

Finish Black, White, Chrome

Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 6500K, Amber

Lumens 6500K: 385LM, Amber: 275LM

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 8.06" L × 1.47" W × 1.55" H

∙ Contemporary design with accent reveal for uplighting

∙ Bright, downward directed light ideal for patio or ramp illumination

∙ Amber/white color option for reducing pest attraction

Finish Black, White, Chrome

Color Temperature 6500K, 6500K/Amber

Lumens White: 255LM, Amber: 20LM

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 8" L × 2.86" W × 1.83" H

AssuranceTM Exterior Flood Light

SKU: 69711

AffirmTM Flood Light

SKU: 69711

Porch Light

SKU: 69767, 69768


Power you can trust to perform.

ITC charging products are designed to seamlessly fit into restricted and high-motion environments, making our products ideal for RV applications. In limited spaces, integrated charging solutions can significantly improve a user's experience without compromising aesthetics. With five-year warranty protection, these solutions are truly built for longevity and performance.

SKU: IC-01-F
Max TM Wireless Charger

POWERFUL Meets all energy efficiency and charging safety standards CHARGING


Available with surface or undermount installation INTEGRATION


This unique line of charging solutions offers the most in versatility and performance. MAX™ charging products can be seamlessly integrated, customized for any space, and are designed for user experience.

∙ Optional housing tray to keep phones in-place

∙ Triple-coil wireless technology for larger charging surface

∙ 10W of charging capacity

∙ Meets all wireless charging standards

∙ Undermount option for seamless integration

Max TM Rectangular Wireless Charger

∙ Designed to easily integrate into an OEM’s custom setting

∙ Includes a rubberized pad to prevent phone slippage

∙ Undermount option offers a fully incorporated look

∙ Meets all safety and energy efficiency charging standards

Wireless Charger


Magnet holds phone safely in place POWER

MAX™ Magnetic Wireless Charger



Small diameter, surface-mount design APPLICATIONS

∙ Incorporates magnet to hold phone securely in place

∙ Shallow depth and small footprint for easy integration

∙ Stringent safety standards for powerful charging

∙ 10W charging capacity

∙ Securely mounts device vertically or horizontally with single-hand operation

∙ Provides wireless charging and USB-A or USB-C port on bottom

∙ Grippy, textured surface prevents phone from sliding

∙ Meets all safety and energy efficiency charging standards

Charging Capacity

Wireless Only: 10W

Rotating Phone Charger


∙ Articulating arm option offers more movement and flexibility 180

Wireless + USB-A: 10W + 12W

Wireless + USB-C: 10W + 18W

IP Rating IP66

Dimensions 3.3" L × 1.8" W × 4.9" H

Input Current

Wireless Only: 2A

Wireless + USB-A: 3A

Wireless + USB-C: 3A



Engineered to fit most phone sizes DEPTH

RiseTM Wireless Pocket Charger



Recessed design allows mounting in furniture or other unused spaces SAVING

∙ Triple-coil wireless technology for quick, dependable charging

∙ Compact pocket to hold devices securely in place

∙ Ultimate phone protection while in motion

∙ Horizontal or vertical mounting

∙ Green indicator light visible during charging

∙ Employs triple-coil charging technology that meets all safety and energy efficiency charging standards

∙ Additional USB-A/C charging ports allow for simultaneous device charging

∙ Indicator light for visual feedback when phone is charging

∙ Recessed design capitalizes on unused space in furniture or walls to keep phone safely stored

Charging Capacity Wireless: 10W

USB-A: 12W

USB-C: 18W

IP Rating IP66


Face: 5.5" W × 6" H

Body: 4.5" W × 10" H

Input Current 5.5A (USB-A&C + Wireless)

∙ Multiple charging options including wireless, USB-A, and USB-C

∙ Rubberized surface interior to hold device securely in place

∙ Meets all safety and energy efficiency charging standards

Charging Capacity Wireless: 10W

Wireless + USB-A: 10W + 12W

Wireless + USB-C: 10W + 18W

IP Rating IP65

Dimensions 9.2" L × 4.5" W × 4.5" H

Input Current 5.1A (USB-A&C + Wireless)

