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The Toll of Touring

Niles couple establishes clinic to aid roadies by

maggie drew


oadies, the unsung heavy lifters of the music industry, spend grueling months on the road doing the hard work necessary to support musicians on tour. But what happens when they need a little support of their own? “In our community, we're all a bunch of freelancers, so there's no support for us,” says music industry veteran Courtney Klimson, wife of a roadie. “There's no union. There's no health care. Anything that you would expect in a typical work environment, it's not offered in touring.”

Music industry veterans Paul, left, and Courtney Klimson established The Roadie Clinic in Niles to support roadies and their families. Photo credit: Brian Campbell

That's why Courtney and her husband, sound engineer Paul Klimson, developed The Roadie Clinic in Niles. It provides roadies and their families with resources and connections to services, including mental health therapy, insurance plans and financial assistance. The term "roadie" refers to workers who travel on tour with musical artists in support of their shows. Typically, it means the workers who

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