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Education Policy Every Child Matters and the Concept of Education Peter Moss and Graham Haydon '...argues that a focus on 'predetermined outcomes' could risk jeopardising the programme.' - Association of Teachers and Lecturers website This publication aims to stimulate discussion about how the Every Child Matters agenda relates to the concept of education. • Viewpoint • Jul 2008 • Pamphlet • ISBN 978-0-85473-819-9 • 8pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Faith in Education A tribute to Terence McLaughlin Graham Haydon 'Terence McLaughlin brought a high level of much needed philosophical discussion to the field of religious education. The chapters in this book attest to the fact that reasonable and responsible comment in that field is very difficult to make without reference to his work. There could be no greater or more fitting tribute to the timeliness and timelessness of his contribution.' - Graham P. McDonough, Centre for the Study of Religion and Society, University of Victoria, Canada This book attempts to get to the heart of debates about religious upbringing and autonomy and the place of faith schools within a liberal society. Contributions are drawn from scholars with research interests in philosophy of education and a range of faith traditions, working in the UK and internationally. They pose key questions such as: What is the justification for faith schools, and for state support of these schools? What is distinctive about upbringing and education within a faith tradition? Is an upbringing and education within a faith tradition compatible with the development of autonomy? Could it be possible that autonomy can be developed through faith? Each chapter applies differing philosophical perspectives to the relevant issues, interacting critically with each other to form a rich and varied debate. This collection is a tribute to the work of Terence McLaughlin, who was Professor of Philosophy 4

of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. He made important contributions to the philosophical literature on the common school, and wrote extensively on the nature and justification of upbringing and education within a religious faith. The timely debates in this book will be of interest to students and scholars, both within philosophy of education and more widely. It will also provide a useful tool to leaders, supporters and critics of faith schools, as well as policy-makers in informing their understanding of this key educational issue. • Nov 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-853-3 • 148pp • £15.99 / $26.95


Forthcoming From Exam Factories to Communities of Discovery The democratic route Frank Coffield and Bill Williamson 'Readers are invited and inspired to take action, so that as educators we create an educational spring and awakening where learning is the central organising principle.' - Toni Fazaeli, Institute for Learning From Exam Factories to Communities of Discovery passionately calls for educators to challenge the dominant market-led model of education and instead build a more democratic one, better able to face threats such as environmental damage; intensified global competition; corrosive social inequalities in and between nations in the world; and the need for a new, just and sustainable economic model. The book documents how education policy has led to schools and universities becoming exam factories and further education colleges becoming skills factories. The authors analyse neo-conservative agendas and conclude that solutions pursued in this way will only strengthen social inequalities and corrode the security and professionalism of educators. They then set out an educational balance sheet that captures the strengths and weaknesses of the present ‘system’ of education, drawn from England and from education debates across the developed world. They use this evidence to propose an alternative future for education, which builds ‘communities of discovery’ by realising the collective

creativity of students and educators through democracy. They explain how this alternative is better suited to current times and refer to organisations that have embraced this approach to solve problems such as how to re-engage disaffected youth. The authors conclude by asking ‘Can we do it?’ and warn us of what we may face if we don’t act. This book is written as a ‘call to action’ for all educators working in a wide variety of settings – in schools, colleges and universities, in work-based learning and within communities – and for those interested in education policy.

• Bedford Way Papers • Nov 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-917-2 • 102pp • £15.99 / $31.00


The Grammar School Question A review of research on comprehensive and selective education David Crook, Sally Power and Geoff Whitty The Grammar School Question provides an even-handed analysis of the research evidence on comprehensive and selective education against the background of heated debate on the future of grammar schools. The book concludes with a discussion of some of the consequences of abolishing or retaining selective education. • Perspectives on Education Policy • Dec 1999 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-608-9 • 72pp • £6.95 / $13.95 Perspectives on School Effectiveness and School Improvement John White and Michael Barber This collection of papers presents the debate between supporters and critics of the school effectiveness movement. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 1997 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-501-3 • 210pp • £11.99 / $19.95


Public Sector Reform Principles for improving the education system Frank Coffield, Richard Steer, Rebecca Allen, Anna Vignoles, Gemma Moss and Carol Vincent This book offers a critical appraisal of new models of education reform, arguing that they are not well supported by research evidence. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-773-4 • 85pp • £12.99 / $21.95 Teacher Pay and Performance Peter Dolton, Steven McIntosh and Arnaud Chevalier In the context of teacher pay and management reforms and the position of the teacher labour market in the UK, Dolton, McIntosh and Chevalier examine international perspectives on performance-related pay for teachers. • Bedford Way Papers • Apr 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-670-6 • 148pp • £15.99 / $31.00

Higher Education Coaching and Mentoring in Higher Education A learning-centred approach Eileen Carnell, Jacqui MacDonald and Susan Askew This handbook sets out a clear organisational rationale of coaching and/or mentoring and provides structured activities for self-reflection or groups. It will be particularly suitable for Higher Education institutions which are considering the development of mentoring as part of their effective professional relationships and working practices. This handbook extends our thinking by examining how the practices of coaching and mentoring have explicit links with models of learning. A case study of the learning-centred model that has been successfully piloted at the Institute of Education illustrates these links in practice. In addition, the handbook covers: the benefits of coaching/mentoring; the purposes of coaching/mentoring; who can be a coach/mentor; the activities involved; the skills required; dialogue in coaching/mentoring; personal qualities necessary in effective relationships; ethical guidelines. The accompanying CD contains printable masters of the activities.

The Dearing Report Ten years on David Watson and Michael Amoah 'It deserves to be widely read, not just in the UK but by the many people all over the world with an interest in the future of higher education in knowledge economies.' Baronness Tessa Blackstone, Foreword of the book This wide-ranging, research-based study examines the impact of the Dearing Report over ten years and offers an evaluation of the issues facing the higher education system in the future. • Bedford Way Papers • Jul 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-780-2 • 224pp • £18.99 / $39.95

• Issues in Practice • Nov 2006 • PB and CD • ISBN 978-0-85473-752-9 • 35pp • £15.00 / $29.00 8

Improving Intercultural Learning Experiences in Higher Education Responding to cultural scripts for learning Thushari Welikala and Chris Watkins 'It is excellent to see this new guide to intercultural learning issues. A timely contribution to the expanding debate on academic transition and intercultural learning.' - Dominic Scott, Chief Executive, UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) This text aims to investigate the learning experiences of international students at UK universities and to discuss how these experiences can be improved. • Issues in Practice • Jun 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-804-5 • 68pp • £13.99 / $27.50

Passion and Politics Academics reflect on writing for publication Eileen Carnell, Jacqui MacDonald, Bet McCallum and Mary Scott 'This volume is novel in drawing upon experienced writers and their reflections, looking at writing from the basis of a lifetime's engagement. The writers open themselves up to the personal and emotional, social and professional dimensions and not just the technical skills.' - Brian V. Street, Professor of Language in Education, King’s College London This book examines interviews with educational and social research academic authors of renown to draw out insights into academic writing and publication. It aims to be a useful and inspiring work for both experienced and new academic writers. • Sep 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-802-1 • 232pp • £19.99 / $38.95


The result of intelligent effort Two decades in the quality assurance of higher education Peter Williams The outgoing Chief Executive of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education observes and comments on the prominent developments and debates within UK higher education in recent years. • Nov 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-896-0 • 34pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Theorising Quality in Higher Education Louise Morley Britain now has the most heavily regulated higher education system in the world and institutions must deliver best educational value. This book explores the political and psychic economy of quality assurance in higher education and interrogates the discourse and practices associated with the audit culture in Britain. • Bedford Way Papers • Nov 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-706-2 • 48pp • £8.99 / $17.95


Lifelong Learning Evaluating the Benefits of Lifelong Learning A framework Ian Plewis and John Preston This book sets out a framework for evaluating interventions which are designed to promote lifelong learning and to produce wider benefits. The book covers different types of evaluation and ends with recommendations for organisation, conduct and reporting that could be applied to evaluations in a number of policy areas. • Wider Benefits of Learning • May 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-656-0 • 96pp • £9.95 / $19.95

Policy-making and Policy Learning in 14-19 Education David Raffe and Ken Spours 'This volume represents an interesting and valuable contribution to this branch of research, and one that lends itself to being used as the basis for teaching on the topic of policy formation.' - Ewart Keep, University of Cardiff, London Review of Education, Issue 6:1 In this book, leading experts on 14-19 education and training explore the concept of policy-learning and examine recent policies and policy-making in England and Scotland. It will be of interest to all those involved in, or affected by, policy-making in the increasingly high-profile and politically charged field of 14-19 education. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-746-8 • 234pp • £18.99 / $37.00


