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Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

ABE Alumni Newsletter From the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering

April 2011

Message from the Department Chair Greetings from the ABE family to our distinguished alumni, friends, and stakeholders! 2010 has been another great year for ABE. Student numbers continue to increase in all four degree programs we offer in the department (our BSE program has more than 50% women). Graduate student numbers have exceeded all expectations and now number close to 100. Faculty and staff in the department are constantly improving the curricula in all majors to train undergraduate and graduate students to be globally competitive professionals to solve 21stcentury problems. Laura Christianson, PhD candidate, was honored and featured in the February 21, 2011, issue of USA Today during the 2011 New Faces in Engineering campaign. She is an excellent example of a global professional because of her desire to travel and learn from experts in Israel and Germany, as well as doing some of her thesis research in New Zealand. Our undergraduate student clubs continue to shine nationally by bringing back first- and second-place awards in many student paper and design competitions.

Highlights In this issue Governor Branstad Visits ABE.............. page 2 Iowa Learning Farm............................ page 3 Faculty Research................................ page 6 Patents Featured................................ page 7 Honorary Degree/Harold Brock........... page 16 International Travel........................... page 18

ABE Performance Indicators

Fall 2001

Fall 2010 % increase

BS degree programs

2 (AE, AST)



Undergraduate students




Graduate students




External grants

$4.7 million

$15.2 million


Fundraising for ABE building

$1.3 million

$12.5 million








AE undergraduate program rankings (USNews & World Report)


3 (4 in 2011)

Moved up

AE graduate program rankings (USNews & World Report )


3 (6 in 2011)

Moved up

Faculty UG Diversity—% of women/minority

Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni continue to make global impacts in their respective fields and received numerous national and international awards last year. Alok Bhandari accepted the position of department head at Kansas State and Robert Burns became assistant dean at the University of Tennessee, which is a matter of pride for ABE—that other universities look to us for their future leaders. Also, I have great news to share with you on our building project. Private fundraising for the ABE building complex has exceeded $12M. On February 18, 2011, Governor Terry Branstad, Representative Dave Deyoe of Nevada, and Representative Annette Sweeney of Alden toured Davidson Hall. President Geoffroy, Deans Wickert and Wintersteen, and two distinguished alumni, Charles Sukup and Scott Wilcox, also joined the tour and asked the governor and legislators to consider an appropriation of $19.4M in the next fiscal year and $41M in the following year for the ABE complex. We continue to stay very optimistic and hopeful on this project. We are expecting good news in April! And now, the rest of the story. This is my 10th year as department chair and I have decided to step down effective June 30, 2011. I could not have found a better time to step down as chair, especially when

departmental productivity is at its peak and ABE is ranked among the very best agricultural and biological engineering departments in the country and the world. Today ABE has a total of 571 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students compared to similar numbers in 2001 of 282 and 39, respectively, when I took over as department chair. Despite very difficult budgetary situations over the past ten years, our faculty, staff, and students have excelled and we have made huge strides into the future. The table above shows how we have improved ABE performance using key performance indicators over the past 10 years (2001 to 2010). To recap, we added two new degree programs in the department within the last six years; our student numbers, external grants, external fundraising for the new building, and national rankings have improved significantly during the past ten years; and our ABE building project is the #1 priority capital project for Iowa State University. This simply would not have been possible without the support of deans, the ABE External Advisory Council, ABE stakeholders, and the hard work and dedication of the ABE faculty, staff, and students. Your support is critically needed continued on page 3

Building Update

Scott Wilcox from Deere & Company talks about their commitment to ABE while President Geoffroy and Deans Wintersteen and Wickert listen (John Deere Engines Lab).

ABE Building Update Governor Terry Branstad and Representatives Dave Deyoe from Nevada and Annette Sweeney from Alden toured Davidson Hall on Friday, February 18, 2011. The building continues to be the top facility priority for Iowa State University, and President Gregory Geoffroy is actively working with the governor and legislative leaders to secure funding. “The agricultural and biosystems engineering building is Iowa State’s top facility priority,” says Iowa State President Gregory Geoffroy. “Iowa State is a world leader in agricultural and biosystems engineering, but our facilities are woefully inadequate. We must have a state-of-the-art facility in order for this department to continue strengthening agriculture and the bioeconomy in Iowa and the Midwest as it has been doing for more than a century. We are very grateful to our alumni and friends who have already pledged or given more than $12 million to this project. Now we need the State of Iowa to step up as well.” Along with President Geoffroy, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Wendy Wintersteen; College of Engineering Dean Jonathan Wickert; Charles Sukup, President of Sukup Manufacturing; and Scott Wilcox, Global Category Manager for Manufacturing Services, Deere & Company, made presentations. As noted by President Geoffroy, more than $12 million in gifts and commitments has been raised by ABE, with a final goal of raising $14.1 million. This symbolizes strong public support and industry support from within Iowa for this project. State appropriations of $60.4 million are needed to complete the project. Total project cost: $74.5 million allocated over three years.

Top: Charles Sukup and President Geoffroy visit with Governor Terry Branstad about the ABE building project. Bottom: Heather Thomas, senior in AgE, greets Governor Branstad in the Electronics Lab in Davidson Hall.

March 2011 Published by the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, 104 Davidson Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-3080;; Prepared by Hobbs Designs, LLC, Story City, Iowa. HD11031 Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, 3280 Beardshear Hall, 515 294-7612.


Faculty Chair’s Message from page 1

for us to move into the future and I would sincerely urge all of you to stay connected with ABE and continue to support us in whatever capacity you are able. I was really privileged to be surrounded by so many good people who helped me accomplish so much in the last ten years. I was truly blessed to lead such a remarkable department with great faculty, staff, students, and alumni, and I sincerely hope you will continue to be as supportive of the new ABE leadership as you have supported me during the past ten years. Finally, I want to thank you for everything you have done to make our ABE family one of the best in the world and wish you the very best in the coming year.

Ramesh S. Kanwar C. F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor and Department Chair

ABE Research Expenditures FY02–FY10 8,000,000 7,000,000 6,000,000 5,000,000 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 0

Matt Helmers demonstrates the rainfall simulator in the Conservation Station at a watershed event in western Iowa last summer.

