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Iphone Case Designs - Designs and Types of Cases That You've Never Heard Of

Iphones are an expensive investment for everyone. It makes sense to safeguard it from deep scratches and drops that can ruin both the physical and the entire system of the phone. There are hundreds of types of iphone cases that are fashionable but still give the users the protection they need.

Types of Iphone cases Iphone Skins - From solid colors to different personalized designs, iphone skins have taken the market by storm. Not only it provides the users the designs they wanted, it also gives them a scratch free phone. The skin offers a great protection against daily impounding of the users rough fingers, nail scratches or even lines given by the users pockets or clothes. This cannot protect the phone in sudden drops but its still offers a good protection from everything else.

Shock Absorbing Case - Style plus protection in one box. These types of cases offer its users the ability to have a solid protection from sudden drops while still giving cools sets of designs. These cases are designed only for one purpose, to make sure the iphone doesn't break in any sudden accidents or any sudden drops. This protection will make your iphone look a little bit bulkier than normal but still is the perfect case for normal users.

Extreme Protection Cases - These cases are designed for extremists, persons working in high places & speed fanatics. This will double the size of the phone, make it heavier and make it look like the user is carrying a small sized brick on his pocket. These cases are design specifically to absorb bumps from a 20 meter drop and still make the phone scratch free. Protection is on the extreme level, designs can also be customized but the size of the case makes it unpopular for ordinary users.

Customized Iphone cases Some Cases are customized as per customers request and some are pre-made cases designed for specific set of people. Few Pre-made cases are described below. Climbers Case - Iphone cases for Mountain Climbers are made from a rubberized phone cover which locks the phone inside. It gives protection from short falls on the ground and will never drop cause of the lock provided with it. This phone can also be transferred from another climber to next just by using the ropes they are using for climbing.

Fisherman’s Case - This casing offers the users the capability to make the phone dry in the sea or anywhere near water. Though the support only last for 3-5 minutes submerged under water it still offers a solid protection against water splash, mist and an emergency plunge.

Photographers Case - Give the Iphone Camera an extra ability to capture images like a professional photographer would do. It gives the ability to zoom in and out more deeply and gives a higher Mega Pixel shots. This is considered one of the most familiar cases in the Journalism Industry as it comes in different sizes, all convertible and can easily be removed when not in use.

There are hundreds of designs available today and most can be found at our site at Get the iPhone Case Design you need by clicking on the link that we've provided. In rare cases if you can't find your preferred design or type, simply contact us and we'll refer you to other shops as soon as possible!


- This casing offers the users the capability to make the phone dry in the sea or anywhere near...