New Post-Compulsory Education and Lifelong Learning across the United Kingdom Policy, organisation and governance Ann Hodgson, Ken Spours and Martyn Waring 'This is another authoritative analysis of post-compulsory education and training, from an expert research team with an excellent reputation. The authors exploit in depth the opportunity to contrast differences between the four UK countries, and draw important lessons from these comparisons. This volume provides very solid and valuable policy analysis to help lifelong learning make progress in the next decade.' Tom Schuller, Director of the Inquiry into the Future of Lifelong Learning and Director of Longview, Co-author of Learning Through Life This book brings together the perspectives of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from across England, Wales and Scotland to produce a rich, up-to-date and highly textured source of evidence about this under-researched sector. The contributors analyse how each country’s approach to national policy, organisation, governance and practice operates and show that by understanding this in depth, one can move

beyond simplistic comparisons, policy borrowing and idealisations towards a more effective mode of government in the future. The book looks at the commonalities and differences between the UK’s national systems and compares this internationally, before it maps out and summarises each nation’s key system features. It gives expert opinion on the organisational arrangements and priorities in England, Scotland and Wales and shows how each operates in practice and what implications there are for the learners, educational professionals and wider stakeholders. The book concludes by imagining three possible scenarios for the future of education and training policy across the UK. This book will be of direct interest and relevance to national and international researchers and policy-makers in the broadly defined field of post-compulsory education and lifelong learning. It will also appeal to teachers, lecturers and postgraduate students on courses related to education and political science, and those who work in national and regional agencies in England, Scotland and Wales. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-904-2 • 188pp • £19.99 / $32.95


New Remaking Adult Learning Essays on adult education in honour of Alan Tuckett Jay Derrick, Ursula Howard, John Field, Peter Lavender, Sue Meyer, Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein and Tom Schuller '...if you want to learn more about adult learning from a much wider perspective or different school of thoughts on impacts and challenges facing the effective implementation of adult learning then this might just be the book for you.' - User review on Remaking Adult Learning provides an exciting and innovative addition to the literature on adult learning. Charting challenges and successes in the sector, it illustrates how taking part in well-thought-out programmes can have a positive and sometimes life-saving impact on people's lives. While grounded in adult learning practice, the book draws upon local, national and global perspectives, contemporary research and incisive analysis to focus on themes including: • Participation and equality • The role of adult learning in social movements • Adults learning and teaching in different contexts 13

• Adult learning and policy • The value of learning for its own sake. The book asks the question: 'What is to be done about the education of adults?' Worldwide adult learning remains seriously under-resourced as a public good even though its importance to health, citizenship, economic and social well-being and sustainable development is well-evidenced. Faced with the challenges of poverty, climate change and economic crises, the world has never needed adult learning more. Specific chapters address issues such as adult learning provision in an ageing society, learning organisations, literacy and numeracy, family learning, participation and achievement, among others. Remaking Adult Learning includes an interview with Alan Tuckett OBE. The book is written in tribute to him and his lifelong commitment to adult learning which has led to initiatives such as adult learners' week and learning festivals. It explores how he has inspired and influenced those involved in the adult learning sector, from grassroots to both national and international policy contexts. This book is essential reading for all those involved in the adult learning sector, including practitioners, policy-makers, academics and researchers. • Dec 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-885-4 • 296pp • £23.95 / $39.95

Teaching in Further Education New perspectives for a changing context Norman Lucas 'This account of the history of FE is arguably the best available.' - Colin Flint, Times Educational Supplement Norman Lucas contends that FE is fundamentally divided and that the practices of FE teachers are best understood by appreciating the diversity of needs of FE students. He shows that the tensions between the divisions, diversity and growing regulation are at the hub of the many challenges facing policy makers and FE teachers. • Bedford Way Papers • Jul 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-700-0 • 216pp • £17.99 / $35.00


History of Education The Children of London Attendance and welfare at school 1870-1990 A. Susan Williams, Patrick Ivin and Caroline Morse 'On one level, the book is a straightforward journey through the changing conditions of urban childhood during the 20th century... On another level, this is a true and timeless story of education management.' - Hilary Wince, TES Magazine This book charts for the first time the development of the school attendance service and the Care Committees, a system of volunteers providing poor children with school dinners, clothing and medical care. • Bedford Way Papers • Sep 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-640-9 • 208pp • £16.99 / $33.00


Education and Employment The DfEE and its place in history Richard Aldrich, David Crook and David Watson 'This is a work of reference, cataloguing as it does the shifts throughout the history of both departments. It is a work of history, with political and administrative insights. It is fair and impartial. It is also a good read.' - Gillian Shepherd, Times Educational Supplement This book analyses the background, creation and role of the Department for Education and Employment. • Bedford Way Papers • Jun 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-605-8 • 254pp • £15.99 / $31.00

Educational Commonplaces Essays to honour Denis Lawton

History of Education for the Twenty-First Century

David Halpin and Paddy Walsh

David Crook and Richard Aldrich

'TES Book of the Week: good a record as you can find of the past 30 years of policy-making around schooling and the curriculum.' - Bob Moon, Times Educational Supplement Introduced by an overview of Denis Lawton's work and concluding with an interview with the subject himself, this collection of essays pays tribute to his multi-faceted scholarly work.

How should we promote the discipline of History of Education? How can we challenge the tendency to take the past for granted and focus solely on the future? This book provides an agenda for History of Education in the twenty-first century by exploring themes and opening up areas of further debate. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-619-5 • 88pp • £15.99 / $33.00

• Jun 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-709-3 • 231pp • £17.99 / $35.00


History, Politics and Policy-making in Education A festschrift presented to Richard Aldrich David Crook and Gary McCulloch 'The fascinating kaleidoscope contained within this small volume defies its mere 200 pages, opening up so many vistas and possibilities for research, a testament to the variety of interests and applications that history can cater for.' - Peter Cunningham, Cambridge Journal of Education This wide-ranging volume of ten essays focuses on demonstrating how an understanding of the historical past may help us to set in context current educational issues. The essays examine such diverse themes as motherhood, gender, race, the teaching of reading, university politics and national security. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-786-4 • 217pp • £20.00 / $38.95


The Institute of Education 1902-2002 A centenary history Richard Aldrich 'A copy should be on the library shelf of any historian of education with serious interests in the issues raised by the study of teacher education.' - Roy Lowe, University of Wales Swansea, Paedagogica Historia, Issue 39:4 This centenary history provides the first comprehensive study of the Institute of Education, University of London, the United Kingdom’s premier institution for the study of education. • Oct 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-635-5 • 296pp • £22.50 / $43.95

Paulo Freire at the Institute of Education

School Textbook Research The case of geography 1800-2000

Maria de Figueiredo-Cowen and Denise Gastaldo

Norman Graves

This book results from a seminar with Paulo Freire at the Institute of Education in October 1993. It contains the reflections of Freire on progressive education, as well as discussions on the topics raised by academics and the audience. This volume makes Freire's talks widely available, which were originally published in Portuguese. • Jan 1995 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-429-0 • 86pp • £6.50 / $12.95

'This book should be considered an essential purchase for librarians and staff involved in the education of geography teachers and textbook authors.' - Teresa Lenton, Saint Martin's College, Lancaster, Geography, Issue 88:1 This book is an analysis of the evolution of geography textbooks in use in the United Kingdom from 1800 to the end of the twentieth century. • Bedford Way Papers • Nov 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-641-6 • 171pp • £25.00 / $48.95


A Tribute to Basil Bernstein 1924-2000 Sally Power, Peter Aggleton, Julia Brannen, Andrew Brown, Lynne Chisholm and John Mace A collection of tributes to Basil Bernstein's contribution to the field of sociology, written by scholars from around the world and from a wide range of academic disciplines. • Sep 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-651-5 • 170pp • £16.00 / $37.00


Research Methods Forthcoming Research Engagement for School Development Raphael Wilkins 'This wide-ranging book should be of particular interest to those wishing to understand more about how teachers can get involved in research, to the benefit of their pupils, their schools and themselves.' - Caroline Sharp, National Foundation for Educational Research This thought-provoking book examines the new and growing phenomenon of the ‘research-engaged school’ – schools that not only encourage their staff to carry out their own research, but also use published research to inform practice and improve the quality of education. The author draws upon his scholarship and practice in local authorities, schools and higher education, and gives a balanced account of the practitioner research movement and its relationship with policy and practice. He reflects on current debates and thinking in this arena and argues for new ways for schools to understand and practise research engagement as part of school development. In-depth case studies are

featured throughout and illustrate how individual school leaders and schools have used it for a variety of motivations and benefits. Research Engagement for School Development gives authoritative guidance that will help current and aspiring school leaders towards a deeper understanding of research engagement. It gives advice about its practice and management; pointers towards providing effective and sustainable support; an overview of recent developments and initiatives that schools can draw upon; and shows different standpoints towards ‘evidence-based reform’. Equally importantly, it should help to generate new ideas on how to support the growth of effective practice in this vitally important field. This book will be of value to everyone in schools, universities or local authorities who are affiliated with, or interested in, the practitioner research movement. It will also inform school staff studying for a higher degree as well as policy-makers.

