Encore February 2021

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Data and tech company expands during pandemic by



n this year of the coronavirus, the Kalamazoo-based company SalesPage has seen something out of the ordinary for these strange and stifled times: growth. The technology and data company serves asset managers whose investment products make up 401Ks and retirement funds. In 2020, the company acquired two firms — SalesStation, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based data company, and Clarity Compliance, a platform that monitors funds for policy violation. It thereby expanded SalesPage’s services and tightened its foothold as a niche company that offers everything from software solutions to data analysis in the realm of asset management. But if the name SalesPage doesn’t ring any bells for you, you’re not alone. “We always joke that nobody knows us,” SalesPage President and CEO Aric Faber says with a good-natured laugh. Here since the ’80s While SalesPage has a long history in Kalamazoo, going back to the early ’80s, its work with global investment banking companies such as Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan in larger cities like New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C., has ensured that many local residents are unaware of SalesPage’s existence. The company started as a small technology company that provided software solutions for mutual fund companies. It evolved when Web-based technology became more prevalent, providing data analytics along with software solutions for asset managers. Over Zoom, Faber explains that in the financial services world there are approximately 1,000 investment firms