Vertical Phone Pocket

Horizontal Phone Pocket SKU: PPV SKU: PPH

Surface Mount USB

∙ Seamless integration with sleek surface-mount design

∙ Secure cap protects USB ports when not in use for a clean finish

∙ Reverse-polarity protection against over-charge, overvoltage, and over-current

∙ UL listed

∙ Ideal for thin-wall applications


IP Rating


H × 2.56" W × 0.8" Depth

∙ Blue lit ring and decorative bezel provide elevated finish

∙ Dual USB-A ports allow charging of two devices at once

∙ IP64 rated with rubber cap for protection from dust and water ingress

∙ Reverse-polarity protection against over-charge, over-voltage, and over-current

Charging Capacity 2.4A/Port


Premium USB Charger SKU: USB-AA-BL



With a focus on collaboration, we create charging solutions that work with our customers’ distinct preferences and application needs. We guarantee high-quality engineering, user experience, and rigorous testing to meet all safety and energy efficiency charging standards. Let's work together.


Style, safety, security.

Our diverse line of assist handles makes it easy to prioritize safety and function without sacrificing aesthetics. From the patented design of our IllumaGrip® collection to the secure folding action of the Stow & Go™ line, all of our grab handles are made to perform in harsh environments. With various sizes, materials, custom screenprinting options, and more, we have a handle for every price-point and application.


SKU: 86433

Page 62

Platinum Assist Handle SKU: 86480

Straight IllumaGrip ® Assist Handle SKU : 86436

∙ Switch options include: integrated push, dusk-to-dawn light sensor, proximity sensor (PIR), and non-switched (OEM installed)

∙ Sturdy high-strength plastic base

∙ Sensor operations:

∙ Distance: 6'

∙ Field-of-view: 120°

∙ Time: 10 min


∙ Available unlit or lit with standard or high-output illumination

∙ Four mounting holes on each end cap

∙ Customized screen printing available

∙ Pull testing exceeds 350 pounds Finish

Finish Brushed, Polished

or Unlit

W × Various Lengths


IllumaGrip ® III Assist Handle

SKU: 86435


Explore variety in illumination, light output, screen printing, and end cap finishes

∙ 1.25" diameter acrylic with highly reflective embedded lines

∙ Two mounting holes on each end cap

∙ Pull testing exceed 350 pounds

Fit any space with three length options VERSATILE Finish

∙ High-output version available (200% brighter)

∙ Customized screen printing available

Formed IllumaGrip ® Assist Handle

SKU: 86433

Economical IllumaGrip ® Assist Handle

SKU: 86460

∙ 1.25" diameter acrylic with highly reflective embedded lines

∙ Two mounting holes on each end cap

∙ Pull testing exceeds 350 pounds

∙ Customized screen printing available

∙ Black or UV-stable white plastic end cap options

∙ Cost-effective, universal design

∙ Customized screen printing available

∙ Easily opens for assistance when entering or exiting the RV and folds down for traveling

∙ Ribbed and padded EVA foam rubber for a secure grip

∙ Mini Stow & Go designed for 1-2 step units

Stow & GoTM Folding Assist

Handle SKU : 86472, 86473

AttuneTM Solar Assist Handle

∙ Courtesy lighting powered by built-in solar panel

∙ Able to function with limited charging from non-direct light

∙ Sleek design in multiple finishes

∙ Solar and non-solar options available SKU: 86401

∙ Strong, textured poly-plastic

∙ Molded finger grips

∙ Hidden fasteners for a clean finish

∙ High-end 304 stainless steel construction built for harsh environments

∙ Clean design complements any interior or exterior aesthetic

∙ Visible fasteners for simple installation

Molded All-Weather Assist Handle

Stainless Steel Assist Handle SKU : 86400

SKU : 85606


Stability you can trust.

