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The European Union ...

It all started from the misery that brings people to the war. Many years ago ended a terrible war, the second world war in Europe.

In this war were killed too many people.

Europeans thought how should not reoccur such war. They sat and discussed together. First they decided to cooperate peacefully only 6 countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

These six countries founded the "Union" of coal and steel to there is always peace in Europe. So, in 1951 in Paris created the "Europe of the six". In 1973 they were joined three other countries: Denmark, England and Ireland. The "Europe of the six" becomes the "Europe of the Nine."

In 1981, Greece becomes the 10th member of the European economic community by creating the "Europe of ten".

Later joined other countries up the European Family grew and gained 28 countries. Created the "Europe of twenty-eight".

The European Union is like a single country.

The EU and the rights of the child

These countries were joined and became members of the European Union. Then accepted and signed many agreements between them.

One of these agreements was the "Charter of fundamental rights of the child"

Can I come to life.

Am I entitled to grow up with love and security in a world free of violence and poverty.

Am I entitled to have clean water and food.

Am I entitled to have health care.

Am I entitled to morfwnomai wherever I am.

Am I entitled to have access to information.

Am I entitled to have free time to play without working.

Entitled to live in a peaceful world, full of friends.

I have the right to freedom of expression.

Entitled to live in a society that protects my personal information.

Entitled to live in a world that respects and protects the natural environment.

Entitled to live freely.

I am a child and I have RIGHTS.

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