Building a Culture of Conservation FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08

FY09 FY10

State Appropriations and Grants FY03–FY11 $25,000,000

Grants Funds Appropriated Funds


$14,825,024 $4,498,709

$15,173,573 $4,658,835

$11,254,762 $4,855,518

$7,048,764 $4,308,392

$6,610,773 $3,955,821


$4,752,161 $3,182,581










FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11

The Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) program, initiated in 2005, is a unique partnership of farmers, agencies, the research community, and the general public. Iowa Learning Farms is building a Culture of Conservation, taking a grassroots approach to develop innovative ways in which all Iowans have an active role in keeping our natural resources healthy. The program is led by Matt Helmers, ABE associate professor, and Jacqueline Comito, sociology. Iowa Learning Farms’ Conservation Station is a mobile learning center that travels around Iowa educating audiences of all ages on conservation for free. The back of the Conservation Station houses a rainfall simulator demonstrating the effects of rainfall on undisturbed soils as well as impervious and porous surfaces. The front part is a learning center with interchangeable learning modules covering soil, water, and wetlands topics. There are also age-appropriate learning modules for students. The Conservation Station was launched in May 2010 and appeared at field days, farmers’ markets, county fairs, watershed events, and schools in 45 counties; it was seen by over 4,000 people. The ILF program also hosts field days and workshops and has produced a series of conservation videos and publications, all available for free. The videos can be seen on YouTube and the publications can be viewed on the website; hard copies or DVDs can be mailed by sending a request to ILF. Visit the website for more information:  3


Award-Winning Faculty 2

ABE faculty members continue to achieve milestones in their careers and received college, university, national, and international awards. Award winners for 2010 include  1

Charles Hurburgh—Team Achievement—Organizational, and Superior Engineering Extension


David Grewell—Early Achievement in Research


Jacek Koziel—Mid-Career Achievement in Research, and National Excellence in Multistate Research Award


Brian Steward—Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teacher


Tom Brumm—Learning Community Coordination, and Coleman Fellow


Ramesh Kanwar—AAAE Science and Technology Award



Steve Hoff—ASABE Fellow, and ASABE Student Chapter Faculty Member of the Year



Charles Schwab—University Faculty Excellence, ASABE Blue Ribbon, and Outstanding Achievement in Extension or Professional Practice


Jay Harmon—Team Achievement— Educational, and ASABE Presidential Citation


Amy Kaleita—Superior Engineering Teacher


Hongwei Xin—Outstanding Achievement in International Agriculture, and Outstanding Achievement in Research


Matt Helmers—Team Achievement—Organizational, and CALS Team Award













Faculty Research It’s the Nose Ranger

A Clean Collection

Lingshuang Cai, research assistant professor in ABE, and Somchai Rice, MS student in toxicology and research associate in veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine, organized an activity for Science Bound students last fall. The Nose Rangers activity introduces students to the sense of smell and how engineering scientists are using it to solve real life problems. The Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory works on ways to control odor from livestock production systems, wine aroma, nutraceuticals in wine, and purification of bioethanol.

Machines to clean and collect corn cobs for cellulosic ethanol production and other uses were highlighted at the John Deere exhibit at the 2010 Farm Progress Show near Boone, Iowa, in August. Initial design was done by Stuart Birrell, associate professor in ABE. He started developing the flex harvester system five years ago. “Some of the early development was done at Iowa State, and then John Deere and Hillco Technologies developed it further,” says Birrell. “This is basically an offshoot of the flex harvest system we have been working on here.” Birrell is proud that this technology has made its way into the marketplace. “It is great to know that this is getting out to farmers,” he says. “We didn’t just work on it and then put the technology away in the library somewhere. People are going to use it.”

Cob collection attachment is mounted on the rear of this combine to collect and clean cobs for ethanol production and other uses.

The Incredible Edible Egg Iowa leads the nation in egg production and processing. Approximately 53 million Iowa hens lay 14 billion eggs annually. Recently Hongwei Xin, professor in ABE and executive director of the Egg Industry Center, was featured in an episode on the History Channel entitled Modern Marvels: Eggs and also on the Iowa Farm Bureau’s Iowa Minute. To view the Iowa Minute video, visit page.aspx?pageid=144 and click on the Food tab; the video title is “ISU Professor Says Eggs Are Safe to Eat.”

New Additions to ABE Faculty Justin McGill (right), lecturer, received his BS in AST from Iowa State in 2002 and his MS from Purdue in 2004. He will be teaching in the grain quality and electronics areas. Zhiyou Wen, associate professor in food science and human nutrition, and Buddhi Lamsal, assistant professor in food science and human nutrition, are courtesy faculty members in ABE.

Faculty Members Move Up and On: Three ABE faculty members accepted new positions in the

past year. Rob Anex is a professor in biological systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin– Madison; Alok Bhandari is the professor and head of civil engineering at Kansas State University, Manhattan; and Robert Burns is the assistant dean for UT Extension at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.


Photo courtesy of Hillco Technologies Inc. and John Deere

SCIENCE BOUND is Iowa State University’s premier precollege program to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students who pursue ASTEM (agricultural, scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematics) degrees. The program draws students with potential from middle and high schools in Des Moines, Denison, and Marshalltown, Iowa.


Promotion and Tenure for Two ABE Faculty David Grewell and Lie Tang were promoted to associate professor with tenure in spring 2010.

Buchele Named to 2010 Design Engineer Hall of Fame Wesley Buchele is described as a “very inquisitive person” and “a problem solver who is always thinking ahead.” Others praise Buchele’s emphasis on creativity and off-the-wall thinking, two qualities that helped him rack up 23 patents for agricultural engineering innovations. A former professor, passionate advocate for agricultural safety, and professional engineer, Buchele may be most well known for his patent on the large round baler—a machine developed with graduate student Virgil Haverdink at Iowa State that mechanized the process for collecting and transporting hay bales. Prior to the large round baler, hay could only be collected in small bales that were light enough for a person to carry. Buchele and his students solved the problem by designing a baler that made 1,500-pound round bales with a thatched pattern on the outside to carry water away from the hay. Today, almost all of the world’s hay is collected using the large round baler. ABOVE: Wesley Buchele (PhDAgE’54) and Virgil Haverdink (MSAgE’67/ BSAgE’64) pose in front of the permanent display of their round baler patent in the new Alumni Center on the Iowa State campus.

Fertilizer Application Patent Featured Developed by Mark Hanna and Paul Boyd, Impellicone is a patented system for the uniform mixing and application of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. This environmentally friendly technology reduces the amount of nitrogen fertilizer typically applied to crops. Paul Boyd (PhDAgE’02/MSAgE’99) and Mark Hanna (PhDAgE’91/ MSAgE’75/BSAgE’73) are shown with their patented invention in front of the permanent display in the new Alumni Center on the Iowa State campus.

