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FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2011 “Give art a chance!”, the premise of Artsfest 2011. This has been the third year that Pamantasan ng Cabuyao held its Arts Festival, and each year it surprises us with different alluring and remarkable genres, which include photo exhibits, film showing and production numbers.

The 3-day festivity was conducted on February 16-18.The first day was the grand opening ceremony which was initiated by the superb performance of the PnC Chorale and PnC Peps. The PnC Chorale entertained the crowd with their delightful voices while the Peps wowed us as they exuded in the Cos-play show. The ceremony was graced by the presence of a special guest who has partial visual impairment but strives to carve a name in the industry of photography, Mr. Randolph De Leon. He stressed in his message the phrase, “make a difference”, which tells us that disability should not thwart our visions in life, but rather use it as our brainwave to make an exemplary performance as we materialize our visions. The second day showcased three Filipino Independent films. Its aim

is for the students to value more Filipino movies, a form of art which usually convey real stories of life. The films were Manoro ( The teacher), Colorum, and Kinatay. The third day was the highlight of the annual event, the “Teachers on the Loose”, which was entitled “The Geeks… Titsers got talent!”, one of the main events of the festivity attested how versatile the PnC teachers are, that they are not just masters of the four corners of our classroom but also experts when it comes to stage performance. The gym was jam-packed as it was filled with cheers, roars, applauses and standing ovation as the geeks (teachers) entertained us with their stunning and astonishing performances. This year’s Arts celebration was another triumph of the university as it gives value to the work of art. As Prof. Albert Madrigal said, “…hindi lamang karunungan ang ating pinahahalagahan kundi pati na rin ang sining at kultura…” Kudos to all the people behind the success of this event!

Mayor meets with students

Jessa Marie R. Cantillan

CLEAR. Mayor Jun Hemedes discussed the development and progress of Cabuyao and answered questions from students.

Pears Myra C. Leosala

After a hard semester, the students of Pamantasan Ng Cabuyao cooled down by having a Mayor’s Forum on October 22, 2010 at the multipurpose hall. For the past months, students were having doubts about the improvements said to happen in the campus. Everyone is wondering where the miscellaneous fees are going and is it really used to increase the standards and maintain the facilities of PNC. And is it true that all the miscellaneous fees are needed and used by the students? The students expected straight to the point answers from our mayor, Hon. Isidro Hemedes Jr. Prof. Albert D. Madrigal pointed out in his opening remarks that having a mayor’s forum is a good practice among many local universities, where students can have a dialogue with and raise questions to the honorable mayor. In his speech, Mayor Hemedes informed the students with

Mayor meets with 2

Consultation meetings held:

Increase in sundry fees tackled Jamayca F. Benito Consultation meetings were done consecutively headed by the Office of the Students Affairs (OSA) and the Office of the Vice- President for Academic Affairs at the PnC gymnasium/Multi-purpose Hall last January 5 – 11, 2011. Professor Edgardo Salazar specified the miscellaneous fees to be increased for the next school year. Including therein are the following: Departmental fee – from P100 to P200; Educational materials fee – from P50 to P100; Athletic fee – from P50 to P100; and an additional clinic service fee of P50. According to Prof. Albert Madrigal, the increase is needed for the improvement of the affected miscellaneous. For a broad look, these are the applications of the hike in sundry fees: Departmental fee – for additional fund for the department to be used for its development and activities. Educational Materials Fee – no student will pay for the examination papers (major exams) every sem Athletic Fee – to give additional support for the acquisition of sports paraphernalia and to fund the student athletes whenever they may have engagements outside like the ALCUlympics. Clinic Service Fee – to sustain and improve the clinic facilities and for medicine acquisition as to the needs of the students.

SUCCESS. Mayor Jun Hemedes and Vice Mayor Mel Gecolea shook hands with the PnC Officials as the Forum ended.

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Titser ako...Ngayon, Bukas, Kailanman!

Ini-christ Deliton

February 14, 2010, PnC celebrated two major events: the Teacher’s day and Valentine’s Day. The PnC ground was covered with red as it was declared Red day. Students and teachers had an option to wear red or their regular unifoirms. The program started with the entrance of the teachers from the different colleges. Prof. Albert D. Madrigal, Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivered the welcome remarks by presenting two Education students to deliver a poem and a declamation piece to the teachers. The students from the different colleges presented their tribute to the professors of their college. The crowd was entertained by the performance of the PnC Peps on their theme “Iskul Bukol”. The program also included the Eraser Awards, a traditional just-for-fun awards for the teachers which

The awardees for the different categories are Mr. Pure Energy - Prof. Niño Viñas Ms. Pure Energy - Prof. Ruby Ann League Mr. Personality – Prof. Edwin Paming Ms. Personality – Prof. Jennelyn Sabando Mr. Hunk – Prof. Edgardo Salazar Ms. Sexy –Prof. Jennelyn Sabando Mr. Popularity –Prof. Jennelyn Sabando Mr. Popularity - Prof.Edgardo Salazar Mr. Terrorist – Prof. Marilyn Alintanahin Ms. Terrorist - Prof. Warlito Blanche Mr. Campus Crush – Prof. Dennis Janda Ms. Campus Crush – Prof. Jennelyn Sabando Mr. Congeniality - Prof. Dennis Janda Ms. Congeniality – Prof. Ma. Gloria Greganda Mr. Early Bird – Dr. Rommel D.C Mallari Ms. Early Bird – Prof. Nenita Carasus started in 2004. The program ended with the distribution of Special Gifts for the Teachers with the song “Salamat” performed by the PnC Chorale.

PnC ROTC constantly bags success

Michelle Macahilig

PnC Recognizes new batch of officers PnC ROTC new batch of officers was recognized last 2 October 2010 at the PnC Multipurpose Hall. The said event was participated by cadets, guest and parents of the newly recognized officers. After the opening ceremony, Dr. Gaudencio Lat, guest speaker of the event, welcomed the cadets and parents who attended the ceremony in spite of the bad weather condition to witness the recognition of 36 cadet trainees who underwent training to become part of the core of officers of the Pamantasan ng Cabuyao ROTC unit. He mentioned several awards bagged by the unit for the last two years after it was established as part of the university organization. An inspirational message was pronounced by Mrs. Irma Dela Cruz, NSTP/ROTC coordinator of the new batch of officers, for them to strive more to become responsible leaders. Lt.Col Eriberto G. Isip of the

Philippine Army and Commandant of PnC ROTC unit awarded the badges and certificates to the 36 new officers with their rank as cadet second lieutenant: Peejay Barrientos, Magic Desmonte, John Paulo Escobar,John Paul Galisim, Jomar Geneve, Jaenard Natividad, Julius Legaspi, Anton Jericho Panghulan, Marlon Rebullo, Allan Christopher Tunay, Jasmin Antiporta, Kristal Basacoy, Melanie Bual, Sharmaine Cadag, Mariz Katrin Capon, Carla Cervantes, Hershey Mae Corrales, Jeaneth Dacera, Michelle Espineda, Vanessa Flores, Anne Bernadette Grafe, Rashel Grijaldo, Melody Mae Hermano, Rubie Ann Lipio, Rhealyn Lomogbad, Jenny Mangosing, Elma Rose Molina, Corlina Ocampo, Antonette Orillaneda, Katherine Papa, Sheinamiah Penicate, Joyce Rabor, Cherry Rosalejos, Mary Grace Samson, Careel Tope and Janelle Rivera. PnC 3

Mayor 1 the development of Cabuyao and how this town prospered, saying, “Magkadikit na ang tao at gobyerno ngayon.” He also mentioned the amount of savings of Cabuyao. This amazed the students but brought more question to their minds. Students started to think if it really happened, when it happened, where the money will go or went and when will the Cabueños feel the prosperity the mayor has mentioned. Vice Mayor Rommel Gecolea also made a speech emphasizing the importance of teamwork with his favorite expression from an educational kid’s show, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork.” He also mentioned the plans for the university and of having a PnC Sports Complex. Vice Mayor Gecolea said that it might take some time but nothing is impossible if everybody will work for it. Everyone felt excited and afraid if this plan will continue or will be forgotten. The start of the Q and A with the Mayor was signaled by our University President Prof. Atmosfera by saying, “This is a good opportunity to inform them about our problems and issues in the university. And take advantage of the occasion.” Here are some of the questions and answers from the Mayor’s Forum. 1. Q: Bakit hindi pare-pareho ang amount para sa financial assistance? Hindi kapag mas mataas ang grades tumataas din po ang financial assistance? A: Kapag 1.00-1.25, full time scholar iyon. Minsan kasi binabase rin namin sa trabaho ng magulang. And now we’re trying to set standards for the students about their financial assistance. 2. Q: Ano po ba ang mga plano ninyo sa University at sa ikauunlad nito? A: We really have to establish good will and reputation. We are trying to be compliant with CHED. Facilities are being upgraded. And we don’t want a sub-standard university. We want the work to be sustained and we have a concrete plan for the university. 3. Q: Bakit po delayed ang sweldo ng mga Student Assistant? A: Maybe the processing will be faster and the pay-roll journal will be finished earlier. 4. Q: Anu-ano ang mga programa para masolusyonan ang pagiging unemployed ng mga estudyante? A: We prioritize the graduates of PNC. We are building the science park of Cabuyao and different businesses. Most of the OJT’s are from PNC. We try to count every freshman to know where to put them after graduating. We teamed-up with other multi-million businesses to ensure the graduates of PNC to have jobs. 5. Q: Possible po ba na optional na lang ang internet fee? A: The internet fee is for educational purposes and not a business of the University. Maybe it’s a matter of proper scheduling to accommodate all the students. po


