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hi. Ismail there,

Masters of Science student studying multidicsiplinary design of high performance complex buildings. Architect at heart with a solid engineering background. Capable of designing fully integrated architectural projects with high energy and resource performances without compromising their architectural integrity (holistic approach). Music producer and performer when not designing buildings. Art enthusiast. Always hungry for creative-thinking in general and design/problemsolving in particular.

ismail.seleit Masters Student | Politecnico Di Milano Lecco, Italy


Masters of Science Politecnico Di Milano | oct16-present Lecco, Italy

architect + engineer + musician from Egypt


Architect Dar Al Handasah | feb15-sep16 Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor in Architectural Engineering Cairo University | sep08-jun13 Cairo, Egypt

Co-founder NMR Pedals | sep15-jan17 Cairo, Egypt

Summer Exchange Program University of California in LA | may12-jul12 California, USA

Freelancer INJAZ Office Interior | jun14 Cairo, Egypt

Workshop Participant Learning from Barcelona | jun17 Barcelona, Spain

Architect Military Engineers | dec13-dec14 Cairo, Egypt

Workshop Participant From Food to City | mar17 Lecco, Italy

Film Score Music Composer Rahala Films | 2016 birlinale film fesitval Cairo, Egypt

Workshop Participant Informal Meets Formal | apr13 Cairo, Egypt

Intern E+K Architects | jan12-mar12 Cairo, Egypt

Workshop Participant University of Lincoln | jun11-jul11 Lincolnshire, UK

SIte Engineer Intern A2G2 | aug11-sep11 Cairo, Egypt


.skills photoshop indesign illustrator autoCAD revit sketchup archicad rhino/grasshopper

Regenerating / Renaturing Lecco competition Second prize | jun17 Laure LarouzĂŠ competition Second prize | jan17 Disrupt Music Competition First prize | jun15 Merit-based Scholarship | Polimi Gold scholarship recipient | may16


final cut pro ableton live keynote sustainable design

multidisciplinary coordination

creative thinking

graphical representation

Contact | +39-338-8313519

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the city sponge.

light & shadow.

sun made.

blue veins.

house delta.


memory droplet.

nmr pedals.

sponge. the city

architectural technology

-users are the future architectsThe city sponge is an ambitious hospitality project offering various forms of flexible living spaces. The very permeable building seamlessly connects multiple levels found on site while providing outdoor spaces for public use. The light structure of the building makes it easy to assemble/disassemble it on site in less than four months. architectural design - visualization - construction process team work (group of six - check full project for credits)





-L for lightmonthly booked L-units (students)

-the vertical experimentnightly booked V-units (hotel)

-design for manufacture and assemblyassembly steps schematics

-just like an onionseries of customized layers stacked to optimize performance

pavilion. daylight



-dance by revolvingparametrized form of whirling dervishes

-repetition transcends you to a higher universeThis experimental pavilion was designed according to the philosophy of Sufi Whirling Dervishes. The final form exploits the potential of parametric computational design while redefining traditional concepts of building. form finding - visualization - optimization team work (group of four - check full project for credits)

-allow rotationrotational tolerances for optimizing fabrication process

-center of the universenode connection details

-node explodenode fabrication components

house. floating


-opposites’ meetmorph creation and evolution

-building bricksLEGO bricks needed to build

modules used to create final form

-a mountain in abstract is a triangleInspired by the yin-yang philosophy, we strove to make a strong relationship between opposite elements that can be interconnected. Land/water, solids/ voids, opaque/transparent, and the studs and grooves of the potential LEGO bricks that the house could be constructed of exemplifies this concept. architectural design - visualization - lego brick design team work (group of three - check full project for credits)