Recruitment Starts Early In late September 2010, Matt Helmers and Raj Raman joined Dean Wendy Wintersteen, Associate Dean David Acker, and several other College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and students for INSPIRE, a day-long educational outreach program at Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug’s boyhood farm near Cresco, Iowa. Over the course of the day, they spoke to over one hundred 5th-graders from regional schools about opportunities for science and engineering in agriculture.



Quarter-Scale Tractor Team Update During the 2010 season, the Cyclone Power Pullers designed “CydeWinder,� a four-engine, two-wheel-drive tractor with major innovations since 2009. Although last-minute problems contributed to a 21st-place finish in Peoria, the team considered it a great learning experience. The X-Team finished in fourth place after clutch problems negated chances of achieving two pulls. During 2010, the Cyclone Power Pullers have made appearances with the Mid American Pulling Association across Iowa. This helped the team gain extensive pulling data and has been beneficial. With competition rule changes coming up for 2011, a complete overhaul of the design might be in the works.

Applegate Receives Recognition Luke Applegate, a junior in AgE, received his State FFA Degree on Friday, April 16, and was also recognized as one of the Star Finalists in Agribusiness. His chemical mixing station project and row shut-off project currently have patents pending. Applegate hopes to provide automatic systems for all farms ranging from corn and soybeans to cattle and poultry. After he graduates, he plans to start his own manufacturing company to mass produce precision agriculture equipment. Congratulations to Luke for this special recognition! 8


Graduate Student Awards Gretchen Mosher, PhD candidate in ABE, was recently awarded Graduate Student Research Excellence and Graduate Student Poster awards at the annual conference of the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. Mosher’s research focuses on the effects organizational and workgroup climates have on decisionmaking patterns of grain elevator employees. Laura Pepple received the Teaching Excellence Award, which recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement by graduate students in teaching. Laura taught applied laboratories for Electric Power and Electronics for Agriculture and Industry (TSM 363), which provided students with practical, hands-on experience working with electricity and applying lecture concepts.   John Stinn, Steven Sell, and Laura Pepple received the Henry Giese Memorial Scholarship. This award was created in memory of Henry Giese, a long-time professor in the structures and environment area of ABE. He established the Midwest Plan Service and shepherded many graduate students in the structural design area. Trang Hoang was awarded the Howard P. Johnson Scholarship, which was established by Ramesh Kanwar in honor of his major professor. Awards are made to outstanding students pursuing an MS in AgE.

Gretchen Mosher

ATMAE Honors for ABE Students Laura Pepple

John Stinn

I Tec and AST students joined efforts to design and build a robot capable of autonomously locating and picking steel pipes out of sand. In late October, six students traveled to the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) conference in Panama City, Florida, to participate in three student competitions. The team placed fifth overall out of nine teams in the robotics competition. Two ABE students, Mitch Geisking and Kyle Haubrich, reached the semifinals of a Jeopardy-style tournament in which all questions were related to industrial technology knowledge. The Iowa State students also did well in a welding competition that used a revolutionary virtual welder developed for teaching. Kyle Haubrich placed first in this competition, winning a Lincoln MIG welder as the prize.

ABE Students Excel at 2010 ASABE Annual International Meeting • First Place Award in Fountain Wars Competition • First Place AEM (large club) Trophy Award for being the best ASABE Student Branch in the nation Steven Sell

• Second Place AEM Trophy Award for being the second-best AST (Ag Mechanization) student club in the nation • Jacob Baker, Third Place Award in the ASABE K. K. Barnes Student Paper Competition • Laura Pepple, Third Place Award in undergraduate student poster competition; she also served as Parliamentarian of the ASABE Student International Preprofessional Council for 2009–2010 • Allen Vanderwiel, Adams Scholarship

Trang Hoang

• Andy Jennett, 2010–2011 secretary for the International Preprofessional Council



Fountain Wars is #1 The Iowa State Fountain Wars team brought home the #1 trophy from the 2010 ASABE annual international meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for their Fountain Wars Design. Iowa State ABE students also won in 2007. Members of the design team are (front row) Dustin Schau, Gayle Bishop; (second row) Kelsey Regan, Jessica Deets, Levi McClimon, Allen Vanderwiel, Kristine Gleason, Kristine Kohlhaas.

2010–2011 Undergraduate Student Scholarships

57 Scholarships—$72,108 AGCO Scholarship Marc Benning Alex Hartogh Christopher Parsons Tyler Romoser Jeremy Vittetoe

Leonard Leadership in Creativity and Innovation Scholarship Michael McCall

Dr. Gary Hoppes Industrial Technology Memorial Scholarship Kyle Haubrich

Charity Scholarship

S. Milton Henderson Scholarship Cody Morris Mark Nie

Hobart Beresford Scholarship

Stephen Bowers Brett Huizer Kevin Muell Josh Rooda

Matthew Hansen

Ag Leader Technology Inc. Precision Agriculture Scholarship Tyler Holst Andrew Jungers Andrew Kilburg Tyler Knudsen Cody Volkman

Nicole Stoll

Albert Sherick Scholarship

Electric Utility of Iowa Scholarship

Kyle Haubrich

Alex Ryan

George Price Grieve Scholarship Jeremy Elsbernd


I Ed and Technology Alumni and Friends Scholarship

Iowa Section ASABE Scholarship Michael Gruhn Andrew Kilburg Kevin Peyton Spencer Pflum Luke Schlitzer

Trevor G. Howe Scholarship Brett Huizer Mark Nie

Vermeer Scholarship Joel Tiedman

IEDT Faculty Scholarship Jefferson Mitchell Christa Schroeder

J. B. Davidson Scholarship Tim Buffington Grant Carter James Cornelius Jared Dolch Ellen Franzenburg Andrew Gall Linda Geiger Patrick Gent John Hall Luke Hodnefield Christopher Hoffman Kevin Muell Brad Renze Cody Schminke Brittany Schon Kiley Swanson Heather Thomas Jacob Venner Matthew Villhauer

Lowell L. Carver Scholarship Steve Burns Tyler Rhinehart Joel Tiedman

L. G. Keeney Scholarship Derek Buman

Larry Van Fossen Scholarship Deborah Metz

Wessman Scholarship Marc Benning Jared Dolch Ellen Franzenburg Alex Haight Tyler Krug Cody Morris Ethan Nielsen Aaron Nissen Ethan Thies Matthew Villhauer