Have some of your issues and questions been answered and clarified? Are you satisfied with our mayor’s answer and trust his promises about the plans for our university? Let us just wait and see on the improvements our municipality is laying out for our university and hope that we will continue to grow, be an established and well known school in the country. H

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Michelle Macahilig “The Registrar’s office is the university’s mirror.” This was the statement from the Head of University Registrar Mr. Renante Artificio claiming the primary function of the University Registrar as one of the service units of the Pamantasan. The Registrar’s office holds the student record. The entrance examination, enrollment period and graduation period are the busiest calendar days for the registrar’s office. Aside from being the record keeper of the school, it is also in charge with the release of copy of grades, room assignments, schedule of exams, deliberation for the graduating students, release of good moral characters and other student requirements for employment. The registrar’s office serves as the direct in charge of the school’s honor graduates in the Office of the Civil Service which exempts the Cum laude, Magna cum laude and Suma cum laude from the Civil Service examination-one of the requirements for the government services. The university registrar is also the university’s liaison which directly coordinates in the office of CHED and TESDA for the records of students and the office for which company calls for the list of names and contact numbers of students available for employment or OJTs’. There are five staff in the office that functions for each corresponding colleges. If there is any request to be processed or reports to be submitted, they will do the paper work and will be approved by Mr. Artificio. Just like any other offices in the university,the Registrar’s staff also experienced difficulties from the past years of its existence in the school. There was a time that almost all of the staff were pulled out from the office and only the Registrar head and an assistant were left and it functioned for two months. Aside from this, they also experienced shortage on supplies such as printer, equipments, filing cabinets and etc. They do not have an encoder, checker, record officer and extension officer. For them to carry out the insufficient supplies in the office, they tend to provide the supplies needed by the office. During the year 2008-2009, they started to put into practice the use of computerized card or “ComCard” and the system of encoding the grades. This is for the teachers to have an easier process of encoding the students’ grade by simply uploading the grades into a specialized system in the computer, and the grades of the students will reflect automatically into the ComCard. In this way, the Registrar’s office can protect the integrity of the school in terms of record maintenance. The common errors that they had encountered every end of the semester were the errors in the grade sheet. Students commonly complained about the errors in grade on their ComCard as compared to the recorded grade in the official grade sheet. There are two reasons for this type of error; teacher’s fault or registrar’s fault. When the error is made by the registrar’s office, they can easily change the error based on the official grading sheet passed by the professor. But if the teacher has made the error, the teacher will be asked to make a letter addressed to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs before changes are made to the student’s grade. Other common dilemma in the process made inside the registrar office is the delays caused by inevitable events that made those delays in the process of papers. The Registrar’s office is one of the important offices in the university. They keep the school’s integrity, and credibility. It is the first and last destination of the students during enrollment and end of every semester. We need to be familiar with its importance and to appreciate its function in the university.

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College of Engineering celebrates its day

Christian Denn S. Ravello

As one, the four organizations under the college of engineering (E-pillars, OECES, ACOES, CIESO) accomplished the Engineering Day last Decemeber 5, 2010 with the theme: Four bodies One mind. The college of engineering held the main events of its celebration(Quiz bee, Sportsfest, and Machoneering) at the Katapatan Basketball Court and PnC Gymnasium. The quizbee was dominated by the ECES’s as Team ECE1 and ECE2 finished champions and first runner up. The competition was about Engineering mathematics and general information. Volleyball and Basketball were played in the sports event.Each team was composed of students from different departments and competed for the championships. The night’s main event was the “machoneering”. Machoneering is on its third year as a main event in engineering day. John Mathew Fernandez was awarded machoneering 2010.

PnC attends PACSA convention

Christian Denn S. Ravello

The USG officers, together with The OSA Dean Edgardo C. Salazar and Prof. Jason Bobis, attended the 31st PACSA convention held at the Teacher’s Camp Baguio, Baguio city. The event, which lasted from November 26 to 29, provided seminars that tackled topics regarding journalism, Libel law, and issues faced by the youth. These topics were particularly discussed for the students who attended the convention. A separate deliberation about laws on being an adviser took place and an election of officers followed after. PnC was affiliated to PACSA since 2009 and was invited to attend the convention for the second time. PnC ROTC... from page 2 ROTC Team building 2010 Last 11 December 2010, the oath of sportsmanship taken by approximately 250 cadets’ serves as the official start of the team building project of the PnC ROTC Unit held at the PnC basketball court. The highlight of the said event was the games for the team building activity which includes tug of war, spider web, relay and the great obstacle course. The activity started with a short program where Mr. Edgardo Salazar shared his talk about the essence of the team building to the development of student’s leadership skills and team cooperation. At 9:30 in the morning, C/Col George Michael Rito officially opened the team building. Every team showed camaraderie among their team mates and opponents, some were injured during the games but still the game went on. At the end of the team building, the victors were the following: 2nd runner-up Bravo first platoon; 1st runner-up Delta first platoon; Champion Alpha second platoon. Each team received a trophy and cash prizes. PnC finally wins the Perpetual trophy PnC ROTC outshines other schools as they receive the prestigious Perpetual Trophy from its recent holder University of the Philippines Los Baños last 20 February 2011 at the Laguna State Polytechnic University Sta. Cruz. Out of 11 schools that competed for different categories, PnC got 7 out of 10 championships namely; assembly/disassembly of Cal.45 and M16 A1 riffle, Oppord writing, Map reading and land navigation, Camouflaging , PFT(Physical Fitness test) and Theoretical exam while 1st runner-up on the SUT and Platoon Drill and 2nd runner-up in DRRO. PnC garnered an average score of 91 % for the over-all scores from the different categories that made it to the over-all champion. 1st runner-up was the Laguna University Sta. Cruz while 2nd runner-up was the University of the Philippines Los Baños. PnC will defend its title for three consecutive years to absolutely own the title.


Year of the Metal Rabbit “Kung Hei Fat Choi” Rabbit (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011) Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, astute, compassionate, flexible, can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, and stubborn. 2011 is the year of the Metal Rabbit. There are many unlucky stars that are gathered under their sign and present in their life cycle in year 2011. More or less, they will be under stress and they will face many obstructions, tough time, challenges and persecutions or problems during the year. They should be very careful in handling their work or business and do things step by step. House/Office Location If their house or office is facing east, they must put some Feng Shui cures to balance the negative energy to avoid the unpredictable things that might happen, especially in the Lunar months of May and November. Work There are two lucky stars existing under the sign of Rabbits, namely the General Star and Treasure Star. The General Star will give them positive energy and encouragement that will motivate the Rabbits to have the guts to face their challenges and problems in order to be successful. They will enjoy excellent benefits at work this year if they are willing to work hard. Money The appearance of the Treasure Star will help the Rabbits to have better luck in money matters. Of course, they have to be cautious in handling their money well to avoid losing money. First, they should not act as guarantor for others. Second, they should not borrow money from others. Third, they should keep their eyes open on their investments. Fourth, they should not be too greedy. Fifth, they should treat people with humility and sincerity. Sixth, they have save money for the rainy days. Seventh, they have to know when to move forward and when to back step everything, especially in business. Love This is an idle year for Rabbits. They should not expect too much. Single Rabbits will have chance to meet their dream lovers. For married Rabbits, they will enjoy a harmonious family life the whole year. Health Rabbits should keep away from sharp objects and pay attention to road safety. The younger generation of Rabbits should control their temper to avoid fights with other people. Rabbits should try to avoid going to funerals or attending wakes during the whole year. Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, zealous, eccentric, intellectual, fiery, passionate, decisive, pioneering, ambitious, artistic, generous, loyal. Can be tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous and brash. This is a successful year for Dragons. However, they have to be wary of hidden enemies and they should know how to protect themselves. They should make use of this year to carry out their new projects with great planning. It is important that they should not think twice or hesitate too much when making decisions. “Time is money and it goes rapidly and never to return.” Money Dragons will have better luck in money affairs and it is promising. They will have satisfactory income from their investments and hard work. It is especially lucky for them to look at the overseas market. Love Dragons should not keep their hopes up high this year. On the other hand, single Dragon ladies will have better luck than their male counterparts when it comes to romance. They will have the chance to meet their dream lovers. Married couples will enjoy peaceful family life. Health Dragons tend to be absent-minded because of the appearance of the antagonistic stars. They should relax more and make sure that they get enough rest. They have to pay attention to abdominal pains and digestive problems. Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001) Deep thinker, wise, mystic, graceful, soft-spoken, sensual, creative, prudent, shrewd, ambitious, elegant, cautious, responsible, calm, strong, constant, purposeful. Can be a loner, bad communicator, possessive, hedonistic, self-doubting, distrustful, mendacious, suffocating, and cold. Work A busy and tough year for Snakes. They have to double their efforts at work to be successful. They need strong determination and persistence. Movements, like moving house, change of office, traveling, etc., can be a kind of change. They should be flexible in coping with the change which is beneficial for their career. Overall, if they want to reach success, they have to understand their actual strengths very well and keep their movement in sync with their present conditions. Money Money luck is easy come, easy goes. They have the possibility to overspend and they must have the habit to save and budget resources. Alertness must be observed to avoid money trap. Love They should not expect too much fireworks in the romance area this year.

