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Itay Cohen (B.1982)

Curriculum vitae

11 Dakar St. Haifa, Israel 34862 +972 54 4911686 Education B. Arch. Ed - Bachelor of Architecture and Education


Neri Bloomfield WIZO School of Design, Haifa, Israel


Expected cumulative GPA – 92.54 High School Diploma (with excellence) 0B


WIZO High School for the Arts, Haifa, Israel Majored in still photography. Awards and Publications Competitions: 1B

2nd prize winner, Jerusalem Seminar of Architecture: Design of a


mobile sustainable market stall. •

Community V2.0, shortlisted , Un-built category, AI magazine's


Project of the Year awards. •

1st prize winner, Beth HaTfutzot Museum of Jewish Diaspora: Design of


a temporary installation. Exhibitions: 2B

Suk and Cook project, in 'The Future of Hadar Hacarmel', exhibition


of selected student projects at the Municipal Council Building, Haifa. •

Community V2.0, in 'Ze Israel 2', exhibition of winners and shortlisted


entries of AI magazine's Project of the Year award competition, ZeZeZe Gallery of Architecture, Tel Aviv. Publications: 3B

Archiblender – Author and Co-founder 'Archiblender' – a nonprofit


architecture blog in Hebrew. This blog is popular among Israeli architects, designers and students (aprox. 1800 regular visitors) web: •

Mor, Avital, "Stepping up", Bait VeNoi architecture magazine, vol.73


(Oct 2007); pages 134-137 – Design of a staircase for an Apple store was featured there. •

Maor, Sarah and Verner, Igor, "Mathematical Aspects in an


Architectural Design Course: The Concept, Design Assignments and Follow-up" , Nexus Journal of Architecture and Mathematics, vol.9 (2007); 363-376 – Several projects done on Mathematics for Designers course were featured there 1

Professional Experience Title: Architecture Apprentice


Yoram Popper Architects, Haifa, Israel •

Hired after 2nd year of architecture school, after tutoring me in class

Simultaneous Work on several projects, e.g.: o

Industry – Taking part in the design of a 60,000 sq. m, 3 factory complex at different stages of the design process.


Residential – Taking part in the design of several single and dual family houses


Public buildings – Taking part in the design of a museum expansion and the design of a college


Competitions –Developing competitions entries as part of the office team

Involved in all aspects of design: Conceptual design, 3D space studies using computerized models, Documenting, Drafting and Coordinating activities with clients, constructors, advisors and surveyors. Modeling and rendering

Title: Photographer & Post-production artist


Keren Or Photography Studio , Haifa, Israel


After graduation from photography high school, was hired as a photographer's assistant and post-production artist. I worked there during my pre-military voluntary year until I was drafted and then after my discharge for two more years. My work included: o

Composition, lighting and photography


Photo editing, fixing and proofing for print


Managing the studio's archives

Teaching Experience Title: Architecture Tutor assistant


Neri Bloomfield WIZO School of Design, Haifa, Israel


Served as an architectural design studio assistant in both my second and fourth year.

Title: Sketchup and Photoshop Teacher


'Cavim' Institute for Architecture and Design , Haifa, Israel •

Prepared the syllabus and taught 6 weekly hours semester Sketchup and Photoshop Course for architecture practical engineers.

Title: Photoshop Teacher,


WIZO High School for the Arts, Haifa, Israel •

Photoshop Course for Fashion Design high school students 2

Voluntary Work Pre-Military volunteer Shnat Sheirut program, Dor Shalom movement. •


Postponed my military service in a year to take part in a volunteer program in which I lived in an autonomous commune with 5 other volunteers and took part in several volunteer projects simultaneously: o

In House photographer at the Shabtay Levi orphanage of children from 0 to five years old – As these kids grow in an institute, there is no one there to take pictures of them as they grow up. As a result of that, those orphans have no photos or albums from their childhood. My job as the in house photographer was to spend several hours a week with these kids and take their pictures while they stay in the institute or when they go for trips or outside activities. Later I would catalog the negatives and photos and arrange personal albums for each child. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


Youth guide and tutor – our commune was set in a rough neighborhood with no youth movements or afterschool activities. Our commune of 6, with the help of several students from Haifa University, started a 'learning center' at the local primary school; It was a place that the local children could come to and get free assistance with their homework, and at the same time doubled as a youth movement, as activities, group sessions and lessons were arranged.


Computer Teacher for elderly people – I taught basic computer skills to groups of elderly people (55+). They started with basic computer operation and finished at browsing the internet, using MS word and chatting.

Compulsory Military Service Life Support Technical Instructor, Israeli Air Force. •


Have taught and supervised technical personnel training in the field of pilot and air crew life support, rescue and survival.

Was in charge of transforming conventional teaching methods to ELearning computer systems

Constructed new training courses from scratch

Awarded for excellence in teaching.

Honorably discharged at the rank of First Sergeant.


Computer skills •

Professional level – Autodesk Autocad, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Lightroom, Nextlimit Maxwell Render, MS office, WinXP OS

Intermediate level – Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3DSmax, Adobe Illustrator, RN&A Rhinoceros, MacOS.

Hobbies and interests •

Still Photography

Guitar playing

Cinema and Theatre

Reading books of all sorts


Computers and internet

Blogging architecture at

Interested by default – I truly enjoy learning, on most topics I can think of


Itaico's CV  

Itay Cohen 5th year student of architecrue