Degrees Conferred 2009–2010 Undergraduate BS in Agricultural Engineering • Brad Wade Amos • Jacob Francis Baker • Brian Michael Balvin • Gayle Caroline Bishop • Christopher James Brown • Carol Rose Faulhaber Magna Cum Laude • Christopher Jordan Faulkner • Andrew Steven Frana • Joseph Michael Freund • Randy Joe Hageman • Steven Richard Hamers • Lynnea Elizabeth Harty Magna Cum Laude • Clayton Adam Hoermann • Christopher Barrington Hudson • Andrew Thomas Jennett Summa Cum Laude • Andrew Walter Johnson • Kyle Morris Kaplan • Kevin August Klingbeil • Jacob Thomas Klocke • Travis Carl Koster • Kyle Joseph Lager • Martin James Larsen • Cody Carl Lytle • Curtis Alan Maeder Cum Laude • Rachel Leah McDaniel

• Adam John Morford • Daniel Kent Murray Summa Cum Laude • William Mark Nichols • Laura May Pepple • Kyle Andrew Rickert • Benjamin Ray Schipull • Drew Scott Simonsen • Adam D. Sporrer Cum Laude • Jessica Louise Starykowicz Cum Laude • John Paul Stinn Magna Cum Laude • Andrew Albert Strobel • Christopher Joseph Strunk • Shane Harley Van Engen • Mark Nicholas Weber • Ryan Scott Williams

BS in Agricultural Systems Technology • Nathan Gregory Alber • Jeremiah David Behrens • Christopher James Bone Magna Cum Laude • Kenneth Edward Brennan • Brett Christopher Buehler • Kevin William Cordray • Nicholas Bolton Custer • Anna Karina Yvonne Darville • Nathen Kyle Deppe • Ryan Lee Dietz • David Leo Dirksen

• Jordan Michael Dittmer • Aaron William Folkmann • Curt Michael Grandgeorge • John Clifford Grant • Bart Quentin Halvorsen • Brett Lucas Hamilton • Timothy Harman Kuntz • Andrea Leigh Lanzen Cum Laude • Nathan Cyrus Meyers • Matthew Gerard Moehn • Ross Christopher Reynolds • Kelby Leroy Ryerson • Matthew Lester Schnabel • Wade Daniel Sohm • Ronald Harris Steenhoek • Shane C. Susie • John David Swanson • Nicholas Irvin Weber Magna Cum Laude

BS in Industrial Technology • Travis Martin Bockenstedt • Lee Brian Brandt • Daniel John Burkard • Brandon Scott Caldwell • Austin Nathaniel Carr • Saúl Ceballos • Nicholas Paul DeLapp • Eric David Diehl • Alex James Durlam • Joseph W. Franiak

• Charles Jarod Gharamti • Matthew James Hill • Matthew Ryan Krummel • Andrew Michael McDonald • Adam Michael Melssen • Benjamin Paul Meyer • Tyler Michael Mueller • Devon Dale Myers • Troy Allen Myers • Jake Gerald Peterson • Drew Richard Rasmussen • Charles Douglas Sandford • David Robert Schuchmann Cum Laude • Tyler James Spry • Loi T. Tran • Brian Lee Tressel • Kyle Evan Van Gorp • Cassandra Jane Wissler • Sean Andrew Woller

2009–2010 Graduate PhD • Jian Jin, Nantong, China • Manoj Karkee, Bhojpur City, Nepal • Luciano Mendes, Campina Grande, Brazil • Patrick Murphy, Long Grove, Iowa

• James K. Newman, Ames, Iowa • Zhiming Qi, Beijing, China • Gang Sun, Hangzhou Zhejiang, P.R. China • Maitri Thakur, Ludhiana Punjab, India • Srikanth Vengasandra, Ames, Iowa • Lingyuan Yang, Lanzhou Gansu, China

MS • Brad Bond, Centerville, Iowa • Benjamin Crawford, Nevada, Iowa • Hafize Gunsu Gemesi, Larkspur, California • John Gilbert, Iowa Falls, Iowa • Justin Huebner, Alden, Iowa • Jeremiah Johnson, Thompson, Iowa • Xuan Li, Hangzhou Zhejiang, P. R. China • Akshay Patel, Aurangabad, India • Jonathan Roth, Forrest, Illinois • Randy Swestka, Cresco, Iowa

ABE Students Care Eight students from the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering took some time off from studies and participated in the United Way Day of Caring on Friday, September 10, 2010. Staff at Camp Sacajawea near Boone, Iowa, complimented them on their attitudes and work ethic and invited them to come back another time. Left to right: Levi

McClimon, Andy Jennett, Wyatt Hall, Jessica Deets, Heather Thomas, Alexandra Olivares, Akash Nakarmi, Zach Wenke (kneeling).





After serving the department for seven years, Val Evans, administrative specialist, has resigned to follow her dream to be a crafter. Val will continue with the department part-time until a replacement is hired. The ABE family wishes her well in her entrepreneurial adventure.

Sylvia Anderson (below left), program assistant, received two awards in 2010: the Dean’s Staff Excellence Award from the College of Engineering, and the P&S Council Cytation Award. Kathy Walker (below right), administrative specialist in Midwest Plan Service, received a Blue Ribbon Award from ASABE for her work on Private Water Systems Handbook: MWPS-14.

New Staff Davidson Hall and other ABE buildings are bursting at the seams. We are continually looking for office space for faculty and staff. Several faculty have multiyear projects that require new staff. The following people have joined the ABE family in the past year: Aaron Andrews, Extension Program Specialist Carol Brown, Communications Specialist Russ Hoffman, Teaching Lab Coordinator John Lundvall, Extension Program Specialist Robert McNaull, Assistant Scientist Tim Shepherd, Assistant Scientist Ann Staudt, Program Coordinator Chris Witte, Research Associate Bob Zhou, Assistant Scientist

ABE needs your help!

We’d like to hear from you!

We depend on your gifts for scholarship funds, student groups, the new building fund, and other department activities.