• Issues in Practice • Nov 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-900-4 • 212pp • £23.99 / $39.95


Researching Women An annotated bibliography on gender equity in Commonwealth higher education Louise Morley, Annik Sorhaindo and Penny Jane Burke '...a unique three-year project to shed light on research by female academics into gender equity in the Commonwealth.' - Olga Wojtas, Times Higher Education Supplement This annotated bibliography documents the wealth of scholarship on gender and higher education in the Commonwealth, particularly in low-income countries. • Apr 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-714-7 • 105pp • £14.99 / $29.00


Values and Educational Research David Scott This book argues that members of the education research community do not necessarily share a common purpose, a common way of looking at educational matters and a common epistemology. It offers six different perspectives on the relationship between the knower and what they come to know. • Bedford Way Papers • Jun 1999 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-538-9 • 130pp • £14.99 / $24.95

Leadership and Management New Accelerated Leadership Development Fast tracking school leaders Peter Earley and Jeff Jones 'Policy-makers and senior practitioners will find much of value in this book, as they consider how to develop new school leaders.' - Tony Bush, Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Warwick

and implications of talent identification and succession planning, while simultaneously considering the risks and challenges these schemes raise for schools and the wider education system. The book goes on to provide detailed descriptions of two fast-track education leadership programmes run in England and illustrates how a range of organisations from outside the education sector and from different countries, run accelerated, fast-track and high-potential leadership schemes. Accelerated Leadership Development is essential reading for all school leadership teams and school governing bodies and will be an invaluable resource for academics and researchers working in the fields of leadership and school management. • Bedford Way Papers • Sep 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-884-7 • 122pp • £17.99 / $29.95

Accelerated Leadership Development captures and communicates the lessons learnt from successful fast-track leadership programmes in the private and public sector, and provides a model which schools can follow and customise as they plan their own leadership development strategies. As large numbers of headteachers and other senior staff retire, the book illustrates practical ways in which school leadership teams can face the growing challenge of talent management. The book outlines the most effective fast-track leadership initiatives and discusses ways of identifying and retaining high-potential staff in school settings. It also examines the possible consequences 22

Forthcoming The Adventurous School Jane Reed, Kathy Maskall, David Allinson, Rosemary Bailey, Fernanda Bates, Sian Davies and Catherine Gallimore The Adventurous School is a topical study of innovative and original practice in three primary schools. The book portrays the ideas, practice and experience of three primary schools in England, and aims to illustrate how they have made their schools successful. The book looks at the ways in which these schools have taken the power to make decisions about their school improvement priorities in ways that give their pupils a central and active rather than tokenistic role. It is about learning and leadership for everyone including the pupils. ‘The Adventurous School’ is characterised as one that is creative and ingenious, develops a confident spirit and a hardy disposition, has a map and planned routes but is not rigid about the journey, is evolutionary, travels with others, takes risks, is questing, questioning and enquiring and is there for something more than itself. • Jan 2012 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-916-5 • 212pp • £23.99


Educational Resource Management An international perspective Derek Glover and Rosalind Levacic ' is useful as a reference book and could grace the shelf of any educational manager.' - Jon F. Baldwin, Times Higher Education This book offers practical guidance on financial and real resource management in schools and colleges, and critically evaluates current tensions involved in the area of educational resource management. It is essential reading for educational leaders who wish to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of their resource utilisation systems. • Bedford Way Papers • Nov 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-781-9 • 222pp • £16.99 / $38.95

Effective Leadership in the Early Years Sector The ELEYS study

Legalised Leadership Law-based education reform in England and its effect on headteachers

Iram Siraj-Blatchford and Laura Manni

Dan Gibton

'...influential in helping me to shape my role...and the vision for Early Years which is now beginning to bear fruit.' - Pam Mundy, General Adviser, Early Years, West Sussex This book argues that the fundamental requirements for leadership for learning in the early years should be provided by considering social contexts, adopting a commitment to collective working and focusing on improving children's learning outcomes. • Issues in Practice • Feb 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-743-7 • 36pp • £10.00 / $19.95

Legalised Leadership explores the links between educational law and law-based reform that have a profound influence on the work and professional life of school headteachers. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-701-7 • 197pp • £20.00 / $32.95 School Governing Bodies Rationale, roles and assessment Peter Earley and Michael Creese In this paper, the authors examine the research literature to focus on the roles of school governing bodies, particularly their contribution to the raising of standards, and in ensuring a school's effectiveness and continuing improvement. • Viewpoint • Feb 1998 • Pamphlet • ISBN 978-0-85473-527-3 • 12pp • £3.00 / $4.95


Truancy Can schools improve attendance? Susan Hallam This paper examines the causes and effects of truancy and discusses how school attendance can be improved. • Viewpoint • Jun 1997 • Pamphlet • ISBN 978-0-85473-524-2 • 8pp • £3.00 / $4.95 Values and Leadership Anne Gold 'Concise, practical and optimistic, Anne Gold's account is a must for potential school leaders.' - Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement Many conflicting demands are made on school leaders in the twenty-first century, and there is an expectation of fast responses to those demands. This book is written for leadership practitioners and those who work with them, in order to encourage values-led responses to conflicting and tumultuous pressures. • Issues in Practice • Oct 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-704-8 • 41pp • £8.99 / $17.95


Continuing Professional Development Critical Practice in Teacher Education A study of professional learning

Effective Practices in Continuing Professional Development Lessons from schools Peter Earley and Vivienne Porritt

Ruth Heilbronn and John Yandell 'Although this case is set in the UK, it should be required reading for teacher educators and policy-makers everywhere' - Ken Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education, University of Washington Written by experienced teacher educators, this book shows what critical practice is and how it can be used to facilitate a deeper understanding of practice that draws upon personal experience and knowledge of theory, research and policy. • Bedford Way Papers • Sep 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-859-5 • 208pp • £18.99 / $31.95

'Peter Earley and Vivienne Porritt have the eyes to see and the skills to describe vividly and compellingly outstanding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) practice. In doing so, they increase the likelihood of ensuring that schools get the best out of staff and that staff get the best out of school. Here they assemble and describe ideas that every school will find invaluable: a 'must have' for the school library.' - Professor Tim Brighouse, former Chief Adviser for London Schools and previously Chief Education Officer for Birmingham and Oxfordshire This book presents case studies of schools’ journeys towards effective CPD practice, telling the story of the goals set and achieved, and the challenges and successes along the way. • Nov 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-883-0 • 168pp • £19.99 / $32.95


Exploring Professionalism Bryan Cunningham 'The inclusion of this title in core or recommended reading lists for academic courses focussing on professional learning is worthy of consideration.' - Dr June Mitchell, University of Strathclyde, Education Today Exploring key issues in professional life such as how we define ourselves, how we learn as professionals, and what impact current changes and challenges are having on the nature of professional work, this book will offer a rounded selection of perspectives on professional life. • Bedford Way Papers • Sep 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-805-2 • 224pp • £18.99 / $37.00


New Designs for Teachers' Professional Learning Jon Pickering, Caroline Daly and Norbert Pachler 'Teacher educators should read it...[and] the lessons of this book could be usefully heeded by policy makers as they implement the new CPD regime.' - Jonathan Tummons, York College, Higher Education Academy This book provides insights into the different ways in which the agenda for change in CPD plays out in different contexts. • Bedford Way Papers • Jun 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-729-1 • 283pp • £19.99 / $38.95

Retiring Lives Eileen Carnell and Caroline Lodge 'It will be of interest to people thinking about their own retirement, and to others who give advice about retirement. ...Retiring Lives offers thought-provoking material for gerontologists concerned with the development of personal retirement narratives.' - Jonathan Hughes, Ageing and Society This book presents fourteen personal real life stories from people at various stages of retiring. These inspirational and illustrated stories will encourage readers to hold up these experiences to their own, learn from comparisons and similarities and extend their own thinking. • Nov 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-848-9 • 200pp • £15.99 / $26.95


New Transformative Coaching A learning theory for practice Susan Askew and Eileen Carnell 'I would recommend this book to both practitioners and course leaders as adding valuable insight and proposals within the emergent discourse and practice of coaching.' - Dr Janice Dexter, The Bulletin of the Association of Coaching Why publish another book on coaching? While there are numerous books covering coaching tools and techniques, most share a common focus on goal-setting and goal achievement. This book offers a rare alternative perspective that focuses on reflective learning as the starting point for professional growth, and illustrates how coaches can apply this approach in coaching meetings. Drawing on their research and experiences of developing professional learning programmes for coaches, the authors identify three kinds of learning in coaching: - the learning of new skills and competences - learning to see something differently - learning more about the self in practice (reflective learning). 29

The authors contend that while learning of the first and second kinds are well supported in coaching practice, more attention to learning of the third kind is needed. An emphasis on self-reflection, for both coaches and coachees, can lead to more effective, transformative and sustained change to practice. Using case studies and examples of successful coaching meetings, this thought-provoking book explores this reflective model of coaching. It also examines current debates in coaching; issues to do with self-identity and power relationships; why peer coaching and supervision are important; and how coaching can play a significant role in an organisation’s learning. Transformative Coaching will be especially useful for coaches and students of coaching working in education organisations, including those who offer accredited coaching courses. It is also relevant to all learning professionals, particularly from the education, medical, legal and social services sector and to any organisations that place importance on supporting learning.