From space limitations and height preference to functionality and appearance, finding the perfect table support to fit your needs can be challenging. Our table legs are all engineered to perform in extreme environments and are constructed with hard-wearing materials. Plus, with surface, floor, and wall mount options, we can provide an ideal leg solution for every space or unit.



SKU: TL4002 Page 70

MODTM Table Leg System

∙ Leg can seamlessly change positions while maintaining one mounting location, acting as a dining table, desk, crafting space, or more

∙ Wall mounting plate eliminates bulky floor bases in compact spaces

∙ Quick and easy removal, perfect to stow away when not in use

∙ Tilting MOD option with tilting adjustment on the horizontal arm offers more movement control and customization

360° swivel and height adjustment for

∙ Leg can seamlessly change positions while maintaining one mounting location, acting as a dining table, desk, crafting space, or more

∙ Rotating 360° horizontal arm paired with a high-quality table base

∙ Quick and easy removal, perfect to stow away when not in use

∙ Tilting MOD option with tilting adjustment on the horizontal arm offers more movement control and customization


TM Leg Floor Base System


∙ Frees up space that would be taken up by a floor base

∙ Spring-loaded latch locks leg in place, but when pulled, allows easy removal for storage

∙ Additional tab on top of leg secures table and prevents vibration

Dimensions Bent: 16" W × Various Heights × 2.5" Diam. Angled: 16" W × Various Heights × 2.5" Diam.

OttawaTM Vertical Mount Leg
Silver, Black
Polished Anodized

Redwood TM Table Leg & Base System

SKU: TL5000

Sequoia ® III Table Leg & Base System

SKU: TL4002

∙ Twist t-bolt lock base and leg mechanism

∙ Surface-mount floor base powder coated for corrosion resistance

∙ Includes floor base cap to fill void when not in use

∙ Optional illuminated floor base available

Dimensions Leg Lengths: 15.5", 25.5", 27", 29", 33" × 2" Diam.

∙ Tri-tab design and twist-lock collar secure base to floor

∙ Internal structural element transfers load from leg to floor base to reduce wobble

∙ Low-profile floor base ideal for slide-out areas at only .325" thickness

Dimensions Leg Lengths: 22", 25.5", 27", 29" × 2" Diam.


Quick, easy removal to stow away for more space STORAGE

CypressTM Table Leg & Base System SKU: CATL

∙ Sturdy 2.5" diameter leg and large-diameter base ensure a wobble-free system

∙ Ideal for applications requiring a single leg

∙ Additional locking feature on twist-lock base provides superior connection

SurFit® Table Leg & Base System


∙ Non-locking system includes fixed, tapered endcapped leg with a secure fit in the base

∙ Floor base features recessed well, making it virtually flush with the floor when table is not in use

∙ End cap available for customer cut-to-height legs




Black, Silver Anodized

Bases: Aluminum Alloy or High Performance Polymer

Legs: Steel

Leg Lengths: 25", 27", 29", 31" × 2" Diam.

∙ Pre-drilled alignment holes for easy attachment to the MOD™ Leg System

∙ Strong and durable vinyl-wrapped MDF top

∙ Three neutral color options to compliment any space

RV Side Table SKU: RTM



Better hold, better variety.

From LED lighting for style and visibility to integrated USB charging ports to keep devices fully powered when out-and-about, we've taken drink holders—an often under-utilized feature on RVs—to new heights. Regardless of your needs or price point, ITC offers a wide variety of multifunctional and customizable drink holder combinations. Whether you're looking for lit, unlit, RGB, USB charging, or a mix of styles—we have a perfect solution.