Please clip out and return so we can be updated on your personal news and career moves. E-mail us at

If you’re making a contribution to Iowa State, please consider designating it for the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Please refer to the list below to earmark your donation for a specific purpose within the department. I want to help the ABE department with a gift of $1,000 $500 $250 Other $_____________________ to be applied toward the following: New building fund ABE Excellence fund Scholarship fund (AE, AST, BSE, ITEC) Student-activity fund 1/4-scale tractor Other ______________________

Name_____________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________________________________ State ___________________________ Zip_______________________________ Business Title/Position_______________________________________________ Company/Institution_________________________________________________ E-mail_____________________________________________________________ Year(s) of Graduation________________________________________________ Degree(s)__________________________________________________________ Career activities, professional honors, family information, other___________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Please return this to: Sylvia Anderson, 102 Davidson Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011-3080



Thank you for your support!

ABE Support/Donors

AGCO Support Continues AGCO Corporation recently expanded their support of ABE’s programs through the loan of an MT765C tracked tractor for use in classroom, research, and extension activities. This loan strengthens the growing relationship between AGCO and the department, which currently includes support for five competitive undergraduate scholarships as well as research support for several ABE graduate students.

ABE Donors for 2010 Michael & Stephanie Ackerman Craig & Sylvia Anderson Michael Anderson Christopher Baker Larry Batman Dean Baum David Bechtel Michael & Rene Beck Allen Berte Marvin Bigbee Stuart Birrell Randall & Sharon Blair David Boeding Charles Booram James Bosserd Robert Bowers Landis Boyd Charles Brandt Ronald Brass Louis Bredesky Robert Breneman David & Ann Brennan Kevin & Sylvia Brinker Francis Brinkmeyer Martin Broadrick Wayne Brown Robert Bruxvoort Lon Burleson Allison Cairns-Vavroch David Calderwood Robert & Sylvia Casterton Norman Chambers Merlin Chapin Keith Chapman Candice Charity Kirk Citurs Martin Cleveland Michael Cloutier Dale & Jeannene Cochran Anthony Congdon Joan Cramer Peter Cyr Matt & Kristi Darr

Delbert Davenport Darrell DeBoer Harold deBuhr Kevin Dittmar John Dresser Steven Duspek Patrick Eckstein David Engle Christopher Everts Kevin Fetzer Warren Finch Jack & Marie Findlay Brent & Deann Frederick John Fredrickson James & Hazel Frisby Edward Gable Lawrence Gay Mark Gibson Jeffrey Gobeli Christine Goffinet Michael & Judith Goodman Demory Green Matthew Haden David Halblom Howard Hall Richard & Suan Hanson James Harbaugh Jay Harmon Virgil & Audrey Haverdink Thamon & Mary Jane Hazen David Heer Ryan Henrichsen Matt Herzmann John Hlubek Kenneth Hohenberger Gerald Hollander Thomas & Jane Hollander Lonny Hopperstad Stephen Huck Raymond Huhnke Brian Hunter Mark & Ann Jensen Chad Johnson Susan Johnson

Thanks to those individuals and companies who have made a donation in 2010. All contributions are much appreciated as we continue to improve opportunities for students and hopes for a new facility. Ramesh & Anjana Kanwar Larry Kay Richard Keith Jon & Marcia Kinzenbaw Timothy Kleemeier David & Lisa Koester Mikel Koschmeder Philip Kramer William & Mary Kranz Glenn & Kelley Kranzler Mervin Krauss Jacob & Sandy Kress Kent Kruse Otto Kunze Rodney Larsen Dennis Larson Louis Licht Louis & Joan Liljedahl Diane Lozovoy Marvin Maiwald Donald Malik Terry & Angela McAlister Michael McCarville Gary & Sydney McConeghey Kenneth & Carolyn McConnell Dan McFarland Francis McKee Ronald McKercher Kerry Melcher David Metzger Joe Meyer Richard Midland Clayton Miller Lance Miller Lippman & Tehila Miller Matthew Montieth Tsutomu Nakatsugawa Stuart & Ellen Nelson Merle & Mary Nieman Paul & Erma Nixon Patrick & Mary O’Brien Olusegun & Victoria Odesina Larry & Cheryl Olofson

Douglas Payne Jia Ling Pik Thomas Platt Marjorie Pollice Randall Poock Bradley Pottebaum Brian & Denise Pralle Randy & Deborah Rager Raj & Mary Raman Barbara Raupach Eugene Reinke Nicholas & Allison Rickels Leland Rieck William Ritter Gerald & Ruth Rohweder William Ross Virginia Rystrom Mary Sakalosky Robert Schafer Leon Schemmel Benjamin & Elsa Schmidt Gregory Scholten Shane & Jonna Schuler Rick Schultes Dale & Laice Schumacher Chuck & Pam Schwab Donald & Helen Sedrel Stephen Sesker Donna Silver-Hoppes Bruce Sinnard Volney Smith Stan & Sue Sorensen Steven Spain Gregory & Theresa Sparks Darryl Steffen Ann Stevens & Martin Oosterhuis Michael & Shelley Strobel Daniel Swales Richard Their Richard & Kay Thuesen Steven Tubbs Jeffrey Turczynski Craig Van Brocklin

Beverly Van Fossen Ivan Van Ommeren Aimee Van Ostrand Dale & Margaret Vanderholm Ronald & Patricia Vansteenburg Michael Vanzee Michael Veenhuizen Mark Wallace Rex & Kay Watson Alan Wiechmann Lee Wiltsie Robert Wirth Lyle & Gail Wolf Brian Wuebker


Ag Leader AGCO Alcoa Foundation Boeing Caterpillar Foundation Deluxe Corporation Foundation East Iowa Plastics, Inc. Farmers Cooperative Company of Farnhamville GKN North America Services Goodrich Foundation Inc. Hershey Foods Corporation Foundation John Deere Foundation Kuhn North America Lundell Plastics Corporation Sauer Danfoss Texas Gas Transmission Corporation Vosberg Enterprises, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation


ABE Family News

ABE Family Is Growing

In Memoriam We were saddened to receive news of the following alums who have passed away since our last publication.

We welcome the latest


additions to our ABE family.

Lavan Shoptaw, MSIEDT’29

Jiwoo Kim was born to Tae Hyun and Mina Kim on


June 27, 2010. Elizabeth

Deane Gunderson, BSAgE’39

Louise Soupir was born to Michelle and Steve Soupir on


September 15, 2010. Celia

Bernard Wievel, PhDIEDT’47 Burr McFarland, BSIEDT’49 John Smoot, BSIEDT’49

Frances Forbes was born to Amy Kaleita and Greg Forbes on January 5, 2011.