• Jun 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-907-3 • 149pp • £22.99 / $37.95

Language and Literacy The Assessment of Reading A theoretically motivated review of currently available tests

Handwriting Policy and Practice in English Primary Schools An exploratory study Anna Barnett, Rhona Stainthorp, Sheila Henderson and Beverly Scheib

Morag Stuart and Rhona Stainthorp An essential guide to choosing reading assessment tests. It surveys seventeen published tests and explain the theoretical basis for choosing the most appropriate test. • Viewpoint • Dec 2003 • Pamphlet • ISBN 978-0-85473-692-8 • 12pp • £4.00 / $7.95

Based on a survey of primary schools in the UK, this book provides detailed information about how schools are making provision for handwriting teaching within the National Literacy Strategy. • Issues in Practice • May 2006 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-728-4 • 20pp • £8.99 / $17.95

Communication Skills and the Knowledge Economy Language, literacy and the production of meaning Fiona Doloughan This book raises fundamental questions about the nature of the compact between HE and society. • Perspectives on Education Policy • Nov 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-643-0 • 47pp • £6.95 / $13.95


Guided Reading Book Bands for Guided Reading A handbook to support Foundation and Key Stage 1 teachers Suzanne Baker, Shirley Bickler and Sue Bodman ' indispensable tool for everyone responsible for developing children's reading ... an invaluable guide to choosing reading materials at each child's current level.' - Jill Canning, Fischer Education Project This book is the authoritative publication in the UK, enabling schools to create, audit and supplement a high-quality library of sets of books for use with groups of Foundation and Key Stage 1 children. • Guided Reading • Oct 2007 • Spiral bound • ISBN 978-0-85473-787-1 • 234pp • £25.00 / $48.95


Bridging Bands for Guided Reading Resourcing for diversity into Key Stage 2 Shirley Bickler, Suzanne Baker and Angela Hobsbaum The 'dip in literacy achievement' experienced by some children at age 7-8 may in part be due to a steep rise in text reading challenge that children encounter at this age. This guide will help teachers set up comprehensive Guided Reading resources that support children's development as they move into Key Stage 2. • Guided Reading • Sep 2003 • Spiral bound • ISBN 978-0-85473-690-4 • 170pp • £25.00 / $48.95

Guiding Reading A handbook for teaching guided reading at Key Stage 2 Angela Hobsbaum, Nikki Gamble and David Reedy 'Examples of good practice are provided from which useful ideas can be gleaned.' - Huw Thomas, Headteacher, Sheffield Review for Junior Education This book explains the development of reading processes and preferences in children aged 7 to 11, and gives the rationale for guided reading. It explains clearly what teachers need to do in order to organise their classrooms, their resources and themselves in order to carry out guided reading successfully, and provides exemplar lessons. • Guided Reading • May 2006 • Spiral bound • ISBN 978-0-85473-720-8 • 288pp • £25.00 / $48.95


Music Focus on Music Exploring the musical interests and abilities of blind and partially-sighted children and young people with septo-optic dysplasia Adam Ockelford, Linda Pring, Graham Welch and Darold Treffert Focus on Music is the first survey of its kind to explore the musicality of blind and partially-sighted children in the UK and USA. • Issues in Practice • Feb 2006 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-723-9 • 71pp • £9.99 / $19.95

Focus on Music 2 Exploring the musicality of children and young people with retinopathy of prematurity Adam Ockelford and Christina Matawa 'A fascinating and important book that is a timely addition to work that crosses the boundaries between music therapy and music education.' Professor Raymond MacDonald, Psychology of Music This book is the second in a series that examines the impact of different forms of visual impairment on the developing musicality of blind and partially-sighted children and young people. This volume focuses on retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). • Issues in Practice • Dec 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-861-8 • 140pp • £12.99 / $20.95


Music Education in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom Achievements, analysis and aspirations Susan Hallam and Andrea Creech ' important book, arriving at a critical moment for the future of music education in our state schools.' - Bette Gray-Fow, Classroom Music This book provides a timely and unique overview of music education in the UK by considering the its achievements, analysing its current performance and setting out aspirations for the future. It addresses the power of music to influence and change human behaviour, analyses current and future issues in music education and casts a spotlight on particular areas of education. It includes a range of case study examples and evaluations of practice. The book is a landmark publication in the field of music education and will be essential reading for policy-makers, practitioners, music students, trainee music teachers and those who provide music services in the UK and internationally.

Music Psychology in Education Susan Hallam 'This book provides a concise summary of research in music psychology which has been selected for its relevance to music educators.' - British Journal of Music Education, Vol 24/1 The psychological study of music has a long history, with research being undertaken in relation to every aspect of human musical behaviour. Although much of the research is of direct concern to music educators, it has not until now been presented in an easily accessible, single volume. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the field. It will be of interest to students training to be instrumental and class teachers, and to all teachers wishing to further their understanding of teaching and learning. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 2006 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-716-1 • 281pp • £17.99 / $35.00

• Bedford Way Papers • Jul 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-899-1 • 372pp • £23.99 / $39.95


Forthcoming Preparing for Success A practical guide for young musicians Susan Hallam and Helena Gaunt Pursuing a career in music is one of the most challenging and satisfying things you can do. Because music expresses something fundamental about our humanity, it is almost impossible to make it a profession without putting heart and soul into it. This book is a practical guide for young people around the world who wish to build a career as a professional musician. It aims to be a useful resource that will help you build a realistic professional vision, support your development, and understand what it takes to make a successful career. As well as providing lots of information, it offers practical tools and exercises to enable you to relate the information to your own situation, and to help realise your potential. The book covers three main areas: - exploring essential aspects of the learning process as a musician such as motivating yourself, setting goals, making the most out of tuition, practising and rehearsing, learning from your experience; 35

- nurturing your creativity and expanding your experience and professional horizons; - mapping out the professional landscape and outlining vital parts of getting a career started. Readers will this book an effective tool, to dip into whenever they are in search of ways to understand their experiences, solve problems or identify their next goals. • Apr 2012 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-903-5 • 200pp • £23.99 / $39.95


Why Learn Maths? The Maths We Need Now Demands, deficits and remedies Clare Tikly and Alison Wolf

'This thought-provoking collection of papers asks whether we are teaching the right kind of maths, and enough of it, to enough of our children for long enough. It looks at the teaching and learning in maths, comparing England and Wales with other countries. It should be compulsory reading for all who are concerned with education policy.' - TES Maths Curriculum Supplement This book brings together new evidence on the importance of mathematics in the labour market, the growing disparity between school mathematics and the demands of higher education, and the disjunction between the British mathematics curriculum and those of all our major competitors.

Steve Bramall and John White 'A book that dares to question the necessity of all pupils studying mathematics to 16.' - Tim Rowland, Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Times Educational Supplement This book investigates the varied aims of learning and teaching mathematics, and to what extent the discipline deserves the high curricular status it has traditionally enjoyed. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-617-1 • 154pp • £15.99 / $31.00

• Bedford Way Papers • Sep 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-616-4 • 186pp • £15.99 / $31.00


Development Education Development Education Debates and dialogue Douglas Bourn '...a useful contribution to the field and offers opportunities to reflect on contemporary practice. The spaces between the positions elaborated by its contributors will provide fertile ground in which readers can grow their own solutions to difficult problems.' - Dr Roland Tormey, Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review This book aims to stimulate debate and dialogue on development education, involving academics, policy-makers and practitioners, to identify issues and themes for research and pose questions for future practice. • Jun 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-803-8 • 127pp • £15.99 / $31.00


Education, Environment and Economy Reporting Research in New Academic Grouping Frances Slater, David Lambert and David Lines This book is a product of research activity that brought together three sections that formerly engaged the separate disciplines of Business Education, Geography and Economics. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 1997 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-499-3 • 210pp • £11.99 / $19.95

Urban Education The Culture of Change Case studies of improving schools in Singapore and London Peter Mortimore, Saravanan Gopinathan, Elizabeth Leo, Kate Myers, Leslie Sharpe, Louise Stoll and Jo Mortimore 'This is an excellent book that provides deep insights about the leadership of education change under very trying conditions. The authors share many practical suggestions and innovative strategies for those who are willing to take up the challenge of change in our schools. From a more general perspective students, parents, and others interested in education should read this book in order to appreciate the expertise, energy and commitment that are involved in leading and implementing the school improvement process.' - A.E. Ted Wall, McGill Journal of Education, 35:2

Education in a Global City Essays from London Tim Brighouse and Leisha Fullick '...the future-oriented, positive outlook of this collection is a welcome one and I have no doubt that this set of essays will provide an invaluable resource to academics and research students studying urban education and London as a case study more specifically.' - Sumi Hollingworth, Cambridge Journal of Education This collection of essays maps new and developing strategies for successful urban education, and will be useful to educators and policy-makers not only in London but also in other cities operating in similar contexts. • Bedford Way Papers • Nov 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-792-5 • 328pp • £16.99 / $28.95

This is a comparative study of approaches to the challenge of improving achievement, which focuses on two pairs of schools, in London and Singapore. • Bedford Way Papers • Jan 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-606-5 • 165pp • £14.99 / $29.00


Urban Pioneers Leading the Way Ahead: First lessons from the leadership on the front-line project Kathryn Riley, Tom Hesketh, Sean Rafferty and Paula Taylor-Moore This book raises many policy issues and offers practical tools which can support school leaders in making greater sense of their community context, and some of the practical challenges they face. • Issues in Practice • Jun 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-721-5 • 31pp • £8.99 / $17.95


