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Natalie and Tim Hamm already had one child when Tim started college at the University of Mississippi in 2005. Although Tim had a steady income with his job at Pak Mail, the teenage newlyweds wanted more family time than Tim’s 50-hour workweek allowed. Tim and Natalie had ventured into building furniture, and in 2007, they started HammMade Furniture to allow for more family time and still pay the bills while Tim pursued an engineering degree. Today, HammMade Furniture is their full-time family business with a booth in Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall and a thriving online



store. The couple specialize in custom daybeds and baby swings, refinished and repurposed furniture, and other home décor. The Hamms have also grown to a family of six and recently designed and built their own farmhouse in Denmark, Miss., near Oxford. Tim wasn’t always handy. He and Natalie credit their former landlord and friend Bill MacKenzie for teaching Tim how to salvage wood and build furniture. For 10 years, the Hamms lived in a small cottage on MacKenzie’s property, and he allowed Tim and Natalie to use his shop and tools for making HammMade Furniture pieces.

The Hamms’ custom farmhouse in Denmark, Miss., is still a work in progress. Natalie designed the house and Tim is doing much of the construction work himself, from trim and flooring to cabinets and more. Many of the walls are made with reclaimed wood that Tim salvaged from a house built in the 1800s.

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