1950s At Right, Top to Bottom: Jiwoo Kim, Elizabeth (Ellie) Louise Soupir, Celia Frances Forbes

Herluf Christensen, MSIEDT’50 Barbara Forker, MSIEDT’50 Ronald Emery, BSIEDT’51 Richard Snyder, BSIEDT’51 Ronald Holdworth, BSIEDT’52 Jerry Phillips, BSIEDT’52 Beryl Layton, BSIEDT’53 Mark Rhea, PhDIEDT’53 Henry Rhetta, MSIEDT’53 Robert Phipps, MSIEDT’54 J. Franklin Vance, MSIEDT’57 Harlan Boyce, MSIEDT’59 Robert Mensch, BSAgE’59

1960s Russ Peterson, Dennis Jeffries, Rick Madson, Howard Uehle, Scott Toppin, Greg Sparks, and Ray Thompson. Left to right:

Ag Engineering Classmates (BSAgE’77 & ’78) to Colleagues These seven men came from all across the state as Iowa farm kids to pursue engineering degrees at Iowa State University. Over 30 years later, their lives have stayed connected through John Deere. In celebration of Engineers’ Week, we celebrate these men who have dedicated their working careers to John Deere. Thank you for your work and dedication! Six of these men were assigned the same Senior Class Design Project, which later was granted a U.S. patent in December of 1979 (U.S. Patent 4177723). After all of these years, they have remained friends and share a common love for Iowa State and John Deere. As Greg Sparks comments, “One theme is common to all of us—we all bleed Iowa State cardinal red and gold and, of course, John Deere green.” 14

William Walz, BSIEDT’61 Gerry Cassabaum, BSIEDT’62 Arnold Lande, BSIEDT’69

1980s Thomas Palmer, BSIEDT’81 R. Harris Finley, BSIEDT’85

1990s Roy Bingham, BSIEDT’98


Alumni Updates Richard Allen (BSAgE’74) has been named the Outstanding Faculty Member of 2010 in the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho. Allen has been a Professor of Water Resources Engineering at the University of Idaho since 1998. In 2009, Allen’s research program received Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government’s Innovations in American Government Award for applying satellite image technology to monitor water consumption from irrigated agriculture in the western United States. Allen is currently a member of the NASA/USGS Landsat Earth Resources Observation Science Team.

from Iowa for 2009 and also the first recipient from Iowa State since 2003, when the award was founded. He has recently accepted a job at Pioneer Hi-Bred as a research scientist.

Allah Bakhsh (PhDAgE’99) has been appointed chairman of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage at the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Jason Madsen (BSAgE’02 [Spouse–Tara Madsen, BSElEd’02]). Since graduating from Iowa State, they have lived in Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, and Mississippi; they presently reside in Bettendorf, Iowa. Job experiences have included sales/ marketing, engineering, and product/ customer support. Madsen is employed at John Deere Harvester Works–East Moline, Illinois, in current product marketing. He works with counterparts in Asia, South Africa, and South America, assisting them in developing customers’ product knowledge of combines and front-end equipment. Madsen is working toward an MBA at the University of Iowa. Their children are Carson (3) and Kendal (1).

Larry Gay (BSAgE’57) has retired from John Deere & Company after 35 years of service. Since retiring, he has written four tractor history books for ASABE. He was voted the 2009 Member of the Year for the Quad City section of ASABE. Jian Jin (PhDAgE’09) received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding SelfFinanced Students Abroad for the year of 2009, with a $5,000 cash prize. A total of 497 Chinese PhD students received awards worldwide in 29 countries based on the research quality and social/leadership experiences. Jin was the only recipient

Saffar Mirjat (PhDAgE’94/MS ‘92) has been named the dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Agriculture, Tandojam, Pakistan. Rai Niaz Ahmad (PhDAgE’91) has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Roger Smith (PhDIEDT’74) will retire in May after being on the Iowa State faculty for 34 years. He joined the industrial technology faculty in 1977 and taught technical design graphics, CAD, facility planning, and eleven other courses until 2000 when he became the associate dean for the College of Education. Since 2007, Smith has been teaching research methods in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. In retirement he plans to travel, volunteer, take watercolor classes, work in his wood shop, do short-term missions, and possibly teach English as a second language overseas. Smith has two adult children he will pester from time to time. Charles Sukup (MSAgE’82/ BSAgE’76) received the prestigious title of ASABE fellow at the annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in July 2010.

ABE External Advisory Council News We welcome two new members to our External Advisory Council: Mark McKee, Technical Project Specialist, Honeywell-Federal Manufacturing & Technologies; and Gary Schueller, Quarry Construction Trucks-Wheel Tractor Scrapers Technical Manager, Caterpillar Global Mining. Gary replaces Craig Riediger, who retired from Caterpillar. We are very grateful to our External Advisory Council for the time and effort they devote to curriculum issues and fundraising. Mark McKee (BSIEDT’83)

Gary Schueller (BSAgE’84) 15

Honorary Degree


Safety Certificate Program Never Too Old The ABE department awarded its first honorary doctor of science degree to Harold L. Brock on May 8, 2010. Brock was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, in 1914. He apprenticed with Henry Ford at the Ford Trade and Apprentice School in Dearborn, Michigan, beginning at age 15, and within a few years, he became Henry Ford’s personal engineer. In 1938, Ford committed to the design and production of the revolutionary Ford 9N tractor, which would employ inventor Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch system. Ford selected 25-year-old Brock to take the 9N from concept to production. The Ford Model 9N came on the market in 1939 and revolutionized tractor design. Today, every tractor manufacturer in the world uses the three-point hitch system pioneered on the 9N, and many millions of tractors with the three-point system have been manufactured. During World War II, Brock made significant contributions to the design and production of the M3 and M4 Sherman tanks and the FordWillys jeep. He redesigned the front of the M3 tank with a casting that would deflect an antitank shell instead of allowing it to penetrate the tank body. He was fired by Ford in 1957 after a dispute over a transmission design, and he tells the story of his time at Ford Motor Company in his book, The Fords in My Past, published in 2000. Brock joined the John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works in 1959. As director of tractor research and later manager of product engineering at the Waterloo Tractor Works, he headed the group that designed the Deere 4020 tractor and brought it into production in 1963. The 4020 has been called the most copied tractor in history and the most innovative design since the Ford 9N. After his retirement from Deere, Brock’s passion became the development of Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo. He was a founding member of the board of directors of Hawkeye and served as board chairman from 1965 to 1980 and again in 2000. In a tribute to his service, Hawkeye named its new union The Brock Student Center. Harold Brock died peacefully at his home on January 2, 2011, at the age of 96. We were very honored to have him in the department on May 8th to hear some of his stories firsthand. 16

The Occupational Safety Certificate Program administered by the department was approved by the Board of Regents and available fall semester of 2009. Drew Rasmussen was the first student to receive the Occupational Safety Certificate, and apparently word about this certification program is getting out. This semester, the department has six students completing the final requirement necessary to add this certificate to their credentials. Three of the students are our technology students, two are from the College of Engineering, and one is from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The undergraduate certificate in occupational safety is designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of professionals who will find themselves with management responsibilities (including safety) but are not planning on careers as safety professionals. So if you are still in school at Iowa State University or have completed your baccalaureate degree from Iowa State or any university, you are eligible to participate in the Occupational Safety Certificate Program. The good news is the courses for this certificate are or soon will be offered online. You can e-mail us at for more information.

