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Paper Toys • Gérard Lo Monaco

21/08/13 11:25

Toys are amazing and timeless. In this pop-up, you will be able to find a pop-up train, a pop-up pram, a pop-up rocking horse… until, in the end, you will enter the enchanting pop-up room on the last spread, filled with all the (pop-up) toys of the book!

> From 3 on • Hardback • 14 x 18 cm (13,5 x 17,5 cm interior) • 12 pop-up scenes

Gérard Lo Monaco is an art director. He’s the author of the Magic Circus Tour for hélium and has also worked on other pop-ups such as The Little Prince with Gallimard jeunesse.

DAY, NIGHT, ALL AROUND • Julie Safirstein A big book for the small ones. A real book-work accessible to toddlers: a big format, various systems and volumes, opposites, shapes and colours, notions of space… Also, stories appear, with animals in their natural environment: the black spots of aladybug, a bear fishing with her cub… Enthralling. > From 3 on • Softcover • 26 x 32 cm • 7 spreads + pop-up and flaps • French retail: 17,90 €

Julie Safirstein is a young painter living in Paris. She creates book-works, some of them published by the art gallery Maeght. Day and Night is her first book for children. .

IT DEPENDS! • Janik Coat & Bernard Duisit A pop-up book to decide how to dress up. Getting dressed is a big challenge for the smaller ones and a way to express yourself and take decisions early in life. What shall you wear? It depends on how you feel, on the time of the day, of the weather… With the quirky characters created by Janik Coat, it’s always great fun anyway! > From 2 on • Soft cover • 15 x 18 cm • 8 spreads • French retail: 11,90 €

Janik Coat is a free-lance designer, author and illustrator. She has published many children books for Autrement jeunesse or éditions Memo. Bernard Duisit is a paper engineer.

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WHAT DO YOU PREFER? • Delphine Chedru

HAVE A NICE TRIP, LITTLE ONE! • Beatrice Alemagna It’s time to go! First things first: choose my favourite plush, pack all my stuff, put on my best costume, kiss Mummy and Daddy good night, and then… dive into bed! An adorable picture-book to guide toddlers towards the Big Journey of Night! > From 1 on • Hardback • 15,5 x 20 cm • 32 pages • French retail: 10,90 €

Beatrice Alemagna has published 23 picture books in France, Italy and Japan. They have been translated throughout the world. She won the Italian Andersen Prize for «Illustrator of the year» in 2010.

MY WILD FAMILY • Laurent Moreau laurent moreau


I have a very special family. My older brother, for instance – he’s strong and respected. You’d better not upset him! My grandma, she’s sweet and generous, and she loves to stay home. She’s got very good hearing, especially while the TV’s on. My cousins, they’re fast and fit, and they have a gift for monkey business. And me? Well, I wouldn’t say I have anything special, really… how about you?

Throughout everyday scenes, Laurent Moreau pictures the idea and perception we have of the people around us in a surprising way. An original point of view about family that leads to a new kind of dialogue between parents and children. > From 4 on • Hardback • 28 x 34 cm • 32 pages • French retail: 15,90 €.

Laurent Moreau draws, paints, creates posters and collages. He’s written and illustrated À quoi penses-tu ?, Les Beaux instants and Après with hélium…

GRUMPY GROUCHY YOUK • Text by François Beaune • Illustrations by Julia Wauters All by himself, little Youk walks in the forest, mumbling and grumbling about the branches, le râleur the birds... everything! This grumpy grouchy little boy is so busy complaining there is no time for fear. When he runs into a wild boar, he yells and screams and scowls: “Hey, you! why are you looking at me with your tiny eyes and your yucky moustache?! You’d better tell me which way is BigCity! My parents are waiting for me and I’m fourteen minutes and twenty-three seconds late!” But Youk may be grumpy, he’s also very lucky: a wild boar, a nice cow, a funny rabbit, and an Indian elephant will bring him home safe – despite his moans! – to the relief of his worried parents. But as he pops his head around the door, guess how they welcome him? With moans!