Year of the 9

ATTENTION! The PnC ROTC Unit stood firm as they joined the ROTC Festival.(photos courtesy of C/Lt Col. Arriane Cris Balbin)

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Michelle Mac


ARTS and LETTERS Magelane V. Leoparte

Honey, it’s February

I really had a long time thinking what to write. Since it’s the month of hearts please forgive me if this column will be of “love na naman.” I just thought that maybe this could help you find an answer. Falling in love and love itself are two different feelings. Falling in love can be either you’re just infatuated or a first step towards love. Usually if you ask yourself, ‘Am I in love?’ it means you’re not, because when you’ve fallen in love you already have no questions, no doubts. Falling in love is crazy, it’s very physical, it’s when knees get weak and temperature rises. When two lovers work on their relationship, that feeling can grow into love. Love is calm, comfortable and mental. Love is magic. It has the power to heal illnesses and overcome challenges. When you’re loved, you’re not alone. In this column, I cited some, not all, of your needs in finding your other half.

The key is in our hands

Some of the Universities and Colleges in our country generally continue its operation by using their own funds, but the local colleges and universities that are members of the ALCU are operating with the help of our local government with funds coming from provincial and municipal units. When it comes to establishments, facilities and equipment, these two sectors have big differences. Private colleges and universities can provide modern technology and apparatuses to have an actual application of the job the students may have in the future. Requirements that are needed to be submitted to CHED are easily convened. And with these situations, it is more profitable for this institution to be well known in producing quality graduates. Competing with the other graduates is effortless. Unlike in local institutions, they have a hard time complying with the requirements to be titled as a university or college. Financial support from the local government is not easily provided, because of the other problems that take place whenever a bad situation occurs - either economical or political. That is why graduates from these institutions have difficulty in competing with other graduates that come from the private institutions. Since majority of the companies in our country focus on what university the graduate is from, many favor giving the private universities a stable and secure job for their graduates in the future. Through this, majority of the population conclude that it is more trustworthy and secure to enroll in a well known university or college. But do you think that these conditions are always true? What if an individual doesn not have enough money to enrol or sustain his/her study in this sector? Do you think that the university or the college is always the basis in producing a quality employee? In some part, maybe yes. But to sum up all of these, the key to be a competitive employee lies in our hands. The best way to be a successful individual will always depend on how one sees himself/herself in a positive perception of life. But if you think negatively, it is more complicated to see the opportunities that are available to have a better life. It is your choice whether you will make a difference by striving harder and will not take any hindrance as a handicap in achieving success.


Honesty. Humility. Humanism. Eternal virtues we uphold. Responsible journalism is our pens’ mark. Accuracy is our words’ weight. Loyalty to truth, objectivity we always carry. Dignity in word and work: our identity.

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Erwin S. Geluz Editor-in-Chief Christian Denn S. Ravello Associate Editor Michelle P. Macahilig Managing Editor Magelane V. Leoparte Literary-Features Editor Stephany B. Gallego News and Sports Editor Jamayca F. Benito Artist Maria Belinda D. Canlas Blogger Eliza G. De Loyola,Ini-Christ B. Deliton Senior Reporters Jessa Marie R. Cantillan,Lou Viña M. Tambunting, Jeneva S. Baltazar,Pears Myra C. Leosala Junior Reporters Rinalynn L. Borito Adviser

How to win her heart Girls are one-of-a-kind. They choose their partners carefully. They never stop loving until their Prince Charming comes. But what really captures a woman’s heart? Females like it when males are masculine and strong enough to protect them anytime. You can impress her with your own style, be original. When guys aren’t so vain, they’re hotter. Pretentions do not really work at all. Men drink, but this is a matter of frequency. Don’t show that you drink too much if you don’t want your girl to turn her back on you. Women really love unexpected gifts and surprises. Almost every female likes the doors being opened for her; chairs being offered; careful hands helping her take off the coat, and so on. Please understand that almost all women are loud, but they are always ready to listen when you speak. They love it when a man shares his interests and dreams. Just remember to be true to your feelings and yourself to be able to win her heart. Be honest and make her happy on top of the best that you can do. What a man needs He needs a girl to always care for him, cook/prepare food for him, embrace him when he’s stressed, a partner in all matters. Men don’t like a woman who talks too loud. So try to soften your voice and be sweet. Appearance is a big issue. Boys are attracted to simple and yet elegant girls. It is important to leave a good impression to guys because once they had a bad one they probably will not look the second time. Give a man a reason to think about you. Wear that beautiful smile of yours that he can’t get out of his mind. Most men don’t like it when you’re obviously like them. Maintain a girl’s pride and attract a guy with your mysterious ways. Let him know you’re different among the rest. We all do have our own priorities on having relationships. What’s important is accepting your partner whatever flaws and pasts he/she had. As the love grows, you’ll no longer concern yourself with the way he/she looks. You really have fallen in love with the personality. You will love him/her more when you can be who you are even if it’s your worst. (For suggestions on this column, please send it to literaryfeatures@ You can also make requests.)

Status Quo Stephany B. Gallego


June 02, 2010 A Filipina domestic helper in Saudi Arabia who has been working there for eight months had been raped by her employer. Police rescued her after she called the Philippine Consulate coordinator in Al-Salamah district. Meanwhile, a Filipina tutor ran away from her employer’s house after being slapped for having good looks. (Both victims were not named) September 09, 2010 A 21- year old government nurse named Florence was abducted and raped in Kidapawan City. Florence was found naked and unconscious by some bystanders. According to her friends, Florence is not an alcoholic neither a smoker in opposition to some reports of negative comments on her character. December 03, 2010 Grace Capistrano, four months pregnant, was abducted and suffered great torture. She survived 24 stab wounds and a gunshot wound in the leg before she was left for dead in a ravine in Pagsanjan. Unfortunately she lost her baby in a miscarriage. Aside from the culprits free as a bird, she has no protection and begging for food to survive. December 17, 2010 A Philippine Airlines ground attendant named Sarah BonningOcampo accused Cong. Eulogio “Amang” Magsaysay of berating her, calling her a “menopausal bitch”. The lawmaker asked Ms. Ocampo if she can sit him next to his son since the seats are apart but the request was refused because according to her she doesn’t have the power to do so and in return, Cong. Magsaysay fired her with these fiery words, “Shut up, you bitch! You menopausal bitch!”. After that encounter, she filed a complaint against the said lawmaker. When hearing these kinds of news, I feel like exploding. I am mad, there is deep anguish. I feel sad and angry at the same time. Sad because I can’t imagine people abusing or even worst killing their own kababayan, I mean how does it feel stabbing someone to death with your own, bare hands? Angry because as a woman it hurts to know how your sister is treated brutally. And it makes me angrier because the abusers are those in authority. I mean, people voted for them and trust them because they make laws and discipline people