Diversity and Inclusion Can School Improvement Overcome the Effects of Disadvantage? Peter Mortimore and Geoff Whitty This book discusses what disadvantage can mean for pupils, the strategies that have been adopted to combat it and the efficacy of these programmes. • Perspectives on Education Policy • Jun 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-625-6 • 39pp • £6.95 / $13.95 Education in Deprived Areas Outcomes, inputs and processes Sally Power, Simon Warren, David Gillborn, Alison Clark, Sally Thomas and Kelly Coate This book examines the processes that contribute to the disadvantaging of schools in deprived areas. • Perspectives on Education Policy • Apr 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-642-3 • 84pp • £6.95 / $13.95

The Effectiveness of Early Interventions Christine Oliver and Marjorie Smith This review assesses the research evidence on what types of early interventions are most effective in preventing social exclusion outcomes, such as poor educational achievement. • Perspectives on Education Policy • Oct 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-613-3 • 78pp • £6.95 / $13.95 Inclusive Play Supporting provision for disabled children Pat Petrie, Pamela Storey and Mano Candappa Inclusive Play starts from an understanding that disabled children should have access to mainstream out-of-school play and childcare services. It is a practical guide for providers and practitioners, and is based on research conducted in 32 out-of-school services in 14 local authorities. • Understanding Children's Social Care • Feb 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-666-9 • 35pp • £7.95 / $15.95


Forthcoming Respecting Difference Good practice guide in issues of race, faith and culture Heidi Safia Mirza and Veena Meetoo This interesting and accessible text presents insights into the dilemmas and experiences of PGCE tutors in dealing with issues of race, faith and culture, both individually and institutionally, and suggests ways forward. This guide includes: - Clear and up-to-date descriptions of race-relations policies, procedures and legislative guidance - Clarification of the responsibilities of tutors in relation to professional practice in issues of diversity - Case studies based on real examples, such as how to support Muslim women students, and how to deal with the sensitive topic of racism in the classroom. • Issues in Practice • Apr 2012 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-887-8 • 80pp • £15.99 / $26.95


Social Care Disabled Children at the Interface Co-operative action between public authorities and the reduction of social exclusion Pat Petrie, Pamela Storey, Di Thompson and Mano Candappa This volume reports a research study that investigates how different local agencies work together - or fail to do so - in their approach to disabled children and their families. The challenge lies in keeping the whole child in view, the child who is more than a patient, pupil or social work client, and more than the sum of these parts. • Understanding Children's Social Care • Apr 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-667-6 • 39pp • £7.95 / $15.95

Improving Services to Black and Ethnic Minority Children and their Families Four demonstration projects under Quality Protects Mano Candappa This descriptive study of four demonstration projects will guide future work in delivering appropriate services to black and ethnic minority children. It discusses issues of structure, process and resourcing of the projects, and raises implications for policy and practice. • Understanding Children's Social Care • Apr 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-686-7 • 53pp • £7.95 / $15.95 The Knowledge: How to get the information you need out of computers and information systems A practical guide for children's social services Mike Gatehouse, June Statham and Harriet Ward This is a practical guide for children's social services that will help departments identify their information technology needs and commission better systems. • Understanding Children's Social Care • May 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-707-9 • 52pp • £7.95 / $15.95


Mapping the Care Workforce: Supporting joined-up thinking Secondary analysis of the Labour Force Survey for childcare and social work

Trends in Care Exploring reasons for the increase in children looked after by local authorities

Antonia Simon, Charlie Owen, Peter Moss and Claire Cameron

June Statham, Mano Candappa, Antonia Simon and Charlie Owen

This study aims to learn more about the body of paid workers that currently makes up the social care sector. The findings provide clear messages for policymakers, managers, trainers and practitioners. • Understanding Children's Social Care • Apr 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-684-3 • 84pp • £8.95 / $17.95 Outcomes and Effectiveness of Family Support Services A research review June Statham This timely book reviews the evidence on ‘what works’ in family support services, and describes some of the problems and issues that arise when evaluating social welfare provision in general and family support services in particular. • Issues in Practice • Sep 2000 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-627-0 • 24pp • £7.95 / $15.95


This book explores possible reasons for the increased numbers of children looked after by local authorities. It addresses various hypotheses and makes recommendations for good social services practice related to children looked after. • Understanding Children's Social Care • Jul 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-664-5 • 47pp • £7.95 / $15.95

Sociology Childhood in Generational Perspective Berry Mayall and Helga Zeiher This important book contains perspectives on theoretical issues from distinguished European scholars, providing challenging reading for teachers and students of the sociology of childhood. • Bedford Way Papers • Oct 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-689-8 • 178pp • £16.99 / $33.00 Learning to be Healthy Cathie Hammond

Modelling and Measuring the Wider Benefits of Learning A synthesis Tom Schuller, John Bynner, Andy Green, Louisa Blackwell, Cathie Hammond, John Preston and Martin Gough This review lays the foundations for further analysis of the wider benefits of learning by bringing together diverse strands, some theoretical, some empirical. It provides a selective overview of the five overlapping social domains of health, ageing, families, crime and citizenship in the context of their relations to learning. • Wider Benefits of Learning • May 2001 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-634-8 • 84pp • £7.95 / $15.95

This book discusses the processes through which learning throughout the life course impacts upon psychological, mental and physical health. • Wider Benefits of Learning • Jun 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-661-4 • 66pp • £9.95 / $19.95


New You Can Help Your Country English children's work during the Second World War Berry Mayall and Virginia Morrow 'Think of children and the Second World War, and evacuation comes immediately to mind. Berry Mayall and Virginia Morrow have a different story to tell, one in which all the children of the nation were encouraged to contribute to the war effort.' - Hugh Cunningham, Professor Emeritus, University of Kent Bringing in the harvest. Watching for enemy aircraft. Rescuing survivors from the wreckage of bombed houses. Keeping the family business running when parents were enlisted into war-work. These are just a few examples of how children and young people made substantial contributions to the war effort during the Second World War. You Can Help Your Country: English children’s work during the Second World War reveals the remarkable, hidden history of children as social agents who actively participated in a national effort during a period of crisis. This highly-illustrated volume draws on interviews with people who were school-age during the war, on archives and on school histories 45

which recorded wartime activities as well as children’s accounts of their experiences at the time. Children expressed both positive and negative views of their work: exhilaration and exhaustion, pride and resentment, delight in new freedoms and anger at deprivation. Applying a sociological approach, the authors outline the social history of childhood during the first half of the twentieth century, documenting heated debates about the ‘proper’ activities of children and analysing the thinking that questioned class-based childhoods and schooling and promoted better health and better educational opportunities. In this context, they examine how children responded to appeals to ‘do their bit’ as urged through government poster campaigns, BBC radio broadcast programmes for schools, propaganda films and children’s fiction. This is a stimulating, entertaining and scholarly contribution to the history of childhood, which will enable the reader to think about ideas of childhood today and their rights, as citizens, to participate in the social and political life of their society. It will be essential reading for academics, researchers and students in the field of educational sociology and more widely, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in social history and war studies. • Apr 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-889-2 • 328pp • £25.99 / $42.95

Inaugural Professorial Lectures Are London's schools meeting the needs of young people? Kathryn Riley London is a global city. It is ethnically, linguistically, racially and religiously diverse. It is home to seven million people who between them speak over 300 languages. In this challenging lecture, Kathryn Riley, Director of the London Education Research Unit (LERU) and Director of Research in the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, argues for a radical step change in thinking about education. If educators are to meet the needs, aspirations and dreams of young Londoners, then more needs to be known about their lives and experiences. How do these young people experience London's diversity, its opportunities and its challenges? What's changing in London that affects their lives? London schools, she suggests, offer the closest thing we have to a common experience, and the opportunity to share core values. However, the speed and complexity of change means they need to accelerate their activities and find new and dynamic ways of engaging with their students, their families and their communities. Schools need to focus on why the city is as it is and what young people can do to shape it or change it: to develop political literacy, not just the reading of the 'word' but the reading of the 'world'. Policy-makers need to redirect funding to schools that are tackling the greatest social disadvantage, and

introduce financial incentives to encourage secondary schools to take the range of ability groups. To support all these changes, a vision of education for London is needed. This requires a strong Education Federation which is responsible for pan-London collaboration, thinking and planning, and is supported by a Knowledge Hub which identifies and fills the gaps. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • May 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-905-9 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Assessment for learning Why, what and how?

