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Volume 154, Number 7

Shevat/Adar 5773

February 2013

Come All and Have a Ball! 2013/5773 Purim Celebration and Carnival Join us on February 24 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for our annual Purim celebration and carnival. The entire family will have loads of fun! First, we’ll

Then, we’ll:

• Enjoy a fun and funny Purim play! • Hear the Junior Choir sing! • Read the Megillah!

• Have lunch! • Play Purim carnival games! • Jump in the bounce house!

Our carnival is a great way to celebrate Purim with family and friends. Come masked or unmasked, in costume or just as yourself. See you then!

Comedy Night “An Evening of Smiles” Saturday, March 2, 7:00–10:00 p.m. Join us for an adult evening of fun and laughter with well-known comedians from New York City! These two hilariously funny comedians have performed on national TV and in popular nightclubs. Dinner, dessert, and drinks will be served in a casual environment. Plan to enjoy a great night of entertainment! Reserve your space ($36.00/person) by contacting Lynn in the office at 203-336-1858 or

Sincere Sympathy

Make a Gift From the Heart

We extend our sympathy to the bereaved families of:

B’nai Israel will be holding its next Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, February 14 between 1:30 and 6:00 p.m. This is your opportunity to give a gift from the heart! Blood supplies have been notoriously low, and we are pleased to be able to make contributions for those in need.

Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson and grandmother of Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro Clinton Edelstein, father of Stewart Edelstein Don Schimmel, father of Linda Koski Marcia Cohen, wife of Selwyn Cohen Valerie Boothroyd, wife of Douglas Boothroyd

Welcome! Welcome!

To schedule an appointment, please call the Red Cross directly at 1-800448-3543. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

A warm welcome to our newest members. We look forward to their participation in our many programs and hope their affiliation will enrich not only their lives, but that of our congregation as well. Ellen Ullman and Larry Tillem and Maya Tillem Fairview Avenue, Fairfield

Sharing Our Joy… Congratulations to Wendy and Don Hyman on the birth of their first granddaughter, Annalise Isabel Martin, daughter of Emily Hyman-Martin and Matthew Martin.

TLC/Temple Loving Care at B’nai Israel Joanne Derwallis and I are planning another communal cooking session to prepare some dinners. As soon as we have a date, we will send it to those who’ve expressed an interest in helping. Would you like me to include you in this e-mail? Please let me know. And if anyone has additional ideas for how we can extend TLC to our synagogue community, please call or email me. Hopefully you have been lucky enough to escape the cold and flu germs! Here’s to good health, Liz (, 203-268-9044)


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From the Rabbi’s Desk

The Making of a Havurah—Thanks to Nicole Wilson-Spiro A few years ago things just fell into place. Conversations with a few young families revealed a tremendous irony. Parents of some of the children in our Early Childhood programs brought their children to B’nai Israel Monday to Friday. Some were here on Sunday morning too, with an older child in our Religious School. The only day of the week that they were not at the temple was Shabbat! Something was wrong with that picture. While we strive to make services family-friendly, it’s clear that Shabbat worship wasn’t something easy or meaningful to those with very young children. Families also liked connecting in a regular fashion. A once-amonth Tot Shabbat just wasn’t on the radar screen. Outreach is crucial if a congregation wants to be relevant and meaningful. We reminded ourselves that formal affiliation, while central to ensuring the stability of the synagogue, doesn’t have to be the first door for people to enter. Build something that is engaging, and then if it is right folks may choose to join. Even if membership is not in the future, we determined, strengthening Jewish families is the right thing to do.

vorites have been a visit from the Beardsley Zoo for parashat Noah and a pasta-fest at the conclusion of Passover. For the older adults in the congregation, one of the delights of our Shabbat morning experience has been watching the young families that gather for breakfast, prayer, song, and Shabbat delights. We are grateful to Nicole for putting the Havurah on the map, for drawing families near and being the inspirational role model she is. It is bittersweet that she will be moving on, but we’re pleased that she is bringing her talents and gifts to the Fellowship for Jewish Learning in Stamford, near where she now lives. On page 4 of the Bulletin you’ll see that not only is Nicole moving on, but our much loved Family Educator of many years, Elaine Chetrit, is retiring from some of her roles at B’nai Israel. My reflections on Elaine and Family Education will appear in this space next month. Along with so many others here at B’nai Israel I wish her great success in her new congregation. We promise to do our very best to keep her legacy going and growing. Rabbi James Prosnit