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Pamantasan ng Gabuyao


chelle Macahilig but, no! It made me come to a point where I want to join those vigilantes. It is inhuman to abuse weak people and treat them like garbage. Women do not deserve these sufferings and neither does anyone. I have seen how my mother sacrificed everything for us and if those abuses ever happen to her, I’m telling you all, I might be able to kill somebody. People are so unfair. When you’ve done something good for others, instead of returning the favor, others choose to hurt you. In the case of the Filipina domestic helper, all she ever wants is to feed her family but she will be returning home with her pockets inside-out. Did it ever cross your mind about those women who are abused but afraid to show themselves? How about those women who choose to end their lives than to be the talk of the town? Justice in the Philippines has no teeth. As a proof of this, here is the table of violence against women. Table 1a. Annual Comparative Statistics on Violence Against Women, Philippines: 1999– 2003 Reported Cases 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Rape 94 1,121 1,026 972 1,045 997 Incestuous Rape - 242 188 91 72 38 Attempted Rape 25 280 334 316 275 194 Acts of Lasciviousness 58 733 725 733 646 580 Physical Injuries/Wife Battering 3,291 4,577 5,668 5,058 4,296 3,553 Sexual Harassment 80 93 57 109 112 53 RA 9262 - - - - - 218 Threats 290 397 588 561 420 319 Seduction 49 25 43 66 17 62 Concubinage 147 202 244 192 180 121 Sex Trafficking/White Slavery 67 8 20 16 4 17 Abduction / Kidnapping 49 37 86 45 36 29 Unjust Vexation 57 122 153 125 101 90

You might think, who am I to say these. You might say I’m over reacting. Like other women, I’ve also been through violence. That’s why I know how it feels like. Why it is always have to be about the weaker or stronger sex? What’s with it that some people choose to rape their child, kin and other innocent people? Girls, I know the battle for equality is still a long journey and only we care about it. Nobody else will help women except women. The least yet the best way that we can do is step out of the line, out of our comfort zone and blow the whistle. Learn to say STOP!

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You have forty three new notifications, fifty friend requests, and ten new messages. Blabla commented on your status, blabla tagged a photo of you, blabla likes your status. Whoa!! What a heck of updates! Sounds familiar eh? Probably, your thought right now consists of a webpage with a blue color motif, the one that never gets tired of asking you what’s on your mind, the one that carries your picture perfect pose, your name, nickname, alias or whatever you want to be called and information about you, the website called Facebook. Websites like Facebook are called social networking sites. As its homepage suggests(the one that appears before you log in) “Facebook lets you connect and share with the people in your life”, these types of sites lets you share, interact and connect with your friends relatives, co-workers, colleagues and other people whom you know(whether personally or just by name). We can use facebook in a variety of ways. It is not just a site where you post pictures and interact with your loved ones and friends. Utilizing this kind of sites for promoting businesses and other advertisement purposes makes it an indispensible tool in achieving a share in the online market. But, these benefits and advantages offered by the site comes with great responsibility that care should be taken about what you post and share in this site. Your facebook account can be used as a background checker of your future employers, so if you have posted pictures there that are malicious or scandalous (especially those photos involving you and/or your peers), you better be searching for it (and copies of it) and try to remove such posts. Also, if there are people out there that have the motive of damaging your life as a person, this site can be of tremendous effect. The advantage of facebook when it comes to sharing ideas of “great sense”, inspirational insights and thoughts and words of wisdom, the site, in MY OPINION, is somewhat misused. This thought struck me as I came to realize that I have been one of the people that is used to just posting whatever they have in mind, whether it be good or nonsense. A leadership training seminar I have attended (about Student Activism, to be specific), briefly discussed the importance of sites like facebook as a great avenue in sharing ideas, insights and perceptions about the improvement of the society. After hearing the discussions of the speaker I had this great embarrassing feeling that what he has said is true not only looking at myself but also seeing the everyday posts of facebook friends. After then, I tried not to post such useless things and I was able to control what I post there, limiting posts about love and maximizing the use of the site for communicating with classmates for school activities and other important events I’m not referring to all since not all facebook users put things there that are nonsense. Some people do share nice insights about studies, inspiring and encouraging ideas about life and great wisdom from great people. Also, I cannot blame people for posting whatever they want to post there, whether it is personal, good, bad or just a feeling we want to share because it’s our choice and it’s for free anyway.

R e v e l a t i o n s Michelle P. Macahilig

“The Living Food “

Each of us needs nourishment-especially on the aspects of health. During holidays, particularly those people who are very conscious of their figure eat only the less but sure to have enough nutrients for their body to function. Athletes eat a lot of carbohydrate and veggies for them to maintain their strength, speed, and body structure. Now, let us look at the other side of our living-if our physical body needs food, water and other basic needs to grow, how about our spirit? Does it take physical food to grow? How does our spirit grow? Are we aware of our spiritual growth?—these are the questions that people must know. “For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world” (John 6:33). “And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life, he who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst” (John 6: 35) this means that Jesus Christ is the Living food! If we try to look for the deeper sense, God sent His Son to “Nourish the Spirit”, how we can enjoy this food? It is through Him! By enjoying Christ as the Living food, knowing Him through the word and its messages and digest Him as our everyday nourishment. Just take a look of a person suffering from malnourishment, just like our spirit; it suffers also from a lesser amount of nutrients needed for it to grow just like our physical body. For us to eat Christ, we must read the Biblenot just screening the words but appreciate and apply it to our daily living. If we spent fifteen minutes of reading it every day, we will notice that our decisions, thinking and actions will be guided by the word from God through Christ from the Bible. This only proves that our Father in Heaven loves us that He sent His Son for us to grow-just like we did in our physical living. So let us “EAT THE LIVING FOOD” and experience the one of a kind “GROWING” within us.

Mnemonic Jamayca F. Benito



Hallways that are always full of students waiting for their turn to use rooms scheduled for them on a particular subject, mingling around, and machinegun talks about school, personal matters and everything else echoing around. The school grounds is where P.E. activities are usually done, especially every 2nd semester, along with the students that are just there, making noise, plus the engines roaring from vehicles owned by different people, admin and students. When you imagine you are in those hallways and grounds, you feel irritated, become distracted, right??. How much more if: You’re inside the classroom, having your professor there, discussing; you, grasping everything what the man in front of you is saying, listening attentively, listening to what he says and trying to comprehend those words of wisdom they are trying to impart. And at the same time, hearing those noises I’ve just stated earlier. I know you’re in the edge of breaking down ‘cause you can’t focus and I also know that your professor’s on the way to irritability and soon, to anger. How’s that!?! And what if you’re on both sides of the scene, one inside the class, one outside; one on the lecture proper, the other on the talking proper; one irritated, one without care, continuously making noise knowing that there are classes going on. How do you see yourself having those kinds of situations?? You’ll feel guilty, right? You will say that the person outside is not disciplined. There is no quiet place on Earth, no quiet university. We cannot totally exterminate the noise but we can minimize them. By discipline, we can do that.

R e v e r i e Maria






“Silence is the best answer you can give to an issue. What’s the use of admitting or denying, when in the first place you are already judged?” --anonymous. How do you defend yourself from accusations you are not guilty of? It is quite hard to remain calm and try to keep your mouth shut in a situation where you are the victim of speculations, yet it is better if you do so. For they would probably not accept any of your explanations or they will doubt whatever you insist even if it is the whole truth. So it is useless. What can you do about it? They have already formed a conclusion without evidence, so why bother explaining? When you just stand there and keep silent, people will assume that you are guilty or that you are hiding something. And when you utter your reason they will not believe you either. So where will you put yourself? Bewildering, isn’t it? I might as well ignore them. As long as I know that I did not cause any harm to other people, I would most likely choose to remain silent to save myself from getting stressed out. I would rather be rational than rant about the issue. What is it to them anyway? Do they have the right to condemn other people? Well if a person hates you, I guess that’s the way it is, they will get the wrong idea about you or they will look for your flaws. And what’s saddest is when you were not given any chance to redeem yourself.