Bernstein and poetics revisited Voice, globalisation and education

Dylan Wiliam

Jan Blommaert

'In a few pages he conveys how his two decades of experience has shaped an effective, scalable model for professional teacher development. It is a clear, concise and compelling read for anyone engaged in education for the professions. Whilst the primary audiences are teacher development professionals and policy makers the content is readily transferable to the wider Higher Education audience... In my institution we plan not only to buy copies for the library but to buy in bulk for resale direct to our post graduate medical education students. This is a little book with a big punch.' - Linda Jones, Principal Lecturer Clinical Education and Leadership, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical Education, ESCalate - The Higher Education Academy Education Subject Centre Wiliam argues that if we are to be successful in raising student achievement, as well as clear about what we want teachers to do differently, we have to understand why changing teachers' practice is so difficult, and this will require radical changes in the way we treat teachers' professional development. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jun 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-788-8 • 44pp • £5.00 / $9.95


In the field of language studies, an often overlooked area is that of people’s perceptions of language: what counts as language for speakers, and what doesn’t. This lecture will engage in a number of reflections on how attention to that field of perceptions changes our view of language learning and language functions. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Nov 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-791-8 • 38pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Digital technologies and their role in achieving our ambitions for education Diana Laurillard This lecture examines the ways in which digital technologies can contribute to rethinking existing educational models in order to achieve our ambitions for education. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Feb 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-797-0 • 39pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Education and institutional racism David Gillborn

Education, history and social change The legacy of Brian Simon Gary McCulloch

In this lecture, David Gillborn argues that racism is more subtle and extensive than is usually recognised. This has important consequences for how pupils are categorised by schools and for the shape of education reform in the future. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Aug 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-663-8 • 30pp • £5.00 / $8.95 Education for social inclusion Can we change the future for children in care? Sonia Jackson

Gary McCulloch examines the legacy of Brian Simon, who was the leading and best known historian of education in the United Kingdom. He discusses the significance of Simon's own relationship with the Institute of Education and outlines ways of building on Simon's legacy to the history of education in the changing society of the twenty-first century. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Oct 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-708-6 • 24pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Education, vulnerability and HIV/AIDS Peter Aggleton

The neglected education of children in state care has become an urgent problem, not only for them but for society as a whole. This lecture suggests that we need to understand its deep historical roots, which find echoes in many other European countries, if we really want them to have a better chance in life.

Peter Aggleton examines the potential of education to bring about lasting change in the HIV epidemic. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Mar 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-801-4 • 28pp • £5.00 / $9.95

• Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jul 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-906-6 • 30pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Enhancing motivation and learning throughout the lifespan Susan Hallam

Headship and beyond The motivation and development of school leaders Peter Earley

This lecture argues that positively motivated individuals tend to engage more fully with formal learning and maintain lifelong learning, and considers ways that teachers can enhance learners' motivation and learning throughout the lifespan. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Oct 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-722-2 • 35pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Geography in education Lost in the post? David Lambert

In this lecture Peter Earley examines the stages of headship and discusses the development opportunities currently available, arguing that greater attention needs to be paid to issues of performance, motivation and well-being of school leaders. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Oct 2006 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-747-5 • 34pp • £5.00 / $9.95 The importance of argument in education Richard Andrews

This lecture argues that contemporary geography is a school subject of great significance and has a lot to offer children and young people growing up in a confusing, rapidly changing and dangerous world. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jun 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-857-1 • 30pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Examines argument, and the process of argumentation, in relation to primary, secondary and tertiary education. Considers the importance of argument in research and research training. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • May 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-854-0 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Learning, context and the role of technology Rosemary Luckin Professor Luckin discusses a new model which provides a design framework to support the development of technology-rich learning and support learners. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-846-5 • 52pp • £5.00 / $9.95


New One-to-one tuition An ideal context for learning? Judith Ireson In many parts of the world, the state education system is accompanied by a shadow system that mirrors the school curriculum. In England, most provision in the shadow system is through private, one-to-one tutoring, offered by those working independently and through local, regional and national agencies. International surveys indicate that shadow education in England is widespread but not as extensive as in many other countries, although there are signs that it may be expanding. Families support their children’s learning at home and often employ a tutor to help with their education and to enable them to do well in tests, examinations and transition points in the education system. Parents with higher educational and occupational levels are more likely to do this for their children, especially in preparation for the GCSE examinations. One-to-one tuition is also provided in state-maintained schools through structured programmes for young children and tutorial support for older children. This lecture evaluates the impact on attainment of one-to-one tuition in both the state and shadow systems and argues that while it can be very 51

effective, it is not a panacea. Professor Ireson argues that the overall effects of private tutoring appear limited, though they vary depending on subject and duration, while carefully designed programmes in school enable low attaining young children to achieve expected targets for their age, dependent on the content of tutorial sessions and the quality of tutoring. This lecture comes at a time when funding is being devolved and schools will need to make important decisions about provision of one-to-one tuition which, when combined with after school clubs, revision classes and booster sessions, provide opportunities that are accessible to all, including students from less advantaged backgrounds. • Inaugural Professorial Lectures • Jun 2011 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-915-8 • 26pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Only connect! Improving teaching and learning in schools

Ordinary Families? Learning about families and parenting from normative studies

Mary James

Marjorie Smith

Setting out the background and aims of the Learning How to Learn project, the author argues that it is vital to create the space and climate for managers, teachers, support staff and students to reflect on and share aspects of their practice, especially their learning practice. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-790-1 • 25pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Drawing on the stories told by 'ordinary' parents and children in order to learn more about how families function, Professor Smith illustrates how studies of representative samples of families, or normative studies, offer the potential to investigate family impacts and influences on children who are not flourishing. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Nov 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-799-4 • 30pp • £5.00 / $9.95


The persistence of presentism and the struggle to secure lasting educational improvement

Primary literacy Research and practice Roger Beard

Andrew Hargreaves Presentism, the sacrifice of future improvements to the pressing needs of the present, has increased. Professional culture reinforces rather than challenges the growing culture of presentism within the wider society, and both, Hargreaves argues, are in need of profound transformation. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-778-9 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Roger Beard traces the historical development of policy and practice in areas such as reading development, phonics and writing, and pinpoints interdisciplinary research as the key to addressing complex educational issues that transcend the conceptual reach of a single discipline. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-795-6 • 30pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Race, gender and educational desire

Predictions, explanations and causal effects from longitudinal data Ian Plewis This lecture explores uses of longitudinal data to describe, to predict and to generate causal explanations. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Apr 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-775-8 • 28pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Heidi Safia Mirza This lecture argues that by understanding the black and Asian collective desire for education, we can begin to reclaim the meaning of education, reinstating it as a radical site of resistance and refutation, so evident in the postcolonial experience. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Nov 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-845-8 • 34pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Radical connections A journey through social histories, biography and politics

Sensuality, sustainability and social justice Vocational education in changing times

Jane Martin

Lorna Unwin

This lecture revisits nineteenth and twentieth century education policy and politics in the light of the experiences and struggles of educator activist Mary Bridges Adams (1855-1939). • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Apr 2010 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-895-3 • 36pp • £5.00 / $9.95

This lecture asks Britain to embrace vocational education and to celebrate its importance for all individuals and occupations, and for the furtherance of a civilised and humane society. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Apr 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-800-7 • 36pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Running ever faster down the wrong road An alternative future for education and skills Frank Coffield Professor Coffield reviews contemporary education reform and suggests the system be fundamentally redesigned. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jun 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-772-7 • 51pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Forthcoming Teaching and learning in the twenty-first century What is an Institute of Education for? Chris Husbands At the beginning of the twenty-first century, schools and teachers are subject to enormous pressures for change. The revolution in digital technologies, the pressure to develop consistently high-performing schools systems, and the drive between excellence and equity all combine to raise profound questions about the nature of successful teaching and learning in the twenty-first century. This inaugural directorial lecture explores the extent to which teaching is indeed changing in response to these external pressures and the implications for teachers, schools and learners and then will pose questions about what all that means for research, teacher education and the nature of an institute of education. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Mar 2012 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-918-9 • 30pp • £5.00


Transforming global higher education A feminist perspective Miriam David This lecture applies a feminist perspective to the question of whether higher education has been transformative over the last three decades. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Nov 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-856-4 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Whatever happened to the Dearing Report? UK higher education 1997-2007 David Watson This lecture looks back at the circumstances giving rise to the Dearing Report, outlines the fate of its nearly 100 recommendations, and identifies key lines of development within UK higher education throughout the past decade. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Feb 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-776-5 • 43pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Writing in the academy Reputation, education and knowledge Ken Hyland

Equity and diversity: building community Improving schools in challenging circumstances Alma Harris

'Hyland's spotlighting of the differences between academic and everyday writing and of the disciplinary differences in academic writing provide invaluable information to those concerned with improving students' writing and, indeed, their own writing.' - Barbara Townsend, Professor & Director, Center for Community College Research, University of Missouri-Columbia This lecture explores the importance of writing in higher education to both academics and students by focusing on the ways it contributes to knowledge, education and the professional careers of academics themselves.

This lecture considers the forms of leadership practice that can make a difference in improving equity and diversity in schools and colleges. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jul 2009 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-881-6 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Grounding the democratic imagination Developing the relationship between research and policy in education Lesley Saunders

• Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Feb 2007 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-771-0 • 24pp • £5.00 / $9.95

How can research – the scholarly pursuit of ‘truth’ – have a more responsive relationship with political decision-making in education? In this lecture, Lesley Saunders highlights some ways forward. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jul 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-705-5 • 38pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Has school improvement passed its sell-by date?

