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17 INWA Calendar a Registration: Jollaksentie 27 A FIN-00850 Helsinki Finland Secretary - Office: P.O.Box 484 Silverdale Auckland 0943

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New Zealand ”Every step counts”



International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

CHINA AND INDIA ARE THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF INWA. INWA has now an official representative in China and India. President of INWA, Aki Karihtala and the Director of Nordic Sports Products Beijing, Mr. Sam Xiao signed the agreement on the 28th of May.


Director of Nordic Sports Products Beijing, Mr. Sam Xiao and President of INWA, Aki Karihtala

The development of Nordic Walking was begun in 2006 in Beijing by Aki Karihtala and Sam Xiao and nowadays, there are some 100,000 Nordic Walkers in China. With INWA's support and the co-operation with the Chinese Association, we can expect a rapid development in the number of Nordic Walkers in China in the coming years. Anuradha Namashivaya and Aki Karihtala, President of INWA, signed the membership agreement in July and now India is also an official member of INWA. All Nordic Walking Family are delighted to welcome both countries. The BRIC countries are almost complete! Last year it was Russia - this year China and India has joined INWA. Brazil is in the final stage of joining the Nordic Walking family.

Source: Felipe Menegaz

September 2011

Nordic Walking is expanding and it is with great excitement that INWA welcomes the "Big Four".

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

IIN NW WAA CCOOM MM MU UN NIICCAATTIIO ON NC COOM MM MIITTTTEEEE INWA on Twitter! To increase the INWA and Nordic Walking profile and to facilitate the communication between all Nordic Walking Family, INWA now has also a Twitter page, follow us now!


Members information on INWA’s Website

Send your information now, click here.

September 2011

INWA will soon update the Members information on our website. We would like to open more space to our members, helping to promote your organization, events, etc. Consequently INWA needs your cooperation by providing information about your country! We would like to ask you to send us the following information:  Official Name  Logo (high and low resolution)  Website address  Any other Social Media Address (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  Address  Email Contact  Telephone Contact  Information (brief information about the Association - history, plans, etc.)  When the organization was founded  When joined INWA

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

IIN NW WAA EEDDUUCCAATTIIOONN CCOOM MM MIITTTTEEEE INWA Educational Committee and INWA International Coaches meeting INWA Educational Committee and INWA International Coaches met face to face in Slovenia on June 2011. The agenda covered a number of important issues for INWA Education such as Requalification / Update Course, INWA Instructor Manual, London Convention, etc. They reviewed the material for the new INWA Instructor manual, which has now been edited, having the final check and will be ready for the INWA Convention in London. 4

International Coaches and Educational Committee in Slovenia.

September 2011

The group also worked on the Instructors and Coaches Requalification, the Update INWA Instructor Course. The course syllabus was made and also refined in Slovenia during the Nordic Walking Slovenia Convention.

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

Update INWA Instructor Course The INWA Education Committee has updated the foundation of all Nordic walking instruction - The 10 Steps. INWA are keen for all instructors to follow the new methodology and are offering a Re-qualification Course on the morning of the first day of the INWA Convention (29th of September 2011) in London, UK. This half-day course will refresh your teaching skills and enable you to teach with the revised approach, which our clients are loving. DETAILS:  Date: 29th April (09:00 – 13:00)  Place: Victory Services Club. 63-79 Seymour Street. London W2 2HF. UK  Applications deadline: 08 September 2011  Application form: click here  Fee: € 67.00 until 08 September 2011 €75.00 after 08 September 2011 If you book the WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN  Refreshment of INWA 10 steps  Feedback on your own technique  Improvement of your own technique  Feedback on your own way of teaching Nordic Walking  Improvement of your own way of teaching Nordic Walking  Learn new ways of teaching Nordic Walking  Network with other INWA instructors  News from INWA/NNWA


Conference and Requalification you get Requalification Hall Price

The Requalification Course is a big opportunity for all INWA Instructors and INWA National Coaches. In future, Requalification Courses will be organized in all INWA Member countries, but the big chance is to take part of the Requalification Course in London before the INWA Convention. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

every participant will get:  New INWA Instructor Manual  INWA International Certificate, valid for 2 Years  Personal publication on INWA website

Should I attend the Requalification? If you participated in the 2010 Convention, you do not need to attend, however if you are a National Coach and were unable to get to the 2010 INWA Convention and want to stay qualified, you need to attend. I participated at the 2010 Convention, can I attend the Requalification to improve my skills? Yes, you can participate.


