Encore Magazine May 2021

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Proving Their Metal

Rescued Metals is heaven for repurposers and DIYers by


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it’s known as “Shay-Mart.” Officially, it’s Rescued Metals & Equipment, the brainchild of Shay Schupan, another member of the Schupan family who is turning discarded materials into a viable business. Housed inside an understated storefront and warehouse along Miller Road, Rescued Metals & Equipment is like the Island of Misfit Toys for metal. Schupan, a nephew of Marc Schupan, scours Schupan & Sons recycling facilities for antique items, odd decorative pieces, and metals that can be given a second life by being sold to businesses or repurposed by artists and do-it-yourselfers. The company also produces a series of metal art items, including custom signs for campers and beer lovers, among others. Rescued Metals, which opened in 2018, is a unique enterprise in the world of recycling, says Shay Schupan. “Other recycling centers that tried to do something like this did it like a sideshow-attraction-type thing, to where they might have a rack at the recycling center where they’d put a couple nice pieces

Right: Shay Schupan is the brainchild behind Rescued Metals and Equipment. Above: A detailed bass is an example of the metal art created by the Rescued Metals staff. w w w.encorekalamazoo.com | 23