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The Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) is a concerted mixed Institute, established by agreement between the Ceramic Industry Research Association (AICE) and Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, which originated in response to the needs of companies from the Spanish ceramic cluster. In the course of over 40 years, ITC has articulated a successful university–business cooperation system that has contributed significantly to the development of the Spanish ceramic tile manufacturing industry.


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Mission // ITC’s mission is to provide solid support for Spanish ceramic companies in the defence and enhancement of their strategic positioning in the current global context, principally through innovation-enabling research and development actions, but also through whatever activities may serve to foster the competitiveness and growth of the sector, always based on sustainability criteria and commitment to the well-being of society.

Vision // ITC’s vision is focused on spearheading technology innovation and design processes in the Spanish ceramic sector, anticipating market and consumer needs regarding the uses and applications of ceramic materials, through professionalised management of a qualified human team committed to excellence in the sector.

Grounded in the competence achieved through its long research activity, ITC is able today to extend its scope of action to other types of processes and materials. To be noted is the work done in the field of energy efficiency and the minimisation of the environmental impact of industrial activity, as well as in surface functionalisation and the development of new technical and aesthetic product qualities related to the habitat hyper-sector and to other industries, such as high-tech tools, advanced ceramics, automotive, and petrochemical sectors.


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Research lines // In its daily work with business, ITC has made innovation the principal driver of corporate development and growth. ITC’s ongoing knowledge updating, continuous training for the business community, increasing development of R&D&I activities, facilities and scientific instruments enable ITC successfully to address the problems that companies face, collaborating closely with them in generating new technologies that enhance industrial competitiveness and help maintain industrial leadership on a worldwide level.

• Raw materials and products • Tribology • Slip testing • New coatings and surface treatments • Advanced ceramics • Environmental technologies • Construction systems and energy-efficient architecture • Energy saving and energy efficiency • Nanotechnology • Smart production • Simulation of processes and materials • Design • Market


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Technology, Design, and Market Consulting // ITC offers companies solutions for improving the development of different lines of products, from the study of the product range, based on market needs, to the optimisation of each manufacturing stage and product technical and aesthetic qualities. The above is performed without losing sight of the minimisation of energy consumption and environmental impact, in addition to advising on subsequent commercial exploitation.

• Raw materials and products • Study and solution of defects • Ceramic design • Ceramics applications in architecture • R&D and control laboratories • Optimisation of production processes • Environmental Management • Innovation management • Energy saving and energy efficiency • Occupational safety and health • Minimisation of costs • Financing through subsidies • Consulting in strategy and marketing • Increased added value and product differentiation • Image and communication audits • Diagnostics and product range audits • Market orientation • European Reach Directive 07/08

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of an intelligent effort John Ruskin (1819–1900). British writer, art critic and sociologist

Advanced Technology Services // ITC places at the disposal of companies a broad technological infrastructure, backed up by technical competence and endorsed by a large number of outside accreditations, as well as by qualified staff and top-level instruments, assuring absolutely reliable results in raw materials and end-product characterisation, and in the determination of their behaviour during the production process.

• Chemical and mineralogical characterisation X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction, ICP, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, ion chromatograph, AAS, C, N, S, and H analysers, etc. • Physico-structural characterisation Hot stage microscopes, dilatometers, profilometers, hardness tester, tribometer, nanotest apparatus, etc. • Characterisation of compositions and process behaviour Plasticimeter, pyroplastic deformation tests, quenching, electric fritting furnace, fleximeter, extruder, 10x10cm press, etc. • Finished product characterisation Loading trials, slip, impact, wear, surface and deep abrasion resistance, bending strength, etc. • Semi-industrial scale tests: pilot plant Roller kiln, glazing line, spray dryer, etc. • Specialised instrumental techniques Optical microscopy, XPS, SEM.


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Dissemination of knowledge // ITC has the capacity to transfer the knowledge acquired, generated through ongoing training of ITC’s qualified human team, who are continually updating their knowledge by performing different studies and R&D&I actions, in addition to participating in numerous scientific and technological forums worldwide, and in different international platforms and consortia. This knowledge, together with that acquired or assimilated from other production sectors, serves to generate innovation, which is transmitted to companies in order to maintain or enhance their competitiveness.