September 2011

After successful completion,

Who should attend the Requalification? INWA National Coaches and Instructors

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All


The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that walking is the best way of preserving both mental and physical health in old age. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Ann Lukits explained that the study found that a year of modest aerobic exercise reversed normal brain shrinkage by one to two years in older adults and improved their memory function. “As people age, the hippocampus, the brain's memory center, loses 1% to 2% of its volume annually, affecting memory and possibly increasing the risk for dementia.” She explained, “A growing body of evidence has pointed to aerobic exercise as a low-cost hedge against neurocognitive decline. In the study, magnetic resonance imaging was used to measure the effects of aerobic exercise on the hippocampus in 120 Americans in their late 50s to early 80s. Half the group walked three times a week for 40 minutes, aiming for their target heart rate, while the other half did yoga and

toning exercises. The hippocampus in walkers increased by 2% after a year and shrank by 1.4% in controls.” While both the walking group and the yoga group showed improvements on spatial memory tests conducted before and after the study, it 6 was argued that this could be due to taking the test repeated times. In the walking group, however, changes in hippocampus volume were directly related to improved memory performance, the researchers said. Given that the study involved people “just” walking, could we argue that by Nordic Walking, engaging up to 90% of the muscles, Nordic Walkers will end up being even smarter?

References Lukits, Ann (2011). Exercise Improves Memory. Wall Street Journal, 21 February 2011. 476604576158453716983010.html Erickson, Voss et al. (2010). Exercise training increases size of hippocampus and improves memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; December 2010. 950108.abstract?sid=82ba1542-3753-49b2-a1e02b16c0b8686b Clipart: © 2011 Microsoft Corporation

September 2011

Healthy people who walk at least 9.7km (6 miles) per week have bigger brains, better memories and improved mental function compared with “couch potatoes” a recent study has found.

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

Real-Time Feedback Inspires Adults to Stick With Exercise Adherence improves greatly when adults track exercise patterns on a PDA or Smartphone By American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

The study, “Physical Activity Self-Monitoring and Weight Loss: 6-Month Results of the SMART Trial,” was published this month in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®, ACSM’s official scientific journal. The University of Pittsburgh research team led by Molly Conroy, M.D., M.P.H., is among the first to examine the role of physical activity self-monitoring on weight loss and exercise adherence. “Self-monitoring is important because it makes individuals aware of their current behaviors and encourages them to achieve a certain threshold of physical activity, either the studyspecific goals or the current national guidelines for physical activity,” said Conroy, the lead author of the study. The team presented data on 189 overweight adults at baseline and after six months. Participants were assigned to one of three selfmonitoring programs – paper records only, personal digital assistant (PDA) without daily feedback messages, or PDA with daily feedback messages. Feedback messages included “Don’t get disheartened; you still have time to meet your physical activity goals. Hint: Take a walk; it

will pay off!” for adults who didn’t meet their exercise goals for the day, or “Super job on the physical activity. Try to repeat this tomorrow” for adults who did meet their exercise goals for the day. Results suggest that PDAs help adults adhere to their exercise programs. Adults whose PDAs offered feedback messages adhered best to their exercise program, and adherence was linked to weight loss and high physical activity levels. Adults who adhered well to selfmonitoring and who met their weekly goals experienced more weight loss after six months than those who didn’t adhere to self-monitoring or meet their weekly goals as often.


“Offering real-time feedback not only allows a person to make adjustments to the exercise program as needed but also holds people accountable to staying on track,” said Conroy. “The feedback message tells the participant that ‘someone’ is paying attention, and this could provide powerful, positive reinforcement for exercising and achieving his or her goals.” References American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Cliparts: © 2011 Microsoft Corporation

September 2011

When it comes to weight loss and exercise adherence, a little feedback goes a long way. A study released this month by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) finds that adults are more likely to stick with their exercise program when they get real-time feedback on their progress.