A large congregation can sometimes be intimidating. We noted that smaller cells within the larger whole can provide a meaningful pathway for involvement. The strength of the entire congregation is enhanced when like-minded people come together to share commonalties of their Jewish journey. And then along came Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro! A former student of ours, Bat Mitzvah, confirmand, BIFTY president, Brandeis grad, and now rabbi had moved back to Connecticut with her husband Michael and children Shaina and Avi (and in the past year or so, Noam). Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro was looking for connections and for a Shabbat community that would be welcoming to her and her young children. She was energetic and visionary. She was interested in investing her time, energy, and considerable talents in creating a Young Families Havurah at B’nai Israel. Under Nicole’s leadership and guidance, for the past three years the Havurah has grown and flourished. Her programming is as creative as they come. She regularly connects themes of the weekly Torah portion or holidays to age-appropriate activities. Some fa-

Follow-Up to the Newtown Shootings— Demand Safe Gun Laws March for Change—Thursday, February 14 at the Hartford State Capital building, 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. Please note that since my last Bulletin article the date of the march on Hartford has been moved up by a month, as the organizers appropriately felt that the legislation would be fast-tracked in Hartford and we needed to make a statement earlier than planned. A bus is being arranged from B’nai Israel. There will be a nominal fee. If you are interested, please let me know at 203336-1858 or

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A Note From Our Family Education Director It is with a heart full of the fondest of memories that I am writing to say that I will be retiring as Family Education Director on March 1. I will continue teaching in the Religious School and teaching adult Hebrew and Torah classes. I want to share with you a little historical perspective of my Family Education journey. 

Shabbat eve, engaging parents and students in exciting learning activities, developing mitzvah projects with future B’nai Mitzvah, exploring sacred texts with adult learners, taking trips to fascinating Jewish sites, being enlightened by compelling speakers, training and participating in adult B’nai Mitzvah, bonding at family retreats in the Berkshires, buildIn the late spring of 1984, I knocked on the door of ing Habitat houses in Bridgeport, meeting Mitzvah then B’nai Israel Education Director Bob Gillette heroes in Israel, serving our greater community at and applied for a position in B’nai Israel’s highly es- Mitzvah fairs, joyously celebrating Jewish festivals teemed Religious School. Thus began my relation- and Shabbat…. How lucky for me that my job meant ship with B’nai Israel and my family’s connection to seeing to all of these meaningful and enriching Jewa spiritual home that has since provided tremendous ish experiences. How lucky too for my family to have joy and fulfillment. In 1986, I sat in the study of our been a part of such valuable Jewish opportunities. Rabbi emeritus, Rabbi Sher, to outline the position of Family Educator I was about to assume. The rest I have been known to speak of B’nai Israel’s mulis history.  tiple functions as Beit Knesset, Beit Midrash, and Beit Tefillah—house of meeting, house of study, Now, 27 years later I look back on a career that root- and  house of prayer.  B’nai Israel has been and aled itself deeply in the landscape of the synagogue, ways will be all of the above, but more than that and over the course of time steadily grew and flour- B’nai Israel has been and always will be my home ished. Spanning all ages and all directions of syna- away from home. You are as much an integral part of gogue life, the position of Family Educator has en- me as I have been a part of you. The friendship, the abled me to embrace and be embraced by our entire family milestones, the myriad experiences—I chercongregation. I feel so fortunate to have been able to ish them all and thank you for filling my life with teach, learn with play with, and pray with so many them. extraordinary individuals and such a warm and welcoming community. Parading with preschoolers at Elaine Chetrit Tot Shabbat, storytelling at Mishpacha Shabbat gatherings, splashing in a pool or the Sound on a summer

From the Young Families Havurah It is with mixed emotions that I let you know that I will be leaving the Young Families Havurah and Congregation B’nai Israel at the end of January. I have often said that the Havurah has been my fourth baby over these past three years. Watching the Havurah grow from just a few families to such a large and vibrant community has been a source of great pleasure and pride for me. And interacting with you and your children during quiet moments of reflection and loud moments of celebration has been such


an honor. I have learned so much from all of you.  I am excited to work on building community in Stamford, and I hope you will come visit me at my new congregation: the Fellowship for Jewish Learning.  Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro

Join the March for Change on February 14. See p. 3 for details.