SKU: 81429

Page 77

USB Drink Holder

∙ Features USB-A charging port, eliminating additional wiring required for a separate holder and charger

∙ Removable rubber pad holds drinks securely in place SKU: 81433


Stainless-steel rim for an elevated look in any space

∙ Customizable options including: lit, unlit, with USB, or without USB


Robust polycarbonate housing MATERIALS

∙ Durable stainless-steel housing for a high-end finish

∙ Deep-set rubber liner ensures drinks stay secure

∙ LEDs in base provide unique color patterns and project to the rim

Drink Holder with Lit Base

SKU: 81429, 81430

∙ Robust white plastic housing

∙ Simple 3-hole screw mount installation

∙ Clean finish with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless-steel bezel to hide mounting hardware

Stainless-Steel Rim Drink Holder

SKU : 81424

∙ Clean finish with black plastic or 304 stainlesssteel bezel to hide mounting hardware

∙ Stepped bottom to accommodate various drink sizes

∙ Available with or without drain hole plug

Plastic Drink Holder

SKU : 81422


Stepped Bottom Drink Holder

SKU : 81421, 81423

SKU : 81420

∙ Highly polished stainless-steel finish

∙ Stepped bottom to accommodate various drink sizes

∙ Secure noise-reduction pad included

Mounting Type

Drain Hole

∙ Flat bottom ideal for installation in low-depth areas

∙ Highly polished stainless-steel finish

∙ Available with secure noise-reduction pad or cork pad

Mounting Type


Flat Bottom Drink Holder


Compact, convenient, and user-friendly VERSATILITY

Fontana ® Exterior Shower SKU: 97022

∙ Choose latching or locking shower door

∙ Housing is injection molded, impact and temperature resistant, paintable, and UV stable

∙ Anti-siphon vacuum breaker

∙ Hose storage located behind unit to ensure secure door closure

Mounting Hole 4.5"

Dimensions 10.5" L × 5.872" W × 3" H

Listing CSA
Finish White, Black
× 9"


Let’s work together.

With over 40 years of experience in the RV industry, we offer a complete spread of custom services including product design and development, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing.

Whether customizing an existing product or creating a complete subassembly outfitted for installation straight from the box, we work with your technical specifications to ensure hassle-free production at the OEM level.

From identifying your unique needs to producing a real-world solution, ITC leads every step of the product development process.

With our own manufacturing and assembly operations in the US and abroad, our teams collaborate internationally for around-the-clock production.


Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

We have four SMT production lines: Two contain SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) and AOI equipment (Automated Optical Inspection) for high quality assurance, while the other two are reserved for small runs and quick switchovers.

Using the finest aluminum, fiberglass, and flexible printed circuit boards, our materials are lead-free and certified flame-resistant. We can accommodate an uninterrupted board of up to 47 inches.

Flex Light Production

We produce several flex light styles in various lengths. With automated soldering for strength and durability, we can also combine flex light with extrusions to create diffused lighting that’s water and corrosion resistant for specific application needs.

Wire Terminations & Connectors

We use specialized equipment—including stripping and tinning, over-molding, and crimping—to attach electrical connectors and terminations designed for seamless integration with our customers’ unique assembly requirements.

Our coating, gluing, and ultrasonic welding machines protect components from moisture and dust, while our air pressure equipment tests the seals for completion.

Assembly Packages

With unique production lines across our locations, we utilize power conveyor flow lines, a U-cell station, and one-piece flow processes. We also offer kitting for a product or collection specific to your needs.


Our pre, in-process, and post-production quality processes ensure consistent, high-quality products from conception to delivery.

∙ ISO 9001-2015 certified factories

∙ Rigorous product testing

∙ Third-party UL and CSA listings

We’re committed to continuous improvement. We create goals and track departmental improvements with a focus on team development, and our processes are regularly audited by third parties.


Our capabilities include a variety of molding, stamping, casting, extrusion, and finishing processes for plastics, metals, and LEDs.


We’re proud to hold over 60 patents for unique product designs. In addition to developing products based on our industry research and insights, we also design and engineer products that integrate with our customers’ distinct needs.


If you have questions or are looking to partner on your next custom project, scan the QR code below to get it touch!

Click here to connect with our team


Our Quality Commitment

At ITC, we're dedicated to delivering products that our customers can trust. By prioritizing quality at every level of our organization, we're committed to providing the best in service, performance, and experience.

Our Brand Promise

With exceptional service, we deliver inventive, durable products every time.

Warranty & Returns

To review our warranty, return, and sample policies, visit or click the icon below:

Questions? Email us at or call 616.396.1355





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