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With over 3 years experience in teaching and a masters degree in linguistics she wants to try something different. (go in another country to teach). ‘ She is an energetic and outgoing person with excellent kids skills.


Working as a kindergarten teacher 2007 and having a masters degree in linguistics she is searching for a new and challenging opportunity. With a nice smile she can handle kids very well.


Looking for an internship in ET she has working experience in the field. AIESEC member until 2010 and volunteered in Habitat for Humanity Romania. Sociable and communicative, would really like to go in Spanish speaking countries.


Alumna of AIESEC Craiova currently studying for her masters degree. She is searching an educational or an HR internship having a lot of experience in both fields form VP eXchange position, her GCDP in Denmark and from her work places.


After studying at the Faculty of Arts (Acting class) she started working with kids and fell in love with this ‘ job. She is looking for an Educational internship having excellent presentation and English skills.


Working as a teacher since 2011 until this summer and with leadership skills (leading a team of 30 people) he decided that ‘ he wants to make a change in society. He wants to go anywhere and to experience new adventures.


With a masters degree in business administration in tourism she wants to travel, see new places and also get more experience either in HR, Marketing or Business Administration.


Sales VP in the last term in AIESEC Craiova she is looking for an internship in Marketing, Sales or HR. She is a hardworking person and has an great equilibrium between results and people.


With a bachelor degree in communication and previous VP OGX in AIESEC Craiova, Andreea is looking for a professional internship in HR. She has great leadership skills and she is an organized person.


With a term as VP Finance in AIESEC CRAIOVA and MCVP Finance, Alin is a skillful person, open-minded and a good trainer. ‘ He is communicative and he has the capacity to adapt in a multicultural environment with team work and team leader experiences.


Wants an internship in Marketing. Currently works at Hilti as Marketing specialist. Besides the working experience she has had a‘ previous GCDP and has amazing social and communication skills. Has excellent English and good German.


This summer he was for 3 months in USA and he is currently working as marketing manager for a company in Romania. He would really like an internship on events, media (worked for a national media trust) or marketing.


AIESECer since spring 2013 and with a Bachelor degree in foreign language education. Currently studying at the masters ‘ of Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Business Administration in Bucharest would really like to go in Malaysia or any Asian country on Marketing or HR.


He wants to go in an internship in India or China on Marketing or Import-Export with the desire to establish relations for future collaborations or to help the company extend on Romanian territory.


Alumna of AIESEC Craiova, Anca lead and was part of many teams. She was in a volunteering ‘ internship in Italy and she is currently having her masters there but she would like to go in an HR or Marketing internship.


After a leadership experience, GCDP in Croatia and work experience he is looking for an internship on Marketing, HR or Business Administration. ‘ A person full of life with good organization and communication skills!


He used to be an AIESECer and has around 964 hours of professional training delivery. He is searching for new exciting ‘ would like to experiences and work either in the HR or training field. He was in a GCDP before.


With a master in AngloAmerican studies (Linguistics) and an Erasmus student in Poland where she studied English Philology, Georgiana is

an active person, sociable because she had the chance to work with people due to my volunteering work and she is also a sensitive persons. She likes to write poems.


A positive, open minded and an active person who enjoys practicing sports. She has a good working background in ‘the economical field and finished her Masters degree in Finance and Business Administration.


Former VP Communication and PR in AIESEC Craiova, Ade is a creative person, open minded, a trustful friend and a good team mate and team leader. Has working experience in marketing.


Alex has a bachelor degree in applied informatics . He is a team-worker, has advanced knowledge of databases and has worked as an electronic engineer. Alex is looking for an internship in engineering.


Working in the hardware development area for a company since around 2010 he is looking for an internship in hardware or software development. Outgoing person, interested in discovering new cultures.


He has a strong will to work abroad and is an independent person. Marian is eager to leave for an internship anytime and ‘ anywhere. He has a Bachelor degree and has worked at Pirelli.


Wants to take an internship on Information Technology and has worked as a Security System Technician. Octavian is a calm person and is eager to take an internship anytime.


Looking for opportunities to develop his professional skills. He is a very motivated person with work experience in engineering. ‘ Just finished his Masters at the Faculty of Mechanics and is looking for an internship with the same background.


A very open-minded person with a big motivation to learn new things. He has a Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Automatics and a great work experience in IT.


Alumnus of AIESEC Craiova, with a master degree in Communication engineering and AIESEC experience on Sales and Finance. ‘ Currently working for Pirelli he is looking for a new experience in WENA on IT or Engineering.


Looking for an internship in IT he has working experience in the field. Teamwork player, adaptable, communicates easily with colleagues and clients, results oriented, open to new challenges and always willing to learn.


Dan has worked for one year as an economist/accountant at a company in Craiova. Has a masters degree in Economics ‘and Business Administration and also a bachelor degree at the Faculty of Computers. Dan has been in Erasmus in Karlsruhe, Germany .


Alumnus of AIESEC Craiova currently searching an internship in engineering. He has amazing leadership, people and organizing skills.


We can also establish partnership based on specific backgrounds or skills. In case you found what you were looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.

For IT EPs: Albu Iulia ( For ET & MT EPs: Izabela Catiru ( ) LCVP OutGoing Programs In AIESEC Craiova, Romania

EP booklet - November - AIESEC Craiova, ROmania  
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