Isokinetic Conference 2024 Madrid: First Announcement

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Football Medicine

bridging science and practice

25th, 26th, 27th, May 2024 - MaDriD, spain

Metropolitano sta D i UM

traditional sessions open Debates

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SUROESTE 09:00 11:00 the Challenge of Bridging science and practice 11:30 13:00 Mind the Gap in aCl injuries regenerative Medicine in footballers fifa Medical symposium on pitch Best Medical practices 14:30 15:15 Matching neuroscience and Biomechanics in football patellofemoral joint instability - what to Do what’s new on hamstring injuries 15:15 16:00 patellofemoral pain treatment 16:30 17:15 Groin pain: science and practical tricks Muscle strength recovery after knee surgery aCl injuries - from surgery to return to play 17:15 18:00 neurocognitively enriched rehabilitation 08:30 10:00 football research Group: Uefa elite Club injury study low Back injuries in footballers 10:30 11:15 the Best route for hamstrings aCl injuries surgery vs non surgery news in Biomechanics & video-analysis 11:15 12:00 MCl injuries surgery vs non surgery 12:00 12:45 world Class science and practice for knee injuries Governing the Context of football functional rehabilitation & physical therapies 12:45 13:30 new practices in pain Control and tissue healing 15:00 15:45 the footballers leg: achilles tendon & Beyond Concussion - how to tackle primary and secondary injury prevention 15:45 16:30 Cardiological issues in footballers 17:00 18:30 high ankle sprains and syndesmosis injuries the Goalkeeper shoulder innovative topics in women football Medicine 08:30 10:00 Managing patellar tendon lesions in footballers innovations in football reconditioning 10:30 12:00 Managing the Most frequent Muscle injuries top Club Best practices in injury risk reduction 12:00 13:30 on field rehabilitation: the key for Complete recovery injury Management for safe return to play 14:30 16:00 Biomechanics and functional assessment in rtp Maximizing performance for the Beauty of the Game SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY

there is no better location for the best Football Medicine conference than an incredible, state-of-the-art global stadium! this year, the iconic estadio cívitas Metropolitano awaits to dazzle thousands of you as the prestigious venue of #isoK24.

t H e V en U e

Cívitas Metropolitano sta D i UM

the completely renovated stadium was reopened in 2017, with an increased capacity to seat almost 70,000 fans – it is now among the biggest and most impressive stadia in Spain and indeed europe. these outstanding premises are a perfect fit for our international conference: modern meeting rooms and expansive open-air areas. Get ready to soak up the science and network in the Spanish sunshine in surroundings guaranteed to make you feel the beating heart of football.

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bridging science

in order to bridge the gap between science and practice we need to speed things up, transforming complex scientific evidence into easier clinical solutions. at the isokinetic conference in Madrid,


s LOW WO r L d

Many thousands of papers have been published on football medicine and football injuries over the last three decades, however we still lack significant impact in many areas From medical literature, we know that it takes 17 years on average to translate research into practice.

Scienti S t? P R actitione

science and practice

our 200+ leading international speakers will highlight the optimum practical application of the most recent scientific methods, based on the best evidence available, all the way from prevention to return to play.


Football Medicine practitioners need simple and adaptable solutions in day-to-day practice, in a fast and constantly changing world. Translation into practice of the most up-to-date evidence, finding the best way to deliver excellence in injury prevention and management, is one of the main challenges of nowadays Football Medicine

actitione R ? oR bot H ?

F o R ab S t R act S

Have you got what it takes to be part of the global Football Medicine community?

Then submit your abstract to our Scientific Panel for a chance to present your work at isoK24, to potentially career-transforming contacts, in a world-famous football stadium no less!

We enrich our scientific programme with wide-ranging original research presented in a variety of session formats, including oral communications, Poster sessions and of course the famous best case Report award contest, in which you can win big. You may apply to join any of these session formats.

Deadline for abstracts’ submission: 31st January 2024


for more info email us at:

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april 2024 3 days € 890,00 € 1.190,00 1 day € 600,00 € 600,00 3 days student fee € 690,00 € 790,00 1 day student fee € 500,00 € 500,00 See you at #isok24!
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