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ItaliansDoItBetter 05

ItaliansDoItBetter is an ironic and provocative name. We know that photographers from around the world have something to say, they are different, and every picture tells their story. ItaliansDoItBetter wants to spread the Italian photography. Original, different, impressive. 6 photographers for each number. 6 different styles and stories. See how Italians do it better.

edited and curated by ItaliansDoItBetter w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / i d i b z i n e

Nove,ber 2012

ItaliansDoItBetter Issue 5 Featured: AryanĂ Francesca Urbani, Luca Massaro, Giulia Bersani Alberto Albanese, Viola Cangi, Matteo Varsi

Aryanà Francesca Urbani Aryanà Francesca Urbani, she lives in Paris.

Luca Massaro Luca Massaro. Currently based between Paris and Milan.

Giulia Bersani Giulia Bersani, based in Milan.

Alberto Albanese Alberto Albanese, based in London and Milan.

Viola Cangi Viola Cangi, she lives in CittĂ di Castello.

Matteo Varsi Matteo Varsi based between Milan and Levanto.

Alberto Albanese Viola Cangi Matteo Varsi

Giulia Bersani

Luca Massaro

AryanĂ Francesca Urbani

IDIB Issue n. 05  

ItaliansDoItBetter November 2012 Featured: Aryanà Francesca Urbani, Luca Massaro, Giulia Bersani, Alberto Albanese, Viola Cangi, Matteo Vars...

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