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The Islamic School of San Diego

November 13, 2009 Volume 2, Issue 1

ISSD Newsletter It’s A Snap! Faster than you can “snap” your fingers, parents will now be able to access their child’s progress and grades online! This year we are proud to introduce the new online grading system called SnapGrades. This powerful database enables teachers and parents the ability to stay up to date on assignments and tests, missing work, attendance, as well as provide a direct line of communication between teachers, parents, and students alike! Parents will be able to email their child’s teacher with questions, comments, or to schedule an appointment. To access your child’s information, visit the SnapGrades website at: and enter the password which was recently distributed from your child’s teacher. You will then be asked to create a new password, however, be sure to keep it written down incase you forget! If you have not been receiving the recent e-mail updates from your child’s teacher, it may be due to the office not having a current or valid email address on record. You can begin to be informed by providing this information as soon as possible! In addition, if you did not get the startup passwords from your child’s teacher, please contact Sr. Aisha Rantz, so that you don’t miss out on any valuable information. ~

Inside this issue:

Snap Grades


Eid Al-Adha

Virtual Umra

Chuck E. Cheese



Eid Al-Adha Break **** NO SCHOOL

Upcoming Parent/ Teacher Conferences Wednesday, November 18th & Thursday, November 19th

EARLY DISMISSAL for all students: 12:15 P.M. Students not dismissed at 12:15 will be taken to the Afterschool Program. A fee of $3.00 per hour, per child will be charged for use of this

Mon—Fri 11/23—11/27 Students will return to school on Monday, 11/30/09

service. Dismissal will be from each student’s classroom. Sign-up sheets to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher will be posted on Monday, November 16th. Don’t forget to meet with the Arabic, Islamic Study, and Qur’an teachers! ~

ISSD Bake Sales Bake sales at I.S.S.D. are traditionally held on Wednesdays, with most items being sold for .50 cents. An announcement is made in each class the day before a bake sale, so that the students can inform their parents of the event. IOU’s may not be available for bake sales, therefore be sure to send money with your child if you would like him/her to purchase any item. Effort is being made to offer nutritious food choices, in addition to a few dessert items.

ISSD Wishes a safe and blessed Hajj to all Muslims, Ameen!

The Islamic School of San Diego 7050 Eckstrom Ave. San Diego, CA 92111 Phone: 858-278-7970 Fax: 858-278-7995

The office phone is to be reserved for school business. Students will not be permitted to phone home unless there is an urgent need to do so, at the discretion of the office staff.

Dropping off lunch, backpacks, class materials? Parents are NOT ALLOWED to interrupt classes for any reason. If your child needs something, please leave it in the school office.


Virtual Umra Project While many Muslims have recently began their journey to Hajj, many ISSD students in middle school have already been taking steps towards their virtual Umra. You may have noticed Dr. David Kahan and his assistant, Dr. Virginie Nicaise, from the University of San Diego, as they assign and record data from pedometers worn by the students each day. They are measuring the difference in students physical activity before the program began and after. The pedometers count the number of steps taken, with each step getting them closer and closer towards virtual Mecca. Students may also answer questions based on Islam in order to earn “bonus steps” and reach their destination quicker. This project promotes increased physical activity among the students, who are now walking more and burning calories any chance they get! It is also cross-curricular, promoting not only physical fitness, but math, social studies, and Islamic studies as well! Recently, a competition began when some ISSD staff and PTA members began to participate in the virtual Umra as well. For every 10,000 steps taken, participants earn one colored “footie”, or colorful plastic charm. How many “footies” have you spotted? To track the progress of all those who are participating, check out the Virtual Umra bulletin board to see who will get there first! ~

Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser Night! Thursday, November 19th Begins at 3:00 P.M. Join us for fun, food, and games at the upcoming Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser night! Friends and family are also welcome. Proceeds will help fund many of the projects and activities sponsored by the PTA throughout the year. Your support is appreciated. Hope to see you there! Chuck E. Cheese—Mira Mesa Location 9840 Hibert St. San Diego, CA. 92131 (858) 578-5860

Take Time To Tutor! Share your wealth of wisdom! There is an urgent need for tutors at I.S.S.D. Please donate your time and knowledge to help our students achieve more in their classes. If you are able to spend at least 30 minutes or more during school hours to tutor, please contact Ala Shehadeh for current opportunities. ~

Mark Your Calendars!

Focus on Safety

Monday, November 30th

Please remember to drive carefully in the school parking lot. Watch for students on the Safety Patrol in their orange vests as they help direct traffic. ~

Legoland Field Trip

Students not going on the field trip should stay home on this day, as school will be closed. ~

1st Quarter - 2009-2010  

1st Quarter - 2009-2010

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