AgE Curriculum Updates Thanks to leadership from LeQuetia Ancar (adviser for the BSE program), the two-year-old BSE program now enrolls 40 students. The first graduate, a transfer student from the food and biological option in AgE, is projected to graduate in fall 2011, setting the stage for the first program accreditation visit in fall 2012. The AgE and BSE degree programs are instituting a new course, AE/BSE 218 Project Management and Design in ABE, to provide students with disciplinerelevant open-ended design experiences in the sophomore year. The course includes engineering design approaches and project management skills including critical path, Gantt charts, resource allocations, basic project budgeting, and project management software. The course developer and instructor is Professor Steve Hoff, one of ABE’s most acclaimed teachers. The department will host two NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduate sites in summer 2011. One of the programs, managed by Sunday Tim and Amy Kaleita, focuses on biogeochemistry. The other, run by Raj Raman and Michelle Soupir, is focused on sustainable biomass production and processing. More than 20 outstanding engineering undergrads from all over the country will participate in the 10-week programs. These programs enhance ABE’s research mission and attract potential graduate students.

ABE Capstone Day On December 3rd, ABE hosted the first department-wide ABE Capstone Day. Students in AE 415, AE 416, and TSM 416 presented the results of their final projects that synthesize their education in agricultural engineering, industrial technology, or agricultural systems technology. Students in the 21 project teams presented their work to an audience of faculty, students, project sponsors, and other guests (several of the capstone projects involved confidential work for industry sponsors, so presentation of those projects was limited to sponsors and faculty reviewers). College of Engineering Dean Jonathan Wickert was able to attend one of the presentations and says, “Students in the ABE department constantly impress me with their knowledge, enthusiasm, and practical skills. I really enjoyed attending a portion of the design project presentations last fall and seeing firsthand how the ABE students put their creativity to work on capstone projects. The industrial sponsors must be thrilled with the outcome of those projects!” The day, which began with an informal gathering for coffee and pastries, included a pizza lunch. Congratulations to our student presenters for jobs well done! We plan to make this a tradition each semester, and our spring 2011 date is set for April 22nd.


Left to Right:

Sean Moore, Joe Vanstrom, and Kyle Haubrich

I Tec Students Travel to Taiwan Under the supervision of David Grewell, I Tec students Sean Moore, Joe Vanstrom, and Kyle Haubrich traveled to Chung Yuan Christian University in Chung-Li, Taiwan, to participate in the International Industrial/Academic Leadership Experiences. Students from all over Asia and the United States work and study side by side to complete and present a project. Along with the academic studies, the students enjoyed an exploration into Taiwan’s cultural and technological development through field trips to museums and visits with top industrial leaders.

Left to Right:

Davi S. L. Vasconsellos, Iara de Castro e Oliveira, Augusto Cesar M. Souza, and Pedro Lopes Pruski

Brazilian FIPSE-CAPES Fellows The ABE department has been awarded a U.S. Department of Education FIPSE Brazil project to facilitate student exchange with partner departments in Brazil. During the fall 2010 semester, four FIPSE-CAPES Fellows, all undergraduate students from the Federal University of Viçosa, studied in the department. These students were selected through a rigorous two-stage application process in which student applications were first screened by Brazilian professors at the Federal University of Viçosa and then by a team of faculty from Iowa State, Illinois, and Kentucky. Selections were based on academic performance, research and internship experience, TOEFL results, and personal interviews in English with the U.S. faculty team. 

Study Abroad students with coffee farmer on small coffee farm in Minas Gerias, Brazil, in May 2010. The two-week study abroad trip in southeastern Brazil included students from Iowa State and the University of Kentucky.



2010 International Travel Belgium Ramesh Kanwar—Gave presentation at the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities on skill-set development of doctoral and postdoctoral graduates in life sciences.

Brazil Ramesh Kanwar—Gave invited presentation at a special session of an international symposium organized by U.S.-ABE department heads and Brazilian universities on “Training Engineers Across Americas to Solve Global Challenges.” Brian Steward (3 trips)—Met with agricultural machinery manufacturers in Porto Alegre about international internships and other possible collaborations. Attended the directors meeting of U.S.-Brazil student exchange program. Led study abroad trip to southeast Brazil with 18 students, focusing on agricultural technology development and adoption in Brazil. Was Fulbright scholar at the Federal University of Viçosa engaging in research and graduate teaching. Organized an International Symposium entitled Training Engineers Across The Americas To Solve Global Challenges held at IX Congreso Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Ingeniería Agrícola–CLIA 2010 and XXXIX Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Agrícola–CONBEA 2010, Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil, July 25–29, 2010. Interviewed student exchange candidates at Federal University of Campina Grande and Federal University of Viçosa.

Lie Tang—Visited Federal University of Campina Grande and Federal University of Viçosa. Helped interview Brazilian students for the U.S.-Brazil student exchange program. Gave a presentation at the Federal University of Viçosa on agricultural automation.

Bulgaria Ramesh Kanwar—Participated in the ISUTrakia University jointly funded project discussions. Made a presentation at the Manure Management and Water Quality Workshop in Stara Zagora.

Canada David Grewell—Presented research on bioplastics at International Polymer Processing Society Conference in Banff. Matt Helmers—Participated in the 9th International Drainage Symposium in Quebec City. Ramesh Kanwar—Was administrative adviser for Multistate Research Project, NCERA 217—drainage design and management practices to improve water quality.