Training • Courses for companies • Courses for working or unemployed professionals • Symposia, seminars, and workshops Documentation and Information service • Management of scientific publications: articles, patents, and books • Technical, legislative, commercial documentation/information, etc • Virtual technical library (VTL)


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Knowledge valorisation // ITC seeks to intensify its collaboration with companies in defining future industrial scenarios. For this purpose, ITC has created and is developing and implementing competitive intelligence systems that allow new avenues of progress and innovation to be determined, in addition to providing access to certain types of privileged or highly relevant information that assists strategic and operating decision-making in the different areas of a company.

Technology transfer • Technical assistance in preparing proposals • Monitoring and management of projects in the demonstration phase • Collaboration in partner searches in cooperative research projects. • Identification of transferable results • Facilitating contact between the technology offer and demand Competitive intelligence systems • Habitat Trends Observatory • Market Observatory • Technology Observatory • Environment and Energy Observatory


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Corporate Social Responsibility //

ITC is firmly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility through the design and implementation of a series of socioeconomic and sustainability actions, internally and in relation to external stakeholders. In the field of sustainability, ITC has for years integrated, in its strategy and management, protection and respect for the environment. To be noted in the social context are the efforts made to harmonise the working and family life of all ITC personnel, the measures adopted to integrate handicapped groups, as well as the BONUS Campaign, through which ITC devotes 0.7% of the annual working hours of its personnel (more than 1600 hours/year) to voluntary actions. These actions focus on disseminating knowledge in the social environment about the ceramic sector and the sector’s impact on the growth and social, economic, and cultural development of the region.


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ENAC accreditations // Finished Product Laboratory Accreditation no. 2/LE004 for the performance of tests on Ceramic tiles (22/12/88). Renewed accreditation scope including the performance of tests on Ceramic Materials of Fired Clay used in construction and floor slip tests laid down in the Spanish Technical Building Code and the German standard (DIN 51130, ramp method). Accreditation no. 2/LE197 for the performance of tests on Ceramic Sanitary Appliances (03/02/95). Renewed accreditation scope including the new standards on ceramic sanitary appliances and tests on bathtubs. Environmental Unit Accreditation no. 2/LE565 for the performance of Air Emission Tests through fixed emission sources (15/03/96). Renewed accreditation scope including the determination of particle, total fluorine and fluorine particle, chlorine and sulphur emissions. Chemical Analysis Laboratory Accreditation no. 2/LE004 for the performance of Tests on Lead and Cadmium Release in ceramic tiles and ceramic, glass, and glassceramic containers. CE Mark // Notified organisation according to Official Provision DO-11, deriving from Directive 89/106/CEE for the performance of the required tests on Ceramic Tiles. AENOR Certification // Of the Technology Watch System according to standard UNE 166006:2006EX. Certification pending of the Management Systems on Quality (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008), Environment (UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004), Occupational Safety and Health (OHSAS 18001:2007), and R&D&I (UNE 166002:2006). Participation in European Networks // KMM VIN (European Virtual Institute on knowledge-based multifunctional materials AISBSL) RENAC (Network for the application of nanotechnologies in materials and products for construction and the habitat) ENIWEP (European network for industrial wear prevention) Eliare-sudoe: Territorial Cooperation Programme of the Southwestern European Space for the support of regional development with financing by the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF. 17/18

Indicators 2009 // • Reference partner in national and international technology networks and platforms. • Over 9 million euros in technical and scientific equipment for conducting R&D. • 8,000 m2 surface area devoted to research and design, spread over two headquarters. • 357 associate companies. • More than 8 million euros in volume of activity in 150 R&D&I and Technology Consulting projects. • Delivery of 23 training courses attended by more than 300 students in 826 hours of training. • Dissemination of research results through 26 technical and scientific articles published in leading international scientific journals. • Participation at 29 major, national and international, science and technology conferences and forums. • Participation of the ITC multidisciplinary team of professionals in more than 200 training events. • Performance of 24,235 Analyses and Tests, out of the more than 475 different types offered by ITC. • A staff made up of 151 professionals, of whom 20% teach in the Chemical Engineering Degree course at Universidad Jaume I of Castellón.


01 Environmental Technologies 02 Occupational Safety and Health 03 Tribology 04 New Coatings and Surface Treatments 05 Advanced Ceramics 06 Construction Systems and Energy-efficient Architecture 07 Process Simulation and Materials 08 Design 09 Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency 10 Nanotechnology 11 Smart Manufacturing









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