Hat Channel Mag - June 2020

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studies with historical costume took her into the world of corsets, embroidery and dying methods and many more handcraft skills. She needed to make a headpiece for her course project; in-depth research was required. Her passion was ignited and her thirst for knowledge was set on fire. Her desire to create a piece that is ‘part of the head’ gives her fantastic positioning with her customers. She has to meet or talk on Skype with them to read and interpret their inner character, Giulia at ‘Giulia Mio Millinery’ gave an

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every piece of headgear. The influences that give her headpieces their showstopper qualities and how customers can approach hats in the future. It was fascinating to discover that Giulia ‘fell’ into millinery work while studying her Masters in Milan, the home of millinery couture. Her