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

On 21st and 22nd of May several events were organized in commemoration of the Nordic Walking Day! Every year we have more and more participants around the world; from small walks to a marathon, everyone took their poles and enjoyed a wonderful day!




New Zealand



September 2011


International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

This year INWA promoted a challenge to add some fun into 2011 World Nordic Walking Day, the WNWD Challenges and the Photography Competition.

INWA would like to thank you and congratulations all participants that sent their photos and information; they were great!

Thousands of participants around the world! Promoting Nordic Walking and having a fantastic day! 9


Poland - Warsaw


Japan - Sendai city, Miyagi




2000 participants


1053 participants


600 participants



22 events


6 events


2 2

Japan - Osaka

92 years old

Japan -Sendai city, Miyagi

81 years old - Mr. Shogo

Poland - Warsaw

81 years old - Basia


September 2011


International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All


Poland - Warsaw

1 year and 4 months* - Philip

Japan - Nanjo city, Okinawa

3 years old

Japan - Sendai city, Miyagi

5 years old - Takuma YAMADA

* Philip was the youngest participant (1 year and 4 months) and it was already his second event. In October 2010 (10/10/1910) Philip was 9 months.


PINO HACIENDO NORDIC WALKING - TREE NORDIC WALKING! Alfonso Monge - DĂ­a Mundial del Nordic Walking en la Casa de Campo de Madrid

September 2011


International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

BEST PHOTO INWA received some great photos. We selected the top 5 and we would like to invite you to vote for the best photo!

Vote now! Which is the best


photo? Click here and send your vote.

Photo A - Japan Nordic Fitness Association

Photo D - Polish Nordic Walking Federation

Photo C - INWA - Spain Nordic Walking - Guies de Muntanya de l’Alt Pallars

Photo E - Polish Nordic Walking Federation

September 2011

Photo B - Japan Nordic Fitness Association

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

Guidelines  One vote per person.  To vote, send an email to with your name, country and favourite photo before the 23rd of September 2011.  During the 2011 Convention INWA will reward the Challenges and Competition Winners The Top 5 Photos and other Nordic Walking Day Photos can be found on INWA’s Facebook page, check now!




The Convention highlights include:  GP Referral Conditions and Exercise  Nordic Walking and Rehabilitation  Presentations by INWA's top International Coaches  Barefoot Training and the opportunity to try the latest innovations in kit, including barefoot running shoes from Merrell  Nordic Fitness and Running Workshops

 The psychology of getting people into exercise.  Growing your personal Nordic Walking business  And much more Have a look at some of provisional programme on INWA’s website. Have you booked your room? Do not forget! There is a special offer for INWA Conference participant, more information click here. Have not booked yet? Do not miss this amazing event! Deadline for registrations is the 08 September 2011, go to INWA’s website and book now! Book the Convention and the Update Course and get Requalification Hall Price!

You will be inspired! We look forward to welcoming in London!

September 2011

The Organising Committee has been working hard to present an incredible event which will bring together all of the INWA Family. Each year we look forward to seeing our friends, new and old, and learning and sharing experiences. It is a unique opportunity to network with Nordic Walking countries from across the world. Do not miss it! We have already received bookings from 60 participants from 16 countries. It will be an amazing event! Do not miss it! Book now!

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

IIN NW WAA M MEEM MBBEERRSS N NEEW WSS Be part of this unique event! On 17-18 of September you will have opportunity to Nordic walk along the unknown paths of Venice, a timeless town, where habits have not altered through centuries, where boats or walks are the only ways of visiting it. Have a look on the Programme:

More information click here

September 2011


International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

The Support Japan Nordic Walking Appeal received several encouragement messages. Mochiyoshi Miura, President of JNFA, wrote to INWA “The many words of encouragement we received from all over the world gave the Japanese people great courage, offered us hope, and promoted our bonds of friendship. The JNFA office was also encouraged to devote all our efforts to recovery.” JNFA also reported that the Japanese Nordic walkers were able to celebrate the International

Nordic Walking Day held on May 21. In Sendai city, which was one of the worst areas damages by the earthquake and tsunami, they had 244 participants. Japan was able to organize 22 event, with 1053 Nordic walkers. Congratulations! Some of the messages can be read on INWA’s Website and you still can contribute with donations, click on Just Giving Japan Page or you Support the Red Cross disaster response in Japan


