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Chit Chat

Kate Uesugi ‘15

----------------------------------------- pg. 3

Blue Ocean ----------------------------------------- pg. 4

Kayla Economou ‘13

Phases of My Life Gina Bacal ‘15 ---------------------------------------- pg. 5 Undying

Kelsi Teramae ‘13

----------------------------------------- pg. 6-7

A Cry for Help ----------------------------------------- pg. 8 Kepa Lima ‘13


Chit Chat

Kate Uesugi


-------------------------------------- pg. 6-7

The Risk

-------------------------------------- pg. 8-9

Kate Uesugi ‘15 Fiona Rutgers ‘15

Spiraling Nature Laura Davis


Erica Machida ‘15

-------------------------------------- pg. 10

--------------------------------------- pg. 11

Hidden Sun & Beach ------------------------------------- front & back Sarah Li ‘13 cover


Blue Ocean

Kayla Economou


Phases of My Life Gina Bacal

I remember a mad dash towards safety. Being prey was not fun. I sat in the darkness of my burrow, waiting for the harpy eagle to stop circling my home. It sucked being at the bottom of the food chain−a rabbit. It cant be health being prey; having your adrenaline spike and drop all the time. I peeked out of the burrow. The eagle was gone. I took a few hops forward and stood on my back legs, scouting the area. Content, I set off to find food. The moment I lowered my guard, I found the lower half of my body inside the mouth of a wolf. In my next life, I was a wolf. In that life, I realized that the chase was more exhilarating than the run. The chase was my livelihood. A cold wind blew past me, winter was approaching. It was time to hunt. My nose led me to the scent of flesh. In an open field, I saw a beautiful sight, a lone elk. Elks don’t go into the open at this hour. Was it old? Sick? Abandoned? I didn’t care, it was food, and I couldn’t be picky. I crouched into a low stance and pounced. I licked the blood off my paws and stretched out. The elk was more than enough to last me two weeks. With a full belly, I stood up. As I turned to leave a searing pain exploded within me. I collapsed to the ground and the last thing I saw was the figure of a human. I am currently a human being. I sat in my house watching TV. What did I want for dinner? I had so much to choose from: meat, fruit, vegetables, takeout? The possibilities were endless. I just grabbed an apple and continued watching the news. A surfer had been eaten by a shark, and the shark had been killed by fisherman. I turned off the TV. No longer hungry, I threw the apple away and began preparing for bed.



Kelsi Teramae I realized I was in love with you one day, like really in love. Not just the simple kind of love that I could have for anybody--I realized I had fallen for you. I fell in love with you the way you wake up one morning and realize it’s Friday. I fell in love with you and it felt like I had snuggled under the covers of my bed, like the idea of being in love with you was warm and comfortable, and enveloped me and held me close. I fell in love with you one day, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which day, when I looked at you and we were laughing because it was just so easy to be around each other and it was like when your eyes focus on those 3D optical illusions, and everything turned from a big blurry mess to something that was so clear to me.


Kate Uesugi 6

I fell in love with you, and wished I hadn’t. I fell in love with you, and wished you hadn’t. I wished you hadn’t been home alone that day. I wished you didn’t have to feel like there was no way out. I wished you hadn’t found your father’s gun that day. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you. I’m sorry that after I knew I was in love with you I also knew that you had blown your brains across your bedroom wall. I’m sorry, and I will never be un-sorry, but I will also never be un-in love with you. I love you in the present tense. I love you and I will never stop loving you; it’s involuntary, like blinking or breathing. I love you and it’s like remembering those happy days we had together, and our last good day together, and everything in between. I’ve since been in love with other people, I’ve even been in steady relationships with some of them, but dear God it’s been five years and I’m still falling in love with you.


A Cry for Help Kepa Lima

Burried deeply under insecurities, the strength, to smile climbs to the top of my face and jumps into a pool full of sharks. Swimming, travelling from cheek to cheek I stay strong my feet’s kicking and arms paddling time running out. Get me home! soon will it be over? NO will it be over? YES I weep with grief opening my eyes and look up and find my reflection of blood flowing like a tear streaming down my face. I try to, to climb out of this, but i’m burried deeply under insecurities.


The Risk

Fiona Rutgers




Erica Machida

When you start off in the dirt And climb through the earth You peak out of the ground And reach with no sound To the sky that smiles With stars for miles Or sunlight which you grasp for a touch Which is just normal to ask for much But when you finally mature from a spud The treasures you hold begin to bud Your flowers smile through your leaves And it is your turn to return the seeds.

Spiraling Nature Laura Davis


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