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SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY interviewed by Emily Welly photographed by Ryan Coon

Clockwise from left: Look for an interesting point of view to capture an artistic shot of a familiar tourist location. Bright summer colors are eye-catching and contrast well with neutral beach landscapes. Capture special moments during activities like sporting events. For posed photos, lighting can make all the difference, so try to take important photos during “the golden hour.”


rom playing in the backyard sprinkler to vacationing in a beautiful location, summer offers ample opportunities for photography. Tupelo Bloggers photographer Ryan Coon offers these tips for capturing summertime fun with a camera.

Q: What is the best time of day to shoot photos

tees and shorts, while summer dresses always work great for girls. Most importantly, the family should stay true to who they are. I always suggest being yourselves while finding a way to make it fun and timeless too.

Q: What are some tips for getting action shots during summer activities, like sporting events?

brings children more joy than playing in water outside in the yard! In these conditions, however, you don’t want to ruin your camera or gear, so be sure to provide a break, such as a Popsicle snack. An opportunity like this can really get the kids smiling and helps in creating those natural giggles. 

during the summer? A: The professionals call it “the golden hour,” basically one hour after sunrise  and then one hour before sunset. During these times, the light is soft enough  to make your photos really stand out. However, most  people don’t have that kind of time or just want to take fun photos during the day, so I would suggest any time on a cloudy day when the sun is hidden behind clouds, or try to find a nice shady spot. 

A: There are plenty of tips that can get way too

Q: I’m vacationing in a beautiful place. How

technical, but for the most part have fun with it! Make sure to capture the best moments, not just random shots. You want to find those moments where your children are laughing, playing and showing how fun a summer day truly is. Try to fill the whole frame with your subjects without cutting off hands or feet, and just remember to have fun! It’s more about the moment and less about being artsy during these times.

Q: If my family is going to be photographed,

Q: How can I capture candid photos of my

can I photograph my surroundings so they look as lovely in my pictures as in person? A: This one can be tricky because some places are just too beautiful, and a photo will never do it justice. However, with photo apps on your phone and computers, a lot more is possible these days. After capturing your surroundings, you can upload the photos to your favorite photo app and try to match the colors you see in person. Try brightening the photo or adding some contrast, and just have fun with your edit. 

what are the best clothes to wear?

children giggling and smiling naturally?

A: During the summer, I like to use bright

A: Try to provide engaging activities for your

Q: What are some ways to take unique photos

summer colors to really make the photos pop. You can find a fun balance between dressy and relaxed for young boys with solid-colored

child that make it easier to capture natural smiles and laughs. I would suggest some fun water activities on hot Mississippi days. Nothing

at familiar, touristy sites? A: This is where you can get really artistic! I would suggest trying to take the “popular”

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