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Pamantasan ng Gabuyao


The Serpent Bearer

Magelane V. Leoparte

It was 13 of January when I was watching the news. Suddenly, I heard about the 13th sign of the Zodiac; I ignored it. The next day, my classmates were talking about the new Zodiac sign: the OPHIUCHUS. Suddenly, WHOA! I am now the great romantic Leo from a meticulous Virgo. What the fudge? This is just all because of the shift in Earth’s alignment. This encouraged me to know what others’ view about this. People I know, including me, were aghast about the news on the reassignment of dates in the Zodiacs. I often surf the net and read blogs. And there were lots of vicious feedbacks regarding their new Zodiac Sign. Some changed, some did not. I listed various reactions that are remarkable. “Your personality traits can’t just change overnight. Come on, they’re meaning to tell me I’ve been living 20 years as a Sagittarius and all of the sudden I’m a freaking snake bearer? Hell no.” –Gemma. This one’s violent. “Sign has been around since the ancient Babylonians thousand of years ago. It’s a great sign! -- they say really special people are born in this time.” –Haiku Molly. I guess Haiku likes the setting. “I just lost my Sagittarius status and I am very upset over it. But traits don’t change. I have seen many people not behaving to the traits of their horoscope.” –Anonymous. So do me. The question is: Is this for real? For me, it isn’t. Why? It’s because I haven’t read a horoscope of an Ophiuchus in a newspaper or on the net, have you? Besides, more people don’t believe in this. I am still the Virgo that everybody used to know. Traits don’t change like what the anon said. Though you’re not acting like your zodiac sign, being yourself is enough. So whether the news is true or not, live your life as if you never before. Never mind the zodiacs; one’s fortune is based to oneself. Seek to God and He will never fail you. th ng bra, dahil minsan hindi na kumportable at minsan masakit – pwede pang maging sanhi ng cancer (na ikamamatay mo!) – ay magsusuot na lamang ng bra – bra na para sa mga lalaki – para hindi ka na lang masisi at tahimik na lang ang buhay mo. Sana ay may mabago sa sitwasyong ito. Alam mo ba kung bakit may “bra-burning” sa America noon? Alam mo ba kung bakit may mga babae na hindi talaga nagsusuot ng bra? Alam mo ba kung bakit ganito ang kalakaran ng mundo tungkol sa mga babae? Maging aware ka sana at magbasa-basa! At kung may lalaking magkukumento ng negatibo dito sa article na ito, malamang, isa siya sa mga lalaking pinalaki ng tradisyonal. (Comments to this article may be submitted to the PnC Herald office or e-mailed to

Ang Huwaran

Magelane V. Leoparte

Ano nga ba ang iyong nagagawa bilang estudyante ng paaralan? O kaya naman ay bilang guro? Bilang mag-aaral, hindi ka lamang pumapasok upang mag-aral ng leksyon kundi may responsibilidad ka din para sa paaralan. Lalo na kung ito ay sasalamin sa iyong kinabukasan. Sa lagay ng ating unibersidad, hindi magandang puro negatibo ang naririnig sa murang edad nito. Pitong taon pa lamang tayo ngunit sari-saring paninira na mula sa kanyang nasasakupan. Hindi ba nila nababatid na sila’y nabibilang din sa tinatawag nilang huli? Hindi masama ang magkaroon ng opinyon, kung ito’y hindi maganda, maaari namang positibo na lamang at mag-isip ng paraan upang lalong mapabuti ang iyong pinapasukan. Wala nang mahihiling pa sa mababang matrikula ng pamantasan, ano kaya ang magagawa mo upang makabawi man lang? Lagi ka bang tututol sa mga batas? Hindi susunod sa alituntunin? Sisirain ang mga lamesa’t silya? Magpapakalat ng mga mensahe nang hindi ka nagpapakilala? Sadya bang ganito ang ating likas? Nakakalungkot isiping may mga taong ganito. Walang institusyong perpekto. Ang hinihiling lamang ay ang iyong kaunting pagtulong at pagsuporta. Tigilan na sana ang anumalya, bagkus ay magkaisa. Bago magreklamo’y unawain muna kung ano ba ang dahilan. At ‘wag kalilimutang dumaing sa tamang kinauukulan. Iwasang hindi magpakilala, maging matapang ka. Marami pa ring naniniwala sa kakayahan ng bawat isa na mapaunlad ang Pamantasan. Isa ka ba sa kanila? Kung oo, ako’y saludo sa ‘yo. Hindi mahalaga ang kamalian kung ika’y nagmamahal. Sama-sama tayong magbago at makiisa sa pag-unlad ng Pamantasan.

Criteria for Judging Via

BRA for MEN LynnBb3 Kung ako ang masusunod, hindi ako magsusuot ng bra. Bukod sa nakakalimita ito sa paggalaw ko, medyo nahihirapan akong pumili ng talagang sakto sa ‘kin. Naiinis lang ako kapag alanganin sa cup ang sukat ko. (Ginawa pang kanin ang dibdib ko!) Kaya napagtanto ko – PARA SA MGA LALAKI ANG BRA. Bakit ko nasabi ito? Sige, isa-isahin natin ang mga realidad. Sa tuwing pipili ka ng bra, ang pinipili mo ay yung makakapagpaganda sa hulma ng hinaharap mo; panget ang nakalawlaw – dapat “firm” or “contoured”. Para kanino? Dapat may “cleavage”. Para kanino? At kailangang maganda ang design ng bra – floral, stripes, o plaid. Para kanino? Hindi ba’t ikaw lang naman ang makakakita niyan? Unless, of course, isusuot mo siya sa ilalim ng blouse mong manipis para makita ng maraming tao kung ano ang hitsura ng bra mo. Sa bahay, maginhawa ang hindi naka-bra. Maaliwalas sa pakiramdam, nakakagalaw ka ng maige, at hindi issue ang cleavage. Pero kapag mamamalengke ka saglit o may bibilhin lang sa tindahan sa may kapitbahay, tiyak magsusuot ka ng bra o kukuha ng tuwalyang pantakip sa hinaharap mo. Baka kasi may makakita sa malaya mong dibdib at kung ano pa ang isipin nila. (Nakikitingin na nga lang, mareklamo pa!) Ang nasa isip mo siguro parang malaswa ka kapag hinayaan mong nakabuyangyang ang iyong boobs. Ikaw ang bastos, ikaw ang malandi, ikaw ang nang-aakit. MALI! Maling-mali, kapatid. Tayo ay nakatira sa isang lipunan kung saan ang mga lalaki ay pinalaki ng tradisyonal – pwedengpwede nilang gawin ang gusto nila dahil pinapayagan sila. Pwede silang mamboso, mang-harrass, manghipo, “magbiro” ng bastos, at mang-rape – dahil kaya nila. At ang masaklap dito, ang rason nila palagi, “yung babae kasi, inakit ako, maiksi ang short, walang bra! At mga lalake ang madalas paniwalaan, AND THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! Kaya kahit ikaw ay isang hamak na babae na ayaw muna magsuot


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LIBERIA, 1st year, BSEd

nferiority complex! The thing I always say to myself whenever I feel some self pity. Self pity that makes me sad and wonder how it would feel to live in somebody else’s body. Growing up in a judgmental world is hard. There will always be comparisons that people slap in your face and tell you how you should look like and what kind of person you should be. Things are set in what they call STANDARDS (STupid AND ARrogant Daunting Style) - standards that not all people could achieve and STANDARDS that make my life miserable. For people, beauty is measured by our appearance, not with the standards of “the bigger the better”, but with the standard of “the thinner the better.” In the 14 years of my exis“Things are set in what tence, I was always laughed at, not they call STANDARDS because I’m funny and witty but be(STupid AND ARrogant cause of the word they would deDaunting Style) - stan- scribe me – FAT. Because of this, I always a candidate for pranks. dards that not all was I felt rejection is always at my side people could achieve and loneliness is my companion. I and STANDARDS that accepted that no matter what’s inside make my life miserable”. me, people will always judge me with what they see with their blind eyes. I learned to rely on myself, learned to smile to hide the tears flowing in my heart. I realized how hypocrites those people are that say true beauty is in the heart. I learned how to ignore every teasing I heard from people and built a barrier around my chest to spare me from the pain. In time I learned to accept and believe that the only way for the people to accept who I am is when I understand, find confidence and happiness within me. I made some friends who understood and loved me because of who I am and didn’t abandon me because of how I looked like. I tried to forgive people for being naïve of the feelings of others. One day, I’ll find the strength to tell them that things are not always what they seem. That FAT people like me can give something helpful to them. And things are not always measured by STANDARDS. Someday I would be able to tell them that life should be taken easily and that full bodied flavor is where good food critics find pleasure.