China Carl Bern and Ramesh Kanwar—Visited Dalian Polytechnic University to set up a 2+2 program with ABE. Matt Helmers—Participated in and gave an invited presentation at the International Symposium on Soil Quality and Management of World Mollisols in Harbin. Made a two-day

Below Left: Solar


Faculty from ABE continue to share their expertise around the globe. These are the countries where papers were presented, conferences were attended, courses were taught, and projects were funded to foster international collaboration. visit to rural agricultural areas in northeast China viewing research and implementation of soil conservation practices. Hongwei Xin (2 trips)—Visited the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, and Bayi Agricultural University to develop/expand academic ties (with ZU, Sichuan University, and Bayi Ag University). Coordinated and made invited presentations at the SinoU.S. Egg Production Workshop (held in Shanghai), conduct joint research in animal environment (at CAAS and CAU). Explored dual-degree programs with CAU and ZU. Chenxu Yu—Was visiting scholar at Donghua University in Shanghai working on developing nano-molecular sensors for detection of hepatitis viruses.

Costa Rica Michelle Soupir—Presented a paper on the topic of E. coli resuspension from bottom sediments in streams at the 21st Century Watershed Technology: Improving Water Quality and Environment Conference at Earth University.

France Hongwei Xin—Attended International Egg Commission conference. Worked on a multinational project that develops reference methods for measurement of air emissions from agricultural operations.

grain dryer in Honduras. BELOW Right: Constructing a steel grain storage silo in Honduras.

Dean Wendy Wintersteen and Professor Hongwei Xin visited China Agricultural University in October 2010. They are pictured here at one of their CAU visit stops—College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering.

Germany David Grewell—Gave extended lectures on transport phenomena and oversaw research on additive manufacturing at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Went to Dusseldorf for the world’s largest plastics trade show, the K-Show (K for Kunststoff, the German word for plastics), where he met with numerous industrial partners; this initiated collaboration between Iowa State and biobased plastics, ultrasonic companies, and a data management company that is considering the use of Grewell’s life cycle assessment models. Raj Raman—Attended the FIPSE/ Atlantis Project Directors’ Conference in Berlin. Moderated and presented a paper in Workshop #1 (Green projects— environmentally conscious) reporting on the U.S./EU exchange program in Integral Valorization of Bioproduction with partners at the University of Arkansas, Kansas State University, the University of Ghent, KarlFranzens University in Graz Austria, and the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse in Toulouse, France.

Great Britain Steve Freeman—Attended International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference in Liverpool.

Honduras Carl Bern—Studied on-farm corn storage with a team from St. Thomas Parish.

India Steve Freeman—Accompanied a group of Study Abroad students.

Lie Tang and Brian Steward, ABE faculty members, traveled to Brazil in December 2010 and served as part of the U.S.-Brazil Consortium with the University of Kentucky, Purdue, and the Univiversity of Illinois at the Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil, to select exchange students for the fall 2011 semester.

Ramesh Kanwar—Visited Ludhiana and Chandigarh to finalize arrangements for two international water symposiums. Networking in preparation of setting up the India team to compete for the upcoming USAID RFP India project to be prepared in collaboration with Purdue, Ohio State, UC Davis, TSU, and Indian partners.

Ireland Charles Hurburgh—Served as an outside reviewer for a doctoral dissertation.

Italy Jacek Koziel—Served as member of the International Scientific Committee for the NOSE2010—International Conference on Environmental Odour Monitoring and Control, Florence. Presented paper and poster related to air quality monitoring and novel chemical and sensory analyses of ambient air.  

Jordan David Grewell—A stopover for trip to Syria, but by chance met with local equivalent of the USDA to review soybean production.

Kazakhstan Jacek Koziel—Taught graduate class on solid-phase microextraction at the Al-Farabi National Kazakh University in Almaty. Met with faculty and students. Advised PhD student as a member of PhD thesis committee.

South Korea Tae Hyun Kim—Attended the Biotech Symposium and visited with a collaborator/ industrial partner to develop a proposal in UNIST. Attended the Bioenergy Korea Conference 2010 International Symposium in Gwangju.

Spain Carl Bern—Observed agriculture production practices on tour of country.

Syria David Grewell—Engaged visiting Iraqi scientist with U.S. scientist on sustainability during a four-day workshop organized by the USDA.

Taiwan David Grewell and Ramesh Kanwar— Accompanied three Iowa State TSM students to Chung Yuan Christian University in Chung-Li for a three-week study abroad program on manufacturing.

Thailand David Grewell—Initiated a National Science Foundation proposal for a workshop to be held at the Asian Institute of Technology during the summer of 2011 on biodiesel production and synergetic effort between the technologies in the United States and Asia.


Ramesh Kanwar—Co-major professor for a PhD student at Khon Kaen University under the Golden Jubilee PhD program.

Carl Bern—Presented paper on hermetic corn storage at a meeting in Estoril.

Uganda Tom Brumm—Led a student-learning study abroad experience and conducted field research in grain storage. 19

Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

104 Davidson Hall Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011-3080

Skromme Donates Historical Materials

Images courtesy of the Iowa State University Library/Special Collections Department

Iowa State’s Library Special Collections Department recently received the Lawrence H. Skromme Agricultural Machinery Literature Collection (RS 21/7/227). The collection contains catalogs, advertisement cards, price lists, and other ephemera relating to agricultural implements and machinery.The earliest item in the collection is from 1838 and the latest from 1999. Most of the collection is from the latter part of the 19th through the early 20th century. The collection is a great addition to other agricultural collections and rare books. Skromme (BSAgE‘37) worked as an engineer at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Harry Ferguson Inc., Sperry-New Holland, and, finally, New Holland. The collection is available at http://www. and http://isuspecialcollections.wordpress. com/2010/08/09/new-collection-agriculturalmachinery-product-literature/.

Another Donation to Iowa State’s Special Collection Robert Hawthorn (BSFarm Op’50/BSCT Farm Op’48), a retired farmer from Castana, Iowa, recently donated ASABE Monthly magazines from the 1930s. Iowa State’s Library Special Collections was glad to receive these issues to fill in some gaps that they had in this 20 publication.

Top to Bottom: Buckeye Mower and Reaper catalog, 1874; Austen, Tomlinson & Webster Manufacturing Company’s advertisement card for their Jackson Wagons, undated; Adriance and Buckeye Harvesting Machinery catalog cover, 1896

2011 ABE Alumni Newsletter  

The ABE Alumni Newsletter is an annual publication by the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department at Iowa State University

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