From Rabbi Schultz

Boo Haman? Much of Judaism allows for many shades of gray. But when it comes to Purim and the nature of evil, the message is clear. It is time to rethink that.

and love bad traits, hate the good path, and are lazy to follow it. Depending on how sick they are, they find it exceedingly burdensome.” Isaiah 5:20 spoke of such people in a like manner: “Woe to those who call the bad good, and the good bad, who take darkness to be light and light to be darkness, who take bitter to be sweet and With the holiday of Purim just a sweet to be bitter.” Concerning them, Proverbs 2:13 few weeks away, we once again stated: “Those who leave the upright paths walk in the are excited to take out our megil- ways of darkness.” lah, bake hamantaschen, choose costumes, and dust off our groggers to blot out the However, Maimonides went on to say, “What is the name of Haman at our Sunday morning Purim celebra- remedy for the morally ill? They should go to the wise, tion. The holiday of Purim is one of those Jewish fes- for they are the healers of souls. They will heal them by tivals that ascribes to the famous saying regarding the teaching them how to acquire proper traits, until they nature of our holidays and how we react to the presence return them to the good path” (Hilchot Deot 2:1). Maiof evil in the world. “They tried to kill us, we prevailed, monides, in his time, may not have fully understood let’s eat!” the nature of mental illness, but he did understand that some individuals had a more difficult time recognizing In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, however, I the difference between right and wrong, and thus needhave been thinking more deeply about how we as Jews ed support and help from others in finding their way. understand the nature of good and evil. Specifically, the question I struggle with is, “Based on what we know As Purim approaches, we should certainly celebrate the about Mr. Lanza and his mental capacity, was it appro- heroics and Mordechai and Esther, and spin our grogpriate, from a Jewish standpoint, to refer to the New- gers when we hear the name of Haman. Beginning with town tragedy as a manifestation of evil in the world?” Maimonides, however, we realize that the nature of While Jewish tradition allows for shades of gray and good and evil is more challenging and complex than multiple opinions on many subjects, when it comes to our earlier Jewish tradition suggests. What constitutes the topic of good and evil, our tradition is rather black “evil” in our modern world, and how do we fulfill our and white. Human beings are born with two inclina- obligation to “blot it out” in the 21st century? How do tions, the inclination toward good (yezter hatov) and we properly support those who are mentally incapable the inclination toward evil (yetzer hara) and, as we of distinguishing between good and evil, right and read in the book of Genesis, we are born with free will, wrong? These questions are important ones as we face and thus a person’s indulgence toward good or evil is a the new realities of our world. With this is struggle, and matter of free choice. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto wrote in I invite your responses and thoughts as we engage in his work, The Way of God, “Man’s inclinations are bal- this important conversation. Please email any responsanced between good and evil.... He has the power and es to, or find me anytime at the choice and is able to choose either side knowingly and synagogue. willingly.” Rabbi Evan Schultz So too in the Mishneh Torah, Maimonides, who was both a rabbi and doctor, suggested that an individual possesses the conscious ability to choose between right and wrong. He wrote, “Those who are morally ill desire

Happy Purim!