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How’s your Dash? As far back as I can remember, PnC has been religiously celebrating Teachers’ Day. There was not a permanent date for it, but most of the teachers participated in an annual event especially prepared for them. Until recently – like, three years ago – the festivity coincided with, or at least, was almost right before, Valentine’s Day. If there was a special meaning to that, I did not voice out my observation. The event has the usual program: song and dance numbers, a tribute here and there, inspirational messages from important people, and the whole shebang. Of course, the teachers have fun, enjoy free lunch – or dinner – whatever the case may be, and are given special gifts. After the festivities, the teachers go back to their routine; back to the real issues that they face every day of their teaching lives – the lessons they have to share; the lectures they have to prepare; the grades they have to compute. At payday, they open the envelope containing their job’s worth. Or is it? I tip my hat to all the real teachers in the world, especially those in the Philippines, but most especially, those in the provinces or rural areas. Whoever said that teaching will not make a person rich is absolutely correct – and also probably had the teachers in the Philippines in mind. This is just like doing the unpaid and unappreciated house work with a larger number of children and a much demanding husband. On one hand, you have served another parent’s child; on the other hand, you can’t even serve your own child a decent meal. Yes, of course, teaching is the noblest profession. But could that just be an excuse that employers use to not fairly remunerate the hard-working teacher? On one hand, the teacher does enjoy what she/he is doing and for her/him it is indeed rewarding. On the other hand, that enjoyment and gush of ecstasy can not pay the rent. So, what do I propose to this ever-nagging issue surrounding the everindustrious teacher? Improve the compensation system or policy of the university where she/he works! I am quite confident that the teachers truly appreciate every Teacher’s Day that they attend; every award they are presented; every rose they are given during their day. But nothing beats a fair-paying job for the hard-working teacher. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the real teachers of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao! Mabuhay kayo! (Comments to this article may be submitted to the PnC Herald office or emailed to

Magelane V. Leoparte

Social networks, today and forever, are with people’s lives. Day by day, technology changes and improves. And speaking of these social networks, I would like to emphasize this particular network- TUMBLR. Have you heard about Tumblr? Or do you already have an account? David Karp on stage Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML. David Karp founded Tumblr in 2007 with Marco Arment as lead developer. 75,000 existing bloggers soon switched to the platform, and since that time, the service has garnered more than 3 million users. In 2009, Tumblr acquired the Tumblr iPhone application, or app, that was created by Jeff Rock. Tumblr is now accessible on BlackBerry smart phones via an app created by Mobelux. As of January 7, 2011 Tumblr included more than 2.6 billion total posts and nearly 12 million total blogs. The site is now averaging 2,000,000 posts and 15,000 new users every day. Tumblr has an 85% retention rate, compared to 40% for Twitter. See? More and more people discover Tumblr and blog everyday because it’s fun and easy. You can actually express yourself without your nose bleeding. Your eyes will definitely be amazed with all the photo-blogs. Be inspired with quote blogs about all concerns in life. Have your personal guru on everything (i.e. make up, fashion). Even if you have not had eaten, you’ll be tummy-full with delicious food blogs. There are recommended blogs on the directory for the users to consider. I am personally addicted to Tumblr. I prefer it more than Facebook. I check out Facebook for updates while Tumblr for selfexpression. For all my readers, try blogging on Tumblr. Log on to and explore. Don’t forget to follow me, okay? And tell me how your dashboard is filled with blogs.

Otaku-view (Anime Review) Michelle P. Macahilig

Last 16 February 2011, the Arts and Cultural Office conducted their first Cos-Play (Anime Costume play) which featured some popular anime characters. This made us think to make a column especially prepared for anime fanatics out there! For the pilot article for this feature, let us view some popular anime characters that had been featured at the last artsfest. Naruto Shippuden- Characters such as Naruto, Sasuke and Uchiha Madara that was featured last Cos-play parade. This anime (published on August 1997 in Akamaru jump), which is popularly known as Naruto on its first season brought a different kind of kick to the anime viewers. This masterpiece of Masashi Kishimoto tackles about Naruto, an aspiring ninja who wants to become a Hokage, but different conflicts came into his way. Uchiha Sasuke was believed to be the last heir of the Uchiha clan, but revealed that his brother Uchiha Itachi and Madara Uchiha were alive in the story. Sasuke was a genius ninja in their batch and Naruto’s greatest competitor. He was looking for revenge against his brother, and he joined Orochimaru’s pack to seek for more power. Uchiha Madara was one of the “Akatsuki”, an organization of criminal ninjas in search for the nine-tailed beast which was sealed in Naruto’s body. Maid-Sama! - Mizaki, the president of an ordinary school in Japan was working as a maid in a Maid café. She was a tomboy, beautiful and intelligent. Uzui, the school heartthrob knew her secret, as the story progresses, Mizaki was definitely falling in love with Uzui same as the guy felt for her. This series of Hiro Fujiwara had published 12 volumes and its anime was aired last April 1, 2010 in Japan. Death Note – One of the popular psychological-themed anime with a slight punch of thriller made by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Raito (Light) Yagami, the protagonist of the story (that seems to be an antagonist rather than to be a protagonist) found a creepy simple “death note” fall into their school premises, that the name written on that notebook while imagining their face will die. Together with this, he met Ryuuk, a shinigami or Death god. Raito became interested with the death note and he used it to take justice in his own hands and became a god by writing the names of the criminals in the notebook, which alarmed the whole police department

of Japan. Riuzaki, also known as “L” was the best detective in Japan revealed the true motive and tactics of “Kira” (Translated as “Killer”) which was Raito’s pseudo name. Shaman King – Yoh Asakura, a shaman and an aspiring shaman king which is the protagonist of the series. Yoh has his own spirit companion named Amidamaru, which can be turned into a indestructible weapon. Shaman king was a Japanese manga adapted to an anime by Hiroyuki Takei. Hit man Reborn! – The title itself speaks about the theme of the anime, Tsunayoshi Sawada; a young man became the Boss of the “Vongola” Family, one of the families of Mafia organization in Italy that possesses an unusual power which they called as “dime will flame”. He met a child-like hit man named Reborn, member of the “arkobaleno” family. He was assigned to train Tsuna to become a full bloomed Boss of the family. Tsuna has twelve guardians on his side such as Kyouya Tachibara (the man with two baton weapons in his hands) and Hayato, (the man wielding two guns) One Piece- One of the popular anime in the Philippines that tackles about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year old boy who ate the fruit of “goma-goma” which caused him to possess elastic abilities. Luffy, together with his pirate crew such as Sanji and Zorro in the Straw hats, explored the ocean in search for a treasure named “one Piece” and to become the next pirate king. This anime was adapted from its original manga by Eiichiro Oda and serialized on August 4, 1997 and released on December 4 of the same year. Shakugan no Shanna- Literally means the “Burning-eyed Shanna” was a light novel series written by Yashichiro Takahashi. The story centers on Yuji Sakai, an ordinary school boy who met Shanna, a girl with burning-red hair and eyes, who is in search of an item which can be found inside of Yuji’s body. The story involves the conflicts between balance and existence and of course, conflict in school life and love. If you want to feature your favorite anime, you can email it to

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Pamantasan ng Gabuyao



They call It Toxic, We call it Life Magelane V. Leoparte February 18, 2011- The second general assembly of the Organization of Electronics Engineering (OECES) in this school year 2010-2011 was held at the Audio Visual Room, third floor, Cabuyao Municipal Hall. The program started at 9:00 AM with a prayer lead by Mark Ezra Elises (OECES Auditor) and the singing of Philippine National Anthem. The first seminar was entitled “Microelectronics” delivered by Engr. Jefril Amboy. He discussed about miniaturized electronics and the fabrication of integrated circuits. Trivia: The first IC was made by Jack Kilby in 1958 and was given a Nobel Prize in 2000. Engr. Ronald Tamayo talked about what Engineers have in the future. He considers ECE as an elite course in Engineering. Engineering graduates may not end up being engineers since there are other areas that they may engage in such as teaching, sales, putting up businesses and entering politics. Engr. Tamayo also gave considerations in finding a job such as salary, working environment, benefits, career growth, etc. Finally, the last seminar was about “Discover 33 Strategies of Board Exam Success” by Engr. Melvin Arceo. What is important to his talk is that a student must start studying today, not later, not tomorrow but today. Read a lot and solve problems easily. Each year level has their participation in rendering a significant number. OECES President Maricar Cabansag discussed about the Organization’s Constitution and Bylaws that will guide the members especially on voting new set of officers. Election was held and the new set of officers is as follows: Christian Denn S. Ravello (4th year)—President; Sharane Quitania (3rd Year)—Vice-President Internal; Mark Nikko Manaog (4th year)—Vice-President External; Rachelle Alcantara (3rd year)—Secretary; Regine Sandoval (4th year)— Treasurer; Sheila Marie Revilla (2nd year)—Auditor; Benjie Adan Fernandez (2nd year)—PRO. The per year level representatives were (from 5th year to 2nd year): Stephany Gallego, Henriette Buearano.

The new batch. OECES had their election of officers for the school year 2011-2012.


Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Bonsa, Castillo bags 2nd in PPL Cup John Philip Bonsa and Jennifer Castillo, both 4BSA1, grabbed second place in the Level 2 of the 2nd Peter P. Laurel (PPL) Cup last December 2, 2010 held at Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) – Batangas. They competed against nine schools as a team. The level 2 competition for the said cup comprised questions from Practical Accounting 1 and 2, Auditing Theory and Problem, Business Law and Taxation, Theory of Accounts and Management Advisory Services. First place in first clash Maureen R. Mantes, third year, PnC-JPIA VP for Public Communication, together with Neizel Bicol of University of Batangas and Robert John Perez of Batangas State University landed 1st place in the 1st Clash of the Vice Presidents held at San Sebastian College- Recoletos, Canlubang, Laguna last December 12, 2010. Presidents and Vice Presidents of each local Region IV JPIA chapters attended the said event including PnC chapter. Together with Mantes are Kristine Camille Absin, President; Jennifer Castillo, VP Academics; and Arbee Agdon, VP Finance. Ercia lands 3rd place in PGM Cup Ericson A. Ercia, 3rd year, placed 3rd on the Level 2 of PGM Cup held at San Pablo Colleges, San Pablo, Laguna last December 15, 2010. The said level encompassed questions from Practical Accounting 1 to Theory of Accounts. MSEUF holds 1st online quiz bowl, seminar Twenty eight participants from JPIA-PnC witnessed the 1st Triwizard Cup, the first online accounting quiz bowl, organized by the JPIA local chapter of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City, Quezon held at their AEC Little Theater last January 22,2011. The elimination rounds and a seminar were held simultaneously in the morning. The seminar, of which theme was “Raising the Bar of Audit Quality: Are we ready for the Clarified PSAs and other Changes to our Audit”, was conducted by Mr. Carlos Federico C de Guzman, CPA. Focusing on the clarified PSAs (Philippine Financial Reporting Standards), Mr. de Guzman discussed some significant changes in the auditing standards and the process involved, and the application of these changes. The top 12 students in the elimination round go all the way to the Final Round, which was done in the afternoon, where they used computers to key-in their answers. The competition marks in the history of accounting quiz bowls for it was the first quiz bowl to use computers JPIA “brings home bacon” JPIA-PnC team garnered first runner-up (over-all) at the 3rd Bro. Presidents Cup held at De La Salle University- Lipa, Batangas last February 12, 2011. The complete roster of achievers for the said cup is as follows: Level 1 Final Round Precelyn Molina – 2nd place Sheena Marie R. Saturno – 3rd place Eliminations Sheena Marie Saturno – top 2 Ericson A. Ercia – top 6 Precelyn Molina – top 9 Level 2 Eliminations Arbee Agdon – top 2 Jonathan Abion – top 5 Together with the participants was Dean Warlito Blanche, BSA department head, who was so proud of his student’s achievements and engagements outside the university.

Who’s next? The ECE studentsfrom 5th year to 1st year listened attentively to the seminar resource speakers.

PnC Peps on the Go

Jessa Marie R. Cantillan

PnC Peps had their dancing skills showcased on different events. With their graceful movements and upbeat music, everyone in PnC will surely be proud of how talented they are. October 3, 2010 – Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna, the PnC Peps joined the Pulo Street Dancing Competition. PnC Peps join the barangay celebration and competed with other dance groups to prove who the best dancer is. And the PnC Peps prevailed among other groups and became the champions of this year’s competition. October 15, 2010 – Calamba City, Laguna, PnC Peps was invited to have a number at the Grand Opening of SM Calamba. In spite the rush of hundreds of people, the PnC Peps gave their best and entertained the shoppers and the guests. (With reports from Karen Colorico) THE GROOVE. The PnC PEPS showcased their dancing skills and talents as they performed in various events outside PnC.

8 11x17.indd 8

Photos courtesy of Prof. Edgardo Salazar.

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Pamantasan ng Gabuyao

ENTERTAINMENT Herald Year of the 2 Lovers’ problems are imminent that may lead to break-ups. They should not be overly emotional and be patient with each other and be calm when they discuss problems. Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) Cheerful, popular, quick-witted, flexible, down-to-earth, perceptive, talkative, agile both mentally and physically, charismatic, intelligent, astute, open-minded. Can be fickle-minded, arrogant, childish, anxious, rude, gullible, and stubborn. This is an improvement year for Horses. Their luck becomes more stable. It is not a big harvest year, but it is promising. Work and Money Businessmen will have better luck in investments and working employees will have chance to get promotion. Financially, businessmen will have better luck in their businesses. On the other hand, Horse employees may change jobs. They will be appreciated more by their superiors. If they are good in finances, it is better for them to consider buying properties instead of putting their money in the stock market. Love Single Horses will have the chance to meet their dream lovers. But, it is important that they should not be fickle-minded. On the contrary, married Horses should be cautious in their relationship with their partners. They must keep away from temptation, or they will face numerous problems and they will end up losing both the old and new partners. Health They are quite stable this year. There will be some slight illness but these won’t affect their health so much. They should rest enough to avoid exhaustion. Goat (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991) Righteous, sincere, sympathetic, mild-mannered, shy, artistic, creative, gentle, compassionate, understanding, mothering, determined, peaceful, generous, seeks security. Can be moody, indecisive, over-sensitive, whiner, and quitter. Goats are compatible with the year of the Rabbit. They will have enough confidence and strength to overcome their challenges. This will be a busy year for them. They have to double their efforts at work to succeed at the end of the year. They must work hard. They must be careful with their relationships with people. Avoid getting involved in personal disputes and conflicts between colleagues and clients. Do not take short cuts in certain procedures or you might end up with legal problems. Money Goats will have pretty good luck in money affairs. Good profits and steady income will be earned. But they should monitor their investments


closely. Otherwise, they will put themselves in a risky situation. Love Married Goats will enjoy a stable and peaceful family life within the year though they suffered many problems in the previous year. They will fall into love trap when they indulge too much in night life. Single Goats will argue but will not affect their relationship; it will even enhance their relationship. Health They should not be moody and should learn to control their temper. Avoid fighting with people. Keep away from sharp objects and pay attention to road safety. Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004) Inventor, motivator, improviser, quickwitted, inquisitive, flexible, innovative, problemsolver, self-assured, sociable, artistic, polite, dignified, competitive, objective, factual, and intellectual. Can be egotistical, vain, selfish, reckless, snobbish, deceptive, manipulative, cunning, jealous, and suspicious. Luck of the Monkeys will be much improved as compared to last year. It is important for them to have a good strategy at the beginning of the year if they wish to have a productive and successful year. There will be many opportunities knocking on their doors one after another. They should not hesitate to grab them. Try to avoid any conflicts and quarrels. They must know how to compromise and they have the ability to handle their difficulties. Money This is a fortunate year for Monkeys when it comes to money. Working employees will have stable income but they should learn to save and avoid over-spending. They should avoid being in a partnership with people, or they will be cheated. They should be extremely cautious in handling money matters. Love The young ones will be popular in social gatherings and might get involved in a love triangle. Therefore, they should be careful in handling relationships or their studies will be adversely affected. Married couples should try to show their care and affection to their lovers. Stay away from temptations. Health Elder Monkeys are likely to suffer from back pains and stroke. They should be diet-conscious. Ladies should avoid undergoing cosmetic surgery. Rooster (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) Acute, neat, meticulous, organized, selfassured, decisive, conservative, critical, perfectionist, alert, zealous, practical, scientific, responsible. Can be overzealous and critical, puritanical, egotistical, abrasive, opinionated, given to empty bravado. This is not an ideal year for Roosters to change job or undertake business expansion. They

will be under stress and will be facing many tough challenges. This is a year of unpredictable changes. Work and Money It is an irregular year for Roosters. Money luck is not so favorable. They should not act as guarantor for others or they will suffer in the months to come or will be involved in court case. It is important that they should not have any verbal promises in business; everything should be documented. Love This is not a fortunate year for romance because it clashes with the Rabbits. They have to improve their relationship with their lovers or friends. Handle their problems patiently and sincerely. Married Roosters should be satisfied with the existing state of affairs. Single Roosters should refrain from falling blindly in love or they will fall into the love trap and lose money too. Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) Honest, intelligent, straightforward, loyal, with sense of justice and fair play, attractive, amicable, unpretentious, sociable, open-minded, idealistic, moralistic, practical, affectionate, sensitive, easy going. Can be cynical, lazy, cold, judgmental, pessimistic, worrier, stubborn, quarrelsome. Dogs are the most compatible zodiac sign of the Year of the Rabbit. They will have better luck both in career and business. Work Their work will be comparatively smooth. There will be less stress. They have to maintain an optimistic attitude and energetic manner at work. Working employees should display dedication in their work. Businessmen will get the help of their benefactors. Money Money luck is in promising especially in the second half of the year. This is the compatible year for Dogs. Many opportunities are open for them including partnerships with others. They should try to save money for the rainy days and be wary of overspending. They should refuse to act as guarantor for friends or they will lose money. Love Lovers will enjoy harmonious and affectionate love affairs. However, things will not be so simple. They will face many colorful temptations this year. Keep away from these. Married Dogs should make up their mind and refuse to be swayed negatively. Keep away from fair-weather friends. Health They should be conscious of their diet and hygiene to avoid sickness. It is important for them to have a medical check-up in the beginning of the year in order to avoid any unknown sickness that will affect their health. Source : Manila Bulletin

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Can you answer these ♥braintwisters?♥ Easy What do the letter ‘t’ and an island have in common? Average Toss me out of the window, You’ll find a grieving wife, Pull me back but through the door, and Watch someone give life! What am I? Difficult Complete this sequence of letters: o, t, t, f, f, s, s, _, _, _. Answers to last issue’s riddles: E- BANANA,; A- NOTHING; D- Your HEART

Official Student Publication of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao

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Pamantasan ng Gabuyao


Azkals: strayed for Victory Stephany B. Gallego

PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL. The Philippine Football Team (AZKALS) excited the Filipino people by beating other well-known teams.