Youk Julia Wauters

ne François Beau

A whimsical story inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, a humorous tribute to imagination. > From 4 on • Hardback • 26,5 x 23 cm • 40 pages • French retail: 14,90 €

François Beaune has published several novels for Verticales (Gallimard). Youk le râleur is his first children’s book, a story he imagined for his daughter. Julia Wauters has graduated from the arts décoratifs and works with Milan, Nathan… She’s the illustrator of Ma grande sœur m’a dit and Une nuit loin d’ici for hélium.

PRINCESS, KNIGHT and DRAGONS • Delphine Chedru Princess Attack and her Brave Knight are enjoying happy days together at last after the crazy adventures they’ve been through! But one day, in the library, the Princess discovers a mysterious book entitled “Travels to the East”. The couple takes on a new quest that will bring them as far as Asia, where they’ll fight terrible dragons and warriors who go by the names Samouraïs. Become the hero of the story in this new interactive book where you can choose to follow either the Brave Knight or the fearless Princess Attack ! With an asian feel, filled with a whole lot of things to do, puzzles, riddles to solve, hidden images to search through and graphic traps. > From 5 on • Hardback • 22 x 34,5 cm • 56 pages • French retail: 15,90 €.

Delphine Chedru is free-lance designer and colorist for comic books. She has published many children’s books for Albin Michel jeunesse, Gallimard jeunesse…



• Text by Colombe Schneck & Emmanuel Javal • Illustrations by Iris de Mouy

• Text by Karthika Naïr & illustrations by Joëlle Jolivet

The life of a Calder stabile, from his creation by Alexander Calder to his travels around the world, his separation from another stabile he was very close to, and the special bond that tied him to the collector Antoine Javal. The subtle and streamlined illustrations by Iris de Mouy are intertwined with photographs of the two real stabiles themselves! Both fiction and documentary, this book is a great introduction to a master’s work. Six pages at the end of the book bring out details about Calder’s life and most famous sculptures and creations. > From 5 on • Hardback • 23 x 26 cm • 40 pages • French retail: 14,90 €

Colombe Schneck is a prolific writer who has won many awards for her novels. She’s also a journalist for TV and radio. Iris de Mouy regularly works for fashion magazines, designers or stores and has published books for Autrement, naïve and l’école des Loisirs. For hélium, she’s the author of Les Vacances de Félix, Ella et les autres, Mes couleurs, Mes affaires and En route pour la tour Eiffel.

Once upon a time, deep within the Forest of beauty lived bees, thousand of honeybees that made honey, golden, rich honey. Everybody drank it with gulps of joy: humans, animals and Shonu, a little boy who loved honey more than anyone else. So much that he takes honey and breaks the pact between Bonbibi and  He-Whose-Name-Must-Not-BeTaken (she made him promise that he would not harm the villagers if they respected the forest and the creatures in it). Then he has to face the anger of the demon-tiger. Fortunately, Bonbibi looks after him… A captivating tale inspired by Muslim and Hindu myths that mixes storytelling tradition and tribute to the fauna and flora of India. > From 5 on • Hardback • 28 x 34 cm • 56 pages • French retail: 16,90 €.

Karthika Naïr wrote a poetry book entitled Bearings (HarperCollins India, 2009). Born in India, she now lives in Paris where she works as a producer (notably with the choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan). Joëlle Jolivet is the renowned illustrator of 365 Penguins or Zoo-logique. For hélium, she notably illustrated Dans le livre and the 10 Little penguins pop-up book.


• In the same collection:

THE RED FISH OF MATISSE • Sandrine Andrews • lllustrations by Julia Chausson

A naturalistic and tongue-in-cheek novel about a dragonfly throughout his metamorphosis and his journey through Life. Quentin is a red dragonfly, daring and curious, who lives close to a big city, near the artificial pond of a park. The young insect quickly realizes he has quite a social character – it’s very rare for a dragonfly. But he’ll soon discover that the world he’s so eager to explore is full of strange creatures and dangers. The terrifying shadow of the Emperor threatens him and his dragonfly friends, Lil and Mathis. He’ll have to flee from human beings, fight against merciless Nature and learn about the history of his people before he meets the insect of his dreams... > From 9 up • 192 pages

Gwenaël David grew up in Madagascar and Congo before coming to France to study mathematics. He’s a specialist of entomology and the author of The Pampa Chronicles for hélium.

Publisher • Sophie Giraud Foreign Rights • Elsa Giroux


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