From the Early Childhood Center When temperatures drop, the fun Keeping Kids Warm starts for winter enthusiasts. But • Dress your baby or young child in one extra it’s also important to keep safe durlayer than you typically wear outside. Several ing the cold weather. Following thin layers will keep him or her warm and dry. are some tips for the cold season Good layers include a onesie for a baby, thermal from Parents magazine health and underwear for older kids, thick socks a fleece psychology editor Diane Debrovner, who recently aptop, and a hat that covers the ears. peared on the “Today” show. • Do not use a scarf, which can get caught on objects and be a strangulation hazard. Heating Your Home • Infants should be taken out in cold weather only when necessary. • Alternative ways to heat the home can pose se• If your kids are playing outside, have them rious safety hazards if they’re not handled propcome in at least every half-hour to warm up. erly. In a typical year, there are about 10,000 • Stay inside when it is 10 degrees F or lower. residential fires associated with portable heaters, 15,000 fires associated with fireplaces and chimneys, and about 100 deaths associated with Winter Sports Safety carbon monoxide exposure from heating de• Sled feet first or sitting vices. up, not lying down head• Keep young children away from space heaters. first. Never leave them unattended with one. • Kids under 6 should sled • If you do use a space heater, make sure you with an adult. choose one that meets the latest safety standards • All kids should be superand has a seal from an independent testing labovised. ratory. • Only skate in approved areas. On ponds, look • Space heaters need space! Make sure they’re at for approved signs from local police or recreleast 3 feet away from bedding, drapes, furniation departments. ture, or other flammable materials. • Skate in the same direction as the crowd. • Turn the space heater off when you leave a room, • Make sure laces are tied tightly. and never leave it on when you go to sleep.  • Wear goggles and a helmet (plus gloves with • Keep children and any flammable objects at built-in wristguards for snowboarding). least 3 feet from a lit fireplace. • The American Academy of Pediatrics advises • Hearth guards/gates that block off the fireplace against snowboarding before age 7. are good protection for young children.  • Children should always be supervised. • Do not use sharp metal fireplace tools, which • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen—sun can recan injure children. flect off snow and easily cause sunburn in win• Make sure your fireplace and chimney are proter. fessionally inspected every year. • Make sure the flue is open—otherwise carbon Stay safe and have fun! monoxide can build up. • Teach children never to throw anything into the Fondly, fire. Alexa Cohen, Director © 2012 MSNBC Interactive; edited for content. 


Join the March for Change on February 14. See p. 3 for details.

From the Education Center

We’re on the road to… When I was a kid, I remember watching the old “Road to …” movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. They were in black-andwhite films that found the boys and Dorothy Lamour traveling to places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Morocco, and even Utopia! Hope and Crosby would usually play some form of con artists trying to make a lot of money, with Crosby coming up with the ideas and Hope usually doing the dirty work, and they had running gags that would appear in nearly all of the films—like when Hope would address the audience, saying, “He’s gonna sing, folks. Now’s the time to go get some popcorn!” I loved those movies. They made me laugh. They were never really about the place they were going to. They were about the journey. And the journey was about laughter and the occasional song. I still love journeys. It might be actually travelling to places like Florida or Israel or Prague. More often they take place right here at B’nai Israel. They are expeditions that look inward at the way we do things and lead to changes in our congregational culture. They help us make our experiences as a community richer and more meaningful.

Religious School Vision Statement Congregation B’nai Israel Religious School is a learning community that engages individuals and families in building their Jewish identities through purposeful Jewish living and learning, spiritual growth, and tikkun olam (repairing the world). So far we have explored our vision statement and established some overall goals. We are now focusing on what we have identified as our three key priority goals for development: 1. internalizing the meaning behind the concepts students are learning 2. building their Jewish identity 3. creating a peer community There will be several points along the way where we will need input from students, parents, teachers, alumni, our general membership, the leaders of our congregation, and our clergy and senior staff. One such point is coming over the next six weeks or so. Some of you will be invited to focus group meetings. Many of you will be asked to complete an online survey. We will be meeting with some of our students during class time. For this process to work, we need lots of input.

I believe in synagogue learning. I also believe that we have to renew, refresh, and reinvigorate the process of Jewish learning to make sure we are able to reach and engage most of our students. This past fall we introduced the Etgar program, partially as a result of this process The Religious School Vision Team, chaired by Cindy but primarily because of input from our families. Becker, is leading us on such a journey. We last revised our curriculum in a process that was completed 13 years Join us on the road to Jewish Learning at B’nai Israel ago. The youngest child in our school at that time has 3.0. Like Dorothy and the boys, we will have a lot of now graduated high school. The needs and priorities of fun and some laughs. I promise not to sing, but many our congregation have certainly shifted somewhat in of you and all our children will. And the journey will that time. So it is time to go on this journey. Our goal be more important than the destination, but it is a trip is to create a vision of what Jewish learning for young worth taking! people at B’nai Israel should look like over the next 5–10 years and to develop and implement a plan to get L’shalom, Ira J. Wise, Director of Education us there.