September 2011

Nordic Walkers in front of JNFA office in Sendai

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

Polish Nordic Walking Cup and Nordic Walking World Cup! By Olgierd Bojk For several years in Poland we have been holding sport events known as Polish Nordic Walking Championship and Polish Nordic Walking Cup. This year, three events of the Polish Nordic Walking Cup have already taken place in Inowrocław, Starogard Gdaoski and Pakośd. On August 27th we hosted Polish Nordic Walking Championship in Polanica Zdrój. Polanica is a health resort located in the Sudeten Mountains, famous for its healing waters. As well, in September we will be holding competitions in Barlinek and Iwonicz Zdrój. The last event, which we intend to give an international character and call it a Nordic Walking World Cup - Family Cup, will take place in Gdaosk on October 8th. Summarizing, this year, we are planning to complete seven major events. Each of them generates participation of about 300 - 400

athletes and about 1000 accompanying persons. Our events have become very important happenings throughout the country. Over the last few years, against all misfortunes, we have developed a successful system of organization of such events, and we have begun selling them. Currently, we managed to sell three 15 events in 2012, and we intend to retail remaining four as well. Despite the fact that in 2012 in Poland the UEFA European Football Championship will be held, a great deal of local authorities choose to cooperate with Polish Nordic Walking Federation. It is a huge success for us. Last year, on the sidelines of the education committee meeting, I presented the assumptions and expectations of our systems, inter alia to Tamara Kofol and Tiina Arrankoski. I hope you will accept my invitation to Gdaosk on October 7th – 9th 2011. More info:

INWA gives full support to Polish Nordic Walking Federation. Aki Karihtala, President of INWA, is pleased to invite you to the World Nordic Walking Cup - Family Cup, which will take place in Gdaosk / Poland/ on 08.10.2011. For a few years the Polish Association have organised the very social and enjoyable Polish Nordic Walking Cup along with the Polish NW Championships. This year they are being held in the wonderful, picturesque Polanica Zdrój spa, which is located in the Sudeten Mountains in the north of Poland. Many people have experienced the positive effects of practicing Nordic Walking and more and more people feel the need to compete in sports events such as this. Sports meetings have become a significant element in promoting Nordic Walking and, as a result, a larger number of people will be able to participate on the health level and, respectively, on the fitness and sports levels. Coaches, Instructors and Activity Leaders deliver great education.

September 2011

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that Aki Karihtala takes the Honorable Patronage of the World Nordic Walking Cup in Gdaosk in October 2011.

International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

Finland Nordic Walking Event By Naohiro Takahashi On Saturday 14th of May, a Finland Nordic Walking event was held in Lahti city in Finland. This event has been held for 10 years except for last year’s tornado autumn. Many people know about Finland ski marathon which has been held here since 1974. It means Lahti is the summer & winter Nordic game city. It was great weather and there were 3 difference courses: 10km, 20km and 30km. All trails were mud and the track was wide (around 3-4m) where you could Nordic walk safely and keep a comfortable pace. Sometimes you could see birds, rabbits, squirrels and deer, as though we were part of nature.

The event had participants from all range of ages, men and women between 20 to 60 years old. They all seemed to be in good shape. Welcome to Lahti 2012 and Feel Finland!

September 2011


International Nordic Walking Federation Health, Exercise, Sport & Education for All

PARTNERS NEWS Exercise is Medicine has now a Spanish Language Website; obtenga mas información sobre Ejercicio es medicina aquí.

17 The next World Walking Day will be held 1st and 2nd October 2011; the event is promote by TAFISA since 1991. INWA and British Nordic Walking will have a 5km Challenge in Hyde Park during the Convention! If you are not coming to the Convention, why not organise your own Walk? Download the Brochure and the Registration Form and help to promote physical active and Nordic Walking!

2011 1st – 2nd October



Registration Close Convention and Requalification

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September 08 September 29

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September 29th

Nordic Walking Day - October

September 08


INWA 10 New Steps Requalification

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September 29 - October 2 st



October 1 - 2

Have you got a new Story for us? If so, please send it to us, including your contact details and date of event.

September 2011

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