-heart full of waterhouse plan and main mountain-like elevations

eco-district. pilot

urban sustainability

-energy can start (and end) warsThe main Objective of this proposal is to design a sustainable eco-district in the area of Porto Di Mare according to the IMM principles. Firstly, thorough analysis of the site on global, intermediate and local levels was being investigated. The complex urban system was dismantled to its original basic components to be able to assess the nature of the site at hand and understand it correctly. Those elements were then combined together to give a further more elaborate understanding of the area. A final X-ray image of the site on an urban scale showed clearly the areas with potential and other areas with weaknesses that could be encountered properly. A Masterplan for the project was thus created according to the guidelines and the investigations that had already been done. The main strategy behind the development of the masterplan was the idea of connected growth. Being geographically located in a strategic area at the periphery of the growing city and were the green fields start, connection was key when it came to our site. New urban transformations are also taking place just across the cutting highway and railway lines. Thus the connections were three: with old radially evolving city, with new urban transformations and with the crucial green fields at the edge of the city. The building volumes in the masterplan are shaped according to traditional Milanese morphological concepts but with more advanced orientations that are environmentally-driven. urban sustainable design - visualization team work (group of four - check full project for credits)

eco-district masterplan

-sun madehousing complex morph creation and evolution

an intermediary housing solution - milan

-functional mixmix-use functions makes the neighborhood lively around the clock

-exposure defensesolar exposure facade studies defining overhangs and shading

housing. social


an intermediary housing solution - milan

-an intermediary housing solutionSocial housing complex was then designed at the heart of our masterplan. The orientation of the facades were then altered according to the sun path to maximize the use of solar energy in all seasons. Further shading and solar heat gain studies were made to help shape the buildings more efficiently until an optimum shape was met. Faรงade treatments were then studied to control the building interaction with the surrounding environment efficiently and effectively. architectural design - visualization - energy calculation team work (group of four - check full project for credits)

-exposure defense 2.0shading device openings defined by solar exposure, different orientations controlled by users

an intermediary housing solution





-energizing through water flowRevitalizing Lecco ‘s water front by water inclusion. These “blue veins” just like how a human body works, help energize the points they reach by adding series of different activities. Strategies on a global scale of the whole city were introduced, as well as a masterplan for a specific area has been designed. urban regeneration - masterplan design - industrial renovation team work (group of six - check full project for credits)

-human-scaleglobal strategies for the city were represented using human scale renderings not only maps

-stakeholdersanalysis of all the different parties involved is crucial for project implementation

-blue visconteadeveloped masterplan for specific zone according to main strategies, with two abandoned factories refurbishment

-memory dropletThe water droplet loop - a walk through the history of evolution of Barcelona - reuses the uncommon curved railway tracks and old roman sewage path to revitalize the memory of the place. From old city, fishermen village to the industrial era visible through the railway tracks and reused industrial spaces until the tip of the droplet inevitably glides to Glories and 22@ district into the new paradigm of knowledge. . urban regeneration - industrial renovation team workshop (group of five)

barcelona. learning from

urban workshop

-innovation gatewayThe main idea of this proposal is to have a controlled connection while maintaining the industrial identity of the place. This is achieved by reusing Fransces Station to become the new innovation gateway of 22@ district. The interior of the station will become a dynamic meeting space for entrepreneurs to share their ideas, with spaces dedicated to presenting their pitches to possible investors. This vibrant indoor public space will become the seed of new innovative ideas.

-buffer foresturban forest that acts as a buffer

-recycling culturerecycling hub/flee market in Ain Sukhna, Egypt

-architect’s homearchitectural school in 6th of october, Egypt

misc. design


-spider webgoogle pavilion in Cairo, Egypt

-informal meets formalurban workshop in ard ellewa, Egypt

misc. design


-bridge hugcultural center ard ellewa, Egypt

nmr. effects pedals

industrial design

-pickled distortionFirst effect pedal in the middle east and north africa region. We believe that weird, innovative sound effects can force you out of your comfort zone, or at least expand it a little. It ’s why we make pedals, to help musicians get inspired product design - branding


beautiful frie


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