Learning to read Morag Stuart

Barbara MacGilchrist This lecture argues that the government’s definition of an improving school as being one with a linear, continuous, upward trajectory of test and examination results has passed its sell-by date. • Centenary Lectures • Oct 2003 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-676-8 • 43pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Leading Communities Purposes, paradoxes and possibilities Kathryn Riley and Louise Stoll Professors Kathryn Riley and Louise Stoll argue in this stimulating booklet that schools must research the community from which their pupils come, in order to understand the problems of individual pupils, and to judge how far the school can provide leadership within that community. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Apr 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-717-8 • 34pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Morag Stuart, whose work in psychology of reading spans over 20 years, examines the way in which children come to read and understand words, ultimately refining the question: ‘What are the processes that children have to develop in order to become skilled readers, and what do we know about their development?’ • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jul 2006 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-727-7 • 25pp • £5.00 / $9.95

The lifecycle of reform in education from the circumstances of birth to stages of decline Causes, ideologies and power relations Miriam Ben-Peretz Miriam Ben-Peretz uses the example of a major period of reform in the Israeli school system to demonstrate how the changing interactions between a number of social, political and ideological factors determine the sorts of reforms that occur. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 2008 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-789-5 • 16pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Meaning, autonomy and authenticity in the music classrom Lucy Green Lucy Green suggests that there is an aspect of musical experience which is momentarily, virtually free from the musical meanings of everyday experience. This aspect, which crosses over musical divisions and affiliations, can be reached in the classroom, particularly through informal music learning practices drawn from the world of popular music. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Dec 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-725-3 • 41pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Representing science Michael J. Reiss This lecture examines what the boundaries of science are and how it should be represented in schools. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Feb 2002 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-655-3 • 24pp • £3.00 / $5.95


The Resourcing Puzzle The difficulties of establishing causal links between resourcing and student outcomes Rosalind Levacic This lecture investigates the relationship between school resources and attainment at Key Stage 3, and suggests how we may make further progress with research in this field. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Mar 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-702-4 • 59pp • £5.00 / $9.95 Schooling the digital generation New media, popular culture and the future of education David Buckingham

Social theory and education policy The Karl Mannheim lecture Geoff Whitty This lecture discusses the role of social theorists and sociologists of education in solving educational dilemmas, and reflects on how Mannheim's notion of ‘democratic planning’ might be superseded by more genuinely democratic forms of education policy-making in the aftermath of neo-liberal policies of deregulation. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Jan 1997 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-513-6 • 37pp • £3.00 / $5.95 Whatever happened to progressivism? The demise of child-centred education in modern Britain Roy Lowe

This lecture argues that the school should take a much more proactive role in providing students with critical perspectives on media technology and creative opportunities to use it. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Nov 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-726-0 • 32pp • £5.00 / $9.95


This lecture highlights important research on the debate on teaching in Britain in the post-Second World War era. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Oct 2005 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-718-5 • 25pp • £5.00 / $9.95

Windows on geographical education Ashley Kent This lecture reviews ongoing research in geographical education, examining its appeal and image and tracing developments in teacher education. • Inaugural Professorial Lecture • Oct 2004 • PB • ISBN 978-0-85473-712-3 • 44pp • £5.00 / $9.95


Index Institute of Education Publications 2012

A Tribute to Basil Bernstein 1924-2000 19 Accelerated Leadership Development 22 Adams, Jonathan 8 Adams, Pauline 26, 34 Aggleton, Peter 19, 48 Agyeman, Julian 37 Ainley, Janet 36 Alanen, Leena 44 Aldrich, Richard 15, 16, 17, 36 Aldridge, Fiona 13 Alexander, Hanan A. 4 Allen, Rebecca 7 Allinson, David 23 Amoah, Michael 8 Anderson, Gill 26 Andreotti, Vanessa 37 Andrews, Deborah 27 Andrews, Richard 49 Apple, Michael W. 19 Are London's schools meeting the needs of young people? 46 Arnot, Madeleine 19 Asbrand, Barbara 37 Askew, Susan 8, 29 Assessment for learning 47 Atkinson, Paul 19 Bailey, Rosemary 23 Baker, Suzanne 31 Ball, Stephen J. 19, 27 Barber, Michael 7

Barnett, Anna 30 Barnett, Ronald 8, 27 Bates, Fernanda 23 Beard, Roger 53 Beecham, Yvonne 39 Bélanger, Paul 13 Ben-Peretz, Miriam 58 Bennet, Gillian 28 Benseman, John 13 Bernstein and poetics revisited 47 Bhola, H.S. 13 Bickler, Shirley 31 Blackstone, Tessa 8 Blackwell, Louisa 44 Blaire, Eric 36 Blommaert, Jan 47 Bloom, Tendayi 36 Bodman, Sue 31 Book Bands for Guided Reading 31 Bourn, Douglas 37 Bowden, Rachel 8 Bramall, Steve 36 Brandford, Verna 26 Brannen, Julia 19 Bridging Bands for Guided Reading 31 Brighouse, Harry 4 Brighouse, Tim 38, 39 Brooks, Clare 26 Brown, Andrew 19

Bubb, Sara 26, 38 Buckingham, David 59 Büchner, Peter 44 Burke, Penny Jane 21, 27 Bynner, John 13, 36, 44 Callan, Eamonn 4 Cameron, Claire 43 Can School Improvement Overcome the Effects of Disadvantage? 40 Candappa, Mano 40, 42, 43 Carnell, Eileen 8, 9, 28, 29 Carpentier, Vincent 17 Carr-Hill, Roy 18 Cazden, Courtney B. 19 Chevalier, Arnaud 7 Chew, Jennifer 18 Childhood in Generational Perspective 44 Chisholm, Lynne 19 Chitty, Clyde 16 Christensen, Pia 44 Cicourel, Aaron V. 19 Clark, Alison 40 Coaching and Mentoring in Higher Education 8 Coate, Kelly 40 Coffield, Frank 6, 7, 54 Cohen, Michèle 17 Coleman, Marianne 28 Communication Skills and the Knowledge Economy 30 Conlon, John 34

Corney, Graham 37 Corsten, Michael 44 Cowen, Robert 16, 18 Cox, Christian 19 Creech, Andrea 34 Creese, Michael 24 Critical Practice in Teacher Education 26 Crook, David 7, 15, 16, 17, 27, 36 Cunningham, Bryan 27 Daly, Caroline 27 Daniels, Harry 19 David, Miriam 55 Davies, Lynn 7 Davies, Sian 23 de Araújo Freire, Ana Maria 18 de Figueiredo-Cowen, Maria 18 Dean, Dennis 17 Dearing, Ron 8 Delamont, Sara 19 Derrick, Jay 13 Development Education 37 Dias, Mario 19 Digital technologies and their role in achieving our ambitions for education 47 Disabled Children at the Interface 42 Doloughan, Fiona 30 Dolton, Peter 7


Dolton, Peter J. 36 Douglas, Mary 19 Dowling, Paul 19 Durrant, Colin 34 Earley, Peter 22, 24, 26, 38, 49 Education and Employment 15 Education and institutional racism 48 Education, Environment and Economy 37 Education for social inclusion 48 Education, history and social change 48 Education in a Global City 38 Education in Deprived Areas 40 Education, vulnerability and HIV/AIDS 48 Educational Commonplaces 16 Educational Resource Management 23 Edwards, Christine 27 Edwards, Tony 19 Effective Leadership in the Early Years Sector 24 Effective Practices in Continuing Professional Development 26 Ellison, Jessica 34 Elvin, Lionel 19 Emery, Hilary 38 Enhancing motivation and learning throughout the lifespan 49


Equity and diversity: building community 56 Erben, Michael 21 Ernest, Paul 36 Evaluating the Benefits of Lifelong Learning 11 Evans, Jennifer 28 Every Child Matters and the Concept of Education 4 Exploring Professionalism 27 Faith in Education 4 Ferguson, Robert 19 Field, John 13 Fielding, Michael 7 Focus on Music 33 Focus on Music 2 33 Foskett, Nick 11 Francis, Liz 26 Frangoudaki, Anna 19 Franks, Anton 26 Freeman, Anne 28 From Exam Factories to Communities of Discovery 6 Fullick, Leisha 13, 38 Gallacher, Jim 12 Gallimore, Catherine 23 Gamble, Nikki 32 Gardner, Stuart 12 Gastaldo, Denise 18 Gatehouse, Mike 42 Gaunt, Helena 34, 35 Gayle, Vernon 12

Geography in education 49 Gibton, Dan 24 Gillborn, David 40, 48 Glover, Derek 23 Gold, Anne 25, 28 Gopinathan, Saravanan 38 Gordon, Peter 16, 17 Gough, Martin 44 Gowing, Elizabeth 27 Grace, Gerald 4, 19 Grainger, Paul 38 Graves, Norman 18 Green, Andy 44 Green, Lucy 58 Grounding the democratic imagination 56 Guiding Reading 32 Gundara, Jagdish 19 Gunning, Dennis 12 Hallam, Susan 25, 34, 35, 49 Halpin, David 16 Halsey, A.H. 19 Halstead, J. Mark 4 Hamilton, David 7 Hammersley, Martyn 21 Hammond, Cathie 44 Hand, Michael 4 Handwriting Policy and Practice in English Primary Schools 30 Hardcastle, John 27 Hargreaves, Andrew 53 Harris, Alma 56

Hart, John 11 Has school improvement passed its sell-by date? 57 Hasan, Ruqaiya 19 Haydon, Graham 4 Headship and beyond 49 Heilbronn, Ruth 26 Henderson, Sheila 30 Hengst, Heinz 44 Hesketh, Tom 39 Hicks, David 37 Higham, Jeremy 11 Hillier, Bill 19 Hillman, Josh 7 Himonides, Evangelos 34 History of Education for the Twenty-First Century 16 History, Politics and Policy-making in Education 17 Hobsbaum, Angela 31, 32 Hodgson, Ann 11, 12, 38 Hoey, Lorna 28 Holland, Janet 19 Howard, Ursula 13 Hoyles, Celia 36 Huckstep, Peter 36 Husbands, Chris 55 Hyland, Ken 56 Hymes, Dell 19 Illingworth, Steve 26 Improving Intercultural Learning Experiences in Higher Education 9