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February Events at B’nai Israel Mixing Religion and Politics: A New Generation Speaks of and for Israel—With Steven Krubiner Friday, February 8 This is part of a special series in which we focus on some “hot” topics presented by talented, passionate, and articulate people who have been long connected to B’nai Israel. Steven Krubiner grew up at B’nai Israel and today lives in Washington, DC. He is the Chief of Staff for J Street and has spent the past decade working on Middle East conflict resolution, including nearly five years in Israel. Steven was previously J Street’s Director of Israel and International Programs and oversaw efforts to highlight the significant support that exists in Israel for a two-state solution. This program will begin around 8:00 p.m., following 6:00 p.m. services and 7:00 p.m. dinner. Reservations and a charge for dinner only—contact Lynn at 203-336-1858 or

Whale of a Tale: Charting the Course to Recovery for Iconic Wildlife Havdalah Happening—Saturday, February 9 at 4:30 p.m. The world’s oceans once supported thriving populations of large marine species. However, a combination of threats continues to affect the natural balance of these ecosystems. The environmental conservation movement is “turning the tide.” But are these animals saved? What is being done, and will current actions enable the United States to consider these treasures “saved?” Howard Rosenbaum, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Ocean Giants Program, will share the story of their decline and how conservationists are working to preserve the world’s most iconic ocean creatures. For those interested in pursuing studies or career paths in environmental fields, Howard will also speak about potential avenues to consider.

Brotherhood News As part of our Sunday Morning Speaker Series, Alan Freedman, president of the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, will be our featured guest on Sunday, February 10, at 9:45 a.m. A light breakfast will be served in the Pavilion hallway followed by his lecture in the Chapel. The event is free, open to all congregants and their guests, and is appropriate for schoolaged children and adults. The discussion will focus on the significant impact Jews have made on sports, as well as the importance of sport as a methodology of weaving Jews, and other minorities, into the American tapestry.


At Brotherhood we measure our success by the mitzvahs we make and the joy they bring…whether you are already a member, or are looking for a fun and productive way to get more involved in temple life, come on out and lend a hand in the company of some really great guys who love to have fun! Drop me an e-mail anytime for more information. L’shalom, Jim Greenberg, Brotherhood President

Happy Purim!

Adult Jewish Learning at Congregation B’nai Israel The Journey Toward the Promised Land Continues Saturday Morning Torah Study at 9:30 a.m. Every Saturday morning we learn Torah together—some attend 8:00 a.m. services, while others arrive in time for the study group. Some participate every week, and others drop in when they can. Some have solid biblical backgrounds, and others are novices to the study. Some know Hebrew, and most do not. Bottom line: Everyone is welcome! Join us for an enriching, enjoyable, and engaging hour of weekly learning of our most sacred text. Parent Learning Circle Sunday, February 3 at 10:30 a.m. The Parent Learning Circle (PLC) is an opportunity for parents of students in Gan through Kitah Gimel (kindergarten through grade 3) to connect, learn, and create community. Our learning and discussions mirror the topics that students are learning in their classrooms. PLC helps parents feel better prepared to answer children’s questions about Judaism, God, birth, death, and much more. PLC also helps group members gain confidence in celebrating Shabbat and holidays, and engaging in Jewish rituals. And participants will have an opportunity to learn Hebrew during the first 20 minute of each class, just like the children in their classrooms! Join us for the whole session, or drop in at 10:50 to participate in the Jewish living conversations. With Rabbi Schultz. Raising the “Bar” in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Monday, February 4 at 6:00 p.m. Join us as Rabbi Schultz continues this four-part series for parents of upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah students. The sessions will be an opportunity for parents to both study together and create an open forum for discussion on contemporary topics and issues related to the Bar and Bat Mitzvah process. As parents, you will have a space to talk about how you are feeling about this major upcoming event in the life of your family with clergy and like-minded adults. All parents of upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah students are encouraged to attend! Note: Supervised pizza dinner/ study hall will be provided for students from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. RSVP to Rabbi Schultz at 203-336-1858 or eschultz@ by that Monday at noon if your child will be joining us for dinner.