The team, Azkals — a contraction of the words ‘Asong kalye’, meaning ‘street dogs’ or ‘stray dogs’ is now stepping into the scene with a bang.

#23 Ian Bayona Araneta, born 2 March 1982 is from Iloilo and is an enlisted member of the Philippine Air Force. He is an 8-year veteran of the National team.

Filipinos are fond of basketball either PBA or NBA, but Football? Can you remember any instance where everybody goes gaga over football, the way basketball fans do (except for real football fans and enthusiast)?

#4 Anton Del Rosario, born 23 December 1981 is an American born Filipino and plays centre back for the Philippine national team.

For a two-hour game of kicking and blocking the ball, it’s near victorious when a team gets 1 point and heaven for 2 points. Aside from being really tiring (imagine yourself running here and there in a 2-3 times bigger basketball court), it is hard to earn a score, let’s use the famous line of John “Sweet” Lapus, “buwis-buhay”. So imagine how the Philippines’ very own Azkals strive to be noticed on the big screen. Whew! A Breakthrough There is no particular date when this football craze started in the Philippines. Maybe it all started when World Cup was broadcast and one possible major contributor to this enthusiasm is it is new to Filipinos. On December 05, 2010 at the ASEAN Football Federation also known as the Suzuki Cup, Azkals represented the Philippines and defeated the AFF’s defending champion Vietnam in the score of 2-0. According to Georgina Turner, the Sports Illustrated’s columnist, this was also considered as the biggest upset in stthe history since the Philippines ranked 151 in the world when it comes to football, but then they were able to beat the champions. In the game, Chris Greatwich scored the opening goal for the Azkals in the 38th minute and was followed by Phil Younghusband’s strike at close range with 10 minutes remaining. Azkals ticket to enter Suzuki cup finals was ended when Indonesia beat them in the score of 1-0. But despite losing, Azkals continue to practice for a new match, where they faced Mongolia for the first leg of the AFC Challenge Cup. The first game was held at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City where they smashed down Mongols in the score of 2-0. The second leg between Philippines and Mongolia will happen on March 15, 2011 in Mongolia. Break a leg, Azkals! Meet the team Here’s the list of Azkals warriors (and your possible prospects) and little tidbits about them. #11 Alexander Borromeo, an American born Filipino footballer and is the current captain of the Philippines national team. #7 James Younghusband, born 4 September 1986 is an English– Filipino footballer who plays as right winger. He is the brother Phil. #1 Neil Etheridge, born on 7 February 1990 is an English–Filipino professional footballer who plays for the English football club Fulham. He is the goalkeeper of the Azkals.

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#2 Rob Gier, born 6 January 1980 is an English–Filipino defender for English team Ascot United in the Hellenic Football League. He also plays defender for the Azkals. #17 Jason de Jong, born 28 February 1990 is a Netherlands-born Filipino who plays as a midfielder for Dutch football club Veendam. #10 Phil Younghusband, born 4 August 1987 is an English-Filipino and brother to James. He used to play for English professional football club Chelsea and plays the forward position. #13 Emilio Caligdong, not much info is written on this guy but we know he’s homegrown. It seems he’s also enlisted in the Air Force along with Ian Araneta and other members of the club. #18 Christopher Greatwich,born 30 September 1983 is English-Filipino and plays center middlefield for the Azkals. He also plays for the Morris County Colonials in the New Jersey’s National Premier Soccer League. #27 Ray Jonsson, born 3 February 1979 is Icelandic–Filipino and plays for Icelandic Premier League club Grindavik. English-born Simon McMenemy is coaching the national squad but after training the team for a period of time, he decided to leave the team due to some circumstances. The lost of McMenemy didn’t take long when the appointment of the national team’s new coach, German Michael Weiss who took over.

Mantis in Mindoro Stephany B. Gallego

This year’s ALCUlympics will be held in Calapan, Mindoro. PnC has five entries in the following events: volleyball (men and women), table tennis (men and women) and basketball (women). 3rd ALCUlympics is a five-day event which will be on March 7-12, 2011. PnC Mantis will be assisted by Prof. Jennelyn Sabando, Prof. Janette Salvadora and Prof. Ruby Ann League. Here is the line-up of the participants of the said event: Table Tennis (women) (men) Rallos, Sandra Edradan Cabingao, Neil Kirby L. Marquez, Ma. Jamaica B Cerillo, Kay-ar C. Alconaba, Mary Angelica A. Rodriguez, Michael Allan A. Redondo, Rachelle Ann C. Luna, Joseph S. Alinsod, Jamie A. (women) Reforsado, Roxanne Mae L. Cansanay, Josiephine Grace D. Nayles, Rachelle D. Añonuevo, Jinky B. Compra, Erlina S. Batiao, Paula Bianca Carreon, Josephine B. Basketball (women) Volleyball Basañes, Ma. Magdalena P. (men) Padua, Mary Rochelle C. Opeña, Mark Andrew H. Tongson, Roxanne Kristine E. De Gorio, Marvin C. Elomina, Jessa Marie Dela Cruz, John Nathaniel H. Enriquez, Maureen G. Tolentino, Gudofredo J. Amistoso, Sharlyn L. Crisostomo, Jose Ibarra P. Medina, Mary Jane Molero, Wilmark R. Martinez, Evelyn M. Onte, John Bryan A. Manlapaz,Meiko Alejar, Jerome F. Pascual, Aljohn John B. Prof. League, being the over-all organizer, is confident that the team could make or at least bag awards. For her, what matters most is the team could offer a good game and arrogance has no room in the team. Discipline is the most important virtue one can have according to her so whether if one excels and has no values, it’s useless. Mark Andrew Opeña, the captain ball of the volleyball team, said that every year (ALCUlympics), the team improves and increases its rank, previously PnC hit the 6th place (2009) and 4th place (2010) so he is looking forward that the team can sack either the higher places or the championship. Although the team is facing such crisis (fund shortage, conflict in schedule of the players etc), it’s the passion that keeps them burning in desire to improve and practice hard although it cost them to spend with their own pocket. The team will leave on March 05, 2011. “‘Wag mahihiya maglaro (ipakita ang galing) at lakasan ang loob” said Mr. Opeña when asked about his message to enthusiast players. Alculympics which was founded in 2009 is a sports league and triennial multisport event involving participants from the current 18 members of the Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU) in the Philippines, namely; Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina, Pamantasan ngLungsod ng Maynila,Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela, Pamantasan ng Lungsod Muntinlupa, University of Makati, Quezon City Polytechnic University, Bago City College, Mandaue City College, Mariano Quino Alarilla Polytechnic College, Pamantasan ng Bayan San Mateo, Pamantasan ng Montalban, Quirino Polytechnic College, Tagaloan Community College, Urdaneta City University and PAMANTASAN NG CABUYAO. The said event aims to cultivate goodwill, camaraderie, sportsmanship and unity among its members. The said five-day event is sponsored by the university including the transportation, 40 pesos a meal, 200 pesos on uniform and the coaches excluding basketball women who independently fund their team and even solicited for their whole expenses (includes food,transportation,uniform and two coaches). Although this assistance might not be enough, it’s the dedication and passion that pushes the players and the instructors to continue participating in sport events. Good luck Mantis!

Astrayed Azkals Despite their success, it is saddening to hear that they are not getting any financial support from the government specifically from Philippine Football Federation (PFF). “We have not received one centavo of support from the PFF under Mr. Mari Martinez. Not to mention a call or a text during the final rounds of the 2010 Suzuki Cup in Hanaoi, Vietnam, we the national team made it to the semifinals for the first time in the 14-year history of the competition,” according to a released statement of Azkals. Mr. Mari Martinez is the PFF chair. It seems like Azkals is not alone in the battle for support, morally and financially from the government. It would be a big loss if the Philippines will not support its national squad due to some epic government issues. Win or lose, the Philippines still have reasons to be proud of Azkals. Go Azkals! Arf!

PnC Volleyball Team. Team PnC will be competing with various schools this coming Macrh 5,2011.

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