Improving Services to Black and Ethnic Minority Children and their Families 42 Inclusive Play 40 Inglis, Fred 19 Ireson, Judith 51 Ivin, Patrick 15 Jackson, Sonia 48 James, David 12 James, Mary 52 Johns-Shepherd, Louise 27 Jones, Jeff 22 Jude, Chris 13 Jupp, Tom 13 Kearns, Hugh 27 Keep, Ewart 12 Kelly, Vic 16 Kemeny, Hilary 27 Kent, Ashley 28, 60 Kirton, Alison 28 Klenowski, Val 16 Kress, Gunther 18, 19 Kudomi, Yoshiyuki 19 Lambert, David 37, 49 Laurence, Kate 26, 34 Laurillard, Diana 47 Lavender, Peter 13 Lawes, Shirley 26 Lawton, Denis 16 Laycock, Anna Luise 37 Leading Communities 57

Learning, context and the role of technology 50 Learning to be Healthy 44 Learning to read 57 Leaton Gray, Sandra 38 Legalised Leadership 24 Leo, Elizabeth 38 Leonard, Alison 37 Leonard, Diana 28 Lester, Alan 37 Levacic, Rosalind 23, 59 Lines, David 37 Lloyd, Steve 26 Lodge, Caroline 28 Lowe, Janet 12 Lowe, Roy 17, 59 Lucas, Norman 14 Luckin, Rosemary 50 Lumby, Jacky 11 Lunt, Ingrid 27 Lupton, Ruth 38 MacBeath, John 36 MacDonald, Jacqui 8, 9, 28 Mace, John 19 MacGilchrist, Barbara 16, 57 Manni, Laura 24 Mapping the Care Workforce: Supporting joined-up thinking 43 Martin, Jane 54 Maskall, Kathy 23 Matawa, Christina 33 Mayall, Berry 44, 45

McCallum, Bet 9 McCulloch, Gary 16, 17, 48 McGivney, Veronica 13 McIntosh, Steven 7 McKenley, Jan 38 McNair, Stephen 13 McQueen, Hilary 34 Meaning, autonomy and authenticity in the music classrom 58 Meetoo, Veena 41 Mehan, Hugh 19 Mehmedbegovic, Dina 38 Mercer, Ted 28 Meyer, Sue 13 Mirza, Heidi Safia 41, 53 Modelling and Measuring the Wider Benefits of Learning 44 Mokades, Janet 38 Moore, Alex 16, 28 Moore, Rob 19 Morais, Ana Maria 19 Morgan, John 37 Morley, Louise 10, 21, 27 Morrow, Virginia 45 Morse, Caroline 15 Mortimore, Jo 38 Mortimore, Peter 7, 38, 40 Moss, Gemma 7, 19 Moss, Peter 4, 43 Mulholland, Margaret 26 Muller, Joe 19

Music Education in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom 34 Music Psychology in Education 34 Myers, Kate 38 Namafe, Charles 37 New Designs for Teachers' Professional Learning 27 Newsam, P.A. 19 Newsam, Peter 18 Noss, Richard 36 Nuissl von Rein, Ekkehard 13 O'Brien, Jim 27 Ockelford, Adam 33, 34 Oliver, Christine 40 One-to-one tuition 51 Only connect! 52 Openshaw, Roger 17 Ordinary Families? 52 Outcomes and Effectiveness of Family Support Services 43 Owen, Charlie 43 Pachler, Norbert 27 Paine, Nigel 13 Papageorgi, Ioulia 34 Parry, Gareth 8 Parsons, Samantha 36 Parsons, Tony 36 Passion and Politics 9 Patilla, Barbara 28 Paulo Freire at the Institute of Education 18


Payne, John 13 Perryman, Jane 26 Perspectives on School Effectiveness and School Improvement 7 Peters, Anne 28 Petrie, Pat 40, 42 Pickering, Jon 27 Plewis, Ian 11, 53 Policy-making and Policy Learning in 14-19 Education 11 Porritt, Vivienne 26 Post-Compulsory Education and Lifelong Learning across the United Kingdom 12 Power, Sally 7, 19, 27, 40 Predictions, explanations and causal effects from longitudinal data 53 Preparing for Success 35 Preston, John 11, 44 Primary literacy 53 Pring, Linda 33 Pring, Richard 4, 16 Prout, Alan 44 Public Sector Reform 7 Purves, Ross 34 Race, gender and educational desire 53 Radical connections 54 Raffe, David 11, 12 Rafferty, Sean 39 Reddy, Sid 28


Reder, Stephen 13 Reed, Jane 23 Reedy, David 32 Rees, Gareth 12 Reiss, Michael J. 58 Remaking Adult Learning 13 Representing science 58 Research Engagement for School Development 20 Researching Women 21 Respecting Difference 41 Retiring Lives 28 Richardson, William 16 Riley, Kathryn 38, 39, 46, 57 Robinson, Wendy 16, 17 Rogers, Lynne 34 Running ever faster down the wrong road 54 Sadovnik, Alan R. 19 Sammons, Pam 7 Saunders, Jo 34 Saunders, Lesley 24, 56 Scheib, Beverly 30 Schemmann, Michael 13 Scheunpflug, Annette 37 School Governing Bodies 24 School Textbook Research 18 Schooling the digital generation 59 Schuller, Tom 13, 44 Scott, David 7, 21 Scott, Mary 9

Semel, Susan F. 19 Sensuality, sustainability and social justice 54 Serota, Bee 15 Sharpe, Leslie 38 Simon, Antonia 43 Simon, Shirley 27 Singh, Parlo 19 Siraj-Blatchford, Iram 21, 24 Siraj-Blatchford, John 21 Skilbeck, Malcolm 16 Slater, Frances 37 Smith, David 8 Smith, Marjorie 40, 52 Smith, Richard 36 Social theory and education policy 59 Sofer, Anne 38 Soler, Janet 17 Sorhaindo, Annik 21 Spours, Ken 11, 12, 38 Stainthorp, Rhona 30 Stanistreet, Paul 13 Stasz, Cathleen 11 Statham, June 42, 43 Steer, Richard 7 Stoll, Louise 7, 38, 57 Storey, Pamela 40, 42 Stuart, Morag 30, 57 Sullivan, Alice 38 Sutherland, Rosamund 36 Sutton, Alison 13

Tandy, John 26 Taylor, Carol 26 Taylor, William 19 Taylor-Moore, Paula 39 Teacher Pay and Performance 7 Teaching and learning in the twenty-first century 55 Teaching in Further Education 14 Temple, Gillian 37 Tendo, Mutsuko 19 Thatcher, Maureen 27 The Adventurous School 23 The Assessment of Reading 30 The Children of London 15 The Culture of Change 38 The Dearing Report 8 The Effectiveness of Early Interventions 40 The Grammar School Question 7 The importance of argument in education 49 The Institute of Education 1902-2002 17 The Knowledge: How to get the information you need out of computers and information systems 42 The lifecycle of reform in education from the circumstances of birth to stages of decline 58

The Maths We Need Now 36 The persistence of presentism and the struggle to secure lasting educational improvement 53 The Resourcing Puzzle 59 The result of intelligent effort 10 Theorising Quality in Higher Education 10 Thomas, Sally 40 Thompson, Di 42 Thomson, Alastair 13 Tikly, Clare 36 Tizard, Barbara 19 Transformative Coaching 29 Transforming global higher education 55 Treffert, Darold 33 Trends in Care 43 Truancy 25 Tuck, Ron 11 Turner, Karen 26, 27 Turvey, Anne 26, 27 Unwin, Adam 27 Unwin, Lorna 13, 54 Urban Pioneers 39 Usher, Robin 21 Values and Educational Research 21 Values and Leadership 25 Varvarigou, Maria 34 Vertigan, Sean 37 Vignoles, Anna 7

Vignoles, Anna F. 36 Vincent, Carol 7 Walsh, Paddy 16, 21 Walters, Shirley 13 Ward, Harriet 42 Waring, Martyn 12 Warren, Simon 40 Watkins, Chris 9 Watson, David 8, 15, 27, 55 Watts, Ruth 17 Weeks, Jeffrey 48 Welch, Graham 33, 34 Welikala, Thushari 9 Whatever happened to progressivism? 59 Whatever happened to the Dearing Report? 55 White, John 7, 36 Whitty, Geoff 7, 16, 17, 19, 27, 38, 40, 59 Why Learn Maths? 36 Wiliam, Dylan 47 Wilkins, Raphael 20 Williams, A. Susan 15, 36 Williams, Geoff 19 Williams, Peter 10 Williamson, Bill 6 Winch, Christopher 7 Windows on geographical education 60 Wolf, Alison 36 Wright, Liz 26

Wright, Susannah 11 Writing in the academy 56 Yandell, John 26 Yangopoulos, Sophie 37 Yarnit, Martin 13 Yeo, Stephen 13 Yeomans, David 11 You Can Help Your Country 45 Young, John 39 Young, Michael 19 Zeiher, Helga 44






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