The Changing Face of the Middle East— in conjunction with Trinity Church, Southport, and Fairfield University Thursday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. Professor Yoram Peri, the Abraham S. and Jack Kay Chair in Israel Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park, will speak on the impact of the “Arab Spring” on Israel. Professor Peri is a former political advisor to the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the founder and former head of the Chaim Herzog Institute for Media, Politics and Society. Among his publications are The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (Stanford University Press) and Between Battles and Ballots: Israel Military in Politics (Cambridge University Press). The Modern Jewish Short Story Monday Midrasha—Monday, February 25, and March 4, 11, 18 at 7:00 p.m. Over the course of the last century, the Jewish short story has become a major presence in the world of Jewish literature. Participants in this course will have an opportunity to read and discuss a wide variety of Jewish authors, including Sholom Aleichem, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Bernard Malamud, Nathan Englander, Shalom Auslander, and Israeli author Etgar Keret. A course reader with all stories will be provided in both paper and digital format. With Rabbi Schultz. The Visitor, by Carol Mack (B’nai Israel congregant) The Quick Center, Tuesday, March 19 at 8:00 p.m. The Carl and Dorothy Bennett Center for Judaic Studies at Fairfield University is presenting Carol Mack’s play The Visitor (co-sponsored with the American Studies program) as a staged reading in the Wien Experimental Theater at the Quick Center. It is based on a true story that took place in New York City when Teddy Roosevelt was police commissioner. Admission is free. To reserve a seat, call the Bennett Center at 203-254-4000, ext 2066.

Join the March for Change on February 14. See p. 3 for details.


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Prayer Book Fund Rita and Dan Shichman with joy in honor of the marriage of their grandson, David Baehr, to Jessica Viner. Matthew and Patricia Wunder in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson.

Religious School Enrichment Fund Jeff, Jackie, and Josh Madwed in appreciation to Claire Baker and in honor of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah. Religious School Scholarship Fund Jeff, Jackie, and Josh Madwed in appreciation to Ira Wise and in honor of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah. Julie, Steve, Justin, and Kayla Pressman—Happy Chanukah to Bonnie Alterman. Nursery School Enrichment Fund Daniel Satlow and Sara Nuland in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson. Serena and Arnie Sher in memory of beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson and grandmother of Nicole Wilson-Spiro. Debbie, Dan, Jaime, and Matthew Viens in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson. Nursery School Scholarship Fund Early Childhood Education Center Staff in memory of Mildred Gulnick, grandmother of Nicole Wilson-Spiro, mother of Nancy Wilson. Martha and Jim McGraw in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson. Judith Brav Sher Fund Judi and David Beier in honor of the birth of Eliana Paige Laragh, granddaughter of Elaine and Juda Chetrit. Elaine and Juda Chetrit in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson and grandmother of Nicole Wilson-Spiro. Alexa and David Cohen in honor of the birth of Eliana Paige, granddaughter of Elaine and Juda Chetrit. Jeff and Jackie Madwed, Josh and Rachel in appreciation to Elaine Chetrit and in honor of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah; in honor of Elaine and Juda becoming grandparents. Paul and Jessica Rosenblatt—congratulations to Elaine and Juda Chetrit on the birth of their first grandchild, Eliana Paige Laragh, daughter of Marci and Rob Laragh. Serena and Arnie Sher in honor of the birth of Eliana Paige, granddaughter of Juda and Elaine Chetrit.

Slepian Floral Fund Sheila Madow in loving memory of daughter, Debbie Madow. Barbara Panisch in honor of Barbara Haflich. Barbara, Harry, and Mike Panisch in loving memory of Debra Madow. Rabbi Arnold I. Sher Social Action Fund Jeffery Ackerman and Andrea Goodman in honor of the birth of Eliana Paige Laragh, granddaughter of Elaine and Juda Chetrit. Lee Attenberg in appreciation to Bari Dworken for her wonderful presentation. Leonard Berkowitz for the Mazur Foundation—a contribution. Ellen and Larry Dinkes in honor of the birth of Ava and Shira, twin granddaughters of Dan and Laurie Schopick. Ilse Levi in memory of beloved mother, Helen Vogel Strauss. Sheila Madow and family—Can’t thank you enough, Rabbi Sher! Serena and Arnie Sher in memory of Clinton Edelstein, father of Stewart Edelstein; in memory of Marcia Cohen, wife of Selwyn Cohen. Elaine and Marc Silverman in honor of the engagement of Julie Reich, daughter of Beth and Randy, to Brandon Stein; in honor of Julie passing the bar. Suzanne Phillip and Steve Soberman in memory of Richard DiDonato, fiancé of Diane Bader. Rabbi Martin Library Fund Muriel Lefsetz in memory of Louis Cohen; in honor of Barbara Haflich’s birthday. Bob and Marsha Gillette Fund Julie, Steve, Justin, and Kayla Pressman—Happy Chanukah to Elaine Chetrit. Kelly and Glen Reznikoff in honor of the birth of Eliana Paige, granddaughter of Elaine and Juda Chetrit. BIFTY Greenwald Scholarship Fund Bernard and Irma Postyn in honor of the 80th birthday of Samuel Marks. MAZON Rob and Barbara Liberman in loving memory of brother, Ken Liberman. Ken and Nora Mayerson—in memory of mother, Lily Silverman Sherefshevsky Jonathan and Cleo Sonneborn—in honor of Barabara Edinberg for all her good work during her long working career at BCAC. Vision Loan Reduction Fund Jeffrey and Mindy Siegel—a contribution. Michael Rosenberg in memory of his wife, Frania Rosenberg, and his uncle, Melech Rosenberg. Patti and Samuel Rosenberg in memory of Mildred Gulnick, mother of Nancy Wilson.

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SHABBAT SERVICE SCHEDULE (Fridays at 6:00 p.m. where indicated, preceded by an Oneg Shabbat at 5:30 p.m.)

Friday, February 1 6:00 p.m. Service Torah Portion – Yitro Exod. 18:1-20:23 Haftarah – Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6 Saturday, February 2 8:00 a.m. Service 9:00 a.m. Brotherhood Breakfast 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 9:30 a.m. Young Families Havurah 11:00 a.m. B’not Mitzvah of Rachel and Alison Hagani, daughters of Jim and Andrea Hagani

Friday, February 8 6:00 p.m. Service Torah Portion – Mishpatim Exod. 21:1-24:1 Haftarah – 2 Kings 12:5-16 The B’nai Israel Band will play. Saturday, February 9—Shabbat Shekalim 8:00 a.m. Service 9:00 a.m. Brotherhood Breakfast 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 9:30 a.m. Young Families Havurah Friday, February 15 6:00 p.m. Service Torah Portion – T’rumah Exod. 25:1-27:19 Haftarah – Isaiah 66:1-13, 23

Saturday, February 16 8:00 a.m. Service 9:00 a.m. Brotherhood Breakfast 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 9:30 a.m. Young Families Havurah Friday, February 22 6:00 p.m. Service Torah Portion – T’tzaveh Exod. 27:20-30:10 Haftarah – Esther 7:1-10; 8:15-17 or 1 Samuel 15:2-34 Saturday, February 23—Purim begins at sundown 8:00 a.m. Service 9:00 a.m. Brotherhood Breakfast 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 9:30 a.m. Young Families Havurah

High Holy Days Appeal Contributions Pillar of Congregation Aline and Roy Friedman Jerry and Jane Pressman Benefactor of Congregation Amy and Glenn Rich Serena and Arnie Sher Allan and Claire Shumofsky President’s Circle Carson and Robert Berkowitz Peter and Carol Mack Judy and Marty Waldman General Contributions Alan and Harriet Nelson Leona G. Attenberg Al and Judy Rankell Samuel and Barbara Boyarsky Kelly and Glen Reznikoff Marty and Alayne Burger Randy Dorfman Ken and Honey Sacks Barbara and Gilbert Saltman Steven and Barbara Gersen Abigail Schine Geoffrey Gladstein Martin Silverman Maxine and Stewart Gross Shirley Lantz Miriam Spero Esther Spiegel Muriel Lefsetz Lori and Dan Underberger Marc and Joan Levy Charlene and Allen Marx Are you ready for eB’nai? Learn more—turn to the back cover!


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Happy Purim!

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Dr. Edward Portnay

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